3D Food Printing Flyer



3D Food Printing Flyer
hands-on workshop for explorers, creatives, researchers & foodies.
Cooked with the YOGHURT UP tool.
3D Food Printing
June, 14-16 2016
FabCon 3.D
Erfurt, Germany
What is Food Printing all about? Food is emotional. Food is
intimate. Food is personal and passionate. Each one of these
aspects of food is not to be forgotten when discovering 3D
Food Printing (3DFP) and they will not be forgotten during the
3DIGITALCOOKS 3DFP Exploratorium, but will be integrated
thoroughly into your experience with us as we help guide you
through the windy backroads of 3DFP.
About the Workshop
This workshop is an introduction to understand and learn
about 3D Food Printing. During this session you will
experience and explore design, materials and techniques
created for 3DFP in an intimate learning environment,
extremely hands on with a “learning by doing experience”
Learn by drinking, cooking and tasting 3DFP...
Presented by:
Luis Rodriguez Alcalde
Jason Mosbrucker
Hosted by:
3DIGITALCOOKS is a 3D food printing studio. We create new
food experiences through the innovation and research on
food, user experience and technology around 3DFP. At the
same time we commit to share the technology as we strongly
believe it is the best way to help push it forward.
We’re excited to have
you with us for the FabCon 3.D 2016
Luis & Jason
“Lucky Hummus”
3D Food Printing
Digital recipes
Design for 3DFP
Materials for 3DFP
Safety and legal aspects
Alternative food types (insects, waste, etc…)
3DFP technologies
Tasting 3D Food Printing
Custom food experience
Upcoming 3DFP market and industries
‣ 3DFP pairing with wine & beers
3D printed appetizers…
Let’s Do 3DFP! Pinya3 3D Food Printing Platform invented by 3DigitalCooks
The 3D Food Printing Workshop will take place on
the FabCon 3.D show floor, within our experimental
kitchen. Access to the class is only for attendees.
Within three hours you get a thorough introduction
into 3D Food Printing. After the workshop itself the
kitchen opens for a broader audience to chat about
food, technology and the future of cooking. Various
vendors will demonstrate their products - come and
join us!
Available Dates:
‣ Tuesday, June 14th 2016 @ noon: 13:00 - 16:00
‣ Wednesday, June 15th 2016 @ morning: 10:00 - 13:00
‣ Thursday, June 16th 2016 @ morning: 10:00 - 13:00
Limited seating available (only 10 tickets per day).
First come, first served. Please see next page for
booking options.
“Hipster Skull Pumpkin purée”
Booking Options & Pricing
Sponsorship Opportunities
Tickets are sold in advance via the Ticketshop
o f F a b C o n 3 . D a n d R a p i d . Te c h . T h e
Ticketshop can be reached by the following
We are building the leading expert community
for 3D Food Printing. If you are interested in
joining our initative let us know. Please
contact us if you are interested in getting
involved with your own 3DFP materials,
hardware or software.
Limited seats for 399,- € (incl. VAT)
Your Instructors
For the three hour workshop including trade
show entry we charge € 399,00 (incl. VAT).
Please use the sign-up form to register for the
workshop: fabcon-germany.com/3DFP
Digital Cook & Partner
The workshop is conducted by
3DIGITALCOOKS. A 3D Food Printing studio
dedicated to create new food experiences
based in Brooklyn and Frankfurt.
Digital Cook & Partner
“Hamiltonian bravas”
About FabCon 3.D & Rapid.Tech
FabCon 3.D – The 3D Printing community event is a fair for advanced home use and prosumers alike.
The exhibition shows desktop 3D printers, 3D scanners, full-body scanners, products for education
and novel technologies. This event is a young and creative spin-off of the more industry focused
Rapid.Tech. Accompanying the exhibition there is a broad lecture program, which is open to all
attendees. Additionally two contests are held within FabCon 3.D: Start-Up Award and the Teach the
Fabby Student Challenge
Within the Start-Up Award eight new companies compete for the jury’s attention, pitching their
products, services and business model. The Teach the Fabby Student challenge, supported by
MakerBot, is an initiative to foster the next generation of 3D Printing engineers and makers.
Rapid.Tech is held within the same venue and features an expert conference focused towards
professional users from academia, medical technology, dental and engineering of all kinds. With its
long tradition, starting in 2004, it has become a hotspot for specialists
from all around the globe to push forward Additive Manufacturing and
related technologies. The additional exhibition floor gives industry
heavyweights, but also innovative SME a stage to present their latest
Contact & More Information
Marcus Lutterberg
Event Director FabCon 3.D
Phone: +49 361 400-1810
[email protected]
Luis Rodriguez Alcalde
& Jason Mosbrucker
Digital Cooks
[email protected] [email protected]
Sign-up and enjoy!