Orchestra Handbook


Orchestra Handbook
Penn Manor High School
Orchestra Handbook
Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines for the
2014-2015 School Year
Mrs. Sara R. Masten – Director
PMHS Orchestra Handbook
Course Description
This is an elective course open to students who play a
string instrument (violin, viola, cello, or double bass).
Orchestra meets 3 times a cycle, days 1,3, and 5 for the
entire school year. Emphasis is placed on string ensemble
literature, chamber ensemble literature and standard
orchestral literature. Evaluative criteria are listed in the
grading portion of this handbook. Places for woodwind,
brass and percussion players are determined by audition as
needed. These players should not be signed up for orchestra
as a course. Woodwind, brass and percussion players must
be involved in either the Chorus or Band to be considered for
Course Objectives
~Recognize and perform various musical styles and genres
~Develop skills (posture, technique, sight-reading, etc.) as
an individual as well as an ensemble musician
~Read and interpret music notation
~Analyze, critique, and listen to music
~Develop ear-training skills
Mission Statement
As the PMHS Orchestra, we strive to inspire the lives of
young people through exploration of an international
repertoire of music. We seek to involve our community in our
music program by creating a new and exciting outlook for
orchestral music.
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
2014-2015 Officers
Lavinia Hess – Senior Violin
Anneli Starry – Senior Violin
Davilia Sabino – Junior Violin
Addie Long – Sophomore Cello
Officers are selected by Mrs. Masten during the summer months prior to
the current school year. Officer responsibilities include (but are not
limited to) assisting the director with music
(distribution/collection/filing), concert programs, bulletin boards, etc.
Those wishing to be an officer must let Mrs. Masten know before the
final day of school each year.
2014-2015 Section Leaders
Section Leaders are determined by auditions at the beginning of the
year. 2014-2015 Section Leaders will be announced immediately upon
completion of auditions. Section leader duties will be discussed at the
time of announcement.
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
Important Dates and Events
Items that are bold are mandatory performances and count as an “exam”
grade toward your marking period/final grade in the course.
Sept. 3
Sept. 8
Oct. 6
Oct. 9
Oct. 11
Nov. 3
Dec. 6
Dec. 9/10
Dec. 17
Jan. 12
Feb. 6-7
Feb. 21
March 2-7
March 9
Mar 12-14
Mar 25-28
April 1-7
April 29
May 4
May 14
May 15
May 19
June 2
June 5
Performance or Event
Elementary Info Night (Need Volunteers)
Booster Meeting
Booster Meeting
Tri-M Induction Ceremony
LLMEA County Orchestra Auditions
Booster Meeting
PMEA District Orchestra Auditions
Dec. 13 = bad weather makeup day
Holiday Gigs
High School Holiday Concert
Booster Meeting
PMEA District Orchestra Festival
LLMEA County Orchestra Festival
MIOSM (National Music Spirit Week)
Booster Meeting
PMEA Central Region Orchestra Festival
PMEA State Conference & Festival
Orch/Chorus Hawaii performance tour
Honors B/O/C Recital
Booster Meeting
Elementary String Concert (need quartet)
Spring Fling Lemonade Stand
Orchestra/Chorus Spring Concert*
Graduation (Rehearsal & Ceremony)
Last Day – all music/uniforms turned in
HS Auditorium
HS Orch/Chorus Room
HS Orch/Chorus Room
Marticville MS Aud.
Manhiem Township HS
HS Orch/Chorus Room
Dallastown HS
HS Auditorium
HS Orch/Chorus Room
Manhiem Township HS
HS Orch/Chorus Room
Hershey, PA
O’ahu, Hawaii
HS Auditorium
HS Orch/Chorus Room
HS Auditorium
Comet Field
HS Auditorium
F&M College
There will be dates added for fundraisers, etc., and you will be notified ASAP. Please
refer to the “PMHS Orchestra” blog on the district blog page for up-to-date info
throughout the school year. (http://blogs.pennmanor.net/sricciardi/)
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
Classroom Expectations
Exhibit Positive and Effective Behavior in Class and on Stage
• Take pride in respecting classmates, the director, and our property.
• Refrain from gum chewing, disruptive talking/playing, texting, and other disruptive
• No food during orchestra rehearsal. No drinks are permitted unless they are in a sealed
container. All drinks besides water should be sealed in your bag for the duration of the
• There will be student leaders from time to time. You must show them the same respect
you show the director.
• Do not talk during National Anthem, announcements, or while the director is talking.
• Tardiness will not be tolerated. You will be marked late if you enter after the 7:40 bell. It
will show up on your attendance record, which can result in multiple detentions.
Unexcused tardiness will also result in a grade deduction.
• Music is internationally understood as an art form that brings people of diverse
backgrounds and opinions together.
• Harassment in the orchestra program is unacceptable. We expect you to do your best to
resolve simple disagreements on your own.
• If it is impossible to resolve disagreements without assistance, the officers will help to find
a resolution.
• Serious issues that remain unresolved by the officers should then be addressed to the
Orchestra Folders and Music:
• Each member will be responsible for an orchestra folder. This folder will be used for your
music the entire year. You will also be issued music throughout the year. This music
should be kept in your folder and be with you in class every day. You will be charged a
replacement cost for any lost or damaged music or a lost or damaged folder. Music=$2 per
piece; Folder= $10 per folder
• You are responsible for all contents of your folder. Please take care of it!
