Brochure | Our company story – Unify today and looking to the future



Brochure | Our company story – Unify today and looking to the future
Welcome to
the new way to work.
The past decade has seen dramatic technological advances,
ones that promise a more fluid, dynamic, better way to work.
This is a hyper-connected world of mobile inspiration and instant collaboration.
Today, anywhere workers demand responsive delight from the communications
tools they use every hour of every day.
And yet, most organizations find themselves in a fragmented world of
incomplete offerings, frustrated users and missed opportunities.
Now is the time to cut through the complexity with a new way to work.
Unify is a name that perfectly reflects our mission to unify multiple networks,
devices and applications into one engaging, easy-to-use experience.
to a unified
“Unify proved that the
OpenScape Portfolio
would provide our staff
and students with the rich
user experience they are
demanding. At the same
time, Unify demonstrated
that it understood the
education and commercial
environment we operate in.”
Dr Darrell Sturley,
Deputy CIO and sponsor
for the project,
Oxford University
At Unify, our singular focus is on providing
organizations with the communications tools to
foster rich and meaningful conversations. Across
channels. Across platforms. Across media. For a
mobile, real-time and collaborative way to work.
That means unifying networks, devices and
applications so that your teams can work
more productively from wherever they
happen to be. It means weaving various ways
to communicate—whether voice, video, social
collaboration or messaging—directly into how
your business operates. It means transforming
how your organization communicates and
collaborates in ways that amplify collective effort,
energize the business and dramatically improve
business performance.
Born out of the engineering DNA of Siemens,
Unify builds on this heritage of product reliability,
innovation, open standards and security to
provide integrated communications solutions
for approximately 75% of the Fortune Global 500
across 60 countries.
While there are many reasons why we believe your
people—and your bottom line—would benefit
from working with Unify, we’ll simply name a few.
A unified
world brings
a world of
Broadest product portfolio.
Most open architecture.
There is a certain value in choosing the market’s most comprehensive
unified communications offering. Everything works well together. But
there is also value in choosing the company that pioneered the concept
of an open UC platform. Our applications can complement those that
you already use. Creating a broader, more unified solution. More choice.
More depth. More value.
“With the transition
to the unified
platform from
Unify, it is now
possible to integrate
our communication
solution even
more intensively
into our daily work
processes and to
deploy innovative
Robert Mayer,
Senior Director,
IT Governance &
Infrastructure Management,
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
Voice messaging
Today’s anywhere workers
engage in real-time conversations
everywhere. Simply adding
smartphones is nothing short of
a missed opportunity. For true
competitive advantage, you
need to embed mobility into
the way you do business—from
collaboration to video to voice
to your contact center. Unify
offers the most complete mobility
portfolio in the industry, spanning
multiple devices, apps and
operating systems. Adding mobile
is a good start; thinking mobile
changes the game.
Much more than voice mail, unified
messaging helps make your teams
more productive and responsive
by providing a centralized and
searchable inbox for all messages:
voice, email, fax and SMS text.
Web collaboration
When people connect online, they
share. And when they share, they
solve, and your organization saves
time, money and wasted effort.
OpenScape Web Collaboration
allows you to easily and seamlessly
share presentations, documents,
videos and other media—directly
from any device—all on the most
secure platform available.
The nuance of a gesture. The ability
to be understood. When you make
video part of the conversation,
the conversation simply gets
better. Unify moves telepresence
out of the boardroom and into
any room, with a system that is
easy to deploy, implement and
manage—and offers lower
costs and greater ROI.
Voice platforms
Voice is crucial to the value of
unified communications. Yet so
few solutions do it well. With
OpenScape Voice, our awardwinning software-based IP voice
platform and ecosystem, your
team receives rich and natural
voice delivered through a secure
and scalable communications
platform for up to half a million
users. For mid-sized organizations,
OpenScape Enterprise Express
offers a streamlined and
preconfigured UC suite that can
be quickly deployed to a single
server, while OpenScape Business
is priced and packaged specifically
for small to mid-sized businesses. If
you have a converged IP and TDM
infrastructure, OpenScape 4000
allows you to bridge the gap while
still enjoying the full range of UC
applications and all the benefits of
increased workforce productivity.
