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==all records/covers graded visually
[notice: I cannot take responsibility in case of bad pressings]
Andexion|Live Punishment 03 [ power noise movement ]|LP|m/m|ant- zen act 73||Germany
Attrition|Death House [ step inside this nightmare ]|LP|m-/m-|ham 18|GB '87
Borghesia|Love is colder than death|LP|m-/m-|first LP
|FV- LP- 001|red vinyl in large fo- poster
Camerata Melodianense|Inferno II|7"|m/m [-]|MCS 04||Insert|Italy
Changes|Fire of Life/Icarus|7"|m/m-|Strm 002|orange Vinyl|bad pressing [ex-]||USA '95 ?
Death in June|Flowers of Autumn|LP|m-/ex [neutral black cover]
whitelabel !! testpress|2 Inserts|limited to max. copies only !
Death in June|The March of the Lonely|7"|m/m|foc|clear Vinyl|recorded live somewhere in Europe
|NER promo||PL '99
Death in June|The March of the Lonely|7"|m/m|foc|black Vinyl|recorded live somewhere in Europe
|NER promo||PL '99
Haus Arafna|Für Immer|7" EP|m/m|Galakt Horrö 012|foc|Ribbon w/Seal||GE 2000
Het Zweet|Fase|staaltape|MC|m/m-|best ritual music!!
Illusion of Safety|Finance & Ideology|MC|m/m|SJ Organisation|France '89
Krank==John Murphy [SPK]|Chaos|MC|m/m|Extreme
Kräng==John Murphy [SPK]|Neurasthenia|MC|m/m|Extreme
Lemon Kittens [Blake & Dax ]|.. The Big Dentist ..|LP|m-/vg+|Illuminated Jams 131|GB'82
Lemon Kittens [Blake & Dax ]|Spoonfed + Writhing|7"EP|vg+/vg|S.F. 10
nEgapadres aka à ; Grumh ..|33|LP|m/ex-|circle 002|Belgium '87
Nurse with Wound|Alice the Goon|UD 081|one sided|second pressing||12"|m/ex-|GB 2000
Nurse With Wound|The Sylvie & Babs high-tigh Companion|LP|m-/no cover|LAY 15
|promotional copy|label info sheet|Belgium '85
Sol Invictus|Against the modern World|LP|m/nc|Lay 24|Original|Insert|Belgium '88
Sonar|Rotation|7"|m-/m-|Divine Comedy|DC 001|limited |Belgium
V.A.|Contact # 1|LP|m/m|Inlet|split & collaboration
Telepherique|Cont. Orgasm|MSBR
V.A.|Embellishment Collection 1|LP|m-/ex+|Börft 17|
Injury|Smersh|Njurmännen|Der Angriff|En Halvkokt i Folie ....
V.A.|God Bless America|STATAP 20|2 MC Box|m,m/mSleep Chamber|Maybe Mental|Controlled Bleeding
|Blackhouse|Master-Slave R.|PGR ....
V.A.|Interaktion|NB 03|oversized|lim. |MC|m/m
Internal Fusion/Geins´t Naït/Fatal Impact/Desaccord Majeur....
