catalogo 2015 hi



catalogo 2015 hi
// It was not enough to experience the many rythms of New York, the funkiness of Rio de Janeiro or the color of the
Holi Festival in Vrindavan. We’re always looking for amazing places to make friends and live all those moments
worthwhile to become stories.
This season we bring new stories for you: two more collections ready to give a touch of class and happiness to your table
while you enjoy the company of your loved ones. New shapes and new colors, ideal for mix and match, refresh our style
and express both sober and euphoric feelings. Cutting edge glazing techniques and our special stoneware formula ensure
you’ll get the same quality and singularity DaTerra feels at home with.
We hope you keep enjoying!
Meaning Golden River, Douro blessed Portugal with one of the richest valleys in the world,
where you can find traces of prehistoric art, ruins of ancient civilizations and the luxury of the contemporary bon-vivants.
The old train line along the river will take you on such a relaxing journey enhanced only by a spirituous sip of the famous
Port Wine, which comes from the original vines on the slope called Socalcos.
Fortunately you can use this collection without medical restrictions!
We love it so much that decided to give you a double taste inspired in its renowned wines:
An old cast of red wine popular in the XVIII century which is getting recovered and trendy again.
Tradition and mastery leading innovation of the palate.
A very appreciated variant of white Port,
so sweet that it flows slowly like tears through
the walls of the glass.
Nº1 //
Sea, cliffs, caverns, bays, charming towns and vineyards paint this picturesque landscape,
where lovers have been losing their minds for centuries.
The Italian coastline of Amalfi hides plenty of secrets and sensations making it a paradise
for artists and stage of ancient legends. Enjoy its light on your table.
Ideal for mix and match, Amalfi presents its two faces:
A traditional liquor native from Amalfi made of lemon. Be careful,
its sweetness and freshness may bring eternal summer to your home!
Characters of the Homer’s Odyssey, the sirens were beautiful half-woman and half-fish
singing for the sailors who would crash on the rocks to their enchantment.
Just let yourself go…
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