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Germany - BDS Field Target
Bund Deutscher Sportschützen 1975 e. V.
Bundesverband für sportliches Großkaliberschießen
Prof. Dr. Volker Blüm, In den Hegen 30, 44797 Bochum
all national and international
Field Target Shooters
Bundessportleiter Field-Target
Prof. Dr. Volker Blüm
In den Hegen 30
44797 Bochum
Telefon 0234-791604
Telefax 0234-791604
Mobil 0172-2762587
Email [email protected]
Datum: January 2nd, 2015
Zeichen: Bl/BDS # 001-15
14th Open German National Field Target Championship in combination with the „2015 International Open“ on the Shooting
Range of the “Hegering Lembeck-Dorsten-Freudenberg” (BDS
Herewith I invite to the 14th Open German National Field Target Championship on the shooting range of the “Hegering Lembeck-Dorsten-Freudenberg e. V.” (BDS Range) near the city
of Dorsten.
Place: Clay Pigeon Range of the “Hegering Lembeck-Dorsten-Freudenberg e. V”. in Freudenberg near Dorsten (BDS-Range).
Schedule: Course setup: Friday, June 19th, 2015. Competition: Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21rst 2015
Driving instructions: A31 until exit Schermbeck, then on B58 in direction Wulfen, Haltern.
After the first traffic light (intersection with B224) drive after approx. 200 m to the left
into the range (watch the range sign).
A43 until exit Haltern and then B58 in direction Wulfen, Schermbeck approx. 16 km
until approx. 200 m before the traffic light at the intersection with B224. Drive to the
right there into the range (watch range sign).
General information: the competition follows the rules of the BDS which may be
downloaded in German from the BDS homepage as a *.pdf file. An
English version is available on request at the reception desk. All 5 classes of the BDS
rules will be offered. For the classes 1 and 2 the maximal distance is 50 m. For the
classes 3 to 5 it is 25 m. Compressed air will be available with adaptors for Air Arms,
Walther and Anschuetz rifles. All airguns will be checked at a fixed station during the
competition for their muzzle energy which must be 12 ft/p for classes 1 and 2 and 6.5
ft/p for classes 3 to 5 maximally. They will be marked with a proof seal which is not
valid in general for the whole competition. The rifles may be checked, namely, randomly also during the competition.
The competition consists of 2 subsequent courses with 25 lanes at both competition
days with 50 shots each on 50 targets in an unknown distance, means 100 shots per
Announcement BDS FT Nationals/Internationals 2015
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shooter. The time limit is 3 minutes per lane. In 4 fixed lanes the targets each must be
shot in standing or kneeling position. A zeroing range is offered but there may be time
limitations according to the number of participants. Only one start per class is possible. To guarantee comparable shooting conditions class 1 and 2 will be performed at
Saturday and Sunday in the morning and all other classes in the afternoon. Depending
on te list of participants also class 2 may be included in the afternoon. If a class is shot
in the wrong time span the shooter may be taken out of scoring in case of a protest.
Shooters who know the target distances may participate but will not be scored officially. The winners of the German FT Nationals (places 1 to 3 in every class) will receive medals and certificates. German Champions in all classes must be BDS members (identification with the BDS Shooting Passport with valid 2015 mark is obligatory). All other shooters will be provided with certificates including the individual
score. The winners of the International Competition (places 1 to 3) will receive prizes
or medals. Range catering will be available.
Detailed time schedule: Friday, June 19th, 2015: 04.00 p. m.: Range setup.
Saturday, June 20th, 2015: 07.00 a. m. until 12.30 p. m.: Registration and briefing by
the Range Director. Competition starts at 08.00 a. m. (Classes 1 and 2). 01.00 p. m.
shooting Classes 3 to 5. This schedule may be changed depending upon the number of
Sunday, June 21rst, 2015: 08.00 a. m. shooting (Classes 1 and 2). 01.00 p. m. shooting
Classes 3 to 5. This schedule may be changed depending upon the number of registrations Thereafter possible tie-brakes and Winner’s Ceremony.
