Form 8 Curriculum Map



Form 8 Curriculum Map
Form 8 Curriculum Map English 8 (PWE) English 8 (ACO) Mathematics Set 1 & 2 Portuguese A Pre/ post 1914 prose fiction Inventing Elliot Creative writing semiotics Shakespeare Merchant of Venice Numb
er intege
rs, power
s and roots •
Portuguese History Biology Non-­‐Literary text persuasive response Non-­‐fiction writing (explain, advise, comment, review) Number Fractions, decimals, percentag
es, ratio and proportio
n Number Calculation Non-­‐fiction reading Biographies Fiction writing Algebra Expressions, equations and formulae Spring Term 2016 Poetry pre/ post Shakespeare 1914 The Tempest Media Studies – journalistic conventions Poetry pre/post Travel Writing 1914 (inform, persuade, advise) Summer Term 2016 Pre/ post 1914 prose Exam Prep & fiction Checkpoint Inventing Elliot exams Drama text Algebra Sequence
s, functions and graphs Proble
m Solvin
g •
Portuguese B Number Place value, orderin
g and roundin
g Autumn Term 2015 Drama text •
Textos dos Media e Instrucionais (cartoon, ensaio, entrevista, blogue, artigo informativo, regulamento, receita) Leitura orientada de obras para educação literária.(texto narrativo) Gramática -­‐Regresso às aulas -­‐Férias e viagens -­‐Gramática Expansão e Mudança nos séculos XV e XVI -­‐Jovens de todo o mundo -­‐Desporto e lazer -­‐Gramática Portugal no contexto europeu dos séculos XVII e XVIII Unit 3 Variation and Inheritance •
ry Shapes and geomet
ric reasoni
ng Geometry Position and movement, Measureme
nt Handling data Probabili
ty Leitura orientada de obras para educação literária.(texto narrativo e texto poético) Gramática -­‐Compras -­‐Moda e vestuário -­‐Gramática -­‐Saúde e alimentação -­‐Comidas e bebidas -­‐Gramática Absolutismo e Mercantilismo numa Sociedade de Ordens Unit 2 Living things in their environment Unit 1 Plants Pre/ post 1914 prose fiction Trigonome
try Matrices Exam Prep & Checkpoint exams Exam Prep & Checkpoint exams Begin IGCSE IGCSE Prose IGCSE Language Coursework Begin IGCSE IGCSE Prose IGCSE Language Coursework IGCSE begins •
Leitura orientada de obras para educação literária (texto dramático) •
Gramática -­‐Cidade vs campo -­‐Gramática -­‐Serviços públicos -­‐Comunicação -­‐Gramática A Cultura em Portugal face aos dinamismos da Cultura Europeia Unit 1 Plants Exam Prep & Checkpoint exams IGCSE B1 Characteristi
cs of living organisms Regiões de Portugal A acção reformis
ta do Marquês de Pombal IGCSE B6 Respirati
on Chemistry 8.4 -­‐ Material Changes 8.5 -­‐ Energy Changes Physics Unit 9 Forces in Action Unit 10 Electricity ICT Art Geography History French Music PSHE Physical Education Binary and Scratch Control and control Monitoring Obser
Psychologic Graphic/fashi
3D Project -­‐ Candl
al portrait -­‐ on design -­‐ world masks e al cubism modules and maki
patterns ng ng -­‐ and human desig
figure n Globalisation: Study of The Geography of Sport Transnational Companies Colonisation, Empire and conflict, 1750-­‐ 1900. -­‐Back to school/Glad to be back -­‐Holiday and travels -­‐Grammar 20th Century music Self Esteem Personal Identity -­‐Teen time -­‐Sports and Leisure -­‐Grammar Hindustani Music Bullying Body Image Pre-­‐Season fitness tests: • Illinois Agility Test • Upper & Abdominal stamina tests • Multi-­‐stage Fitness Test • Shoulder & Hip flexibility tests Volleyball skills: • Using a dig when in control and under pressure • Accurate setting whilst moving • Deep accurate underarm serves to the opponents back zone • Dominant arm spiking Football skills: 8.6 and 8.7 -­‐ Reactivity (and Salts) Unit 10 Electricity E-­‐Safety World Heritage sites -­‐ presentat
ion Unit 11 Energy Models, Rules and Investigation Observation
al drawing -­‐ Architecture Website Development Structure and function 8.8 -­‐ Rates of Reaction Unit 11 Energy Sonic pi & Raspberry pi Graphi
c design -­‐ magazi
ne layout Hazards and response The Development Gap Social and economic change and reform in Britain and Europe, 1750-­‐1900. Maste
Geometry rs of forms -­‐ art stars and copy -­‐ spirals Paul Gaugu
in Our world in 2030 -­‐Shopping -­‐Fashion and clothes -­‐Grammar -­‐City life -­‐Grammar Food and health -­‐Grammar African Music (western) Music for Film Learning to Learn Your Money, Your Life Football skills: • Passing the ball using the outside of the foot • Shooting using power and placement Basketball skills: •
Controlling the ball above your head •
Dribbling with your eyes on the opponent •
Passing by conducting the fakes and breaks of your team mates •
The 3-­‐Point shot technique Personal best athletics training: Exam Prep IGCSE begins & Scientific Enquiry Checkpoint exams Exam Prep IGCSE begins & Scientific Enquiry Checkpoint exams Short Film Competition Preparation Interpretative study -­‐ memories Flip book Ceramic
s -­‐ tile glazing Geography of Disease Causes and sequence of World War 1. -­‐Public services -­‐Post and communicati
on -­‐Grammar The role of women in 19th and early 20th century society. -­‐Regions de France Musical Futures (Song writing and Bands) Relationships Risk: Staying Safe Personal best athletics training: •
Learning efficient body ´form´ in 30m sprint •
Learning to set and maintain rhythm in a 3000m race Ultimate Frisbee skills: •
Catching •
Forehand Passing •
Backhand passing •
Team play Cricket skills: • Catching fast returns as a wicket keeper • Bowling accurately from a run-­‐in • Playing a ‘late-­‐cut’ shot • Controlling the ball with one touch and turning Using change of direction to maintain possession Games •
Football G Basketball B Volleyball M Learning how to ´hang´ during the air phase of the Long jump Learning the circle slide shot put technique •
Volleyball M •
Athletics M •
Football M •
Basketball G Accurate returns to the stumps from distance •
Hockey M Ultimate M Cricket M Please note this curriculum map is a work in progress which may change depending on the needs of students. 

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