Diving in Ilha Grande
The Ilha Grande Bay has one of the biggest shipwreck
concentrations of the whole world. Sixteen ships are
being investigated by the SAMPESUB (Angra do Reis
Society of Subaquatic Investigations). Six of them have
been found and registered. Some of them are:
da Parnaioca Beach- Vapor Japurá - 1860
Vermelha Beach- vapor Califórnia - 1888
Jacuacanga Bay- Encouraçado Aquidabã 1906
Sítio Forte Cove- Pinguino - 1966
Many European Galleons shipwrecked between the
XVI and XIX centuries in the Ilha Grande’s bay which
was stage of battles among pirates, corsairs, and
imperial invasions.
The outstanding areas are: Laja do Guriri (situated at the end of the Castelhanos), Jorge Grego's Island, dos
Meros Island and Shipwreck.
In general, these places offer a varied fund of fishes and colors.
In Guriri, you will find an enormous cave with several entrances and cracks. The sunbeams pass over the
cracks forming light flashes that seam shining swords. The cave space is equivalent to 10 men hand in hand.
Another outstanding place is the Helicopter shipwreck in Laja do Mataríz at 8 meters depth.
Dolphins and turtles are typical partners under the water
The better and favorite places are: dos Macacos Island, Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon (10 and 14 in the
map). There are other beautiful places in the island apart from these ones.
Program Includes:
2 nts at Ilha Grande in standard room with breakfast
RT tranfer Rio / Pier / Rio (private – only driver)
RT Transfer Pier / Ilha Grande / Pier in regular boat with no assistance (FERRY BOAT)*
Reception at Ilha Grande and walking transfer to selected pousada (with english speaking guide
01 Regular Boat tour to Blue Lagoon and beaches
2 days of Solo diving tours*
Diving tours
* These tours are for experienced divers. International dive certificate will be required
Each tour includes 2 stops in different diving spots (depending on the ocean conditions), 2 dive cylinders and
ballast belt, transfer to/from the pousada and English speaking dive master. Tours on regular basis. Duration
of the tour: approx. 4 hours
General Remarks
Departures with a minimum of 02 pax.
Rates not valid for holidays (Carnival, Easter and Natinal Holidays)
*Regular boat transfer to/from Ilha Grande can be made from Mangaratiba or Angra dos Reis pier. Find
bellow departures times:
From Mangaratiba to Ilha Grande – 08:00 (every day)
From Ilha Grande to Mangaratiba – 17:30 (every day)
From Angra dos Reis to Ilha Grande – 15:30 (weekdays) / 13:30 (weekends and holidays)
From Ilha Grande to Angra dos Reis – 10:00 (every day)
Duration of the boat transfer – 1:30 hr
In case pax can not take the regular transfer a additional must be made for a private transfer in speed boat
Additional for speed boat and bilingual guide assistance upon request
Please advise your clients to exchange money before going to Ilha Grande, because the island does not
offer banks or exchange service.
*Regular boat departures can change anytime. Please reconfirm it when making reservations
For rates 2013, please consult our travel consultants.