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Design do Brasil
AUCTION : JULY 7, 2016 - 6PM
Masters of brazilian design first
auction in Europe
July 3, 2016 from 2 pm to 6 pm
July 4, 2016 from 10 am to 7 pm
July 5, 2016 from 10 am to 7 pm
July 6, 2016 from 10 am to 7 pm
July 7, 2016 from 10 am to 12 am
118 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris - France
Cécile Demtchenko Woringer
T +33 1 53 34 12 95 - M +33 6 22 16 85 96
[email protected]
Press release
July 7 2016, as PIASA pursue their exploration of the Homes of
Design with a selection of rare works fresh to the market. The sale
reflects Brazil’s intense creative energy, featuring designers from
the 1940s to today – led by Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues,
Jorge Zalszupin alongside contemporary stars like the Campana
To immerge us in this Brazilian world, PIASA will also spangle the
sale with items of decorative and graphic art – ceramics, glass, metal,
tapestries and pictorial works – by the greatest artists of the 1950s
and ’60s. The result: a sweeping panorama of one of the world’s
most remarkable artistic scenes.
Brazil started producing distinctive furniture of its own in the 1940s, with Designers
abandoning European influences to launch a new style imbued with their own
culture, adapted to local taste and means of production. The 1950s-1970s were one of
the most fertile periods for Brazilian Design, and a field of expression for pioneers of
Modernism. The 120 works offered at PIASA span the period and help us understand
its stylistic evolution.
This Modernist rupture, accompanied by the desire to forge a national aesthetic,
gave rise to a unique type of Design. Initially, it was artists and architects, like
John Graz and Gregori Warchavchik, who laid the bases of modern furniture. The
development of woodwork and carving was boosted by the special savoir-faire
of such craftsmen as Joaquim Tenreiro, who hailed from a family of Portuguese
carpenters. His unprecedented sense of form, scale, detail and craftsmanship played
a major rôle in ushering his generation towards an aesthetic apporach that embraced
Brazilian culture and its emerging modernity. Other great names would follow, each
distinguished by a personal and highly identifiable style: Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge
Zalszupin, Zanine Caldas, Scapinelli, Geraldo de Barros….
The appearance of modern housing created new needs in terms of furniture. Some
architects, like Oscar Niemeyer or Lucio Costa, concentrated on designing exclusive
pieces adapted to new buildings. The first training in Design techniques emerged in
Brazil (Liceu das Artes e Oficios), helping to consolidate a purely Brazilian tradition
and laying a formal basis for future Brazilian Design.
There will be a special focus on contemporary pieces and Brazil’s latest Design
trends. Amazing pieces by such leading names as the Campana Brothers and Zanini
de Zanine will be available, stressing typically Brazilian themes: generational savoirfaire in the working of wood; the importance of cultural métissage; the influence of
Concretist aesthetics; recourse to new materials and new techniques; Design Art;
Subversive Design...
For decades Brazil has been a nerve-centre of a creativity imbued with its own identity,
style, culture and free spirit, all reflecting its eclectic origins. The sale Design do
Brasil will, for the first time, highlight the history of Brazil’s unique and pioneering
contribution to Design.
Abraham Palatnik, Carlo Hauner, Fábrica de Móveis Novo Rumo,
Geraldo de Barros, Giuseppe Scapinelli, Joaquim Tenreiro, Jorge
Zalszupin, Jose Zanine Caldas, Liceu de Artes e Oficios, Lina Bo
Bardi, Móveis Celina, Norbert Nicola J. Douchez, Oscar Niemeyer,
Roberto Burle Marx, Sergio Rodrigues, Martin Eisler, Athos Bulcão,
Helio Oiticica, Ione Saldanha, José Oiticica Filho, Lygia Clark,
Raymundo Colares, Roberto Burle Marx, Sergio Camargo.
