4-Bay Gigabit Network Storage System Chassis



4-Bay Gigabit Network Storage System Chassis
4 Drive Bay Gigabit Network RAID
Storage System Chassis
The intelligent chassis of the Linksys Network Storage System NSS4000 gives
administrators and integrators the flexibility to optimize the NSS for performance,
capacity and a company’s storage and sharing needs. The NSS4000 supports up to 15
concurrent, connected CIFS (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) users. Linksys NSS products
bring robust NAS (Network Attached Storage) within reach of today’s budget-minded
workgroups and small businesses. They are ideal for storing, backing up, sharing and
archiving critical information. The feature set of the NSS series set it apart from entrylevel, desktop NAS systems, while at the same time its competitive pricing gives small
businesses the opportunity to realize substantial cost savings when compared with more
expensive storage systems.
Unlike other NAS systems, that need to contain operating system software on one or more
hard drives in a NAS system, each Linksys NSS product features a unique and intelligent
chassis that contains the Linux OS that controls it. This gives the NSS system added stability
and reliability, as well as the flexibility to be configured without connected drives or
reconfigured at any time - even hot swapping and resorting hard drives to different storage
bays. This flexible architecture makes the Linksys Business Series NSS series ideally suited for
budget-conscious companies that are constantly growing and evolving.
Linksys Business Series NSS products are also Linksys One Ready. That means they include the
necessary firmware to be integrated into a Linksys One data or data/voice network.
Standard Features:
Advanced Features (NSS6XXX Family):
Virtualization Master (Supports RAID Set Spanning Of Devices)
Snap Shot Backup
Higher Concurrent User Scalability
Higher Performance
RAID Level Support: 0/1/1+Spare/5/5+Spare/10/JBOD
Hot Swap Of Drives
Client Support For Windows/Mac (CIFS) & Unix/Linux (NTFS)
256Bit AES File Encryption
Authentication Support with NT Domains & Active Directory
Dual Gigabit Uplinks
SNMP Monitoring
VLAN & Disk Quota Support
RPSU Optional Support
RPS1000 - (Optional)
Redundant Power Supply - Providing
Protection Against Power Supply Failures.
Managed 48 Port Gigabit Switch
Driveless 4 Drive Bay Chassis Design
Allows For Flexible Hard Drive
Configurations Options
Advanced Data Protection Storage
Features of RAID 0/1/1+Spare/5/
5+Spare/10 and File Encryption Support
4-Bay Gigabit Network
Storage System Chassis
Model: NSS4000
Linksys One Ready - Supporting AutoDiscovery and Configuration with other
Linksys One Devices And Applications
• Gigabit network system
chassis with support for
RAID 0/1/5/10 & JBOD
• Supports Mac/PC (CIFS),
Linux (NFS), and FTP Clients
• File-Based disk encryption
(AES 256)
• Virtualization/Aggregation
“Master” unit (Allows RAID
sets to span chassis)
• Advanced storage network
features - SMART, journaled
file system and diskless
• Optional Redundant
Power Supply Support Via
4-Bay Gigabit Network Storage System Chassis
Flash Memory
File Based Disk Encryption
Power Supply
4 SATA Drive Bays
LAN Ports
Temperature Sensor
with Fan Control
Power Consumption
Form Factor
NSS4000 - 4 Bay Gigabit Network Storage System Chassis
512MB Internal Flash Memory
AES 256
150W, 12V Internal AC Power
Support For Up To Four Internal SATA Drives With Hot Swap Capability
(2) 10/100/1000Mbps Auto MDI/X
(2) AUX Ports (Supports USB Flash Disk For Configuration Back Only),
(1) UPS-USB Port (APC Smart UPS Only), and (1) RPSU Connector
Internal Thermal Temperature Sensors For Auto Fan Control
System Reset/Factory Network Reset
Unit Power, Hard Activity, and LAN Link/Activity
Linux 2.6
Calculated 130,000+ Hours
53W -With (4) 250GB SATA HDs (Will Vary Depending On Hard Drives)
1U 19” Rack-Mount Design
2 Year Product
1 Year Power Supply/Fans
NAS Features
4 SATA Drive Bays
Supported RAID Levels
Intelligent Drive Spin-Up
Support For Up To Four Internal SATA Drives
