Imperial Migrations


Imperial Migrations
This book has its origin in a workshop held at the University of Oxford
between 24 and 27 September 2008, under the title ‘Diaspora, Empire, and
the Making of a Lusophone World’. The meeting was organised by Eric
Morier-Genoud and Luisa Pinto Teixeira and held thanks to the support of
the Instituto Camões, Oxford Research Network on Government in Africa
(OReNGA), the Department of Politics and International Relations, St John’s
and St Cross Colleges, University of Oxford.
For the workshop (and to make its proceedings into a book), we have
counted on the help of Robin Cohen, John Darwin, Gavin Williams,
Shihan de Silva, Patricia Goldey, Oliver Bakewell, Jan-Georg Deutsch, Neil
McFarlane, Wendy Urban-Mead, Victor Pereira, Sheila Pereira Khan, Jacinto
Godinho, Patricia Ferraz de Matos, Thomas Earle, James Davis, and Kate
Institutional acknowledgment goes to Palgrave Macmillan (and its editor
Philippa Grand), the Researchers’ Association of the journal Lusotopie, the
Centre for the Study of Africa and Development (CEsA) at the Instituto
Superior de Economia e Gestão, Lisbon, Portugal, the Center Les Afriques
dans le monde, University of Bordeaux, and Queen’s University Belfast.
This book is published with the support of
the Association des chercheurs de la revue Lusotopie, France,
the Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux,
the Instituto Camões (through its Oxford’s branch, UK),
the Centro de Estudos sobre África e do Desenvolvimento (CEsA) of the
Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão da Universidade Técnica de
Lisboa (Portugal).
10.1057/9781137265005 - Imperial Migrations, Edited by Eric Morier-Genoud and Michel Cahen
Copyright material from - licensed to npg - PalgraveConnect - 2016-10-01

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