Abbey of Design, Alê Jordão, Alfio Lissi, Brunno Jahara, Chico
Fortunato, Domingos Tótora, Estevão Toledo, Felipe Protti, Flávio
Franco, Frères Campana, Giorgio Buonaguro, Gustavo Bittencourt,
Hugo França, Julia Krantz, Katharina Welper, Leo Capote, Leonardo
Lattavo et Pedro Moog, Mameluca, Maneco Quindere, O Formigueiro,
Paulo Alves, Ricardo Grahan, Rodrigo Calixto, Rodrigo Simão,
Sergio J. Mattos, Zanini de Zanine Caldas, Carol Gay, Heloisa Galvão,
Kimini, Nicole Toldi, Tissi Mousinho, Colectivo Muda, Cosmococa,
Fernando de La Roque, Flavio Samelo, Geraldo Marcolini.
Joaquim TENREIRO (1906-1992)
Chaise tripode
Imbuia, pau-marfim, mogno, palissandre et acajou
69 x 59 x 72 cm
120 000 / 160 000 €
Jorge ZALSZUPIN (né en 1922)
Pétales, paire de tables années 1960
Bois plaqué de Jacaranda
50 x 45 x 45 cm
6 500 / 8 500 €
Leonardo LATTAVO et Pedro MOOG
Poltrona Ipanema
Paire de fauteuils à assise articulée à motifs
Bois de tauari, acier et cuir
Date de création : 2007
H 90 x L 70 x P 102 cm
4 000 / 6 000 €
Oscar NIEMEYER (1907-2012)
Sofa On
Ensemble comprenant un canapé trois places,
un canapé deux places et un fauteuil
Bois laminé et cuir
Date de création : Années 1980
Sofa 3 places : H 69,5 x L 249,5 x P 73cm
Sofa 2 places : H 69,5 x 180 x P 73 cm
Fauteuil : H 71 x L 110 x P 78 cm
20 000 / 30 000 €
Giuseppe SCAPINELLI (1891-1982)
Table basse
Bois de caviuna et verre
45 x 115 cm
15 000 / 18 000 €
Guavira, table, 2016
Bois de cèdre laminé et verre
Signée et numérotée 1/10
75 x 140 x 160 cm
8 000 / 12 000 €
Cafofo, 2015
Bois, pvc, acier inoxydable cuivré
Signé et numéroté 1/5
125 x 195 x 60 cm
10 000 / 12 000 €
Fernando (née en 1961) et Humberto CAMPANA
(née en 1953)
Série Sushi, 2003
Chute de tissu, de tapis et de feutre
17 x 82 cm
1 200 / 1 500 €
Joaquim TENREIRO (1906-1992)
Ensemble de dix chaises Cadeira com braços
une table rectangulaire mesa rectangular
Palissandre et rotin
Date de création : Années 1960
Chaise : H 77,5 x L 63 x P 46 cm
Table : H 78 x L 298 x P 120 cm
70 000 / 90 000 €
Joaquim TENREIRO (1906-1992)
Relevo, Circa 1970
Bas relief en bois peint
152 x 50 x 20 cm
40 000 / 50 000 €
Raymundo COLARES (1944-1986)
Papier découpé
Signé, daté 1970 et situé Rio de Janeiro
16 x 32 cm
40 000 / 50 000 €
Hélio OITICICA (1937-1980)
Gouache sur carton
Signé et daté 1958 au dos
48,5 x 60 cm
150 000 / 250 000 €
Sergio CAMARGO (1930-1990)
Bas relief en bois peint
60 x 33,5 cm
Certificat d’authenticité Raquel Arnaud
450 000 / 550 000 €
Roberto BURLE MARX (1909-1994)
Technique mixte sur toile
Signé et daté 1991 en bas à droite
138 x 122 cm
15 000 / 20 000 €
Desenho da utopia / The design of utopia
Editeur: Olhares
Auteurs: Jayme Vargas et Ruy Teixeira
Tirage: 3.000 ex.
Format et nombre de pages: 24x31,5cm / 180 p.
Best Brazilian interior’s photographer, Ruy Teixeira collaborated with the
greatest international magazines. In 2016, was published at Olhares the work
Desenho do utopia, brazilian style summary’s whose Ruy Teixeira is the co-author.
copyright Ruy Teixeira
Art expert & brazilian design
Sophie Su phie Su
Design department
François Epin
Alix de Saint-Hilaire
Graziella Semerciyan
Johanna Colombatti
Éléonore Floret
Goulven Le Morvan