Under Cowparade, Campoaves promotes awareness


Under Cowparade, Campoaves promotes awareness
Under Cowparade, Campoaves promotes awareness initiative
Sponsored by Campoaves, the Vaquinha Piu-Piu – which has 4 mechanical chickens on its back, which even produce
real sounds to recreate the atmosphere of chickens raised outdoors – was presented and “baptized” in Praça do Rossio
square, where it is being exhibited.
The Godparents – the couples Quimbé/Sonia Hermida and Rui Pragal da Cunha/Raquel Henriques – had the mission of
presenting this friendly little cow to the other public figures in attendance, such as Inês Simões, Luís Lourenço, Mico da
Câmara Pereira, Manuel Gião, Paulo Azenha and Isilda Peixe, among others.
All guests were able to experience the best of the countryside. To this end, an entire countryside area was built around
the Vaquinha Piu-Piu, with straw bales, baskets of eggs, wheelbarrows, sunflowers and much more, so that, even in
Lisbon, the environment in which Campoaves chickens grow and live could be experienced.
Another purpose of this event was to raise public awareness of the fact that Cowparade is the largest exhibition of public
art in the world, and that all cows on display are art, so it is up to us all to preserve their integrity.
The Vaquinha Piu-Piu was the first to be vandalized, and had to be withdrawn from the exhibition for 3 weeks, returning
to the Rossio for its baptism.