3 - BG Rottweil


3 - BG Rottweil
Information sheet for our
7. Reichsstadtschau
Rottweiler Zuchtschau / VDH Anwartschaft
12. June 2016
Admission of the dogs:
9:00 Uhr
Beginning of judging:
10:00 Uhr
Paul-Dieter Viehoff
Show organizer:
Petra Otto
Registration Deadline: 05. Juni 2016
We award the following Reichsstadt-Challenge-Cups.
Youth winner male and female, Reichsstadtwinner male and female
as well as the most beautiful IPO 3 Rottweiler (Best of Breed – BOB).
Exhibiting conditions:
Upon registration, it is required to submit a proof of the level of training (VDH) or title. If this
proof is missing, the dog is placed in the open class.
Eligible vaccination certificate, certificate of performance and pedigree must be supplied on the
day of show.
For each dog, a separate registration form has to be completed.
The handler/owner of the registered Rottweiler dog agrees to follow the exhibiting instructions
and not to leave the show before the end.
The handler/owner accepts liability for any damage caused by him or by the registered dog.
Dogs which are docked after 01.06.1998 must not be shown.
Exception: Medical indications proved by a veterinarian’s certificate!
Participating dogs must be effectively vaccinated against rabies (proof by vaccination
All registered dogs need valid liability insurance.
Applications only to:
Petra Otto, Schützenstr. 6, 78658 Zimmern,
Tel: 0741 / 347 639
eMail: petra.otto @bg-rottweil.de
Infos auch unter: www.bg-rottweil.de
Payment of the registration fee:
The entry fee is to be paid upon submission of the registration. It shall be payable in any case,
because lack of participation does not diminish the amount of work.
For each dog, a separate registration form has to be completed.
Please, state name of dog and owner when transferring the money.
Konto-Nr. 51231 bei der Kreissparkasse Spaichingen, BLZ 64350070,
IBAN: DE60 6435 0070 0000 0512 31
We also gladly accept your ad in our exhibition catalogue:
A5 entire page in color: € 30,00.