About Alvaro Hagopian


About Alvaro Hagopian
About Alvaro Hagopian
Uruguayan-Armenian conductor, Alvaro Hagopian, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1975. He is a
graduate of both the Falleri-Balzo Conservatory and the University of the Republic School of Music,
where he studied orchestral direction with Federico Garcia Vigil.
In December 2006 was appointed the musical director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo for
popular music programs. As such he has directed the series “Galas de Tango”, Montevideo Por Tres”
and “Las Ocho Estaciones”.
Before his appointment as musical director, Alvaro Hagopian has had many opportunities to work and
conduct the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo, including as maestro for a major performance of
Mozart’s Opera “The Magic Flute”, as pianist and assistant director for the Orchestra’s ‘Tango Galas”
Egyptian tour, and as the supervisor to the music arrangements to the “Adagio at Zitarroza” series
He is director and pianist of his own TANGO ensemble “TANGO TRIO” and has helped popularize the
genre through his performances with orchestras throughout the Americas and Europe.
In 2007 he received the MOROSOLI AWARD which is the maximum cultural acknowledgment in
His Armenian roots took him to coordinate a concert of Chamber Music in honor of the 100th year birth
of Composer Aram Khachaturian.
Hagopian is Director of Armenia Music at the AGBU Noobarian-Manoogian School in Montevideo and
the Nersesian Educational Institute, thus helping to maintain the heritage of a Diaspora that is
approaching 100 years of existence in Uruguay.
He is the Director of the “Grung” choral group since 1993. He traveled to Armenia with the choir in
May 2011 receiving great reviews in Erevan for his mastery in the difficult art of Armenian Choir Music
and he will be back to Armenia in 2012 this time to conduct the Philharmonic Orchestra of Erevan.
In July 2011 he performed in Finland on the 9th CUMBRE DEL TANGO in Seinajoki, at the worldwide
TANGO CITY Festival.
ANGELES, bringing his show TANGO TRIO a performance of high levels of mastery and technique.
The URUGUAYAN CULTURAL CENTER is proud to present and sponsor this event in the City Of
Glendale at the “Beyond the Stars Palace” located at 417 ½ Brand Blvd the night of the 17th of September
at 8:00 PM. This will be Mr Hagopian’s Los Angeles Debut Concert.
(Listen to his music in YOUTUBE under “Alvaro Hagopian”)
For more information:
A Non-Profit Organization
(818) 404-1590

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