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Autumn 2011
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Ackermann et al.
mindCards: Antibiotics
P ro p e r a p p l i ca t i o n m e a n s e f fe c t i ve t h e ra p y
The most important antibiotics at a glance!
•Which indications are they used for? How are they dosed
and applied?
•Which contraindications and side effects must be watched
out for?
•When can interactions occur?
12 cards – 12 substance groups: practical and easy to use!
– in German –
By Dr. Grit Ackermann
2nd updated edition 2011. 16 pages. mindCards fan.
Four-colour cards, printed on both sides.
E 10,80 (D)
ISBN 978-3-8047-2878-3
Pharmacists - physicians
Skin Diseases
Symptoms, Therapy, and Patient Counseling
Feeling good i s m o re t h a n s k i n d e e p
– in German –
By Dr. Yeal Adler
Rough, flaky skin, acne, itching or reddening: When patients find that problems are
getting under their skin, they often turn to their pharmacy first for help.
This book leaves no questions unanswered and provides the best counseling tips
and treatment suggestions for each individual customer.
• Learn how skin changes come about and how they should be treated.
• Make use of the detailed atlas of photographs and quickly recognize which
particular skin disease you might be dealing with.
• Learn all about the correct preventive measures against typical skin changes
and support the physician’s therapy with the right recommendations for each
stage of the disease.
• Help your customers with skin problems with the proper cleansing and skincare products.
Improve your counseling skills and give your customers relief so that they can feel
good in their own skin.
2012. XII, 311 pages.226 coloured figures.
43 coloured tables. Hardcover. € 58,- [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.12.2011: € 48,- [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2815-8
Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians
Fo r strong, healthy bones!
Osteoporosis was long thought to be a typical womens disease, but in fact 20 percent of
all affected persons are male. The bones become brittle, and the risk of fractures rises.
This book gives you the important background information you need to help prevent
bone loss. Inform your patients about the disease osteoporosis and treatment options.
Provide active counseling on nutrition and exercise. Dispense practical tips on how to
avoid falls.
With sound recommendations you can make a difference in promoting strong bones!
- in German By Desiree Antonorsi
2012. XIV, 189 pages. 22 coloured figures,
68 coloured tables. Softcover.
€ 18,50 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5114-2
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians
Bauer et al.
Pocket Guide to Complementary Medicine
Recommendations for Self-Medication
T h erapeutic diversity
The reader will find a wealth of information on over 100 diseases that can be
• Recommended preparations from a variety of therapeutic schools of thought
• Phytotherapy • Homeopathy • Anthroposophic medicine • Schüssler cell salts
• Spagyrics • Bach flower remedies and • Recommendations from traditional medicine
In addition, the book provides numerous additional tips and explains when a visit to the
doctor is advisable.
»This pocket-sized reference lists preparations from complementary medicine by indication.
All can be recommended to patients for self-medication or to support treatment. In addition,
the corresponding options from traditional medicine are noted, making it easy to find the right
therapy combination.«
Ärzte-Woche No. 25, June 18, 2009
2nd updated edition 2012.
XIV, 744 pages. Softcover. E 46,- (D)
Prepublication price valid until 31.01.2012: E 37,- (D)
ISBN 978-3-7692-5522-5
Deutscher Apotheker Verlag
– in German –
By Gerald Bauer,
Holger Baumgarte,
Matthias Eisele, Birgit Emde,
Dr. Michaela Glöckler,
Daniela Haverland,
Birte Kasperzik,
Margit Müller-Frahling and
Margit Schlenk
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians physicians - alternative practitioners
ine • Pha
Animal Diseases and Their Treatment
Dogs, Cats, Horses, Pigs, Cows
Effective and s a fe
– in German –
By Dr. Wolfgang Daubenmerkl
Daubenmerkl has quickly established itself as a standard reference for veterinarians
and pharmacists.
