The Lair of the White Worm



The Lair of the White Worm
2 lair (s) – toca, covil, antro
2 worm (s) – verme, bicho
The Lair of the White Worm
Bram Stoker
Adam Salton sauntered into the Empire Club, Sydney, and found awaiting him a letter from his granduncle. He had first heard from the old gentleman less than a year before, when Richard Salton had claimed
kinship, stating that he had been unable to write earlier, as he had found it very difficult to trace his grandnephew's address. Adam was delighted and replied cordially; he had often heard his father speak of the
older branch of the family with whom his people had long lost touch. Some interesting correspondence had
ensued. Adam eagerly opened the letter which had only just arrived, and conveyed a cordial invitation to
stop with his grand-uncle at Lesser Hill, for as long a time as he could spare.
9 arrives(s) – vinda, chegada
11 saunter (to) – deambular, vaguear, passear sem destino
11 await (to) – esperar, aguardar
11 grand-uncle (s) – tio-avô
12 claim (to) – reclamar, reinvidicar, pedir, exigir, pretender
13 kinship (s) – parentesco, laços de sangue
13 stating (s) – declaração, relato
13 grand-nephew (s) – sobrinho-neto
14 reply (to) - responder
16 ensue (to) – seguir-se, suceder
16 eagerly (adv) – avidamente, ardentemente
16 convey (to) – transportar, transmitir
17 stop (to) - ficar
17 as long as – enquanto, desde que
17 spare (to) – ceder, dispensar
19 fitting (adj) – conveniente, apropriado
21 long-lived race – família que vive muito tempo
21 span (s) – duração, espaço de tempo
21 bound (s) – limite, fronteira
22 receipt (s) – recepção, chegada
24 draft (s) - cheque
26 where are you bound for? onde é que vai?
"Indeed," Richard Salton went on, "I am in hopes that you will make your permanent home here. You
see, my dear boy, you and I are all that remain of our race, and it is but fitting that you should succeed me
when the time comes. In this year of grace, 1860, I am close on eighty years of age, and though we have
been a long-lived race, the span of life cannot be prolonged beyond reasonable bounds. I am prepared to
like you, and to make your home with me as happy as you could wish. So do come at once on receipt of
this, and find the welcome I am waiting to give you. I send, in case such may make matters easy for you, a
banker's draft for 200 pounds. Come soon, so that we may both of us enjoy many happy days together. If
you are able to give me the pleasure of seeing you, send me as soon as you can a letter telling me when to
expect you. Then when you arrive at Plymouth or Southampton or whatever port you are bound for, wait on
board, and I will meet you at the earliest hour possible."
Old Mr. Salton was delighted when Adam's reply arrived and sent a groom hot-foot to his crony, Sir
Nathaniel de Salis, to inform him that his grand-nephew was due at Southampton on the twelfth of June.
Mr. Salton gave instructions to have ready a carriage early on the important day, to start for Stafford,
where he would catch the 11.40 a.m. train. He would stay that night with his grand-nephew, either on the
ship, which would be a new experience for him, or, if his guest should prefer it, at a hotel. In either case
they would start in the early morning for home. He had given instructions to his bailiff to send the postillion
carriage on to Southampton, to be ready for their journey home, and to arrange for relays of his own horses
to be sent on at once. He intended that his grand-nephew, who had been all his life in Australia, should see
something of rural England on the drive. He had plenty of young horses of his own breeding and breaking,
and could depend on a journey memorable to the young man. The luggage would be sent on by rail to
Stafford, where one of his carts would meet it. Mr. Salton, during the journey to Southampton, often
28 reply (s) - resposta
28 groom (s) – criado, lacaio
28 hotfoot (adv) – apressadamente, precipitadamente
28 crony (s) – amigo, camarada
29 twelfth (num) – décimo segundo
32 either of them - os dois
33 bailiff (s) – administrador de propriedades
33 postillion carriage (s) - carruagem
34 relay (s) – muda de cavalos
35 intend (to) – querer, tencionar, planear
36 drive (s) – passeio de carro ou carruagem
36 breeding (s) – criação, reprodução
36 break (to) – domar, domesticar, amansar
37 depend (to) – confiar, depender
37 send on (to) – enviar, fazer seguir
38 cart (s) – carroça, charrete
39 meet (to) - conhecer
40 switch (s) – desvio, mudança, neste caso refere-se a que naqueles tempos os comboios muitas vezes esperavam parados para
lhes mudarem as agulhas da linha e assim seguirem para outro sentido e outra linha
41 fire (to) – excitar a imaginação, encher de entusiasmo
41 afresh (adv) – de novo, outra vez
42 draw up (to) - parar
42 dockside – plataforma e término de linha de caminhos-de-ferro
42 trap (s) – tarecos, tralhas
42 he wrenched the door open - ele abriu a porta violentamente;
47 heartily (adv) – cordialmente, de todo o coração
47 wring of the hand aperto de mão;
wondered if his grand-nephew was as much excited as he was at the idea of meeting so near a relation for
the first time; and it was with an effort that he controlled himself. The endless railway lines and switches
round the Southampton Docks fired his anxiety afresh.
As the train drew up on the dockside, he was getting his hand traps together, when the carriage door
was wrenched open and a young man jumped in.
"How are you, uncle? I recognised you from the photo you sent me! I wanted to meet you as soon as I
could, but everything is so strange to me that I didn't quite know what to do. However, here I am. I am glad
to see you, sir. I have been dreaming of this happiness for thousands of miles; now I find that the reality
beats all the dreaming!" As he spoke the old man and the young one were heartily wringing each other's
The meeting so auspiciously begun proceeded well. Adam, seeing that the old man was interested in
the novelty of the ship, suggested that he should stay the night on board, and that he would himself be
ready to start at any hour and go anywhere that the other suggested. This affectionate willingness to fall in
with his own plans quite won the old man's heart. He warmly accepted the invitation, and at once they
became not only on terms of affectionate relationship, but almost like old friends. The heart of the old man,
which had been empty for so long, found a new delight. The young man found, on landing in the old
country, a welcome and a surrounding in full harmony with all his dreams throughout his wanderings and
solitude, and the promise of a fresh and adventurous life. It was not long before the old man accepted him
to full relationship by calling him by his Christian name. After a long talk on affairs of interest, they retired to
the cabin, which the elder was to share. Richard Salton put his hands affectionately on the boy's shoulders-though Adam was in his twenty-seventh year, he was a boy, and always would be, to his grand-uncle.
49 proceed (to) – continuar, prosseguir
50 novelty (s) – novidade, inovação
51 affectionate (adj) – afectuoso, carinhoso
51 willingness (s) – boa-vontade, solicitude, disponibilidade
51 fall in with (to) – conhecer por acaso, harmonizar-se com, ligar-se a
52 Quite (adv) – bastante, muito, completamente
52 warmly (adv) - calorosamente
53 terms (s) (plural) – relações, relações pessoais
55 surrounding (adj) – circundante, circunjacente, neste caso refere-se ao bom ambiente encontrado pelo Adam
55 throughout (prep) – durante todo o tempo, ao longo de tudo
55 wandering (s) – divagações, sonhos
56 solitude (s) – solidão, isolamento
56 adventurous (adj) – aventureiro, empreendedor
57 christian name – nome de baptismo
57 affair (s) – acontecimento, assunto, questão, negócio
58 elder (adj) – mais velho
63 enter upon (to) – iniciar, encetar, empreender
64 tie up (to) – ligar, amarrar, atar
65 venture (s) – risco, aventura
65 as far as I am concerned - no que me diz respeito
66 course (s) – rumo, direcção, rota, caminho
68 fill (to) – encher, neste caso refere-se às lágrimas
69 will (s) - testamento
70 deed (s) – documento notarial ou judicial ou escritura
"I am so glad to find you as you are, my dear boy--just such a young man as I had always hoped for as a
son, in the days when I still had such hopes. However, that is all past. But thank God there is a new life to
begin for both of us. To you must be the larger part-- but there is still time for some of it to be shared in
common. I have waited till we should have seen each other to enter upon the subject; for I thought it better
not to tie up your young life to my old one till we should have sufficient personal knowledge to justify such a
venture. Now I can, so far as I am concerned, enter into it freely, since from the moment my eyes rested on
you I saw my son--as he shall be, God willing--if he chooses such a course himself."
"Indeed I do, sir--with all my heart!"
"Thank you, Adam, for that." The old, man's eyes filled and his voice trembled. Then, after a long
silence between them, he went on: "When I heard you were coming I made my will. It was well that your
interests should be protected from that moment on. Here is the deed--keep it, Adam. All I have shall belong
to you; and if love and good wishes, or the memory of them, can make life sweeter, yours shall be a happy
one. Now, my dear boy, let us turn in. We start early in the morning and have a long drive before us. I
hope you don't mind driving? I was going to have the old travelling carriage in which my grandfather, your
great-grand-uncle, went to Court when William IV. was king. It is all right--they built well in those days--and
it has been kept in perfect order. But I think I have done better: I have sent the carriage in which I travel
myself. The horses are of my own breeding, and relays of them shall take us all the way. I hope you like
horses? They have long been one of my greatest interests in life."
"I love them, sir, and I am happy to say I have many of my own. My father gave me a horse farm for
myself when I was eighteen. I devoted myself to it, and it has gone on. Before I came away, my steward
gave me a memorandum that we have in my own place more than a thousand, nearly all good."
"I am glad, my boy. Another link between us."
71 wish (s) – anseio, desejo, aspiração
72 turn in (to) – deitar-se, ir-se deitar
76 relay (s) – muda de cavalos
79 go on (to) – continuar, prosseguir
79 steward (s) – administrador, mordomo
80 memorandum (s) - documento
80 nearly (adv) - quase
81 link (s) – ligação, elo
82 Grã-Bretanha fancy!/fancy that!/just fancy! - ora
veja lá!; imagine!;
82 fancy (to) – imaginar, supor
84 state (s) – modo, condição, estado
84 four-in-hand (s) – carruagem tirada a quatro cavalos
85 ribbons (s) (plural) - rédeas
86 team (s) – grupo, neste caso é de cavalos
88 pleasure (s) – alegria, prazer
88 heir (s) – herdeiro, sucessor
"Just fancy what a delight it will be, sir, to see so much of England--and with you!"
"Thank you again, my boy. I will tell you all about your future home and its surroundings as we go. We
shall travel in old- fashioned state, I tell you. My grandfather always drove four-in- hand; and so shall we."
"Oh, thanks, sir, thanks. May I take the ribbons sometimes?"
"Whenever you choose, Adam. The team is your own. Every horse we use to-day is to be your own."
"You are too generous, uncle!"
"Not at all. Only an old man's selfish pleasure. It is not every day that an heir to the old home comes
back. And--oh, by the way. . . No, we had better turn in now--I shall tell you the rest in the morning."
Mr. Salton had all his life been an early riser, and necessarily an early waker. But early as he woke on
the next morning--and although there was an excuse for not prolonging sleep in the constant whirr and rattle
of the "donkey" engine winches of the great ship--he met the eyes of Adam fixed on him from his berth. His
grand-nephew had given him the sofa, occupying the lower berth himself. The old man, despite his great
strength and normal activity, was somewhat tired by his long journey of the day before, and the prolonged
and exciting interview which followed it. So he was glad to lie still and rest his body, whilst his mind was
actively exercised in taking in all he could of his strange surroundings. Adam, too, after the pastoral habit to
which he had been bred, woke with the dawn, and was ready to enter on the experiences of the new day
92 Caswalls – nome de uma família da região
94 to be an early riser - ser um madrugador, gostar de se levantar cedo
94 he is an early waker - ele acorda sempre cedo
95 although (conj) – embora, se bem que, ainda que
95 whirr (to) – zumbido, barulho de turbina
95 rattle (s) - barulheira
96 “donkey” (s) – maçador, insuportável, malfadado, importuno
96 engine (s) - mecanismo
96 winch (s) – manivela, guincho, sarilho, molinete
96 berth (s) – beliche ou camarata de navio ou comboio
97 despite (prep) – apesar de
99 interview (s) – prosa animada, conversa, entrevista
100 take in (to) – compreender, interiorizar, abranger
100 pastoral (adj) – do campo, pastoral
101 bred (to) - criar
102 whenever (adv) – em qualquer altura que, sempre que
102 suit (to) – convir, servir
102 elder (adj) – mais velho, mais idoso
102 wonder (s) – maravilha, prodígio, surpresa
103 readiness (s) – prontidão, disponibilidade
103 jump up (to) – levantar-se de um salto e rapidamente
103 steward (s) – criado de bordo
104 gangway (s) – prancha de embarque ou desembarque
104 on shore - em terra
♣♣♣ to go on shore - dirigir-se a terra
♣♣♣ to set foot on shore - desembarcar;
106 bailiff (s) – oficial de diligências ou administrador de propriedades
106 look out for (to) – tomar conta de, cuidar de, olhar por
106 dock (s) – doca, doca de descarga (ou término de linha ferroviária)
106 them (pron) – a eles, a elas, os, as
107 point out (to) – apontar para, indicar, mostrar
108 suitability (s) – aptidão, conveniência
108 harness (to) – prender, arrear, aparelhar, ajaezar
108 useful (adj) – bom, capaz, eficiente, competente
108 postillion (s) – postilhão, o que monta num dos cavalos da
frente em carro puxado por mais de uma parelha de cavalos
110 luxury (s) – luxo, ostentação, fausto
110 useful (adj) – bom, capaz, eficiente, competente
111 obstruct (to) – tapar, bloquear, obstruir
111 travel (to) – viajar, deslocar-se, percorrer
112 trap (s) – caleche, carruagem (armadilha, ratoeira)
112 suitable (adj) – adequado, apropriado, conveniente
whenever it might suit his elder companion. It was little wonder, then, that, so soon as each realised the
other's readiness, they simultaneously jumped up and began to dress. The steward had by previous
instructions early breakfast prepared, and it was not long before they went down the gangway on shore in
search of the carriage.
They found Mr. Salton's bailiff looking out for them on the dock, and he brought them at once to where
the carriage was waiting in the street. Richard Salton pointed out with pride to his young companion the
suitability of the vehicle for every need of travel. To it were harnessed four useful horses, with a postillion to
each pair.
"See," said the old man proudly, "how it has all the luxuries of useful travel--silence and isolation as well
as speed. There is nothing to obstruct the view of those travelling and no one to overhear what they may
say. I have used that trap for a quarter of a century, and I never saw one more suitable for travel. You shall
test it shortly. We are going to drive through the heart of England; and as we go I'll tell you what I was
speaking of last night. Our route is to be by Salisbury, Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Worcester, Stafford; and
so home."
Adam remained silent a few minutes, during which he seemed all eyes, for he perpetually ranged the
whole circle of the horizon.
"Has our journey to-day, sir," he asked, "any special relation to what you said last night that you wanted
to tell me?"
"Not directly; but indirectly, everything."
"Won't you tell me now--I see we cannot be overheard--and if anything strikes you as we go along, just
run it in. I shall understand."
So old Salton spoke:
113 shortly (adv) – dentro em pouco, em breve
116 range (to) – alcançar, abranger, percorrer (ordenar, alinhar, pôr em ordem de batalha)
121 strike (to) – afligir, impressionar
122 run it in – diga-me, entre no assunto
124 lecture (s) – conferência, prelecção, lição universitária
124 report (s) – relato, narração
125 addition (s) - acrescento
126 to be fond of - gostar muito de; ter muita simpatia por, ser amigo de
126 research (s) – investigação, pesquisa, estudo
127 forbear (s) - antepassado
129 amount (s) – paixão, importância, quantidade
130 make up (to) – formar, constituir, compor
131 conglomerate (s) – conglomerado, união íntima, fusão
132 rather (adv) – sem dúvida, certamente
132 gather (to) – concluir, deduzir
132 definite (adj) - definido
132 after all – no fim de contas, afinal
133 keep (to) – possuir, ter
133 except (prep) – excepto, menos
133 making (s) – criação, realização, feitura
"To begin at the beginning, Adam. That lecture of yours on 'The Romans in Britain,' a report of which
you posted to me, set me thinking--in addition to telling me your tastes. I wrote to you at once and asked
you to come home, for it struck me that if you were fond of historical research--as seemed a fact--this was
exactly the place for you, in addition to its being the home of your own forbears. If you could learn so much
of the British Romans so far away in New South Wales, where there cannot be even a tradition of them,
what might you not make of the same amount of study on the very spot. Where we are going is in the real
heart of the old kingdom of Mercia, where there are traces of all the various nationalities which made up the
conglomerate which became Britain."
"I rather gathered that you had some more definite--more personal reason for my hurrying. After all,
history can keep--except in the making!"
"Quite right, my boy. I had a reason such as you very wisely guessed. I was anxious for you to be here
when a rather important phase of our local history occurred."
"What is that, if I may ask, sir?"
"Certainly. The principal land-owner of our part of the county is on his way home, and there will be a
great home-coming, which you may care to see. The fact is, for more than a century the various owners in
the succession here, with the exception of a short time, have lived abroad."
"How is that, sir, if I may ask?"
"The great house and estate in our part of the world is Castra Regis, the family seat of the Caswall
family. The last owner who lived here was Edgar Caswall, grandfather of the man who is coming here--and
he was the only one who stayed even a short time. This man's grandfather, also named Edgar--they keep
the tradition of the family Christian name--quarrelled with his family and went to live abroad, not keeping up
134 such as – tal como
134 wise (adj) – sábio, sagaz
135 rather (adv) – bastante, muito
135 phase (s) – período, fase
135 occur (to) – ocorrer, acontecer
137 county (s) – condado, distrito
138 care (to) – querer, desejar (importar-se, preocupar-se)
139 abroad (adv) – lá fora, no estrangeiro
141 estate (s) – propriedade, quinta, herdade, bens
141 world (s) – domínio, neste caso refere-se a terras que estão encostadas às do senhor Richard
141 seat (s) - lugar
142 grandfather (s) – avô, antepassado
144 quarrel (to) – discutir, questionar, disputar
144 keep up (to) – manter, ter
145 intercourse (s) – comunicação, relações
145 particular (adj) – próprio, especial, particular
146 estate (s) – propriedade, quinta
146 yet (adv) - ainda
146 grandson (s) - neto
146 inheritor (s) - herdeiro
147 absentee (s) – pessoa ausente
149 tenant (s) – arrendatário, rendeiro, inquilino
150 complain (to) – queixar-se, lamentar-se
150 All the same – mesmo assim
151 own (to) – possuir, ser proprietário de
152 ground (s) - região
153 spire (s) – agulha ou flecha de uma torre, pináculo, coruchéu
154 county (s) – condado, distrito
154 keep one's mind on something (to)- concentrar-se em algo
any intercourse, good or bad, with his relatives, although this particular Edgar, as I told you, did visit his
family estate, yet his son was born and lived and died abroad, while his grandson, the latest inheritor, was
also born and lived abroad till he was over thirty--his present age. This was the second line of absentees.
The great estate of Castra Regis has had no knowledge of its owner for five generations--covering more
than a hundred and twenty years. It has been well administered, however, and no tenant or other
connected with it has had anything of which to complain. All the same, there has been much natural anxiety
to see the new owner, and we are all excited about the event of his coming. Even I am, though I own my
own estate, which, though adjacent, is quite apart from Castra Regis.--Here we are now in new ground for
you. That is the spire of Salisbury Cathedral, and when we leave that we shall be getting close to the old
Roman county, and you will naturally want your eyes. So we shall shortly have to keep our minds on old
Mercia. However, you need not be disappointed. My old friend, Sir Nathaniel de Salis, who, like myself, is a
freeholder near Castra Regis--his estate, Doom Tower, is over the border of Derbyshire, on the Peak--is
coming to stay with me for the festivities to welcome Edgar Caswall. He is just the sort of man you will like.
He is devoted to history, and is President of the Mercian Archaeological Society. He knows more of our
own part of the country, with its history and its people, than anyone else. I expect he will have arrived
before us, and we three can have a long chat after dinner. He is also our local geologist and natural
historian. So you and he will have many interests in common. Amongst other things he has a special
knowledge of the Peak and its caverns, and knows all the old legends of prehistoric times."
They spent the night at Cheltenham, and on the following morning resumed their journey to Stafford.
Adam's eyes were in constant employment, and it was not till Salton declared that they had now entered on
the last stage of their journey, that he referred to Sir Nathaniel's coming.
156 freeholder (s) – indivíduo proprietário de bens livres não vinculados
156 border (s) – limite, fronteira
156 doom (adj) – fatal, de perdição (alguém traduziu doom tower por torre do julgamento)
156 peak (s) – planalto elevado
160 geologist (s) - geólogo
162 legend (s) – lenda, narração de acontecimentos mais ou menos remotos e um tanto ou quanto incertos, fantasia
163 resume (to) – reatar, reencetar, recomeçar
164 employment (s) – uso, ocupação, serviço, emprego, trabalho
164 till (prep) - até
165 stage (s) – jornada, fase, período
165 refer (to) – referir-se, aludir, falar de
166 dusk (s) – escurecer, crepúsculo, anoitecer
166 close down (to) – fechar
166 drive on (to) – não parar, seguir em frente
167 Quite (adv) – bastante, muito, completamente
168 ablaze (adj) - (adv) - brilhante
169 morrow (s) – dia seguinte, manhã
169 defer (to) - adiar
170 greet (to) – saudar, cumprimentar
171 come over (to) – chegar, fazer uma visita, passar em casa de alguém
171 meet (to) – conhecer, ser apresentado a, encontrar-se com alguém, ir ter com
175 impart (to) – comunicar, transmitir
As the dusk was closing down, they drove on to Lesser Hill, Mr. Salton's house. It was now too dark to
see any details of their surroundings. Adam could just see that it was on the top of a hill, not quite so high
as that which was covered by the Castle, on whose tower flew the flag, and which was all ablaze with
moving lights, manifestly used in the preparations for the festivities on the morrow. So Adam deferred his
curiosity till daylight. His grand- uncle was met at the door by a fine old man, who greeted him warmly.
"I came over early as you wished. I suppose this is your grand- nephew--I am glad to meet you, Mr.
Adam Salton. I am Nathaniel de Salis, and your uncle is one of my oldest friends."
Adam, from the moment of their eyes meeting, felt as if they were already friends. The meeting was a
new note of welcome to those that had already sounded in his ears.
The cordiality with which Sir Nathaniel and Adam met, made the imparting of information easy. Sir
Nathaniel was a clever man of the world, who had travelled much, and within a certain area studied deeply.
He was a brilliant conversationalist, as was to be expected from a successful diplomatist, even under
unstimulating conditions. But he had been touched and to a certain extent fired by the younger man's
evident admiration and willingness to learn from him. Accordingly the conversation, which began on the
most friendly basis, soon warmed to an interest above proof, as the old man spoke of it next day to Richard
Salton. He knew already that his old friend wanted his grand-nephew to learn all he could of the subject in
hand, and so had during his journey from the Peak put his thoughts in sequence for narration and
explanation. Accordingly, Adam had only to listen and he must learn much that he wanted to know. When
dinner was over and the servants had withdrawn, leaving the three men at their wine, Sir Nathaniel began.
