mini bonga solar moinho de vento - Porto


mini bonga solar moinho de vento - Porto
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@@ = walking distance from Miss’Opo, in minutes
Miss’Opo guesthouse [email protected]
31 OCT
Microvolumes 3.29 | Propan (no) + João Ricardo (pt) & Graw
Bockler (de) concert and dinner
for facebook activity look for Duck on Deck
@@ ?’ / 19h30, Sonoscopia Rua da Prelada nº 33
1 sáb
2 dom
3 seg
4 ter
@ @ 8’/ 21h30, Hard Club
Futurismo presents Halloween - Petar Dundov live, Freshkitos,
Glove Halloween party
6 qui
@ @ 3’ / 23h59, Gare Porto
Wet Collodion Workshop photography process
@ @ 13’ / 10h - 18h, Rua Mártires da Pátria 77
#4 • 31 OUT - 6 NOV • 2014
Em Terra de Cus Quem Tem Olho é Cego book launch of exquisite drawings from Miguel Carneiro, giving emblems for the
21st century. Concerts from 19h30 on.
@ @ 20’ Rua Anselmo Braancamp, 519 / 16h, Oficina Arara
MAPA - O Jogo da Cartografia theater play with Irene, our
cleaning lady
@ @ 3’ / 21h30, Mosteiro S. Bento da Vitória
X Bienal do Eixo Atlântico exhibition of Portuguese and
Gallician artists
@ @ 30’ / 10h, Biblioteca Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia
Meeting at “O Processo SAAL - architecture and participation”
with Delfim Sardo and José António Bandeirinha
@ @ see / 15h,
Fundação de Serralves
Workshop • Vintage Hairstyling
@@ 10’ / 16h30, Clube Fenianos Portuenses
J.S.BACH Hears wide open to classic music comented listenings with Virgílio Melo
@@ 15’ / 17h, Gato Vadio
25th April Openair exhibition
@@ 15’ / 21h30, Cadeira de Van Gogh
Pontiak (Thrill Jockey / EUA) + Toulouse concerts
@@ 10’/ 22h30, Maus Hábitos
Matéria Prima showcase dj’s
@@ 10’/ 23h30, Maus Hábitos
Disco My Ass dj’s
@@ 10’/ 23h30, Passos Manuel
He’s nauseous. The sun came up way before
he expected and greeted him bouncing from
left to right and from right to left of his
eyes. No steady pace could pull him through
unscathed. The street was too short to bear
and to long to cross. He scratched under his
pants. A paper came out, stuck to his hand.
There was a number written, one of those
you find by night and neglect by day. He
flushed it into the sharp wind.
Next to the grocery shop there’s a bookshop.
They mostly sell poetry but there are so few
enchanted with rhymes or delayed senses
that the shop becomes smaller and smaller
each day. Anyway, it has the best stool to sit
on Saturday mornings, after you kicked butts
on dance-floors. He pulls out another cigarette but they are finished. Grabs the wallet
and it’s empty. Looks around and there’s only
his inner storm, resigned as a pawn. He feels
confidant with his proud solitude although
the girl is fresh as peaches and stands inside
the counter smiling at her silly friend. Just
need one stool among sensitive pages to
readjust the colours of his pale soul.
He smokes away some Whitman whilst
thinking of fresh butter croissants and tea.
He likes pinky fingers.
venturous baby clothes
unique pieces and limited editions
Fado à Mesa dinner with fado
@ @ 25’/ 21h00, Casa da Música
Mão Morta - Tour Horas de Matar
5 qua
Top Floor Swing dance class
@@ 5’/ 18h30, Portus Bar
Placebo concert
@@ 10’/ 21h, Coliseu do Porto
The Last Emperor film included in the cycle Cinema & Politics
@@ 4’ / 21h, U. Porto Praça Gomes Teixeira
On the bank of the Bonga
river, in the confines of
deep Africa, an ageless
seamstress lived and
worked. People say that
from her hands came the most beautiful and
noble garments which dressed little princes
of every realm. Her story is as old as the
history of the world itself, and we know so
little about it. It’s told she was the mother
of a prince and the child was taken from her
because the seamstress was rabble. In hopes
of seeing her child once again, she never
stopped sewing baby clothes since.
And so she went on for months and years,
years and months and months and years.
Those garments became notorious and
from everywhere kings and emperors sent
her messengers requesting clothes for their
heirs. One day, when the time to rest arrived
to the seamstress, she passed her craft
secrets to a Moor prince who tattooed on his
chest the molds used by the old sorceress.
The Moor prince kept them secret until he
moved to Porto and espoused a Visigoth
princess from Fine Arts. Missing Africa and
fed up with the pink and blue tyranny, the
now renowned Moor king asked his queen
to sew the garments of their first child. The
queen used the plans on her husband’s chest
and the fabrics she gathered during her
travels, to pick up the tradition of the old
seamstress who lived in the margins of the
Bonga river.
buy online:
Engraving Workshop for beginners
@@ 5’/ 15h, Cooperativa Árvore
Hespèrion XXI baroque music concert
@@ 25’/ 21h00, Casa da Música
1989 special screening of the movie simultaneously in 15
european cities to celebrate the Berlin wall fall
@@ 10’/ 18h30, Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett
Misty Fest - Maria de Medeiros concert
@@ 25’/ 20h30, Casa da Música
Misty Fest - Joan As Police Woman concert
@@ 25’/ 20h30, Casa da Música
Get Set Festival a three days symposium of unique speakers
that will present the secrets behind their work
@@ 25’/ 21h, Rua D. João IV 643
Post-Amplifest Session: Maybeshewill concert
@@ 8’/ 21h00, Hard Club
Four nights with Anna (2008), Jerzy Skolimowski, movie
@@ 10’/ 22h00, Passos Manuel
Traditional cooking like this is hard to
find. Not every restaurant claiming to
cook the best typical dishes is honest. The
“Windmill” will provide generous amounts
of food on your table, truly tasty and
affordable, although it is not the cheapest
you can find.
The space could be described as vintage
for the local look of restaurants in Portugal. You’ll not have the vintage branding
of new restaurants. This one is really old.
Best to book before you go there. And, not
Portuguese enough but surprisingly, there
is an Oreo mousse for dessert.
Rua Sá Noronha , Nº81 , 4050-527 Porto
+351 222 051 158
+351 914 021 897