Invitation 14th Annual Hamburg2007 pdf



Invitation 14th Annual Hamburg2007 pdf
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Association of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni in Germany
Vereinigung ehemaliger Studenten des Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Deutschland
14th Annual Meeting Invitation
Dear Member of the MIT Club of Germany,
We are pleased to invite you to the 14th Annual Meeting of the MIT Club of Germany e.V. in
Hamburg, March 16th-18th. We have organized a very interesting program including keynote
speakers and tours of both Airbus and Studio Hamburg. Details are in the attached documents.
Please RSVP and reserve your hotel rooms early.
- RSVPs & payments must be received by March 9th due to Airbus security requirements.
- MIT Rate at the hotel is available until February 16th.
As part of the annual meeting we will be holding a general assembly of club members to review the
business year, activities, news from MIT, and to elect new board members. Any club members who
wish to add agenda points, become a member of the club board, or receive a paper copy of this
invitation per mail, please notify:
Michelle Eggert, [email protected]
Note: you will find the agenda for the general assembly (Hauptversammlung) at the very end.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!
Best regards,
Michelle Eggert
Michelle Eggert
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Detailed event description & RSVP form
General Assembly Agenda / Mitgliederversammlung Tagesordnung
Anschrift: MIT Club of Germany e.V. • Postfach 1221 • 78554 Aldingen • email: [email protected]
Bankverbindung: Postbank, Konto 470 475 104, BLZ 100 100 10 • Vereinsregister: AG-Berlin-Charlottenburg Nr.13763
Vorstand: Michelle Eggert, President • Dr. Rolf Gaertner, Vice President • Dr. Dirk-Eric Loebermann, Vice President
Dr. Kirsten Bremke, Treasurer • Mohamed Chikahoui, Secretary
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Friday 16.03.2007:
16.00: Tour of Studio Hamburg
One of the largest TV and Film studios in Europe
Welcome: Dr. Robin Houcken, Vorstand
Studio Hamburg GmbH
Jenfelder Allee 80
(Haupteingang, Building A1)
22039 Hamburg
(Free parking in Parkhaus)
Tel 040 6688 0
Start of evening program at Studio Hamburg, including dinner and
Keynote speaker: Jörg Dräger, PhD
Hamburger Senator für Wissenschaft und Forschung
Dinner in the Guest Casino of Studio Hamburg
Saturday 17.03.2007
Tour of the AIRBUS Facilities, Hamburg
Board bus at Hotel Intercontinental
Mandatory to travel to Airbus on the charter bus.
Meeting point: parking lot of Interconti Hotel
InterContinental Hotel
Fontenay 10
20354 Hamburg
Tel 040 41 420
Bus departs for Airbus tour
Welcome speech by Airbus Executive on A380 program
Tour of A320 final assembly line, and A380 fuselage assembly
Speech by Dr. Frankenberger about new production methods in airplane
manufacture, describing how the A320 will be produced using lean manufacturing
techniques. This is the first time the aircraft industry applies this technique.
Speech by A380 Engineering VP on interior customization process
Emergency number for Airbus: Mathew Beaumont, MIT Alumnus,Mobile: (0160) 90965979
Airbus tour complete, charter bus transfer to Hotel Intercontinental
for Annual Meeting, reception, evening speech and dinner
Annual Meeting (MIT Club Members only please)
Hotel Intercontinental, Conference Rooms 10.OG, coffee included
18.30: Begin of evening program including guest speaker and dinner
Keynote: Ortwin Meiss, founder of Milton Erickson Institut
Applying motivational training of professional sports teams to the
business world. Has coached Klinsmann and other sports stars.