"I gather from your uncle--by the way, I suppose we had better speak of you as uncle and nephew,
instead of going into exact relationship? In fact, your uncle is so old and dear a friend, that, with your
177 conversationalist (s) - conversador
177 as was – como era
178 unstimulating – desinteressante, sem estímulo, sem interesse
178 to a certain extent/degree - até certo ponto
178 fire (to) – excitar a imaginação, encher de entusiasmo
179 willingness (s) – boa-vontade, solicitude
179 accordingly (adv) – por consequência, por conseguinte
180 basis (s) - bases
180 warm (to) – animar-se
180 interest (s) – interesse, atractivo
180 proof (s) - testemunho
182 sequence (s) – ordem, encadeamento lógico
183 explanation (s) – esclarecimento, explicação
183 accordingly (adv) – por consequência, por conseguinte
184 servant (s) – criado/a
184 withdraw (to) – retirar, afastar
184 wine (s) - vinho
185 by the way – a propósito
186 relationship (s) – parentesco, afinidade
187 drop (to) – deixar cair
187 altogether (adv) - completamente
190 avoidance (s) – acto de evitar, fuga
191 personal (adj) - íntimo
192 lead (s) – primeiro lugar, dianteira, liderança, chefia
193 post (to) – informar de, actualizar
193 regarding (prep) – com respeito a, em relação a
193 relationship (s) – relação, ligação afectiva ou profissional
194 partly (adv) – parcialmente, em parte
194 minute (adj) – minucioso, pormenorizado, circunstanciado
194 detail (s) – pormenor, detalhe
195 anything (adv) - (pron) – qualquer coisa
196 immediate (adj) – neste caso não significa imediato mas antes que o “record” o registo ou o estudo ou os conhecimentos foram
realizados mesmo por “nós” são de nossa autoria: Sir Nathaniel and Sir Richard
196 estate (s) – propriedade, quinta, herdade
196 kingdom (s) – propriedade/s (reino, monarquia)
permission, I shall drop formality with you altogether and speak of you and to you as Adam, as though you
were his son."
"I should like," answered the young man, "nothing better!"
The answer warmed the hearts of both the old men, but, with the usual avoidance of Englishmen of
emotional subjects personal to themselves, they instinctively returned to the previous question. Sir Nathaniel
took the lead.
"I understand, Adam, that your uncle has posted you regarding the relationships of the Caswall family?"
"Partly, sir; but I understood that I was to hear minuter details from you--if you would be so good."
"I shall be delighted to tell you anything so far as my knowledge goes. Well, the first Caswall in our
immediate record is an Edgar, head of the family and owner of the estate, who came into his kingdom just
about the time that George III. did. He had one son of about twenty-four. There was a violent quarrel
between the two. No one of this generation has any idea of the cause; but, considering the family
characteristics, we may take it for granted that though it was deep and violent, it was on the surface trivial.
"The result of the quarrel was that the son left the house without a reconciliation or without even telling
his father where he was going. He never came back again. A few years after, he died, without having in the
meantime exchanged a word or a letter with his father. He married abroad and left one son, who seems to
have been brought up in ignorance of all belonging to him. The gulf between them appears to have been
unbridgable; for in time this son married and in turn had a son, but neither joy nor sorrow brought the
sundered together. Under such conditions no RAPPROCHEMENT was to be looked for, and an utter
indifference, founded at best on ignorance, took the place of family affection--even on community of
interests. It was only due to the watchfulness of the lawyers that the birth of this new heir was ever made
known. He actually spent a few months in the ancestral home.
199 surface (s) – aparência, aspecto exterior
199 trivial (adj) – superficial, banal, frívolo, vulgar
202 meantime (s) – intervalo de tempo
202 exchange (to) – trocar, permutar
203 bring up (to) – criar, educar
203 gulf (s) – abismo, precipício
204 unbridgeable (adj) – dificuldade insuperável, inultrapassável, intransponível
204 joy (s) – alegria, júbilo, prazer
205 sunder (to) – separar, dividir
205 rapprochement (s) – aproximação
205 look for (to) – procurar, esperar
205 utter (adj) – completo, total, absoluto
206 found (to) – fundar, criar
206 at best – na melhor das hipóteses
207 watchfulness (s) – vigilância, atenção
207 lawyer (s) - advogado
207 heir (s) - herdeiro
207 ever (adv) – alguma vez
208 spend (to) - passar
209 interest (s) – interesse, atenção
209 heirship (s) – direito de herdar, qualidade de herdeiro
210 new (adj) - recente
210 intervening (adj) – que aconteceu, que sucedeu
210 heritage (s) – herança, património
212 bear in mind (to) – lembrar-se, ter presente
212 prevailing (adj) – predominante, dominante
213 one and all - todos
213 reckless (adj) – imprudente, irreflectido
214 pursuit (s) – busca, perseguição
214 faith (s) – fé, religião
215 little (adj) – pouco, pequeno
215 concern (s) – preocupação
215 beforehand (adv) – antecipadamente, de antemão
216 gain (to) – alcançar, atingir,
216 burthen=burden (s) – fardo, carga, consequência
217 recurrent (adj) – frequente, que se repete
217 policy (s) – política, linha de conduta, plano de acção
218 ensure (to) – garantir, assegurar
"After this the family interest merely rested on heirship of the estate. As no other children have been
born to any of the newer generations in the intervening years, all hopes of heritage are now centred in the
grandson of this man.
"Now, it will be well for you to bear in mind the prevailing characteristics of this race. These were well
preserved and unchanging; one and all they are the same: cold, selfish, dominant, reckless of
consequences in pursuit of their own will. It was not that they did not keep faith, though that was a matter
which gave them little concern, but that they took care to think beforehand of what they should do in order to
gain their own ends. If they should make a mistake, someone else should bear the burthen of it. This was
so perpetually recurrent that it seemed to be a part of a fixed policy. It was no wonder that, whatever
changes took place, they were always ensured in their own possessions. They were absolutely cold and
hard by nature. Not one of them--so far as we have any knowledge--was ever known to be touched by the
softer sentiments, to swerve from his purpose, or hold his hand in obedience to the dictates of his heart.
The pictures and effigies of them all show their adherence to the early Roman type. Their eyes were full;
their hair, of raven blackness, grew thick and close and curly. Their figures were massive and typical of
"The thick black hair, growing low down on the neck, told of vast physical strength and endurance. But
the most remarkable characteristic is the eyes. Black, piercing, almost unendurable, they seem to contain in
themselves a remarkable will power which there is no gainsaying. It is a power that is partly racial and
partly individual: a power impregnated with some mysterious quality, partly hypnotic, partly mesmeric,
which seems to take away from eyes that meet them all power of resistance--nay, all power of wishing to
resist. With eyes like those, set in that all-commanding face, one would need to be strong indeed to think of
resisting the inflexible will that lay behind.
220 soft (adj) – suave, brando, cortês
220 swerve (to) – desviar-se
220 purpose (s) – objectivo, fim
220 hold (to) – conter, reter, segurar
220 dictate (s) – imposição, ordem
221 picture (s) – quadro, pintura, retrato
221 effigy (s) - retrato
221 adherence (s) – fidelidade, adesão
221 early (adj) - primitivo
221 full (adj) – largo, amplo
222 raven (adj) – brilhante e negro como um corvo
222 thick (adj) – denso, espesso
222 close (adj) – fechado, cerrado
222 curly (adj) – encaracolado, ondulado
222 massive (adj) – sólido e pesado
224 low (adj) - abaixo da altura considerada como média
224 endurance (s) - resistência
225 remarkable (adj) – notável, fora do vulgar, digno de nota
225 piercing (adj) - penetrante
225 unendurable (adj) – insuportável, intolerável
226 gainsaying – neste caso significa que outra pessoa não
conseguiria negar-se contra a vontade da primeira pessoa,
refutação, negação, contradição
226 partly (adv) – em parte, parcialmente, até certo ponto
227 mesmeric (adj) – mesmérico, recurso ao magnetismo animal e
ao hipnotismo
228 take away (to) – tirar, retirar
232 surmise (to) – supor, conjecturar
233 compelling (adj) – irresistível, empolgante, emocionante
233 any (adj) - (pron) - nenhum
233 wonder (s) – espanto, admiração, surpresa
233 there be abroad (to) – correr o boato (aqui abroad não significa no estrangeiro)
234 tend (to) – tender, ter tendênci
235 sell (to) – vender, vender-se
236 get through (to) – ultrapassar, atravessar
237 susceptibility (s) – sensibilidade, predisposição, susceptibilidade
237 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
239 lie (s) – disposição do terreno, situação, posição
239 thing (s) – problema, coisa, interesse
240 seek (to) – procurar, investigar, pesquisar
240 enlightenment (s) – explicação, esclarecimento, iluminação
240 start (s) – início, princípio, partida
"You may think, Adam, that all this is imagination on my part, especially as I have never seen any of
them. So it is, but imagination based on deep study. I have made use of all I know or can surmise logically
regarding this strange race. With such strange compelling qualities, is it any wonder that there is abroad an
idea that in the race there is some demoniac possession, which tends to a more definite belief that certain
individuals have in the past sold themselves to the Devil?
"But I think we had better go to bed now. We have a lot to get through to-morrow, and I want you to have
your brain clear, and all your susceptibilities fresh. Moreover, I want you to come with me for an early walk,
during which we may notice, whilst the matter is fresh in our minds, the peculiar disposition of this place--not
merely your grand-uncle's estate, but the lie of the country around it. There are many things on which we
may seek--and perhaps find-- enlightenment. The more we know at the start, the more things which may
come into our view will develop themselves."
Curiosity took Adam Salton out of bed in the early morning, but when he had dressed and gone
downstairs; he found that, early as he was, Sir Nathaniel was ahead of him. The old gentleman was quite
prepared for a long walk, and they started at once.
Sir Nathaniel, without speaking, led the way to the east, down the hill. When they had descended and
risen again, they found themselves on the eastern brink of a steep hill. It was of lesser height than that on
which the Castle was situated; but it was so placed that it commanded the various hills that crowned the
ridge. All along the ridge the rock cropped out, bare and bleak, but broken in rough natural castellation. The
form of the ridge was a segment of a circle, with the higher points inland to the west. In the centre rose the
244 grove (s) – bosque, pomar, arvoredo
247 ahead (adj) - (adv) – à frente
247 Quite (adv) – bastante, muito, completamente
248 long (adj) – longo, comprido
♣♣♣ long (adv) – muito tempo, por muito tempo, durante muito tempo
250 eastern (adj) – oriental, de leste
250 brink (s) – beira, borda
251 crown (to) – encimar, coroar, colocar nos topos
252 ridge (s) – serrania, crista
252 crop out (to) – aflorar, aparecer
252 bare (adj) – despido, nu, descoberto
252 bleak (adj) – desabrigado, batido pelo vento, ermo, desolado, árido
252 rough (adj) – grosseiro, rude
252 castellation (s) – que tem a disposição de amontoados a lembrar castelos ou até a lembrar as próprias ameias
253 inland (adj) – no interior, situado no interior
255 amongst=among (prep) – entre, no meio de
255 ruins (s) (plural) – ruína, restos ou destroços de edifícios
256 massive (adj) – sólido, pesado
256 limestone (s) – pedra calcária
257 shape (to) – dar forma a
257 the fall of the ground – a inclinação do terreno
258 overhang (to) – estar suspenso sobre, projectar-se para fora, sobressair
258 plain (s) - planície
258 below (adv) - (prep) – por baixo, em baixo, debaixo
261 extent (s) – dimensão, extensão, tamanho
262 willing (adj) – de muito boa vontade
Castle, on the highest point of all. Between the various rocky excrescences were groups of trees of various
sizes and heights, amongst some of which were what, in the early morning light, looked like ruins. These-whatever they were--were of massive grey stone, probably limestone rudely cut--if indeed they were not
shaped naturally. The fall of the ground was steep all along the ridge, so steep that here and there both
trees and rocks and buildings seemed to overhang the plain far below, through which ran many streams.
Sir Nathaniel stopped and looked around, as though to lose nothing of the effect. The sun had climbed
the eastern sky and was making all details clear. He pointed with a sweeping gesture, as though calling
Adam's attention to the extent of the view. Having done so, he covered the ground more slowly, as though
inviting attention to detail. Adam was a willing and attentive pupil, and followed his motions exactly,
missing--or trying to miss--nothing.
"I have brought you here, Adam, because it seems to me that this is the spot on which to begin our
investigations. You have now in front of you almost the whole of the ancient kingdom of Mercia. In fact, we
see the whole of it except that furthest part, which is covered by the Welsh Marches and those parts which
are hidden from where we stand by the high ground of the immediate west. We can see--theoretically--the
whole of the eastern bound of the kingdom, which ran south from the Humber to the Wash. I want you to
bear in mind the trend of the ground, for some time, sooner or later, we shall do well to have it in our mind's
eye when we are considering the ancient traditions and superstitions, and are trying to find the RATIONALE
of them. Each legend, each superstition which we receive, will help in the understanding and possible
elucidation of the others. And as all such have a local basis, we can come closer to the truth--or the
probability--by knowing the local conditions as we go along. It will help us to bring to our aid such geological
truth as we may have between us. For instance, the building materials used in various ages can afford their
266 furthest (adj) – extremo, o mais extremo
266 Welsh (adj) – galês, de Gales
266 marche (s) – marca, limite, confins
267 high ground - colina
267 immediate – (do lado west) deles
267 theoretically (adv) - teoricamente
268 bound (s) – limite, fronteira
269 bear in mind (to) – lembrar-se, ter presente
269 trend (s) – orientação geral, direcção, rumo
271 legend (s) – lenda, conto
272 basis (s) - fundamento
273 go along (to) – progredir, continuar
273 aid (s) – ajuda, auxílio, apoio
274 instance (s) – exemplo
274 afford (to) – dar, conceder, proporcionar
275 height (s) – altura, altitude
275 nay (adv) – ou antes, ou melhor, mais que isso
276 enlightening (adj) – esclarecedor, elucidativo, informativo
277 instance (s) - exemplo
277 venture (to) – arriscar, aventurar
278 main (adj) – mais importante, principal
278 site (s) – local, sítio
278 wise (adj) – sábio, sagaz, sensato
279 ostensible (adj) – só de exterior e só de aparência, falso
280 unseen (adj) – invisível, oculto
280 unproved (adj) – não demonstrado, não provado
280 also (conj?) - também
282 seriatim (adv) – ponto por ponto, sucessivamente, um por um
283 imply (to) – sugerir, insinuar, implicar
283 former (adj) – primeiro, anterior
284 oak (s) - carvalho
284 suggest (to) – sugerir, lembrar
own lessons to understanding eyes. The very heights and shapes and materials of these hills-- nay, even of
the wide plain that lies between us and the sea--have in themselves the materials of enlightening books."
"For instance, sir?" said Adam, venturing a question.
"Well, look at those hills which surround the main one where the site for the Castle was wisely chosen-on the highest ground. Take the others. There is something ostensible in each of them, and in all
probability something unseen and unproved, but to be imagined, also."
"For instance?" continued Adam.
"Let us take them SERIATIM. That to the east, where the trees are, lower down--that was once the
location of a Roman temple, possibly founded on a pre-existing Druidical one. Its name implies the former,
and the grove of ancient oaks suggests the latter."
"Please explain."
"The old name translated means 'Diana's Grove.' Then the next one higher than it, but just beyond it, is
called 'MERCY'--in all probability a corruption or familiarisation of the word MERCIA, with a Roman pun
included. We learn from early manuscripts that the place was called VILULA MISERICORDIAE. It was
originally a nunnery, founded by Queen Bertha, but done away with by King Penda, the reactionary to
Paganism after St. Augustine. Then comes your uncle's place--Lesser Hill. Though it is so close to the
Castle, it is not connected with it. It is a freehold, and, so far as we know, of equal age. It has always
belonged to your family."
"Then there only remains the Castle!"
"That is all; but its history contains the histories of all the others--in fact, the whole history of early
England." Sir Nathaniel, seeing the expectant look on Adam's face, went on:
286 beyond (adv) - (prep) – para lá do, além, do outro lado, ao longe
287 pun (s) – trocadilho, jogo de palavras
288 early (adj) – primitivo, antigo
289 nunnery (s) – convento de freiras
289 do away with (to) – suprimir, abolir, fazer desaparecer
289 reactionary (s) - reaccionário
291 freehold (s) – bens de raiz livres
291 equal (adj) – igual, idêntico
295 expectant (adj) – expectante, na expectativa
296 furthest (adj) – extremo, o mais extremo
296 surmise (s) – suposição, conjectura, presunção
297 inference (s) – conclusão, dedução
297 guess (s) – suposição, conjectura
298 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
300 useful (adj) – útil, proveitoso, vantajoso
300 infer (to) – deduzir, inferir, sugerir
301 highest (adj) – importante, principal, avançado, extremo
301 camp (s) – acampamento, exército em campanha
302 advance (s) – avanço, progresso
303 march (s) – fronteira militar, limite, marca
303 beyond (adv) - (prep) – para lá do, além, do outro lado, ao longe
304 lie (to) – estar, encontrar-se
304 provide (to) – dar, oferecer, proporcionar
304 get (to) – ter, obter, possuir, atingir
306 tributary (adj) – rio afluente
306 swift (adj) – rápido, veloz
"The history of the Castle has no beginning so far as we know. The furthest records or surmises or
inferences simply accept it as existing. Some of these--guesses, let us call them--seem to show that there
was some sort of structure there when the Romans came, therefore it must have been a place of
importance in Druid times--if indeed that was the beginning. Naturally the Romans accepted it, as they did
everything of the kind that was, or might be, useful. The change is shown or inferred in the name Castra. It
was the highest protected ground, and so naturally became the most important of their camps. A study of
the map will show you that it must have been a most important centre. It both protected the advances
already made to the north, and helped to dominate the sea coast. It sheltered the western marches, beyond
which lay savage Wales--and danger. It provided a means of getting to the Severn, round which lay the
great Roman roads then coming into existence, and made possible the great waterway to the heart of
England--through the Severn and its tributaries. It brought the east and the west together by the swiftest
and easiest ways known to those times. And, finally, it provided means of descent on London and all the
expanse of country watered by the Thames.
"With such a centre, already known and organised, we can easily see that each fresh wave of invasion-the Angles, the Saxons, the Danes, and the Normans--found it a desirable possession and so ensured its
upholding. In the earlier centuries it was merely a vantage ground. But when the victorious Romans brought
with them the heavy solid fortifications impregnable to the weapons of the time, its commanding position
alone ensured its adequate building and equipment. Then it was that the fortified camp of the Caesars
developed into the castle of the king. As we are as yet ignorant of the names of the first kings of Mercia, no
historian has been able to guess which of them made it his ultimate defence; and I suppose we shall never
know now. In process of time, as the arts of war developed, it increased in size and strength, and although
recorded details are lacking, the history is written not merely in the stone of its building, but is inferred in the
308 expanse (s) – extensão, vastidão
310 desirable (adj) – desejável, apetecível, conveniente
310 possession (s) – domínio, território, possessão
310 ensure (to) – garantir, assegurar
311 upholding (s) – conservação, protecção, apoio
311 vantage ground – posição vantajosa
312 impregnable (adj) – invencível, inconquistável, inexpugnável
314 develope (to) – crescer, desenvolver-se
315 historian (s) - historiador
315 ultimate (adj) – derradeiro, final
316 In process of time – com o decorrer dos tempos
316 as (adv) - (conj) - (pron) - quando
316 increase (to) – desenvolver-se, crescer, aumentar
317 lack (to) – faltar, não haver
317 infer (to) – deduzir, inferir, sugerir
318 structure (s) – construção, edifício, obra, trabalho
318 sweeping (adj) – vasto, extenso, amplo, completo, radical
318 wip out (to) – apagar, aniquilar, limpar
319 lesser (adj) – mais pequeno, menor
319 than (conj) – do que
319 early (adj) – primitivo, primevo
320 late (adj) – não mais recente que, que aparece depois de
321 surrounding (adj) – circundante, circunjacente
321 establish (to) – fundar, estabelecer
321 certain (adj) – certo, determinado
322 extent (s) – grau
322 prove (to) – provar, demonstrar
322 retain (to) – conservar, manter, reter, preservar
322 pertain (to) – pertencer, ser próprio de
323 afford (to) – proporcionar, dar, conceder
323 pass away (to) – desaparecer (falecer)
324 so much … but – não só … mas também
324 hollow (s) - caverna
325 become (to) – ser feito, suceder
326 furtively (adv) – sem deixar que se perceba, às
escondidas, furtivamente
326 keep up with (to) – acompanhar, manter-se a par de
changes of structure. Then the sweeping changes which followed the Norman Conquest wiped out all
lesser records than its own. To-day we must accept it as one of the earliest castles of the Conquest,
probably not later than the time of Henry I. Roman and Norman were both wise in their retention of places
of approved strength or utility. So it was that these surrounding heights, already established and to a certain
extent proved, were retained. Indeed, such characteristics as already pertained to them were preserved,
and to-day afford to us lessons regarding things which have themselves long since passed away.
"So much for the fortified heights; but the hollows too have their own story. But how the time passes!
We must hurry home, or your uncle will wonder what has become of us."
He started with long steps towards Lesser Hill, and Adam was soon furtively running in order to keep up
with him.
"Now, there is no hurry, but so soon as you are both ready we shall start," Mr. Salton said when
breakfast had begun. "I want to take you first to see a remarkable relic of Mercia, and then we'll go to
Liverpool through what is called 'The Great Vale of Cheshire.' You may be disappointed, but take care not
to prepare your mind"--this to Adam--"for anything stupendous or heroic. You would not think the place a
vale at all, unless you were told so beforehand, and had confidence in the veracity of the teller. We should
get to the Landing Stage in time to meet the WEST AFRICAN, and catch Mr. Caswall as he comes ashore.
We want to do him honour--and, besides, it will be more pleasant to have the introductions over before we
go to his FETE at the Castle."
333 remarkable (adj) – notável, digno de nota
333 relic (s) – relíquia, ruínas, despojos
335 stupendous (adj) – estupendo, fantástico, formidável
335 anything (adv) - (pron) – (na negativa) - nada
335 heroic (adj) - heróico
336 vale (s) – vale, planície
336 At all – realmente, de facto, afinal
336 beforehand (adv) – antecipadamente, de antemão
336 confidence (s) – confiança, segurança
336 teller (s) – narrador, aquele que conta histórias ou contos
337 landing (adj) – de desembarque
337 stage (s) – estrado, plataforma pouco elevada, cena, local de acção
337 ashore (adv) – em terra, a terra
338 honour (s) – reverência, respeito
338 introduction (s) – apresentação (introdução)
339 fête (s) – festa, festival
341 keen (adj) – rápido, forte (agudo, penetrante)
342 exhilarating (adj) – entusiasmante, estimulante
342 pace (s) – velocidade, ritmo, andamento
343 presently (adv) – em breve, dentro em pouco, logo
343 draw up (to) - parar
343 opposite (adv) – em frente, diante de
343 heap (s) – montão, pilha, monte
344 wayside (s) – margem da estrada, beira da estrada
345 unnoticed (adj) – despercebido, não notado
346 dawn (to) – surgir, amanhecer
346 Anglian kingdom – reino Anglo (Inglês)
349 passer-by (s) - transeunte
349 heathen (adj) – pagão, idólatra
The carriage was ready, the same as had been used the previous day, but there were different horses-magnificent animals, and keen for work. Breakfast was soon over, and they shortly took their places. The
postillions had their orders, and were quickly on their way at an exhilarating pace.