minimal/synth/experimental electronic records
Alésia Cosmos|Aéroproducts|7"|m/nc|HAT ART 2021|SUI '85
Beranek|Dra til halvete|7"|ex/exBlair Petrie|NRBP|MLP|ex/ex-|Obfuscate Perimeter Records/Obfu 120001|Insert|Canada '82/83
Butzmann|White Christmas|7"|ex/vg+|special cover
Caméra Obscura|Destitution|small 28|7|m-/mCentral Unit|Computer Music|12"|m [-]/ex [-]|Westside 22007|Germany '87
not unlike Kraftwerk
The Cultural Decay|Brave new world/End of the corridor
|7"|m-/m-|SR 0001
Geile Tiere|Untitled=Geile Tiere/Ausbildung|7"|m-/ex|GeeBeeDee/GBD 0023|second Edition|GE '82
Ian Boddy|Spirits|LP|m/m|Newcastle Media Workshop Records/NMW 001|USA '84
gothic.at / Diverses
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Lucas Trouble|El verolo/Miss Syphilis|7" EP|ex+/m-|Bain Total/EP 004|France '81
Mad Tea Party|Hide & Seek|7"|ex/ex|Vanity va-s2 [LM-0178]|limited !!|Japan
Nordland|Green Eyes|12"|m [-]/ex [+]|Nord 001|CH '86
Policeband|Stereo/Mono|7" EP|vg/vg|Vacuum/VR-3210|USA '79
Polyphonic Size|Nagasaki mon amour/Hiroshima 1945
|7"|m [-]/m [-]|Sandwich Records|22580|Belgium '80
Radio Free Europe|It likes you/A couple screams|7"|m-/vg+|MiG 003|USA '80
Reporters|Computer World/I wanna know|7"|ex+/ex|Creep Records/CR 4|Greece '82
Roy Finch|Fiction Music|LP|m/m|
Surplus Stock|Let's kill each other|7"|ex+/ex-|Outatune/out 8201|Germany '82
different version as on V.A.: Fix Planet
Surplus Stock|spiv/vips|7"|m-/vg [+]|Outatune/out 7911|Germany '79|
cool instrumental 2 track 7"
System 56|A Man needs a motor|7"|m/m-|Detour 5606|USA '84
Voice Farm|Double Garage/Elevate|7"|ex+/ex-|Alternative Tentacles/virus 16|France
Voight/465|A Secret West|7"|m-/vg+|Unanimous Weld Enunciations/E 593
|limited only|Insert|Australia '78
Weltklang|Veb Heimat/Hoffnung [Sehnsucht ?]|7"|m-/ex+|exil-system||Germany '80
Vinyl looks like mint but pressing is vg+ to ex+
V.A.:|Pas De Deux|LP|m/ex+|Auxilio de Cientos 02 P|Insert|limited
|Diseno Corbusier/Psyclones/Bene Gesserit/Viscera ....
NEW>>now available
The Altai Chamber Orchestra/Alex & Android|Law/Pyramid|7"|m/m|Syntactic/tek 56
|semi- transparent Vinyl||AU '98
Current 93/Sigillum S|Tetragrammaton|LP|m,ex->m-,ex+/ex+ to m|IHVH 418|stickered Cover|Insert/Maldoror is Dead//Of Will||GE '89
/superficial scratch on the Sigillum S side
Current 93/Sol Invictus|The Summer of Love [Live]/Abbatoirs of Love|7"|m- > ex+ to m/nc
|Cerne Records/Cerne 004|UK '90
/was given away to concertgoers for the Chislehurst [Hellfire] Caves concert with
Current 93 & Sol Invictus/Only 93 tickets were available
Death in June|Flowers of Autumn|LP|m-/ex+|white Vinyl|Bootleg/02509-91|foc
|special limited collectors edition of 666 copies
from those are only 333 copies for distribution|GE '91
Death in June|Nada!|LP|ex [+] to vg+/vg|New European Recordings/N.E.R./Bad VC 13
|first Edition/BLUE!! structured Cover|OIS/vg+||UK '85
Death in June|Oh How we Laughed|LP|ex+/ex+ to m-|EYAS 011|first Edition/blue Cover
& black Vinyl|white label|UK '87 ?
