Template format Question/ Answer Question 01 (dated 06


Template format Question/ Answer Question 01 (dated 06
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Question 01 (dated 06/06/2013, 11:07):
We have a question regarding the invitation to tender EMSA/NEG/32/2013.
In page 2 of “Tender Specifications .pdf”, it appears the next paragraph:
2) Battery mode: Upon failure of the incoming a.c. power supply, the battery shall
supply power to the inverter without interruption or disturbance.
The alarm must sound indicating the failure of the mains supply and the operation
of this mode. The UPS System shall continuously run in this mode for 10 minutes in
full load duration or until the incoming a.c. mains supply returns to normal at which
the UPS system returns to the Normal mode.
My questions are:
What is the energy consumption of the rack where the UPS will be installed?
What is the growth expected of consumption in the RACK?
Answer to question 01:
Please find below the answer to your questions:
1. The required UPS are not to be installed in racks. The Agency is tendering
autonomous UPS devices with 60 KVa, working in redundancy parallel
including new electrical boards and all necessary network adaptations.
2. The UPS’s will fit the critical electrical building load.
Question 02 (dated 07/06/2013, 13:03):
Pretendemos concorrer ao concurso identificado com o nº EMSA/NEG/32/2013 e,
após análise dos documentos, necessitamos da vossa colaboração no sentido de
nos fornecer a seguinte informação:
1- Qual é a carga máxima a suportar pelas UPS?
2- A corrente é trifásica ou monofásica?
3- Qual o tempo para recarga das baterias?
Answer to question 02:
Please find below the answer to your questions:
Respondendo pela mesma ordem às suas questões:
1. The maximum load the UPS will have to support is 60KVa. The Agency is
tendering 2 autonomous UPS devices, working in redundancy parallel.
A carga máxima que deverá ser suportada pelas UPS’s é de 60KVa com 2
máquinas a funcionar em paralelo redundante.
2. The electric power is 3 phase.
A corrente é trifásica.
3. Maximum time to completely charge is 12 hours.
Em descarga completa 12 horas.
Published on 11/06/2013
Requests for additional information regarding this tender should be sent by e-mail
to the following address [email protected]. Requests for
additional information received less than five working days before the closing date
for submission of tenders will not be processed.
The deadline for submission of the bids of this tender is 17/06/2013.
Responsibility for monitoring the Agency’s website for replies to queries and/or
further information remains with potential applicants.

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