Portfolio - André Simão


Portfolio - André Simão
1. About André Simão...................................................................................... 3
1.1 Biography................................................................................................3
1.2 Reviews ..................................................................................................4
1.3 Prizes...................................................................................................... 5
1.4 Audio and video recordings ................................................................... 5
1.5 Folders, posters and newspaper articles from some performed concerts . 6
2. Repertoire already performed in concerts.................................................. 12
2.1 Guitar (as soloist) with orchestra.......................................................... 12
2.2 Solo guitar............................................................................................ 12
2.3 Chamber music.................................................................................... 15
3. Technical requirements for a concert...........................................................16
4. Contact....................................................................................................... 17
Attachment: Photocopy from reviews..........................................................18
1. About André Simão
1.1 Biography
One of the most talented guitarist from Brazil, André Simão has received several
awards in Brazils top musical competitions namely: 1st Prize in the Villa-Lobos Guitar
Competition, 1st Prize in the 6th Prêmio Nabor Pires Camargo, 1st Prize in the Dilermando
Reis Guitar Competition, 1st Prize in the Souza Lima Guitar Competition (São Paulo), 1st prize
in classical music category and popular music category of the IX Projeto Nascente (sponsored
by Abril Publishers and University of Sâo Paulo), 2nd Prize in the Vital Medeiros International
Competiton, 3rd Prize in the Francisco Mignone Young Interpreters Festival (only guitarist
awarded). In 2011, he was awarded with the 3rd Prize in the Chamber Music Guitar
Competittion Savarez-Corelli – University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria.
His first solo concert was at the age of 16 and since then he has been performing as a soloist and with
musical chamber groups throughout Brazil and countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary, South Korea and
Suriname. In 2006, he recorded his first solo album, titled “Recital”, with works from Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Mauro
Giuliani, Alexandre Tansman and the Brazilians Radamés Gnattali und Guerra-Peixe, which had received excellent
reviews from specialist magazines in Germany and Brazil. He was a member of the Ibirá Guitar Quartet from 1998
to 2006, which in 2004 released an album including his own transcriptions from works by Bach and Haydn, as well
as original works by Torroba and Gnattali. In 2004, he was a finalist in the “Furnas Geração Musical Competition”,
which gave him opportunity to perform throughout Brazil and also to participate in the recording of the “CD Furnas
Geração Musical”.
He was interviewed and had programs devoted to him in highly regarded radio broadcasts in Brazil,
namely Radio Cultura FM in São Paulo (program The Brazilian Guitar, with Fábio Zanon), Radio Mec from Rio de
Janeiro (program Music and musicians from Brazil, with Lauro Gomes) and in University of São Paulo (USP) Radio
(program Guitar in concert times, with Edelton Gloeden).
Born in the city of Taubaté in 1980, André Simão started learning to play the guitar at the age of 9 and then
initiated his musical studies at the Municipal School of Music in his city where he had guitar classes with Sheiyla
Mara de Moraes and Mário Cesar Dias. In 2003, he completed his bachelor’s degree in guitar studies at São Paulo
University, where he received tuition from the guitarist and professor Edelton Gloeden. From 2003 to 2006, he
received tuition from the guitarist Fábio Zanon.
André went on to receive scholarships to continue developing his artistic abilities attending several music
festivals in Brazil and in other countries, where he played in masterclasses from classical guitarists on the
international scene, such as: Leo Brouwer, Abel Carlevaro, David Russell, Stefano Grondona, Pavel Steidl, Paul
Galbraith, Carlo Marchione, Roberto Aussel, Aniello Desiderio, Ricardo Gallén, Carlos Bonell, among others. In
August of 2002, he received a scholarship to attend the “XLV Curso Universitário e Internacional Música en
Compostela” in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where he attended guitar classes by Jose Luiz Rodrigo. In 2005,
he attended the “First London International Guitar Festival” and “IX Curso de Guitarra Ciudad de Coria”, Spain. In
2008, he received another scholarship at the Minguet Quartett’s chamber music masterclass in Palazzo Ricci, in
Montepulciano-Italy, where he performed as soloist the Mauro Giuliani Guitar Concert opus 30, with this
remarkable german string quartet.
As a guitar teacher, he taught in several institutions in Brazil, like University of São Paulo (Diffusion Cultural
course), social project Eduardo Marliere and at the Municipal School of Music in Taubaté. André taught also at
Musikschule Pfreimd e.V., in Germany.
