Welcome to Grade 6! We are very much looking forward to meeting


Welcome to Grade 6! We are very much looking forward to meeting
Welcome to Grade 6! We are very much looking forward to meeting you in August.
This will be a new and exciting year for you and we want it to go as smoothly as possible. For many of
you, it will be the first time that you will have different teachers for each subject and this can be
challenging. That is why it is so important that you try to be organized and come to all of your classes well
prepared. You will be given an agenda when you come to school which will help you to stay organized,
but you are responsible for bringing the other supplies that you will need to be successful – and it is
important that you have everything that you need. Make sure you have everything from the supplies list
below ready for your first day of school.
Have a wonderful summer. We look forward to working with you in August!
Your Grade 6 Teachers
Grade 6 Supplies List
Please make sure you have all of the following on the first day of school:
A bag that can hold books and a
laptop safely and that will keep them dry
Eine Schultasche, die Platz hat fuer Buecher
und einen Laptop, und beides auch trocken
A4 accordion binder
(minimum 9 subjects dividers)
Ear buds for use with computers
Pencil case
Colouring pencils and markers
Eraser and pencil sharpener
Glue stick
A4 Akkordeon Mappe (Faechermappe)
mit mindestens 9 Unterteilungen
Kopfhörer / Ohrstöpsel für den PC
Farb- und Filzstifte
Radiergummi und Anspitzer
Students taking French
will need an A4 notebook (lined paper)
Schüler, die den Französischunterricht
besuchen, brauchen ein Notizheft (liniert A4)
Students taking Art will need an A4
sketch book (plain paper)
Schueler, die Kunst gewaehlt haben, brauchen
ein Zeichenheft (weiss, unliniert) A4
Students are required to have a pair of clean indoor trainers/sneakers (non-marking soles), and a pair of
outdoor trainers/sneakers (preferably a pair of "running" trainers). Your child will be expected to bring a
gym bag to school, containing a clean pair of shorts or sweatpants, ZIS t-shirt, trainers, towel and a swim
suit. . ZIS PE T-shirts can be ordered via Community Portal. The t-shirt is the same as the one used in
the Lower School so there is no need to buy a new one if it is still in good condition.
Our curriculum offers students opportunities to experience team and individual sports as well as
swimming and lifesaving. It is expected that your child can swim by the time they enter middle school.
This means that your child should be able to swim 25 meters breast stroke or crawl in deep water