Advanced devices
We offer a broad range of desktop
phones, mobile devices and soft
phone clients that work from your
desk or home or on the move—
seamlessly. Each features industryleading engineering, high-definition
audio, German design and costefficient network management.
You can extend their functionality
with mobile device integration and
XML-based application integration.
A unified
world values
a tailored fit.
Specialized solutions for
specific industries and
Our mission is to deliver on the three elements critical to transformative
team collaboration: universal content aggregation into a single view;
an engaging user experience that drives user adoption; and seamless
process integration that drives dramatic business improvement.
The fact is, your organization operates differently from the one
across the street. And while harmonizing communications systems
benefits everyone, this can be no excuse for vanilla solutions. We look
at your business processes. We recommend how best to integrate
communications tools into that process.
They remain your processes.
They simply get better.
healthcare deployments
education deployments
Public sector
The government and militaries of
five of the G8 countries rely on us.
We’ve carried out 10,000 individual
deployments for the education sector.
Unify solutions help organizations of
all sizes and mandates. Each time, the
goals are to better coordinate activities
internally and reach out to the public.
Designed for the requirements of
organizations around the world, our
solutions provide secure, scalable and
reliable command and control, contact
center, voice and mobile capabilities.
Eight of the top 10 global banks rely
on Unify. Reliable and easy to use, our
solutions help traders stay informed
and decisive around the clock—and
around the world. Traders can handle
high-intensity multiple-call workflows
simultaneously, managing customers,
colleagues, analysts and their trades,
all at the same time.
Contact centers
Simple, flexible, comprehensive service
for every stage of the customer support
life cycle: that is what we deliver to
contact centers. Outbound contact
centers seamlessly manage calling
records, agent workflow and campaign
strategies. Multichannel inbound contact
centers route, track and help resolve
customer contacts—however they
reach you. Together, Unify solutions
help your contact center precisely
balance service, support and budgets.
Small and medium businesses
Your business needs nimble, flexible
solutions to unify your communications
channels without sacrificing reliability
or security. We offer preconfigured
communication packages with the
full range of voice, web, video,
messaging and mobility features that
can work with your existing phone
systems and infrastructure. In the
end, you can connect more easily—
and more often—with your employees,
customers and partners.
“The Healthcare
Terminal is making
a big difference
here at The Chester
County Hospital
by significantly
streamlining our
clinicians’ workflow,
while at the same
time supporting our
goals of excellent
patient safety
and satisfaction.”
Mary Buckley,
Vice President of IT,
The Chester County Hospital
and Health System
Meet the challenges of healthcare with
streamlined processes, a mobilized staff
and an improved patient experience.
Unify has the experience from more
than 15,000 deployments to help
you improve information sharing,
collaboration and efficiency within your
facility and across multiple sites. Unify
bedside terminals, dispatch and alerting
systems and mobile technology get
healthcare staff back to doing what
they do best: caring for patients.
A unified
world is
reliable and
As more data travels through
more networks, and as more
workers connect more often
and from farther away,
two things happen:
Your company becomes more reliant on fast and dependable access,
and your corporate data becomes more vulnerable.
For the enterprise, opening up to new possibilities for communication
can never come at the expense of security or reliability. Our deep
experience offering carrier-grade solutions ensures that your
communications are never compromised. It’s a level of certainty
few can offer. It’s a level of certainty upon which our reputation
has been built.
“Unify exceeded our
expectations. They were
here in person and always
available when we needed
them. As the CIO, my
experience with the Unify
team was terrific; and I
think my team thought
their time working with
Unify on this project
was one of the best
experiences of their career.”
