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Graduate Corner
Graduate Corner
Graduates for June 2010 - July 2010
“If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”
- Thomas Alva Edison
Career Step would like to extend our warmest congratulations to recent graduates of our program. Their
names are listed below along with any comments they wished to make. Congratulations and good luck to
USA Graduates
Amy - Stamping Ground, KY
As Career Step provides the tools, a student must possess
the willpower and self-discipline to take time to absorb as
much as possible. I feel that the entire time it took me to
complete this course (almost 2 years), given some lifestyle
changes i.e., moving, becoming a FT stay-at-home mom,
and some financial struggles and adjustments, it was
well worth it to MAKE the time to absorb all of the
information slowly so that it would “stick”. As for testing
in the final exam, I admit that I thought it would be easier
than it was. Yet, when I received news that I passed after
the 2nd try, I felt refreshed and that it was worth reaching
the high standards required to pass. I feel equipped to
pursue a job as a medical transcriptionist now! Thank you!
Antonina - New York, NY
I would highly recommend the Career Step program
to aspiring medical transcriptionists. The training
is all-inclusive and presented in an interesting and
understandable fashion. Student support and the forums
were invaluable sources of information and help. Kudos
to Career Step for a challenging, user-friendly method to
get an excellent education in this field.
Candace - Lexington, MO
This is not your typical, cookie cutter online course.
Career Step offers you a comprehensive education that is
well respected in the medical transcription industry. The
books, reference materials, online courses, and professional
guidance are all focused on one objective - your success!
Casey - New Castle, PA
I loved my training with Career Step! It is such an
excellent program, and it really prepares you for working
at home as an MT. I highly recommend this program
to anyone who is interested in a career in medical
transcription. I just recently graduated, and I already have
a job offer! Thank you Career Step!
Cynthia - Delaware, OH
The Career Step MT course was excellent in preparing
me for working in the MT field. Thank you Career Step
for giving me the tools necessary to begin such an exciting
Debbie - Kempner, TX
I researched online medical transcription companies for a
year before I decided to enroll with Career Step. When I
started my training, I knew I had made the right choice.
The course was well written, and I was able to retain more
than I realized. I enjoyed logging in each day to learn
something new. I am excited to have reached my goal, and
now I am an honors graduate. A bit of encouragement to
those taking the final exam: my first two scores were no
pass, even though I did improve the second time around.
The third time was the charm, jumping up 13 points in my
grade to be an honors graduate. I literally screamed when
I read my results. Now I am faced with the challenge of
landing that dream job of working from home, which I
am confident will happen. Thanks to all of you at Career
Step for what you do.
Donelle - Olympia, WA
Never give up!
Donita - Norman, OK
I am so excited to be a graduate of the Career Step
program. I feel very confident in my transcription abilities,
and I feel like the way the program is set up is the reason
for that confidence. I graduated with honors in June
2010 and was employed within 3 weeks of completing
the course. I will recommend the Career Step Program
to anyone interested in pursuing a career in medical
Doris - Wolfeboro, NH
I enjoyed the course immensely. I feel ready to start my
job search, and am very excited to be working in my new
career as a medical transcriptionist.
Elizabeth - Sachse, TX
My training at Career Step allowed me to achieve DSP
status with my employer after only 2 weeks’ employment.
DSP stands for Direct Submit Privileges, meaning I now
submit my work directly to the client’s QC department
with no prior internal Focus Infomatics review, unless
I request it. I think that says it all about the school that
trained me.
Gail - Garrison, TX
Career Step has helped me make a dream come true. I was
interested in doing medical transcription for years when
I worked in medical records at a local hospital. I was a
clerk who did discharge chart deficiencies and never got
a chance to start learning transcription. I met my future
husband, married and moved away before I could start
learning medical transcription. That was 29 years ago.
Since then, I have worked in the legal field, insurance,
and education. I was so unhappy at what I was doing, so
I made the decision to get the training I needed to become
a medical transcriptionist. I was lucky enough to be given
the information about Career Step through a director of
medical records, and after a year and a half, I finished
the course and recently graduated with honors. I am
now seeking out a job, and when I get hired, I will be a
medical transcriptionist. A dream come true! Thank you
Career Step for your program and your help. It has been
a challenge, but well worth the time and effort. Wish me
luck on finding a job.