Presently, in obedience to Mr. Salton's signal, the carriage drew up opposite a great heap of stones by
the wayside.
"Here, Adam," he said, "is something that you of all men should not pass by unnoticed. That heap of
stones brings us at once to the dawn of the Anglian kingdom. It was begun more than a thousand years
ago--in the latter part of the seventh century--in memory of a murder. Wulfere, King of Mercia, nephew of
Penda, here murdered his two sons for embracing Christianity. As was the custom of the time, each
passer-by added a stone to the memorial heap. Penda represented heathen reaction after St. Augustine's
mission. Sir Nathaniel can tell you as much as you want about this, and put you, if you wish, on the track of
such accurate knowledge as there is."
Whilst they were looking at the heap of stones, they noticed that another carriage had drawn up beside
them, and the passenger--there was only one--was regarding them curiously. The carriage was an old
heavy travelling one, with arms blazoned on it gorgeously. The men took off their hats, as the occupant, a
lady, addressed them.
"How do you do, Sir Nathaniel? How do you do, Mr. Salton? I hope you have not met with any accident.
Look at me!"
As she spoke she pointed to where one of the heavy springs was broken across, the broken metal
showing bright. Adam spoke up at once:
"Oh, that can soon be put right." "Soon? There is no one near who can mend a break like that."
350 as much as – tanto como
351 accurate (adj) – correcto, exacto, preciso
352 draw up (to) - parar
354 travelling (adj) – que viaja
354 blazon (to) - brasonar
354 gorgeously (adv) – esplendorosamente, magnificentemente
355 address (to) – falar, dirigir a palavra
358 spring (s) - mola
358 across (adv) - (prep) – de lado a lado
360 mend (to) – reparar, consertar
360 break (s) – ruptura, fractura
362 dapper (adj) – elegante, gentil, vivo, dinâmico
363 workman (adj) – de operário, de artífice
365 fast (adj) – rápido, veloz
365 farriery (s) – ofício de ferrador
365 mechanics (s) - mecanismos
365 come (to) – acontecer, suceder
367 gladly (adv) – com prazer, alegremente
367 avail (to) – aproveitar, servir-se de
369 honour (s) – reverência, respeito
369 make up her mind (to) – perceber, compreender
"I can."
"You!" She looked incredulously at the dapper young gentleman who spoke. "You--why, it's a
workman's job."
"All right, I am a workman--though that is not the only sort of work I do. I am an Australian, and, as we
have to move about fast, we are all trained to farriery and such mechanics as come into travel-- I am quite at
your service."
"I hardly know how to thank you for your kindness, of which I gladly avail myself. I don't know what else I
can do, as I wish to meet Mr. Caswall of Castra Regis, who arrives home from Africa to-day. It is a notable
home-coming; all the countryside want to do him honour." She looked at the old men and quickly made up
her mind as to the identity of the stranger. "You must be Mr. Adam Salton of Lesser Hill. I am Lady
Arabella March of Diana's Grove." As she spoke she turned slightly to Mr. Salton, who took the hint and
made a formal introduction.
So soon as this was done, Adam took some tools from his uncle's carriage, and at once began work on
the broken spring. He was an expert workman, and the breach was soon made good. Adam was gathering
the tools which he had been using--which, after the manner of all workmen, had been scattered about-when he noticed that several black snakes had crawled out from the heap of stones and were gathering
round him. This naturally occupied his mind, and he was not thinking of anything else when he noticed Lady
Arabella, who had opened the door of the carriage, slip from it with a quick gliding motion. She was already
among the snakes when he called out to warn her. But there seemed to be no need of warning. The
snakes had turned and were wriggling back to the mound as quickly as they could. He laughed to himself
behind his teeth as he whispered, "No need to fear there. They seem much more afraid of her than she of
371 slightly (adv) – ligeiramente, um pouco
371 hint (s) – alusão, insinuação
372 introduction (s) – apresentação
374 expert (adj) – conhecedor, habilidoso, hábil
374 breach (s) – quebra, brecha
374 gather (to) – recolher, juntar, reunir
375 scatter (to) – espalhar em todas as direcções
376 several (adj) - (pron) – vários, muitos
376 snake (s) – cobra, serpente
376 crawl out (to) – rastejar para fora
378 quick (adj) - rápido
378 gliding (adj) – que desliza suavemente
380 wriggle (to) – menear-se, torcer o corpo
380 mound (s) – monte, pilha
383 instinct (s) – instinto, intuição
383 vermin (s) – animal daninho, bicharada
384 appear (to) - parecer
384 unconcerned (adj) – desinteressado, despreocupado
384 dress (s) – vestido, roupa
385 clothe (to) - vestir
385 stuff (s) – pano, tecido
385 cling (to) – pegar-se, colar-se
385 form (s) – forma do corpo
386 sinuous (adj) – com muitas curvas, sinuoso
386 close-fitting (adj) – com a medida conveniente
386 cap (s) – barrete, boné
386 fur (s) – pêlo, pelagem
387 dazzling (adj) – brilhante, resplandecente
387 coil (to) - enrolar
387 necklace (s) - colar
388 dazzle (to) – ofuscar, encandear
388 peculiar (adj) – estranho, singular
389 sibilation (s) – sibilação, assobio
390 wave (to) – ondear, ondular
390 To and fro – de um lado para o outro
391 appear (to) - parecer
391 Quite (adv) – bastante, muito, completamente
391 at ease – calmo, à vontade
391 party (s) - grupo
them." All the same he began to beat on the ground with a stick which was lying close to him, with the
instinct of one used to such vermin. In an instant he was alone beside the mound with Lady Arabella, who
appeared quite unconcerned at the incident. Then he took a long look at her, and her dress alone was
sufficient to attract attention. She was clad in some kind of soft white stuff, which clung close to her form,
showing to the full every movement of her sinuous figure. She wore a close-fitting cap of some fine fur of
dazzling white. Coiled round her white throat was a large necklace of emeralds, whose profusion of colour
dazzled when the sun shone on them. Her voice was peculiar, very low and sweet, and so soft that the
dominant note was of sibilation. Her hands, too, were peculiar--long, flexible, white, with a strange
movement as of waving gently to and fro.
She appeared quite at ease, and, after thanking Adam, said that if any of his uncle's party were going to
Liverpool she would be most happy to join forces.
"Whilst you are staying here, Mr. Salton, you must look on the grounds of Diana's Grove as your own, so
that you may come and go just as you do in Lesser Hill. There are some fine views, and not a few natural
curiosities which are sure to interest you, if you are a student of natural history--specially of an earlier kind,
when the world was younger."
The heartiness with which she spoke, and the warmth of her words-- not of her manner, which was cold
and distant--made him suspicious. In the meantime both his uncle and Sir Nathaniel had thanked her for the
invitation--of which, however, they said they were unable to avail themselves. Adam had a suspicion that,
though she answered regretfully, she was in reality relieved. When he had got into the carriage with the two
old men, and they had driven off, he was not surprised when Sir Nathaniel spoke.
"I could not but feel that she was glad to be rid of us. She can play her game better alone!"
"What is her game?" asked Adam unthinkingly.
394 view (s) – vista, paisagem
395 early (adj) - (adv) - primitivo
397 heartiness (s) – cordialidade, sinceridade
397 warmth (s) – entusiasmo, calor
398 suspicious (adj) – desconfiado, com suspeitas
398 in the meantime (adv) - entretanto
399 unable (adj) - incapaz
399 avail (to) – aproveitar, servir-se de
400 regretfully (adv) – pesarosamente, com pesar
401 drive off (to intrans) – ir-se embora
402 rid (to) – livrar-se, libertar-se, desembaraçar-se
403 unthinkingly (adv) – irreflectidamente, descuidadamente
404 county (s) – condado, distrito
406 mortgage (to) - hipotecar
406 up to the hilt – até ao pescoço
406 draw (to) – tirar uma conclusão
408 nearly (adv) - quase
408 alleged (adj) – alegado, pretenso, suposto
410 pay (to) – retribuir, dar, oferecer
413 remainder (s) - resto
413 uneventful (adj) – sem grandes acontecimentos, calmo
413 on arrival - à chegada
413 aboard (adv) - (prep) – a bordo
"All the county knows it, my boy. Caswall is a very rich man. Her husband was rich when she married
him--or seemed to be. When he committed suicide, it was found that he had nothing left, and the estate
was mortgaged up to the hilt. Her only hope is in a rich marriage. I suppose I need not draw any
conclusion; you can do that as well as I can."
Adam remained silent nearly all the time they were travelling through the alleged Vale of Cheshire. He
thought much during that journey and came to several conclusions, though his lips were unmoved. One of
these conclusions was that he would be very careful about paying any attention to Lady Arabella. He was
himself a rich man, how rich not even his uncle had the least idea, and would have been surprised had he
The remainder of the journey was uneventful, and upon arrival at Liverpool they went aboard the WEST
AFRICAN, which had just come to the landing-stage. There his uncle introduced himself to Mr. Caswall,
and followed this up by introducing Sir Nathaniel and then Adam. The new-comer received them graciously,
and said what a pleasure it was to be coming home after so long an absence of his family from their old
seat. Adam was pleased at the warmth of the reception; but he could not avoid a feeling of repugnance at
the man's face. He was trying hard to overcome this when a diversion was caused by the arrival of Lady
Arabella. The diversion was welcome to all; the two Saltons and Sir Nathaniel were shocked at Caswall's
face--so hard, so ruthless, so selfish, so dominant. "God help any," was the common thought, "who is under
the domination of such a man!"
Presently his African servant approached him, and at once their thoughts changed to a larger toleration.
Caswall looked indeed a savage--but a cultured savage. In him were traces of the softening civilisation of
ages--of some of the higher instincts and education of man, no matter how rudimentary these might be. But
the face of Oolanga, as his master called him, was unreformed, unsoftened savage, and inherent in it were
415 follow up (to) – dar seguimento a
415 comer (s) – pessoa que chega ou vem
416 absence (s) - ausência
417 warmth (s) - calor
417 avoid (to) - evitar
418 overcome (to) – dominar, vencer
418 diversion (s) – diversão, distracção
420 ruthless (adj) – cruel, implacável
422 presently (adv) – em breve, logo
422 approach (to) – aproximar-se
422 toleration (s) - tolerância
423 cultured (adj) – civilizado, culto
423 softening (adj) – amaciador, suavizante
423 civilization (s) - civilização
425 unreformed (adj) – não corrigido
425 unsoftened (adj) - abrutalhado
425 inherent (adj) – próprio, inerente, intrínseco
426 hideous (adj) – horrível, terrível, hediondo
426 ride (to) – dominar, oprimir, submeter (cavalgar)
426 swamp (s) – pântano, charco
427 regard (to) – considerar (dizer respeito a)
427 ostensibly (adv) – aparentemente, segundo parece
428 appearance (s) – aparecimento, aspecto
429 condescend (to) – condescender, dignar-se
429 concern (s) – interesse, reparo
430 bearing (s) – atitude, comportamento
430 pride (s) - orgulho
431 worshipper (s) – adorador, devoto, fiel
431 deity (s) - divindade
432 outstretch (to) – estender, esticar
433 go over (to intrans) – ir, dirigir-se
434 bailiff (s) – administrador de propriedades
435 attentive (adj) – atento, amável
435 steward (s) – criado de bordo
all the hideous possibilities of a lost, devil-ridden child of the forest and the swamp--the lowest of all created
things that could be regarded as in some form ostensibly human. Lady Arabella and Oolanga arrived
almost simultaneously, and Adam was surprised to notice what effect their appearance had on each other.
The woman seemed as if she would not--could not-- condescend to exhibit any concern or interest in such a
creature. On the other hand, the negro's bearing was such as in itself to justify her pride. He treated her not
merely as a slave treats his master, but as a worshipper would treat a deity. He knelt before her with his
hands out-stretched and his forehead in the dust. So long as she remained he did not move; it was only
when she went over to Caswall that he relaxed his attitude of devotion and stood by respectfully.
Adam spoke to his own man, Davenport, who was standing by, having arrived with the bailiff of Lesser
Hill, who had followed Mr. Salton in a pony trap. As he spoke, he pointed to an attentive ship's steward, and
presently the two men were conversing.
"I think we ought to be moving," Mr. Salton said to Adam. "I have some things to do in Liverpool, and I
am sure that both Mr. Caswall and Lady Arabella would like to get under weigh for Castra Regis."
"I too, sir, would like to do something," replied Adam. "I want to find out where Ross, the animal
merchant, lives--I want to take a small animal home with me, if you don't mind. He is only a little thing, and
will be no trouble."
"Of course not, my boy. What kind of animal is it that you want?"
"A mongoose."
"A mongoose! What on earth do you want it for?"
"To kill snakes."
"Good!" The old man remembered the mound of stones. No explanation was needed.
When Ross heard what was wanted, he asked:
438 under weigh – em marcha, a caminho
441 be (to) – existir, haver, ter, ficar (ser, estar)
444 mongoose (s) – mangusto, mamífero carnívoro da família dos Viverrídeos, da África, da Ásia e do Sul da Europa, de corpo esguio,
grande comedor de ofídios (cobras), também chamado manguço, rato-de-faraó, rato-do-egipto, icnêumone (na Europa), etc.;
451 Nepaul – Nepal, Índia
455 hullo (interj) – olá!, Ena!
"Do you want something special, or will an ordinary mongoose do?"
"Well, of course I want a good one. But I see no need for anything special. It is for ordinary use."
"I can let you have a choice of ordinary ones. I only asked, because I have in stock a very special one
which I got lately from Nepaul. He has a record of his own. He killed a king cobra that had been seen in the
Rajah's garden. But I don't suppose we have any snakes of the kind in this cold climate--I daresay an
ordinary one will do."
When Adam got back to the carriage, carefully carrying the box with the mongoose, Sir Nathaniel said:
"Hullo! what have you got there?"
"A mongoose."
"What for?"
"To kill snakes!"
Sir Nathaniel laughed.
"I heard Lady Arabella's invitation to you to come to Diana's Grove."
"Well, what on earth has that got to do with it?"
"Nothing directly that I know of. But we shall see." Adam waited, and the old man went on: "Have you
by any chance heard the other name which was given long ago to that place."
"No, sir."
"It was called--Look here, this subject wants a lot of talking over. Suppose we wait till we are alone and
have lots of time before us."
"All right, sir." Adam was filled with curiosity, but he thought it better not to hurry matters. All would
come in good time. Then the three men returned home, leaving Mr. Caswall to spend the night in Liverpool.
461 has that got to do with it?" – que tem uma coisa a ver com a outra?
465 talking over (s) - discussão
465 suppose (to) – implicar, precisar de, exigir (supor)
467 fill (to) - encher
469 set out (to) - partir
469 for the time – por algum tempo, no momento
471 crowd in (to) – amontoar-se, acotovelar-se
472 degree (s) – posição social
472 locate (to) - localizar
473 cheering (s) – vivas, aplausos
474 closely (adv) – minuciosamente, de perto
475 flight (s) – lanço de escadas
476 host (s) – dono da casa, anfitrião
478 dais (s) – estrado, dossel
478 tenant (s) – rendeiro, caseiro das terras
♣♣♣ coign (s) – canto saliente
478 coign of vantage - lugar com boas vistas
479 the order of the day - a ordem do dia
The following day the Lesser Hill party set out for Castra Regis, and for the time Adam thought no more
of Diana's Grove or of what mysteries it had contained--or might still contain.
The guests were crowding in, and special places were marked for important people. Adam, seeing so
many persons of varied degree, looked round for Lady Arabella, but could not locate her. It was only when
he saw the old-fashioned travelling carriage approach and heard the sound of cheering which went with it,
that he realised that Edgar Caswall had arrived. Then, on looking more closely, he saw that Lady Arabella,
dressed as he had seen her last, was seated beside him. When the carriage drew up at the great flight of
steps, the host jumped down and gave her his hand.
It was evident to all that she was the chief guest at the festivities. It was not long before the seats on the
dais were filled, while the tenants and guests of lesser importance had occupied all the coigns of vantage
not reserved. The order of the day had been carefully arranged by a committee. There were some
speeches, happily neither many nor long; and then festivities were suspended till the time for feasting
arrived. In the interval Caswall walked among his guests, speaking to all in a friendly manner and
expressing a general welcome. The other guests came down from the dais and followed his example, so
there was unceremonious meeting and greeting between gentle and simple.
Adam Salton naturally followed with his eyes all that went on within their scope, taking note of all who
seemed to afford any interest. He was young and a man and a stranger from a far distance; so on all these
accounts he naturally took stock rather of the women than of the men, and of these, those who were young
and attractive. There were lots of pretty girls among the crowd, and Adam, who was a handsome young
man and well set up, got his full share of admiring glances. These did not concern him much, and he
remained unmoved until there came along a group of three, by their dress and bearing, of the farmer class.
One was a sturdy old man; the other two were good-looking girls, one of a little over twenty, the other not
480 speech (s) - discurso
480 feasting (s) – bom jantar, banquete
481 arrive (to) - chegar
482 come down (to) - descer
483 greeting (s) – cumprimento, saudação, felicitação
483 gentle (s) - fidalgo
483 simple (s) – gente de aldeia
484 scope (s) - alcance
485 afford (to) - proporcionar
485 so on all these accounts – por todas essas razões
486 account (s) – causa, motivo
486 take stock of (to) - examinar cuidadosamente; pensar cuidadosamente em
486 rather (adv) – preferentemente, antes, de preferência
488 well set up (to) – bem proporcionado, bonito/a pessoa
488 glance (s) – olhadela, olhar
488 concern (to) – preocupar, perturbar
489 bearing (s) – porte, comportamento
489 farmer (adj) – de agricultor, de lavrador
490 sturdy (adj) – forte, robusto, vigoroso, resoluto
492 flash (to) – brilhar, cintilar
492 spark (s) – faísca, chispa
492 recognition (s) - reconhecimento
494 warm (to) – entusiasmar-se, animar-se
495 tenant (s) – rendeiro, lavrador
496 point out (to) – mostrar, indicar, apontar para
496 granddaughter (s) - neta
497 elder (adj) – mais velho
498 first/full cousin - primo em primeiro grau
499 draft (to) – recrutar, destacar
500 abroad (adv) – no estrangeiro
501 dacoit (s) – salteador Birmanês ou Indiano
quite so old. So soon as Adam's eyes met those of the younger girl, who stood nearest to him, some sort of
electricity flashed--that divine spark which begins by recognition, and ends in obedience. Men call it "Love."
Both his companions noticed how much Adam was taken by the pretty girl, and spoke of her to him in a
way which made his heart warm to them.
"Did you notice that party that passed? The old man is Michael Watford, one of the tenants of Mr.
Caswall. He occupies Mercy Farm, which Sir Nathaniel pointed out to you to-day. The girls are his granddaughters, the elder, Lilla, being the only child of his elder son, who died when she was less than a year old.
His wife died on the same day. She is a good girl--as good as she is pretty. The other is her first cousin,
the daughter of Watford's second son. He went for a soldier when he was just over twenty, and was drafted
abroad. He was not a good correspondent, though he was a good enough son. A few letters came, and
then his father heard from the colonel of his regiment that he had been killed by dacoits in Burmah. He
heard from the same source that his boy had been married to a Burmese, and that there was a daughter
only a year old. Watford had the child brought home, and she grew up beside Lilla. The only thing that they
heard of her birth was that her name was Mimi. The two children adored each other, and do to this day.
Strange how different they are! Lilla all fair, like the old Saxon stock from which she is sprung; Mimi
showing a trace of her mother's race. Lilla is as gentle as a dove, but Mimi's black eyes can glow whenever
she is upset. The only thing that upsets her is when anything happens to injure or threaten or annoy Lilla.
Then her eyes glow as do the eyes of a bird when her young are menaced."
505 fair (adj) - louro/a
505 spring (to) - nascer
506 dove (s) - pombo/a
506 glow (to) – incandescer, brilhar
506 whenever (adv) – sempre que, em qualquer altura que
507 upset (adj) – perturbado, incomodado, abalado
507 injure (to) - ferir
507 threaten (to) - ameaçar
507 annoy (to) – aborrecer, irritar, importunar
508 youngs (s plural) – crias de animal
508 menace (to) - ameaçar
511 worm (s) – verme, talvez até cobra
514 relationship (s) – parentesco, relação
515 prospect (s) – intenção (perspectiva, esperança)
516 eligible (adj) – desejável, que cumpre os requisitos, preferível
517 barrier (s) - barreira
517 caste (s) – casta, classe
519 endeavour (to) – esforçar-se, lutar
519 promising (adj) – prometedor, promissor
519 affair (s) – acontecimento, assunto, caso, negócio
Mr. Salton introduced Adam to Mr. Watford and his grand-daughters, and they all moved on together. Of
course neighbours in the position of the Watfords knew all about Adam Salton, his relationship,
circumstances, and prospects. So it would have been strange indeed if both girls did not dream of
possibilities of the future. In agricultural England, eligible men of any class are rare. This particular man
was specially eligible, for he did not belong to a class in which barriers of caste were strong. So when it
began to be noticed that he walked beside Mimi Watford and seemed to desire her society, all their friends
endeavoured to give the promising affair a helping hand. When the gongs sounded for the banquet, he
went with her into the tent where her grandfather had seats. Mr. Salton and Sir Nathaniel noticed that the
young man did not come to claim his appointed place at the dais table; but they understood and made no
remark, or indeed did not seem to notice his absence.
Lady Arabella sat as before at Edgar Caswall's right hand. She was certainly a striking and unusual
woman, and to all it seemed fitting from her rank and personal qualities that she should be the chosen
partner of the heir on his first appearance. Of course nothing was said openly by those of her own class
who were present; but words were not necessary when so much could be expressed by nods and smiles. It
seemed to be an accepted thing that at last there was to be a mistress of Castra Regis, and that she was
present amongst them. There were not lacking some who, whilst admitting all her charm and beauty,
placed her in the second rank, Lilla Watford being marked as first. There was sufficient divergence of type,
as well as of individual beauty, to allow of fair comment; Lady Arabella represented the aristocratic type, and
Lilla that of the commonalty.
