Editorial Comment World Report Perspectives Obituary


Editorial Comment World Report Perspectives Obituary
Volume 377 · Number 9772 · April 2–8, 2011
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Richard Horton
Deputy Editor
Astrid James
Senior Executive Editors
Pam Das
Sabine Kleinert
William Summerskill
1125 Guiding the guidelines
1126 Public reporting of surgical outcomes
1126 A list to save the lives of mothers and children
1155 Can midlevel health-care providers administer early
medical abortion as safely and effectively as doctors?
A randomised controlled equivalence trial in Nepal
1162 50-year mortality trends in children and young
people: a study of 50 low-income, middle-income,
and high-income countries
1127 Midlevel health-care providers key to MDG 5
Y-S Chong, E-K Tan
1128 A better understanding of mortality in young people
M D Resnick
1130 The next step in urethral reconstruction
K-D Sievert
1131 Ageing faster with AIDS in Africa
E J Mills and others
1133 The future of HIV/AIDS in Africa: a shared responsibility
T C Quinn, D Serwadda
1134 Children’s environmental health—from knowledge
to action
T Gavidia and others
I K Warriner and others
R M Viner and others
1175 Tissue-engineered autologous urethras for patients
who need reconstruction: an observational study
A Raya-Rivera and others
Clinical Picture
1183 Lingua villosa nigra
Z Sheikh and others
1184 Chronic pancreatitis
J M Braganza and others
1136 The Australian alcopops tax revisited
Executive Editors
Justine Davies
David McNamee
Ros Osmond
Pia Pini
Stuart Spencer
1138 Offline: Evidence-based atrophy
1198 Increasing burden of liver disease in patients with
HIV infection
World Report
Case Report
Managing Editor
Stephanie Clark
1139 Mongolia’s struggle with liver cancer
1210 The nursing instructor’s speech
Web Editors
Richard Lane
Erika Niesner
Assistant Web Editor
Nicolai Humphreys
Senior Editors
Niall Boyce
Jane Godsland
Lin Guo
Seema Kang
Selina Lo
Zoë Mullan
Joanna Palmer
Udani Samarasekera
Richard Turner
Asia Editor
Helena Hui Wang (Beijing)
North American Senior Editor
Maja Zecevic (New York)
W Hall, T Chikritzhs
R Horton
T Alcorn
S Devi
1143 Art comes naturally
D Holmes
1144 A transformative tale of patients and doctors in China
T Jin
1145 Mitch Besser—helping mothers with HIV
become mentors
S Loewenberg
1146 Diagnosing Bertolt Brecht
S Parker
1148 Charles Joseph Epstein
Deputy Managing Editor
Hannah Cumber
1149 Cancer survival in Australia, Canada, Denmark,
Norway, Sweden, and the UK
Media Relations Manager
Tony Kirby
Editorial Assistants
Holly Baker
Emma Rogulska
Katherine Rolfe
Frances Whinder
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Olaya Astudillo
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Tim Dehnel
Jessica Greatrex
Dara Mohammadi
Zena Nyakoojo
D Joshi and others
1141 Facebook friend request from a patient?
Conference Editor
Laura Hart
Elvira Manjaji
Senior Assistant Editors
Laura Benham
David Holmes
Katrina Phillips
Onisillos Sekkides
Lucy Wilkie
Farhat Yaqub
S Pincock
P Lachmann; C Pritchard, T Hickish; M P Coleman and others
1150 Rituximab maintenance therapy for follicular
Peer reviewed and fast-tracked to publication in 4 weeks
1152 Is 21% oxygen best for newborn resuscitation?
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H Zhou and others; I Haines; G Salles and others
B Hou and others; O D Saugstad
1153 Artesunate for severe malaria in African children
Previously published online
S K Obaro; A M Dondorp and others
1154 Department of Error
International Advisory Board
Karen Antman (Boston)
Valerie Beral (Oxford)
Robert Beaglehole (Auckland)
Anthony Costello (London)
Robert Fletcher (Boston)
Suzanne Fletcher (Boston)
Karen Gelmon (Vancouver)
David Grimes (Durham)
Ana Langer (Mexico City)
Judith Lumley (Melbourne)
Elizabeth Molyneux (Blantyre)
Christopher Murray (Seattle)
Alwyn Mwinga (Lusaka)
Marie-Louise Newell (Somkhele)
Magne Nylenna (Oslo)
Peter Piot (London)
Stuart Pocock (London)
Giuseppe Remuzzi (Bergamo)
Caroline Savage (Birmingham)
Ken Schulz (Chapel Hill)
Frank Shann (Melbourne)
Jan Vandenbroucke (Leiden)
Cesar Victora (Pelotas)
Nick White (Bangkok)
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