Heidi - Ft Meade, MD
I just have to say that Career Step has TRULY changed
my life!! You work so hard for a 2- or 4-year college
degree and then are left with no on-the-job experience and
no employment when you’ve graduated. Yet with Career
Step, I was able to complete the course in less than a year,
had training that left me fully prepared and equipped, and
was contacted by a recruiter a few days after graduating
(before I ever sent a single resume in)! I am now happily
working from home with unlimited earning potential
(paid on production, the more I do the more I earn),
nobody standing over my shoulder watching, and a very
flexible work schedule. I wish I could scream from the
rooftops what a wonderful opportunity this is! Thank you,
Career Step!!
Inga - Pleasant Grove, UT
I’m still on the job hunt, but I feel that Career Step did a
wonderful job on preparing me for the MT world.
Kristin - Midvale, UT
This was a wonderful course for me. At times it was
challenging, but with determination I did it, and now I
have a new MT job and like it.
Laura - San Antonio, TX
At the beginning, I was very hesitant about the CS
program. I did not think that it was going to be enough
training to be a qualified MT. Reading about other
graduates finding jobs within a month of graduation
just didn’t seem real to me, but after gaining employment
3 weeks after graduation I am just one more testimonial
to how great CS is. I really don’t think there is a better
program out there and would recommend CS to anyone
who is considering being an MT.
Lisa - Wentzville, MO
I was very nervous to take my final exam. I kept dragging
my feet while I was working on the last part of my
program because I dreaded taking the final so much. I had
read all the stories in the forum about people having to
retake the final over and over to get high honors. I finally
felt I was somewhat ready and had prepared myself
to have to take the final more than 1 time. Imagine my
surprise when I found out I had received high honors on
my final the first time I took it. I was thrilled and a little
apprehensive because now I needed to find a job. Then
the day after I got my final results, a company contacted
me asking me to apply. Now I work for them! I guess I
finished at just the right time. So just keep working at your
program, do your best, and you can pass the first time!
Marcie - Owensville, MO
I am proud to have graduated from Career Step.
Melanie - Farmington, UT
I completed the Career Step training course in July,
graduating with high honors! I received a job offer from
Focus Infomatics within 1 week of graduating! Thank
you Career Step!
Nancy - Monett, MO
What a long road I have traveled to get where I am right
now. I studied online in 2006 to obtain a real estate license
and started working as a realtor in 2007. I enjoyed being
a realtor, but I had to take an office job to have more of
a steady income. As the market became more difficult, I
knew I needed to find something that would be more secure
and stable. I heard about Career Step and convinced my
daughter that she should take the course. The first month
that she was a new student, I kept wondering if medical
transcription was the new career I had been looking for,
so I decided to enroll. You have to make sure you set-up a
regular routine and stick to it. I would get up at 4:00 am
and study, and then go to my full-time job, and then come
home after work and study some more. Working full-time
and taking the Career Step course is pretty intense, but
I got through it, and I learned a lot about myself in the
process. I recommend taking the final exam as many times
as you need to achieve honors or high honors. I found out
two weeks ago that my last final exam score was honors.
I sent out some resumes and within five days I had a job
offer. I decided to take it! I will work part-time to get the
experience I need, but my plans are to quit my full-time
job and work from home as a medical transcriptionist.
Even though I had to put a lot of work and effort into the
Career Step course, I know that the credit for how well I
am trained goes to Career Step!
Nellie - Owasso, OK
I found Career Step to be a wonderful experience,
especially as a newcomer to learning online. It took
me much, much longer than I anticipated to finish the
program but I am still hopeful that in the long run, it will
be well worth it. I still have certain doubts about the field,
which I believe is fairly natural in our economic times and
also considering I am a nurse. However, this was a choice
based on being able to be at home with my child and that is
still a priority. I hope that the future of my current career
in medical transcription is bright. I would even like to
consider teaching or moving up in some way later on down
the road within a company in medical transcription. I
certainly think the course is well worth what you pay, and
I feel like it is a very supportive, nurturing environment
to learn. I always read Stepping Up when I was feeling
discouraged. I am happy to report I graduated with high
honors and immediately found employment with one of
the larger companies.
Patricia - Satsuma, AL
Career Step’s program was one of the best ideas my
husband and I ever had. I am not going to tell you that
it is something easy to do; however, Career Step makes it
fun and the people that work there are very professional,
yet easy to talk to. I am glad that I graduated, but sad to
actually be done with the course. Thank you Career Step.