Now, the successful guide is available in a new, updated edition. Using a tried and
tested format the author provides the basics on organ systems, describes typical
symptoms of common diseases, explains treatment strategies and makes clear
therapy recommendations, clearly distinguishing between allopathic, homeopathic
and phytotherapeutic treatment strategies. With the latest information and a
streamlined selection of homeopathic medications. Drugs of choice are specially
highlighted. With informed therapeutic decisions, veterinarians and pharmacists
ensure lasting healing for their animal patients, and Daubenmerkl gives them
the tools they need to make a difference.
3rd revised edition 2012. XX, 278 pages.
36 figures. 13 tables. Hardcover. E 39,- (D)
Prepublication price valid until 31.01.2012: € 32,- [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2780-9
Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart
Veterinarians - alternative practitioners for
animals - pharmacists - pet owners
Self-Medication for Children
mindCards help make the right recommendations in the pharmacy with:
– in German –
• Reliable decision aids: self-medicate or consult a physician?
• Dosages for children
• Practical tips: That certain extra that helps your professional
advice go beyond the simple recommendation of remedies
• Medication examples: Which drug is approved for which age group?
• Recommendations on how to stock a home pharmacy for treating children
1 1 ca rd s – 1 1 i n d i ca t i o n s .
E q u i p yo u rs e l f to m a ke re l i a b le , i n fo r m e d re co m m e n d a t i o n s !
By Petra Dietlmeier
2012. 16 pages.12 coloured figures.
mindCards fan.
E 12,80 (D)
ISBN 978-3-7692-5628-4
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians
Dressendörfer (Ed.)
Calendar for Pharmacists 2012
Once again, the Calendar for Pharmacists 2012 affords a fascinating
impression of the stunning panorama of pharmacy history.
In large-format illustrations and informative descriptions, it presents
valuable old apothecary jars out of glass, majolica and wood as well
as museum displays of historical dispensaries.
A glance into the Martius Collection in Erlangen takes us back to the
early days of pharmacognosy, and Abraham Munting’s “Nauwkeurige
Beschryving” conjures up the botany of the late 17th century.
Emergency banknotes and humorous caricatures on pharmaceutical
and medical themes belong to the range of highlights, as do a Late
Gothic statue of St. Roch, an icon with Saints Cosmas and Damian
and modern bookplates with the motif “Christ As Pharmacist.”
As captivating as it is rare, a well-stocked miniature pharmacy from
the middle of the 19th century delights the viewer.
The calendar is the ideal companion throughout the year.
At the same time it acts as a witness to the long and momentous
cultural history of pharmacy.
2012. Twelve four-color prints on art paper with calendar and,
on the reverse, detailed descriptions and suggestions for further
reading. Colored title page. Size 49 by 49 cm.
Spiral bound with eye for hanging up the calendar. R 78,-- [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5634-5
Apotheker Verlag
– Explanatory texts
in English and German –
Edited by
Prof. Dr. Werner Dressendörfer, Bamberg.
Translation: sDiane Blaurock, Tübingen.
Pharmacists - physicians - scientific institutes
- libraries - anyone interested in the history of
medicine and pharmacy - art historians
Chemical Analysis I – A Short Textbook
Qualitative Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pa ss Your Exams with Ehlers
„Chemical Analysis I“ contains the fundamentals and material covered in pharmaceutical board examinations in the subject “qualitative pharmaceutical analysis”,
covering the subject catalog of the pharmaceutical board examinations.
In proven thematic breadth, pharmacy students are provided with:
• the necessary information in compact form
• descriptions of all the important reactions
• explanations to commonly posed IMPP (German Institute for Medical and
Pharmaceutical Examination Questions) questions from first state examinationsin previous years.
– in German –
By Prof. Dr. Eberhard Ehlers
10th edition 2012. VIII, 352 pages. Softcover.
E 39,- (D)
ISBN 978-3-7692-5621-5
Deutscher Apotheker Verlag R e a d e r s h i p
Pharmacy students
Drugs and Micronutrients
Medication-Oriented Supplementation
Optimise the ra p y a n d re d u ce s i d e e f fe c t s
– in German –
By Uwe Gröber.
With forewords by
Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Kisters
and Prof. Dr. med. Michael
Omeprazole affects Vitamin B12 resorption, statins interfere with coenzyme Q10
status, and thiazide diuretics increase renal magnesium loss, thus increasing your
chances of disorders in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Are we always aware of
the fact that food, micronutrients and drugs interact with one another?
