abstract_ousar_03_l carrilho e outros



abstract_ousar_03_l carrilho e outros
Luísa Carrilho, Paulo Nogueira, Teresa Bacelar e Mafalda Alexandre
Predictors of deviant behaviour in adolescence.
Research in a students’ population from the municipalities of Oeiras and Loures
Ousar integrar – revista de reinserção social e prova 2009 3: 63-81.
This article aims to analyse the key aspects that define the concept of risk and violence
evaluation. So that, it is presented along the issue, the evolution of this concept and its
connection with the idea of evaluation of dangerousness. Are analysed the instruments
that better define the two principles patterns to evaluate the risk: the predictive violence
model and the reductive violence model. From the analysis of these two conceptual
ideas, several generations of evaluation instruments of risk are analysed, emphasizing
their advantages and inconvenients for the technicians who need them to make
decisions concerning the measures they may apply to the individuals that when
committing crimes, need intervention from the justice system.
Keywords - risk of violence evaluation, risk of violence prediction, risk of violence
prevention, risk management, violent agressors

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