Bachelor programmes Master programmes International programmes


Bachelor programmes Master programmes International programmes
Bachelor programmes
Programmes begin in the winter semester
• Business Informatics (B.Sc.)1,2
• Creative Writing & Cultural Journalism (B.A.)3
• Cultural Studies, Aesthetics & Applied Arts (B.A.)3
2-subject bachelor programme with
Teacher Training option:
Teacher Training for Primary and Secondary Schools takes
place in the context of the tiered study system via a consecutive bachelor/master programme.
Master programmes
International programmes
Programmes begin in the
summer and winter semester
More than 180 cooperations with universities in
more than 40 countries – studying in Hildesheim
offers you a variety of international perspectives.
• Business Informatics (M.Sc.)
• Cultural Mediation (M.A.)3,5
• Philosophy – Arts – Media (B.A.)
According to the Niedersächsische Masterverordnung für
die Lehramtsausbildung, one of the two main subjects to
be selected for the Teacher Training option must be German, English, Mathematics or Labour & Management /
Economy 4. This can be combined with any second subject
taken from the study programmes offered. In the case
of teacher training programmes for secondary schools
(Haupt- und Realschule), it is also possible to freely combine two sciences (for example physics and chemistry).
• Psychology, focus on Pedagogical Psychology (B.Sc.)
Here they are from A – Z:
• International Information Management
– Information Science (M.A.)
• Art (B.A.)3
• Biology (B.Sc.)
• Catholic Theology (B.A.)
• Chemistry (B.Sc.)
• English (B.A.)
• Evangelical Theology (B.A.)
• General Science (B.A.) / (B.Sc.); (depending on the
reference subject: Biology, Chemistry, Geography,
History, Labour & Management/Economy, Politics
or Technology)
• Geography (B.Sc.)
• German (B.A.)
• History (B.A.)
• Labour & Management/Economy (B.Sc.)
• Mathematics (B.Sc.)
• Music (B.A.)3
• Physics (B.Sc.)
• Political Studies (B.A.)
• Sports (B.A.)3
• Technology (B.Sc.)
• International Information Management
– Linguistics & Intercultural Communication (M.A.)
• Educational Science (B.A.)
• Information Management & Information Technology
• International Communication & Translation (B.A.),
• International Information Management (B.A.)
• Social & Organizational Pedagogy (B.A.)
• The Scenic Arts (B.A.)
2-subject bachelor programme with defined
or individual study variants:
• Applied Mathematics & Computer Studies (B.Sc.)
• English Applied Linguistics (B.A.)
• Environmental Safety (B.Sc.)
• Sports, Health & Performance (B.A.)3
The individual combination of two subjects allows you to
access other vocational fields and branches of study outside of Teacher Training.
Abbreviations: B.A. Bachelor of Arts, B.Sc. Bachelor of Science;
M.A. Master of Arts, M.Sc. Master of Science, M.Ed. Master of Education
2 It is also possible to start studying in the summer semester.
You have to show evidence of your (artistic) aptitude.
• Educational Science, focus on Early Childhood
Pedagogy / Diversity Education (M.A.)5
• Environmental Science & Nature Protection (M.Sc.)
• German as a Second Language / German as a Foreign Language (M.A.)
• Information Management & Information Technology
• International Technical Communication – Languages
& Technology (M.A.)
• Pedagogical Psychology (M.Sc.)5
• Philosophy – Arts – Media (M.A.)
• Social & Organizational Pedagogy (M.A.)5
• Staging the Arts and Media (M.A.)3,5
• Teacher Education Course for Primary and
Secondary Schools (M.Ed.)
• Teacher Education Course for Realschule (M.Ed.)
• Text and Translation in the Media (M.A.)5
• Writing in the Literary World (M.A.)3,5
4 Labour & Management/Economy can only be selected for Teacher Training
for Secondary Schools (Haupt- und Realschule).
5 It is only possible to start studying in the winter semester.
The binational Double-Degree-Programmes allow
you to study at two different universities and moreover to get two degrees at the same time.
• German-Russian Double-Degree Educational
Science (B.A.), University of Hildesheim /
University Nowgorod, Russia
• German-Russian Double-Degree Educational
Science (M.A.), University of Hildesheim /
University Nowgorod, Russia
• German-French Double-Degree Cultural
Mediation (M.A.), University of Hildesheim /
Université de Provence, Marseille, France
• German-South-Korean Double-Degree
International Information Engeneering (M.A.),
University of Hildesheim / Pai Chai University, Daejeon, South Korea
Semester abroad / Internship abroad
Some progammes require spending a mandatory
semester abroad:
• International Communication & Translation (B.A.)
languages: English, French, Spanish
• International Information Management (B.A.)
• Teacher Education, main subject English (B.A.)
Moreover we recommend an additional semester
abroad for all our programmes. For detailed information and advice please contact the International
Stiftung Universität Hildesheim
Further Education
Study options
in a nutshell
and advice
• Cultural Diversity in Music Education (M.A.)
The University of Hildesheim offers study programmes in the academic core areas Educational
Studies, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Natural and
Information Studies.
For details on contacts, applications and admissions as well as information on the structure and
content of the programmes offered and much more
besides, please go to:
• Inclusive Education and Communication (M.A.)
• organization studies (M.A.)
• Distance Studies »Protestant Theology« for
teachers in Lower Saxony, Final degree:
Additional state examination for the subject
Protestant Religion
• Distance Studies »Roman Catholic Theology
and Religious Education« for teachers in Lower
Saxony, Final degree: Additional state examination
for the subject Roman Catholic Theology
Academic training at the University of Hildesheim
is characterized by an especially close connection
between theory and practice – the so-called »Hildesheim Model«.
Students here benefit from the unique networking of the University of Hildesheim with regional,
supra-regional and international partners from
science and industry.
Get to know the University of Hildesheim
The trial study »STUDIUM LIVE« and the information meetings we offer in the individual subjects let you see for yourself what it is like to live
and study in Hildesheim.
For deadlines and other information, please go to
We‘re looking forward to a visit from you!
Student Advice Centre
Zentrale Studienberatung (ZSB)
The ZSB is the place to go with general questions
on studying here:
Phone: +49 (0) 51 21 – 883 385 (Infoline)
Mail: [email protected]
Office hours are to be found in the Internet under
Visitors‘ address:
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Study options
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