Clima package



Clima package
Thermotech Underfloor Heating System
Clima package
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• More convenient as the indoor temperature will be more even
• Optimal driftsekonomi
Area of use
Why compensate for outdoor temperature?
All Thermotech’s mixing unit’s can be equipped with a
heating controller that takes the outdoor temperature into
consideration, and compensates for any variations in the
outdoor temperature.
Waterborne underfloor heating systems operate with low
flow temperatures compared to radiators and are therefore
often called “low temperature systems”.
Product specification
The Clima equipment is a compact heating controller for
PI-control of the flow temperature controlled by the outdoor temperature.
The heating controller has various functions, such as:
The water temperature in underfloor heating systems is
generally, during the hot seasons, lower than in a corresponding radiator system.
For that reason, a unit that controls the flow temperature
taking the outdoor temperature into account is needed for
optimal operational efficiency and convenience.
• Min/max limiter of the flow and return temperature
• Function test of circulation pump and valve
The Clima package consists of the following components:
• 1 motor (24 VAC)
• 1 heating controller with curve-settings
• 1 outdoor temperature sensor
• 1 flow temperature sensor
• 1 transformer for wall-socket 230/24V
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Thermotech Underfloor Heating System
Installation guide Mounting of the control equipment
1. De-mount the cover from the control unit and mount
its back-plate in the desired place.
2. Mount the outdoor temperature sensors on the buildings north or north-west wall. Use 2 x 0.5 mm cords
between the sensor and the control unit and connect
the cords to socket 10 and 11. The polarity does not
Thermotech Clima package
Service mode settings
The unit has to be in service mode to set the heat curve,
max and min flow temperature and other parameters.
Please follow these instructions to access service mode:
3. Mount the flow temperature sensor on the feed pipe
and connect it to socket 9 and 10. The polarity does not
matter. The cable can be extended if needed.
4. Mount actuators on the 2- or 3-way valve and connect
the valve’s cable to the regulator. Connect the blue wire
to contact 2, white to contact 3 and the red to contact 4.
5. If pump control is needed, the circulation pump is connected to the control unit. Connect the phase for the
pump to socket 5 and 6 (potential-free relay).
Display and adjust parameters in the service mode
Different parameters have different codes, from P01 to
P60. Please follow these instructions to display/adjust
6. Connect the transformer cable to socket 1 and 2. The
polarity does not matter. Re-mount the control units
cover and connect the transformer to the wall socket.
Basic settings
When the system is powered for the first time you have 2
minutes to set time, date and language. It is possible to
change these settings later (please view the instructions
Choose language
All the parameters do not need to be set to adjust the unit
for underfloor heating. Most of settings are already correct
by default.
The following parameters have to be adjusted;
P06: Control model
Select 1, for flow temperature controlled by the outdoor
Setting the date and time
P09: Display of current temperature
Select 2, to display the flow temperature on the monitor.
P22: Valve run time
Select 60, for a run time suitable for 24V AXM 117 actuators.
P23: Min. limiting of flow temperature
Select 28°C, or the wanted temperature.
Press ‘ESC’ to return to automatic mode.
P24: Max. limiting of the flow temperature
Select 45°C, or the dimensioned flow temperature that has
been acknowledged for the system.
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Thermotech Underfloor Heating System
Installation guide Thermotech Clima package
P29: Heat curve
Curves ranging from 0.4 to 0.6 are recommended depending on the floor construction (please view the image
• 0.4 is suitable for screed constructions.
• 0.6 is suitable for wooden constructions where aluminium plates are used as heat transfer medium.
Heat curve
Flow temperature
Outdoor temperature
Please view the complete manual included in the delivery
for more detailed information about functions and settings
of parameters.
If CCC appears in the display, there has been a short in
the circuit for the displayed value. The flow temperature is
shown by default.
Error indications
A line at the top of the display – the value is too large to
be displayed. The flow temperature is shown by default.
If an error occurs it will be shown in the display. The letter
combination ERR will be visible and the status for the unit
can requested in the service mode (please view the detailed
manual for further information).
If a breakage in the cables is detected the letter combination UUU will be displayed for the displayed value. The
flow temperature is shown by default.
A line at the bottom of the display – the value is too small
to be displayed. The flow temperature is shown by default.
Please view the limit value in the detailed manual that
comes with the control unit.
Thermotech Underfloor Heating System
Installation guide Thermotech Clima package
circuit diagram
We reserve the right to change products without notice. We refer you to for the latest
version of the installation instructions. No liability is accepted for any typographical errors.
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