Jerry Sullivan,
Vice President and Chief
Innovation Officer,
Orlando Utilities Commission
Carrier-grade reliability
and security
• Carrier-grade 99.999% reliability
• Redundant active-active
• Built-in firewall, SBC, TLS, SRTP
• ISO 27001 information security
system management certification
• Integrated wired and wireless
Robust cloud solutions
The flexibility and cost-saving
benefits of cloud communications
are real. We complement our
cloud solutions with a wide
range of unified communications
and contact center applications,
designed to suit the size and
demands of your business.
• Cut your cost of
communications by up to 30%
• TIA 942 Level-4 data centers
• End-to-end encryption
• Available on-site redundancy
Flexible deployment
Our single software architecture
supports multiple deployment
options, depending on your needs.
Instead of “rip and replace,” we
work with you and our ecosystem
of partners to help you choose the
deployment option that works best
for you and your applications.
• Multiple options: on-premise,
public cloud, private cloud
and hybrid
• Open standards-based: SIP,
SOA and more
• Device- and operating
Secure integration
Count on us to keep your network
safe. We can create a tailored
security strategy and best-inclass security solutions to protect
your unified communications
infrastructure and applications.
We’ll ensure that they fit your
organization’s resources, size
and budget.
• Patented security technology
• Minimal disruption of your
existing network and operations
• Partnerships with the leaders
in security: Cisco, McAfee,
Trend Micro, Check Point,
Fortinet, Atos, Imprivata,
TippingPoint and IronPort
A unified
world is
obsessed with
Global service, 24/7 support
and the assurance of a
single point of contact.
Managing and operating a multi-vendor, multi-technology global
communications network is not easy. Making it reliable, available
and affordable is even harder. We can help. We provide turnkey
communications and network assessment, design, implementation,
integration and upgrades—globally.
“We made a decision to streamline our communications
processes to improve efficiency and collaboration. We
needed a partner that could support us on a global
scale, and we wanted a proven solution that we could
standardize on.”
Josephine Ciurleo,
Vice President –
Information Technology
Global Infrastructure,
Pall Corporation
Professional services
• Integration expertise: voice, unified
communications, mobile, contact
center and video and security, plus
broader IT applications including
workflow and ERP.
• End-to-end support and monitoring
for applications and security from
multiple vendors, IT Infrastructure
Library® Common Service Catalogue
certification—the global standard for
best practices in service management.
More than
service delivery and integration
accreditations from Cisco, Microsoft,
IBM, Avaya, Nortel and HP
Customized service solutions
We create customized solutions with
service-level agreements to suit your
needs, whether you are looking for
complete outsourcing or out-tasking.
Our shared-responsibility approach
complements your IT alignment and
business strategies. We provide the
skills and cost controls to flexibly and
efficiently deliver turnkey services, as
well as individual managed services.
Advanced performance
Get a clear view into what your
network is doing. Performance
monitoring checks the health of
services and applications 24/7 and
identifies capacity problems early.
We can recommend responses with
configuration management data
that ensures that you can implement
changes safely.
Even when your enterprise is ready
for the new way to work, you
need a strategic approach to the
transformation. Our consulting services
are based on a combination of business
process, financial and technology
elements to make the transition
effective and straightforward without
adversely affecting your organization’s
ability to operate.
Managed services
Proactive support
Design and integration
Get the benefits without the uncertainty.
Whether you’re looking for complete
outsourcing or individually managed
services, we can help. Our deep
understanding of UC architectures
and our commitment to customer
outcomes ensure that you get the best
strategy, deployment and management
as well as the best technology.
Take the worry out of performing
day-to-day network management.
Let us continually monitor your
network for faults, perform
configuration backups and provide
a proactive service manager to
help you deliver the most reliable
communications infrastructure possible.
How many software implementations
fail because of a lack of user adoption?
At Unify, we help you find and tailor
appropriate solutions to the needs
of your users, ensuring maximum
adoption. Through solution design,
systems integration and expert project
management, we can help you ensure
that projects are delivered on time and
within budget, regardless of complexity.