In the beginning of 2007, André Simão was awarded a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
scholarship for post-graduate programm in Germany. He also received a scholarship from KAAD, which enabled
him to complete his postgraduate studies with the guitarist Franz Halász, at ”Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg”. In
2010 he received the “Meisterklassediplom” from this institution, which is the maximum degree in the field of
musical performance in Germany.
Currently, André Simão lives in Germany where he is developing his artistic career and teaching guitar. In
October 2010 he began the Master Studies of Arts at the renowned University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria.
1.2 Reviews
“Everybody knows that there are many top guitarrists in Brazil, but the majority of them are not pure
classic guitarrists, with some exceptions, such as the Duo Assad. André Simão is Brazilian and he is a classic
guitarrist. This CD, which is his first, proves that he is a soloist of international format. The 17 titles of this
potpourri programe from Weiss to Giuliani and his fellow countryman Gnatalli indicate that he has a brilliant
technique, a rich sound and a very good taste. His interpretation of Tasman’s Cavatina shows us how this
Suite should always be given to the listener. It’s great! But the real top points are the Suite para Guitarra
whose author, César Guerra-Peixe, is not well known outside Brazil, and the etudes by the famous Radamés
Gnatalli which are also rarely performed. The Suite para Guitarra hadn’t had any alternative recording up to
now and this fact increases considerably the value of this current album. Andre’s sensitive performance gives
this piece the right sonority. Gnatalli’s etudes are, on the other side, enriched by the performer’s sense of
humour as well as technical assurance which show that this debut is definitely a success.” (Akustik Gitarre
Magazine, Germany, May 2008)
“The Brazilian André Simão has given a delightful character to his performance. His agility outlined the
different musical shades in the Fantasia opus 30, by Fernando Sor. The artist excelled himself in Ronaldo
Miranda’s Apassionata. Sometimes there were playfull and pearly sounds, sometimes the music seemed to
be gliding to quieter waters. All of a sudden the music came in cascades of sounds with mixed jazz
elements seeminly at random. This interplay of passionate feelings was captured by the artist who has
played with remarkable expression.” (Augsburger Allgemeine, Germany, 2008)
"(...) He impressed with a seldom-heard mix of brilliant technic, the highest concentration, as well a
admirable precision, expressiveness and tangible joy of playing (...) André Simão offered what could be
described as a "sensitive perfection". (H. Linduschka, Newspaper Main-Echo Zeitung - Germany, July 2011)
"World-class guitarist André Simão enraptured the audience at the Auferstehungskirch (...) high
technical skill and great empathy(...)" (2010 Courtesy of the Allgäu newspaper)
A Brazilian magician on classical guitar. "Johann Sebastian Bach would surely have enjoyed (...) the
way his "Prelude and Fugue"(from the" Well-Tempered Clavier) sounded on the guitar, the way the texture
was worked out and the somewhat elegiac character was expressed (.. .) A magical evening guitar." (H.
Hatzelmann, Pegnitz-Zeitung, Feb. 2009)
“André Simão’s quiet and melodic guitar has created a special atmosphere in the exposition – music
and painting combined!” (Aachener Zeitung, Germany, September 2007)
“This CD confirms the Brazilian tradition of producing outstanding guitarists”. – (Revista Concerto
Magazine, 2007, about the release this CD)
“What draws attention to André Simão is that he can create a personal style just because he doesn’t
want to impose himself on the piece he plays and because he always produces a crystalline sound, a
balanced speech and a luminous musicality that is contrary to exccentricity” (Fabio Zanon, radio broadcast
“The Brazilian Guitar” – Radio Cultura de São Paulo)
“André Simão is a serious guitarist with great musical sensibility and whose career I have been
following with much interest for several years. His first CD solo immediately calls our attention for the
splendid recording quality which was carried out by Ricardo Marui at Santa Cruz Church in Redenção da
Serra (Brazil), a place which is bound to become a pilgrimage site for guitarists due to its generous and
welcoming acoustic.Andre Simão’s polyphonic and well worked sonority together with a careful musical
interpretation can therefore be completely savored in each one its tracks.” (Sérgio Abreu, brazilian guitarist
and luthier)
1.3 Prizes
6º. Savarez-Corelli Gitarre-Kammermusik Wettbewerb (6th Savarez-Corelli Guitar-Chamber
Music Competition) – Universität Mozarteum Salzburg – Austria, 2011 – 3rd Prize.
“XLIV Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Francisco Tárrega” (XLIV Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition) – Benicássim, Spain, 2010 – semifinalist.
