PART 2. - Oz Rotti Review



PART 2. - Oz Rotti Review
First Edition 2012.
Early Imports & Semen
This was compiled with the help of so
many people sending in old photos of
Australian Rottweilers from the past……
It is their wish that this be a legacy for
breeders and owners of the future & that
it remain FREE, for any one to download
or copy, never to be owned or sold for
profit by anyone person. It may be put
on CD & sold by clubs the proceeds of
such sales to benefit the breed.
NOTE : Photos are compiled in specific groups only not in
preferred order of the dogs status or contribution.
Catja von der
(the first German
Import to OZ)
Hero von Hennenkamp SchH 1, ZtPr
(Imp 1988)
Felix vom Magdeberg
Felix vom Magdeberg
Echo vom Magdeberg
(Imp Gmy)
Ikarus Von Alt
Mengenich (Imp Ned)
Anne von der Silberhutte
(Imp Gmy)
Jupp von Magdeberg
(Imp Gmy 1987)
Dina vom Fusse der
Angelburg (Imp Gmy)
Donner von Hause Schut
(Imp Gmy)
Wicky vom Hennekamp
(Imp Gmy)
Winn von der Grurmannsheide
SchH 11, BH, AD, ZtPr
(Imp Gmy 1990)
Yucca Eulenspiegel
(Imp Gmy)
Graf vom Gruntenblick
(Imp Gmy)
Iwan v d Silberdistel
SchH 11, BH, ZtPr
(Imp Gmy)
Rasmus vom Turnleberg
(Imp Gmy)
Atsy von der Wilden Maus
(Imp Gmy)
Zoe von der Berghalbinsel.
(Imp Gmy)
Xara vom Herrenholz.
BH.(Imp Austria)
Bea von Helenental
(Imp Gmy)
Linden Grange Magic Kiwi
(Imp NZ)
Sieger Della Riva Petrosa
(Imp Italy)
Alastars Garth von Cujo
(Imp USA)
Nero Lombards Glory
(imp UK 1991)
Lukas v d Contente
(Imp Ned)
Aust.Ch. Dazzler Blitz
(IID Imp U.K)
Jagen Blue Rumour Has It
(Imp UK)
NRCA & Aust.Ch.
Hanbar Wizard (Imp UK)
Bayridge Chella von Rika
(Imp USA)
Elke vom Jagersieger
(Imp USA)
Sultan von Kaisersteinbruch.
Mil.DH (Austrian Army)
(Imp Austria)
Grand CH Fernwood Terminal
Velocity (imp UK 1998)
Aust CH. Rottgennesis Kanyemba
V Quebex (imp UK)
Bocholt Arapaho of
Caranna (UK)
Lukas v d Contente
(Imp Ned)
Aust.Ch. Dazzler Blitz
(IID Imp U.K)
Aust Ch. Tailwinds Miss
American Pie (Imp USA)
Am.Can & Aust Ch. Frankly
Speaking v Boylan (USA)
Duy Magic Camelita
(Imp USA)
Aust Ch. Brodmuir Pinot Noir
at Blackcombe (Imp NZ)
JS 97’ Multi V Rated
Rem (Imp Sweden)
Kjeringas Corona Kernecht
(Imp USA)
Aust CH
Von Whelan’s Braun of Tobant
(imp USA)
Aust .Ch.
Jenecks Quick
BH.ZtP.AD. (Imp USA)
Aust & NZ.Grn.Ch.
Wanderer of Kauriland
(Imp NZ)
Jenecks Punch
SchI.BH.ET. (Imp USA)
Aust & NZ. Ch
Don-Guan V T Detoricahof (Imp
Baffy v d Quellenberg
Sch I.AD.BH.Ztp. (Imp Gmy)
Quinto von Schwaiger Wappen
(Imp Gmy)
Utz vom Hause Miles
Omar Von Den Furstenwiesen
(Imp Gmy)
Hoss Vom Oeterkotten
(Imp Gmy)
Gringo v Kressbach
(Imp Gmy)
Bizmark Of Nikola's Lion.
IPO1 (Imp Seb)
Marshall v Rising Star
(Imp USA)
Edico v d Konigskanzel.
(Imp Deu)
Mambo Of Nicola’s Lions. IPO 1
Cliff Von Der Konigskanzel
(Imp Gmy)
Paco Du Scavin
(Imp Bel)
NRCA & Aust.Ch Cuno
V. Leuchtenburger Land (Imp Gmy)
Natan Vom Wolfert Turm
(Imp Gmy)
Dux v Rectorrebell. BH.
(Imp Gmy)
Int.Ch. Apoll v Kriegsdamm.
Wld.Ch. Astor v Junipera.
Balco aus der Espenstatte.
Int.Ch. Benno v d Schwarzen Heide.
Bodo v Oberhausener Norden.
Am.Ch. Boss v d Biesle Hoeve.
Wld.Ch. Burning des Princes D Aragone.
Int.Ch. Champ v Visterland.
Ch.KJS. Dandy v Hause Neubrand..
Wld.Ch. Djuke v Vilstalerland.
Danjo v Herrendboden.
Eminem v d Mulbachstrasse.
Int.Ch. Flash v Burgthann.
Gandalf Marstal.
Gailagens Matinee Idol.
Int.Ch. Gil Crni Lotus.
Ch. Gonsalo Buoso da Dovara.
Int.Ch. Gonzzo Earl Antonius.
Int.Ch. Graf von der Teuflesbrucke.
Ironwoods Cade.
Am.Ch. Jenecks Uno.
Am.Ch. Jenecks Wotan.
Lenz van der Hassberghohen.
Ch. Maik Buoso da Dovara.
VDH.Ch. Medoc v Maulbeergraben
Natan Vom Wolfert Turm
Int.Ch.Noris vom Hause Edelelstein
Noris v d Alten Festung.
Bel.Ch Puck de Pandejah
Dutch Ch. Ter Waele Posse
Ch.KJS. Tough von Hause Neubrand.
Unkas v d Hause Neubrand.
Wld.Int.Ch. Urko van het Falconsnest.
Am.Ch. Utz v Hause Miles.
Am.Ch. Von Braders Elger.
Int Ch. Vico v Kressbach.
Yumbo v d Alten Festung.
The future of
our breed is in
your hands !
Stolzhammer Brave Xander.
Many thanks to those who helped to
compile & edit, also the many people who
dug through old boxes to supply photos for
a pictorial History of this majestic breed.

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