Paula - Pine Island, NY
I am so happy I have completed this course. It took me
two years to do it, but it was a new way of learning for
me. Online schooling can be tough because you always
seem to find something else to do instead. You have to be
dedicated to it and have a schedule. I am looking forward
to working in this field in my future and hope it will be my
main income someday. As with most things the longer you
do it the better you get at it. I am very happy I took this
course through Career Step.
Robert - Dozier, AL
I am very satisfied with the training. However, I would let
fellow students know that it is not easy to find work as an
entry-level MT. Maybe its the economy, but I graduated in
June of 2010 and as of August 3rd still have not found
employment in the field. As Alesa says “Hang in there,
don’t give up, you’ll get a job soon.”
Sara - Payson, UT
I am so grateful that I took a leap of faith and signed up
for Career Step. The course ended up taking longer than
I thought it would, mostly due to having 3 little kids at
home to take of, and pregnancy with another, but with
the encouragement of my family and new friends found
in the forums, 1 1/2 years after I started, I graduated
the MT program with honors. Within 2 weeks, I found a
flexible part-time job that is perfect. Now I can stay home
and take care of my family while adding a little income,
which was my goal. I have only the best to say about
Career Step. I have been very impressed with the staff
and the program itself. I would recommend this program
to anyone interested in the medical transcription field. It
simply is the best out there.
Stephanie - Cape Carteret, NC
I believe that Career Step provided me with the knowledge
and know-how that I needed to start working in the MT
field. I feel I had a lot of experience when stepping out
into the real world and applying for jobs.
Sue - Petersburg, WV
Career Step has given me a new life! I had worked for 30
years in 2 separate jobs that did not give me any sense of
self-fulfillment. I live in an area that does not have many
job opportunities so I took what was available. I had 2
children, and at that time I was just thinking survival.
After losing my most recent job due to the decline in the
economy, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that
I would enjoy and one that would be secure. I knew that
you could not go wrong with something in the medical
field. I had worked for a short time in 1976 as a medical
transcriptionist. You can imagine how different this
profession was then! I started surfing the Internet in search
of a school that trained medical transcriptionists. Voila!
What should appear before my eyes but Career Step. This
school has been recognized by Inc. magazine, approved
by AHDI, and featured on Good Morning America,
CNN, and The Wall Street News Hour. I did not need to
look any further, and felt that I had made a wise choice
applying to Career Step. I want to say “Thank you”
to each and every person who works for the school. My
gratitude goes far beyond what I gained in learning. I am
grateful in knowing that there are still good people in this
world who truly care about what happens in your life, even
after graduation from the course.
Tammy - Cartersville, GA
Thank you Career Step for creating a program that gave
me a new career and a new found confidence in myself !
Canada and Australia/New Zealand
Anita - Whitby, ON
I was elated and surprised when I saw my exam results, as
I had second-guessed myself during the period waiting to
receive them. I was just happy I had passed first time and
did not have to do it all again.
Anonymous - Canada, CA
Two years of hurdling the course was such a long time
for me. Initially, my fervor to complete the medical
transcription course was so immense, I was determined
to be done in less than a year. However, beyond my
control, successive family concerns came into the way that
impinged my study pace. I requested for several course
extensions and much more frustrating was my final exam
failure, I lost my interest, but with the tremendous support
of an advisor, I was motivated to pursue and regained
my confidence to accomplish my goal to graduate from
this course. My heartfelt gratitude for the encouragement
and motivation that I gained from the Skills Assessment
department goes out especially to Sue Sawyer. She was
there to guide me in my review to achieve a passing grade
in the final exam with flying colors. My husband was the
one who chose CanScribe/Career Step, and I should say I
had no regrets for it gave me new learning and discipline
of online studying. Although I already have a medical
background, the course was a challenge for me, specifically
developing the “listening ear” which was a tough skill
to conquer. I’m still looking forward for my practicum,
as I believe that this will offer me additional knowledge
of the course and improve more my transcription skills
in preparation for a promising medical transcription job
hopefully soon. Thank you Career Step/CanScribe for the
outstanding training you’ve shared with me!
Christine - Milverton, ON
There is a lot I could say about my experience in this
course, but I will try to keep it short! At the end of it all,
I learned how important my attitude was to my success.
Early on, I realized it was much more difficult to keep
at it and make the time necessary to meet the goals that I
had set than I initially thought. I wish that I would have
actually talked to someone in person about this early in the
course and asked for more specific tips on how to stick with
it. Some modules I really loved and others weren’t as fun.
Grammar was tricky, trying to keep all the parts of speech
straight in my head. I had some personal obstacles to
overcome and a young family to take care of during it all.
