Pony-Express 2011-3-en



Pony-Express 2011-3-en
Pony E xpress
Dear horse enthusiast
Wellcome to our third issue 2011 of the
Pony E xpress
Our first trailride „In the spirit of the Indians“ was a big success.
Warriors and horses have put on war paint..
Feathers are attached and the Tipi is put up…
Everything is ready for the two day trail ride in the
spirit of the Indians. With authentic Indian meals,
stories and handicraft – in our case a dream
catcher... The children of the community of
Heidenrod led by youth support specialist Mrs.
Andußies had a great deal of fun. The adults had
plenty of opportunity to prove their creativity and
their own “Indian spirit”
Pony E xpress
First the horses were groomed – than the Indians give it their creative best….
… and then we started on the 3 hour trail ride to the
„Wispertal“ where a juicy green pasture next to a small creek
was awaiting horses and children. This is where we took a
picknick break with authentic indian food. We served potatoes,
Succotash and Bannock bread. We rested in the shade of the
tipi, took pictures for the press and chased frogs in the creek.
We also played some “getting to know you” games before
heading back to the ranch. In the evening we had “bread on a
stick” and popcorn while sitting arround the campfire telling
indian stories to convey the love and respect that the Native
Americans feel toward all things in nature. The next day our
trail ride took us to Geroldstein. During our picknick break there
the children made their own dream catchers as a keepsake.
When they were picked up we also presented a CD with about
600 pictures that were taken during these 2 days as well as the
recipes of the food they ate as a momento.
There will be 3 more trail
rides in the spirit of the
Indians this year. For more
information call
Pony E xpress
The one-day-trail-rides are just as much fun
The one-day-trail-rides have no overnight stay and no indian war paint. But they do have just as
much fun and adventure potential.
Intense ponycuddeling during
the picknick break
on the pasture.
Happy horses and
happy children…
Preparing the
treasure hunt …
that‘s all we will
Our one-day-trail rides:
For more Information call 0176-6331-5007
Pony E xpress
Wir haben noch ein paar Plätze in den ersten 3 Wochen frei. Die letzten 3 Wochen sind
bereits vollständig ausgebucht. – Wer also noch einen Platz ergattern möchte, sollte sich
schnell melden. Wir schicken euch gern die Anmeldung per Mail zu. oder ladet sie euch
einfach von der Website runter. www.reithof-libke.de . Für mehr Informationen ruft einfach
an: 0176-6331-5007