March - Our Lady of Mercy School



March - Our Lady of Mercy School
During Thanksgiving Week last month, Ms. Claire Collins accepted an invitation to visit the new campus of New
York University that opened in September of 2010 in Abu Dhabi, the
capital city of the largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The
local customs are rooted in Islam teachings and the Emirate of Abu
Dhabi is ruled by its Sheikh.
The experience of such a visit was a rich one on many levels. NYU's
mission for this campus is to accept and graduate the world's best
and brightest global citizens - those students who show the most
promise of becoming peacemakers and visionaries for the
construction of a better future.
The Great Mosque of Abu Dhabi
The current Freshman Class of NYUAD, as the university is known,
is composed of 150 students, the best of their high school classes,
who speak an average of three languages and represent 39 nations
worldwide. There are two Brazilian students in this class, both of
New York University Downtown Campus Abu Dhabi
whom are proud to be the pioneers of the first class of this new
initiative, The First Global Network University. In the year 2013,
a new campus will be inaugurated on a new island currently under construction!
The core curriculum of NYUAD is first and foremost Liberal Arts in nature
with a strong emphasis in Math and in the Sciences. The university actively
seeks out prime candidates to be part of its mission and willingly helps facilitate
the application process for students who are nominated by OLM for admission.
If any student at OLM has interest in knowing more, please come see Ms. Claire
Bedouins with their camels live and work in the desert outside
Abu Dhabi by daylight or moonlight
When in Abu Dhabi, we were proud to report that our OLM international
student body could take great advantage of the rich opportunity NYUAD offers;
we hope it will appeal to our students as a viable option, a continuation of the
OLM high school experience.
Claire Collins
Women join together near the clock of the Great Mosque
that shows prayer times
By John J. Majka
There is always a fear in the back of any educator's mind of
being misinterpreted, misunderstood, or mistaken! The
consequences to someone who takes his role in society
seriously, namely his vocation to teach future generations, can
be quite shattering. But a stand must be taken.
Attention students!! SCHOOL IS WORK. If you see school
as your present job and as an advance into your professional
future, you will create attitudes that, in this first phase of
adult life, will make people happy that you work for them;
then, in the following years, you will know how to treat the
people who eventually will come to work for you.
The many people who marched for life had, have had and
continue to have a very simple point to make: ABORTION
IS WRONG. The more this is said, the less will it be practiced.
The less abortion is practiced, the more human will we have
become as a society.
For almost 17 years now I have been coming to work,
regularly, at OLM. It is a gift to have a job these days and
even more so to be doing something one really enjoys most
of the time. I have not always felt all that well and sometimes
was not even looking forward to a particular class or activity
and I knew that in coming to work it would be work.
The Health Department of New York City was flabbergasted in
announcing the results of a study finding that 41% of
pregnancies in the city ended in abortions. That was not the
reason for abortion being legalized, since it is a serious surgical
intervention upon the mother and fatal for the fetus. (see:
Life is simply not only about us in the here and now. The
shortest way, the most convenient solution and the first thought
about how to resolve a conflict is not necessarily the best
response--actually it rarely is.
It is too easy to state that the remorse, guilt and grief
experienced by so many women and even men who participated
in an abortion is due to cultural/religious influences. Deep
down we all want to live; we believe that the quality of life has
to come from the way we live and let live.
It wouldn´t be easy nor always satisfying in every detail, but it
was a commitment to participate in the mission of a school
that allowed me to do what I liked doing --counseling and
then, later, teaching --while being able to share what I knew
and learning some of what I still did not know, in an ongoing
teaching/learning relationship with students that I could call
mine by dint of the personal nature of the vocation of
teaching and by pride in their efforts and successes.
Student success does not simply come from talent or from a
facility in working with or even manipulating facts and other
tools. It comes from effort that is constant, developing and
effective in an attempt to produce valuable results toward the
solving of conflicts and strains faced in everyday living.
There are no real shortcuts; it is usually the narrow path and
the road less-traveled. Students--don´t avoid work--embrace
it and there will come a satisfaction that makes all the
sacrifices and sufferings worthwhile.
