Evolutionary Duo: Invertologic Avoidances and



Evolutionary Duo: Invertologic Avoidances and
I ()J
Evolutionary Duo:
Invcrtologic Avoidances and
Flcivio Amaral
ABSTRACT: This research examines the optimizing
strategies of the technique of the Evolutionary Duo
according to Existential Invertology. Choices, actions, and
avoidances adopted by the couple, are studied in order to
potentialize the integral dedication to the execution of their
existential programs. The author approaches the main
avoidances of existential inversion, analyzing the
corresponding mature positioning in relation to those,
aiming to demonstrate that these avoidances, in the context
of existential inversion, are a result of the affective and
sexual lucidity of the inverter. Therefore, it is argued that
the evolutionary duo is important in the process of
acquiring maturity and in developing inversion.
SUMARIO: Esta investigaci6n versa acerca de las
estrategias optimizadoras de la pareja evoJutiva conforme
la Invexolog(a. Se estudian las elecciones, acciones y
evitaciones adoptadas porIa pareja con 1a finalidad de
potencial' la dedicaci6n integral prioritaria a la ejecuci6n de
la programaci6n existencial. El autor aborda tres de las
principales evitaciones de la invexis, comparimdolas con
los respectivos posicionamientos maduros. Procura
demostrar que estas evitaciones en el contexto de la invexis
son el resultado de la lucidez afectiva y sexual de la
conciencia inversora. POI' consiguiente, se argumenta sobre
la importancia de la pareja evolutiva en la adquisici6n de
esta madurez yen el desarrollo inversivo.
RESUMO: Esta pesquisa versa sobre as estralcgins
otimizadoras da tecnica da dupla evolutiva conrorlll~ II
Invexologia. Sao estudadas escolhas, ClyOCS C cvitli~'I'c~,
adotadas pelo casal para potencializar a dcdic;I(;i'lo inlq;lld
prioritaria aexecuyao da program3yaO existcncial. () 11l111 l 1
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
aborda 3 das principais evitac,;6es' da invexis, em cotejo
com os respectivos posicionamentos maduros. Procura
demonstrar ainda a relevancia, por exemplo, destas
eVitac,;6es no contexto da in vex is, as quais dizem respeito a
lucidez afetiva e sexual da consciencia inversora.
Argumenta-se, portanto, sobre importancia da dupla
evolutiva na construc,;ao desta maturidade 0 no
desenvolvimento inversivo.
Definition. The evolutionary duo is the condition of two
consciousnesses in joint evolution with the highest intercooperative
conviviality possible; being an intimate, affective-sexual,
monogamous, balanced couple dedicated to assistantial productivity
(consciential gestations), without reproductive purpose (human
Synonyms: I. Conscientiologic intimate couple. 2. Evolutionary
Cohabitation. 3. Evolution by two. 4. Synthesis of the evolutionary
Antonyms: I. Stationary Duo. 2. Conventional couple. 3. Incomplete
couple. 4. Courtship. 5. Dating; friends with benefits. 6. Soul mates.
Synergism. According to existential programology, the
evolutionary duo consciously moves toward the cooperative
construction of synergism in their existential programs, through
continued organization and plmming ofcommon objectives; following,
for example, three procedures, listed below in logical sequence:
1. Mega Consciential Gestation. Establish the mega-goal;
the personal masterpiece; the existential program maxi­
contribution to be materialized in the current existence.
2. Goals. Establish intermediate objectives to reach the mega-goal.
3. Co-participant. Understand the role of the partner as an
evolutionary co-participant in reaching the established goals.
Avoidances. In accordance with groupkarmology, the evolutionary
duo composed of existential inverters, as a result of personal choice
and without traumas, avoids two attitudes exaltcd by the pathological
intraphysical society, listcd bclow in fUllclional order:
Evolutionary Duo: lnvertologic Avoidances and Optimizations
I. Marriage. The formal public officialization and celebration
of marriage; the social leash of the ego.
2. Gestation. The conception or adoption of one or more
children, of any gender; the nuclear leash of the ego.
Privation. According to the study of privation, the non-participation
in the above interests constitutes a healthy self-privation chosen
by the couple, making a cosmoethic groupkarmic interprison self­
exclusion, through positive omission.
Early Maturity. In the studies of holomaturology, the precocious
maturity of the inverter qualifies his/her interpersonal relationships
earlier, possibly leading to the formation ofan evolutionary duo, due
to being saturated already with merely emotional human experiences
like nuptial celebration and maternity.