521 claim (to) – pedir, reclamar, reivindicar
521 appointed (adj) – designado, fixado, determinado
521 dais (adj) – do estrado, do dossel
522 remark (s) – reparo, comentário, observação
523 striking (adj) – surpreendente, impressionante
524 fitting (adj) – adequado, apropriado, conveniente
524 rank (s) – posição social, classe
525 partner (s) – par, parceiro, companheiro
525 heir (s) – herdeiro, sucessor
525 appearance (s) – aparecimento, aparição, comparência
526 nod (s) – aceno com a cabeça
527 mistress (s) – patroa, dona de casa, senhora
530 allow of (to) - admitir
530 fair (adj) – justo, correcto, leal
530 comment (s) – apreciação, comentário, crítica
531 commonalty (s) – povo, plebe
532 thick (adj) – carregado, cerrado, denso
532 send away (to) – mandar embora, despedir
533 come in (to) – chegar, entrar
535 close/near at hand - perto
536 interval (s) – pausa, intervalo
536 drawing-room (s) - salão
♣♣♣ ruffle (to) – perturbar, transtornar
537 ruffled (adj) – perturbado, transtornado
538 unfold (to) – revelar, descobrir
541 handkerchief (s) – lenço de bolso ou de assoar
541 master (s) – dono, senhor, mestre
When the dusk began to thicken, Mr. Salton and Sir Nathaniel walked home--the trap had been sent
away early in the day--leaving Adam to follow in his own time. He came in earlier than was expected, and
seemed upset about something. Neither of the elders made any comment. They all lit cigarettes, and, as
dinner-time was close at hand, went to their rooms to get ready.
Adam had evidently been thinking in the interval. He joined the others in the drawing-room, looking
ruffled and impatient--a condition of things seen for the first time. The others, with the patience--or the
experience--of age, trusted to time to unfold and explain things. They had not long to wait. After sitting
down and standing up several times, Adam suddenly burst out.
"That fellow seems to think he owns the earth. Can't he let people alone! He seems to think that he has
only to throw his handkerchief to any woman, and be her master."
This outburst was in itself enlightening. Only thwarted affection in some guise could produce this feeling
in an amiable young man. Sir Nathaniel, as an old diplomatist, had a way of understanding, as if by
foreknowledge, the true inwardness of things, and asked suddenly, but in a matter-of-fact, indifferent voice:
"Was he after Lilla?"
"Yes, and the fellow didn't lose any time either. Almost as soon as they met, he began to butter her up,
and tell her how beautiful she was. Why, before he left her side, he had asked himself to tea to- morrow at
Mercy Farm. Stupid ass! He might see that the girl isn't his sort! I never saw anything like it. It was just
like a hawk and a pigeon."
As he spoke, Sir Nathaniel turned and looked at Mr. Salton--a keen look which implied a full
542 outburst (s) – explosão, erupção, acesso, ataque
542 enlightening (adj) – elucidativo, informativo, esclarecedor
542 thwarted (adj) – contrariado, impedido, frustrado
♣♣♣ thwart (to) – opor-se, contrariar, frustrar, impedir
542 guise (s) – aspecto, forma
543 amiable (adj) – afável, amável, agradável
544 foreknowledge (s) – previsão, presciência
544 inwardness (s) – essência, natureza íntima
544 matter-of-fact (adj) – objectivo, comum, vulgar, terra-a-terra, prosaico
545 after (prep) – atrás de, a seguir a
546 either (adj) - (adv) - (conj) - (pron) – tão-pouco, também não
546 As soon as – logo que
546 butter up (to) – engraxar, dar graxa a, lisonjear, bajular
547 Why, before he left her side, he had asked himself to tea to- morrow at Mercy Farm. - E, veja só, antes de se despedir,
ele mesmo se convidou para o chá, amanhã, em Mercy Farm
548 ass (s) – burro, jumento, idiota, estúpido
548 sort (s) – casta, classe, género, tipo, espécie
549 hawk (s) – falcão, açor
549 pigeon (to) - pombo/a
♣♣♣ dove (s) - pombo/a
550 keen (adj) – agudo, penetrante, forte, intenso
554 worst (adj) - pior
554 be bound to (to) – ser obrigado a, estar sujeito a
555 object to (to) – não concordar com, opor-se, objectar, protestar
556 yet – yet – todavia – todavia, contudo - contudo
556 boil (to) – ferver, entrar em ebulição
557 come in (to) – usar-se
(entrar, chegar)
557 "How did the hawk and the pigeon come in?" – “Porque usou a expressão falcão e pomba?”
557 soothing (adj) – tranquilizador, relaxante
558 contradiction (s) – oposição, incompatibilidade, contradição
558 overdone (adj) – excessivo, exagerado
558 suit (to) – satisfazer, servir, convir
558 win (to) – conquistar, cativar, convencer (vencer, ganhar)
558 confidence (s) – confiança, segurança
"Tell us all about it, Adam. There are still a few minutes before dinner, and we shall all have better
appetites when we have come to some conclusion on this matter."
"There is nothing to tell, sir; that is the worst of it. I am bound to say that there was not a word said that a
human being could object to. He was very civil, and all that was proper--just what a landlord might be to a
tenant's daughter. . . Yet--yet--well, I don't know how it was, but it made my blood boil."
"How did the hawk and the pigeon come in?" Sir Nathaniel's voice was soft and soothing, nothing of
contradiction or overdone curiosity in it--a tone eminently suited to win confidence.
"I can hardly explain. I can only say that he looked like a hawk and she like a dove--and, now that I think
of it, that is what they each did look like; and do look like in their normal condition."
"That is so!" came the soft voice of Sir Nathaniel.
Adam went on:
"Perhaps that early Roman look of his set me off. But I wanted to protect her; she seemed in danger."
"She seems in danger, in a way, from all you young men. I couldn't help noticing the way that even you
looked--as if you wished to absorb her!"
"I hope both you young men will keep your heads cool," put in Mr. Salton. "You know, Adam, it won't do
to have any quarrel between you, especially so soon after his home-coming and your arrival here. We must
think of the feelings and happiness of our neighbours; mustn't we?"
"I hope so, sir. I assure you that, whatever may happen, or even threaten, I shall obey your wishes in
this as in all things."
"Hush!" whispered Sir Nathaniel, who heard the servants in the passage bringing dinner.
After dinner, over the walnuts and the wine, Sir Nathaniel returned to the subject of the local legends.
"It will perhaps be a less dangerous topic for us to discuss than more recent ones."
563 early (adj) – primitivo, primevo
563 set off (to) – provocar uma reacção, desencadear um acontecimento, detonar uma bomba
567 quarrel (s) – discussão, desavença, briga, rixa
568 feeling (s) – simpatia, amizade, sentimento
569 threaten (to) - ameaçar
571 hush! (interj) – chiu!, silêncio!
572 over the walnuts and wine - à sobremesa
♣♣♣ walnut (s) – noz fruto da nogueira
572 legend (s) - lenda
573 topic (s) – assunto, tema, tópico
574 heartily (adv) – cordialmente, de todo o coração
574 depend (to) – depender, contar com
575 call at (to) - visitar
576 appointment (s) – encontro marcado
578 steadily (adv) - firmemente
578 lest (conj) – para evitar que, para que não
578 mood (s) – disposição, vontade, bom humor
579 delay (s) – demora, atraso
580 propose (to) – tencionar, planear, propor, sugerir
581 purpose (s) – objectivo, fim, propósito
581 few (adj) – alguns, poucos
582 root (s) – raiz, fundo, essência
583 crop (s) – produção, colheita
583 too far off – demasiado longe
583 matter (s) – facto, interesse, importância, matéria
584 detail (s) – pormenor, detalhe
584 yield (to) – fornecer, conceder
584 legendary (adj) – famoso, lendário, próprio de lendas
584 lore (s) – sabedoria popular
"All right, sir," said Adam heartily. "I think you may depend on me now with regard to any topic. I can
even discuss Mr. Caswall. Indeed, I may meet him to-morrow. He is going, as I said, to call at Mercy Farm
at three o'clock--but I have an appointment at two."
"I notice," said Mr. Salton, "that you do not lose any time."
The two old men once more looked at each other steadily. Then, lest the mood of his listener should
change with delay, Sir Nathaniel began at once:
"I don't propose to tell you all the legends of Mercia, or even to make a selection of them. It will be
better, I think, for our purpose if we consider a few facts--recorded or unrecorded--about this
neighbourhood. I think we might begin with Diana's Grove. It has roots in the different epochs of our
history, and each has its special crop of legend. The Druid and the Roman are too far off for matters of
detail; but it seems to me the Saxon and the Angles are near enough to yield material for legendary lore.
We find that this particular place had another name besides Diana's Grove. This was manifestly of Roman
origin, or of Grecian accepted as Roman. The other is more pregnant of adventure and romance than the
Roman name. In Mercian tongue it was 'The Lair of the White Worm.' This needs a word of explanation at
the beginning.
"In the dawn of the language, the word 'worm' had a somewhat different meaning from that in use to-day.
It was an adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon 'wyrm,' meaning a dragon or snake; or from the Gothic 'waurms,' a
serpent; or the Icelandic 'ormur,' or the German 'wurm.' We gather that it conveyed originally an idea of size
and power, not as now in the diminutive of both these meanings. Here legendary history helps us. We
have the well-known legend of the 'Worm Well' of Lambton Castle, and that of the 'Laidly Worm of
Spindleston Heugh' near Bamborough. In both these legends the 'worm' was a monster of vast size and
power--a veritable dragon or serpent, such as legend attributes to vast fens or quags where there was
585 besides (prep) – além de
586 pregnant (adj) – sugestivo, significativo, fértil (grávida)
591 gather (to) – deduzir, concluir, inferir
591 convey (to) – transmitir, comunicar
591 size (s) - grandeza
592 diminutive (adj) – que diminui, que expressa a ideia de pequenez, diminutivo
592 legendary (adj) - lendário
593 well (s) – poço
595 attribute (to) – atribuir, imputar
595 vast (adj) – enorme, imenso, vasto
595 fen (s) – pântano, charco, mato
595 quag (s) – atoleiro, pântano, charco
596 illimitable (adj) - ilimitado
596 room (s) – espaço, ocasião, oportunidade (quarto)
596 whatever (adj) - (pron) – qualquer, seja qual for
596 truth (s) - verdade
597 actuality (s) – realidade, verdade, condições reais
597 At least – pelo menos
598 plain (s) - planície
598 plentiful (adj) – abundante, copioso
598 supply (s) - fornecimento
598 gather (to) – reunir, juntar
600 mud-hole – buraco de lama
601 flourish (to) – desenvolver-se, florescer
601 slime (s) – limo, lodo, muco, baba
602 make for (to) – contribuir para, ter como resultado, conduzir a
602 longevity (s) - longevidade
603 over-lapping (s) – camada, geológica, sobreposição, cobertura
603 come down (to) – aparecer em, descer
603 early (adj) – nos princípios, inicial, primitivo
604 nay (s) - não
604 vastness (s) – vastidão, imensidão
604 bulk (s) – tamanho, grandeza
604 regard (to) – considerar (dizer respeito a)
605 stupendous (adj) – assombroso, prodigioso, fantástico
606 veritable (adj) – verdadeiro, autêntico
606 survival (s) – sobrevivente, relíquia
illimitable room for expansion. A glance at a geological map will show that whatever truth there may have
been of the actuality of such monsters in the early geologic periods, at least there was plenty of possibility.
In England there were originally vast plains where the plentiful supply of water could gather. The streams
were deep and slow, and there were holes of abysmal depth, where any kind and size of antediluvian
monster could find a habitat. In places, which now we can see from our windows, were mud-holes a
hundred or more feet deep. Who can tell us when the age of the monsters which flourished in slime came
to an end? There must have been places and conditions which made for greater longevity, greater size,
greater strength than was usual. Such over-lappings may have come down even to our earlier centuries.
Nay, are there not now creatures of a vastness of bulk regarded by the generality of men as impossible?
Even in our own day there are seen the traces of animals, if not the animals themselves, of stupendous
size--veritable survivals from earlier ages, preserved by some special qualities in their habitats. I remember
meeting a distinguished man in India, who had the reputation of being a great shikaree, who told me that the
greatest temptation he had ever had in his life was to shoot a giant snake which he had come across in the
Terai of Upper India. He was on a tiger-shooting expedition, and as his elephant was crossing a nullah, it
squealed. He looked down from his howdah and saw that the elephant had stepped across the body of a
snake which was dragging itself through the jungle. 'So far as I could see,' he said, 'it must have been
eighty or one hundred feet in length. Fully forty or fifty feet was on each side of the track, and though the
weight which it dragged had thinned it, it was as thick round as a man's body. I suppose you know that
when you are after tiger, it is a point of honour not to shoot at anything else, as life may depend on it. I
could easily have spined this monster, but I felt that I must not--so, with regret, I had to let it go.'
607 shikaree (s) – caçador indígena Indiano, guia Indiano de caçadores
608 come across (to) – encontrar por acaso
609 upper (adj) – superior, mais elevado
609 nullah (s) – ravina ou curso de água da Índia
610 squeal (to) – bufar
(chiar, guinchar)
610 howdah (s) – cadeirinha coberta, com dois ou mais lugares, nas costas de um elefante
610 step (to) – pôr o pé, pisar, passar por cima de,
(andar, caminhar)
610 across (adv) - (prep) – em contacto com, através de
611 drag (to) – arrastar-se
611 itself (prep) – a si mesmo/a, ele/a mesmo/a
612 hundred feet – cem pés ou trinta metros e meio
612 lenght (s) - comprimento
613 thin(to) – adelgaçar, reduzir, pôr mais fino
613 thick (adj) – largo, grosso, volumoso
613 round (prep) – aproximadamente, por volta de
615 spin (to) – fazer girar, neste caso significa isso mesmo porque as cobras quando atingidas costumam contorcer-se e parecem
que estão a girar
615 regret (s) – tristeza, mágoa
616 anywhere (adv) – em qualquer parte, em algum sítio
617 morass (s) – pântano, charco, lameiro
617 spread (to) – espalhar-se, estender-se
617 round (adv) – em torno de, em volta de, em roda de
619 least (adj) - o/a menor, o/a mais pequeno/a
619 of (prep) - por
619 still (adv) - ainda
620 at a - num
620 later (adj) – mais tardio…que
620 reply (to) – replicar, responder, retorquir
620 also (adv) - também
621 that (pron) – isso (será: então)?
622 hiatus (s) – falha, lacuna
622 mechanical (adj) - técnico
624 mighty (adv) – extremamente, muito
624 heavy (adj) – pesado, carregado
625 sit down (to) – reunir-se ou juntar-se para debates (sentar-se)
626 leave out (to) – excluir, omitir, ignorar, saltar
626 altogether (adv) - completamente
626 lateral (adj) - lateral
"Just imagine such a monster anywhere in this country, and at once we could get a sort of idea of the
'worms,' which possibly did frequent the great morasses which spread round the mouths of many of the
great European rivers."
"I haven't the least doubt, sir, that there may have been such monsters as you have spoken of still
existing at a much later period than is generally accepted," replied Adam. "Also, if there were such things,
that this was the very place for them. I have tried to think over the matter since you pointed out the
configuration of the ground. But it seems to me that there is a hiatus somewhere. Are there not mechanical
"In what way?" "Well, our antique monster must have been mighty heavy, and the distances he had to
travel were long and the ways difficult. From where we are now sitting down to the level of the mud-holes is
a distance of several hundred feet--I am leaving out of consideration altogether any lateral distance. Is it
possible that there was a way by which a monster could travel up and down, and yet no chance recorder
have ever seen him? Of course we have the legends; but is not some more exact evidence necessary in a
scientific investigation?"
"My dear Adam, all you say is perfectly right, and, were we starting on such an investigation, we could
not do better than follow your reasoning. But, my dear boy, you must remember that all this took place
thousands of years ago. You must remember, too, that all records of the kind that would help us are
lacking. Also, that the places to be considered were desert, so far as human habitation or population are
considered. In the vast desolation of such a place as complied with the necessary conditions, there must
have been such profusion of natural growth as would bar the progress of men formed as we are. The lair of
such a monster would not have been disturbed for hundreds--or thousands--of years. Moreover, these
creatures must have occupied places quite inaccessible to man. A snake who could make himself
627 chance (to) – suceder, acontecer (arriscar)
627 recorder (s) – aquele que regista, neste caso refere-se a nunca ninguém ter descoberto o caminho
628 ever (adv) – nunca, jamais
628 him (pron) – ele
628 legend (s) – lenda (legenda de gravura, inscrição em moeda ou medalha)
630 start on (to) 631 than (conj) - que
631 reasoning (s) – raciocínio, argumentação
633 lack (to) – faltar, não haver
633 also (adv) – também, além disso
634 consider (to) – supor, acreditar, considerar
633 so far – até agora
633 as (adv) - (conj) - (pron) - como
634 as (adv) - (conj) - (pron) - quando
634 comply (to) – respeitar, obedecer
635 profusion (s) – profusão, grande quantidade
635 growth (s) – expansão, desenvolvimento, crescimento
635 bar (to) – barrar, fechar
636 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
637 Quite (adv) – bastante, muito, completamente
638 quagmire (s) – pântano, charco, atoleiro
638 outskirts (s plural) – limites, periferia
639 morass (s) – pântano, charco, atoleiro
639 anywhere (adv) – em qualquer parte, em algum sítio
639 At all – realmente, de facto, afinal
640 Far be it from me to say that – longe de mim dizer que
640 far be it from me - longe de mim
640 elemental (adj) – elementar, rudimentar, elemental
641 birth (s) - nascimento
641 growth (s) - crescimento
642 riot (adv) – em profusão, em excesso
642 struggle (s) – luta, grande esforço, resistência
642 no (adj) - nenhum/a
642 vitality (s) – vida, capacidade de subsistir
643 even (adv na negativa) - nem
643 survival (s) - sobrevivência
644 demand (to) – exigir, necessitar, precisar de
644 surmise (to) – supor, imaginar, presumir, desconfiar
645 as (adv) - (conj) - (pron) - quando
645 them (pron) – as, os, a eles, a elas
645 overcome (to) - levar a melhor sobre, vencer, dominar
comfortable in a quagmire, a hundred feet deep, would be protected on the outskirts by such stupendous
morasses as now no longer exist, or which, if they exist anywhere at all, can be on very few places on the
earth's surface. Far be it from me to say that in more elemental times such things could not have been.
The condition belongs to the geologic age--the great birth and growth of the world, when natural forces ran
riot, when the struggle for existence was so savage that no vitality which was not founded in a gigantic form
could have even a possibility of survival. That such a time existed, we have evidences in geology, but there
only; we can never expect proofs such as this age demands. We can only imagine or surmise such things-or such conditions and such forces as overcame them."
At breakfast-time next morning Sir Nathaniel and Mr. Salton were seated when Adam came hurriedly into
the room.
"Any news?" asked his uncle mechanically.
"Four what?" asked Sir Nathaniel.
"Snakes," said Adam, helping himself to a grilled kidney.
"Four snakes. I don't understand."
"Mongoose," said Adam, and then added explanatorily: "I was out with the mongoose just after three."
647 hawk (s) – falcão, açor
647 pigeon (s) - pombo/a
654 to help oneself to... - servir-se de...
654 grilled (adj) – grelhado
654 kidney (s) - rim
656 explanatorily (adv) – explanatoriamente, explicando minuciosamente
656 be out (to) – não estar em casa
657 brow (s) – monte, colina, cume
658 cliff (s) – penhasco, falésia
661 tackle (to) – enfrentar, combater, atacar
661 haystack (s) – meda (1) de feno, monte de feno
♣♣♣ meda (1) (s) - montão cónico de feixes ou molhos de cereais,
palha, colmo, caruma, etc.
662 walking-stick – bengala ou pau que andam
663 rid (to) – libertar, livrar, desembaraçar
663 clear out (to trans) – esvaziar, acabar com
664 vermin (s) – bicharada, bichos, animais daninhos
667 by myselft/yourself/etc. - sozinho; sem ajuda
667 avoid (to) – evitar, esquivar-se a, fugir a
"Four snakes in one morning! Why, I didn't know there were so many on the Brow"--the local name for
the western cliff. "I hope that wasn't the consequence of our talk of last night?"
"It was, sir. But not directly."
"But, God bless my soul, you didn't expect to get a snake like the Lambton worm, did you? Why, a
mongoose, to tackle a monster like that--if there were one--would have to be bigger than a haystack."
"These were ordinary snakes, about as big as a walking-stick."
"Well, it's pleasant to be rid of them, big or little. That is a good mongoose, I am sure; he'll clear out all
such vermin round here," said Mr. Salton.
Adam went quietly on with his breakfast. Killing a few snakes in a morning was no new experience to
him. He left the room the moment breakfast was finished and went to the study that his uncle had arranged
for him. Both Sir Nathaniel and Mr. Salton took it that he wanted to be by himself, so as to avoid any
questioning or talk of the visit that he was to make that afternoon. They saw nothing further of him till about
half-an-hour before dinner-time. Then he came quietly into the smoking-room, where Mr. Salton and Sir
Nathaniel were sitting together, ready dressed.
"I suppose there is no use waiting. We had better get it over at once," remarked Adam.
His uncle, thinking to make things easier for him, said: "Get what over?"
There was a sign of shyness about him at this. He stammered a little at first, but his voice became more
even as he went on.
"My visit to Mercy Farm."
Mr. Salton waited eagerly. The old diplomatist simply smiled.
"I suppose you both know that I was much interested yesterday in the Watfords?" There was no denial
or fending off the question. Both the old men smiled acquiescence. Adam went on: "I meant you to see it-668 further (adv) – para além disso
669 half-an-hour – meia hora
669 dinner (s) - jantar
671 get over (to) – solucionar ou dominar um problema
673 sign (s) – sinal, indício, vestígio
673 shyness (s) – timidez, acanhamento
673 about (adv) - (prep) – em volta de, em torno de
673 stammer (to) – gaguejar
674 even (adj) – regular, uniforme
676 eagerly (adv) – impacientemente, avidamente, ardentemente
676 diplomatist (s) - diplomata
677 denial (s) - recusa
678 fend off (to) – esquivar-se ou evitar uma questão ou problema
678 acquiescence (adv) – concordando, consentindo
678 mean (to) – querer, ter a intenção de, tencionar, planear
(querer dizer)
679 kin (s) – parente, família
679 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
681 hold out (to) – estender, esticar
681 held (to trans) – segurar, agarrar
682 wild (adj) – tolo, estouvado
682 dream (s) – ideal, sonho, fantasia
682 of home – de casa, sobre casa
683 move (to) – comover, emocionar, enternecer (mudar de posição, deslocar)
684 softly (adv) - suavemente
684 youth (s) – rapaz, jovem (juventude)
686 own (adj) – próprio, dono de
687 hurry on (to) – apressar-se
689 regard (s) - consideração
689 anyway (adv) - (conj) – em todo o caso
both of you. You, uncle, because you are my uncle and the nearest of my own kin, and, moreover, you
couldn't have been more kind to me or made me more welcome if you had been my own father." Mr. Salton
said nothing. He simply held out his hand, and the other took it and held it for a few seconds. "And you, sir,
because you have shown me something of the same affection which in my wildest dreams of home I had no
right to expect." He stopped for an instant, much moved.
Sir Nathaniel answered softly, laying his hand on the youth's shoulder.
"You are right, my boy; quite right. That is the proper way to look at it. And I may tell you that we old
men, who have no children of our own, feel our hearts growing warm when we hear words like those."
