Muscles gain recipes


Muscles gain recipes
Benefits of Gluten-free Cakes for Celiac Disease
Patients and Overweight People
If you are a celiac patient but want to enjoy the goodness of cakes, you
should definitely think about having gluten free cakes. The best thing is that
such cakes not only help you managing your symptoms related to Celiac
disease, but also give you other health benefits, including controlling your
body weight and cholesterol levels.
Types of Gluten-free Cakes
As experts in providing tasty healthy recipes, we have come up with two
different types of gluten-free cakes, which include the following-
Gluten-free Jowar and Jaggery Cake
As the name highlights, in this case, our chefs involved in making 0% Maida
recipes used jowar instead of Maida as the base to prepare the gluten-free
cake. In addition, with the aim to reduce the carbohydrate percentage, we
have used jaggery in melted form rather than using sugar. Alternatively, you
may opt for powered jaggery or palm sugar available easily in almost every
grocery store and in online stores. However, to give you same level of taste,
we have added a few dry fruits i.e. almonds, raisins and cashews, along with
dates. An interesting aspect of using date is that it not only gives you
sweetness but also tons of additional health benefits.
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Gluten-free Rava Chocolate Cake
Whether you are a small kid, a teen-age individual, an adult or an old person,
you always love to have chocolate cake, especially during the special
occasions of your life. However, Celiac disease patients and individuals on
strict diet plan irrespective of their age may not think about having chocolate
cake. Thus, to allow them enjoy the tasty chocolate cake, we have come-up
with rava chocolate cake. In this case, we have dry-grinded rava to make it
smooth as Maida and replaced sugar with jaggery. Along with this, similar to
the former version, here also we have added dry fruits and date pieces to
enhance the taste and make our dish highly nutritious one.
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How Gluten-free Dishes are Beneficial
Until now, a large number of individuals suffering from Celiac disease have
obtained relief in their symptoms by following a gluten-free dishes and diet
plan. Even a few people have reported drastic increase in their energy levels.
Last, but not the least, a large number of overweight individuals have
succeeded to shed their extra body weight by following a gluten-free diet and
trying varieties of gluten free cakes and muffins.