3rd Interconnection Portugal-Spain - REN


3rd Interconnection Portugal-Spain - REN
Project Name: Interconnection Portugal-Spain (Project 4 – TYNDP 2014)
Project Description:
This project increases the interconnection capacity between Portugal and Spain. Larger and
more volatile flows are expected between both countries due to the huge increase of volatile
sources and the market interchanges. The project includes one 400 kV interconnection route in
the North (Fontefría - V.Conde).
New northern interconnection between Spain and Portugal: New double circuit 400 kV OHL
between Beariz (ES) – Fontefria (ES) – Viana do Castelo (PT), including new 400 kV substations
Beariz, Fontefria and Viana do Castelo. On the section Fontefria – Viana do Castelo, only one
circuit will be initially installed. Total estimated length: 50 km (ES) + 30 km (PT).
Figure. TYNDP 2014 Midterm map of projects
This project significantly increases the Net Transfer Capacity between Spain and Portugal and
will allow an effective functioning of the Iberian Electricity Market (MIBEL), necessary in the
path towards a single European Electricity Market.
This project cross the Spanish-Portuguese border directly and allows a minimum
interconnection capacity between those two countries of 3000-3200 MW in 2020. It is
expected that this project itself increases the interconnection capacity in 1000 MW in the
direction from Spain to Portugal, and in 400 MW in the direction from Portugal to Spain.
According TYNDP 2014 assessment the project provides savings in variable generation cost
from 4-30 M€/y to 64-130 M€/y in 2030, depending on the scenario.
As a consequence of the increase of the interchange capacities between Portugal and Spain
the whole project will allow to avoid from 7-9 GWh to 630-770 GWh of RES spillage in 2030
horizon, depending on the scenario, taking into account the expected increase of the FR-ES
interconnection capacity for the 2030 horizon.
This project is particularly relevant for the implementation of the EU energy policy targets
namely for:
integrate the Iberian market (MIBEL) to the main European market, thus fostering
obtain synergies from the complementary generation technologies of renewable
resources (wind and solar) and facilitates the accommodations of RES)
improve system reliability mainly in the border area
obtain economic and environmental benefits arising from reduced transmission losses,
reduced reserve generating capacity, improved system stability and reduced
investment to provide generation capacity to supply peak demands
Contact details of project promoter:
Company: REN (PT)
Contact person: João Afonso
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone number: +351 210013500
Company: REE (ES)
Contact person: Luis Imaz
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone number: +34 917286359
Web: www.ree.es
Public Consultations
The project under consideration is submitted to public consultation as part of the approval
procedure of the Plano de Desenvolvimento e Investimento da Rede de Transporte (PDIRT)
(Development and Investment Plan of the Transmission Grid), which is conducted by the
Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos (ERSE) (Energy Services Regulator), also during
the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which is conducted by the Agência Portuguesa de
Ambiente (APA) (Portuguese Environmental Agency) and finally during the administrative and
technical licensing, which is conducted by the Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia (DGEG)
(General Directorate for Energy and Geology).

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