The 2nd edition has been completely revised and expanded. New chapters include
Antidementia agents, Antidepressives and Psychostimulants. Because adverse drug
events ranging from mild to serious enough to cause a drug to be taken from the
market are frequently caused by mitochondrial damage, a new chapter exclusively
on mitochondrial toxicity in drugs has been added. In this chapter, the well-known
author describes for the first time drug-induced disorders of the mitochondrial
metabolism and their consequences.
2nd, revised and enlarged edition 2012.
440 pages. 70 coloured figures. 76 coloured tables.
Hardcover. € 49,- [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.03.2012: € 39,50 [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2779-3
Pharmacists - physicians - alternative
practitioners - dieticians and related professions
Diabetes mellitus
Confident dia b e te s co u n s e l i n g
Therapeutic success depends on the ability of the patient to take charge of his disease,
particularly in the case of diabetes. It is a satisfying and challenging task for the pharmacy team to accompany this process.
This book gives you all of the necessary background information according to the
latest guidelines and suggestions for counseling tailored to the individual patient:
• patient-geared information on disease and therapy
• practical tips for diet and exercise
• the proper use of pens and other aids.
- in German -
Help your patients enjoy more quality of life!
By Dr. Iris Hinneburg
2nd updated edition 2012.
XII, 95 pages. 5 coloured figures. 30 coloured tables.
Softcover. € 14,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5544-7
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians
Nutrition • P
Höfler • Sprengart
Practical Dietetics
Fundamentals, goals and implementation of modern dietary therapy
T h e good-health diet
Diet in the sense of preventive and therapeutic nutrition is a recognized healing aid and
contributes to recovery and well-being.
This practical textbook of modern dietary therapy is a valuable guide to planning diets that
meet nutritional needs and requirements and contributes to quality-oriented and responsible patient care. – The selection of topics in the area of prevention also covers nutrition
for healthy persons, differentiating according to age and living circumstances.
In the field of dietary therapy this book offers solutions to the nutritional problems of our
time: overweight/adipositas, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disease, malnutrition and
its consequences. Dietetic treatment options are also outlined for gastroenterological,
nephrological and oncological diseases. – The selection of content was jointly developed
with the Working Group of Directors of Dietician Schools and is based on the guidelines and
accepted recommendations of the professional societies.
The consistent use of classifications allows the reader to quickly acquire a grasp of
each particular therapy form. The real-world illustrations of the wide range of dietetic
possibilities and a multitude of cooking and kitchen tips makes it easy to put theory into
practice. Sample problems help the reader review newly acquired knowledge.
- in German By Elisabeth Höfler and
Petra Sprengart
2012. Approx. 700 pages. 34 b/w figures, 213 b/w tables. 140 exercises. Hardcover. D 48,- (D)
Prepublication price valid until 30.04.2012: € 39,- [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2943-8
Dieticians - nutritionists - nutrition specialists
- diet counselors - kitchen managers - nurses pharmacists - pharmaceutical technicians
Jarmer-Schwilke • Wahl
Visual Marketing in the Pharmacy
V i s ual marketing: the calling card of your pha r m a c y !
Be the pharmacist your customers love to talk about and impress them with your
creativity. The authors, a pharmacist and a decorator, are a close team with years of
working together. Let them show you how to improve your marketing. In a new kind of
handbook the authors make 80 suggestions for advertising themes around the year as
well as a multitude of health campaigns that you can carry out with simple materials.
Whether you have a large budget or a small one, you will find ideas and solutions to suit
every pharmacy. Your display windows will become the talk of the town. Passers-by will
stop to take a closer look. Customers will be intrigued and want to know more.
All this adds up to more customer traffic and higher sales. Whether you want to design
a promotional campaign or decorate a display window surprise your customers with
intriguing ideas and attractive themes.
Extra service for readers: templates for decorations are available online.
- in German By Gabriele Jarmer-Schwilke
and Karin Wahl
2012. VIII, 314 pages. 80 coloured figures, 6 s/w figures.
54 tables. 1 ringbinder. Loose-leaf serial.