Olá! My name is Lynzie
Keck. I am currently a
senior at Ashland University
in Ohio. I am studying
Early Childhood Education
and will graduate in May. I
am in a first grade classroom
here at OLM. So far, I am
enjoying every minute of it!
The kids are so much fun.
Not only will I take away a
great teaching experience
here in Brazil, but I also
hope to really jump into the
culture and experience that
as well. I am originally from
Indiana, which is where my
mother, father and the rest
of my family resides. I have
one brother and two sisters.
I have been blessed with
three nieces, a nephew and
another nephew was just
born! I enjoy spending most
of my time with my family.
When I‟m not with them, I
enjoy shopping, reading and
being with my friends. I am
so excited to get to know
each of the students in my
classroom! I know this will
be one of the greatest times
of my life. I‟m already
learning so much, in the
classroom and just about
different life situations in
general. I‟m looking
forward to a great next few
What‟s up OLM? My name is Zachary Tucker and I‟m a
student teacher from Bowling Green State University. For
those of you who don‟t know, BGSU is located in the
extremely flat and many times boring part of Ohio, but I love
it. I am excited to be working with 10th and 11th graders in
social studies (the best subject) and also hope to get involved
with some of the activities throughout the school. I‟m
originally from a tiny town in southeastern Ohio called
Belpre, but have lived in several other cities while growing up.
I have two older sisters (Bethany and Wendy) and also have
two older brothers (Chris and Josh). My siblings have already
blessed me with 4 beautiful nieces and an amazing nephew,
and hopefully more will come soon! This summer Bethany
and Chris will both be getting married so I am excited for the
festivities when I return to Ohio. I am a huge football
(American) fan and even though they are terrible I absolutely
love the Cleveland Browns. I have also found a passion for
photography since coming to college and Rio de Janeiro
definitely offers several locations to practice. I love music of
all types and my passion started when I would travel with my
grandpa‟s jazz group when I was younger. Growing up back
in Belpre, I spent all of my summers outdoors swimming,
fishing and hunting with my best friend Broc and others. I
would consider myself a very open person, so feel free to ask
questions. I‟m excited to begin my adventure at OLM and in
the beautiful country of Brazil. Ciao, Zach T
Zachary Tucker, Lynzie Keck, Ashley Meyerrose and Brooke Lyons
Oi! My name is Brooke Lyons, a student teacher from Bowling
Green State University! I am more than ecstatic to be in the
beautiful country of Rio de Janeiro, and, even more, I am excited to
have the opportunity to work with the students and staff here at
I've had a lifelong passion for education and I will be the third
generation coming from a lineage of educators. What better way to
start my highly anticipated career in education by gaining experience
in Rio?!
I am from Dayton, Ohio where I went to high school at a
performing arts school. In high school, I majored in theater and
creative writing so I am particularly fond of the arts. My goal is to
absorb as much culture and education from the students and staff
as I am able to impart on them. More recently, I have been inspired
to do a lot of work with community service. I have served as the
President and Executive Chair for several philanthropic
organizations on my college campus as well as in my hometown,
such as the African Leadership Summit and the FadWatch Fashion
Club. I hope to make this a wonderful experience here at OLM and
I can't wait to see what's in store for me here!!
Thanks for having me, Brooke Lyons
Oi! My name is Ashley Meyerrose and I am a student teacher from
Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. I am majoring in Middle
Grades Education. This semester, I have the pleasure of working
with the 8th grade English and Math classes here at OLM. I am very
excited about this opportunity to work with you students as well as
explore all that Rio de Janeiro has to offer!
I was born in Munster, Indiana, but have lived in Pickerington, Ohio
for most of my life. I graduated from Pickerington North High
School in 2007 where I was involved in cheerleading, choir, and the
National Honor Society. At Ashland University, I am a cheerleader,
a scholar for the College of Education, and a member of Kappa
Delta Pi, which is the education honorary society. I have been a
cheerleader since I was in 1st grade, so I am very passionate about it
and I hope to help out with the cheer squad here! In my free time, I
like to exercise, go shopping, scrapbook, cook, and watch movies!
