Lunches and Conference Dinner


Lunches and Conference Dinner
As announced in Call for Proposals, the conference fee includes lunches and coffee breaks. In
order to make a better management of available conference resources, we ask to all
participants to register to the lunches, if you want to lunch with us. Please register only for the
lunches you will need. You can do that by accessing our website and, after login with your
username and password, going to the "Registration" area (click on the button available on the
top of the website) and then clicking on "Registration activities". There you will see the options
for lunches. Please register until 20 August 2016.
We are also organizing an official Conference dinner. Participation in the Conference dinner is
optional (i.e. it is not covered by Conference fees). The menu is available in a vegetarian version
too, and includes starters, main course, dessert and drinks (please see the document in
To participate in the official Conference dinner, all the interested people must register and pay
the dinner in advance. The Conference dinner costs 38€/ person. Unfortunately, for the dinner,
due bureaucratic reasons, we don't have available the online payment option (credit card); we
just have available the “bank transfer” payment option. To register and pay the dinner, you
must access our website and, after login with your username and password, go to the
"Registration" area (click on the button available on the top of the website) and then click on
"Registration activities". There you will see the option for dinner. Please register and pay until
20 August 2016.
IMPORTANT: according the instructions of our Accounting Department, in order to accept the
bank transfer, you must ensure all the costs with the bank transfer in order we get the exact
registration fee which we are requesting.
Some people use the Western Union service to make bank transfers. Perhaps this service can
be useful for you.
Finally, we ask you to send us (after the bank transfer) a proof of your bank transfer, in order
to find easily in our account your payment. Send this proof to [email protected]
Without this proof we don't ensure that your registration will be complete successfully.
For further explanations, please contact us ([email protected]).
NOTE: If you can't pay by bank transfer, we can allow you to pay in cash during Conference (at checkin). Please send us an email with this request (to [email protected]). But, please note: (i) in this
payment option, conference dinner costs 40€/ person; (ii) and you have to ensure us that you will pay
the dinner during conference; if you don't pay the dinner during conference we have to consider your
registration on Conference cancelled and you won't be able to participate in ESA-Arts 2016 Conference.
Payment & Cancellation Policy:
 Full settlement of the registration fee is required in order for the registration to be
 No cancellation and/ or refund will be possible.
Gaspacho alentejano, gelado queijo da
serra, crocante de presunto
Gazpacho from the Alentejo with ‘Serra’
cheese ice cream and crispy cured ham
Prato Principal
Posta de vitela, molho de queijo da serra e
vinho do Porto, gomos de batata
camponesa e pudim de grelos
Main course
Thick veal steak in ‘Serra’ cheese and Port
wine sauce, roast potatoes and greens
Leite-creme envolto em massa crispy,
gelado chocolate e avelã
Crème brulée in crisp pastry with chocolate
and hazelnut ice cream
Bebidas: vinho, água e sumos
Drinks: wine, water and juices
- Salada Mediterrânica: Fusili, pimento
vermelho, azeitona, orégãos, espinafres,
salsa, alface, rúcula, nozes, cebola, sal e
azeite qb.
- Empada de legumes
- Mediterrenean salad: Fusili, red pepper,
olives, oregano, spinach, parsley, lettuce,
arugula, walnuts, onion, salt and olive oil.
- Vegetables pie
Prato principal
- Quinoa vermelha com courgete, cenoura,
couve roxa e couve lombarda em caldo de
Main course
Red quinoa with courgette, carrot, red and
savoy cabbage in a vegetable broth
- Frutos silvestres em caixinha de chocolate
- Wild fruits in chocolate box
Bebidas: vinho, água e sumos
Drinks: wine, water and juices