OnlinePlus-Offer: templates for decorations. € 89,- [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.03.2012 € 79,- [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5321-4
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians
Kircher • Tost • Walz
Ophthalmic Drugs
Therapy, Application and Recommendations
Strained, irritated and burning eyes are a burden for your customers. They become
a serious problem when eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma, dry or wet
macula degeneration threaten eyesight.
This book is a veritable eye-opener, informing you about the most important ophthalmic
topics for pharmacists. Read about the symptoms of the most common eye diseases
and what the appropriate therapy is. Recognize the limits of self-medication. When can
the pharmacist help patients, and when should they be sent to an ophthalmologist?
Symptom-oriented flow charts help you make the right decision. Take a close look at
the correct, safe use of ophthalmic drugs. Know how to make the right recommendations for the health of your customers eyes.
- in German By Dr. Wolfgang Kircher,
Prof. Dr. Frank Tost
and Lydia Walz
2012. 214 pages, 29 coloured figures.
67 b/w-tables. Softcover.
E 29,80 (D)
Prepublication price valid until 31.03.2012: € 24,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5320-7
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians
When the psyc h e lo s e s i t s b a l a n ce . . .
At some point in their lives up to 20% of all persons suffer from depression severe
enough to call for treatment, but only one fifth of them receive the appropriate care.
Overwhelming sadness, loss of interest and despondency lead to a dramatic loss of the
ability to enjoy life, in severe cases leading to an increased risk of suicide. Immediate
therapeutic help is vital.
Inform your patients about antidepressants, their delayed action and early side effects
what to watch out for when taking them and why compliance is important the most
important drug interactions. Knowledgeable counseling helps your customers beat
the blues.
– in German language –
By Jutta Lehnen
2012. XIV, 181 pages.11 coloured figures.
54 coloured tables. Softcover.
€ 18,50 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5531-7
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians
Circadian Rhythms and Drug Action
H ow do our internal clocks tick?
Life is not possible without biological rhythms. The author takes his readers on a tour
through the fascinating world of internal clocks and rhythms and explains the interesting
effects that these chronobiological laws can have on how drugs work.
• How does our internal clock affect the pharmacokinetics of drugs?
• How can the time of day affect patients‘ symptoms?
• How can drug efficacy be optimised?
This book answers those questions, covering all aspects of the topic from research
on the fundamental principles to implementation in patient therapy.
– in German –
By Prof. Dr. Björn Lemmer
4th, revised and enlarged edition 2012.
XII, 204 pages.181 coloured figures. 26 coloured tables.
Hardcover. € 34,90 [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.12.2011: € 24,90 [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2786-1
Pharmacists - pharmacologists - physicians natural scientists
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
See, recognize and interpret 600 medicinal agents and adjuvants
Which pharmacological substance class does aztreonam belong to?
Where are the chiral centers of amoxicillin? What happens during
identifications tests for acetazolamide using copper(II) sulfate?
The author, an experienced assayer, provides answers to these and
many other questions.
In the 2nd edition, the number of substances described has doubled,
now totaling 600 and concentrating on those that play a role in laboratory courses and tests in pharmaceutical institutes. Cards now include pKa values, qualitative analysis and commonquantitative analysis
März 2007
The student’s ideal tool for study, review and reference!
2nd, completely revised and enlarged edition 2011.
1248 pages. 600 coloured figures.
Box 1: 300 substances beginning with the letters A-K
Box 2: 300 substances beginning with the letters L-Z
€ 49,90 [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2777-9
Pharmacy students - pharmacists - pharmacy
- in German By Marlies Miertzsch
Müller-Frahling • Kasperzik
Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemic Method
Fundamentals – Clinical Practice – Physiognomy
Successful Tre a t m e n t w i t h S c h u e ss le r ’s C e l l S a l t s
Because of its simplicity and effectiveness Schuessler’s biochemic method is finding
ever wider use in preventing and treating acute or chronic illnesses.
Backed up with scientific data and augmented with practical experience, the authors
provide fundamental facts and more. Readers in a hurry will find instant information
in the lexicon section with over 1000 therapeutic regimens. Those looking for more
details can find more information in the main section.