This is my first time being out of the country. I am excited to pair
my passion for teaching with the experience of being in a new
country and a new culture! I love working with students, and I am
very honored to have this opportunity!
Quem conta um conto aumento um ponto...
Fernanda Machado(´12)
Por volta do entardecer, quando Matias e sua mulher sorviam um triste chá e se
queixavam da miséria da classe média, da necessidade de ter de andar sempre com a camisa
limpa, do preço dos transportes, dos aumentos por força da lei, enfim daquilo que conversavam
na hora do crepúsculo os pobres casais, escutam bater na porta e a abriram e irrompeu casa
adentro um mulatinho sujo, muito assustado que escondia a face com as mãos
Matias, em tom alarmado, mandou a mulher se trancar no quarto.
Levantou a cadeira onde estava sentado e já se preparava para acertá-la contra o
menino, que neste mesmo instante o mulatinho havia retirado as mãos do rosto
mostrando seus olhos cheios de lágrimas... esperou que Matias o acertasse.
Matias parou instantaneamente. A fisionomia sofrida do mulatinho o
abalou muito, fazendo-o pensar sobre o que ocorrera com o pobre garoto.
Depois de intermináveis segundos, sem saber o que fazer, Matias
perguntou em um tom sério e seguro:
- Para que isso tudo garoto? O que você quer da gente?
Novamente o menino chorou e a mulher foi chamada para ampará-lo.
Depois de ter se acalmado e comido um pão recheado com queijo e
presunto acompanhado de um leite quente, o menino contou que morava com a
mãe e que ela o abandonara, deixando-o sem nada. Ao vagar triste e faminto pela
rua, um policial começou a persegui-lo e, no desespero, acabou invadindo a casa
de Matias.
- Foi mal, tio... foi mal, tia – concluiu o menino.
Matias não pode acreditar na crueldade daquela mãe e decidiu levar o
menino à delegacia para prestar uma queixa contra ela.
O menino não queria ir. Mesmo na insistência ele não cedeu. Disse que,
na delegacia, ele não pisava porque não queria encontrar aquele policial
A mulher não queria ficar sozinha com o garoto. Matias falou para o
mulatinho que ficasse quietinho assistindo televisão enquanto que eles voltariam
No caminho, a mulher perguntou a Matias porque ele estava ajudando
um estranho.
- Eu sinto que é a coisa certa a fazer – respondeu ele.
Regressaram satisfeitos e quando entraram para ver como o menino
estava, ele tinha sumido. A televisão também tinha sumido... o microondas... o
DVD... o computador... a geladeira... e a cadeira também. Não tinha sobrado
quase nada.
A mulher, agora extremamente pálida, gaguejando, perguntou:
- E... e agora!?
Sentindo-se derrotado, Matias respondeu:
- Agora voltaremos à delegacia.
é luta de dançarinos. … dança de
gladiadores. … jogo de camaradas. … jogo, é bailado,
é disputa - simbiose perfeita de força e ritmo, poesia e
agilidade. Única em que os movimentos são comandados
pela música e pelo canto. A submissão da força ao
ritmo. Da violência à melodia. A sublimação dos
antagonismos... Na Capoeira, os contendores não são
adversários, são 'camaradas'... Acima do sentido de
competição, há um sentido de beleza...
O capoeira é um artista e um atleta, um jogador e um poeta.”
Dias Gomes
As a mother of three, I find it extremely important to respect each
one´s individuality, which they express through a different
modality of sport. From a very early age, Maria Julia, my youngest,
has proven herself to have a very strong personality. At the
daycare she used to go to before starting pre-nursery here at OLM,
Capoeira (afro-Brazilian fight dance) was offered to children as a
means of developing not
only their motor skills, but
also their cultural awareness.