Instrument Storage:
• All violinists & violists are expected to store their instruments in an assigned locker. Mr.
Reddig assigns lockers at the beginning of each year. You must provide your own
lock. Cellists and Bassists are provided an unsecured storage area due to the size of their
instrument. If a cellist or bassist chooses to store their personal instrument elsewhere, they
must also provide their own lock. NO violinist or violist should be storing his or her
instruments in any room or closet in the department.
• ALL students must have a locker for their belongings. Only school-issued laptops and
instrument cases are allowed in the rehearsal room. This is not only for safety, but to keep
focus during the rehearsal as well.
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
Grading Policy
The next two pages are very important in understanding the grade you will receive.
If there are any questions, please contact Mrs. Masten
Participation – 30%
Assignments – 20%
Performances – 35%
Aesthetic Enhancement – 15%
Participation – 30%
You will be given 10 points a week for rehearsal participation. Point loss reasons below:
Unexcused tardy
Eating during rehearsal
Missing folder and/or music
Disruptive behavior
Inability to follow directions
Lack of participation--rehearsal/warm-ups
-3 points
-3 points
-5 points
-5 points
-5 points
-5 points
-10 points
Performances – 35%
Performance Attendance – Students will receive up to 100 points per performance. Points will be
deducted in the following manner:
Unexcused tardy
Student lacks appropriate dress
Improper concert etiquette
-10 points
-20 points
-20 points
Absences –
Unexcused: Work is not an excuse to miss a concert. You know the dates for these commitments
well in advance. You are expected to make the proper arrangements to be in attendance. It is
understood that attendance at these functions is mandatory. All work will result in an unexcused
absence. An unexcused absence will result in total loss of points.
Exceptions to this mandatory policy are:
Religious holidays
Documented illness
Family emergencies approved by the school Admin.
Alternate Assignment: Will be assigned on a case-by-case basis.
In order to have an excused absence, you must let your director know a minimum of 1 month in
advance of the concert. Failure to do so will result in total loss of points. A family emergency is the
only exception to the 1 month rule.
Assignments – 20%
Written Work – Quizzes, tests, and essays may be utilized during any given quarter. Assignments
may be administered through use of the blog or during class. Each assignment will be given a point
value ranging from 10 points to 50 points.
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
Aesthetic Enhancement – 15%
Each student will be expected to earn 25 points for aesthetic enhancement each semester. Students
are encouraged to become involved as participants and spectators at other musical or artistic events.
In order to receive credit for participating in a qualifying event, the student must fill out an
Aesthetic Enhancement Form. Several copies of this form can be found in the orchestra room and
by the music IPC. The AE Form will detail the activity. The following is a list of aesthetic
enhancement activities for which points can be earned.
1. Private Lessons – Indicate teacher and how many lessons during each quarter. (5 points
per lesson; 25 points maximum per semester.)
2. Participation in an orchestra outside of school – Indicate the ensemble, and fill out a form
for each performance and rehearsals related to that performance.
3. Attendance at a concert – Submit the program of the concert along with the aesthetic
enhancement form. Concert must be classical in nature. Musicals will also qualify. Please
see your director in advance to make sure the concert will qualify. See the wall in the
piano lab for free concert opportunities.
4. Special performance for a school activity – Performing at a school event
5. Solo or Ensemble outside of school – AE Form must include description of piece of
music, where it was performed, when it was performed, and whom it was performed for.
6. Concert Preparation – Help set up for or tear down after a concert. Must be outside of
normal class time to qualify. (5 points per service.)
7. Audition for County or District Chorus. This will require preparation of the audition
pieces and a pre-audition for your director.
8. Festival or Workshop – Participate in an approved music festival or workshop.
9. Other – Any musical experience you feel would qualify. An experience must be approved
by Mrs. Masten before AE points will be given. (Points will be determined based on the
type of event and involvement of the participant.)
Concert Attire
All members are required to follow the concert attire dress code. Failure to do so will result in a
point deduction and possible dismissal from the concert.
Girls: School-provided uniform (student will receive at beginning of each school year)
Guys: Black dress pants, long sleeve white dress shirt, black tie, long black socks, and black dress
shoes. (School is working on uniforms for the guys – tux)
Longer hair should be pulled back from the face by ponytail, etc. ; Men should be groomed
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
Please refer to the “PMHS Orchestra” Blog for additional
information on fundraisers, booster meetings, info, etc.
Please sign the attached form and return to Mrs. Masten by
Friday, September 7, 2014.
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
2014/2015 Penn Manor HS Orchestra
Accountability Statement
Return by Friday, September 7, 2014
Please Print:
Student Name: _______________________________________
Parent Name: _________________________________________
Grade: _______________________________________________
Instrument: ___________________________________________
Please Check:
____________ I have read the entire handbook and I understand all my responsibilities and
consequences for not fulfilling my commitment to the Penn Manor High School Orchestra.
Please Sign:
Student Signature: ___________________________________
Parent Signature: ____________________________________
Parent E-mail: _______________________________________
Always check the “PMHS Orchestra” blog
Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Masten @
[email protected]
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PMHS Orchestra Handbook
Aesthetic Enhancement Point Verification Form
Name: ___________________________
Date: ________________________
Date(s) of Activity: ______________________________________________________
Type of Activity: (circle one)
OTHER (describe) ___________________________________________________
Description of Activity: (if concert attended, attach a half-page critique and concert program)
Signature of student
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do Not Write Below Line
Points Earned ________________________
Director Signature _____________________
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