Porto, March 17
Class: 11º CT 2
There are no words to describe it!
Jamail Larkins left us speechless with his outstanding life
Helena and Pedro
When I saw Jamail Larkins for the first time, we thought
that it would be boring. But a few minutes later he
engaged us with his life stories.
Dmitry and Lays
In this conference we learnt that we can make our
dreams come true. We just need to fight for them and
work hard.
Beatriz and Inês
I want to thank you for your presence in our school. It
was a very enriching and helpful event.
Rui Fernandes
The event was very interesting. J.L. introduced us to the
world of work by talking about his awesome experience
as an entrepreneur.
It was very inspiring to listen to the story of Mr. Larkins
Rita and Rodrigo
Class: 11º CT3
The story of Mr. Larkins was inspiring for future younger
entrepreneurs. We learnt many things with him. We
love planes so thanks for coming. 
Daniel and Miguel
Jamail was very nice and gentle. We’ve learned a lot
with him. He is impressive! We would like to spend a
day with him flying and see the earth from above. 
Filipa Dias and Ana Gilberto
J.L. is an example to follow because he started when he
was only fourteen years old. He is a brave man. We
learned a lot with him, “Never give up your dreams!”
Ana Gomes
We really liked the conference. The talk with Mr. Jamail
Larkins was very inspiring. It was really good to know a
little bit about a successful man and his story.
Diogo and João
Class 11 LH1:
Mr. Jamail is a very literate person.
He was a master of airplanes acrobatics.
Gilberto Lopes, Joana Sousa, Cátia Barros
We think that the talk with Mr. Jamail was important and
inspirational, leading us to seek and follow our dreams. It
was interesting to know what Mr. Jamail had to do in order
to achieve his dreams.
Marta Sousa, Ana Pais, Rita Rodrigues, Inês Medeiros
To us, the talk was very important because Mr. Jamail
showed us the importance of school to our future. Another
important lesson was that without work we won’t be able
to fulfil our dreams.
Ana Faria, Ana Pereira
JL is a powerful man who gave us an inspiring message: we
should pursue our dreams even when things go wrong.
Ana Varela, Joana Cruz
Mr Jamail advised us to follow our dreams and fight for
them. The talk was very productive to develop our English
communication skills.
PS : You promised that you will travel with us one day so,
we are looking forward to it. 
Gonçalo Belo, Inês Golegã, Rute Branquinho, Joao Silva
For us this talk was very helpful because it helped us to
understand that we should chase our dreams no matter
Mariana Torres, Nuno Antunes
With the talk with Mr. Jamail we learned that we have to
be hard-working to fullfil our dreams and it doesn’t matter
if people keep telling you“no”. You must keep on working
because the most important thing is to trust yourself.
Sara Malta, Bárbara Gondar
I think that Mr. Jamail Larkins’s talk was very interesting,
especially when he asked us if we liked school and nobody
answered. Then he said that it is very important for us to
study to fulfil our dreams.
Carolina Nunes
I was enlightened when Mr. Jamail told us that to find his
career he first discovered his passion. He dreamed and
mixed them together, developing a way to make money.
Ricardo Correia