Musical Playful Thematic Lecture



Musical Playful Thematic Lecture
Musical Playful Thematic Lecture
Musical Thematic Lecture
Created by MCM, this never seen project take coral music to communicate
concepts to all sizes teams.
1h15 Lecture, adjusts the values that company wants to work with
such as leadership, integration, security, happiness, etc. The final
result is the coworkers are able to writing and singing a song that
shows the values transmitted on this.
The main goals:
 Develp the team spirit and integration between the coworkers.
 Create moments for special occasions and commemoratives
 Improve the employees performances, taking them out of your
work environment, in a pleasure and an interactive way.
Sing to be happy.
Exclusive, motivating and eternal!
A vida agitada não nos deixa pensar em
nós mesmos e nos outros, nosso
silêncio cala a nossa alma e nos
ensurdece ao som alheio.
Quando cantamos em grupo,
descobrimos o nosso som e o quanto é
bom e necessário ouvir o som que ao
lado é entoado.
“An institutionCom
no face or soul.
An institution
e inovação,
history, but no
story. ajundando-as
The persons that
nos works
seus on the
institution that have
the faces and
the stories,eino the same
comprometimento com suas escolhas.
way they offers their souls”
Falando de temas como significância,
integridade, cooperativismo,
dinamismo, criamos juntos a trilha
musical que nos faz rumar a tal
O resultado final de nosso treinamento
é uma composição feita por você, para
você e cantada para os outros.
Musical Thematic Lecture
Dynamics: I was born to be happy (Integration, Motivation and Finding Boundaries)
Singing that phrase in differents tones, we can explain the categories of voice tones of a coral, likes soprano, contralto, tenor and baixo. These dynamics
shows that sopranos needs others sopranos and the others tones too to compose the one coral sound. People needs one another to make the sound
happens. In a funny way, can be explain the works of a coral, where everyone singing search for one sound.
A Coral Compose
Putting together the coral without a rehearsal singing the song “Viver e não ter a vergonha de ser feliz...”
In a coral the voices are different with one only goal.
 Auditorium – opening: PPT + Live music – Warming up
 Interactive and Motivational Lecture
 Lyrics Composition Exercise
 Music presentation
 Finishing.
Motivational Interaction
That called happiness
In a certain time of life, a break gives us the tone that
we need to understand the big concert, and so we
realized that our sound, once before strong and
vigorous, suddenly became silent, but the soul brings to
us a new music experince, an echo of joy comes up,
bringing together a new round, a new time... A happy
We know that the such called happiness seems far
away, but which patch take to it?
The patch is the happiness itself, that if we track with
wisdom could make us happy in every step
How to understand a life like that?
We are talking about work, employment, Family, vocation and life!
Life ia a big opportunity to rebuilding our internal caos and the caos
that affects us.
What we can do?
Our answer to your expectation is: Singing!
These are some of the musics created by
coworkers from CEF e da Mercedes-Benz in the
same dynamics that we are proposing.
Musical Thematic Lecture
Speaker: Mônica Schimenes
Started her musical studies at 4 years old with the piano and then many
years studing the cello and singing. Voice expert, particularly in coral.
Worked in Rock´n Roll bands in brazilian tours as an music arranger
and voice coach for artist like: Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Yes, Allan
Parsons, Tony Handley, Deal. Took part as a back vocal and music
arranger for nacional artists like: Leandro e Leonardo, Chitãozinho e
Xororó, Marisa Monte, Raimundos, Zezé Di Carmargo e Luciano, Jane
Duboc, among others. People Management specialist, works with
motivational projects and team building for big companies, using music
as a tool. Among the companies we have: Arvin Meritor, Telefônica,
Bradesco e Banco do Brasil. Guest speaker to worshops and voice clinics
around the country. As a singer, her artistc name is Monica Zarité.