– in German By Margit Müller-Frahling
and Birte Kasperzik
Moreover the 3rd edition is expanded by men specific indications; the coloured tables
depicting mineral deficits in the face (used for so called „Antlitzanalyse“) have been
duplicated. Find out how healthcare professionals can support their patients’
recovery process.
3rd, revised and enlarged edition 2011.
XVI, 376 pages.115 coloured figures. 12 coloured tables.
Hardcover. € 34,90 [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.01.2012 € 29,90 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5237-8
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmacy technicians physicians working in homeopathic medicine natural practitioners
Schuessler Basic Salts mindCards
mindCards show the essential information at a glance.
The individual cards can be spread out like a fan, so that everything
is always in the right order, and nothing gets mixed up.
Good things come in small packages.
Find the right remedy and use it correctly:
• Mind-Maps® show you where the salts work and which organs
are stimulated.
• Helpful questions help you quickly fi nd the right salt.
• Facial diagnosis supports you in the selection of the suitable remedy.
12 Cards - 12 remedies. Simple, quick and sure.
– in English By Margit Müller-Frahling
2011. 12 pages. Card Fan with Chicago screw.
English language: € 12,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-5056-2
Further editions:
French language: € 12,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-5057-9
German language: € 12,- [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5548-5
Italian language: € 12,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-5058-6
Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart
Pharmacists - physicians - healthcare professionals natural practitioners - anyone interested in
Schuessler cell salts
Pharmacy •
Rheumatic Diseases
M o bilize your customers
Restricted movement, pain, artificial joints: rheumatic diseases have many facets,
but they can be treated - the earlier the better.
A wide range of medications are available for the best possible therapy for each patient.
Inform your customers about how to manage pain, how modern antirheumatic drugs work,
and what rules should be followed when taking antirheumatics.
Concrete, practical tips help your patients remain active and master everyday life with
Make a difference in your patients lives with competent advice!
- in German By Birgit Scherzer
2012. XVI, 239 pages. 7 coloured figures.
77 coloured tables. Softcover.
€ 21,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5109-8
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmaceutical technicians
Soldner • Stellmann
Individual Pediatrics
Physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of diagnosis and counseling.
Anthroposophic-homeopathic therapy.
H o l istic treatment of children
In the medical treatment of children and teenagers and the accompaniment of their parents,
alternative therapies, homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, psychology and psychosomatics
play an ever greater role alongside conventional, science-based medicine. Before a therapy
can be successful, an individual diagnosis must be made, taking somatic symptoms, mental
and emotional aspects and the developmental stage of the child into account. The background
and context of the illness must be determined as well: Why has this child developed this
particular disease at this particular moment? In this way your therapy can activate the child’s
own disease-fighting resources and support it in developing its potential.
Ten years after the first edition, Individual Pediatrics has now been completely revised for its
fourth edition. Current developments in the field of epigenetics, questions about vaccination, sun protection and vitamin D are covered, as are newly developed and refined treatment
concepts for disorders such as inadequate ventilation of the middle ear, bronchial asthma,
neurodermatitis and ADHS. New case reports have been added, and all drug data have been
- in German - in English By Georg Soldner and
By Margit Müller-Frahling
Dr. Herrmann Michael Stellmann
4th, revised and enlarged edition 2011.
XXXIV, 984 pages. 2 figures. 24 tables. Hardcover. E 98,- (D)
ISBN 978-3-8047-2870-7
Pediatricians - general practicioners - internists
- alternative practitioners - pharmacists
Jander/Blasius, Inorganic Chemistry I
and II
- in German By Prof. Dr. Eberhard Schweda
The classic text, now more mode r n t h a n eve r !
Decades of changes in every subject involving chemistry are bound to leave their mark on a standard textbook.
Now, 60 years after its first publication, both volumes of Jander/Blasius have been completely revised and
restructured, with a fresh, clearly organised new layout in four colours. After proving their worth again and
again for generations, this standard textbook’s contents and teaching methods have now been completely
updated and enhanced with the most modern techniques.