Deäth in June/Les Jöyäux de lä Princesse|Östenbräun|2x MC Box|m,m/MC's = m,m > Box = ex|SB.01|Postcard|Inlet||FR
/MC I > Cölläbörätiön I & II|Insert/MC II > DIJ Interview & Theme|2 Inserts
Der Blutharsch|The Track of the Hunted|LP|m/m-|WKN 10|first Edition/brown Vinyl/
Die Form|Archives & Doküments|2x CD- Box|2x m/m- to ex+|Normal 95
|Booklet|/ overall|GE
Esplendor Geometrico|Diez años de esplendor [ Ten years of Splendour ]|MC Box/2x C 60|m,m/ex+
|L.A.P. 23||SP '91
/one cassette sticker is missing [C]
Georges Montalba = Anton Szandor la Vey|Fantasy in Pipe Organ and Percussion|LP|ex+/ex+
|Stereo-Fidelity Records/SF-8400>Somerset/MI-8400|P-8400|US
Pierre Henry|Le Voyage|LP|ex [-]/vg|Limelight/LS - 86049|US- Original|foc|seam tapes/stoc+l
/on nww-influences-list of course !
Konstruktivists|Artist Engineers|7" EP|m-/m|Jara Discs/Jara 001|foc||UK '94
gothic.at / Diverses
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Konstruktivists|Sweet Sex Subliminal/Pleasure and Pain|7" EP|m-/m-|SEX 03
|one-sided|2-tracks|foc|black vinyl/plain silver labels| !!
|50 copies with printed hand-numbered sleeves
Konstruktivists vs. Toxic Frequency|Sold Out|7"|m/nc|Jara Discs|blue Vinyl||UK
Licht|Detonation|7"|m/m|Syntactic/licht 31||AU '97
M.B. [ Maurizo Bianchi ]|[Aktivitat]|LP|m-/ex|Zabriskie Point/Point 2|OIS|Insert||US '92
M.B. [ Maurizo Bianchi ]|Neuro Habitat/Mörder unter uns|LP|m- to ex+/ex|MMB||IT '82
M.B. [ Maurizo Bianchi ]|NHHN|LP|m -/ex [+]|Produktion/Vol. 3-B|Bootleg||IT|ON RESERVE
Nun|riv skf|7"EP|ex+ to m-/ex+ to m-|if product 8401|blue Vinyl|limited !!
|rare & great work, like MB !|Italy|totally underrated!!
Organum|Raw|7"|m-/m|Aeroplane/AR 24|one-sided|signed||UK '96
Pablo's Eye & Dominique Prud'Homme|They had no alternative but to destroy her
|pic. 7"|m/nc|Syntactic/syn 38||AU '97
Proiekt Hat|Lebensunwertes Leben|LP|m/m|CMI.61||SW '98
Proiekt Hat|IlluZionist|LP|m/m-|CMI.71||SW '99
Throbbing Gristle|Special Treatment|LP|m-/m-|Mental Decay Records/01-1|GE '84
/Live at the Cryptic One London 1978
Throbbing Gristle|Adrenalin/Distant Dreams [ pt. 2 ]|7"|m-/ex+ to m|Industrial Records/IR 0015||GB '80
Throbbing Gristle|United/Zyklon B Zombie|7"|m- to ex+/vg+
|Industrial Records/IR 0003|black Vinyl|UK '78
/waterdamaged cover
V.A.|Le Percussions de Strasbourg|LP|vg/vg+
|Philips/prospective 21° siecle/836.992 DSY|Original/green label
Kazimierz Serocki|Valentin Silvestrov|Michel Puig = GREAT !!