Inversion. According to the principles of experimentology, the
cvolutionary duo moves, therefore, in the opposite direction of the
conventional couple, acknowledging nuptial practices and
procreation as a deviation of their existential programs, in the
counter-flow ofthe unthinking human masses, which exalts marriage
and children as one of the utmost accomplishments in life.
~ , I
·Woman. In the studies of gynosomatics, the evolutionary duo
forn1ed by two inverters, is critical for the woman, due to the intra
and extraphysical holothosenic pressure regarding maternity and
marriage. Gynosomatic self-confrontation cosmoethically ends the
patriarchal standards of the present intraphysical society.
The evolutionary duo does not raise heirs, blood relatives or
godchildren, in order to dedicate themselves to a nobler
public: human intraphysical consciousnesses and
extraphysical consciousnesses of para-humanity.
Questions. Do you know, and have you ever thought of, and planned
based on the importance of the evolutionary duo technique in the
execution of your existential program? Do you have your objectives
tuned wilh your partner's, in a synergistic existential maxi-program?
Journal oj Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
Evolutionary Duo: Invertologie Avoidances and Optimizations
Ambiguity. In light of communicology, the term marriage is used
Definition. Marriage is the ceremony of conjugal union
(Convivio10gy) between two intraphysical consciousnesses, man and
woman, with religious (Dogmatology) and/or civil legitimacy
(Politico10gy), created as a contract (Jurisprudence) and decorated
with symbolisms, in the presence of relatives, friends and the broader
groupkarma (Groupkarmology).
Theme. Neutral central theme.
Etimology. The word marriage comes from the French mariage,
which comes from the Latin maritatus pp. of maritrate, "to wed,
marry, to give in marriage". It first appeared in 1297.
Synonyms: 1. Coupling; connubial; alliance; matrimony; married
life; nuptials. 2. Wedding party; wedding; hymeneal; holy
matrimony. 3. Bridal; betrothal; engagement.
even by scientific authors, in an ambivalent way; either to define
the legal recognition of a relationship - marriage contract - as a
balanced relationship between two people, generating disinfom1ation
and sub-information regarding two realities:
I. Contract. The marriage contract can be made with little
intimacy in the relationship.
2. Relationship. The healthy intimate coexistence can occur
without legal or religious officialization.
Infiltration. In the studies of parapathology, the confusion of
meanings when the terms marriage and affective-sexual union
are used as synonyms indicates the uncritical acceptance of the
infiltration by the State, Church and Society in general in the private
life and decisions of the couple, through contracts, legalizations and
Repercussions. From the viewpoint of intraphysicology, the
5. Steady union. 6. Evolutionary Duo.
marriage contract opens the couple to intrusion from other
intraphysical consciousnesses, making private life or the privacy of
two consciousnesses the subject of public domain.
Archaism: Connubial; Hymeneal.
Evocation. In the field of holoresomatics, marriage rituals,
Antonyms: 1. Separation; divorce; disunion; dissolution. 2.
Cohabitative divorce. 3. Celibacy; singleness. 4. Dating;jIirting.
Colloquialisms: Get hitched; Tie the knot; Walk down the aisle;
saying the I-do's.
Homo: The intraphysical consciousness attached to the holothosene
of marriage is the Homo sapiens matrimonialis.
Definition. The cosmoethical antimatrimony is the lucid option
taken by the couple to avoid mauiage in its conventional form in
favor of self-decided conviviality by two, without any type of
formalization or interference by the state, religious institutions, or
the nuclear family.
Synonyms: 1. Aware antimatrimony. 2. Cosmoethical avoidance
offormal marriage. 3. Antimatrimonial evolutionary duo.
Antonyms: 1. Singleness. 2. Unmarried promiscuous life. 3.
Celibate; celibacy. 4.
Chastity; virginity. 5.
Eunuchism. 6.
Matrimonialism. 7. Anticosmoethical antimatrimony.
ceremonies or contracts tend to evoke retroexperiences and
retrocompanies from the past, (not always healthy), due to personal
history and marriage traditions in the past.
