Doc 1985 - Céu Aberto



Doc 1985 - Céu Aberto
Flávia’s body
O Corpo de Flávia
Directed by Carlos Gerbase / 1990 / 15’
Selling Points
- Winner of the Best short photography at Gramado
- The same director of TV series Engraçadinha and the film Tolerância, winner of the Best Actor at the Brazilian Cinema
Festival of Miami
A fifteen year-old girl is beaten by her father and seeks shelter at a friend's house. From behind the tears and sobbing
she observes her friend's father. He feels sorry for a child, but she is a woman. Tonight, they will have to discover the
difference between passion and compassion.
Stage of Production: Completed
Genre: Drama
Cast: Ana Moura, João Batista Diemer, Daniela Schmitz, Nelson Ebelt
Awards: Production Support at Iecine Award / Best Short Photography at Brazilian Cinema Festival, Gramado / Special
Mention e Revelation Actriz (Ana Moura) at Cinema and Video Festival of Maranhão, São Luis
Language: Portuguese Subtitles Available: English, French, Spanish
Territories Available: All territories
Production Company: Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre was created in 1987 by a group of filmmakers who have been
working together since the early Eighties. Casa de Cinema has produced dozens of films and videos, and also television programs (TV dramas and series), courses and workshops on screenwriting and introduction to filmmaking,
discussion forums and TV programs for political campaigns. Nowadays it is a reference in contemporary Brazilian
About the director: Carlos Gerbase: Director and scriptwriter. Phd in Communication (PUC/RS), coordinator of the
Production Audiovisual course of the same university. Director of two films Verdes Anos (1984), Tolerância (2000), Sal
de Prata (2005) and also of the film in super-8 Inverno (1983). Scriptwriter and director of the shorts in 35 mm Interlúdio (1983), Passageiros (1985), Aulas Muito Particulares (1988), O Corpo de Flávia (1990), Deus Ex-machina (1995) and
Sexo & Beethoven - O reencontro (1997). Wrote scripts for the TV Globo, like Memorial de Maria Moura (1994) and Engraçadinha (1995). He also directed especial programs for TV, like O Comprador De Fazendas (2001) to the TV Globo and
Faustina (2002) for RBS.
Market History: Synapse – Project open door
Festival History:
Material available: Beta(English, French, Spanish), DVD(English, French, Spanish), 35mm.
CONTACT: [email protected] (+55 11 3023 6270)