At June 20th and June 21rst, 2015 the zeroing range is open from 07.30 a. to 08.00 a. m
and from 12.30 p. m to 01.00 p. m..
In the evenings from June 219h up to June 21rst, 2015 there is the opportunity of social
events in nice rural pubs in the neighbourhood. At Saturday, June 2015 a common
dinner à la carte with meals and beverages on own costs is planned. Please indicate
your participation in the registration.
Scoring: The scoring is done by Range Marshals on score cards provided before the starts.
They will be double-checked by the Range Director and his Deputy.
Registrations: Here ONLINE. In exceptional cases only by mail to Volker Blüm, In den
Hegen 30, D-44797 Bochum, Germany with attached form.
Deadline: June, 1rst, 2015.
Starting fee: 20,- € per start (multiple starts only in maximally 2 different classes!).
Banking connection: Bund Deutscher Sportschützen 1975 e. V., Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin
(BLZ 120 300 00), Konto Nr. 18003111, SWIFT-BIC: BYLADEM1001, IBAN:
DE77 1203 0000 0018 0031 11.
The starting fees of the German participants must be on the BDS account at June 10th, 2015.
The starting fees are “lost money” in case of absence and will not be refunded. All German
participants must perform the bank transfer. Cash payment is possible only with serious reasons and an advance agreement with the RD. All international participants must also register but may pay the starting fee(s) and possible rifle iimport costs in cash at the registration desk after arrival.
See you in Freudenberg!
Best regards
(Volker Bluem)
Announcement BDS FT Nationals/Internationals 2015
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Encosures: Helpful information, lodging information and exceptional entry form
GENERAL: To approximate the 14th Open German National Field Target Championship
in Combi-nation with the „2015 International Open“ to the standard of a World Championship the basic concept was changed already 4 years ago. Every shooter now has to perform at both days of the competition a course with 50 shots resulting in a total of 100 shots.
For shooters starting in a second class that means that she/he has to be for about 8 hours at
the lanes which may be very exhausting. Moreover, the increased time demand results in a
very strict organisation which demands a high discipline from the shooters. It has to be
pointed out that the given starting times for the morning and afternoon courses may be
changed. An exact time schedule is only possible after the completed list of all competitors.
Therefore: please, remember the registration deadline June 1rst, 2015!
IMPORTANT: Foreign shooters who do not possess an European Firearms Passport
(EFP) must apply for a import licence. We will take care for that if the following information is sent in the Online Registration or exceptionally via email to [email protected]: name, first name, address, date and place of birth, passport number, date and
office of issue, rifle make, model, caliber and serial number(s) 2 month in advance at the
latest. A permission may include up to 6 rifles and costs a fee of about 15 €. We will pay
that (you have to refund it at the reception desk after arrival) and send you the permission
via mail or in time difficulties email. This procedure may last up to 4 weeks and you have
to take care to provide us early enough with your data. For reasons of effectivity you should
“bundle” the rifles in your country in one permission and inform us to whom this should be
sent. Together with the permission you need a printout of the first 2 pages of this announcement.
1. Camping
Campingplatz „Lippetal“
Gastwirtschaft Haus Bensberg
Gahlener Strasse 159
46589 Hüne
Reception and restaurant are closed and Tuesday and Wednesday from 01.00 p. m..