6º. Prêmio Nabor Pires Camargo (6th Nabor Pires Camargo Competitiion) – Indaiatuba, Brazil,
2007 – 1st Prize
I Concurso Internacional de violão Vital Medeiros (First International Vital Medeiros Guitar
Competition) – Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, 2007 – 2nd Prize
I Concurso de Violão da Faculdade Cantareira (Cantareira College Guitar Competition) – São
Paulo, Brazil, 2006 – 2nd Prize.
Francisco Mignone Young Interpreters Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2005 – 3rd Prize (only
guitarist awarded).
IX Concurso Nacional de Violão Musicalis (9th Musicalis National Guitar Competition) – São
Paulo, 2005 – 2nd Prize
VII Concurso Nacional Villa-Lobos (Villa-Lobos National Competition) – Vitória, Brazil, 2004 –
1st Prize.
II Concurso Nacional de Intérpretes de Dilermando Reis (2nd Dilermando Reis National Guitar
Competition) – Guaratinguetá, Brazil, 2003 – 1st Prize
Popular music category award in Projeto Nascente – Editora Abril and USP (Nascente Project
– Abril Publishers and University of São Paulo – USP) – São Paulo, 2002.
Concurso Nacional “Cidade de Araçatuba” (National Chamber music competition City of
Araçatuba) Brazil, 2001 – commendation.
Classical music category award in Projeto Nascente – Editora Abril and USP (Nascente
Project – Abril Publishers and University of São Paulo – USP) – São Paulo, 1999.
Concurso Nacional de Violão Souza Lima (National Guitar Competition Souza Lima) – São
Paulo, Brazil, 1998 – 1st Prize at the chamber music category.
Youth category I Concurso Nacional de Violão Musicalis (Musicalis National Guitar
Competition) – São Paulo, 1997 - 2nd. Prize – up to 17 years.
1.4 Audio and video recordings
For listening to André Simão’s audio recordings, check out on the menus “Discography” and “Current
Projects” on his website (www.andresimao.com.br or www.andresimao.de)
Some video recordings from André Simão’s concerts are avaliable on his Youtube channel:
1.5 Folders, posters and newspaper articles from some performed concerts
Concert folder in Seoul,
South Korea, held at Beakam
Art Hall in October 2009.
Concert Poster in Nürnberg,
Germany, held at Literatur Zentrum
in October 2009.
Concert Folder from the Festival VIlla-Lobos, presented by The Embassy of Brazil in The Hague, in November 2010.
Newspaper advertisement about A n d r é S i m ã o ’s c o n c e r t a n d
masterclass, held in ParamariboSurinam, in september 2009.
Poster from the concert and masterclass
held at Music Department from University of
São Paulo - Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, in August
Concert poster held in Pécs - Hungary, in May 2009.
Freitag, 18.3. – 22 Uhr
Begegnungen in
Die bunte und leidenschaftliche Seele Istanbuls.
Concert with the flutist Gustavo Medonza,
held at Künstlerhaus - Nürnberg, Germany
Samstag, 19.3. – 22 Uhr
Los Vecinos
Klassische und lateinamerikanische Musik.
von Freitag,
bis Samstag,
Town Under Worldmusic
Ruhige bis treibende Eigenkompositionen.
ab 22 Uhr
Sonntag, 20.3. – 22 Uhr
Montag, 21.3. – 22 Uhr
Global Shtetl Band
Folklore, Klezmer, Lateinamerikanische Rhythmen.
Königstr. 93
1. OG
Dienstag, 22.3. – 22 Uhr
Telli Mecaz
Türkische Gitarren mit Percussion.
Donnerstag, 24.3. – 22 Uhr
Derabeudische Orkester Ober –
Franken Fortschrittliche fränkische und
altbayrische Volksmusik. Samstag, 26.3. ab 22.30 Uhr
DJ Kabus Kerim
Nürnberg/Istanbul · Orient-Funk & SoulHaare
Mittwoch, 23.3. – 22 Uhr
Ein Schlagzeugduett – Energisch und virtuos.
Freitag, 25.3. – 22 Uhr
Tragisch-melancholisch bis ungebremst.
Abschlussparty im Künstlerhaus –
Kapanış Partisine bekleriz
Samstag, 26.3. ab 22.30 Uhr mit
DJ Kabus Kerim
türkischer DJ, Produzent, Rapper,
türkische und persische Funk & SoulMixes
Folder from “Duo Cappuccino” concert
(Mere Oliveira - Mezzosoprano e André
Simão): Instituto Cervantes in Budapest,
Hungary, in May 2010.
