Insect mesh Dubai


Insect mesh Dubai
Imagine an invisible sign outside your villa. What is written on it depends on the
actions you take or don't take to protect your home. If you are not careful, without
even realising, it could be a flashing neon beacon inviting intruders inside.
To avoid this, it is all about not drawing attention; to make your home a less attractive
target, by adding layers of protection and employing useful habits that keep your
home out of the spotlight.
Lock doors
Always lock the doors. It may seem obvious, but is an all too common mistake. Get
yourself in the habit of always locking doors when they are closed, even if you are at
home, so when it really matters you will always remember.
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Security Door Screens
If you enjoy the evening breeze or are in the habit of leaving doors open during the
day to cool your house, invest in a security screen. They are a major improvement on
the traditional screen door. They are made of strong stainless steel mesh that cannot
be knocked or cut through and have a quality lock. Even if you do not leave the
windows or door open, they provide a double security measure.
Home security system
If your home is not installed with a security system, you can find inexpensive self
install system or motion sensor alarms. Even if it does not notify the police, you will
know when an access point has been breached, so you can take action.
Pet doors
Secure large pet doors that could be an easy access to intruders or consider not using
anything large enough for a person to fit through.
Glass precautions
Try to avoid doors with glass near doorknobs, as it is easy to break glass and twist a
knob or pull a handle to open. If you do have all glass doors, consider key locks or
the steel mesh screen security door mentioned above.
Avoid tall or thick shrubs near windows and doors to prevent intruders being able to
conceal themselves while attempting a break in. Keep these areas well-lit or use
motion sensor floodlights.
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Consider a guard dog. Even a small yapping breed can be enough of a deterrent.
Alternatively hang a 'beware of dog' sign and put dog dishes outside. Or get a bark
simulator device activated by sensors.
Leave the radio or TV on when out of the house to give the illusion of being home,
but not in the middle of the night as that is too obvious.
Put away and lock up any tools or possible items outside that could be used to break
in. Keep garden sheds locked.
Neighbourhood security
Many prominent community neighbourhoods have security watch services or
neighbourhood watch programs, find out if your home is protected under these
services or how you can be part of one.
Delivery notes
Do not leave notes on doors to delivery personnel indicating you are not home. This
is an invitation to intruders.
Limit Access
Walls, fences or gates are an option, but depending on height and quality can be cut
or scaled, especially if there is no barbed wire on top, which is unsightly.
Consider high dense hedges with thorns, or a wall topped with thorny running vines
or climbing roses. You can even plant these prickly buses under first floor windows.
Nature can be your ally.
You don't have to be a magician and wave your magic wand to make your house
invisible. With these simple measures, changes of habit and security additions, many
of which are a low investment cost; anyone can implement them in their homes to
stay safe and off the radar of prying eyes.