Capoeira is offered here at
Our Lady of Mercy both as
part of the PE curriculum
and as part of the After
School Program.
immediately embraced this
latter opportunity. She takes
this activity seriously, and is always focused on Mestre Davi´s
orientations. Her family felt honored at her “Baptism” on
November 27th during the “7°
Encontro Infantil de Capoeira Semeando e Cultivando a Capoeira do
All students who represented our
school community at the “Mico
Preto” yearly ceremony did an
outstanding job. We are all very
proud of our “Abelhinha”!
Ms. Scavarda, MS English Teacher
Julio Mario Quadros (right) is an exchange student coming to spend the next semester in OLM. He originally
comes from Colombia and came alone to Brazil to attend the exchange program. He lives with his
grandmother, and is adapting well to Brazil. His new classmates in 10 th grade are providing all the help he
needs as he adapts to the school and the curriculum; up till now he has a good opinion of OLM. He is sure to
enjoy school here in Brazil very much; he really loves the beach, playing volleyball and swimming, so he is in the
right place!
Luca Romiti (left) is a new edition to the 11th grade this semester, having come all the way from Rome, Italy
because his parents were transferred to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Arriving in the end of the Christmas vacation, his
first week in school was also his very first week in Rio meaning that his first impression of Brazilian culture was
seen here in OLM, which is a great honor for the school as it introduced him not only to a new curriculum but
also to a new country. He is excited about learning English and ready for the rest of the school year. His
classmates have been a big help and welcomed him properly to their class. Luca he enjoys playing soccer, an all
time favorite sport here in OLM and he is fitting right in.
OLM´s current senior class has a unique new arrival this semester; her name is Shila Branch from Colorado, United States. What
makes her different is that she already has enough credits to graduate and so she is at OLM to audit classes and learn Portuguese. She
will stay with the senior class until May, when she will return to Colorado to attend her graduation ceremony. She chose to visit Brazil
for a vacation but refused to sit still during her time here so she enrolled in OLM as an observer of the senior class in order to learn
more about Brazilian culture and the language spoken. According to her, the first week in Botafogo before school started was lonely and
boring and she is quite happy to be in school where she is already making many friends with her classmates. She enjoys running and
sports, actually planning in following this love for athletics into a career of teaching as a
personal trainer.
Rodrigo Fernandes Rodriguez’s Brazilian parents went to work in the U.S.A. where he was
born and lived his entire life as an American citizen. He would regularly come to visit family in Brazil during his school holidays, so
he is already very familiar with this country and life here. His parents have now returned to Brazil for work purposes and he has
been enrolled here in OLM into this year´s 10 th grade class. He is a music lover and has already signed up for Mr. Camera´s class
during his activity period. In his opinion it is a great class that he enjoys a great deal. He favors several sports but his favorites
would be basketball, volleyball and astoundingly surfing. He is already comfortable here in Brazil and is warming up to OLM more
The senior class of 2011 went on February 15th to Sitio Santo Agostinho escorted by Mr. Majka, Ms. Machado and Ms. Souza.
We had a wonderful time, we did some fantastic activities that brought us more united as a class and after we had free time.
Time that we spent with our friends in the pool, playing soccer, or playing American football. Brotherhoods are always fun,
it is sad to remind us that this was our last, we are graduating soon and maybe it is not possible to united once more the
whole class and have some fun with our teacher that in some way are special for us. It is hard to say goodbye to people you
like, so I prefer to say “see you later”. Alejandra Loaiza (´11)
Ivan Varella(´11)
This year's annual Halloween party was to be
held, as it has been for the past 24 years at
OLM on Saturday October 30th, yet
unfortunately for a few reasons that need not be
mentioned the festivities were held back. Still
not all was delayed: the senior Haunted House
was hosted on Friday October 29th for all
classes at certain periods of the day so that
students could at least enjoy a good scare at
Halloween to lighten the load of their school
work with a fright. The haunted house was as
usual built in the school’s art room, the
preparations began on Wednesday of that very
with students giving it their all to
make sure they could satisfy the
school’s expectations of a scary
room. The event did turn out to be
a sensational experience; while at
the beginning of course the
students were a bit inexperienced
at guiding the visitors through the
room’s various scares, they got
better with each tour. The art
room was turned into an
abandoned film studio filled with
the monsters and scares being
focused around the various horror
movie blockbusters. The idea was
that each
group that entered with a senior (acting as a tour
guide) would traverse the room passing by all the
monsters in turn while acting as if they knew not
what was happening. The haunted house was a
success in the morning and until early after lunch
but unfortunately afterwards several students had
already vacated the premises leaving the remaining
working students shorthanded. A special
acknowledgement to Andrew of the senior class
that remained providing the event with an
appropriate, spooky soundtrack even beyond the time he was expected,
even going as far as canceling an
important appointment he had that
day. Thanks also to the responsible
seniors that took charge of the event:
Helena Machado, Barbara Padovani,
Fernanda Bastos da Silva, Maria
Eduarda Leitão e Giovanna Franco.
