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Ausgabe Nr. 07/05
Veröffentlichungen & Produktinfo
der April wird Irisch mit ein paar Jazz Rhythmen.
Artist: Cathie Ryan
Titel: The Farthest Wave
Best.-Nr.: SH78062
EAN: 016351786227
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: WM/Irland
VÖ: 22.04.05
Artist: Karan Casey
Titel: Chasing The Sun
Best.-Nr.: SH78063
EAN: 016351786326
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: WM/Irland/Karan Casey
VÖ: 22.04.05
Karan Casey, ex lead singer for Solas, is one of the finest
and most respected Irish singers in the world.
This beautiful new album showcases her considerable
vocal skills and her brilliant interpretations of powerful Irish
ballads, and new self-penned songs.
“A voice so beautiful, it’s almost impossible to avoid
falling under her spell.”
-Associated Press
“Karan Casey, blessed with a two-and-half octave range,
has a voice clear and beautiful as the famous crystal from
her native Waterford.”
-Wall Street Journal
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SH78044 „The Winds Begin To Sing“ EAN: 016351784421
SH78053 „Distant Shore“ EAN: 016351785329
Artist: Danu
Titel: When All Is Said And Done
Best.-Nr.: SH78061
EAN: 016351786128
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: WM/Irland/Danu
VÖ: 22.04.05
Danú is the most captivating Irish traditional music
group to emerge since Solas. Composed of 7 musicians,
the group plays a stunning mix of evocative, kinetic
instrumentals and stirring songs.
Features lovely vocals by the acclaimed Muireann Nic
Amhlaoibh, including Bob Dylan’s “Farewell Angelina” and
Paul Brady’s “Follow On,” as well as fine traditional songs.
And, of course, Danú’s powerful renditions of reels and jigs
in brilliant ensemble settings.
“Best Overall Traditional Irish Band.”
-Irish Music Awards
“A compellingly original, strikingly contemporary view of
traditional Celtic sounds.”
-Los Angeles Times
“...a vibrant mix of instrumental virtuosity, energy and
empathy that defines great ensembles.”
-Washington Post
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„Think Before You Think“ EAN: 016351783028
„All Things Considered“ EAN: 016351784926
„The Road Less Traveled“ EAN: 016351785725
„Up In The Air“ EAN: 016351785923
Cathie Ryan has built a following as a beguiling Irish
singer and songwriter with critically-acclaimed solo albums.
She has had great visibility in various arenas, such as
being the exlead singer for Cherish The Ladies and as a
host on the PBS New York TV station.
“Ryan’s mix of traditional Irish ballads and folk rock
are enchanting.”
“A strong pure style that gives traditional songs a lilting
beauty and adds tenderness to her own compositions.”
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SH78008 „Cathie Ryan“ EAN: 016351780829
SH78047 „Somewhere Along The Road“ EAN:
Artist: Chieli Minucci
Titel: Got It Goin On!
Best.-Nr.: SH5124
EAN: 016351512420
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
VÖ: 01.04.05
The renowned Emmy-winning Smooth Jazz guitarist and
Special EFX leader Chieli Minucci really does have it all
“goin’ on” with his third and finest Shanachie release Got It
Goin’ On!
Each of Chieli’s previous Shanachie releases, Night
Grooves and Sweet On You, have resulted in #1 singles on
Smooth Jazz radio, and the hot tracks on Got It Goin’ On!
promise more of the same.
Kim Waters, Marion Meadows, Steve Oliver, Gerald Veasley
and Jeff Kashiwa are just a few of the exciting guests that
make this release a special event.
Of special significance is the hauntingly beautiful ballad
“Love Is Always Young,” written many years ago by Chieli’s
father, Upio Minucci, a renowned composer and A&R
executive for Columbia Records. In addition, Chieli revisits
a Special EFX classic from 1981, the audience favorite “Still
Waiting,” and gives it a much deserved reincarnation!
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SH5066 „Sweet On You“ EAN: 016351506627
SH5096 „Night Grooves“ EAN: 016351509628
Ausgabe Nr. 07/05
Seite 2
Artist: Ann Hampton Callaway
Titel: To Ella With Love
Best.-Nr.: SH5125
EAN: 016351512529
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: Jazz/Vocal Jazz
VÖ: 01.04.05
This classic 1996 release is Ann’s loving tribute to her
greatest influence, the First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald.
Here Ann is joined by such jazz greats as Wynton Marsalis,
Cyrus Chestnut and Christian McBride.
Artist: Ann Hampton Callaway
Titel: Easy Living
Best.-Nr.: SH5126
EAN: 016351512628
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: Jazz/Vocal Jazz
VÖ: 01.04.05
This 1999 release reads like a who’s who of the jazz
world. Here Ann is again graced by the presence of
Wynton Marsalis, and is joined by three of the top pianists
in jazz: Kenny Barron, Bill Charlap and Benny Green!
Artist: Ann Hampton Callaway
Titel: Signature
Best.-Nr.: SH5127
EAN: 016351512727
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: Jazz/Vocal Jazz
VÖ: 01.04.05
This 2002 release speaks for itself. The “signature”
songs of the great jazz vocalists of our time (and before)
given that Ann Hampton Callaway touch.
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SH5118 „Slow“ EAN: 016351511829
Artist: Walter Beasley
Titel: Greatest Hits
Best.-Nr.: SH5128
EAN: 016351512826
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Shanachie
Stil: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
VÖ: 22.04.05
Smooth Urban jazz superstar Walter Beasley has sold over
1 million albums throughout his phenomenal career. His
hot saxophone and soulful vocals have garnered him a
devoted following and an impressive string of Smooth Jazz
and Urban AC hits!
Greatest Hits contains all of those great radio hits that
have thrilled his fans for close to 20 years. From Walter's
Mercury/Polydor days back in the 80s with his Urban vocal
classic "I'm So Happy" and 1993's "If You Ever Loved
Someone And Lost" to his Smooth Jazz #1 smashes "I Feel
You" and "Comin' At Cha," this amazing CD has them all!
Other highlights include Walter's hit version of the Joe
smash "I Wanna Know," his sexy remake of the Bette
Midler classic "Do You Wanna Dance" and much , much
Auch noch erhältlich von Walter Beasley:
SH5086 „Rendevous“ EAN: 016351508621
SH5097 „Midnight Love: The Ultimate“ EAN:
SH5111 „The Classic R & B Collection“ EAN:
Artist: Charlie Patton
Titel: Primeval Blues,Rags And Gospel
Best.-Nr.: YAZ2074
EAN: 016351207425
Format: CD PC: 0106
Label: Yazoo
Stil: Blues
VÖ: 01.04.05
Charlie Patton is considered by many to be the single most
important figure in the history of traditional blues as
performer, influence and inspiration. The combined power
of his vocal and guitar dynamics is unparalleled, and his
legacy is an imposing body of powerful and eloquent
This collection focuses on the wide breadth and scope of
Patton’s repertoire - in addition to his unparalleled primitive
blues, there are powerful early back-country rags, gospel
songs and more. These performances are the Dead Sea
scrolls of early black rural music.
For this release Yazoo has re-mastered these classic
recordings in the finest sound reproduction ever, far
surpassing anything done before.
“After 60-odd years, Patton’s sheer focus and magnetic,
almost palpable presence will still jump out of your
speakers and grab you by the throat.” ***** 5 stars
-Rolling Stone
Auch noch erhältlich von Charlie Patton:
YAZ2069 „Best Of Charlie Patton“ EAN: 016351206923

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