V.A.|Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles ' The Music of Adolf Wölfli '|LP|m-/m- to ex+
|BRU 002|Booklet [12 p./ ]|GB '86
/Includes interpretations of the music of Adolf Wölfli
performed by Graeme Revell, DDAA & NWW
V.A.|Response 'Electronic Music from Norway'|LP|vg+ to ex-/vg-|Limelight/LS-86061
Arne Nordheim|Alfred Janson|Bjorn Fongaard
V.A.|Six Quarters|7"|m/m|Syntactic/forty 40|blue marbled vinyl||AU '98
|Infera Sinfonia|Asmus Tietchens|Konstruktivist|Paroxodon
|In Advance Of A Broken Arm|The Haters
V.A.|Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen|7"|m/m|Rauhnacht 01
|light- clear brownish Vinyl
|Allerseelen|Allgrena|Der Blutharsch & Novy Svet
minimal/synth/experimental electronic records
The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast|The Vessels|LP|m- to ex+/m-|M Squared [ YPRX-1811 ]/M 2005|OZ
/tracks A3 & B1 play ex [+], otherwise mMAL = Michael A. Lucas|Compendium Maleficarum|LP|m/m [-]
|Physiocrat Productions/PHYS - 1000006 A|US '81
Stupid Set|Soft Parade|12"EP|m/ex|Mmmh 001|IT '81
V-Sor,X|Authors 2//Station/Backroom Commentator|7"|m-/m-|DOX Music/dr.1|UK '82
/bad pressing = ex/NEW>>now available
Legendary Pink Dots|Asylum|DLP|ex+,ex+/ex-|Play It Again Sam/BIAS 12|Insert !|foc|BE '85
gothic.at / Diverses
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Legendary Pink Dots|Golden age|LP|m/m-|Play It Again Sam/BIAS 103|BE '89
Legendary Pink Dots|Greetings 9 [aka Greetings 9 + Premonition 11]|MLP|m/m
|Materiali Sonori/MASO 7009|IT '89
Legendary Pink Dots|The Legendary Pink Box|DCD|m,m/m|Play It Again Sam/BIAS 834 CD|Booklet
|slightly different track ordering from the LP edition, but includes all of the same material
|The Booklet is also modified to fit into the smaller format|BE '91
Legendary Pink Dots|Under glass//The Light in my little girl's eyes/The Plasma twins|12"|m-/ex [+]
|Play It Again Sam/BIAS 74|BE '88
Legendary Pink Dots/Edward Ka-spel|Dance, China Doll|12"|m/ex-|In Phaze/HAZ 6||UK '84
Legendary Pink Dots/Edward Ka-spel|Khataclimici, China Doll|LP|m-/m|DOM Records/Dom V 77- 12|clear Vinyl
|clear Vinyl///black Vinyl/| overall|GE '88
Sleep Chamber|Liez in the Skyz|7"|m/m [-]|Klangalerie/gg 2 [ex Syntactic]||AU '98
Sleep Chamber|Cock & Roll|LP|m-/m-|C & R- 1|Live '89|Bootleg
[ Rekorded Live at Axis, Boston 10/25/89 ]||'89
Sleep Chamber|Satanic Sanction|LP|m-/m- to ex+|Musica Maxima Magnetica/EEE 02|IT '88
Sleep Chamber|Sharp Spikes & Spurs|LP|m- to ex+/ex- to vg+|Inner-X-Musick/XXX LP 10
|limited Edition private pressing|stickered Cover
|[ Live At Ground Zero 2/8/89 ]||US '89
Sleep Chamber|Sins ov Obsession|LP|m-/m|Fünfundvierzig/45 - 31|GE '88
Sleep Chamber|Sonorous Invokations ov Brian Jones|10"|m [-]/m|RRR - SC|US '95
Women of the SS|Untitled|MC|m/m [-]|Inner-X-Musick/XXX 20|US '85
Tuxedomoon|A Thousend Lives by Picture|LP|ex [+]/m [-]
|Ralph Records/The Cryptic Corporation/TX-8354|US '83
Tuxedomoon|The Ghost Sonata|LP|m-/m|Les Temps Modernes/LTM 2303|OIS|NL '91
Tuxedomoon|Half Mute|LP|ex+/m- to ex+|Joeboy Productions/Crammed Discs/Cboy 1010|RE|blue Label|NL '85
Tuxedomoon|Holy Wars|LP|ex-/ex+|Joeboy Productions/Crammed Discs/Cboy 2020|black Label|OIS|NL '85
Tuxedomoon|No Tears [ EP 1 ]|12"|m- to ex+/m-|Joeboy Productions/Crammed Discs/Cboy 7070 EP
|RE/blue Label|NL '86
Tuxedomoon|Scream with a View|12"|m- to ex+/vg [+]|Joeboy Music/PRE Records/PRE 7 12|?