A unified
world cultivates
a network of
powerful partners.
Through our select global strategic
partnerships and through our network
of partners in every geographic region,
we serve millions of customers worldwide,
every day. Together, we amplify the value
we deliver to customers.
Serving approximately
of the Fortune Global 500
across 60 countries
“With the OpenScape
solution from Unify,
Telefónica Germany
has been able to
achieve significant
productivity gains
in their workforce
and can now serve
their customers
more efficiently
and completely.”
Steffen Wörner,
Thomas Scheithauer,
Partner Management,
IT Operations,
Telefónica Germany
British Telecom
IBM and Unify help teams
collaborate and communicate
using virtually any device from
any location. The capabilities
of IBM® SmartCloud® Unified
Communications dedicated service
are made possible by combining
the cutting-edge solutions of IBM
Sametime®, IBM Sametime Unified
Telephony, and Unify OpenScape
Voice solutions. This scalable cloudbased solution helps manage cost
and complexity more effectively
by helping to reduce the need for
capital investments.
Verizon Enterprise Solutions
and Unify’s global strategic
partnership enables the resale
of the entire Unify portfolio and
is targeted at large enterprise
customers, providing Verizon
with a differentiated unified
communications solution.
Together we deliver Verizon’s
“Everything as a Service” to any
device offering flexible deployment
and consumption options to
premise-based, cloud (private
or public­—leveraging Verizon’s
Terremark investments) or hybrid
deployments, while delivering
the best TCO in the industry.
BT is one of the world’s leading
communications services
companies, serving the needs of
customers in the UK, and globally
in more than 170 countries.
Through its Global Services
division, BT is a major supplier
of telecom services to corporate
and government customers
Our global partnership with
Telefónica delivers customer value
through selling and servicing
our joint voice and unified
communications cloud solutions.
By establishing long-term
relationships with our SMB and
large enterprise customers,
we ensure that service levels
meet and exceed expectations.
Customer successes include
regional government organizations,
finance and industry accounts. And
Telefónica Germany has selected
Unify for the rollout of voice and
UC to its own employees.
Deutsche Telekom
Unify is Deutsche Telekom’s
primary solution partner for
its small/medium and large
business customers. Using our
combined products, services
and expertise, we design and
deliver both standardized and
highly customized solutions
based on industry standards and
open systems. Our cooperative
partnership combines the extensive
resources of Deutsche Telekom and
Unify to bring complete, integrated
and scalable solutions that meet
the market demands of today
using technology that allows
an evolutionary migration
to the future.
A unified world tips
its hat to the past.
Werner von Siemens
invents the pointer
telegraph and founds
Siemens AG
The first
The first
to be shared
across distances,
particularly by
the press
The first
system to
voice and
data networks
The first
The first
The first pure
IP-based financial
trading system
The first German
urban telephone
exchange with
automatic dialing
opened in
2,500 lines
The first computerized PBX
The first
router and
switch in
the industry
The first unified
solution, named
as No. 1 in
“12 Key Moments
in UC” by NoJitter
Werner von Siemens’
invention of the pointer
telegraph in 1847 made
a great idea even better.
More than
The telegraph had existed for many years, transmitting messages via code.
Yet Siemens’ innovation was to create a telegraph that revealed real alphabetic
letters instead of the dots and dashes of Morse code; an existing technology
was made much more accessible and much easier to operate.
of firsts in global
The first
fully open
the first CEBP
with IBM Lotus
The first
suite of UC
The first step
into mobile
multi-device UC:
Call Swipe
transfers calls
in progress to
other devices
with intuitive
touch screen gestures
First in the industry:
Siemens Enterprise
outpaces all of its
global competition
for two quarters
in a row
becomes Unify
Siemens Enterprise
Communications is
founded as a joint
venture between
Gores Group and
Siemens AG
The first social
integration for
UC: Twitter and
The first
UC solution:
Cloud Services
and OpenScape
Cloud Contact
The first native
Google integration
by a UC vendor
The first unification
of voice, video,
collaboration, contact,
social communications,
search and business
process applications,
all in one immersive,
intuitive experience:
Project Ansible,
now Circuit
A unified world
envisions a new
way to work.
