Registering with - Faculty of 1000


Registering with - Faculty of 1000
Registering with
Registering with F1000Prime allows you to take full advantage of the
service by personalizing and streamlining your interactions via MyF1000.
Select your Favorite Sections (subject areas)
via MyF1000: the article recommendations
coded to those Sections are then quickly
accessible. Set up email alerts to have the latest
recommendations delivered to your inbox
Create and store tailored searches of
F1000Prime or PubMed content and set up
email alerts at a frequency to suit you
Interact with the new F1000 SmartSearch tool,
the revolutionary article search engine that
learns as you interact with it to pinpoint the very
latest articles relevant to your research
Save articles from any search or browse view
and manage your saved articles via MyF1000
Register with MyF1000 at:
Sign up for the F1000 Monthly Update email
featuring highlights from all F1000 services, plus
occasional special announcements
Opt-in to receive the F1000 Offers email
featuring new special offers and services each
Join the F1000Prime community and comment
on recommendations to discuss the articles and
their recommendations with your peers
Nominate articles that you feel should be
considered for inclusion in F1000Prime
Once you have registered and logged in, you can set up:
1 Favorite Sections
Get article recommendations pertinent to you
Click on ‘Favorite Sections’ in the left-hand menu,
then click the ‘Add / Modify Sections’ button at the
top of the page to access the Section picker. Choose
a relevant Faculty from the dropdown box to view the
list of Sections within it, then highlight the Sections
you want and use the arrow buttons to select and
deselect. The right hand side of the Section picker will
show a complete list of all Sections you have chosen.
Click ‘Update’ to save changes. Set up email alerts to
have the latest recommendations delivered to your
2 My Searches
Store search terms and set up email alerts
You can save any search you run on F1000 for future
use, especially useful if it is a complex refined search.
After running a search, look for the link to ‘Store
search’ at the top of the results. Save the search.
You can view, rerun or delete stored searches, via My
Searches. Note that you can also set up email alerts via
the ‘Add / Modify Email Alerts’ button on the MyF1000
3 F1000 SmartSearches
Be alerted to the latest articles you need to read
Click on ‘My Searches’ in the left-hand menu and use the
‘Create SmartSearch’ button in the center of the page.
(More info at
4 Email alerts
Customizable email alerts
Click on the ‘Email Alerts’ link on the left-hand menu.
You can set up an email alert based on your favorite
Sections, stored searches and F1000 SmartSearches,
(see 2 and 3 ), and you can set the email frequency
to suit your needs. You can also opt-in to receive the
F1000 Monthly Update, full of interesting highlights,
and the F1000 Offers email featuring new special
offers and services!
5 Saved Articles
Manage saved articles
When you come across articles that particularly
interest you that you want to refer to later, click the
‘Save to MyF1000’ button. You can then access and
manage your saved articles via the ‘My Saved Articles’
link in the left-hand menu.
6 My Comments
Quick access to your comments
Go to the ‘Comments’ tab on any recommended
article page, and click ‘Add New Comment’. Type
your comment in the box, select your status and
click ‘Submit’. Authors and Faculty Members will be
alerted to comments made on articles they have been
involved with. Your comments will be listed under My
Comments for ease of reference.
Please contact [email protected]
for further assistance

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