Inspection of Carry-on Luggage: Diving Lamps


Inspection of Carry-on Luggage: Diving Lamps
Inspection of Carry-on Luggage: Diving Lamps
Inspections of carry-on luggage are conducted by security officers of the Zurich Airport Police on behalf
of Flughafen Zürich AG (Zurich Airport).
Diving lamp in carry-on luggage (quantity: ____)
Prerequisites satisfied for transport (isolated from power supply)
May be taken on board, subject to the conditions below
This case was processed by: SBF (security officer):
Date: _______________
Passenger and flight information:
Last name, first name:
Passport/identity card no.:
Departure date: ___________________
Country: __________________________
Flight no. from ZRH:_________________
The undersigned confirms the correctness of the information provided above by him/her. He/she also confirms taking cognizance of the text below and agrees to it:
Signature of passenger:
Pursuant to the legal provisions of Annex 18 ICAO and the associated Technical Instructions and article 16 "Transport of Dangerous Goods" of the Swiss Air Transport Regulations (LTrV), transport of the above item is permitted
only under certain circumstances due to the potential hazard posed to the safety of passengers and/or the aircraft.
Carrying such items in carry-on or checked luggage is permitted with the consent of the air carrier if and only if the
power source has been completely disconnected or isolated (the battery has been removed or heat-generating
component has been isolated). When removing batteries they must be protected against short-circuiting. The power
source may not be restored for the duration of air travel.
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