Then Adam hurried on, speaking with a rush, as if he wanted to come to the crucial point.
"Mr. Watford had not come in, but Lilla and Mimi were at home, and they made me feel very welcome.
They have all a great regard for my uncle. I am glad of that any way, for I like them all--much. We were
having tea, when Mr. Caswall came to the door, attended by the negro. Lilla opened the door herself. The
window of the living- room at the farm is a large one, and from within you cannot help seeing anyone
coming. Mr. Caswall said he had ventured to call, as he wished to make the acquaintance of all his tenants,
in a less formal way, and more individually, than had been possible to him on the previous day. The girls
made him welcome--they are very sweet girls those, sir; someone will be very happy some day there--with
either of them."
"And that man may be you, Adam," said Mr. Salton heartily.
A sad look came over the young man's eyes, and the fire his uncle had seen there died out. Likewise the
timbre left his voice, making it sound lonely.
"Such might crown my life. But that happiness, I fear, is not for me--or not without pain and loss and
690 attend (to) – servir, estar ao serviço de
691 cannot but (to) / can't help (to)- não poder deixar de, não poder evitar
692 venture (to) – arriscar, aventurar-se
692 acquaintance (s) – conhecimento, amizade, relações
693 than (conj) – do que
693 previous (adj) – anterior, antecedente, prévio
695 either (adj) - (adv) - (conj) - (pron) – um de dois
696 heartily (adv) – cordialmente, de todo o coração, sinceramente
697 die out (to) – extinguir-se, desaparecer
697 likewise (adv) – também, do mesmo modo, igualmente
698 timbre (s) – característica do tom de voz
698 lonely (adj) – triste, solitário
699 crown (to) – consumar, rematar, recompensar, premiar
699 loss (s) – prejuízo, perda
700 woe (s) – aflição, angústia, pesar, mágoa
701 heartily (adv) – cordialmente, de todo o coração, sinceramente
703 remark (s) – observação, comentário
704 too much - demasiado
705 skilled (adj) – perito em, especializado em
705 attempt (to) - tentar
706 give in (to) – render-se, ceder, submeter-se
707 earnestly (adv) – seriamente, com seriedade
707 after all – no fim de contas, afinal
707 realize (to) - compreender
710 twilight (s) – crepúsculo, penumbra
710 steal (to) – deslocar-se furtivamente, deslocar-se sem ser notado
"Well, it's early days yet!" cried Sir Nathaniel heartily.
The young man turned on him his eyes, which had now grown excessively sad.
"Yesterday--a few hours ago--that remark would have given me new hope--new courage; but since then I
have learned too much."
The old man, skilled in the human heart, did not attempt to argue in such a matter.
"Too early to give in, my boy."
"I am not of a giving-in kind," replied the young man earnestly. "But, after all, it is wise to realise a truth.
And when a man, though he is young, feels as I do--as I have felt ever since yesterday, when I first saw
Mimi's eyes--his heart jumps. He does not need to learn things. He knows."
There was silence in the room, during which the twilight stole on imperceptibly. It was Adam who again
broke the silence.
"Do you know, uncle, if we have any second sight in our family?"
"No, not that I ever heard about. Why?"
"Because," he answered slowly, "I have a conviction which seems to answer all the conditions of second
"And then?" asked the old man, much perturbed.
"And then the usual inevitable. What in the Hebrides and other places, where the Sight is a cult--a belief-is called 'the doom'-- the court from which there is no appeal. I have often heard of second sight--we have
many western Scots in Australia; but I have realised more of its true inwardness in an instant of this
afternoon than I did in the whole of my life previously--a granite wall stretching up to the very heavens, so
high and so dark that the eye of God Himself cannot see beyond. Well, if the Doom must come, it must.
That is all."
712 second sight - intuição; visão profética
714 answer (to) – corresponder a (responder, reagir, atender)
717 usual (adj) – vulgar, normal, habitual
718 doom (s) – destino, fatalidade, fado
718 court (s) - tribunal
718 appeal (s) – apelo, recurso
719 scots (adj) - escocês
719 inwardness (s) – essência, significado profundo
720 previously (adv) – anteriormente, precedentemente
720 granite (adj) – de granito
720 stretch (to) – alargar, esticar
720 heaven (s) – céu, firmamento
721 beyond (adv) - (prep) – para lá do, além, do outro lado, ao longe
721 doom (s) – destino, fatalidade, fado
723 smooth (adj) – calmo, suave, agradável, gracioso
724 most [superl. de much e many] - muito
730 ay=aye (s) - sim
730 rang (to) – ressoar, estar cheio de eco
731 endeavour (to) – esforçar-se, lutar, empenhar-se ao máximo
The voice of Sir Nathaniel broke in, smooth and sweet and grave.
"Can there not be a fight for it? There can for most things."
"For most things, yes, but for the Doom, no. What a man can do I shall do. There will be--must be--a
fight. When and where and how I know not, but a fight there will be. But, after all, what is a man in such a
"Adam, there are three of us." Salton looked at his old friend as he spoke, and that old friend's eyes
"Ay, three of us," he said, and his voice rang.
There was again a pause, and Sir Nathaniel endeavoured to get back to less emotional and more neutral
"Tell us of the rest of the meeting. Remember we are all pledged to this. It is a fight E L'OUTRANCE,
and we can afford to throw away or forgo no chance."
"We shall throw away or lose nothing that we can help. We fight to win, and the stake is a life--perhaps
more than one--we shall see." Then he went on in a conversational tone, such as he had used when he
spoke of the coming to the farm of Edgar Caswall: "When Mr. Caswall came in, the negro went a short
distance away and there remained. It gave me the idea that he expected to be called, and intended to
remain in sight, or within hail. Then Mimi got another cup and made fresh tea, and we all went on together."
"Was there anything uncommon--were you all quite friendly?" asked Sir Nathaniel quietly.
"Quite friendly. There was nothing that I could notice out of the common--except," he went on, with a
slight hardening of the voice, "except that he kept his eyes fixed on Lilla, in a way which was quite
intolerable to any man who might hold her dear."
733 pledge (to) – empenhar, comprometer
733 E L'OUTRANCE – suponho ser outro estrangeirismo
734 afford (to) – conceder, dar, proporcionar
734 throw away (to) – desperdiçar, deitar fora
734 forgo (to) – renunciar a, pôr de parte
734 we can afford to throw away or forgo no chance – não podemos dar, desperdiçar ou renunciar a oportunidades
735 Can’t help (to) – não poder evitar
735 stake (s) – aposta, quantia, parada, lanço
739 hail (s) – chamada
743 dear (s) – estima, consideração, amor
747 range (s) – classe, ordem
747 witness (s) - testemunha
750 fain would be – significa que alguém se estava a “oferecer”, alguém estava “a fim de”
752 pledge (to) – comprometer-se a, responsabilizar-se por
753 amatory (adj) – enamorado (erótico)
753 threatning (adj) – ameaçador, intimidatório
"Now, in what way did he look?" asked Sir Nathaniel.
"There was nothing in itself offensive; but no one could help noticing it."
"You did. Miss Watford herself, who was the victim, and Mr. Caswall, who was the offender, are out of
range as witnesses. Was there anyone else who noticed?"
"Mimi did. Her face flamed with anger as she saw the look."
"What kind of look was it? Over-ardent or too admiring, or what? Was it the look of a lover, or one who
fain would be? You understand?"
"Yes, sir, I quite understand. Anything of that sort I should of course notice. It would be part of my
preparation for keeping my self-control--to which I am pledged."
"If it were not amatory, was it threatening? Where was the offence?"
Adam smiled kindly at the old man.
"It was not amatory. Even if it was, such was to be expected. I should be the last man in the world to
object, since I am myself an offender in that respect. Moreover, not only have I been taught to fight fair, but
by nature I believe I am just. I would be as tolerant of and as liberal to a rival as I should expect him to be to
me. No, the look I mean was nothing of that kind. And so long as it did not lack proper respect, I should not
of my own part condescend to notice it. Did you ever study the eyes of a hound?"
"At rest?"
"No, when he is following his instincts! Or, better still," Adam went on, "the eyes of a bird of prey when
he is following his instincts. Not when he is swooping, but merely when he is watching his quarry?"
"No," said Sir Nathaniel, "I don't know that I ever did. Why, may I ask?"
"That was the look. Certainly not amatory or anything of that kind- -yet it was, it struck me, more
dangerous, if not so deadly as an actual threatening."
756 since (conj) – visto que, uma vez que
756 offender (s) – ofensor, aquele que ofende, agressor, infractor
756 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
756 teach (to) – ensinar, educar, instruir
756 fair (adv) – correctamente, com lealdade, cortesmente
758 mean (to) – referir-se, falar de, dizer respeito a
758 so long as - se (enquanto, desde que)
758 lack (to) – não possuir, não ter, carecer de
758 And so long as it did not lack proper respect – e se não fosse respeitoso
758 I should not of my own part condescend to notice it – eu não deixaria de reparar nele
759 condescend (to) - condescender
759 hound (s) – cão de caça
760 at rest – em repouso ou descanso
761 prey (s) - rapina
762 swoop (s) – descida da ave de rapina sobre a presa
762 quarry (s) – caça perseguida por caçadores ou cães
763 I don't know that I ever did - penso que jamais fiz isso
764 strike (to) – impressionar, surpreender, dar nas vistas, chamar a atenção, afligir, encher de emoção forte
765 deadly (adj) – mortal, fatal
765 threatening (s) – ameaças
767 over (prep) - sobre
767 renew (to) – reatar, retomar
Again there was a silence, which Sir Nathaniel broke as he stood up:
"I think it would be well if we all thought over this by ourselves. Then we can renew the subject."
Mr. Salton had an appointment for six o'clock at Liverpool. When he had driven off, Sir Nathaniel took
Adam by the arm.
"May I come with you for a while to your study? I want to speak to you privately without your uncle
knowing about it, or even what the subject is. You don't mind, do you? It is not idle curiosity. No, no. It is
on the subject to which we are all committed."
"Is it necessary to keep my uncle in the dark about it? He might be offended."
772 appointment (s) – entrevista, encontro marcado
772 drive off (to intrans) – ir-se embora de carro
775 idle (adj) – inútil, vão (ocioso, preguiçoso)
776 committed (adj) – empenhado, dedicado
778 advisable (adj) – aconselhável, recomendável, conveniente
779 concern (to) – perturbar, preocupar
779 unduly (adv) – excessivamente, demasiadamente
780 at (prep) - em
780 umbrage (s) – ofensa, ressentimento
782 lead (to) – levar (conduzir, guiar, indicar o caminho)
782 uneventful (adj) – calmo, rotineiro
783 contain (to) – controlar, moderar
783 apt (adj) – propenso, apropriado
783 perplex (to) – desorientar, confundir, atrapalhar
784 strangeness (s) – invulgaridade, estranheza, singularidade
784 trying (adj) – doloroso, penoso, difícil
784 disturbance (s) – confusão, agitação, perturbação
785 restful (adj) – sereno, calmo, sossegado, tranquilo
786 placid (adj) – tranquilo, sereno, calmo
787 to (prep) - até
787 be (to) – ter (ser)
787 hundred (s) - centena
787 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por conseguinte, por isso, portanto
788 business (s) – obrigação, dever
"It is not necessary; but it is advisable. It is for his sake that I asked. My friend is an old man, and it
might concern him unduly-- even alarm him. I promise you there shall be nothing that could cause him
anxiety in our silence, or at which he could take umbrage."
"Go on, sir!" said Adam simply.
"You see, your uncle is now an old man. I know it, for we were boys together. He has led an uneventful
and somewhat self-contained life, so that any such condition of things as has now arisen is apt to perplex
him from its very strangeness. In fact, any new matter is trying to old people. It has its own disturbances
and its own anxieties, and neither of these things are good for lives that should be restful. Your uncle is a
strong man, with a very happy and placid nature. Given health and ordinary conditions of life, there is no
reason why he should not live to be a hundred. You and I, therefore, who both love him, though in different
ways, should make it our business to protect him from all disturbing influences. I am sure you will agree with
me that any labour to this end would be well spent. All right, my boy! I see your answer in your eyes; so we
need say no more of that. And now," here his voice changed, "tell me all that took place at that interview.
There are strange things in front of us--how strange we cannot at present even guess. Doubtless some of
the difficult things to understand which lie behind the veil will in time be shown to us to see and to
understand. In the meantime, all we can do is to work patiently, fearlessly, and unselfishly, to an end that
we think is right. You had got so far as where Lilla opened the door to Mr. Caswall and the negro. You also
observed that Mimi was disturbed in her mind at the way Mr. Caswall looked at her cousin."
"Certainly--though 'disturbed' is a poor way of expressing her objection."
"Can you remember well enough to describe Caswall's eyes, and how Lilla looked, and what Mimi said
and did? Also Oolanga, Caswall's West African servant."
789 labour (s) – trabalho, esforço
791 doubtless (adv) – sem dúvida
792 veil (s) - véu
793 in the meantime - entretanto
793 fearlessly (adv) – corajosamente, com intrepidez
793 unselfishly (adv) – desinteressadamente, generosamente, altruisticamente
794 so far as where – até onde
796 objection (s) – desagrado, desaprovação
799 stare (to) – olhar fixo
799 motionless (adj) – imóvel, sem movimento
800 wrinkle up (to) – enrugar, franzir, contrair
801 screwed up (adj) – com as feições contraídas
803 stare back (to) – fazer desviar o olhar a alguém olhando fixamente
803 feeble (adj) – fraco, débil, frágil
804 brace up (to) – tonificar, fortalecer
804 return (adj) – de retorno, de desforra
804 stare (s) - olhar
808 throw up (to) – levantar, erguer
809 beside (adv) - (prep) – ao lado de, junto a
"I'll do what I can, sir. All the time Mr. Caswall was staring, he kept his eyes fixed and motionless--but
not as if he was in a trance. His forehead was wrinkled up, as it is when one is trying to see through or into
something. At the best of times his face has not a gentle expression; but when it was screwed up like that it
was almost diabolical. It frightened poor Lilla so that she trembled, and after a bit got so pale that I thought
she had fainted. However, she held up and tried to stare back, but in a feeble kind of way. Then Mimi came
close and held her hand. That braced her up, and--still, never ceasing her return stare--she got colour again
and seemed more like herself."
"Did he stare too?"
"More than ever. The weaker Lilla seemed, the stronger he became, just as if he were feeding on her
strength. All at once she turned round, threw up her hands, and fell down in a faint. I could not see what
else happened just then, for Mimi had thrown herself on her knees beside her and hid her from me. Then
there was something like a black shadow between us, and there was the nigger, looking more like a
malignant devil than ever. I am not usually a patient man, and the sight of that ugly devil is enough to make
one's blood boil. When he saw my face, he seemed to realise danger--immediate danger-- and slunk out of
the room as noiselessly as if he had been blown out. I learned one thing, however--he is an enemy, if ever
a man had one."
"That still leaves us three to two!" put in Sir Nathaniel.
"Then Caswall slunk out, much as the nigger had done. When he had gone, Lilla recovered at once."
"Now," said Sir Nathaniel, anxious to restore peace, "have you found out anything yet regarding the
negro? I am anxious to be posted regarding him. I fear there will be, or may be, grave trouble with him."
"Yes, sir, I've heard a good deal about him--of course it is not official; but hearsay must guide us at first.
You know my man Davenport--private secretary, confidential man of business, and general factotum. He is
810 nigger (s) – maneira ofensiva de chamar os africanos, preto
811 malignant (adj) – maligno, mau, perverso
811 ugly (adj) – repelente, repulsivo, torpe, vil, ignóbil
812 slink out (to) – escapulir-se, esgueirar-se
813 noiselessly (adv) – silenciosamente, sem ruídos
813 blown out (adj) – derrotado, arrasado
815 put in (to trans) – acrescentar, afirmar subitamente
816 slink out (to) – escapulir-se, esgueirar-se
816 recover (to) – restabelecer-se, recuperar as forças
817 restore (to) – recuperar, restabelecer
817 peace (s) – calma, tranquilidade (paz)
818 post (to) – informar-se, actualizar-se (enviar pelo correio)
818 or may be – ou pode haver
818 be (to) - haver
819 deal (s) - quantidade
819 hearsay (s) – boato, rumor
820 factotum (s) – faz-tudo, indivíduo que tem a seu cargo todos os negócios de alguém, mordomo, administrador
822 strike (to) – impressionar, surpreender
823 steward (s) – criado de bordo, camareiro
824 get on (to) – relacionar-se, dar-se bem
826 afraid (adj) – receoso, assustado, com medo
827 lavish (adj) – liberal, generoso
827 whose (pron) – de quem
827 doesn't matter (it)- não tem importância, não faz diferença; what does it matter? - que importa?;
827 trumpet (to) – anunciar aos quatro ventos
828 greatness (s) – importância, grandeza, nobreza, grandiosidade
828 neither (adv) - (conj) – tão-pouco
828 briefly (adv) – resumidamente, com brevidade
829 witch (s) – feiticeira, bruxa
829 finder (s) - inventor
829 low (adj) – vil, abjecto, grosseiro
829 get up (to) – levantar-se, acordar
830 Obi-man - ??? não encontrei solução na enciclopédia da Porto editora
830 to come to wealth - enriquecer;
830 via (prep) – via, através de, por meio de
830 blackmail (s) - chantagem
831 hellish (adj) – diabólico, infernal, medonho, terrível
831 voodoo (s) – vudu, prática de feitiçaria, vulgar na África Ocidental e nas Antilhas
devoted to me, and has my full confidence. I asked him to stay on board the WEST AFRICAN and have a
good look round, and find out what he could about Mr. Caswall. Naturally, he was struck with the aboriginal
savage. He found one of the ship's stewards, who had been on the regular voyages to South Africa. He
knew Oolanga and had made a study of him. He is a man who gets on well with niggers, and they open
their hearts to him. It seems that this Oolanga is quite a great person in the nigger world of the African West
Coast. He has the two things which men of his own colour respect: he can make them afraid, and he is
lavish with money. I don't know whose money--but that does not matter. They are always ready to trumpet
his greatness. Evil greatness it is-- but neither does that matter. Briefly, this is his history. He was
originally a witch-finder--about as low an occupation as exists amongst aboriginal savages. Then he got up
in the world and became an Obi-man, which gives an opportunity to wealth VIA blackmail. Finally, he
reached the highest honour in hellish service. He became a user of Voodoo, which seems to be a service of
the utmost baseness and cruelty. I was told some of his deeds of cruelty, which are simply sickening. They
made me long for an opportunity of helping to drive him back to hell. You might think to look at him that you
could measure in some way the extent of his vileness; but it would be a vain hope. Monsters such as he is
belong to an earlier and more rudimentary stage of barbarism. He is in his way a clever fellow--for a nigger;
but is none the less dangerous or the less hateful for that. The men in the ship told me that he was a
collector: some of them had seen his collections. Such collections! All that was potent for evil in bird or
beast, or even in fish. Beaks that could break and rend and tear--all the birds represented were of a
predatory kind. Even the fishes are those which are born to destroy, to wound, to torture. The collection, I
assure you, was an object lesson in human malignity. This being has enough evil in his face to frighten
even a strong man. It is little wonder that the sight of it put that poor girl into a dead faint!"
Nothing more could be done at the moment, so they separated.
832 utmost (adj) – extremo, máximo, mais elevado
832 baseness (s) – baixeza, vileza
832 so I have been told - assim me disseram
832 deed (s) – acção, acto, feito
832 sickening (adj) – revoltante, chocante
833 make for (to) – levar a, conduzir a, contribuir para
833 long (to) – ansiar, desejar ardentemente, suspirar
833 help (to) – remediar, dar solução a
833 drive (to) - obrigar
833 back (to intrans) - recuar
833 to (prep) - até
833 to (prep) - a
834 measure (to) - medir
834 extent (s) - medida
835 earlier (adj) - primitivo
836 none (adv) – de modo nenhum, de maneira alguma
836 less (s) - menos
836 hateful (adj) - odioso
837 collector (s) - coleccionador
837 potent (s) – poderoso, forte, enérgico
838 beak (s) - bico
838 rend (to) – fender, rasgar
838 tear (to) – arrancar, despedaçar
840 object (adj) - objectivo/a, de tema
841 dead (adj) – inanimado, inerte
841 faint (s) - desmaio
843 smart (adj) – rápido, ligeiro
843 a smart walk - um passeio em andamento rápido
843 brow (s) – cume, colina, monte
844 look in (to) – espreitar para dentro
845 row (s) – fila, fileira
846 damp (adj) - húmido
846 sticky (adj) – viscoso, pegajoso
846 ant (s) - formiga
847 loathsome=loathly (adj) – repugnante, nojento
848 enough (adv) - bastante
849 wherever (adv) – onde quer que, em qualquer parte que
849 Lay, laid, laid (to) – colocar, expor, pôr sobretudo em posição horizontal
850 dirty (adj) – sujo, porco
850 towel (s) - toalha
850 rail (s) – calha, corrimão
851 farmyard (s) – pátio da quinta
851 on the chance of - se por acaso; caso;
Adam was up in the early morning and took a smart walk round the Brow. As he was passing Diana's
Grove, he looked in on the short avenue of trees, and noticed the snakes killed on the previous morning by
the mongoose. They all lay in a row, straight and rigid, as if they had been placed by hands. Their skins
seemed damp and sticky, and they were covered all over with ants and other insects. They looked
loathsome, so after a glance, he passed on.
A little later, when his steps took him, naturally enough, past the entrance to Mercy Farm, he was passed
by the negro, moving quickly under the trees wherever there was shadow. Laid across one extended arm,
looking like dirty towels across a rail, he had the horrid- looking snakes. He did not seem to see Adam. No
one was to be seen at Mercy except a few workmen in the farmyard, so, after waiting on the chance of
seeing Mimi, Adam began to go slowly home.
Once more he was passed on the way. This time it was by Lady Arabella, walking hurriedly and so
furiously angry that she did not recognise him, even to the extent of acknowledging his bow.
When Adam got back to Lesser Hill, he went to the coach-house where the box with the mongoose was
kept, and took it with him, intending to finish at the Mound of Stone what he had begun the previous morning
with regard to the extermination. He found that the snakes were even more easily attacked than on the
previous day; no less than six were killed in the first half-hour. As no more appeared, he took it for granted
that the morning's work was over, and went towards home. The mongoose had by this time become
accustomed to him, and was willing to let himself be handled freely. Adam lifted him up and put him on his
shoulder and walked on. Presently he saw a lady advancing towards him, and recognised Lady Arabella.
