Wellnes Center Sun Garden Hotel


Wellnes Center Sun Garden Hotel
Wellnes Center Sun Garden Hotel
Sun Garden hosts a 5 star hotel, a dining area, a
SPA & wellness resort, an event hall and the
Lake and the Golf Course.
Uponor provided radiant floor heating system for
Wellness Center that includes massage rooms,
saunas and a pool. Uponor Tecto use a lower
operating temperature for thermic agent,
therefore the energy consumption is reduced.
The system is also perfect for pools and saunas
where a quick drying floor keeps temperatures
pleasant and comfortable for the feet.
Natural stone was the ideal choice for finishing,
thanks to the elegant appearance and excellent
heat transfer.
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Informação de projeto
Tipo de Projeto
nova construção
Tipo de edifício
Uponor Tecto
Tamanho dos produtos Uponor
1050 m2
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Uponor underfloor heating system offers
optimum efficiency and comfort and
aesthetically is the perfect solution.
Together with Uponor radiant heating system
was installed room temperature control system
which helped to reduce the amount of energy
with 12%. DEM radio system is easy to install
and provides further improvements in energy
Floor sensors installed in each floor areas
maintain a hot constant floor even if the
ambient temperature is high due to alternative
sources. Beside the comfort and reliability, DEM
radio is an investment for energy cost reduction.
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