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April 30, 2006
Ms. Magalie Salas, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20626
Reference: Keowee-Toxaway Hydroelectic FERC Project No. P-2503-091
Dear Secretary Salas:
Pursuant to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure,
we submit this Statement of Support of the Proposed Action for Warpath Landing in
Pickens County on Lake Keowee.
Let me take a moment to say, that the opportunity to work with Duke Power and
Pickens County has been a unique and educational experience. To watch how a
private corporation and a public agency worked together for this type of economic
investment project gave me new meaning to the term, “for the public good”.
In early 2004 Pickens County published and RFP for the commercial project that
would comply with the cited requirement in Attachment R of the original Charter
from FERC to Duke Power that was issued in August, 1965 for the administrative
authority for Lake Keowee. There were a number of sites stated for public access and
three of the sites were slated for commercial development just as the Warpath
Landing project has proposed.
Prior to the award of the lease, copies of the conceptual plan prepared by Warpath
Landing were distributed to Pickens County, and all other state and federal agencies
with interest in the development and concerns for Lake Keowee growth. At the
original meeting with the Executive Committee of the Pickens County Council, a
member of the Friends of Lake Keowee Society (FOLKS) was present and received
the same set of conceptual plans and all other state and federal agencies. No agency
voiced any concerns over the conceptual plan after review. So for FOLKS to say
there were no public hearings on the issue, is just not a factual statement. After that
meeting there were a number of public meetings with Pickens County Council.
Another public meeting was held Oconee County and Duke Energy offered to allow
Keowee Keys to hook on to the sewer lines being laid by Duke Energy to Oconee
Waste Treatment Plant. A number of FOLKS members live in Keowee Keys. This is
an opinion that Warpath Development still has and intends to study to help do as
much as possible to ensure the environmental impact on Lake Keowee. If FOLKS
membership is so concerned with the environmental impact why would they pass up
an opportunity to stop discharging their treatment plant water into the lake? The
conceptual plans would have let them know that Warpath is planning to use the most
up-to-date technologies in all areas of the project.
During the entire process of working with Duke Power and Pickens County, at no
time did Duke Power ever indicate that there was any question of the use of the land
for the proposed project Warpath Landing. At no time in the last three years has
FOLKS asked for a meeting with Warpath Development, their engineers or architects.
Once again showing that they are more concerned with controlling the lake than they
are with the beneficial prospects of a project like this would mean for public access to
Lake Keowee, to the Upstate of South Carolina, and the economic development for
South Carolina. If Pickens County had questions about the project, it seems they
would have cleared them up before the RFP was ever issued. Duke Power was
mandated in its original charter to ensure public access to Lake Keowee. This
proposed project helps them comply with their regulatory requirements under FERC
and the Federal Energy Commission.
It is with the utmost respect for FERC, Duke Power, Pickens County, and the people
of South Carolina who would benefit from public access venues to Lake Keowee, I
strongly support this project being approved as conceptual plans were approved in
the same way Pickens County Council and Duke Power.
If this project is not approved to go forward, I would like to know if Duke’s mandate
was changed and on what date the changed occurred.
Andrew P. Ballard
CEO, Warpath Development
109 Bouchillion Drive
Greenville, SC 29615
[email protected]

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