Tuxedomoon|Scream with a View|12"|ex-/ex-|Joeboy Productions/Crammed Discs/Cboy 4040
|RE|black Label|NL '85
Tuxedomoon|Time to lose/Music #2//Blind|12"|m-/vg+ to ex-|Les Disques du Crepuscule/TWI 084|BE '82
Tuxedomoon|Une nuit au fond de la frayère/Egypt|7"|ex+/ex+|Sordide Sentimental/SS 45006
|Original|Booklet & Inserts|oversized||FR '81
Tuxedomoon|Untitled|Michael's Theme/Interview|7"/Book|ex/nc|SCONC 005
|Lyrics & Discography/96 p./ex [-]|NOT FOR SALE|IT
Tuxedomoon|What Use ?/Crash !|7"|ex- to vg+/vg- to g|Ralph Records/The Cryptic Corporation
/TX8003-S|US '80
Blaine L. Reininger/Tuxedomoon|Book of hours|LP|ex/ex-|Les Disques du Crepuscule/TWI 845
Blaine L. Reininger/Tuxedomoon|Live in Brussels|LP|m-/ex|Normal Records/Normal 36
Blaine L. Reininger/Tuxedomoon|Orphans|7"|m/m|Syntactic/BLR 55|white Vinyl
|1st 10 copies in a special limited Edition with Gymmick & signature| !!|AU '97
Blaine L. Reininger/Tuxedomoon|Playing your game|12"|m-/ex-|Les Disques du Crepuscule/TWI 144
Abstürzende Brieftauben|Im Zeichen des Blöden|LP|ex+/exArcadia [pre Duran Duran]|So red the rose|LP|vg+/vg+|Insert
A Split Second|Rigor Mortis|12"|ex+/ex+|Antler 061
gothic.at / Diverses
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A Split Second|Skandinaevian Bellydance|12"|ex/vg+|SPV
Asylum|Suckling the Mutant Mother|LP|vg/vg|HIM 8909|foc
Attrition|A Tricky business|LP|ex-/ex+|Conte 175
Biting Tongues|Compressor|12"|ex+/ex|fac 188
Borghesia|Naked uniformed death|12"|m/m|bias 86
Bollock Brothers|Mythology|LP|vg+/vg+|foc
Cabaret Voltaire|Body and soul|LP|m-/ex+|twi 944|incl. Decay
Chrome|Blood on the Moon|LP|vg+/vg|doss St 1|blue vinyl
Chrome|Red Exposure|LP|ex+/m-|doss St 4|clear vinyl
Clan of Xymox|A Day/Stranger|12"|m/m-|bad 504
Clock DVA|Sign|LP|m/m-|Contempo/Conte 225 LP|OIS|IT '93
Clock DVA|Man-Amplified|LP|m/m-|Contempo/Conte 182|OIS|IT '92
Clock DVA|Thirst|LP|m-/ex+|Fetish Records/FR 2002|Inlet|UK '81
Echo & the Bunnymen|The Subject|12"|ex+/ex|kow 24T
Echo & the Bunnymen|Lips like sugar|12"|m-/ex|incl. People are strange
Echo & the Bunnymen|Crocodiles|LP|m-/vg+|kode 1|1980
Echo & the Bunnymen|Heaven up here|LP|m-/vg+|kode 3|1981
Echo & the Bunnymen|Songs to learn & sing|LP|ex+/ex|kode 13|Insert
Emerald Vein|Existence|LP|ex+/ex-|sub rosa|incl. In his world, Worship
Fiat Lux|Hired History|LP|ex/exFlowerpornoes|As trivial as life and death|LP|ex+/ex-|ss 08|foc
John Foxx |The golden section|LP|ex/vg+
Future Blues|Revenge of the living soap|LP|ex/vg+
Gary Numan & the Tubeway Army|New anger|12"|ex/vg+|Ilsg 1003|foc
Geisterfahrer|Stein & Bein|LP|m-/m-|sf 71|Insert
Godfathers|Birth, School, Work, Death|LP|ex+/exHula|Freeze out|12"|ex+/ex|red T 64
Thee Hypnotics|Soul, glitter & sin|LP|ex/mIdeal|Der Ernst des Lebens|LP|ex-/vg+
In the Nursery|Compulsion|12"|m/m-|SOX 027|Original
In the Nursery|Sense|LP|TM 92711|m-/ex+
In the Nursery|Counterpoint|LP|m/ex+|Wax 7107|compilation of rare tracks !
