Invitation to tender N° EMSA/OP/16/2013 for the Purchase of MSS


Invitation to tender N° EMSA/OP/16/2013 for the Purchase of MSS
Invitation to tender N° EMSA/OP/16/2013 for the Purchase of MSS
Videowall and Maintenance service
Questions and Answers
Question 01 (dated Fri 20/09/2013 18 h 55):
(PT) Vimos por este meio solicitar o V/Caderno de Encargos referente ao concurso acima
(EN) We ask the Tender Specifications related to the call for tender mentioned above.
Answers to question 01:
(PT) Toda a documentação necessária para resposta ao Procedimento em questão está
disponível na Internet, em, na
secção relacionada com o Concurso EMSA/OP/16/2013 e pode ser retirada
at in the procurement section related
to the tender EMSA/OP/16/2013 and can be downloaded free of charge.
Question 02 (dated Wed 16/10/2013 11 h 49):
Regarding the tender for Purchase of MSS videowall and maintenance service, we would
like to ask you if it is possible to offer, as an alternative, the exchange for all the current
DLP Lamp Engines by new DLP LED engines, keeping the rest of the current videowall
structure (screens, mirrors, metallic structure for the cubes and external frame)?
Answers to question 02:
The tenderer should provide in their bid a complete solution to renew the existing MSS
Videowall System, in accordance with the requirements stated in Point 2.1.1 of the
Tender Specifications.
No variants to the Tender Specifications are permitted; any other proposal than what is
required in the Tender Specifications cannot be taken into consideration for the
evaluation of this procurement procedure.
Published on 18/10/2013
Requests for additional information regarding this tender should be sent by e-mail to the
following address: [email protected]. Requests for additional information
received less than five working days before the closing date for submission of tenders
will not be processed.
The deadline for submission of the bids of this tender is 28.10.2013, 18h00 (Lisbon
Responsibility for monitoring the Agency’s website for replies to queries and/or further
information remains with potential applicants.

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