André Simão on the concerts schedule from the Orquestra Sinfônica de São José dos Campos, 2009.
Concert Poster in Fortaleza, Brazil, held at Centro Dragão do
Mar de Arte e Cultura, in September 2009.
Recital program performed in August 2009, at the Rio de Janeiro Guitar
Society - AVRIO.
2. Repertoire already performed in concerts
2.1 Guitar (as soloist) with orchestra
Antonio Vivaldi
Concert in D
Mauro Giuliani
Concert in A major, opus 30
Heitor Villa-Lobos
Guitar concert
Mario Castelnuovo -Tedesco
Concert in D
Joaquín Rodrigo
Violão solo
Concierto de Aranjuez
2.2 Solo guitar
The Renaissance
Alonso Mudarra
- Gallarda
- Fantasía que contrahaze a la harpa a la manera de Ludovico
John Dowland
- Piper´s Pavan
The Baroque
Johann Sebastian Bach - Lute Suite BWV 996 (In E minor): Praeludio, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande,
Bourrée, Giga
- Lute Suite BWV 1006a (in E Major): Prelude, Loure, Gavotte en Rondeau,
Menuett I and II, Bourrée and Gigue.
- Prelude from Cello Suite 1
- Prelude and Fugue in F# from “well tempered Klavier), BWV 858
Sylvius Leopold Weiss - Ouverture
- Courante Royale
- Alternatum
- Capricio
Domenico Scarlatti
- Sonata L.23
Classical – music from 18th and 19th century
Fernando Sor
Mauro Giuliani
Francisco Tárrega
Miguel Llobet
Isaac Albéniz
- Fantasia, opus 30
- Fantaisie Villageoise, opus 52 opus 6 nº 12
- Rossiniana nº 6, opus 124
- Preludios I, II
- Maria
- Rosita
- Danza Mora
- Recuerdos de la Alhambra
- Fantasia la Traviata
- El noy de la mare
- Romanza
- Córdoba
- Sevilla
20th Century
Manuel de Falla
Joaquín Turina
Manuel Maria Ponce
Augustín Barrios-Mangoré
Federico Moreno-Torroba
Alexandre Tansman
Joaquín Rodrigo(1901-1999)
Michael Tippett
Alberto Ginastera
Leo Brouwer (1939-)
- Homenaje pour le Tombeau de Debussy
- Sonata, opus 61: I. Allegro II.Andante III. Allegro Vivo
- Sonata Romantica (Hommage a Franz Schubert): I-Allegro moderato,
II-Andante espressivo, III-Allegretto vivo, IV-Allegro non troppo e
- Vals opus 8, n.3
- Prelúdio
- Noturno
- Burgalesa
- Madroños
- Cavatina: Preludio, Sarabande, Scherzino and Barcarole
- Tres piezas Españolas: Fandango
- The Blue Guitar, sonata for solo guitar: 1. Transforming, 2. Dreaming,
- Sonata, opus 47: I-Esordio, II-Scherzo, III-Canto, IV-Finale.
- An Idea
- Viaje a la semilla
Brazilian Guitar Music
Heitor Villa-Lobos
Ernesto Nazaré
Anacleto de Medeiros
Quincas Laranjeiras
João Pernambuco
Francisco Mignone
Nabor Pires de Camargo
Radamés Gnattali
Camargo Guarnieri
César Guerra-Peixe
Garoto (Aníbal Augusto
Dilermando Reis
Tom Jobim
Complete work for guitar
- Odeon
- Yara (Rasga o Coração)
(arrangement by André Simão)
- Sabará (arrangement by André Simão)
- Interrogando
- Sonho de Magia
- Brasileirinho
- Estudos nº 6 and 7
- Valsa nº 3 (D minor) and nº8 (G minor)
- Brasília
- 10 Studies for Guitar
- Valsa-Choro
- Suíte para Guitarra: Ponteado, Acalanto and Choro.
