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normanoch news - Normanoch Association
of Culver Lake
A Private Lake Community
Vol. 43
Incorporated 1929
July 29, 2011
July 30th 10am
July 30th 10am
July 30th
July 30th 9am
July 31st 2pm
August 2nd 1:30pm
August 3rd August 4th 10am
WC Kayaking 10:00 am
WC Art Show
WC Art Show Reception
Walkill Valley Swim Conference
Championships at Ogdensburg
Swim Team Closing Awards 2:00pm
WC Yoga 1:30pm
WC Broadway trip
WC Koffee Klatch
The Ed Cherny Memorial Art Exhibition
saturday 10-5, sunday 9-noon
reception saturday 7-9pm
We encourage the lake community
to come down to the clubhouse on
Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm or
Sunday from 9 am until noon to view
the Art Exhibition. There are over 80
entries in a variety of categories from
all types of artists. Ribbons will be
awarded to both children and adults
for first, second and third place and
a special ribbon will be given to the
work that best represents the theme
“Culver Lake Reflections.” In addition, the Women’s Club is hosting a
dessert reception on Saturday evening, July 30th from 7 until 9 pm.
The Exhibit has been named in honor
of Ed Cherny, who loved the lake, his
family and neighbors and was a kind
soul with a big heart. Ed was very instrumental in the creation and success
of the two previous Culver Lake Art
shows. Ed is missed by all.
We hope you will take advantage of
this opportunity to see the beautiful
artistic talents of your friends and
No. 6
The Annual Stockholders Meeting of
the Normanoch Association will be
held at the Clubhouse next Saturday
morning starting at 10 am. Reports will
be presented by each Board Committee
head to review this past years events.
New members will be elected to the
Board of Directors at this time.
The Board of Directors again ask
shareholders to consider what specific
issues they wish the board to address and to submit them in advance.
Please mail, fax (973-948-6960), or
drop off your written questions at the
7/29 - 8/4
8/5 - 8/11
art exhibition this weekend
8:04 pm
7:55 pm
Page 2
The Normanoch News, sponsored by the Normanoch Association, is published weekly from
late June to late August to inform members of the
Culver Lake Community of activities of the lake
and to strengthen the sense of community.
Items for the NN may be mailed, Emailed to
[email protected], or mailed to the editor.
Mary Ann St. John, Editor
The Normanoch News
c/o Normanoch Association
P.O. Box 477
Branchville, NJ 07826
The deadline for submission is the Thursday morning one week and a day prior to the issue date.
The NN is available online at www.normanoch.
org, or if you prefer, the paper may be mailed to a
specific address for a seasonal fee of $15 to cover
cost of 1st Class Mail; some copies are available at
the Clubhouse on a first come basis.
Mary Ann St.John, Editor - [email protected]
The Normanoch News
c/o Normanoch Association. Inc.
Coordinator: Claire Allen
Phone# 948-4221
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
July 29, 2011
“The Little White Church by the Lake”
Celebrating 100 years 1910-2010
Float Service Sundays 6:30 pm
Join us in a rich rewarding fellowship. (non - denominational)
Phone 948-5828
Wm. H. Wilson
Full System Service by our Certified Techs
Septic System Locating & Cleaning Repairs, Replacements and Restorations
Baffle Filters Installed and Serviced Lid and Riser Installations
New System Installations Pump Repairs High Pressure Jetting
[email protected]
Since 1955
Business Office
Secretary: Mary Clare van den Heuvel
Phone# 948-4251
Office Hours- June/July
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9-12pm
August - Monday, Friday, Saturday 9-12pm
Canteen Hours
Daily 11 AM - 7 PM
Lifeguard Hours
Daily 11AM - 8 PM July
Daily 11AM - 7 PM August
Weather permitting
directory of churches
our lady queen of peace catholic church
Masses: Saturday: 5 PM, Sunday: 8, 9:30, 11AM
Confession: Saturday 4-4:30PM
Sunday Worship:
10AM (Nursery is provided)
Wantage Ave.