Trust. Consonant with cosmoethics, mutual trust between partners
definitively exempts the necessity to sign a written contract before
Facts. In light of experimentology, below is the analysis of a fact
regarding a problem faced by a newly married couple, apparently
common, like many others not reported by the media (Gazeta, 2000):
I. Phone call. Together for 5 years, the newly married couple
received a phone call while on their honeymoon in Buenos
Aires, Argentina; from the bride's father, in Curitiba, State
of Parana, Brazil, soliciting the annulment of the marriage,
due to the discovery of debts in the groom's name, a
hll ~ i III.·~" Ill; 10.
uUIIllIlllIlI. 1111': wifl.:, alkging. being lInawareortll~ liancc's
hul. kgn1llnd. l.:lIds tile I'c!aliol1sllip, Iii in)! for un
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
annulment of the marriage. The case is denied in the first
and second instances.
Intrusion. The phone call could be considered consciential intrusion,
from the bride's father, head of her old family, intending to keep
his role and be the head of the new family.
Intrudability. The patemal request for a marriage nullification,
specifically during the first official intimate celebration of the union
is frank intrusion, demonstrating, in his impulsive attitude, lack of
sensitivity and diplomacy, probably motivated by emotional factors
such as patemal jealousy and possessiveness.
Greed. Making use ofeconomic reasons to try to nullify the marriage
is a form of repetition of the millenary practice of marriage-business:
exchange of the daughter for financial security, in this case, claimed
later, in face of the groom's economic disorganization.
Inauthenticity. The daughter's allegation of being unaware of her
partner's financial situation, after 5 years of a relationship, discloses
at the least idealization, lack of dialog, and authenticity in the
Manipulation. The request for nullification filed by the daughter
shows the level of her father's influence over her, subjecting the
couple to extemal manipulation.
Interprision. The fact that the legal request was denied both by
the city and the state shows the bride's level of group karmic
interprison with the state and the groom, which were triggered by
the interprison with her father.
Repercussion. What exactly was the reason for ending a 5 year
relationship during the honeymoon?
Fragilization. The above mentioned facts indicate a direct
relationship between the officialization of marriage and the
fragilization and susceptibility of the couple to familiar and social
Blues. Specialists have identified the post-bridal blues, appearing
in brides as soon as the honeymoon is over, the end of the enchanLccl
dream (Balz, 2006).
Evolutionary Duo: fnvertologic Avoidances and Optimizations
Climate. Even the climate of expectation during the weeks prior
to the wedding can generate in the groom, when anxious, nuptial
impotence, an inconvenient fact which can result in the inability to
perform the sexual act on the nuptial night.
Excitement. Within the realm of sexosomatics, the idea of
exclusiveness, mutual dependence and the clime of idealization
produced by the marriage, reduces healthy mutual seduction, and
the pleasure of the couple (Lobato, 2005).
Religion. In dogmatology, the predominant religious view
emphasizes the role of the affective-sexual union between man
and woman as preeminently reproductive, a clear prejudice and
oppression of sexual pleasure, it being secondary or even rejected
(Morgado, 1987).
Postures. Below is a list, in functional order, of ten religious
anticosmoethical postures, amongst many others, practiced, for
example, by Roman Catholics, to the reader's critical reflection
regarding the contradiction between mature affection and religiosity:
oI. Anti-authenticity. On one hand Christian fanaticism
condemns sex as pleasure seeking, but tolerates it on the
other hand, in order not to loose followers and the power to
officiate marriages.
02. Anti-homeostasis. The same ecclesiastical dogmatism
defends archaic, uninformed familiar conceptions, regarding
contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases
(STDs), going against common-sense, planned parenthood
and human health.
03. Anti-verbaction. In general, the priest officializing a
marriage in the church is not married himself.
04. Anti-affection. In the Roman Catholic Church, the practice
of masturbation and the creation of a balanced affective
relationship between priests are strongly opposed, more than
even fomication between priests and prostitutes (Branden,
05. Anti-assistantiality. If a Roman Catholic priest assumes
an affective relationship he is excluded and abandoned by
the church. It is estimated that there are 100 thousand
married Roman Catholic priests in thc world (ycar: 200 I"
.' ,
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
not counting the ones who prefer to keep a secret
relationship in order to prevent retaliation (Ribas, 200 I).
06. Anti-universalism. As a result of narrow minded ideas
and preconceptions, plus the lack of openness and
multiculturalism, the majority of religions do not recognize
marriage between people of different beliefs. In the moment
of consummation of conjugal life the differences of beliefs
between partners tend to generate more discord than
interfusion of diversities (Perel, 2002).
07. Anti-democracy. Religions in general condemn
homosexuality and same sex marriages.