- Inspiração
- Sinal dos Tempos
- Debussyana
- Lamentos do morro
- Feitiço
- Disse me disse
- Eterna Mágoa
- Noite de Lua
- Magoado
- Conversa de Baiana
- Luiza (arranjo de Marco Pereira)
Marlos Nobre (1939-)
- Entrada e Tango
Almeida Prado
(1943 - )
Ronaldo Miranda (*1948)
- Poesilúdio nº 1
Paulo Bellinatti
(1950 - )
- Emboscada
- Embaixador
- Jongo
- Appassionata
2.3 Chamber music
John Dowland
Johann Sebastian Bach
Joseph Haydn
Francesco Molino
Mauro Giuliani
Franz Schubert
Edward Elgar
Ernesto Nazareth
Maurice Ravel
Manuel de Falla
Zequinha de Abreu
Heitor Villa-Lobos
- Lute Songs, for voice and guitar:
Come again
Go crystal tears
If my complaints
Now, o now I needs must part
- Sonata III in E Major, BWV 1035
(Transcription: Ferdinand Uhlmann)
- Quarteto de cordas opus 2 , n°. 2
(Transcription for guitar, violin, viola e cello)
- Nocturne opus 38, for flute (or violin) and guitar
- Sonata for violin and guitar, opus 25
- Gran Duetto concertante, for flute and guitar, opus 52
- Sonata for flute (or violin) and guitar, opus 85
- Sei Lieder, opus 89, for voice and guitar
- Sonata Arpeggione D821
- Quartett (Matiegka) opus 21, for flute, viola, cello and guitar
- Chanson de Matin, opus 15
- Salut d’Amour
(Transcription by Matthias Seidel for flute and guitar)
- Apanhei-te, cavaquinho
(flute and guitar)
- Pavane pour une Infante Défunte (transcription for flute and guitar)
- Siete canciones populares españolas
(transcription by Miguel Llobet for voice and guitar)
- Tico tico no fubá
(arrangement by João Luiz for flute and guitar)
- Distribuição de Flores, for flute and guitar
- Ária – Bachianas Brasileiras nº 5
(transcription by Andrés Segovia for voice and guitar)
- Lundu da Marquesa de Santos / Canção do Poeta do Século XVIII
(transcription by Edelton Gloeden for voice and guitar)
- Entr’acte, for flute and guitar
Jacques Ibert
Mario Castelnuovo -Tedesco - Sonatina, opus 205, for flute and guitar
- Quinteto for guitar and string quartet, opus 143
Federico GarciaLorca (1898-1936)
Ari Barroso
Eugène Bozza
Waldemar Henrique
Camargo Guarnieri
Radamés Gnattali
- Rosa, Carinhoso and Vou Vivendo
(arrangements by André Simão for flute (or voice) and guitar)
- Canciones Populares Antiguas, para voice and guitar
- Aquarela do Brasil
(arrangement by André Simão for voice and guitar)
- Trois Pièces, for flute and guitar
- Tamba-ta-já, Uirapuru, Exaltação e Côco-peneruê
(arrangement by André Simão for voice and guitar)
- Vou me embora
(transcription by André Simão for voice and guitar)
- Sonatina, for flute and guitar
- Cordas de aço
(arrangement by Marco Pereira for voice and guitar)
Dorival Caymmi
Claudio Santoro
Astor Piazzolla
Luis Bonfá
Marlos Nobre (*1939)
Guinga (*1950)
Alberto Mejia
(*1959) Rodrigo Botter Maio
folclore/ Chico Buarque de
- É doce morrer no mar
- Lá vem a baiana
(arrangements by João Luiz for voice and guitar)
- Canção da Fuga Impossível
(transcripiton by André Simão for voice and guitar)
- Histoire du Tango, for flute and guitar
- Manhã de Carnaval
(arrangement by André Simão for flute and guitar)
- Dengues da Mulata Desinteressada
(transcripiton by André Simão for voice and guitar)
- Choro pro Zé, for voice and guitar
- Canções sem palavras, for voice and guitar
- Nem uma nuvem no céu
- Terezinha
(arrangement by João Luiz for voice and guitar)
3. Technical requirements for a concert
- Two chairs with the same model and size without armrests, or one chair and one piano bench for
one person (one for the stage and one in the dressing-room).
- Amplification: solo concerts are usually not amplified at concerts with more than 400 seats or
concerts with orchestra or chamber music, the following system requirements must be:
- A microphone (condenser or electric microphone)
- An adjustable microphone stand
- 2 PA speakers
- An artist-monitor speakers (with orchestra, depending on the number of additional musicians)
- One audio mixer and an audio engineer
4. Contact
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell phone in Germany: +49 170 306 2396
Website: www.andresimao.com.br
Attachment: Photocopy from reviews
Review from the CD “ Recital” in the magazine “Akustik-Gitarre”,
Review from the concert held in Augsburg,
Augsburger Allgemeine, 2008.
Review from the concert held in Pfronten - Germany, Allgäuer Zeitung, July 2010.
Review from the concert held at St. Egidienkirche Lauf-Beerbach - Germany, Pegnitz Newspaper, January 2010.