Inorganic Chemistry I provides an overview of the most important
fundamental principles of general, inorganic and analytical chemistry. The main section, “Analytical Chemistry,”
teaches the properties of the elements, important reactions and the options for identifying non-metals and
Inorganic Chemistry II
• Teaches the principles of inorganic and analytical chemistry
• Introduces students to quantitative analysis and preparatory work
• Describes equipment and procedures for doing quantitative analysis
Each book includes an innovative pocket guide. The handy folded poster, which fits into your lab coat pocket,
features an overview of the separation processes, a periodic table with important data on all the chemical
elements, and a list of formulas.
Jander/Blasius, Inorganic Chemistry I
17th, completely revised edition 2012.
X, 582 pages. 203 coloured figures. 21 formulas. 79 tables. Hardcover.
Inclusive handy folded poster. € 39,50 [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.12.2011: € 34,– [D]
ISBN 978-3-7776-2134-0
Jander/Blasius, Inorganic Chemistry II
16th, completely revised edition 2012. X, 398 pages. 117 coloured figures.
31 formulas. 67 tables. Hardcover. Inclusive handy folded poster. € 33,50 [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.12.2011: € 29,– [D]
ISBN 978-3-7776-2133-3
Hirzel Verlag Stuttgart
Chemistry, pharmacy, biology, chemical geology,
food chemistry, environmental engineering and
chemical engineering students
Souci • Fachmann • Kraut
Practical Food Tables
The concise Souci • Fachmann • Kraut
W h at’s in our food?
What fats are in which oil? Which kind of milk has the most calcium? Which foods are
appropriate for patients taking marcumar? Whether you need information on calories,
vitamins or amino acids in oysters, beer, noodles, parsnips or wild boar, you’ll find
it all here. – The little brother of the classic “Big SFK” provides scientifically proven,
thoroughly checked, reliable data on over 50 substances in more than 340 foodstuffs,
arranged by food groups. Nutritional content, energy content, chief ingredients and
substances – clearly arranged in a handy format, so that you can quickly look up the
information you need.
The new edition has been thoroughly revised and contains the latest data calculated
by the German Research Centre for Food Chemistry. All data have been tested and
Important bonus: 30 supplementary tables cover other, more unusual foods and
make it possible to compare specific foods. Twenty reference charts in the appendix
inform the reader about foods that are particularly rich or poor in specific substances.
- in German Edited by Deutsche Forschungsanstalt
für Lebensmittelchemie.
Revised by Dr. Gaby Andersen
and Katrin Soyka
5th, completely revised and updated edition 2011.
XX, 483 pages. Softcover. E 26,80 (D)
ISBN 978-3-8047-2679-6
Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart R e a d e r s h i p
Dieticians - home economists and nutritionists nursing homes - canteens - food industry - food
chemists - nutrition scientists - nutrition specialists
Stein • Raithel • Kist (Eds.)
Diet-Related Diseases
Causes – diagnosis - therapy - prevention
EHEC, BSE, alcopops & Co. – no food indulgence without regrets?
Since the middle of the 20th century, changes in our lifestyle and the economic
interests of manufacturers have led to an increase in well-known diseases and the
appearance of new ones in the industrialized West, an undesired effect of the foods we
consume. Such negative effects can appear at all levels of the food and food production
chain as a result of natural ingredients, environmental residues or additives used during
the production process. The increasing treatment and processing of foodstuffs, industrial
livestock farming, worldwide distribution and escalating tourism encourage large-scale
epidemics and the international spread of even rare pathogens. Potential danger also lurks
in both new and traditional foods and beverages which are often consumed with too little
thought to inherent dangers.
In this book, respected nutrition scientists and nutrition medicine specialists, pharmacists,
gastroenterologists and infectious disease specialists systematically illuminate all aspects
of diet-related diseases. Solid information about the causes and pathogenesis, classification
and epidemiology, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of almost all food-related diseases
help the reader identify the appropriate, individual treatment of even unusual cases.