Hitherto the mongoose had been quiet, like a playful affectionate kitten; but when the two got close,
Adam was horrified to see the mongoose, in a state of the wildest fury, with every hair standing on end,
853 pass (to) – ultrapassar (passar, andar, caminhar)
854 even (adv) (na negativa) - nem
854 extent (s) – grau, ponto
854 acknowledging (s) – reconhecimento, recompensa
854 bow (s) - vénia
855 coach house - cocheira
856 intend (to) – planear, tencionar
856 mound (s) – pilha, monte
858 grant (to) – reconhecer, admitir, concordar
860 be willing to (to) - estar disposto a
860 handle (to) – conduzir, dominar, controlar
860 lift up (to) – levantar, erguer
861 walk on (to) – continuar a andar
861 presently (adv) – dentro em pouco
862 hitherto (adv) – até agora
862 playful (adj) – divertido, brincalhão
862 affectionate (adj) – afectuoso, carinhoso, afeiçoado
862 kitten (s) – gatinho
863 his hair stood on end - o cabelo pôs-se-lhe em pé;
864 intent (adj) - decidido; resolvido; determinado;
867 disdainful (adj) - desdenhoso
867 pass on (to) – seguir ou continuar o seu caminho
868 stick (s) – pau, vara
868 within striking distance - ao alcance da mão
869 draw out (to) – tirar, arrancar
869 backbone (s) – espinha dorsal
870 pour (to) – vazar, despejar
870 magazine (s) – câmara de arma de repetição, cartucheira
870 coolness (s) – indiferença, frieza, calma, fleuma
871 hauteur (s) – arrogância, an unfriendly way of behaving (comportar-se) towards other people suggesting that you think that
you are better than they are
873 apology (s) - desculpa
jump from his shoulder and run towards Lady Arabella. It looked so furious and so intent on attack that he
called a warning.
"Look out--look out! The animal is furious and means to attack."
Lady Arabella looked more than ever disdainful and was passing on; the mongoose jumped at her in a
furious attack. Adam rushed forward with his stick, the only weapon he had. But just as he got within
striking distance, the lady drew out a revolver and shot the animal, breaking his backbone. Not satisfied
with this, she poured shot after shot into him till the magazine was exhausted. There was no coolness or
hauteur about her now; she seemed more furious even than the animal, her face transformed with hate, and
as determined to kill as he had appeared to be. Adam, not knowing exactly what to do, lifted his hat in
apology and hurried on to Lesser Hill.
At breakfast Sir Nathaniel noticed that Adam was put out about something, but he said nothing. The
lesson of silence is better remembered in age than in youth. When they were both in the study, where Sir
Nathaniel followed him, Adam at once began to tell his companion of what had happened. Sir Nathaniel
looked graver and graver as the narration proceeded, and when Adam had stopped he remained silent for
several minutes, before speaking.
"This is very grave. I have not formed any opinion yet; but it seems to me at first impression that this is
worse than anything I had expected."
"Why, sir?" said Adam. "Is the killing of a mongoose--no matter by whom--so serious a thing as all that?"
875 survival (s) – sobrevivência, sobrevivente
877 be (to)/feel put out - estar aborrecido; estar zangado
880 proceed (to) – seguir, avançar, ir para a frente
886 think over (to) – pensar bem sobre, reflectir acerca de, meditar em
886 moderate (to) – orientar, moderar
886 in the meantime - entretanto; no entretanto
888 issue (s) – problema, questão
889 sit up (to) – sentar-se
891 withhold (to) – esconder, reter, conter
892 overcome (to) – dominar, vencer
His companion smoked on quietly for quite another few minutes before he spoke.
"When I have properly thought it over I may moderate my opinion, but in the meantime it seems to me
that there is something dreadful behind all this--something that may affect all our lives--that may mean the
issue of life or death to any of us."
Adam sat up quickly.
"Do tell me, sir, what is in your mind--if, of course, you have no objection, or do not think it better to
withhold it."
"I have no objection, Adam--in fact, if I had, I should have to overcome it. I fear there can be no more
reserved thoughts between us."
"Indeed, sir, that sounds serious, worse than serious!"
"Adam, I greatly fear that the time has come for us--for you and me, at all events--to speak out plainly to
one another. Does not there seem something very mysterious about this?"
"I have thought so, sir, all along. The only difficulty one has is what one is to think and where to begin."
"Let us begin with what you have told me. First take the conduct of the mongoose. He was quiet, even
friendly and affectionate with you. He only attacked the snakes, which is, after all, his business in life."
"That is so!"
"Then we must try to find some reason why he attacked Lady Arabella."
"May it not be that a mongoose may have merely the instinct to attack, that nature does not allow or
provide him with the fine reasoning powers to discriminate who he is to attack?"
"Of course that may be so. But, on the other hand, should we not satisfy ourselves why he does wish to
attack anything? If for centuries, this particular animal is known to attack only one kind of other animal, are
895 greatly (adv) – muito, fortemente, grandemente
895 at all events - seja como for, de qualquer modo
895 speak out (to) – falar, conversar
895 plainly (adv) – com toda a franqueza e sinceridade, abertamente
897 all along – sempre, o tempo todo
903 provide (to) - proporcionar
903 reasoning (adj) - de raciocínio
904 But, on the other hand, should we not satisfy ourselves why he does wish to attack anything? - Mas de outro lado não deveríamos
nos esforçar para saber porque ela queria atacar?
906 hitherto (adv) – até agora
908 follow out (to) – prosseguir com a ideia até ao fim, seguir, executar, concretizar
911 account (to) - considerar
913 for instance – por exemplo
914 juxtaposition (s) – situação de uma coisa ao lado de outra sem nada a separá-las, aposição, justaposição
914 supply (to) – fornecer
we not justified in assuming that when one of them attacks a hitherto unclassed animal, he recognises in
that animal some quality which it has in common with the hereditary enemy?"
"That is a good argument, sir," Adam went on, "but a dangerous one. If we followed it out, it would lead
us to believe that Lady Arabella is a snake."
"We must be sure, before going to such an end, that there is no point as yet unconsidered which would
account for the unknown thing which puzzles us."
"In what way?"
"Well, suppose the instinct works on some physical basis--for instance, smell. If there were anything in
recent juxtaposition to the attacked which would carry the scent, surely that would supply the missing
"Of course!" Adam spoke with conviction.
"Now, from what you tell me, the negro had just come from the direction of Diana's Grove, carrying the
dead snakes which the mongoose had killed the previous morning. Might not the scent have been carried
that way?"
"Of course it might, and probably was. I never thought of that. Is there any possible way of guessing
approximately how long a scent will remain? You see, this is a natural scent, and may derive from a place
where it has been effective for thousands of years. Then, does a scent of any kind carry with it any form or
quality of another kind, either good or evil? I ask you because one ancient name of the house lived in by the
lady who was attacked by the mongoose was 'The Lair of the White Worm.' If any of these things be so, our
difficulties have multiplied indefinitely. They may even change in kind. We may get into moral
entanglements; before we know it, we may be in the midst of a struggle between good and evil."
Sir Nathaniel smiled gravely.
921 derive (to) – ter origem, derivar, provir
922 do (to) – agir, fazer
922 form (s) - forma
923 either... or - ou... ou, quer... quer
923 live in (to) – viver em, ser residente, estar alojado
926 entanglement (s) – confusão, complicação
926 struggle (s) - luta
929 whether (conj) - se
931 scheme (s) – plano, projecto
932 imply (to) – implicar, dar a entender, insinuar
932 mutual (adj) – recíproco, mútuo
932 scheme (s) – método e procedimento
933 so long as - enquanto; desde que; se
933 inherent (adj) – inerente, intrínseco, próprio que está ligado ou faz parte da essência de um objecto, pessoa ou
realidade; essencial
933 tendency (s) – tendência, propensão, inclinação
934 veil (to) – esconder, ocultar, encobrir, velar
936 appertain (to) – pertencer, ser próprio de, dizer respeito
937 primaeval = primeval (adj) – primitivo, primevo
938 import (s) – importância, conteúdo, sentido, significado
"With regard to the first question--so far as I know, there are no fixed periods for which a scent may be
active--I think we may take it that that period does not run into thousands of years. As to whether any moral
change accompanies a physical one, I can only say that I have met no proof of the fact. At the same time,
we must remember that 'good' and 'evil' are terms so wide as to take in the whole scheme of creation, and
all that is implied by them and by their mutual action and reaction. Generally, I would say that in the scheme
of a First Cause anything is possible. So long as the inherent forces or tendencies of any one thing are
veiled from us we must expect mystery."
"There is one other question on which I should like to ask your opinion. Suppose that there are any
permanent forces appertaining to the past, what we may call 'survivals,' do these belong to good as well as
to evil? For instance, if the scent of the primaeval monster can so remain in proportion to the original
strength, can the same be true of things of good import?"
Sir Nathaniel thought for a while before he answered.
"We must be careful not to confuse the physical and the moral. I can see that already you have switched
on the moral entirely, so perhaps we had better follow it up first. On the side of the moral, we have certain
justification for belief in the utterances of revealed religion. For instance, 'the effectual fervent prayer of a
righteous man availeth much' is altogether for good. We have nothing of a similar kind on the side of evil.
But if we accept this dictum we need have no more fear of 'mysteries': these become thenceforth merely
Adam suddenly changed to another phase of the subject.
"And now, sir, may I turn for a few minutes to purely practical things, or rather to matters of historical
Sir Nathaniel bowed acquiescence.
940 switch (to) – agitar-se, ligar para, transferir, neste caso refere-se a que ele se inclinou para o aspecto moral
941 follow up (to) – aprofundar, debruçar-se sobre
942 utterance (s) – expressão, enunciação
942 effectual (adj) – eficaz, válido
942 fervent (adj) – ardente, vivo
942 prayer (s) – oração, prece, reza
943 righteous (adj) – justo, recto, honrado
943 avail (to) - aproveitar
943 altogether (adv) - completamente
944 dictum (s) – máxima, afirmação, dito
944 thenceforth (adv) – daí em diante, a partir daí, desde então
946 phase (s) – aspecto, fase, período
952 import (s) – conteúdo, teor
953 which (pron) – qual?
953 shrewdly (adv) – sensatamente, de maneira perspicaz, sagazmente, astuciosamente
960 dove (s) - pombo/a
960 signification (s) – símbolo, nome, expressão, sentido, significação
"We have already spoken of the history, so far as it is known, of some of the places round us--'Castra
Regis,' 'Diana's Grove,' and 'The Lair of the White Worm.' I would like to ask if there is anything not
necessarily of evil import about any of the places?"
"Which?" asked Sir Nathaniel shrewdly.
"Well, for instance, this house and Mercy Farm?"
"Here we turn," said Sir Nathaniel, "to the other side, the light side of things. Let us take Mercy Farm
first. When Augustine was sent by Pope Gregory to Christianise England, in the time of the Romans, he
was received and protected by Ethelbert, King of Kent, whose wife, daughter of Charibert, King of Paris,
was a Christian, and did much for Augustine. She founded a nunnery in memory of Columba, which was
named SEDES MISERICORDIOE, the House of Mercy, and, as the region was Mercian, the two names
became involved. As Columba is the Latin for dove, the dove became a sort of signification of the nunnery.
She seized on the idea and made the newly-founded nunnery a house of doves. Someone sent her a
freshly- discovered dove, a sort of carrier, but which had in the white feathers of its head and neck the form
of a religious cowl. The nunnery flourished for more than a century, when, in the time of Penda, who was
the reactionary of heathendom, it fell into decay. In the meantime the doves, protected by religious feeling,
had increased mightily, and were known in all Catholic communities. When King Offa ruled in Mercia, about
a hundred and fifty years later, he restored Christianity, and under its protection the nunnery of St. Columba
was restored and its doves flourished again. In process of time this religious house again fell into
desuetude; but before it disappeared it had achieved a great name for good works, and in especial for the
piety of its members. If deeds and prayers and hopes and earnest thinking leave anywhere any moral
effect, Mercy Farm and all around it have almost the right to be considered holy ground."
"Thank you, sir," said Adam earnestly, and was silent. Sir Nathaniel understood.
961 seize on (to) – aproveitar, agarrar
962 carrier (s) – pombo-correio
962 feather (s) – pena, pluma, plumagem
963 cowl (s) – capuz de monge
964 reactionary (adj) - (s) - reaccionário
964 heathendom (s) - paganismo
964 decay (s) – decadência, declínio
964 in the meantime - entretanto
965 increase (to) – aumentar, desenvolver-se
965 mightily (adv) – poderosamente, enormemente, fortemente, extremamente
965 rule (to) - governar
968 desuetude (s) - desuso
968 achieve (to) – atingir, alcançar
969 deed (s) – acção, acto, feito
969 earnest (adj) – fervoroso, sincero, sério,
969 anywhere (adv) – em qualquer parte, em algum sítio
972 lunch (s) - almoço
972 keen (adj) – agudo, penetrante, entusiasta, apaixonado
972 wit (s) – inteligência, compreensão, entendimento
975 there is more going on in this neighbourhood than – passam-se mais coisas nesta vizinhança do que
976 come upon (to) – encontrar por acaso, surgir
After lunch that day, Adam casually asked Sir Nathaniel to come for a walk with him. The keen-witted
old diplomatist guessed that there must be some motive behind the suggestion, and he at once agreed.
As soon as they were free from observation, Adam began.
"I am afraid, sir, that there is more going on in this neighbourhood than most people imagine. I was out
this morning, and on the edge of the small wood, I came upon the body of a child by the roadside. At first, I
thought she was dead, and while examining her, I noticed on her neck some marks that looked like those of
"Some wild dog, perhaps?" put in Sir Nathaniel.
"Possibly, sir, though I think not--but listen to the rest of my news. I glanced around, and to my surprise,
I noticed something white moving among the trees. I placed the child down carefully, and followed, but I
could not find any further traces. So I returned to the child and resumed my examination, and, to my delight,
I discovered that she was still alive. I chafed her hands and gradually she revived, but to my disappointment
she remembered nothing--except that something had crept up quietly from behind, and had gripped her
round the throat. Then, apparently, she fainted."
"Gripped her round the throat! Then it cannot have been a dog."
"No, sir, that is my difficulty, and explains why I brought you out here, where we cannot possibly be
overheard. You have noticed, of course, the peculiar sinuous way in which Lady Arabella moves--well, I feel
certain that the white thing that I saw in the wood was the mistress of Diana's Grove!"
"Good God, boy, be careful what you say."
"Yes, sir, I fully realise the gravity of my accusation, but I feel convinced that the marks on the child's
throat were human--and made by a woman."
Adam's companion remained silent for some time, deep in thought.
983 chafe (to) – esfregar, friccionar
984 creep up on (to) – aproximar-se sorrateiramente de, aparecer de repente
984 grip (to) – apertar fortemente, prender
989 mistressn(s) – dona, senhora, patroa
994 far (adj) - (adv) – muito, bastante
995 spare (to) – proteger, poupar
996 worry (to) – preocupar, incomodar
998 ascertainable (adj) – verificável, averiguável
1004 wander (to) – vaguear, percorrer
"Adam, my boy," he said at last, "this matter appears to me to be far more serious even than you think. It
forces me to break confidence with my old friend, your uncle--but, in order to spare him, I must do so. For
some time now, things have been happening in this district that have been worrying him dreadfully--several
people have disappeared, without leaving the slightest trace; a dead child was found by the roadside, with
no visible or ascertainable cause of death--sheep and other animals have been found in the fields, bleeding
from open wounds. There have been other matters--many of them apparently trivial in themselves. Some
sinister influence has been at work, and I admit that I have suspected Lady Arabella--that is why I
questioned you so closely about the mongoose and its strange attack upon Lady Arabella. You will think it
strange that I should suspect the mistress of Diana's Grove, a beautiful woman of aristocratic birth. Let me
explain--the family seat is near my own place, Doom Tower, and at one time I knew the family well. When
still a young girl, Lady Arabella wandered into a small wood near her home, and did not return. She was
found unconscious and in a high fever--the doctor said that she had received a poisonous bite, and the girl
being at a delicate and critical age, the result was serious--so much so that she was not expected to
recover. A great London physician came down but could do nothing--indeed, he said that the girl would not
survive the night. All hope had been abandoned, when, to everyone's surprise, Lady Arabella made a
sudden and startling recovery. Within a couple of days she was going about as usual! But to the horror of
her people, she developed a terrible craving for cruelty, maiming and injuring birds and small animals-- even
killing them. This was put down to a nervous disturbance due to her age, and it was hoped that her
marriage to Captain March would put this right. However, it was not a happy marriage, and eventually her
husband was found shot through the head. I have always suspected suicide, though no pistol was found
near the body. He may have discovered something--God knows what!--so possibly Lady Arabella may
herself have killed him. Putting together many small matters that have come to my knowledge, I have come
1005 bite (s) – mordedura, dentada, mordidela, picada
1006 so much - tanto
1009 couple (s) – dois, par
1009 go about (to) – andar por aí
1010 craving (s) – desejo, ânsia, carência
1010 maim (to) – aleijar, estropiar
1010 injur (to) - ferir
1011 put down (to) – apontar, anotar
1016 foul (adj) – revoltante, abominável, imundo, chocante
1017 tenement (s) – corpo, invólucro
1017 revival (s) – renascimento, ressurgimento
1017 craving (s) – desejo, ânsia, carência
1018 maim (to) – aleijar, estropiar
1019 ghastly (adj) – monstruoso, horroroso, pavoroso
1020 once (adv) - outrora
to the conclusion that the foul White Worm obtained control of her body, just as her soul was leaving its
earthly tenement--that would explain the sudden revival of energy, the strange and inexplicable craving for
maiming and killing, as well as many other matters with which I need not trouble you now, Adam. As I said
just now, God alone knows what poor Captain March discovered--it must have been something too ghastly
for human endurance, if my theory is correct that the once beautiful human body of Lady Arabella is under
the control of this ghastly White Worm."
Adam nodded.
"But what can we do, sir--it seems a most difficult problem."
"We can do nothing, my boy--that is the important part of it. It would be impossible to take action--all we
can do is to keep careful watch, especially as regards Lady Arabella, and be ready to act, promptly and
decisively, if the opportunity occurs."
Adam agreed, and the two men returned to Lesser Hill.
1030 smelling (adj) – que cheira, que emite cheiro
1033 undertake (to) – empreender, encarregar-se de, ocupar-se de
1034 steadily (adv) – firmemente, perseverantemente
1034 pursue (to) – dedicar-se a, seguir
1035 course (s) – rumo, direcção
1035 whenever (adv) – em qualquer altura que, sempre que
1036 cast about (to) – procurar, andar à procura
1036 baffle (to) – contrariar, frustrar
1038 link (s) – ligação, elo, laço
1038 string (s) – oportunidade, série
1039 bow (s) - vénia
Adam Salton, though he talked little, did not let the grass grow under his feet in any matter which he had
undertaken, or in which he was interested. He had agreed with Sir Nathaniel that they should not do
anything with regard to the mystery of Lady Arabella's fear of the mongoose, but he steadily pursued his
course in being PREPARED to act whenever the opportunity might come. He was in his own mind
perpetually casting about for information or clues which might lead to possible lines of action. Baffled by the
killing of the mongoose, he looked around for another line to follow. He was fascinated by the idea of there
being a mysterious link between the woman and the animal, but he was already preparing a second string to
his bow. His new idea was to use the faculties of Oolanga, so far as he could, in the service of discovery.
His first move was to send Davenport to Liverpool to try to find the steward of the WEST AFRICAN, who
had told him about Oolanga, and if possible secure any further information, and then try to induce (by
bribery or other means) the nigger to come to the Brow. So soon as he himself could have speech of the
Voodoo-man he would be able to learn from him something useful. Davenport was successful in his
missions, for he had to get another mongoose, and he was able to tell Adam that he had seen the steward,
who told him much that he wanted to know, and had also arranged for Oolanga to come to Lesser Hill the
following day. At this point Adam saw his way sufficiently clear to admit Davenport to some extent into his
confidence. He had come to the conclusion that it would be better--certainly at first--not himself to appear in
the matter, with which Davenport was fully competent to deal. It would be time for himself to take a personal
part when matters had advanced a little further.
1041 induce (to) – induzir, instigar, persuadir
1042 bribery (s) - suborno
1042 brow (s) – cume de monte ou colina
1042 to have speech with - falar com
1046 extent (s) – grau, ponto
1047 not himself to appear in the matter, - neste caso refere-se a que o próprio Adam não deve mostrar-se nos acontecimentos
1050 wise (s) – maneira, modo, forma
1050 gift (s) – dom natural
1050 quest (s) – aquilo que se busca
1052 broad (adj) – principal, mais importante, por completo
1052 make up one's mind (to) (to) - decidir-se (a); resolver
1053 task (s) - tarefa
1054 packing case - caixote; caixa de embalagem ou transporte
If what the nigger said was in any wise true, the man had a rare gift which might be useful in the quest
they were after. He could, as it were, "smell death." If any one was dead, if any one had died, or if a place
had been used in connection with death, he seemed to know the broad fact by intuition. Adam made up his
mind that to test this faculty with regard to several places would be his first task. Naturally he was anxious,
and the time passed slowly. The only comfort was the arrival the next morning of a strong packing case,
locked, from Ross, the key being in the custody of Davenport. In the case were two smaller boxes, both
locked. One of them contained a mongoose to replace that killed by Lady Arabella; the other was the
special mongoose which had already killed the king-cobra in Nepaul. When both the animals had been
safely put under lock and key, he felt that he might breathe more freely. No one was allowed to know the
secret of their existence in the house, except himself and Davenport. He arranged that Davenport should
take Oolanga round the neighbourhood for a walk, stopping at each of the places which he designated.
Having gone all along the Brow, he was to return the same way and induce him to touch on the same
subjects in talking with Adam, who was to meet them as if by chance at the farthest part--that beyond Mercy
The incidents of the day proved much as Adam expected. At Mercy Farm, at Diana's Grove, at Castra
Regis, and a few other spots, the negro stopped and, opening his wide nostrils as if to sniff boldly, said that
he smelled death. It was not always in the same form. At Mercy Farm he said there were many small
deaths. At Diana's Grove his bearing was different. There was a distinct sense of enjoyment about him,
especially when he spoke of many great deaths. Here, too, he sniffed in a strange way, like a bloodhound
at check, and looked puzzled. He said no word in either praise or disparagement, but in the centre of the
Grove, where, hidden amongst ancient oak stumps, was a block of granite slightly hollowed on the top, he
1061 touch (to) - tocar
1062 in talking with Adam – em conversa com Adam
1062 chance (s) – acaso, sorte
1062 farthest [far] (adj) - (adv) – o mais distante
1062 beyond (adv) - (prep) – para lá do, do outro lado, ao longe
1065 boldly (adv) – com ousadia, audaciosamente
1066 death (s) - morte
1067 bearing (s) – atitude, comportamento
1067 distinct (adj) – diferente, distinto
1067 sense (s) – noção, senso
1067 enjoyment (s) – prazer, satisfação
1068 bloodhound (s) – cão de caça, sabujo
1069 at check – à caça, à procura
1069 either… or – quer… quer, ou… ou
1069 praise (s) – elogio, aplauso
1069 disparagement (s) – depreciação, descrédito
1070 stump (s) – toco, cepo
1070 hollow (adj) – ôco, cavernoso
1073 which both – o qual em simultâneo
1073 baffle (to) – desorientar, confundir, desconcertar
1076 outcropping (adj) – que aflora à superfície
1077 jaunty (adj) - descontraído
1077 impudence (s) – insolência, descaramento
1078 settled (adj) – estabelecido, enraizado, estável
bent low and placed his forehead on the ground. This was the only place where he showed distinct
reverence. At the Castle, though he spoke of much death, he showed no sign of respect.
