Dengue Virus Type 2 Coated Glass Slides



Dengue Virus Type 2 Coated Glass Slides
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Dengue Virus Type 2
Coated Glass Slides
Art. No.
For immunological detection of antibodies directed against Dengue
virus serotype 2 (most infected humans show serotype crossreactivity, irrespective of serotype)
Dengue virus (flavoviridae) occurs in four distinct serotypes all
transmitted by mosquitos (Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus). In
humans the virus gives rise to Dengue fever, Dengue hemorrhagic
fever and Dengue shock syndrome (DHF /DSS) occurring after
sequential infections. All four serotypes can cause Dengue fever and
DHF/ DSS, but severe disease seems to be associated with serotypes
2 and 3.
Remove slide carefully from bag.
Rehydrate slide for 2 min in PBS solution.
Pipette test sample (approx. 20 µl per well) into individual well.
Incubate for 30 min (in a moist chamber at room temperature).
Wash 3x with PBS before applying secondary detection system.
Interpretation of Results
Approximately 20% of the cells on each well are Dengue virus
infected and show positive reaction upon incubation with samples
containing specific antibodies: virus forms cytoplasmic clusters. Noninfected cells (approx. 80% of cells) represent an internal negative
control and should remain negative. A fourfold rise in IgM or IgG titers
is considered as positive (cf. e.g. Gill et al, 2000)
Use immediately after opening of the sealed bag
At 2-8°C
Special Note
Although virus-infected VeroE6 cells are fixed, slides should be
handled as potentially infectious!
50 tests (5 slides with 10 wells ea.)
Individually sealed glass slides (GS) with fixed Dengue virus
(serotype D2, New Guinea; from CAMR, UK) infected and
non-infected cells.
For research use only !
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For research use only!