973 903 9924
united methodist church of branchville
Sunday Worship: 10AM 8 Broad Street, 948-3749
25 Mudcut Rd., Lafayette 383-6277
Sunday Service, Youth & Family Ministry 11 AM
(Nursery is provided)
Masses: Saturday: 5:30 PM, Sunday: 9:30
The next time you are surfing the web, visit the Normanoch Association’s web
site at The site contains informative material such as the
current and past issues of the Normanoch News, membership information and
forms, current office hours and contacts, updates on the seasonal calendar, and
much, much more. Add this site to your “favorites” list.
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The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
July 29, 2011
Recently my son and I returned from a week long mission trip in Mexico with our church. There were
around ninety of us working in five teams of fifteen with a team on full-time kitchen duty. During the
course of the week we built five simple stucco houses, led a daily Vacation Bible School, and got a taste
of life in the colonias on the outskirts of Tijuana.
The family we were working with was a young woman, Anna, and her seven year old daughter, Jenni. They had moved
to Tijuana from Chiapas a number of years ago. The house that they were living in was unlike anything we would be familiar with. It was made of old garage doors and pieces of plywood roughly nailed together, with a tarp for a roof. It was
no bigger than 80 square feet – many of us have larger bathrooms! The floor was dirt, and sloping down to the street, so it
turned to mud in the rainy season. I could not imagine living like that. It seemed so different from anything I had experienced before.
One of our team members asked Anna why she had moved up from Chiapas, leaving family and community behind. She
replied by saying that the conditions in Tijuana were ten times better than in Chiapas. It was at that point that many of
us realized that, although she was living like this, although most of us spoke little or no Spanish, although we had wealth
beyond her imaginings, we were exactly the same. Her dream, her hope, her vision, was to give her daughter something
better. Isn’t that what we all hope for our families?
My son is eight, and he really connected with Jenni. It was wonderful to watch them running around and playing together.
They couldn’t speak each others’ languages, but through play, and pointing and touch, and learning one or two words, they
communicated in ways that we adults could not. They were just the same, two children, enjoying one another, laughing
and playing.
One of the most memorable moments was when my son said, “Dad, I haven’t done any work today. I played with Jenni all
day long!”
I told him how important it was to spend time with the members of the family, and that what he did was as important as
building the house, or as Vacation Bible School. There were fourteen adults and two children on our team, all of us working hard, most of whom Jenni will most certainly forget, but I said to my son, “Gregor, Jenni will always remember the
little blond boy who built her house for her!”
Rev. Ian Rankine
Please respect other peoples property.
Rafts, Docks, Boats and Private Property belong to the homeowners.
BOX 7, LAYTON, NJ 07851
TEL. 973-948-3352
8 A.M. - 5 P.M. MON. THRU FRI.
Page 4
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
July 29, 2011
Another incredible night-Angelo’s famous Spaghetti Dinner. A light tweak
of perfection with his sweet and hot
sausage accompanied by a warm
friendly and family atmosphere really
turns the clubhouse into a beautiful
place to have an enjoyable evening.
Although Angelo was not available
to attend the actual dinner itself this
year, his efforts of preparation in days
prior accompanied by a strong effort
of volunteers led to the successful
creation of the dinner we enjoyed.
In the days before an event like this,
it is always a concern as to who will
be available to contribute their help to
this type of event. But almost without
fail, there are always the true diehards who just appear. There is also
a great showing of new volunteers,
which is encouraging for the future.
Once again thank you to Angelo for
sharing his special talents and we
hope to see all of you again next year
for Angelo’s famous Spaghetti Dinner.
As you are catching lots of fish this
summer and taking lots of pictures
of those beauties, please drop some
photos of your catches in the basket
provided on the Men’s Club wall at
the clubhouse to be included in future
displays for the wall. It is a great way
550 Lafayette Road (Route 15), Sparta NJ
to share your fishing experiences with
others in the community.
There has been some interest in having a game night at the clubhouse
(poker, backgammon, bridge, etc…)
as a weekly event for both men and
women. A response is needed. For
those who have ideas and/or interest
in this weekly event, please contact
me at [email protected] or call
me at 973-948-6982.
