Sliding screen doors


Sliding screen doors
Pleated Retractable Mesh Insect Screen
A revolution is coming. Traditional fiberglass sliding and roll-up insect
screens are dead. Now is the time for a new type of mesh screen. This
screen is the pleated retractable screen. Pleated screens are popular in
Europe and are making waves across the UAE. They are being installed in
an increasing number of villas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain.
And for good reason.
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A pleated screen is a completely new and modern redesign of the old mesh
panel fly and insect screen we see in many villas. We all know these old
style screens simply do not last. Kids put their hands through them, people
accidently walk through them and pets simply destroy them with their
claws. Unfortunately when they are damaged, they are often difficult to
repair to a like new condition. We also see the rubber spline of the screen
simply wearing out in the heat or when exposed to direct sun and this
causes the mesh to become separated from the edge of the frame. These
are some of the reasons why the pleated screen is becoming so popular
across the Middle East.
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The pleated screen is designed with no mechanical parts. If you have
experience with the commonly found roll-up screen you will know the
mechanical system often breaks, along with the edges of the screen
working their way out of the guide rails. With the pleated system you
manually slide the screen in place and it is secured with a magnet. That’s
it. Nothing fancy and nothing to go wrong with the design. They are also
easy to repair if they do get damaged. We can slide the old mesh out and
slide a new replacement mesh screen in. A new mesh costs about half the
price of the original screen system. The frame is constructed from a
powder coated aluminium frame meaning it won’t rust and often comes
with a generous warranty period. A five year warranty is typical with these
screen frames. Additionally, as the frame is powder coated, it can be
custom colour matched to your existing frame colours.
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The other innovation currently becoming available in the UAE is the
trackless pleated screen. These screens use a unique design feature to
remove the bottom rail system. This allows the trackless screen to be fitted
to doors with a low, or no bottom track. They are perfect for French doors
and hinged doors that have a flat threshold. A unobtrusive 5mm high guide
is placed along the floor which provides a track for the feet of the trackless
screen. The screens can also be joined together to so they can cover wide
openings of up to 5m. Wide opening have traditionally been difficult and
expensive to cover with a mesh screen. Some companies offer roll out
screens but these can be prone to failure in our environment. The trackless
system however, now allows doors such as wide bi-folds to have a simple,
cost effective insect barrier across the full opening.
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