08. Anti-conviviality. In an unnatural way, they also build
convents and separate gender reclusion centers that promote
09. Anti-physiology. Religions adopt mechanisms to restrict
sexuality, which fuels pedophilia and other sexual pathologies.
For example, throughout history, Christianity is considered
the ideology which inhibits sexuality the most, in the West
(Vainfas, 1992).
10. Anti-sexuality. The Roman Catholic marriage ceremony,
for instance, is officiated over by a disciple of antisexual
religious fanaticism. In some cases, however, when these
individuals are not homosexual or pedophile, they not
uncommonly have a mistress.
Avoidance. It is logically recommended to the couple, when willing
to invest in the creation of an unrepressed, happy and pleasant
relationship, to reject all types ofcommitment to any institution inhibiting
human well being, starting with the religious ceremony of marriage.
Industry. From the point of view of Anticosmoethics, eleven
examples of manipulation promoted by the matrimonial industly
complex, notably in the United States, in the 21 st Century, are listed
here in functional order (Kingston, 2005):
oI. Magazines. The quantity and volume of magazincs
dedicated to the marriage theme has increased, including
also magazines specializing in re-marriages. The world's
biggest periodical, with 1,286 pages and over 44 pounds, is
a Bride's edition, published in February of200 I.
Evolutionmy Duo: Invertologic Avoidances and Optimizations
02. Publicity. More advertisement investments are made, taking
advantage of the pelject marriage theme, including TV
shows and movies, as a way to increase audiences. These
campaigns, are part of the" break-free" money making
racket, openly takes advantage of the topic - the marriage
ceremony - gradually abandoning the focus on the couple's
relationship, given that promiscuity and divorce are
exacerbated nowadays.
03. Marketing. Mega-investment in marketing was established
between Disney, the Wedding channel and the
manufacturer of bride's dresses Vera Wang and Barbie,
starting in the middle ofthe 90's.
04. Show. In February of 200 1, over 1.000 women and about
100 men signed up for a chance to participate in the TV
show Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?, on the Fox
channel. The chosen couple received as a prize, a
honeymoon in the Caribbean. The bride received from Fox
an imported car and U$35,000.00. They came off the
honeymoon close to filing for divorce, a fact clearly oflittle
importance in the land of wild capitalism.
05. Audience. 22 million people saw the show. Only three million
saw the United States Presidential Debate transmitted by a
competitive channel.
06. Mysticism. The mystical appeal regarding the bride's image
is used to seduce women, not the men, as an example of
personal accomplishment,
07. Immaturity. The appeal to some women to fulfill their
Cinderella dream, avoiding any type of rational thinking
while planning the marriage ceremony.
08. Vanity. There are more brides worried about their dress
than the character of the groom, losing their critical capacity
while focusing on being the center of attention for one day.
09. Exploitation. In the beginning of the preparations, marriage
agencies in their economic exploitation of the couple avoid
talking about costs, tlying not to break the dream.
10. Home. More time and money are spent on the wedding
ceremony than on the down payment of a house or on
cducation, a fact revealing a mistake in the priority list of
many middle class marriages.
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
11. Diamonds. As a way to promote the revalorization of
diamonds, after the discovery ofa large mine in South Aflica,
in the 1930's, the corporations involved made a deal with
North American advertisement executives, to bring the
attention of women to the wedding ring made from this
material, which started to appear in the movies at the time.
The message reached even Japan where the tradition of
arranged marriages left no room for any need of romantic
symbols. The commercial success continued even after
denunciations against the mining company for financing civil
war in Occidental Africa.