Historical Happenings: (as reprinted
form the September 4, 1981 Normanoch News)
We’re here to stay!! That’s right,
Culver Lake, the Ski Club is growing stronger each week. In two short
months, our membership has grown
to thirty members. The addition of the
slalom course proved to be the spark
to ignite the interest of people on the
lake who share our common goal, to
ski and have FUN!
rienced competition skiers. The club
hopes to put together a solid ski team,
so if you’ve ever dreamed of making
real spray in competition going for
the gold, then come join our club and
tryout for our team.
Watch the first issue of the 1982
Normanoch News for details on the
club’s planned activities, that already
include an early season water ski
show and free water ski lessons for
Coming events:
Saturday, August 6 Ice Cream Social
following WC Talent Show
Saturday, August 20 Steak and
Chicken Dinner 5-8 pm
Keep a tight line and a sharp hook.
Dave Supko, President
Plans are already underway for next
season. The Ski Club intends to form
a team and enter our top skiers in
American Water Ski Association
(AWSA) sanctioned competition.
Early next summer, tryouts will be
held for the Culver Lake Water Ski
team which will travel to AWSA
competition. Coaching will be available to anyone looking to improve his
or her trick or slalom skiing by expe-
Owned and operated by Culvers Lake resident Todd Okeson, ECAE is a
renewable energy company specializing in turnkey solar photovoltaic, solar
domestic hot water systems and solar residential leases. We provide our
customers with the newest technology available, unmatched customer
service and the most experienced staff in the area. Check out our website
to see recent projects in the area!
All we need to begin a proposal is the address of the project and your
monthly electric bill. Call Todd today!
Committed to a World Powered by Renewable Energy
Page 5
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
We had lots of fun a Riviera Maya
last week! – But how could we not
with such a great group of ladies? If
you missed it, we’ll be having another “Ladies Night Out” on August
17th at the River Rock Inn in Milford.
Cost of the dinner is $38 all inclusive. Please sign up right away so we
can provide a final headcount to the
Need a night out sooner than August?
Don’t miss the Ed Cherny Memorial
Art Exhibition this weekend. Art will
be on display Saturday from 10-5 and
Sunday from 9-noon. The Exhibit
Reception will be held Saturday from
7-9pm. More details are included in
the newsletter this week.
Additionally, the Culver Lake Talent Show will be held on Saturday,
August 6th. There is still time to sign
up. Drop you name/talent and contact
info into one of the “Star” boxes at
the clubhouse, or email [email protected] We will have a short
meeting on Wednesday or Thursday
evening that week to get organized.
Then we will have a dress rehearsal
at 4:30 on Saturday the 6th, leading
right up to the show at 7pm. All ages
and talents are welcomed!!
We will also be hosting Children’s
Theater again this summer. We are
working with The Little Lost Arts in
Branchville, a local theater company
to put together a great program for
this summer. Camp will be the first
two weeks in August. The first week’s
sessions will only be 2 hours a day,
with longer sessions the second week
– culminating in another wonderful
This week, Yoga is Tuesday the 2nd
at 1:30, followed by a Reiki Healing Circle. Zumba will also meet on
Tuesday at 7:00 pm, and next week
on Tuesday as well. There is no Yoga
the week of the 8th due to Theater
Camp, but it will resume on Tuesday,
August 16th.
Lori Caffrey, Co-President
2 for $10
$6 each
For sale at the clubhouse office.
All proceeds benefit the Culver Lake
Whitecaps Swim Team
Normanoch Association Badges are
issued to a specific person when
being issued by the office. These
badges are not interchangeable and
should not be given to other members
of your family or guests. If during a
badge check at the clubhouse, it is
discovered the badge is not the badge
issued, it is a violation of your membership and could result in having to
meet with the Board of Directors for
revocation of the membership privileges.
July 29, 2011
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Heat Wave!! Did everyone heed the
warnings that have been aired over
the television to survive the exceptionally high temperatures? Most of
all, did we check on our neighbors,
especially the elderly?