In the Nursery|L'Esprit|LP|m-/m-|Wax 7120
Japan|Oil on Canvas|DLP|m-,ex-/vg+|foc
Japan|Assemblage|LP|ex+/gKilling Joke|Night time|LP|vg/vg-|no innersleeve
MK Ultra|Immobilise|12"|m-/m-|12 mute 68
New Order|wire|12"|m/m|touch 7.1|one sided
New Order|Shellshock|12"|ex+/ex+|fac 143
The Neon Judgement|Horny as hell|LP|ex+/ex|bias 78
The Neon Judgement|Blood & thunder|LP|ex+/ex+
Playgroup |Euphoria|12"|m/m-|Fbn 49|SOLD
Presence in Absence|Death in Venice|12"|ex+/ex-|ep 009
Psychedelic Furs|Midnight to midnight|LP|m-/m-|loc
Scorn|Vae Solis|DLP|ex-,ex-/ex|Mosh 54|foc|Insert
Section 25|Sakura|12"|ex-/vg+|fac 66
Severed Heads|Dead eyes opened|12"|m-/m-|Ink 12/2
Severed Heads|Propellor|12"|m-/ex+|Ink 12/22
Siglo XX|Under a purple sky|LP|m-/m-|bias 145
Sisters of Mercy|Damage Done/Watch/Adrenochrome/Body Electric|
2x 7"|m-,m-/ex-|F 12:TR 01/02|
|in Poster foc|'12-tracks recordings'
Sisters of Mercy|Floorshow/Teachers/Lights/Adrenochrome|7"|m/m-|foc|
|spanish special limited edition - 'the collectors series'|CM 803
gothic.at / Diverses
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Sisters of Mercy|The Last Magician of rational thought|7"|m/m|
limited |white vinyl|PG 04
Sisters of Mercy|Victims of Circumstance|7"|m-/m-|
limited |white vinyl|VOC- 7
The Sugarcubes|Here today, tomorrow next week !|LP|ex+/m|foc
Sympathy Nervous|Emergence|NZ 059|12"|m/mSympathy Nervous|same titled|NZ 060|DLP|m/m/ex+
Sympathy Nervous|Therapeutic Writing|NZ 0074|LP|m/m
T.A.G.C.|Big sex/the Ocean|7"|vg+/ex|special cover|lim. |sweatbox-ox 011
F.Tovey & the Pyros|Worried men in second hand suits|LP|m-/m-|stumm 107
Trotsky Icepick|Poison Summer|LP|ex/m-|SST 239|Inlet
U.K. Subs|Killing Time|LP|ex/ex+|Fall LP 047
U.K. Subs|Mad Cow fewer|LP|ex+/m-|Fall LP 048|multicoloured vinyl
Von Magnet|Flamenco Mutants|LP|m [-]/m-|DanceTeria|DANLP 094
Wall of Voodoo|Call of the West|LP|ex/ex|w/out inner sleeve
The Weathermen|Beyond the beyond|LP|ex/ex
The Welcome Idiots|11 Outlined Epitaphs|LP|ex+/ex-|DDR 005|Insert
Jah Wobble|Blow out|12"|m-/m-|Lago 6
V.A.|Absolution|LP|vg+/vg+|Cure|Mission|Killing Joke|Siouxsie & the Banshees
|Bauhaus|DM|Ramones|FotN|Creatures ....