The new face of current weddings supports political,
religious and consumerist interests, without contributing to
the rationality levels of the couple regarding the decision of
building a new life togethe!:
Taxology. Based on Conviviology, for example, here is a table
containing twenty mature conditions of the Evolutionary Duo
compared to conventional marriage, in alphabetical order:
Possessivity: imposition
Strength: two against the
Interassistance: joint
Weakness: genuflection to an
Intimacy: authenticity
Publicity: with witnesses
Freedom: regulated by two
Vow: legal demands
Megafocus: consciential
Ties: children and dependents
Microminority: pioneers
Macromajority: retromimicry
Existential program:
existential completism by
Divorce: going our separate
Planning: with synergy
Sexuality: daily practice
Interprison: tie down spouse
Impulsiveness: marrying on
impulse or instinct; speedymarriage
Sexopathologies: lack, mood
Consupterism: nightmare by
Mediums: therapist, lawyer
Selfishness: more requestes
Vow: promises and debt
Power: position and reputation
Last name: employment
Democracy: without
Neofeudalism: "green card"
Dynamic: functionality
Mimicry: bureaucracy
Bond: consciential
Discretion: anti-intrusion
Fidelity: self-established
Dialog: lack of inhibition
Positioning: counter-flow Pseudogain: social status
Autonomy: mutual
Admiration: and
Socialism: evolved, by two
Table 0 I - Comparison of Evolutionary Duo and
Conventional Marriage
Altruism: more
Evolutionary Duo: Invertologic Avoidances and Optimizations
Synonyms: I. Cosmoethical anti-fatherhood; cosmoethical
untinlollll:rhonc!; cosmoethical antiparenthood. 2. Self-conscious
Exhibition: .///ieell II/in/ltes (!(
Definition. Cosmoethical antimaternity is the woman's conscious
personal option, in stricto sensu, and also the man's, in lato sensu,
to prevent human gestation (somatic gestation) aiming their interests
at wholesale unrestricted assistance, based on the clarification task
(consciential gestation) to the highest number of consciousnesses
possible, instead of raising one or more intraphysical
consciousnesses, which is a irreversible and monopolizing
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
Evolutionary Duo: fnvertologic Avoidances and Optimizations
3. Sales. Selling the child has been an economic alternative practice
chosen by some mothers, clearly an anticosmoethic action.
4. Prostitution. In some regions of Central Europe, pregnant
prostitutes are in high demand. In this case, the fetus, (the
coveted object), is given up for adoption after being born.
5. Marriage. Some women become pregnant, against their
partner's will, in order to hold the husband, in a desperate
attempt to save the marriage.
anti-procreation. 3. Conscious avoidance of descendants.
4. Assistantial individual without children.
Antonyms: 1. Maternity; paternity; parenthood. 2. Somatic
gestation. 3. Adoption. 4. Selfish antimaternity. 5. Abandonment
of children. 6. Abortion. 7. Infanticide. 8. Infertility.
Taxonomy. Somatics studies classify antimaternity in two basic
I. Cosmoethical: assistantial, self-aware, conscious; surplus.
2. Anticosmoethical: egoistic, hedonistic, sub-brained;
Condoms. According to Para-history, condoms were manufactured
out ofanimal guts in the middle ages. Added to the knowledge regarding
the menstrual cycle, we can conclude that, in theory, active sexual
life without children might have been difficult but possible in that
period, for both, women and men.
Century. However, in light of cronemics, the 20th Century marks
a turning point for humanity regarding couple's possibilities for
healthy intimate conviviality. Singleness, maintenance of a closed
marriage and distancing from the evolutiol101y group constitute
personal choice much more than hetero-imposition, in face of the
support and freedom offered by the current intraphysical society, at
least in the west.
Demystification. In holomaturology, many common facts from
modem life contribute to the end of the maternal instinct myth; as
these five examples listed in functional order:
1. Adoption. The well known practice of adoption of children
points out that there is no need to give birth in order to take
care of and give affection to another consciousness.
2. Selectivity. Also, in relation to adoption, we can see how
some future parents select the children they are willing to
adopt, as an example, Brazilians give much more preference
to blond light eyed girls. This can be seen as discrimination
and the need for personal image approval, underneath the
desire to have children. How many adoptive parents would
accept and take care of any child, without exceptions?
Emancipation. According to gynosomatics, female professional
emancipation, a human conquest of the 20th Century, questions the
belief regarding woman's vocation as maternal. A clear indication
of human 's saturation of the Homo animalis rudimentary instincts,
and the search for more evolved experiences. Having a baby doesn't
make human beings any different from other animals. The
consciousness surpasses Biology (Bolsanello & Bolsanello, 1983).
Budget. In the studies of intraphysicology, budget planning, when
taken seriously, can make many couples postpone or give up having
children, in this case, smartly, avoiding assuming a commitment
without the necessary economic structure (Cezimbra, 18.03.01).
Therapist. In parapathology, to keep public fascination, some
therapists prefer to keep their patients unaware, guiding them to
mechanically follow their maternal instincts. These belly-brain
professionals derive economic results from feminine distress
regarding maternity.