As we walk or drive around the
Lake, we can notice much construction and home repairs being done.
Once again, former Sheriff Untig has
offered some advice. He says:
- Door-to-door salespersons,
with no local references, that offer
to do home repair work for less than
market price.
- Solicitations for repair work
from a company that lists only a
telephone number or post office box
to contact.
- Contractors who refuse to
provide proof of licensing and insurance.
- Persons offering to inspect
your home for free.
- Contractors demanding cash
payments for the job, full payment
before the job completion, or ask for
checks payable to a person other than
the owner or company name.
- Offers from a contractor to
drive you to the bank to withdraw
So, from the Culver Lake Crime
Watch team, Always Be Aware Out
Page 6
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
2 for $10
$6 each
For sale at the clubhouse office.
All proceeds benefit the Culver Lake
Whitecaps Swim Team
July 29, 2011
Page 7
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
July 29, 2011
Did you know – Proxy Card
Please, please review the instructions. Look at the label on the proxy
itself and sign it the same as printed.
If there are 2 names separated by a
coma, BOTH must sign. If only one
signs, it will be voided. If there is an
“and/or” EITHER can sign the proxy.
If your spouse has passed, sign your
name and your spouses, however
you must mark executor or executrix,
and proper documentation must be
returned to the office.
If you have any questions, do not
hesitate to contact Mary Clare at
(973) 948-4251.
Information about the stockholders’
annual meeting to be held on Saturday, August 6, 2011 will be in your
mail very soon if you are eligible to
vote at that meeting. You can vote
if you were a stockholder of record
at the close of business on July 15,
2011. Please read the information and
send in your proxy promptly.
The mailing label on the back of your
proxy form shows your name/s as it/
they appear on the corporate records.
To be valid, the proxy should be
signed just that way. If stock is owned
jointly, each person should sign. One
person should not sign both names.
If an owner is deceased and the stock
has not yet been transferred on the
corporate records, the deceased person’s legal representative, executor or
executrix, can sign for the deceased
and should send a copy of the surrogate’s certificate or other document
appointing him or her with the signed
proxy form. The number under your
name and address indicate the number of shares in that name.
When your proxy form is properly signed, dated, and returned, the
share/s it represents will be voted
by the Board of Directors of the
Normanoch Association, Inc. as
explained on the form and in the
information you will receive with it.
Giving the board your proxy means
that you designate the majority of
directors to vote in your place at the
annual meeting. That authorization
can be revoked at any time before the
voting on August 6th by any of the
following methods:
1.written notice to the Corporate Secretary, Mary Clare van den Heuvel
2.issuing a subsequent proxy
3.attending the annual meeting and
personally casting your ballot at that
Please be sure to vote and to attend
the meeting.
Nominations for the Board of
Directors for the 2011 Stockholders
John F. Colyer has been a full time
resident of Culver Lake since 2009
moving from North Arlington, NJ
after 40 years there. He is a retired
optician, owning his own business
for over 35 years. John, his children
and his grandchild all enjoy fishing,
swimming and boating on Culver
Lake. John can often be seen walking his yellow lab “trapper”. As a
member of the Board of Directors,
he wishes to keep the lake and its
surrounding areas ecologically sound
and use his life experiences to help
keep Normanoch financially stable,
while preserving the lakes natural
Richard Ferlauto has been coming
to the Lake for 25 years. His parents
bought their house on the West Shore
in 1986 and Rich became a summer
kid of Culver Lake. In 1991 Rich’s
parents moved full time to the lake
where Rich became a year round
resident graduating from High Point
High School. In 2000 Rich moved
off the lake to take a job for the Long
Island Rail Road where he is still
employed as a Senior Safety Officer.
In 2003 Rich bought the house next
door to his parents and is a summer
resident again. In 2007 he invited
some friends to the lake and that’s
when he met his future wife Kim
- they were married in 2009 at the
Christ Union Chapel and had a great
party at the clubhouse. Rich and Kim
winter in Summit NJ. Rich has just
finished filling an unexpired term. As
a member of the Board of Directors
Rich wants to make sure all future
members of the Culver Lake Community enjoy the same experiences he
has had on Culver Lake.