RAID0 (Striping), RAID1 (Mirroring), RAID1 (Mirroring+Spare),
RAID5 (Striped Set With Parity), RAID5 (Striped Set With Parity+Spare),
and RAID10 (Stripe Of Mirrors)
Just A Bunch Of Disks - Independent Disk Linear Concatenation
Intelligent SATA HDD Spin-Up/Spin-Down with Built In Hysteresis
To Avoid HDD Power Up/Down “Flapping”
File & Storage System Support
Journaled File System
Unified File Locking
Distributed File System
Security Features
On Disk File Encryption
Access Control Lists
Network Filtering
File Sharing For Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix
(Using Samba Client) Systems Using Server Message Block (SMB)
or Common Internet File Sharing (CIFS)
File Sharing For Unix/Linux System Via Network File System (NFS)
File Sharing Via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure Sessions
Are Supported Via Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTPS)
Helps To Prevent Possible File Corruption By Providing A Common File
Locking Mechanism To Allow Simultaneous, Multi-Protocol Access
To Common Shares By Windows/MAC (CIFS), Unix/Linux (NFS) and FTP
Supports “Virtualization” of RAID Sets Across Multiple Boxes
(Requires At Least One NSS6000/6100 On The Network)
Use Multiple NAS Systems As A Single System Via
Distributed File System (DFS)
(AES 256)
Port and 802.1q/p
Windows Like Access Control Lists (User, Group, Access & Filters)
MAC/IP Address Filtering
High Availability Features
Optional External Redundant
Power Supply
NAS To NAS Backup
Hot RAID Spare
Redundant LAN Connections
RPSU Support For Linksys One RPS1000
Backup Of NAS RAID Set To Another NAS System Across The Network
A Spare Hard Drive Can Be Designated As A Hot Spare In The Event
of A Disk Failure In The RAID Set To Provide Maximum Data Protection
Dual GE Links
LAN Networking Features
Jumbo Frame Support
Port Based, 802.1q/p, 802.1q Trunk Groups
DiffServ & 802.1p
Up To 9K Jumbo Frames
Management Features
Web Management
SNMP Monitoring
Quota Management
Active Directory Services
NTv4 Domain Services
Other Management
Power Management
IT/User Alarms/Alerts
Graceful Shutdown & Startup
Cable Diagnostics
SMART Monitoring
SNMPv3 (Monitoring-Traps)
Alarm Support for System Alerts and/or System Health Notifications
Support For “Hard” and “Soft” Storage Quotas for Users, Groups,
and/or Shares
Support for Participation With Activity Directory Services To Simply,
User/Group Authentication and Management
Support for Participation With NTv4 Domains To Simply,
User/Group Authentication and Management
Secure Socket Layer (SSL), TFTP (upgrade), DHCP Client, RADIUS, Ping,
and Trace Route
Support For (Optional 3rd Party) USB Attached UPS (APC Smart UPS Only),
Optional Redundant Power Supply (RPS1000), Staggered HDD Spin-Up
To Reduce Boot Power “Spike”, Power Supply Monitoring, and
Variable Speed Temperature Fan Control
Support For System Alerts, Alarms, System Health Notifications and
Hard Drive Locate Capability
System Support For Graceful Shutdown of System and Startup
Integrated Cable Diagnostics on LAN Interfaces
Integrated SMART Monitoring for Predictive Hard Drive Failure Notification
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Dimensions WxHxD
Unit Weight Power Certification
Operating Temp. Storage Temp. Operating Humidity Storage Humidity
17.32" x 1.73" x 16.54"
(440 x 44 x 420 mm)
20.99 lb (9.52 kg)
150W Power Supply
FCC Class A
32 to 113ºF (0 to 45ºC)
-4 to 158ºF (-20 to 70ºC)
10% to 90% RH, noncondensing
10% to 95% RH, noncondensing
Package Contents
NSS4000 4 Bay Gigabit Network Storage System Chassis
(4) 3.5 inch SATA Drive Carrier Trays (Hard Drives Not Included)
AC Power Cord
Documentation CD ROM
Drive Carrier Screws and Optional Rubber Desktop Mounting Feet
Standard 19” Rack-Mounting Kit With Screws
Minimum Requirements
• Compatible Internet Browser For Configuration
• Compatible 3.5 Inch Serial ATA Hard Drives (See Approved Vendor List)
Check the product package and contents for specific features supported. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Linksys is a registered trademark or
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Model: NSS4000