Meeting point: Conference Rooms 10.OG
20.OO Buffet Dinner in the Interconti (ground floor)
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Saturday 17.3.2007
Afternoon for Non-Members
Small tour of Hamburg
If interested we can offer a guided tour through the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
Special exhibit: Fayence und Porzellan aus Barock und Rokoko
The museum is located next to the Hauptbahnhof
Please indicate your interest on the RSVP
Sunday 18.03.2007
08.30: Breakfast & Networking at Intercontinental Hotel in the breakfast room
Breakfast is included in the very special MIT/Airbus room rate:
single person: 123 €/ night incl. BF
138 €/ night incl. BF
10.00: Meet at Interconti to depart for Hamburg-Altona Fischmarkt and Jazz Frühschoppen,
followed by harbor tour
13.00: End of official program. Travel home.
Emergency Contacts:
Alexandra Gaertner, 0172 86 90 275, Dirk Loebermann, 0151 1500 4808
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
RSVP MIT Club Meeting, Hamburg March 17-19
Attendee 1: MIT Club Member __ Guest __ (Guest Organization __________________)
Name______________________________ Email______________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________
Attendee 2: MIT Club Member __ Guest __ (Guest Organization __________________)
Name______________________________ Email______________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________
(for additional persons please fill out a second form)
Participation & Costs
& Family
I/ we will attend the following events:
Friday Evening
(Studio Hamburg tour & keynote speaker,
3 course dinner with drinks)
Saturday Daytime & Evening
(Charter bus, Airbus tour & speeches,
lunch, dinner, evening speaker)
Hamburg tourism activity
(Fish market, live music, harbor tour)
Event Fee
MIT Club Member
& Spouse
Event Fee
€ 40
€ 50
€ 60
(evening drinks
€ 75
drinks ad)
Fri Evening
____ Fish
____ Beef
____ Vegi
Lunch a la carte
In addition, donations are welcome and will be used to foster the activities of our non-profit organization.
You can donate via Überweisung (please indicate: "Spende" als Zweck) or in cash during the events.
For donations you will receive a Spendenbescheinigung.
Advance payment is required by March 9th
Submit payment to MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Konto 470 475 104, Postbank, BLZ 100 100 10
For “Zweck” please write name of member and guests attending
Special Instructions
Airbus requires all tour participants to show their ID cards or Passport. Unfortunately children are not
permitted on the tour.
Dress code is business casual.
I authorize the MIT Club of Germany e.V. to forward my name to Airbus for purposes of authorizing my/our
participation in the Aibus tour.
I hereby submit my/our binding reservation.
Signature__________________________ City___________________ Date_____________
Return to:
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Dr. Rolf Gaertner
Am Jägereck 6
85635 Höhenkirchen/München
Fax: 08102-74 82 89
[email protected]
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
The Airbus sites in Germany contribute in a wide variety of
ways to the success of the world's leading aircraft
Hamburg, headquarters of Airbus Deutschland and the
largest site in Germany, employs more than 10,000 people
and plays a decisive role in the development and
engineering of all Airbus aircraft. Final assembly takes
place here for three of the four members of the A320
Family - the A318, A319 and A321. Hamburg is
headquarters of the Centre of Excellence for cabin and
cargo customisation, and also is the site where
A300/A310, and A320 Family aircraft have their cabin
interiors fitted and where they are painted ready for final
delivery. Hamburg will carry out the complete interior
furnishing of the A380 cabins and painting of the aircraft.
In addition, final acceptance and delivery of A380s to
customers in Europe and the Middle East takes place in
In manufacturing, Hamburg's many years of experience
goes into fuselage structural assembly and systems
installation, making it part of the Centre of Excellence
forward and aft fuselages. Hamburg produces complete
fuselage sections for the A380, which are shipped to
France on a specially-built roll-on, roll-off ferry. Other key
activities in Hamburg include the major spares centre
(another key Airbus spares centre is in Frankfurt), and
A320 Family maintenance training facilities and
You can reach Studio Hamburg, one of the largest audio visual media centers in Europe, in about twelve minutes from
Hamburg city center using the S-Bahn (suburban railway).
On the 80,000 square meter site in the Tonndorf district, great film stars such as Katja Riemann ("Rosenstrasse") have
posed before the cameras, as well as Robert Atzorn as police commissioner in the series "Tatort". This is where Jörg
Pilawa produces his quiz show and Reinhold Beckmann his talk show. Films, shows and serials that are known
throughout Germany are produced in these studios and workshops.