Camping & Freizeitanlage Tillessensee
Bestener Straße 253
46282 Dorsten
2. Hotels und Guest Houses:
Announcement BDS FT Nationals/Internationals 2015
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Selting GmbH
Tel.:0 23 69/72 13+72 83
Haus Finke
Tel.: 0 23 69/72 70
Herrlichkeit Lembeck
Im Schöning 83
46286 Dorsten
Tel.: 0 23 69/87 22
Fax: 0 23 69/2 38 67
Landpension Bökemshof
Hans-Josef Brömmel
46286 Dorsten
Tel./Fax: 0 23 69/7 70 09
20 Betten
25 Betten
102 Betten
Familien- und Einzelzimmer mit
- nur mit Herbergsausweis 6 Betten
Hotel Restaurant Forsthof
Tel.: 0 23 69/2 45 45 +
41 63
20 Betten
Hotel Humbert
Tel.: 0 23 69/41 09
28 Betten
Hotel Haus Schürmann
Tel.: 0 23 69/42 77
12 Betten
Gaststätte Adolf
Deutsches Eck
Tel./Fax: 0 23 62/6 11 35
18 Betten
Hotel-Restaurant Albert
Tel.: 0 23 62/94 79-0
44 Betten
Tel.: 0 23 62/6 24 68 +
8 18 10
4 Betten
D. Schwarz
46284 Dorsten
Tel.: 0 23 62/6 83 94 +
6 Betten
Hotel-Restaurant Albert
46284 Dorsten
Tel.: 0 23 62/94 79-0
2 Ferienw.
Announcement BDS FT Nationals/Internationals 2015
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Haus Berken
An der Molkerei 50
Tel.: 0 23 62/6 12 13
Fax: 0 23 62/6 22 70
33 Betten
Garten, Terrasse
Haustiere erlaubt
Jägerhof Einhaus
Tel.: 0 23 62/7 10 89
30 Betten
Hotel La Vie
Tel.: 0 23 62/9 47 20
41 Betten
Hotel Haus Rohlof
Hellweg 94
Tel.: 0 23 62/7 12 93
25 Betten
Hotel Yasemin
Tel.: 0 23 62/9 80 37
28 Betten
Hotel-Restaurant Grewer
Tel.: 0 23 69/80 83
23 Betten
Hotel Zur Heide
Knickmann GmbH
Tel.: 0 23 62/94 69-0
24 Betten
F.-J. Alfes
46286 Dorsten
Tel./Fax: 0 23 69/42 16
1 Ferienw. 34 qm,
2 Ferienw. 33 qm,
1 Ferienw. 39 qm,
A. Henkelmann
46286 Dorsten
Tel.: 0 23 69/44 22
2 Ferienw. 30 qm
Neighbourhood of the “Herrlichkeit“:
A. Münch
46282 Dorsten
Tel.: 0 23 62/2 30 73
Announcement BDS FT Nationals/Internationals 2015
1 Ferienw. 92 qm.
Page 5
ENTRY FORM for severe exceptions. Use ONLINE registration and only in exceptional
cases mail (see above)!
for the 14th Open German National Field Target Championship on the shooting range
of the “Hegering Lembeck-Dorsten-Freudenberg e. V.” at June 20th and 21rst, 2015.
DEADLINE: June 1rst, 2015.
Name: .............................................................First Name: .........................................................
Address: .......................................................................................................................................
Phone./Fax:..................................................... Email: ..................................................................
I attend the dinner in the Forsthaus Freudenberg at June 20th, 2015: YES……..NO……..
The starting fee is 20.00 € per course. Only one start per class is permitted. The whole amount
of fees must be transferred -except non-German participants- until June 10th, 2015 to the account # Nr. 18003111 in favour of the Bunde Deutscher Sportschützen 1975 e. V., Deutsche
Kreditbank Berlin (BLZ 120 300 00), SWIFT-BIC: BYLADEM1001, IBAN: DE77 1203
0000 0018 0031 11.
Total amount
Send this form until June 1rst, 2015 online, or as letter to Volker Blüm, In den Hegen 30, D44797 Bochum! Remember: as an EU citizen you need a valid European Firearms Passport
and a printout of the announcement for entering Germany. For non-EU citizens (and for EU
citizens which are nor able to receive an EFP) a special import permission for the rifle is necessary which costs about 15.00 € (one permission may include up to 6 rifles per shooter).
Please, fill out the corresponding form in the online registration or exceptionally via
[email protected] 2 months in advance al the latest.
Announcement BDS FT Nationals/Internationals 2015
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