The main festivities happened
the following weekend and they
provided great entertainment and fun
for all those that attended it, the
Halloween party is a great day
cherished by the younger students for
the number of
games, sweets
and activities
that arouse their interest. The event mostly took
place on the front court where the stage was also
built; there were several gaming booths such as:
Throwing aliens, bucket basket, haunting animals,
bowling and other classics like fishing—all this
with your usual snack booths. The play area for
the kindergarten was closed off by several colored
panels (1mx60cmx11m) painted by classes 6-10 to
show their creativity and keep people from
entering. There was a costume parade to show off
everyone's costumes. This was a favorite of the
little kids,who enjoyed dressing up for the party in
different costumes and clothes. There was also a
synchronized dance. It turned out to be one of the
Halloween parties and all pray for
next year’s success. The appeal
which is what the school values in
this event, the chance for all students
and guests to enjoy the evening and
have fun. All the activities, game
booths, food, entertainment and the
seniors haunted house promised and
delivered, leading to a great spook
fest ending Halloween and October with fear and fright.
It was great! Good music, good food, nice decorations
and nice people. The theme was “Under the Sea” and I think
STUCO really took it seriously! When you stepped inside the
disco (cafeteria) there were paper like algae and fish all
around the ceiling, and right in the center there was this
huge orange octopus hanging.
About the food, there are no comments. It´s the second
time Middle School STUCO hired “Crepe Cabral” and it was
a huge success! Also, there were yummy cup cakes made by
Mrs. Aguilhar with sugar-made sea animals sprinkled on top
of each.
The dance floor was always full,
T with everybody
dancing and having fun the whole time. There was an
atmosphere of love that crashed the party. Some were
corresponded, while others were left heart broken… Surely it
a blast of aREADING,
Nathalia Crespo – ´14
By John J. Majka
“Seguro minha mão na sua para juntos fazermos no teatro e na vida o que não quero nem posso fazer sozinho.”
Foi esta frase que nos incentivou e fez com que esta peça se tornasse realidade. É difícil de acreditar, mas nós
tivemos apenas duas semanas para preparar a apresentação.
Do roteiro ao figurino, tudo foi feito nessas duas semanas. Em alguns momentos nós simplesmente queríamos
desistir, achávamos que não daria tempo de tudo ficar pronto, mas sempre havia uma esperança que nos fazia
continuar. Só existe uma palavra para descrever os ensaios: estressantes. “Victor, acerta a fala!”, “Cala-te Isaura!”,
“Gente, vamos ensaiar!” Estas eram frases comuns nos nossos ensaios. À medida que nos aproximávamos da
5ªfeira, a preocupação aumentava.
“Essa é a minha turma
e me orgulho
de fazer parte dela.“
(Nathalia Crespo)
No dia da peça, estávamos todos nervosos. A ideia de que a escola inteira estava ali para nos assistir, só nos
apavorava mais ainda. Por incrível que pareça, no momento em que entramos no palco, tudo isso passou.
Esquecemos de todo o resto e só nos concentramos no espetáculo. No final, todos aplaudiram e a peça foi um
Pode ter sido difícil e estressante, porém quando a peça acabou e estávamos reunidos no palco, todo mundo só
tinha um pensamento na cabeça: “Eu faria isto tudo de novo.”