Taxonomy. In the universe of groupkarmology, the following, is
an example, of a table of sixteen postures, in alphabetical order,
comparing lucid antimaternity, to common or conventional maternity:
Table 02 - Comparison of Aware Anti-maternity and
Common Maternity
Sincere, increasing
Not always
ScI f-mi micrv
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
Always conscious
Irrestrict, polikarmic
New ideas
Neosynapses in
Macrosornatics insight
Serenissimi, maxiintelligence
Nuclear, egokarmic
New soma
Abdominal brain
One new life, only
Baby, mini-intelligence
Major Value
The cosmoethical anti-maternity seeks exclusively wholesale
assistance instead of exalting the sacrifice for one sown
offspring which is an extension of ones ego. There are lesser
goods and higher goods.
Questions. Do you consider it intelligent to be guided by your
passionate desire when making serious, irrevocable and
untransferable decisions involving other consciousnesses? What is
the quality of the next intraphysical resoma desired by you: planned
or instinctive?
Definition: Abortion is an interruption of the biological process of
gestation, resulting in the expulsion of the fetus from the uterus
before it is sufficiently developed to be born, resulting in its death.
Synonyms: 1. Miscarriage; premature birth; forced birth. 2. Self­
abortion; hetero-abortion. 3. Aborticide; feticide.
Antonyms: 1. Normal pregnancy. 2. Delivery; birth.
Archaism: Abortus.
Colloquialism: Miscarriage.
Evolutionary Duo: lnvertologic Avoidances and Optimizations
Euhemerism: interrupted pregnancy; miscarriage.
Cognates: abort, aborticide, abortifacient, abortive; abortment;
abortively, abortiveness; abortionist; abortional.
Megathosene. Three-word synthesis: abortion: premature
Taxonomy. In light of experimentology, listed below, in alphabetical
order, are 34 types of abortion:
o1. Abortion with partial birth.
02. Accidental abortion.
03. Clandestine abortion: illegal.
04. Complete abortion.
OS. Consensual abortion.
06. Controlled abortion.
07. Economic abortion.
08. Ectopic abortion.
09. Embryonic aboliion.
10. Esthetic abortion.
11. Eugenic abortion.
12.Fetal abortion.
13. Fraudulent abortion: crime, criminal, unlawful.
14. Habitual abortion: multiple, recurrent.
IS. Honored abortion: human, moral, sentimental.
16. Imminent abortion.
17. Incomplete abortion.
18. Induced abortion: artificial, provoked.
19. Infected abortion: viral (Zoology).
20. Legal abortion: unpunished, non-criminal.
21. Necessary abortion: therapeutic.
22. Not consented abortion: suffered.
23.Not perceived abortion.
24. Ovarian abortion.
2S. Premeditated abortion.
26. Prophylactic abortion: therapeutic, obstetric.
27. Qualified abortion. Double homicide.
28.Selective abortion.
29. Sci f-abortion.
30. Sl.:pl il.: ahortion.
"I Solil'lkd :Ibortion: rnotivatcd.
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol 9, No 34
32. Spontaneous abortion.
33. Surgical abortion.
34. Unavoidable abortion.
Complement. In existential invertology, planned or accidental
pregnancy nullifies the possibility of the intraphysical consciousnesses
(mother and father) carrying out their existential inversion.
Depending on the case, the abortion can be a positive or negative
complement to the evolutionary account of the individual's existential
Abortion. In desomatics, abortion is the problematic premature
end of a future intraphysicallife, even when the lesser of two evils.
Contraceptive. In anticosmoethics, the morning after pill,
contraccptive with potential abortive effects, has been abused by
young women and used as an emergency method due to their lack
of care regarding their own sexuality.
Couple. According to holokarmology, abortion always involves the
couple, even when the father is unknown or ignorant of the fact.
Mother. However, according to gynosomatics, the final decision
must come from the mother (pregnant). The biggest weight of
responsibility and consequences regarding the decision to carry
through an abortion or keep the pregnancy lies on her shoulders.
Parallel. Consonant to experimentology, below are listed six
distinguished differences showing the antagonistic condition between
abortion and the execution of existential inversion:
l. Prophylaxis. According to paratherapeutics, existential
inversion is prophylactic because it predisposes the early
acquisition of maturity (the highest good), while abortion
although pathologic, is, at best, a resource to prevent more
damage (the lesser evil).
2. Conscientiality. Concerning resomatics, existential
inversion optimizes the early recovery oflucidity, aiming at
continuous conscientiality in the execution of the existential
program. Abortion, on the other hand, is a double mistake
made to the extraphysical consciousness involved, first due
to the natural restriction imposed on the extraphysical
Evolutionary Duo: Invertologic Avoidances and Optimizations
consciousness in the conception and second by the
interruption of life and growth process.