- in German Edited by Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Stein,
Prof. Dr. Martin Raithel
and Prof. Dr. Manfred Kist
2011. XVIII, 510 pages. 122 figures, 79 tables. Hardcover. € 78,- [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.12.2011: Z 62,- [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2565-2
Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart R e a d e r s h i p
Nutrition scientists - nutrition specialists pharmacists
logy • Nursi
Röbke • Wolfgramm
Chemistry Workbook for Physicians and Biologists
An examination-oriented introduction
Not only lear n i n g , b u t p ra c t i c i n g !
Almost always there is a gap between textbook learning and what is actually asked
in examinations, with the result that material that has been studied cannot be
applied effectively.
This workbook provides a supplement to conventional textbooks. Close to 1000 problems from organic and inorganic chemistry help review and deepen textbook knowledge. The problems can be solved without additional aids, and the solutions
are explained in detail.
- in German By Dirk Röbke and Udo Wolfgramm
5th edition 2012. IV, 364 pages. Softcover.
€ 25,- [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2886-8
Medicine students - biology students
Vasel-Biergans • Probst
Wound Care for Nurses
A practical guide
Healing woun d s
Nurses are faced with the task of caring for acute and poorly healing chronic wounds
every day. Whether on the ward or during house calls, they are called upon to provide
the best possible care for their patients wounds.
- in German By Dr. Anette Vasel-Biergans
and Dr. Wiltrud Probst
• When are superabsorbent wound dressings necessary?
• How does the TIME concept of wound assessment work?
• How should wounds be cared for properly?
The authors give competent answers and specifically address the needs of nursing
The new layout of the book makes it easy to quickly grasp information in synoptic
tables, definitions and memory aids. Solutions to recurring questions are emphasized
as practical tips. A wealth of new pictures illustrates theory and practice.
A treasure trove for every nurse!
2nd, completely revised and enlarged edition 2011.
XI, 397 pages. 156 figures, 82 coloured figures. 86 tables.
Softcover. € 49,90 [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.12.2011: € 39,90 [D]
ISBN 978-3-8047-2798-4
Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart
Nurses - nursing service - pharmacists pharmaceutical technicians - healthcare facilities
Medicine •
Introduction with prescription examples from real life
B e on the lookout for interactions!
The possible interactions between two simultaneously taken medications can take
many forms, from heightened potency to intoxication to loss of effectiveness, in severe
cases to the point of complete ineffectivity! Doctors practices and pharmacies alike are
called upon to remain vigilant. With the aid of 60 patient cases, the authors take a close
look at drug interactions that you might encounter at any time in the pharmacy.
The book covers interactions between prescribed drugs as well as reactions between
prescription medication and over-the-counter preparations, foods, alcohol or tobacco.
How serious are the expected interactions? What should the pharmacist recommend?
These are the questions with which you are confronted every day and which demand
great expertise. Sharpen your awareness so that you can quickly step in when
interactions threaten.
- in German By Prof. Dr. Eugen J. Verspohl
5th, completely revised and enlarged edition 2011.
XIV, 209 pages.16 coloured figures. 63 prescriptions.
6 tables. Softcover. € 29,80 [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.12.2011: € 24,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5545-4
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - physicians - pharmaceutical
Identifying, solving and avoiding problems
Formulation tips from the experts
The devil is often in the details when it comes to producing dermatological formulations.
What was a smooth cream can suddenly become a bumpy mass. Even a preparation that
looks perfect might be hiding incompatibilities that can seriously impact efficacy.
With a wealth of optimised procedures, the author makes pharmaceutical formulation
work much simpler and easier to do. Whether you‘re concerned about selecting the
suitable principle, avoiding incompatibilities, optimising stability or preserving individual
formulations, the author helps you to effortlessly avoid difficulties with proven tips tested
in practice.
Use this book to manufacture semisolid or liquid dermatological formulations of the
highest quality!
- in German By Dr. Gerd Wolf.
3rd, revised and updated edition 2012.
XVI, 224 pages. 4 coloured figures. 6 cartoons. 21 coloured tables.
Softcover. € 34,- [D]
Prepublication price valid until 31.01.2012: € 26,80 [D]
ISBN 978-3-7692-5400-6
Apotheker Verlag
Pharmacists - pharmaceutical technicians
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