Ana Luiza Ferrer & Maria Pia Bertin (´14)
“Quando nós estivermos nos formando, vamos nos lembrar da peça e ver que
somos capazes de fazer qualquer coisa, se fizermos juntos.” (Maria Pia)
“Aprendemos que, se lutarmos pelo que queremos, nós conseguiremos tudo não
importando quais obstáculos estiverem a nossa frente.” (Isabel Boechat)
Saboreando um chá, Breno e Nathalia (irmãos Henrique e Malvina) conversam.
Vitória e Isabella (figurantes) observam Isabela (ama preferida)
nos cuidados da casa
Maria Pia e Ana Luiza (diretoras)
em discurso final.
Luiz (Leôncio) enciumado observa Perez (Belchior) ao declarar seu amor a Carolina (Isaura)
“Preciso admitir que entre xingamentos e a vontade de “matar”
Ms. Menezes e Ms. Barros, o projeto foi bem divertido.” (Joana Page)
By John J. Majka
Below are a few articles from the Catholic Press that could be helpful toward filling minds with spiritually fertile thoughts.
Needless to say: the most valuable reading would be the Gospel of Mark followed by the Gospel of Luke—a chapter per day (conveniently, 40 of them!)—to get
to know Jesus a little better this Lent.
The Lunchtime Examen will focus on a spiritual theme, such as gratitude or forgiveness. New prayer presentations will be available on consecutive Wednesdays,
starting March 9, making it a perfect weekly prayer practice for Lent.
Some Lenten advice from the Benedictine Monks of Norcia, Italy
So, what are you giving up for Lent?
Could Christ have sinned when tempted by Satan?, On
the Gospel for the 1st Sunday of Lent
On Seeking Greater Serenity
GOD, grant me the serenity to accept the things I
cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a
Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.
Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I
would have it.
Trusting that He will make all things right if I
surrender to His Will
That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and
happy with Him forever in the next. Amen.
Second Graders
had a great time at „Museu Nacional‟! They learned about mummies, saw fossils of dinosaurs that
were found in Brazil, and visited the Imperial Room.
It was a fun day with lots of exciting discoveries!
Ms. Fernandes and Ms. Lins
During the months of February and
March, the 4th and 5th Grade did
Projects in the Library Class together
with their English Teachers. The 4th
grade Fairy Tales project was to read
some Fairy Tales and re-write them
with different characters or create their
own stories. On March 30th, they
presented their work and had a special
snack. Their teachers, Mr. Freire and
Ms. Monteiro were very surprised with
the quality of their work.
4th Grade
Karine Trindade -5B, Bernardo Feinstein – 5A, and
Gustavo Page – 5A
1st place - DREAMS
In the dreams,
You can fly over the sky,
See the whole world.
And then in a little road,
You see a toad.
Then you wake up
And go to work
Do you like potatoes,
Smashed with tomatoes?
Or do you prefer potatoes,
Crumbled with tomatoes?
Well I want potatoes,
Without tomatoes.
What kind of food do you like:
Tomatoes or French Fries?
3rd place - VACATION
Vacation is good.
Vacation has food.
Vacation is even
Better than it should.
When vacation comes,
I will be having some fun.
When vacation is out,
I will cry and shout!
5th graders worked with Poems. They
read books of Poetry in the Library and
in their classroom. Then, they started to
write their own poems during English
and Library Classes for a Poetry
Contest. After all the corrections, made
by their English Teacher, Ms. Andrade,
the poems were sent to Middle and
High School English Teachers for the
Ms. Scavarda, Ms. Maurey, Ms. Rebello
and Ms. Lyons had difficulties in
choosing the best ones but on February
24th they announced the winners in a
great celebration in the Library. The
winners were: 3rd place – Karine
Trindade -5B, 2nd place – Bernardo
Feinstein – 5A, and 1st place – Gustavo
Page – 5A. All the Poems and Fairy
Tales were show quoted text displayed
in the Library.
Monica Monteiro
Speech given at the last dinner in NYC, March 12 th
To Merege, we leave the responsibility of being the oldest one next year.
