ExCLusivE Living LEavES


ExCLusivE Living LEavES
residenz Josefstadt
living leaves
to be desired
Luxury living
from tradition
with promising
Hardly any other district of Vienna is so heavily influenced in its residential culture as Josefstadt – which is why it
is so much loved by investors and the new Viennese. The density of numerous mid- to late-19th century houses,
palaces, theatres and the many coffee houses awaken the feeling of city life. Alongside the location, the first-class
service quality of this luxury real estate is also a source of enthusiasm – it promises high appreciation in value in
one of Europe’s most dynamic property markets. But this is far from the only reason to decide for a carefree living
experience in Das Hamerling.
care in every
situation in life
We make the highest demands on ourselves by providing added value through more service. Numerous services by the
Swiss Tertianum International AG (STIAG) contribute significantly to raising the quality of life – also in old age.
The senior-citizens’ residence managed by the Swiss in Das Hamerling promises professional care in every situation in
life. In case of need, professional medical and nursing care can thus be called on in the “Josefstadt Residence” at any
time. With its many years of expertise of its board in the planning and management of senior-citizens’ residences, STIAG
has developed Das Hamerling into an international showpiece. The basis of this success story is the cooperation of
institutional investors with market leaders from the fields of property development, financing, investment, architecture,
design and coaching. Here, fair cooperation based on partnership and a company philosophy with Swiss values and
virtues are the focus of the philosophy and action. The result is homely residences with the focus on the essentials –
the requirements of their residents.
From tradition,
more expertise
AND passion
To conceive senior-citizens’ residences in such a way that they meet contemporary, exclusive demands and at the
same time take account of future developments is one of the main disciplines to which the STIAG board of directors
is passionately dedicated. With first-class members, this also functions as a who’s who of personalities from the
Swiss and German senior citizens residences, hotel management and insurance sector.
STIAG board of directors
Dr. Urs Oberholzer
STIAG Chairman of the Board of Directors and Board
member of Tertianum Schweiz.
Bruno Marazzi
Entrepreneur and project developer with the focus on
“life in old age”.
Prof. Dr. med. Thierry Ettlin
Medical Director of Reha Reinfelden, focusing on rehabilitation medicine. Professor at the University of Basel.
Ralf Kock
Former CEO of the Tertianum Meilen residence and
Deputy Director of the Grand Hotel Quellenhof Bad Ragaz.
Now responsible for the operative affairs of STIAG.
Urs Berger
Chairman of the Mobilar insurance company and of the
Swiss Insurance Association.
Dr. Franz Hidber
Project developer with the focus on hotel management.
Alfred Paul
Architect with the focus on the development of issues
of old age.
Renato Marazzi
Architect with the focus on project development.
STIAG advisory board
Adolf Ogi
Former Swiss MP.
Jules Kyburz
Business manager, former Chairman of the Board of the
Migros Cooperative and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).
PD Dr. Med. Rubino Mordasini
FMH specialist for internal medicine and coronary
Access to
comfort at the
highest level
For the team of the Swiss Tertinaum International AG it is a matter of course to maintain defined standards and so
to create the highest possible quality. Life in Das Hamerling is thus comparable with that in a five-star deluxe hotel.
A circumspect concierge service ensures that nothing is lacking for anyone in Das Hamerling. Regardless of how
unusual the concerns, the house manager always reacts to your full satisfaction, because the realisation of individual
requirements is both his duty and dear to his heart at the same time. Freely available, he is the point of contact from
morning until night, assumes the delivery and repository service, coordinates the use of communal areas, monitors
the entrance, lobby and post-boxes, runs the internal information and communication systems, and activates the
alarm in case of emergency. And apart from this he always has his best smile on his face for you.
living full of
Das Hamerling is a home for people who are looking for
beauty and thoroughly enjoy luxury. Because no expense
is spared to meet the new definition of service thinking.
Nothing has to be, but everything can be if you desire it.
The concierge is the first port of call for individual
concerns of all kinds: from housekeeping, the postal
service, care of plants and domestic pets, to shopping
for groceries and for correspondence, everything is
professionally organised, as is catering and ordering
taxis. The many services on offer from Das Hamerling
wellness and fitness lounge cater for harmonic
body awareness, a clear mind and targeted relaxation.
Anyone who wishes to be active will find the most
modern training opportunities – alone with a trainer or
in a group. Physiotherapists and complementary medics
are pleased to attend to your every need and to the minor
and major tribulations of life. As an owner, you are
additionally in the best company of doctors and carers of
the Josefstadt senior-citizens’ residence. Short distances
thus simplify outpatient care and in the worst case
guarantee a daily, optimum health care through the
24-hour emergency service. In Das Hamerling, however,
you will also find the perfect setting for impressive
presentations, unforgettable events and private family
occasions. The club rooms in the building’s own
restaurant are available for hire and offer stylish
surroundings suited to the occasion for all your guests.
An attentive and friendly service as well as the
state-of-the-art furnishing put all your wishes in the
perfect setting. And because success is not just shaped
by work, the kitchen team will pamper you with
unique creations and offers numerous options for an
unusual support programme. All lovers of cultivated
conversational and library culture will certainly enjoy
ending the day in the lounge cafeteria: the club services
are more than very good – they are outstanding.
A many-sided
offer of
Comprehensive concierge service
Private underground car park
A service that is second to none in Vienna and ensures
that the residents lack for nothing. Regardless of how
unusual the concerns, they will be immediately fulfilled
to your complete satisfaction.
Parking in Das Hamerling is straightforward and
easy. The building’s own underground car park offers
sufficient space for your vehicles.
Highest security standards
The optimum transport connections promise the best
preconditions for a mobile life. Everything well worth
seeing can be easily reached, whether by car or by local
public transport.
Optimum infrastructure
High-tech security regulations contribute decisively
day and night to the increase in quality of life and
ensure that only authorised persons have access to
Das Hamerling comfort zone.
Sophisticated cuisine
An oasis of peace in sight
Architecturally exciting gardens, which go elegantly
through the Hamerling Park and particularly create
a unique atmosphere for the private gardens, provide
sufficient urban greenery right outside the front door.
Profitable Investment
Investment in a penthouse in Das Hamerling is not
only the realisation of an individual life dream but also
a secure, long-term and profitable investment.
Gourmets in particular visit the building’s own
restaurant for their tastings. Á la carte specialities are
served in a dignified atmosphere of well-being.
Luxurious care
The senior-citizens’ residence in Das Hamerling offers
comfort in every life situation. First-class care and
services facilitate an established lifestyle and make life
easier in old age.
A carefree life
In Das Hamerling, residents of advanced age enjoy
access to a royal lifestyle. With great commitment and
pleasure the effort is made to ensure well-being and
the highest levels of comfort.
Reliable advice
is always the best
business card
It will be our pleasure to invite you on a non-binding
tour through the rooms of the noble Das Hamerling,
so you can experience the incomparable atmosphere
of this historic building. Upon request a personal
appointment will be arranged.
We are available for you every day! Of course, we are
available to assist you with all your decisions regarding
your dream apartment in Das Hamerling.
We can assist in the fulfillment of specific needs and can
create an offer tailored to your individual requirements.
You will see that Das Hamerling is the right decision
for you! Enjoy a life of unparalleled luxury!
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This brochure provides general information about the project and does not form the basis
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reserves the right to make changes to the project without notice. Status: April 2014.
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