Studio Hamburg has grown from the tradition of a studio business founded in 1947 by Gyula Trebitsch and Walter Koppel
to become a leading production and service company for the film and television industry.
Its clients, in addition to publicly owned and commercial broadcasters, also include independent film and television
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Jörg Dräger, Ph. D. (Cornell U.)
Wissenschafts- und Forschungsssenator
Senator Jörg Dräger, Ph.D. (Cornell U.) has been the Minister for Science and Research
of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg since October 2001 (Science and Health since
April 2004, Science and Research since May 2006). In this regard he is responsible for the
ongoing reform of the higher education system in Hamburg.
Senator Dräger started his own academic career in Hamburg where he studied physics
with a minor in business economics. He continued his physics education at Cornell
University (New York) where he received both a Master of Science (foundation of quantum
mechanics) and a Doctor of Philosophy (mathematical crystallography).
Prior to his present position he worked as a management consultant at Roland Berger
Strategy Consultants in Frankfurt and as the Chief Executive Officer at the Northern
Institute of Technology in Hamburg.
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Dipl.-Psych. Ortwin Meiss , founder, Milton Erickson Institut
Topic: "Zielorientierung, Motivation, Teamfähigkeit und Durchhaltevermögen:
Wie Sportler (Modell "Jürgen Klinsmann") Ihre Mannschaft für nachhaltigen Erfolg trainieren
und was Führungskräfte davon lernen können"
Das Milton Erickson Institut bietet Beratung und Coaching für Fach- und Führungskräfte sowie Coaching von
Sportlern und Künstlern, die ihre Potentiale und Möglichkeiten optimal nutzen wollen. In unserem Ansatz
kombinieren wir lösungs- und ressourcenorientierte Methoden mit einer systemischen Perspektive, die hilft,
die eigenen Fähigkeiten abgestimmt auf die jeweiligen Kontextbedingungen gezielt und effektiv zur Wirkung
zu bringen.
Unser Angebote beinhaltet u.a.:
- Der Führung und Entwicklung von Sportmannschaften
- Der Bewältigung spezifischen Konfliktsituationen in Teams
- Schwierigen gruppendynamischen Prozessen
- Präzise und effektive Vorbereitung auf besondere Leistungsanforderungen
- Modellieren und Installieren von Erfolgsstrategien
- Training in Selbsthypnosetechniken
- Beratung bei der Erstellung von Präsentationen
- Coaching von Veränderung- und Organisationsentwicklungsprozessen
Sportpsychologie - Strategy of success - Mentale Stärke kann man lernen!
Den "Gehirnmuskel" kann man ebenso trainieren wie die Muskeln des Körpers. Spitzenleistung entsteht
durch mentale Stärke und der Nutzung von effektiven Strategien, die das Potential eines Athleten erst zum
Vorschein bringen. Alle Sportler kennen Situationen, in denen man wie in Trance ist, hoch konzentriert und
scheinbar mühelos mit grenzenloser Sicherheit genau das Richtige tut. Wo ein Gefühl des Fließens (Flow),
ein Gefühl der Einheit entsteht. Wo man eigene Grenzen überschreitet und das Optimum der
Leistungfähigkeit erzielt.
Sportpsychologie beschäftigt sich mit den mentalen Prozessen hinter diesen Spitzenleistungen und liefert
konkrete Anleitung, wie man optimale mentale Strategien in Wettkampfsituationen abrufen kann. Wir bieten
den betreuenden Trainern die Techniken, um Mannschaften und Einzelsportler auf Erfolg zu trainieren. Die
Kommunikationsstrategien der Profis werden dabei sichtbar und lernbar gemacht.