Richard Hamilton is originally from
Bergen County and had summered at
both Lake Owassa and Culver Lake
since childhood. Dick is a retired
builder and developer. He and his
wife, Cecile, became year round
residents on the East Shore in 1989.
He was the lake committee chairman
from 1987 to 1991, President from
1991 to 1993, and a director from
1995 to 1999 and again from 2000 to
2003. Dick is currently finishing his
first term.
Page 8
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
Simple Service Projects for an excuse to get together. The end result?
We make something for someone
in need, we share our time with one
another and we sit in air conditioning
on hot summer days. How does that
sound? Interested?
Join us Mondays at the Clubhouse
from 9:30AM until about 3PM.
Bring a lunch and either your own
project, knitting needles, sewing machine, beading work, embroidery and
or scrapbooking.
Monday, August 1 Bags of love
which are simple backpacks for kids
in the US who have to be placed in
foster care
Monday, August 8 Little dresses for
girls in Africa - very simple pattern
Monday, August 15 Pillows for in-
jured military
Monday August 22 Repeat any project or just do your own thing
Not interested in a new project? Join
us anyway and bring your own quilting or knitting and just be part of the
Needed: double fold bias tape for the
dresses and a variety of colors will
be great so bring any you have , 20”
squares for the backpacks-2 the same
for outside, 2 for the inside(can be
contrasting fabric) and 4 strips of 4”
wide WOF for the straps, 25” to 30” x
WOF for the dresses plus any notions
you have like rick rack or lace, small
scraps for the pillows and stuffing.
Questions: Ginny Kopperl 948-5643
or [email protected]
July 29, 2011
Member may place a free advertisement.
Email to [email protected]
Local hypnotist seeking office space for rent – inlaw suite or above garage space ideal for seeing
clients. Heat and A/C desired for year-round usage.
Please call 973-418-2170.
For Sale: Starcraft aluminum boat 12’ good condition $225, dehumidifier goog condition $50, call
FOR SALE: 1995 17’ Bayliner Capri w/90 HP
motor, bimini top and trailer. View at Wheels &
Props, who have maintained the boat since it was
originally purchased in 1995, or call Barry Caffrey
at 948-4438. $4000 or best offer.
12 Foot Duratech Aluminum Rowboat/Motorboat $
200 Call 973-948-6705
For Sale, Evinrude outboards, 1996 9.9hp $750,
1996 28hp $1,200. Call 201-230-8813
For Sale - Float 7x9 $450, Aluminum boat 15’,
$400, Peddle boat $400, Sunfish $350, 2 docks
$100 each. Call 973 948 6103
Vacation Rentals Available
Keep us in mind for your reunions, weddings,
graduations or just plain relaxing with friends.
Call 973-948-4315
ShoreMaster boat lift complete wiwth blue cover,
extra glides and supports. The unit is two years
old. I am asking $6,000. There is an electric motor
available for $250. Joe Koch 973 948 7229
17 foot red Coleman Ram-X Fiberglas CANOE
including two paddles, very good condition. Asking
$250. Call 201-675-0061.
Summer porch sofa, wicker style, beige with yellow
flowered cushions. Very clean. Asking $75. Call
13 and under
Trout Bass
Calico Other
Troy Tonneson
4 lbs 3 oz
Billy Talmadge
Chase Kreutz
Chase Kreutz
2 lb 11 0z
1 lb 3 ½ oz
1 lb 8 oz
12” (catfish)
14 and Older
Trout Hybrid
Bass 1.
1. Bobby Kreutz
2. Chuck Kreutz
3 Biagio Como
5 lbs 1 0z
3 lbs 13 oz
2 lbs 14 oz
Small mouth
Calico Other
4 lbs
3 lbs 10 oz
2 lbs 7 1/2oz
1 lb 14 oz
Ed Prozer
Chuck Kreutz
Bobby Kreutz
Biagio Como
16” (catfish)
Weigh-ins for the summer fishing contest at the Liebl’s 948-5544 between 9 am and
9pm. Please call ahead. Or Stokes Sport Shop on Route 206.