There was evidently something about Diana's Grove which both interested and baffled him. Before
leaving, he moved all over the place unsatisfied, and in one spot, close to the edge of the Brow, where there
was a deep hollow, he appeared to be afraid. After returning several times to this place, he suddenly turned
and ran in a panic of fear to the higher ground, crossing as he did so the outcropping rock. Then he
seemed to breathe more freely, and recovered some of his jaunty impudence.
All this seemed to satisfy Adam's expectations. He went back to Lesser Hill with a serene and settled
calm upon him. Sir Nathaniel followed him into his study.
"By the way, I forgot to ask you details about one thing. When that extraordinary staring episode of Mr.
Caswall went on, how did Lilla take it--how did she bear herself?"
"She looked frightened, and trembled just as I have seen a pigeon with a hawk, or a bird with a serpent."
"Thanks. It is just as I expected. There have been circumstances in the Caswall family which lead one
to believe that they have had from the earliest times some extraordinary mesmeric or hypnotic faculty.
Indeed, a skilled eye could read so much in their physiognomy. That shot of yours, whether by instinct or
intention, of the hawk and the pigeon was peculiarly apposite. I think we may settle on that as a fixed trait to
be accepted throughout our investigation."
When dusk had fallen, Adam took the new mongoose--not the one from Nepaul--and, carrying the box
slung over his shoulder, strolled towards Diana's Grove. Close to the gateway he met Lady Arabella, clad
as usual in tightly fitting white, which showed off her slim figure.
To his intense astonishment the mongoose allowed her to pet him, take him up in her arms and fondle
him. As she was going in his direction, they walked on together.
1083 lead (to) – conduzir, levar
1084 mesmeric (adj) - recurso ao magnetismo animal e ao hipnotismo como forma de tratamento e cura de
doenças, segundo o método do médico alemão Mesmer (1734-1815);
1085 skilled (adj) – perito, hábil, especializado
1085 physiognomy (s) - fisionomia
1085 shot (s) - palpite
1086 peculiarly (adv) – de modo original, especialmente
1086 apposite (adj) - apropriado
1086 settle on (to) – decidir, resolver
1086 trait (s) – característica, peculiaridade
1087 throughout (prep) – em todo, durante todo o tempo de
1089 sling (to) – pendurar, suspender
1089 stroll (to) – passear sem pressas, deambular, vaguear
1089 gateway (s) – entrada, porta de entrada
1089 clothe (to) - vestir
1090 tightly (adv) – rigorosamente (fortemente, firmemente)
1090 fit (adj) – próprio, conveniente
1090show off (to) – exibir, ostentar, realçar
1090 slim (adj) – delgado, esguio, elegante
1091 fondle (to) – acariciar, amimar, fazer festas
1092 walk on (to) – continuar a andar
1093 entrance (s) – entrada
1094 dusk (s) – crepúsculo, anoitecer
1094 shadowy (adj) – sombrio, indistinto
1094 view (s) – visão, vista
1094 hamper (to) – impedir, dificultar
1095 clustering (adj) - grupo, agrupamento
1095 trunk (s) - tronco
1095 uncertain (adj) – incerto, duvidoso
1096 somehow (adv) – de certo modo
1096 altogether (adv) - completamente
1097 presently (adv) – em breve, dentro em pouco
1097 come across (to) – encontrar por acaso, deparar-se com
1097 paling (s) - vedação
1097 split (adj) – rachado, fendido
1098 branch (s) – ramo de árvore
1098 avenue (s) - avenida
1100 slip (to) – libertar-se, soltar-se, escorregar
1100 hedge (s) – sebe, cerca, vedação feita de plantas ou ramos entrelaçados
1101 widen (to) – alargar-se, ampliar-se
1102 ebullient (adj) – exuberante, entusiasta
1102 dull (adj) – lento, estúpido
1102 spiritless (adj) – mole, fraco, débil, sem vivacidade
1103 dazed (adj) – atordoado, aturdido
1103 either (adj) - (adv) - (conj) - (pron) – um de dois
Round the roadway between the entrances of Diana's Grove and Lesser Hill were many trees, with not
much foliage except at the top. In the dusk this place was shadowy, and the view was hampered by the
clustering trunks. In the uncertain, tremulous light which fell through the tree-tops, it was hard to distinguish
anything clearly, and at last, somehow, he lost sight of her altogether, and turned back on his track to find
her. Presently he came across her close to her own gate. She was leaning over the paling of split oak
branches which formed the paling of the avenue. He could not see the mongoose, so he asked her where it
had gone.
"He slipt out of my arms while I was petting him," she answered, "and disappeared under the hedges."
They found him at a place where the avenue widened so as to let carriages pass each other. The little
creature seemed quite changed. He had been ebulliently active; now he was dull and spiritless--seemed to
be dazed. He allowed himself to be lifted by either of the pair; but when he was alone with Lady Arabella he
kept looking round him in a strange way, as though trying to escape. When they had come out on the
roadway Adam held the mongoose tight to him, and, lifting his hat to his companion, moved quickly towards
Lesser Hill; he and Lady Arabella lost sight of each other in the thickening gloom.
When Adam got home, he put the mongoose in his box, and locked the door of the room. The other
mongoose--the one from Nepaul--was safely locked in his own box, but he lay quiet and did not stir. When
he got to his study Sir Nathaniel came in, shutting the door behind him.
"I have come," he said, "while we have an opportunity of being alone, to tell you something of the
Caswall family which I think will interest you. There is, or used to be, a belief in this part of the world that the
Caswall family had some strange power of making the wills of other persons subservient to their own.
There are many allusions to the subject in memoirs and other unimportant works, but I only know of one
where the subject is spoken of definitely. It is MERCIA AND ITS WORTHIES, written by Ezra Toms more
1104 come out (to) - sair
1106 thick (adj) – denso, espesso, cerrado
1106 gloom (s) – escuridão, trevas, obscuridade
1107 get (to) – chegar a (ter, possuir, adquirir, obter)
1108 stir (to) – agitar-se, mover-se
1109 come in (to) – entrar, chegar
1112 subservient (adj) – servil, obediente
1113 unimportant (adj) – insignificante, trivial, banal
1114 definitly (adv) – nitidamente, claramente, de certeza, seguramente, sem dúvida
1114 worthy (adj) – homem ilustre, digno, respeitável
1117 state (to) – dizer, referir, especificar
1119 odd (adj) – estranho, extravagante
1119 bequeath (to) – legar, deixar em testamento
1119 bequest (s) – legado, doação
1120 At any rate – de qualquer maneira, seja como for, pelo menos, ao menos
1120 turn up (to) – aparecer, surgir
1122 hurry off (to) – apressar-se
1124 queer (adj) – estranho, esquisito
1124 restless (adj) – agitado, inquieto
than a hundred years ago. The author goes into the question of the close association of the then Edgar
Caswall with Mesmer in Paris. He speaks of Caswall being a pupil and the fellow worker of Mesmer, and
states that though, when the latter left France, he took away with him a vast quantity of philosophical and
electric instruments, he was never known to use them again. He once made it known to a friend that he had
given them to his old pupil. The term he used was odd, for it was 'bequeathed,' but no such bequest of
Mesmer was ever made known. At any rate the instruments were missing, and never turned up."
A servant came into the room to tell Adam that there was some strange noise coming from the locked
room into which he had gone when he came in. He hurried off to the place at once, Sir Nathaniel going with
him. Having locked the door behind them, Adam opened the packing-case where the boxes of the two
mongooses were locked up. There was no sound from one of them, but from the other a queer restless
struggling. Having opened both boxes, he found that the noise was from the Nepaul animal, which,
however, became quiet at once. In the other box the new mongoose lay dead, with every appearance of
having been strangled!
1126 new (adj) – inexperiente (novo)
1127 strangle (to) – estrangular, esganar, sufocar
1130 kite (s) – papagaio de papel
1132 set out (to) - partir
1133 otherwise (adv) – de outra maneira, de outro modo
1134 sum up (to) – avaliar, resumir
1134 appearance (s) – aspecto, aparência
1134 manner (s) – atitude, comportamento
1134 thus (adv) – assim, deste modo, desta maneira
1134 brace up (to) – preparar-se, fortalecer-se, retemperar-se, tonificar
♣♣♣ (mentalizar-se) to brace oneself for something - preparar-se para alguma coisa;
1135 settle down (to) – acomodar-se, instalar-se
1135 steadily (adv) - firmemente
1135 attentively (adv) - atentamente
1137 detain (to) – reter, fazer esperar
1139 on behalf of - em nome de; da parte de; por conta de
On the following day, a little after four o'clock, Adam set out for Mercy.
He was home just as the clocks were striking six. He was pale and upset, but otherwise looked strong
and alert. The old man summed up his appearance and manner thus: "Braced up for battle."
"Now!" said Sir Nathaniel, and settled down to listen, looking at Adam steadily and listening attentively
that he might miss nothing-- even the inflection of a word.
"I found Lilla and Mimi at home. Watford had been detained by business on the farm. Miss Watford
received me as kindly as before; Mimi, too, seemed glad to see me. Mr. Caswall came so soon after I
arrived, that he, or someone on his behalf, must have been watching for me. He was followed closely by
the negro, who was puffing hard as if he had been running--so it was probably he who watched. Mr.
Caswall was very cool and collected, but there was a more than usually iron look about his face that I did
not like. However, we got on very well. He talked pleasantly on all sorts of questions. The nigger waited a
while and then disappeared as on the other occasion. Mr. Caswall's eyes were as usual fixed on Lilla.
True, they seemed to be very deep and earnest, but there was no offence in them. Had it not been for the
drawing down of the brows and the stern set of the jaws, I should not at first have noticed anything. But the
stare, when presently it began, increased in intensity. I could see that Lilla began to suffer from
nervousness, as on the first occasion; but she carried herself bravely. However, the more nervous she
grew, the harder Mr. Caswall stared. It was evident to me that he had come prepared for some sort of
mesmeric or hypnotic battle. After a while he began to throw glances round him and then raised his hand,
without letting either Lilla or Mimi see the action. It was evidently intended to give some sign to the negro,
1140 puff (to) – ofegar, arquejar, ficar sem fôlego
1141 cool (adj) – calmo, sereno
1141 collected (adj) – calmo, tranquilo, sereno
1141 iron look – olhar de ferro
1145 draw down (to) – baixar, fechar
1145 stern (adj) – severo, austero
1145 set (s) – firmeza, postura, atitude
1145 jaw (s) – boca, queixo
1146 increase (to) - aumentar
1147 carry (to) - suportar
1151 stealthy (adj) – furtivo, dissimulado
1153 distressed (adj) – aflito, em perigo, consternado
1153 strengthen (to) – fortificar, fortalecer
1154 effort (s) – esforço, empreendimento
1154 feeble (adj) – fraco, débil
1155 effective (adj) – eficaz, convincente
1155 gain (s) – vantagem, ganho
1156 diversion (s) – distracção, diversão
1156 apology (s) – desculpa, explicação
1158 fight (s) – combate, luta
1158 sustain (to) – prosseguir, manter
1158 earnest (adj) - sério
1159 fierce (adj) – cruel, feroz
1159 overlord (s) – senhor, senhor de domínio feudal
1160 cost (to) - custar
1160 southern (adj) – do sul
1161 sporting (adj) - brincalhão
1161 phrase (s) - palavreado
for he came, in his usual stealthy way, quietly in by the hall door, which was open. Then Mr. Caswall's
efforts at staring became intensified, and poor Lilla's nervousness grew greater. Mimi, seeing that her
cousin was distressed, came close to her, as if to comfort or strengthen her with the consciousness of her
presence. This evidently made a difficulty for Mr. Caswall, for his efforts, without appearing to get feebler,
seemed less effective. This continued for a little while, to the gain of both Lilla and Mimi. Then there was a
diversion. Without word or apology the door opened, and Lady Arabella March entered the room. I had
seen her coming through the great window. Without a word she crossed the room and stood beside Mr.
Caswall. It really was very like a fight of a peculiar kind; and the longer it was sustained the more earnest-the fiercer--it grew. That combination of forces--the over-lord, the white woman, and the black man--would
have cost some- -probably all of them--their lives in the Southern States of America. To us it was simply
horrible. But all that you can understand. This time, to go on in sporting phrase, it was understood by all to
be a 'fight to a finish,' and the mixed group did not slacken a moment or relax their efforts. On Lilla the
strain began to tell disastrously. She grew pale--a patchy pallor, which meant that her nerves were out of
order. She trembled like an aspen, and though she struggled bravely, I noticed that her legs would hardly
support her. A dozen times she seemed about to collapse in a faint, but each time, on catching sight of
Mimi's eyes, she made a fresh struggle and pulled through.
"By now Mr. Caswall's face had lost its appearance of passivity. His eyes glowed with a fiery light. He
was still the old Roman in inflexibility of purpose; but grafted on to the Roman was a new Berserker fury.
His companions in the baleful work seemed to have taken on something of his feeling. Lady Arabella
looked like a soulless, pitiless being, not human, unless it revived old legends of transformed human beings
who had lost their humanity in some transformation or in the sweep of natural savagery. As for the negro-well, I can only say that it was solely due to the self- restraint which you impressed on me that I did not wipe
1162 mixed (adj) - confuso
1162 slacken (to) – abrandar, moderar
1163 strain (s) – tensão, esforço
1163 tell (to) – fazer-se notar
1163 disastrously (adv) – catastroficamente, desastrosamente
1163 patchy (adj) – às manchas, irregular, desigual
1164 aspen (s) – árvore chamada faia preta
1165 dozen (s) – dúzia
1166 fresh (adj) – novo, recente
1166 pull through (to) – recobrar forças
1167 glow (to) – brilhar, resplandecer
1167 fiery (adj) – inflamado, ardente, impetuoso
1168 still (adv) - ainda
1168 purpose (s) – objectivo, finalidade, intenção
1168 graft (to) – em botânica significa enxertar
1168 berserker (adj) – guerreiro nórdico que combatia como louco
1169 baleful (adj) – sinistro, terrível
1169 take on (to) – adoptar, adquirir, ganhar características
1170 soulless (adj) – sem alma, desumano, frio
1170 pitiless (adj) – sem piedade, impiedoso, cruel
1170 unless (conj) - (prep) – a menos que, a não ser que
1170 legend (s) – lenda, conto
1171 sweep (s) – arrebatamento, acesso, empolgamento
1171 As for – pelo que diz respeito a, quanto a
1172 solely (adv) – somente, unicamente
1172 self-restraint (s) – autodomínio, comedimento, moderação
1172 impress (to) – incutir, infundir, inspirar, suscitar, sugerir
1172 wipe out (to) – matar, aniquilar, eliminar, suprimir
1173 warning (s) – aviso, prevenção
1173 fair play – honestidade, desportivismo
1173 grace (s) – favor, bondade
1174 helpless (adj) – indefeso, desamparado, abandonado
1174 resolve (to) – decidir-se, resolver-se, determinar
1174 self-forgetfulness – esquecida de si própria
1175 intent (adj) – atento, concentrado, sério
1176 bond (s) – laço, ligação, cadeia
1176 will (s) - vontade
1176 band (s) – barra, tira, faixa
1176 steel (s) - aço
1176 numb (to) – entorpecer, tolher, paralisar
♣♣♣ guess (to) – pensar, raciocinar
1178 guessing (s) - pensamento
1178 restlessly (adv) – agitadamente, desassossegadamente
1178 grop (to) – tactear, avançar às apalpadelas
1179 youth (s) - juventude
1180 afresh (adv) – de novo, outra vez
1180 intention (s) – objectivo, propósito, intenção
1181 grasp (to) – agarrar firmemente
1181 band (s) – lado, ser, grupo
1181 blench (to) – empalidecer, embranquecer
1181 knuckle (s) – articulação dos dedos
1182 form (s) – condição física
1183 forward (adj) - (adv) – para a frente
1183 bold (adj) – ousado, audacioso
1183 sweep (s) – gesto majestoso
him out as he stood--without warning, without fair play--without a single one of the graces of life and death.
Lilla was silent in the helpless concentration of deadly fear; Mimi was all resolve and self- forgetfulness, so
intent on the soul-struggle in which she was engaged that there was no possibility of any other thought. As
for myself, the bonds of will which held me inactive seemed like bands of steel which numbed all my
faculties, except sight and hearing. We seemed fixed in an IMPASSE. Something must happen, though the
power of guessing was inactive. As in a dream, I saw Mimi's hand move restlessly, as if groping for
something. Mechanically it touched that of Lilla, and in that instant she was transformed. It was as if youth
and strength entered afresh into something already dead to sensibility and intention. As if by inspiration,
she grasped the other's band with a force which blenched the knuckles. Her face suddenly flamed, as if
some divine light shone through it. Her form expanded till it stood out majestically. Lifting her right hand,
she stepped forward towards Caswall, and with a bold sweep of her arm seemed to drive some strange
force towards him. Again and again was the gesture repeated, the man falling back from her at each
movement. Towards the door he retreated, she following. There was a sound as of the cooing sob of
doves, which seemed to multiply and intensify with each second. The sound from the unseen source rose
and rose as he retreated, till finally it swelled out in a triumphant peal, as she with a fierce sweep of her arm,
seemed to hurl something at her foe, and he, moving his hands blindly before his face, appeared to be
swept through the doorway and out into the open sunlight.
"All at once my own faculties were fully restored; I could see and hear everything, and be fully conscious
of what was going on. Even the figures of the baleful group were there, though dimly seen as through a
veil--a shadowy veil. I saw Lilla sink down in a swoon, and Mimi throw up her arms in a gesture of triumph.
As I saw her through the great window, the sunshine flooded the landscape, which, however, was
momentarily becoming eclipsed by an onrush of a myriad birds."
1185 retreat (to) – retirar-se, recuar
1185 cooing (adj) – como se fosse arrulho de pombos
1185 sob (s) - soluço
1186 unseen (adj) – inédito, nunca visto
1186 source (s) – fonte, origem, ponto de partida
1187 retreat (to) – retirar-se, recuar
1187 swell out (to) – encher, enfunar, inchar
1187 peal (s) – estrondo, estrépito
1188 hurl (to) – atirar violentamente, lançar com violência
1188 foe (s) – adversário, inimigo
1188 blindly (adv) – cegamente, às cegas, sem reflectir
1189 sweep (to) – arrastar, levar tudo à frente, varrer
1191 baleful (adj) – ameaçador, sinistro, terrível
1191 dimly (adv) – fracamente, debilmente
1192 veil (s) – véu, manto
1192 shadowy (adj) – pouco nítido, vago, indeciso, sombrio
1192 sink down (to) – tombar, cair, ceder, afundar-se
1192 swoon (s) – desmaio, desfalecimento
1193 flood (to) – inundar, encher
1193 landscape (s) – paisagem, vista
1194 momentarily (adv) – gradualmente, momentaneamente
1194 become (to) – tornar-se,
1194 onrush (s) – vaga, investida
1194 myriad (adj) – em número infinito, enorme quantidade
1195 threaten (to) – ameaçar, estar eminente
1196 report (s) - relatório
1196 concern (to) – dizer respeito, relacionar-se com
1196 expert (s) – perito, especialista
1197 account (s) - conta
1197 behalf (s) – favor, proveito, utilidade
1197 learned (adj) – científico, erudito
1198 deal (to) – tratar de, ocupar-se de
1198 remedy (s) – remédio, solução, alternativa
1199 report (s) - relatório
1200 tick (adj) – denso, compacto, cerrado, basto
1200 quarter (s) – direcção, lado, quadrante
1200 as well as – também, como também
1201 sound (to) – emitir som, cantar
1201 anger (s) – ira, cólera, irritação
1201 seeking (s) – interrogação, procura, busca
1201 whirring (s) – zumbido, barulho
1202 muttered (adj) - ribombante
1202 throb (s) – vibração, pulsação rápida e forte
1202 barrier (s) - barreira
1202 shut out (to) – bloquear, afastar
1203 dulled (adj) – surdo, entorpecido, embrutecido
1203 ceaseless (adj) - incessante
1203 murmur (s) – zumbido, ruído
1203 monotonous (adj) – monótono, enfadonho, fastidioso
1204 cheerless (adj) – triste, sombrio
1204 disheartening (adj) – desanimador, desencorajante
1204 long (to) – ansiar, desejar, suspirar
By the next morning, daylight showed the actual danger which threatened. From every part of the
eastern counties reports were received concerning the enormous immigration of birds. Experts were
sending--on their own account, on behalf of learned societies, and through local and imperial governing
bodies--reports dealing with the matter, and suggesting remedies.
The reports closer to home were even more disturbing. All day long it would seem that the birds were
coming thicker from all quarters. Doubtless many were going as well as coming, but the mass seemed
never to get less. Each bird seemed to sound some note of fear or anger or seeking, and the whirring of
wings never ceased nor lessened. The air was full of a muttered throb. No window or barrier could shut out
the sound, till the ears of any listener became dulled by the ceaseless murmur. So monotonous it was, so
cheerless, so disheartening, so melancholy, that all longed, but in vain, for any variety, no matter how
terrible it might be.
The second morning the reports from all the districts round were more alarming than ever. Farmers
began to dread the coming of winter as they saw the dwindling of the timely fruitfulness of the earth. And as
yet it was only a warning of evil, not the evil accomplished; the ground began to look bare whenever some
passing sound temporarily frightened the birds.
Edgar Caswall tortured his brain for a long time unavailingly, to think of some means of getting rid of
what he, as well as his neighbours, had come to regard as a plague of birds. At last he recalled a
circumstance which promised a solution of the difficulty. The experience was of some years ago in China,
far up-country, towards the head-waters of the Yang-tze-kiang, where the smaller tributaries spread out in a
sort of natural irrigation scheme to supply the wilderness of paddy-fields. It was at the time of the ripening
rice, and the myriads of birds which came to feed on the coming crop was a serious menace, not only to the
district, but to the country at large. The farmers, who were more or less afflicted with the same trouble every
1207 dread (to) – recear, apavorar-se com
1207 dwindling (adj) – cada vez mais reduzido, decrescente
1207 timely (adj) – oportuno, feito a tempo
1207 fruitfulness (s) – fertilidade, fecundidade, produtividade
1208 accomplished (s) – realização, concretização, facto consumado
1208 bare (adj) – vazio, despido
1209 passing (adj) – acidental, passageiro, transitório
1210 unavailingly (adv) - inutilmente
1210 rid (to) – libertar, desembaraçar, livrar
1211 as well as – também, como também
1211 recall (to) – lembrar-se de, recordar
1213 far up (adj) – distante, longe
1213 headwaters (s plural) – correntes que dão origem ao rio, água a montante
1214 scheme (s) – projecto, plano
1214 supply (to) – fornecer, abastecer
1214 wilderness (s) – vastidão, imensidão
1214 paddy field - campo de arroz; arrozal
1214 ripening (adj) – que amadurece
1215 rice (s) - arroz
1215 crop (s) – colheita, safra, produção
1216 at large – em geral
1217 kite (s) – papagaio de papel
1217 cause (to) – obrigar, fazer
1217 fly (to) – esvoaçar, voar
1218 incursion (s) – invasão, ataque, incursão
1219 cower (to) – encolher-se de medo
1219 overhead (adj) - suspenso
1220 lay low (to) – deixar, abandonar, largar
1220 accordingly (adv) – em conformidade
1221 adhering
1221 as well as – também, como também
1221 adhere (to) – fiel, manter-se fiel a
1221 sufficiency (s) – quantidade suficiente
1222 overhead (s) – suspensão, altura
1223 seek, sought, sought (to) - procurar
1224 prove (to) – provar, demonstrar
1224 evil (s) – desastre, mal, infortúnio, azar
1225 chirp (s) – chilreio, gorjeio
season, knew how to deal with it. They made a vast kite, which they caused to be flown over the centre
spot of the incursion. The kite was shaped like a great hawk; and the moment it rose into the air the birds
began to cower and seek protection--and then to disappear. So long as that kite was flying overhead the
birds lay low and the crop was saved. Accordingly Caswall ordered his men to construct an immense kite,
adhering as well as they could to the lines of a hawk. Then he and his men, with a sufficiency of cord,
began to fly it high overhead. The experience of China was repeated. The moment the kite rose, the birds
hid or sought shelter. The following morning, the kite was still flying high, no bird was to be seen as far as
the eye could reach from Castra Regis. But there followed in turn what proved even a worse evil. All the
birds were cowed; their sounds stopped. Neither song nor chirp was heard--silence seemed to have taken
the place of the normal voices of bird life. But that was not all. The silence spread to all animals.