V.A.|Die Neue Tanzmusik ist .. DA DA DA|LP|vg+/vg+|Trio|Ideal|Spliff|Extrabreit
|KFC|Palais Schaumburg|The Wirtschaftswunder ....
V.A.|A Factory Quartet|DLP|m-,m-/vg+|fact 24|foc
|Durutti Column|K. Hewick|Blurt|The Royal Family & the poor
V.A.|Head over ears|LP|m-/m-|Booklet [ 48 p. ]|foc
|TOT|The Fall|Biting Tongues|The Railway Children ....
+ some cds
Bad Sector|Plasma|limited |OECD 011
Catastrophe Ballet|Transition|Zorg 001
Christian Death|Jesus points the bone at you ?|Freud 39 CD
Cure|Staring at the sea - The Singles|CD
Front 242|No Comment
Front 242|Tyranny >for you<
Girls Under Glass|Flowers
Golden Zitronen|Porsche-Genscher-HSV + mehr
Joy Division|Live in Amsterdam 1980|RMCD 1112
Killing Joke|What's this for ....
Killing Joke|Laugh ? I nearnly bought one !
Le Syndicat|Sardanapale|STCD 015
Le Syndicat|Ten years of excess - 1985-1995|STCD 026|DCD
Mephisto Walz|Crocosmia
Ministry|The Land of Rape and Honey
Muslimgauze|Gun Aramaic Pt.2|Sol 32 CD
Muslimgauze|Intifaxa|XCD 002
Muslimgauze|Silknoose|D 1005 CD
Neon Judgement|Mafu cage & Extras
Operating Strategies|The Difficulty of being
Psychic TV|Force the hand of chance
Psychic TV|Mouth of the night
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry|Nothing wrong|??
Sopor Aeternus|' Ich töte mich .... '|AV 003 CD
Sopor Aeternus|Todeswunsch|AV 012 CD|with Poster/Text- Insert|
very scarce!!
gothic.at / Diverses
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Still Patient|Cataclysm
V.A.:|Ceremonial: a tribute to Joy Division|MMP-1
|Ikon/Lycia/Phobia/Corpus Delicti ....
V.A.:|Gothic Rock|DCD|with Bauhaus/XxD/FotN/Virgin Prunes/Alien Sex Fiend/
Sex Gang Children/Play Dead/Christian Death/Nosferatu ....
V.A.:|Gothic Rock 2|DCD|with Skeletal Family/Bauhaus/Rozz Williams/Ataraxia/
Corpus Delicti/Incubus Succubus/The Mission/Ostia ....
V.A.:|Industrial Frequencies Vol.1|with Sonar/Esplendor Geometrico/
Memorandum/Noisex/Winterkälte ....
V.A.:|1654 - The Cave I|Hands D 001|limited |in Box with Booklet|
K. Camera/Dive/Clock DVA/Ah Cama- Sotz/Cranioclast ....
there are many more records/cds/cassettes for sale - so just ask or send your wantlist
|ss = still sealed|m [mint] = new/seems to be unplayed|
|ex = excellent but used/played record [ a little cracky/teary ]|
|vg = typical used/2nd hand [ more cracky/teary ]|
|additions of + / - = a little better/a little more worse|
[ notice: I cannot take responsibility in case of bad pressings ]
|co = cut out [cover]|foc = fold- out cover|RE = re- edition|
|toc = tape on cover|loc = label cover|nc = no cover|
|woc/l = written on cover/label|stoc/l = sticker on cover/label|
|bc = backcover|OIS = original inner sleeve
e-mail me if you'd like to know anything more
give a call: +43-[0]1-913 42 80
take care