As seniors, we are known as the oldest ones, the most lost (gladly
nobody asked us for directions this year), the noisiest ones in the bus and
To Ana Luiza, we leave a phonebook, so she can write down the number
those who walk very fast in the street. Everyone knows us for our height
of all her new friends.
(one tall, one average, and one short). We are the ones who love to sleep
To Nathalia, we leave more laughter, since she loves to laugh about
after committee sessions and that get stuck in the elevator.
We have spent years
To Ms. Paes, we leave a cell
at MUN, two starting
phone that she figures out
last year and one is
how to use from the
already a veteran. As
beginning of the trip.
seniors, we are sad,
because tonight
To Lucia, we leave extra
represents the end of an
luggage, so she can buy a
incredible adventure,
few extra items.
but it also marks the
continuation of many
To Priscilla, we leave an Ice
amazing friendships.
Tea and 20 packs of sugar.
Here‟s what we leave
To Fernanda, we leave a lot
behind: 8
of raisin bread and even
more naps.
To Isabella, we leave
food that‟s already halfTo Duda, we leave high
heels that are actually high
off the floor.
To Bruno, we leave 10
minutes of non-stop
To New York, we return all the horrible Ice Teas you provide us.
To Louise, we leave a watch, stylish and efficient.
Everything was great. Reality be told, we came as buddies, but we
To Carol, we leave a manual on how to use revolving doors.
are leaving as friends. Even with the age difference, we want to let
you know, you guys are awesome.
To Mateus, we leave a lot of ketchup, so his life never has a dull moment.
For us, never stop participating in school activities, and if
To Luiz, we leave an Ipad 2 made out of paper, since the real one is
possible, in MUN, and never let opportunities go by without taking
nowhere to be found.
a risk. Thank you for everything, and for giving us the best MUN
trip ever. (Tears)
To Jessica, we leave Hollister… enough said.
By Fernanda Da Silva, Maria Eduarda Leitão, Priscilla de Araujo (’11)
As part of the new OLM American school integration initiative, both the teaching staff and
administrators from every sector of Our Lady of Mercy School were present to represent our
community at the Annual Association of American Schools of South America Conference hosted by
the Escola Americana de Campinas, in the state of São Paulo. It was a deeply meaningful experience of
Professional Development. 8At the AASSA Conference, OLM staff was able to share experiences,
learn about new pedagogical theory, the brain and cognition, and different points of view from 800
representatives of every country in South America. Sessions were held in English with simultaneous
translation into Portuguese and Spanish. The keynote speakers put forth interesting, forwardthinking philosophies of education.
The OLM staff brought back to school new technology, new global definitions of society, its
expectations for the XXIst Century, and new goals for education that include both learning several
languages and being culturally prepared.
The experience is one more in a series of ongoing Professional Development opportunities that
OLM promotes for the ultimate benefit of our students. Other OLM staff members who stayed in
Rio on Friday, April 1 had a special In-Service day of sharing with Dr. Lyndaker, recently returned
from the annual ASCD Conference (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) that was held in San Francisco. (Most of the many books he
brought back were borrowed by the teachers and the group work on themes from the conference were valuable additions to the professional baggage of the
teachers involved.) Both moments were extraordinarily enlightening and meaningful experiences for all. OLM takes pride in remaining on the pedagogical
cutting edge.
By Claire Collins
Ms. Barbosa, Ms. Muzbeck and Ms. Collinis
Ms. Valente and
Ms. Barbosa
Ms. Collins, Ms. Monteiro, Ms. Barbosa, Ms. Brandão and Ms. Valente
Ms. Braga, Ms. barros, Ms.Miranda, Ms. Menezes
Ms. Tinoco and Ms. Dopico
You are TOP TEN!!
These professional athletes, Ms. Freire and Ms. Azeredo, secured the
victory for the OLM Staff Team when they played the high school students
in Volleyball in the Pep Rally Game on April 5th!
Go Dream Team, Go!
Claire Collins
staff show
their Lancer
spirit while
against the
actual Lancer
athletes… Go
Ms. Fortes & the OLM Cheerleaders

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