3. Organization. In the studies of holomaturology, existential
inversion is guided by self-organization and the maximum
planning possible. Abortion, as a result of an unplanned
pregnancy, shows lack oforganization (deviation), sufficient
to compromise another consciousness in a traumatic way ­
the pre-resomant extraphysical consciousness.
4. Freedom. In the universe of groupkarmology, existential
inversion is developed in a condition of utmost free-will of
the non manipulated consciousness. Abortion, on the other
hand, involves, in general, at least three consciousnesses in
an interprison, with direct destructive manipulation of one
of them - the aborted embryo - and potentially also family,
doctors, community,justice, media and others.
5. Cosmoethics. In respect to assistantiology, existential
inversion develops based on a high level oflife organization
dedicated to assistance, from an early age. On the contrary,
abortion can be doubly anticosmoethical: first, because of
an unplanned pregnancy; second, as a result of the aborticide,
when spurious.
6. Stigma. In the studies of existential recyclology, existential
inversion opens the way through the example of pubescent
consciential maturity, a healthy exceptional conduct on this
Planet-hospital. Abortion, however, even when natural,
deeply marks the life of many women before and afte,~
with somatic consequences, self-guilt, or social stigmatization,
making intraconsciential recycling difficult.
Minor. In paratherapeutics, in some cases the abortion, while
making existential inversion impracticable, can be the lesser of two
evils, when compared to pregnancy. Priority should be given to the
completion of the existential program already in progress, particularly
for the pregnant woman, and not to the resomant still in development.
Prohibition. As per parapathology, the prohibition of abortion
tends to be more hannful than its legalization. However, before
Cosmocth ics, the legalization ofabortion did not exempt the agents
('Will I Ill: J'(.:~ronsibilities and holokarmic implications of the act.
Journal of Conscientiology, Vol. 9, No. 34
Prejudice. Relative to dogmatology, sadly, the Brazilian
Government, fallaciously ignorant, still suffers, in its own legislation
and political influence stemming from (Roman] catholic prejudices
Connivance. In the studies of communicology, the Roman Catholic
Church condemns abortion and the use of contraceptives, keeping
its position contrary to advances in the field offamily planning. In
its posture of disinformation regarding sexual heath, it shows
connivance with unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions resulting
from them, as well as the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
boom (Sullivan, 07.03.05).
Statistics. It is estimated that 30% of pregnancies in the world are
aborted (year: 1998). In Brazil, 17% of young women have had an
abortion (Figueredo, 2006).
Poverty. Poor countries are more prohibitive of abortion and the
ones with the highest percentage of maternal deaths during
operations. In Romania, between the years of 1966-1990, the period
when abortion was illegal, the number of maternal deaths was four
times higher, as a result of the proliferation of illegal abortions
(Vergara, 2001).
Precariousness. Does the still incipient legislation and prohibition
of abortion, and the lack of specialized clinics, contribute to the
realization of precarious conditions? (Diego, 1999)
Denunciations. Abortion prohibition brings many harmful
consequences. In Chile, mothers attended in hospitals as a result of
abortion complications are denounced by doctors and then
imprisoned. The abortion denunciation in that country is also used
as blackmail, by the husband, in divorce proceedings (Robino, 1996).
Gynosomatics. In the world of paralaw, the legalization of abortion
confronts political-religious manipulation of women by men, giving
women the chance to decide regarding her and thc embryo's
destinies (Stepansky, 1997).
Girl-woman. In light of sexosomatics, current precocious sexual
maturity imposes on the child, specially the girl-woman, anticipation
in the acquisition ofself-organization, self-knowledge, and discipline.
Evolutionary Duo: InvertoloF;ic Avoidances and Optimizations
The current 'abundance era' marks the first promising period
for the formation of evolutionary duos of inverters in this
Planet, with mature sexuality and without deep
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FMvio Amaral, Graduated in Economics, presently earning his
master degree in Business Administration, has been giving courses,
lectures, debates and conferences in the Conscienciocentric
Organizations since 2001. He is the founder and current
coordinator offinances of international Association of Existential
Inversion, he is one of the creators of the course Theory and
Practice of Existential inversion.
Translation by Silvana Meira
Revision by Trisha Hargaden and Jane Lloyd