Fast-forward almost two
centuries, and Unify continues
to apply thoughtful innovation
to help today’s anywhere
worker interact, communicate
and collaborate.
“If you flip through the
apps on my phone, you’ll
see that I’ve tried them all
– and none of them offer
what Circuit does in terms
of ease of use, efficiency,
and scalability.”
Leonard Pascual,
President and Chief Executive
Officer, Sound Look Inc.
Through a massive research and development effort involving input from
customers, analysts and other stakeholders called Circuit, Unify has
brought to market a dynamic collaboration platform that represents a
next generation in real-time engagement. This platform pulls together and
manages the daily flow of an individual’s communications into rich and
meaningful conversations. Working seamlessly across multiple channels and
devices, it provides a single, unified view of every conversation, providing
relevant context and history to enhance every interaction. Intelligent.
Intuitive. Personal.
It’s a unified view, for the new way to work. It’s the next step in our relentless
quest to introduce new and productive ways for our clients to work better—
A unified world
delivers results.
“All over the world, competition conditions
are getting tougher. We must work more
efficiently, increase team productivity, and stay
flexible. Unified communication is crucial to
accomplishing these goals—it is a key factor
for the success of our teams.”
Hüseyin Sivri,
CIO, ING Bank Turkey
of us work on virtual teams,
at least part of the time*.
It’s time to get good at it.
Source: Unify global web survey, n=320
Select clients who are benefiting from
Unify technology and services:
• Clark Atlanta University
• Columbus State Community College
• Jacobs University Bremen GmbH
• Montgomery County Community College
• University of Greenwich
• University of Huelva
• University of Manchester
• University of Oxford
IT services
and communications
• Fujitsu Technology Solutions
• Informatika
• IN-telegence
• Konica Minolta
• Praxsoft
• Telefónica Deutschland GmbH
• Accident Fund Insurance Company
of America
• Caixa Econômica Federal
• Commerzbank
• Credit Union ONE
• ING Bank Turkey
• Fiat
• MTU Aero Engines GmbH
• Nilfisk-Advance
• Pall Corporation
• Ralph Lauren
• Solvay
• Villares Metals
Retail and commercial
• City of Mannheim
• City of Scottsdale, Arizona
• County Connectivity Project, Kenya
• Federal Government Department of
Sustainability, Environment, Water,
Population and Communities, Australia
• Insurance Funds, Belgium
• Town of Enfield
• Borussia Dortmund
• Brussels Airport Company
• Coca-Cola Company, Brazil
• Deutsche Bahn
• Pro Football Hall of Fame
• Stahlgruber GmbH
• CPFL Energia Group
• E.ON
• Orlando Utilities Commission
• Thames Water
• Vattenfall
• We Energies
• Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health
NHS Foundation Trust
• Chester County Hospital and
Health System
• Dr. Christóvão da Gama Maternity Hospital
• Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District
• UCSF Medical Center
“Our customers are
our top priority, and
we need a solution
that offers flexibility
to meet changing
demands and to
ensure we could
deliver the highest
level of customer
Scott Johanning,
Telecom Supervisor,
We Energies Inc.
Gartner Magic Quadrant
Visionary Unified
Communications, 2014
Gartner Magic Quadrant
Leader Corporate Telephony,
Forrester Wave for UC Leader,
About Unify
Unify is one of the world’s leading communications software and services firms, providing integrated communications
solutions for approximately 75 percent of the Fortune Global 500. Our solutions unify multiple networks, devices and
applications into one easy-to-use platform that allows teams to engage in rich and meaningful conversations. The result
is a transformation of how the enterprise communicates and collaborates that amplifies collective effort, energizes
the business, and enhances business performance. Unify has a strong heritage of product reliability, innovation, open
standards and security.
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