Sportpsychologie trainiert nicht nur für den Wettkampf. Sie trainiert für alle Anforderungssituationen des
Strategie of Success
Hinter jedem Punkt verbirgt sich ein ausgefeiltes Programm effektiver Methoden und Ansätze, mit denen sich
der Sportler auf Erfolg programmieren kann. Es sind Techniken, die jedem ermöglichen:
- sein Leistungspotential auszuschöpfen
- seine Fähigkeiten wirkungsvoll einzusetzen
- Zugang zu den inneren Ressourcen finden und sie im richtigen Moment zur Verfügung -- haben
- die Strategien der Erfolgreichen zu modellieren und zu trainieren
- Strategien für schwierige Wettkampfsituationen zu entwickeln uns sie gezeilt einzusetzen
- seine mentale Stärke zu vergrößern
Mit den eingesetzten Techniken wird man seine mentalen Fähigkeiten erweitern und fähig, sein Können auch
zu nutzen und im gewünschten Moment zur Verfügung zu haben.
Die Techniken: - Modellierung von Erfolgsstrategien
- Mentales Training
- Ressourcen aktivieren
- Umgang mit schwierigen Situationen
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Hotel Recommendation
(Interconti is also meeting point for bus to Airbus Tour)
A special MIT rate is available that the Interconti for reservations made before March 1st .
Please ask for “MIT Club of Germany” when you are booking your room.
Room rate € 123 single, €138 double
InterContinental HAMBURG
Fontenay 10
20354 Hamburg
Hotel Fax
040 41 420
040 41 422 299
E-mail: [email protected]
Checkin from 15:00
Checkout until: 12:00
The InterContinental Hamburg is an elegant business and leisure hotel, located in the city's most
prestigious residential area, overlooking the famous Alster Lake and within walking distance to the
city centre, shopping arcades, fairgrounds, congress centre, main business & financial districts and
large corporations. 281 elegantly appointed rooms and suites featuring 'global connector' for highspeed internet.
All day dining restaurant Signatures, Fontenay 10
Bar in the hotel lobb y, and the fine dining
restaurant Windows, which is located on the 9th
floor with a breathtaking view over the Alster Lake
and Hamburg's city, as well as a Cigar lounge
with easy chairs and fire place.
High-tech meeting and conference facilities
offering business travellers and meeting planners
1100 sq mtr of meeting space. 9 state-of-the-art
meeting rooms with a capacity up to 600 guests.
Outside catering venues from 5 to 5000 guests
with Catering’s Best by InterContinental.
Wellness an der Fontenay with indoor pool,
steambath, finnish sauna, 3 adventure showers, outside terrace, tepidarium and extensive fitness
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Enter at the Haupteingang, ask to go building A1.
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Fischmarkt (Altona) Sunday, 07:00 – 09:30
Musik in der Fischautktionshalle Sunday, 07:00 – 12:00
MIT Club of Germany e.V.
Tagesordnung / Agenda
für die Mitgliederversammlung des MIT Club of Germany e.V.
während des 14. Jahrestreffens des Clubs
for the General Assembly of the MIT Club of Germany e.V.
during the 14th Annual Meeting of the MIT Club of Germany
Hamburg, 17. März 2007
16:00 h Zusammenkunft / Call to Order
1. Einführung / Introduction
2. Aufnahme neuer Mitglieder / Introduction of New Members (2nd Vice President)
3. Bericht der Präsidentin / President’s Report
a) Veranstaltungen des Clubs 2006 / Club Events Held 2006
b) Verwaltungsarbeiten / Administrative Issues
4. Bericht des Schatzmeisters / Treasurer’s Report
5. Berichte der Schriftführer / Secretary’s Report
6. Bericht über die neue Website des Clubs (go-live Anfang März) / 1st Vice President
7. Entlastung der Vorstandsmitglieder / Clearing of Present Board
8. Wahl des neuen Vorstandes / Election of New Board
9. Vorschau auf das nächste Jahr / Preview of Next Year
10. Verschiedenes / Miscellaneous
We will be demonstrating our new club website. The layout and content has been updated and
will be live in time for the annual meeting. In the future, it will be possible to directly register for
events online. The member directory has also be updated.
17:30 h Ende der Versammlung / End of Assembly
Michelle Eggert
MIT Club of Germany e.V.

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