Race Guide - The Color Run



Race Guide - The Color Run
Race Guide
Rio de Janeiro
Welcome to The Color Run™!
Thanks to you and all of your newest friends for
making The Color Run™ one of the World’s
biggest 5k events! We have made this race guide
to provide you with all the information you need to
make your experience as FANTASTIC as possible!
Packet Pick-Up
Hotel Novo Mundo - Terçeiro
Andar – Sala Prata
Praia do Flamengo, 20
Flamengo – Rio de Janeiro-RJ
Friday, Dec. 14th
12 pm to 8 pm
Saturday, Dec. 15th
10 am to 6 pm
You will find parking near the Hotel Novo Mundo,
there is public parking available on the sides of the
hotel. The following are some suggestions for
private parking lots:
GEpark Rua do Russel 744 Gloria Rio de Janeiro RJ
Park Towers Praia do Flamengo 66 Flamengo Rio
de Janeiro RJ
A photo ID is required to pick up your packet.
You can pick up packets for your friends and
teammates provided they sign the pick-up
waiver. (The waiver will be available soon)
Please remember to bring a waiver for each
packet you plan to pick up.
We STRONGLY encourage you to pick up your
packet prior to the race on the days listed above.
You can also pick up your packet on race day.
However, you will need to be there extra early.
Race Day Packet Pick-Up
Sunday the 16th for those who live outside of
Rio de Janeiro beginning at 5:30 am at the race
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You
Race Day - Sunday, December 16th
Monumento dos Pracinhas
Monument to the Dead of
World War II
Av. Infante D. Henrique, 75
Glória. Rio de Janeiro RJ / 20021-140
Race begins at 8:00 am
Because of the acessibility, we won't be providing parking. If you do drive, be sure to carpool to
keep the neighborhood cleaner and less
As you would with any large event allow plenty
of time to get to the race. Traffic may be
considerable both before and after the event.
Remember, these are your fellow Color Runners
out to have a great experience with their friends
and family. Plan your schedule accordingly and
be patient.
Additionally, please be on the watch for pedestrians, especially children. The Color Run is a
popular event for families who will be returning
to their cars as motorists are tyring to exit.
Please drive carefully and be alert.
Safety First
● Runners please keep to the left; walkers and participants with strollers, etc. please keep to the right.
● No alcohol is allowed at The Color Run™
● If running with a stroller, please stay to the right on
the course.
● If running with small children, please watch and
direct them through the race.
● If you are concerned at all with any part of the run,
feel free to wear safety glasses, a bandana, or dust
● Please follow any directions provided by race
officials, volunteers, and law enforcement.
● No glass bottles, containers etc. allowed at the
outdoor venue (parking lots, sidewalks, streets,
course, etc.)
● Above all, please be courteous and respectful to
everyone around you.
● Please make sure to attach your bib number so it is
visible on your shirt and that your wristband is worn on
race day. This is how you will be identified as a Color
Runner at the start/finish line.
● Teams may run in a group or separately, it is completely up to you.
● Friends and family are welcome to meet up with
participants in the general festival areas. Only Color
Runners will be allowed in the finish chute area.
If Life Hands You Color, Run With It.
Additional Information
Thank You
Last but not least we want to thank everyone who has helped to bring The Color Run™ to Rio de Janeiro.
Thank you to the city of Rio de Janeiro, city officials, law enforcement, the hundreds of volunteers at packet
pick-up and at the event, and last but certainly not least YOU, our fearless Color runners!
Until next time! Be happy, Be Healthy, and Be Safe!
- From all of us at The Color Run™
Additional Information
Additional information can be found online at www.TheColorRun.com
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the
most common questions we’ve been asked. You will also find some helpful tips
and tricks on how to clean up after the race. You can even join our VIP list and
get updates via email when we announce new races or open registration, or
stay in touch with us via Facebook!
Don’t feel like running but want to get in on the fun? Consider volunteering and
be part of The Happiest 5k on the Planet!
The Happiest 5k on the Planet!
AUTORIZAÇÃO DE RETIRADA DE KIT POR TERCEIROS Rio de Janeiro, _____ de Dezembro de 2012.
Uso da organização Eu, _________________________________________________________________________, AUTORIZO o Sr.(a) ____________________________________________________, a retirar o KIT de participação do evento esportivo THE COLOR RUN RIO DE JANEIRO, que será realizada em 16 de dezembro de 2012, no Aterro do Flamengo. ______________________________________________________RG____________________ Assinatura do solicitante (dono do KIT) _____________________________________________________ RG ____________________ Assinatura de quem retirar o KIT AUTORIZAÇÃO PARA MENOR Rio de janeiro ___ de dezembro de 2012. Eu, _________________________________________________________________________, residente ____________________________________________________________________, na condição de responsável do (a) menor ___________________________________________, AUTORIZO a participação do mesmo no evento esportivo THE COLOR RUN RIO DE JANEIRO, que será realizada em 16 de dezembro de 2012, no Aterro do Flamengo, com início ás 08 horas. Declaro que estou ciente das regras do evento. Identidade (RG) do responsável. _______________________________________________ CPF do Responsável ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Assinatura do Responsável