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Personal family arm
Knighthood of Honour
CSLI arm
Order of St.Joachim
Senator h.c. Wolfgang STEINHARDT
26.July 1948 in Vienna/Austria
Married since 1970, two sons, Dieter and Peter
A-1220 Vienna, Spargelfeldstrasse 162/House 196, Austria
[email protected]
Joining the LAZARUS UNION: 2006
Grade of Membership:
President and Union Commander in Chief,
Grandmaster of the Knighthood of Honour
Family motto:
“Justice through strength”
Elementary School of the Holy Sisters in Vienna
“Wiener Sängerknaben” member of the chorus for four years
Marianisten “Albertus Magnus” High School, Vienna
Graphic School Vienna, Reproduction Photo Graphics and Chemistry Graphics
Economy University of Vienna, Sales and Promotion
Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor
Commercial Pilot Multi-Airplane and Flight Instructor
Several courses and trainings
Atlas Print Company:
Agfa Gevaert:
EMI Medical:
Kontron La-Roche:
Elscint Medical Technology:
Westwind Air:
Aerial Helicopter:
Department Leader Reprographics
Salesman Microfilm
Salesman Microfilm, Supervisor, Department Manager
Authorized signatory, later on General Manager
General Manager CEO
General Manager, later on 100% owner and CEO of the
Austrian branch because of a management buy out.
Founder, owner and CEO, starting a carrier as Commercial
Pilot Airplane and Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight
Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor
Quality Manager of the Flight School and Postholder
Chamber of Commerce of the
Dominican Republic in Austria:
Voluntary co-worker, later on Commercial Counsellor, for this
duty appointed as “Senator h.c.”
Head of the branch office of the Dominican Republic in the
Dominican Republic for five years (2000-2005)
After an airplane accident with a student pilot of mine, I started to think about my life and the worth
of the life I was living. I decided to stop making my goal to only collect money while forgetting to
live. I sold my companies and for nearly five years I went with my family to the Dominican
Republic, trying to help the people there and to bring investors into the country to try to increase
the living standard of the people in that country as much as I could. But I didn’t stop flying!
Since April 2005 I have been back in Austria again, knowing now how wonderful my home country
is! I retired as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor in 2008 after more than 7500
flights. Since 2008 I have been working voluntarily full-time for the LAZARUS UNION.
Grand Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Joachim
Founder of the Corps Saint Lazare International – CSLI
Honourable Member of the International Studies Institute
Boy Scout, later on leader and member of the board of the Vienna Scout Association, Group 31.
Head of the parents board of the Vienna Music High School (WMG)
Member of the brotherhood “St.Christoph”, awarded with the “Golden Sign of Honour”
Honourable Member of the Vienna Singing Association (WVE)
Working with handicapped and homeless people for more than 25 years
Military duty service in the Austrian Army in the year 1968
I have received more than one hundred awards and decorations from public and private
institutions, companies and private associations.