It wasn’t always easy but it wasn’t promised to be either.
And the weeks that I had a positive, upbeat attitude turned
out much better than the weeks that I was a Grumpy Gus.
Believing in myself and my abilities was the number
one key to my success, to achieving high honours on the
final exam, to landing a mentorship, and then a job with
OzeScribe only a few weeks after passing my final. This
course gave me all of the tools I needed, gave me lots and
lots of practice, and enabled me to have the confidence that
I was prepared for the final and for the working world.
I also cannot say enough good things about the student
forum. I wish I had used the forum way more than I did,
as it was only near the end of the course that I realized
just how incredible this resource is. Every student should
make the time to access it on a regular basis. Participating
in the forum really gave me a sense of community as well,
knowing that there were so many other students going
through the same ups and downs as I was. At the end of
it all, I learned so much, about myself and about being a
medical transcriptionist. It is a wonderful, informative
course and I would be happy to share more about my
journey and my experiences as a new MT in the future!
Deborah - Wallaceburg, ON
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I loved being able to work
independently at home and online curriculum made it very
easy to do this. I’m looking forward to working as an
Debra - Seagrave, ON
I thoroughly enjoyed the past 52 weeks learning something
completely new and challenging. I do feel well equipped
to work as a medical transcriptionist having had dictators
with a wide range of accents, pronunciation, diction,
and style. This was a steep learning curve for me as I
was unfamiliar with the medical specialties and medical
terminology. However, over time, it all became second
nature to me, and I was able to fine-tune my research
skills while completing dictations. As a graduate, I feel
confident in the knowledge that I am a qualified medical
transcriptionist, and I can comfortably make the transition
from practical training experience to a new and viable
career. This course gives me the opportunity to work
from home, which is especially good during the winter
months here in Canada.
Jenny - Hepburn, SK
I was very pleased with this course. Being a stay-at-home
mom, it felt good to do some “brain work.” It gave me a
sense of self-worth in that I was learning a new skill that
would be beneficial to my family’s financial picture.
Joan - Maple Ridge, BC
After being a retired RN for several years, I decided to
return to the workforce. I didn’t want to return to nursing,
but wanted to do something that involved medicine.
Way back in the day, when I decided to become a nurse,
my school was also offering an MT course. I was very
tempted at the time to take the MT course because it really
appealed to me, but I decided on nursing instead. I don’t
regret my decision, because my nursing background really
helped me throughout the course. I spent many months
researching MT training programs and finally decided
on CanScribe because it seemed to offer the best training.
I am so glad I made that choice! The training was very
challenging and required a lot of hard work. It took
me almost a full year to complete it, and I graduated
with high honors in July! I am doing a practicum with
CanScribe at the present time, and I feel totally prepared
in my new career as a medical transcriptionist.
Karin - Petawawa, ON
Great course. I feel ready to hit the transcription world
Kim - Kamloops, BC
Career Step and CanScribe - We did it! You gave
me 1 year to accomplish a goal, become a medical
transcriptionist, strengthen my brain, and with that, I took
the challenge and ran with it. Now, I feel so very proud
of myself and cannot stop talking about my experience
to anyone who will listen. The course was fun yet serious,
challenging yet not mind-numbing, online yet not in a
way you ever felt alone. I have graduated, am currently
finishing my practicum and cannot wait to join the
workforce! I excited for the opportunity to be able to work
from home and watch my babies grow up. My family and
I thank you!
Makala - Sooke, BC
Taking on a course of this magnitude via distance
learning can be intimidating, but the Career Step program
is well thought out and provides a smooth transition into
each module. I loved the program and look forward to my
new career as a medical transcriptionist.
Maria - Oakville, ON
The MT course helped me open up opportunities in the
medical and health industry. I have a stronger medical
background to complement the bachelor’s degree in science
course that I took up in the university.
Marie - Selkirk, MB
Overall, I really enjoyed taking the course even though it
was a tremendous amount of work while continuing to
work full time. I only wish I could have had the time to
enjoy and fully participate in the online forums and chats,
although I did print all of those for which a link was
provided. These I was able to read when I could find a
minute here and there! I look forward to completing my
practicum and starting my career as an MT!
Melissa - Oshawa, ON
This course was very informative and I would recommend
it to anyone who would like to enter the medical
transcription work force.
Pam - Kelowna, BC
When I first started the course I was little bit worried
because it has been a while since I was in school.