Realtor Sales Associate
(973) 875-2220 x207 Business
(973) 702-1116 Fax
(201) 400-8626 Mobile
[email protected]
7 Boulder Hills Blvd, Suite 1
Wantage, NJ 07461
Page 9
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
July 29, 2011
on display
Saturday, July 30th from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday, July 31st from 9:00am to 12 noon
Exhibition Reception ~ Saturday, July 30th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Associate Broker
Million Dollar Producer
The Culver Lake Community has come together and created an amazing art
exhibition featuring over 80 entries in a variety of categories from artists of all
ages and walks of life. We encourage you to stop by and view the exhibition that
will be on display upstairs in the clubhouse throughout the weekend. Ribbons for
both children and adults will be awarded for first, second and third places, and a
special ribbon will be given to the pieces of work (one child and one adult) that best
represents the theme ‘Culver Lake Reflections’. The artwork in general can consist
of any subject matter that is appropriate for a family venue.
Gross & Jansen Highlands Realty
210 Route 206 North, Branchville, NJ 07826
Officde 973 948-5552 Fax 973 948-7777
Cell 973 219-9331 [email protected]
Visit Me @
by the Culver Lake Windjamm
Designed and printed
Each Office is independently Owned And Operated
by the Culver Lake Windjamm
Designed and printed
Caps • Mugs
The Women’s Club invites all lake residents to attend a dessert reception that will be
held on Saturday evening in recognition of the artists and their contributions.
The Exhibition has been named in honor of Ed Cherny, who loved the lake, his family
and neighbors, and was a kind soul with a big heart. Ed was very instrumental in
From the Lake the creation and success of the previous two Culver Lake art shows. Ed is missed by
Available for purchase at the Club House!
From the Lake
Note Cards
10 for $6
Culver Lake, New Jersey
Culver Lake, New Jersey
Designed and printed
Mugs $14
by the Culver Lake Windjamm
by the Culver Lake Windjamm
Designed and printed
Caps $15
Available in 4 colors
From the Lake
From the Lake
Culver Lake, New Jersey
Culver Lake, New Jersey
2 for $10
$6 each
NJ Electrical License #34EB01537500
For sale at the clubhouse office.
All proceeds benefit the Culver Lake
Whitecaps Swim Team
Page 10
The Normanoch News of Culver Lake
July 29, 2011
The Culver Lake Theater Camp 2011
We are excited to announce that our program will be continuing this
summer with some exciting changes. The camp will now run for two weeks
and will be directed by local Sheri Verrilli.
Sheri is well known to the community and is excited to be part of a Culver
Lake tradition!
Please note the changes and call me if you have any questions regarding the
time commitment. Besides the kids, this show has some parts for adults so let me know if you’re interested - will be lot’s of fun!
Pre-Registration for Children’s Theater Camp
Boys and Girls ~ Five years old thru High School
Monday, August 1st – 5th from 10:00 – 12:30
Monday, August 8th – 12th from 10:00 – 2:30
Dress Rehearsal – Sunday,August 7th
Show Dates, Friday August 12th @ 7pm & Saturday, August 13th @ 3pm
You must sign up by July 29th
Camper’s Name:____________________
Parent/Guardian Name(s)First and Last__________________________
Lake Address_________________ Lake Phone________E-mail_______
A number where you can be reached during rehearsals________________
Emergency Contact:_____________________ Phone #_________
I do understand that my child is required to attend ALL weekday rehearsals including dress
rehearsals and both shows. I agree to place him/her in the care of the camp, subject to all its rules
and regulations.
A fee of $25 will be charged to each camper to help cover the costs of the program.
Make checks payable to Women’s Club of Culver Lake.
If you would like to participate but the fee is a concern, please contact Lisa Gibble,
973-948-4817 or 201-600-6027
Forms can be handed or dropped off in the Women’s Club Mail Box at the clubhouse.
We are looking forward to working with your children and putting on a great show!
This event is for Normanoch Members and their Registered GuestS only.

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