Sometimes just helping my kids with their homework was
a challenge, but once I got started it wasn’t that bad. The
staff was always positive and helpful when I needed them.
There were a few times during the course that I would feel
like I am never going to be able to do this, and somehow,
on those days someone from Career Step would call me
and ask how things were going. I don’t know how they
knew, but they did, and after talking to them it always
seemed do-able. On those days when I felt like giving up,
the staff always stayed positive and encouraging.
Patricia - Vancouver, BC
Stay on schedule, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and work
on developing your listening “ear” and research skills. I
found reviewing and transcribing the reports (listed on
the forum) in preparation for the final very helpful. Also,
I would recommend ordering the text companion to the
program. I didn’t (due to a lack of funds at the time) but
in retrospect, I really wish I had. It would have been very
useful to have during those times I wasn’t at the computer
but wanted to study the material.
Patti - Nanaimo, BC
Overall an excellent course! The staff at CanScribe is
courteous, helpful, and available.
Roxanna - Grandora, SK
The Career Step program is definitely the one that I would
recommend to anyone who is thinking of entering the
medical transcription industry. It was, for sure, the best
that I found.
We are so proud of all the Career Step graduates and want to hear about your success! Please keep in
touch and share your experiences with us. Your story might be what inspires other Career Step students
to tackle and complete the program. E-mail: [email protected]
Adina - Albuquerque, NM
Alicia - Porterfield, WI
Amanda - Bentonville, AR
Amanda - Alma, AR
Amy - South Jordan, UT
Andrea - Troy, MO
Andrea - Albuquerque, NM
Angela - Minneapolis, MN
Angela - Monroe, OR
Angela - Gallatin, TN
Anita - Panhandle, TX
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Annette - Las Vegas, NM
Annie - Spring Lake, NC
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Barbara - Farmington, IA
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Brenda - Cat Spring, TX
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Christopher - Chicago, IL
Christy - El Paso, TX
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Claudine - Faith, SD
Collette - McKees Rocks, PA
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Courtney - Grand Haven, MI
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Danna - Oklahoma City, OK
Dawn - Folsom, CA
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Debbie - Cascade, CO
Debra - Dunbar, WI
Dena - Denver, CO
Donna - Abbeville, LA
Elena - Glenolden, PA
Elizabeth - Lakewood, CO
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Erica - Fombell, PA
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Geneva - Grafton, WV
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Heather - Glenwood Springs,
Heather - W. Bloomfield, MI
Heather - Lawrenceville, GA
Heidi - Camarillo, CA
Helen - North Logan, UT
Herb - Sioux Falls, SD
Hillary - Crofton, MD
Hollie - Middleburg, FL
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Kathleen - Blue Island, IL
Kathryn - Baton Rouge, LA
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Katie - Jacksonville, FL
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Kristen - Healdsburg, CA
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Laurel - Deer Lodge, MT
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Rachel - Indianapolis, IN
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Robert - Houlton, ME
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Virginia - Wonewoc, WI
Wendy - Opelika, AL
Wendy - Choteau, MT
Whitney - Irvine, CA
Yana - Vancouver, WA
Canada, Australia/New Zealand
Barbara - Stornoway, SK
Bethani - Halifax, NS
Brenda - Kamloops, BC
Carol - Petersborough, ON
Cassandra - Cross Creek, NB
Catrina - Windsor, ON
Cheryl - Kelowna, BC
Christine - Calgary, AB
Crystal - Summerfield, NB
Deborah - Oshawa, ON
Diana - Richmond, BC
Diane - Victoria, BC
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Eta - Modiin Illit, ISRAEL
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Tania - Keysborough, VIC
Employer Zone
Location: Positions are for remote transcriptionists nationwide.
Hiring: All hires are IC status who work remotely. Daytime Shifts right now. Part-time.
Hire new grads? Yes. High Honors only.
How to apply: Go to website and click Join Our Team, follow instructions.
Training: We train MT’s on our clients’ software.
Mentoring: Unknown.
Types of Reports: Neurology/Neurosurgery clinic notes, exams, chart notes and letters.
Scheduling flexibility: Scheduled shifts.
ISP restrictions: Cable, DSL and Satellite Okay. No wireless.
Equipment Required: Windows XP or Vista, Microsoft Word 2003 (Preferred) or MS Word 2007. No
MS Works. Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary. Antivirus software.
Microsoft .Net framework. Pentium 4 - 3.0 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive. Valid e-mail
Speech Recognition Editing: No

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