The fear and restraint which brooded amongst the denizens of the air began to affect all life. Not only did
the birds cease song or chirp, but the lowing of the cattle ceased in the fields and the varied sounds of life
died away. In place of these things was only a soundless gloom, more dreadful, more disheartening, more
soul- killing than any concourse of sounds, no matter how full of fear and dread. Pious individuals put up
constant prayers for relief from the intolerable solitude. After a little there were signs of universal depression
which those who ran might read. One and all, the faces of men and women seemed bereft of vitality, of
interest, of thought, and, most of all, of hope. Men seemed to have lost the power of expression of their
thoughts. The soundless air seemed to have the same effect as the universal darkness when men gnawed
their tongues with pain.
From this infliction of silence there was no relief. Everything was affected; gloom was the predominant
note. Joy appeared to have passed away as a factor of life, and this creative impulse had nothing to take its
1227 restraint (s) – limitação, restrição
1227 brood (to) – alastrar, chocar
1227 denizen (s) – habitante neste caso refere-se aos pássaros
1228 lowing (s) - mugido
1229 die away (to) – desvanecer-se, extinguir-se
1229 dreadful (adj) – terrível, medonho
1229 disheartning (adj) – desanimador, desencorajante
1230 concourse (adj) – grande quantidade de, grande afluência
1230 pious (adj) – piedoso, devoto, religioso
1230 individual (s) – pessoa, indivíduo
1230 put up (to) – oferecer, realizar, demonstrar
1231 solitude (s) – solidão, isolamento
1232 bereave (to) – despojar, privar
1234 gnaw (to) – morder, trincar, atormentar, torturar, consumir
1235 tongue (s) - língua
1236 infliction (s) – pena, castigo, sofrimento, punição
1236 gloom (s) – pessimismo, tristeza, melancolia
1237 note (s) – característica, marca, cunho
1237 pass away (to) – desaparecer, falecer
1238 giant (adj) – gigantesco, gigante
1238 spot (s) – mancha, borrão (lugar, sítio)
1238 misanthropic (adj) - misantrópico
1238 misanthropic (adj) – que não aprecia o convívio,
social, desconfiado, melancólico
1238 belief (s) – confiança, convicção, crença, fé
1240 grow (to) – tornar-se, ficar, vir a ser
1240 very (adj) – autêntico, verdadeiro, real
1240 senses (s) - sentidos
1241 in chains - acorrentado; preso; a ferros
1241 palliative (s) – paliativo, que serve apenas para remediar ou
esconder um problema em vez de o resolver, tranquilizador
1242 cease (to) – cessar, acabar, parar
1242 instant (adj) – urgente, imediato
1243 even (adv) – igualmente, exactamente
1244 pitiful (adj) – que inspira piedade, de meter pena
1245 weird (adj) – sobrenatural, esquisito
1246 As for – pelo que diz respeito a, quanto a
1246 taste (s) – prova, amostra (gosto, paladar, sabor)
1247 actual (adj) – verdadeiro, real, presente
1247 most [superl. de much e many] (adj) - (adv) – muito, muitíssimo
place. That giant spot in high air was a plague of evil influence. It seemed like a new misanthropic belief
which had fallen on human beings, carrying with it the negation of all hope.
After a few days, men began to grow desperate; their very words as well as their senses seemed to be in
chains. Edgar Caswall again tortured his brain to find any antidote or palliative of this greater evil than
before. He would gladly have destroyed the kite, or caused its flying to cease; but the instant it was pulled
down, the birds rose up in even greater numbers; all those who depended in any way on agriculture sent
pitiful protests to Castra Regis.
It was strange indeed what influence that weird kite seemed to exercise. Even human beings were
affected by it, as if both it and they were realities. As for the people at Mercy Farm, it was like a taste of
actual death. Lilla felt it most. If she had been indeed a real dove, with a real kite hanging over her in the
air, she could not have been more frightened or more affected by the terror this created.
Of course, some of those already drawn into the vortex noticed the effect on individuals. Those who
were interested took care to compare their information. Strangely enough, as it seemed to the others, the
person who took the ghastly silence least to heart was the negro. By nature he was not sensitive to, or
afflicted by, nerves. This alone would not have produced the seeming indifference, so they set their minds
to discover the real cause. Adam came quickly to the conclusion that there was for him some compensation
that the others did not share; and he soon believed that that compensation was in one form or another the
enjoyment of the sufferings of others. Thus the black had a never-failing source of amusement.
Lady Arabella's cold nature rendered her immune to anything in the way of pain or trouble concerning
others. Edgar Caswall was far too haughty a person, and too stern of nature, to concern himself about poor
or helpless people, much less the lower order of mere animals. Mr. Watford, Mr. Salton, and Sir Nathaniel
were all concerned in the issue, partly from kindness of heart--for none of them could see suffering, even of
1249 draw (to) – arrastar, puxar
1249 vortex (s) – redemoinho, turbilhão
1250 care (s) - cuidado
1251 least (adj) - menos
1252 afflict (to) – afligir, atormentar
1252 seeming (adj) – aparente, suposto
1255 thus (adv) – assim, deste modo, desta maneira
1255 fail (to) – falhar, faltar
1255 source (s) – fonte, recurso
1255 amusement (s) – divertimento, distracção
1256 render (to) – dar, entregar, render
1256 immune (adj) – com imunidade, com protecção
1257 haughty (adj) – orgulhoso, altivo, arrogante
1257 stern (adj) – duro, rígido, inflexível, implacável, severo
1257 concern (to) – preocupar, perturbar
1258 much less the lower order of mere animals- ainda menos com os animais
1259 issue (s) – problema
1259 kindness (s) – bondade, gentileza
1260 unmoved – sem se sentirem comovidos
1260 account (s) – motivo, causa
1260 ruin (s) - ruína
1262 acutely (adv) – intensamente, extremamente
1262 pinched features - feições macilentas; feições chupadas
1262 dull (adj) – sem brilho
1264 make up his mind – tomar uma decisão
1264 restraint (s) – autodomínio, comedimento, sobriedade
wild birds, unmoved--and partly on account of their property, which had to be protected, or ruin would stare
them in the face before long.
Lilla suffered acutely. As time went on, her face became pinched, and her eyes dull with watching and
crying. Mimi suffered too on account of her cousin's suffering. But as she could do nothing, she resolutely
made up her mind to self-restraint and patience. Adam's frequent visits comforted her.
After a couple of weeks had passed, the kite seemed to give Edgar Caswall a new zest for life. He was
never tired of looking at its movements. He had a comfortable armchair put out on the tower, wherein he sat
sometimes all day long, watching as though the kite was a new toy and he a child lately come into
possession of it. He did not seem to have lost interest in Lilla, for he still paid an occasional visit at Mercy
Indeed, his feeling towards her, whatever it had been at first, had now so far changed that it had become
a distinct affection of a purely animal kind. Indeed, it seemed as though the man's nature had become
corrupted, and that all the baser and more selfish and more reckless qualities had become more
1267 mesmer (s) – de mesmer ou de mesmerismo recurso ao magnetismo animal e ao hipnotismo como forma de tratamento e cura de doenças,
segundo o método do médico alemão Mesmer (1734-1815);
Franz Anton Mesmer
Médico alemão, nasceu em 1734, em Iznang (Alemanha), e morreu em 1815, em Meersburg (Alemanha). O seu sistema terapêutico, conhecido como
mesmerismo , foi precursor da moderna prática de hipnotismo. Criou a teoria de que os planetas e as estrelas exercem uma influência sobre a saúde
de todos os seres vivos por intermédio de um fluido, o magnetismo animal, que, distinto do magnetismo físico, tem grandes propriedades curativas
directamente sobre doenças nervosas e indirectamente sobre todas as outras. Mais tarde, abandonou o processo de cura por magnetos (ímanes) por
supor que existiria dentro de si próprio uma força semelhante que lhe permitiria exercer sobre as pessoas uma influência de algum modo semelhante
àquela obtida com as varas magnetizadas. Segundo a teoria de Mesmer, esta força existiria em todo o universo e afectava especialmente o sistema
nervoso dos seres vivos. Abre um consultório em Paris, em 1778, onde as suas consultas se tornam famosas, mas é alvo de críticas e acusado de
charlatão pelos profissionais da medicina do seu tempo. Em 1784, o rei Luís XVI nomeou uma comissão de médicos e de membros da Academia das
Ciências para investigar os métodos de Mesmer. Esta comissão declarou-se incapaz de reconhecer científicas as teorias de Mesmer. Os seus
seguidores, mais tarde, desenvolveram uma aplicação legítima do hipnotismo.
1267 chest (s) – cofre, caixa
1269 zest (s) – animação, entusiasmo, gosto
1270 armchair (s) - poltrona
1270 put out (to) – pôr lá fora de casa, pôr de fora, pôr para fora
1270 wherein (adv) – em que, no que, naquilo que
1271 lately (adv) – recentemente, ultimamente, há pouco
1272 pay (to) - pagar
1272 occasional (adj) – acidental, casual, esporádico
1274 so far – neste momento, até agora
1276 base (adj) – baixo, ignóbil, vil
1276 selfish (adj) - egoísta
1276 reckless (adj) – imprudente, irreflectido
1277 conspicuous (adj) – evidente, flagrante, óbvio
1277 so much - tanto
1277 sterness (s) – severidade, rigor, dureza
1277 apparent (adj) – evidente, manifesto, notório, visível
1278 restraint (s) – autodomínio, comedimento, sobriedade
1278 determination (s) – determinação, resolução
1278 become (to) – tornar-se, fazer-se
1278 indifference (s) – indiferença, neutralidade
1279 grow (to) – tornar-se, ficar, vir a ser
1279 morbid (adj) – relativo a doença, patológico, doentio, mórbido, enfraquecimento patológico
1280 mad (adj) – louco, doido, maluco
1282 coil (s) – bobina, rolo
1282 cord (s) – cordel, corda fina, cordão
1283 purpose (s) – finalidade, intenção, propósito
1283 roller (s) – cilindro, rolete
1283 parapet (s) - parapeito
1283 winch (s) – manivela, guincho
1284 pull in (to) – atrair, puxar para dentro
1284 slack (s) – folga de uma corda
1284 outgoing (adj) – de saída, que sai
1284 At least – pelo menos
conspicuous. There was not so much sternness apparent in his nature, because there was less selfrestraint. Determination had become indifference.
The visible change in Edgar was that he grew morbid, sad, silent; the neighbours thought he was going
mad. He became absorbed in the kite, and watched it not only by day, but often all night long. It became an
obsession to him.
Caswall took a personal interest in the keeping of the great kite flying. He had a vast coil of cord efficient
for the purpose, which worked on a roller fixed on the parapet of the tower. There was a winch for the
pulling in of the slack; the outgoing line being controlled by a racket. There was invariably one man at least,
day and night, on the tower to attend to it. At such an elevation there was always a strong wind, and at
times the kite rose to an enormous height, as well as travelling for great distances laterally. In fact, the kite
became, in a short time, one of the curiosities of Castra Regis and all around it. Edgar began to attribute to
it, in his own mind, almost human qualities. It became to him a separate entity, with a mind and a soul of its
own. Being idle-handed all day, he began to apply to what he considered the service of the kite some of his
spare time, and found a new pleasure--a new object in life--in the old schoolboy game of sending up
"runners" to the kite. The way this is done is to get round pieces of paper so cut that there is a hole in the
centre, through which the string of the kite passes. The natural action of the wind-pressure takes the paper
along the string, and so up to the kite itself, no matter how high or how far it may have gone.
In the early days of this amusement Edgar Caswall spent hours. Hundreds of such messengers flew
along the string, until soon he bethought him of writing messages on these papers so that he could make
known his ideas to the kite. It may be that his brain gave way under the opportunities given by his illusion of
the entity of the toy and its power of separate thought. From sending messages he came to making direct
speech to the kite--without, however, ceasing to send the runners. Doubtless, the height of the tower,
1289 idle (adj) – sem ocupação, sem ter que fazer
1289 apply (to) – dedicar-se a
1290 spare (adj) – disponível, livre, vago
1291 “runner” – refere-se a enviar bilhetinhos na corda do papagaio com um furo no meio do papel para o vento o levar até ao papagaio
1292 string (s) - fio
1293 up (to) – erguer-se, levantar-se
1294 early (adj) – inicial, primeiro
1294 messenger (s) – papel enviado pela corda de um papagaio
1295 bethink (to) – lembrar-se de, reflectir, reconsiderar
♣♣♣ maybe (adv) – talvez, possivelmente
1296 give away (to) – ceder, adoecer, abandonar-se, desistir de
1298 speech (s) – discurso, conversa
1299 seated (adj) - localizado
♣♣♣ seat (to) – sentar, colocar num lugar sentado,
1299 ceaseless (adj) - incessante
1299 loft (adj) – elevado, alto
1299 altitude (s) - altitude
1300 speck (s) – mancha pequena, ponto
1300 gaze (to) – olhar fixamente
1301 further (adj) – mais, adicional, suplementar
1301 undoubtedly (adv) – incontestavelmente,
indiscutivelmente, sem dúvida
1301 give away (to) – ceder, adoecer, abandonar-se,
desistir de
1301 strain (s) – tensão, esforço
1302 occupation (s) - ocupação
1303 absorbing (adj) – muito interessante, absorvente
1304 bear (to) – assumir, carregar, arcar com (suportar, tolerar, aguentar)
1304 main (adj) – principal, mais importante, fundamental
1304 conscious (adj) – deliberado, intencional
1304 to bring to bear on the main idea of the conscious identity of the kite all
sorts of subjects which had imaginative force or tendency of their own quando aplicou sua grande idéia de vida consciente do papagaio a toda a
espécie de objetos a que concedeu vida própria
1305 subject (s) - objecto
1306 forebear=forbear (s) - antepassado
1306 of similar tastes to his own – com gostos iguais aos seus
1309 curio (s) – curiosidade, objecto de arte
1309 ikon (s) – imagem, estatueta
seated as it was on the hill-top, the rushing of the ceaseless wind, the hypnotic effect of the lofty altitude of
the speck in the sky at which he gazed, and the rushing of the paper messengers up the string till sight of
them was lost in distance, all helped to further affect his brain, undoubtedly giving way under the strain of
beliefs and circumstances which were at once stimulating to the imagination, occupative of his mind, and
The next step of intellectual decline was to bring to bear on the main idea of the conscious identity of the
kite all sorts of subjects which had imaginative force or tendency of their own. He had, in Castra Regis, a
large collection of curious and interesting things formed in the past by his forebears, of similar tastes to his
own. There were all sorts of strange anthropological specimens, both old and new, which had been
collected through various travels in strange places: ancient Egyptian relics from tombs and mummies;
curios from Australia, New Zealand, and the South Seas; idols and images--from Tartar ikons to ancient
Egyptian, Persian, and Indian objects of worship; objects of death and torture of American Indians; and,
above all, a vast collection of lethal weapons of every kind and from every place--Chinese "high pinders,"
double knives, Afghan double-edged scimitars made to cut a body in two, heavy knives from all the Eastern
countries, ghost daggers from Thibet, the terrible kukri of the Ghourka and other hill tribes of India,
assassins' weapons from Italy and Spain, even the knife which was formerly carried by the slave-drivers of
the Mississippi region. Death and pain of every kind were fully represented in that gruesome collection.
That it had a fascination for Oolanga goes without saying. He was never tired of visiting the museum in
the tower, and spent endless hours in inspecting the exhibits, till he was thoroughly familiar with every detail
of all of them. He asked permission to clean and polish and sharpen them--a favour which was readily
granted. In addition to the above objects, there were many things of a kind to awaken human fear. Stuffed
serpents of the most objectionable and horrid kind; giant insects from the tropics, fearsome in every detail;
1310 worship (s) – adoração, veneração, culto
1311 high pinders – sem tradução, estrangeirismo
1312 double (adj) - duplo
1312 knif (s) - faca
1313 dagger (s) – punhal, adaga
1314 formerly (adv) – antigamente, primitivamente
1315 gruesome (adj) – terrível, horrendo
1316 it goes without saying that... - é evidente que...;
1316 goes without saying – é evidente
1317 inspect (to) – inspeccionar, examinar
1317 exhibit (s) - exposição
1317 thoroughly (adv) – minuciosamente, meticulosamente
1318 sharpen (to) – afiar, aguçar
1318 readily (adv) – prontamente, de boa vontade
1319 grant (to) – conceder, admitir, concordar
1319 above (adv) - (prep) – acima descritos
1319 stuffed (adj) – animal empalhado
1320 objectionable (adj) – desagradável, inconveniente
1320 fearsome (adj) – terrível, assustador
1320 detail (s) – pormenor, detalhe
1321 weird (adj) – estranho, esquisito
1321 spike (s) – espinho, espigão, aguilhão
1321 dried (adj) - seco
♣♣♣ dry (to) - secar
1322 deadly (adj) – mortal, fatal
1322 seemingly (adv) - aparentemente
1322 innocuous (adj) – inofensivo, que não faz mal, inócuo
1322 fungus (s) (plur: fungi, funguses) - fungo
1322 trap (s) – armadilha, ratoeira
1322 intend (to) – destinar, planear
1322 beast (s) – bicho, animal, besta
1323 degree (s) - grau
1323 mercy (s) – misericórdia, compaixão
1328 intricate (adj) – intrincado, complicado, complexo
1328 once (adv) – uma vez
1329 become (to) – tornar-se, fazer-se
1329 likely (adj) – provável, possível
1330 similar (adj) – semelhante, parecido, similar
1330 inquire (to) – fazer perguntas
1330 household (s) – pessoal doméstico
1330 lumber (s) – trates velhos, coisas amontoadas
1330 several (adj) - (pron) - muitos
1331 accordingly (adv) – por conseguinte, em conformidade
fishes and crustaceans covered with weird spikes; dried octopuses of great size. Other things, too, there
were, not less deadly though seemingly innocuous--dried fungi, traps intended for birds, beasts, fishes,
reptiles, and insects; machines which could produce pain of any kind and degree, and the only mercy of
which was the power of producing speedy death.
Caswall, who had never before seen any of these things, except those which he had collected himself,
found a constant amusement and interest in them. He studied them, their uses, their mechanism-- where
there was such--and their places of origin, until he had an ample and real knowledge of all concerning them.
Many were secret and intricate, but he never rested till he found out all the secrets. When once he had
become interested in strange objects, and the way to use them, he began to explore various likely places for
similar finds. He began to inquire of his household where strange lumber was kept. Several of the men
spoke of old Simon Chester as one who knew everything in and about the house. Accordingly, he sent for
the old man, who came at once. He was very old, nearly ninety years of age, and very infirm. He had been
born in the Castle, and had served its succession of masters--present or absent- -ever since. When Edgar
began to question him on the subject regarding which he had sent for him, old Simon exhibited much
perturbation. In fact, he became so frightened that his master, fully believing that he was concealing
something, ordered him to tell at once what remained unseen, and where it was hidden away. Face to face
with discovery of his secret, the old man, in a pitiable state of concern, spoke out even more fully than Mr.
Caswall had expected.
"Indeed, indeed, sir, everything is here in the tower that has ever been put away in my time except-except--" here he began to shake and tremble it--"except the chest which Mr. Edgar--he who was Mr. Edgar
when I first took service--brought back from France, after he had been with Dr. Mesmer. The trunk has
been kept in my room for safety; but I shall send it down here now."
1332 infirm (adj) – adoentado, enfermo, frágil
1333 succession (s) – sucessão, série
1333 master (s) – dono, senhor, mestre
1333 absent (adj) - ausente
1333 ever since – desde então
1335 conceal (to) – esconder, dissimular, ocultar
1336 unseen (adj) – nunca visto, desconhecido
1337 discovery (s) - descoberta
1337 pitiable (adj) – lamentável, miserável, deplorável
1337 concern (s) – preocupação, pesar
1337 speak out (to) – falar, dizer o que pensa
1337 fully (adv) – completamente, totalmente
1339 put away (to) – afastar, arrumar, pôr de parte
1344 moreover (adv) – além disso
1349 afterwards (adv) – depois, mais tarde
"What is in it?" asked Edgar sharply.
"That I do not know. Moreover, it is a peculiar trunk, without any visible means of opening."
"Is there no lock?"
"I suppose so, sir; but I do not know. There is no keyhole."
"Send it here; and then come to me yourself."
The trunk, a heavy one with steel bands round it, but no lock or keyhole, was carried in by two men.
Shortly afterwards old Simon attended his master. When he came into the room, Mr. Caswall himself went
and closed the door; then he asked:
"How do you open it?"
"I do not know, sir."
"Do you mean to say that you never opened it?"
"Most certainly I say so, your honour. How could I? It was entrusted to me with the other things by my
master. To open it would have been a breach of trust."
Caswall sneered.
"Quite remarkable! Leave it with me. Close the door behind you. Stay--did no one ever tell you about it-say anything regarding it-- make any remark?"
Old Simon turned pale, and put his trembling hands together.
"Oh, sir, I entreat you not to touch it. That trunk probably contains secrets which Dr. Mesmer told my
master. Told them to his ruin!"
"How do you mean? What ruin?"
"Sir, he it was who, men said, sold his soul to the Evil One; I had thought that that time and the evil of it
had all passed away."
1354 entrust (to) – confiar, entregar
1355 breach (s) – transgressão, violação, infracção
1356 sneer (to) – rir-se, zombar, escarnecer
1357 Quite (adv) – bastante, muito, completamente
1357 remarkable (adj) – notável, fora do vulgar
1358 remark (s) – observação, comentário, reparo
1360 entreat (to) – suplicar, rogar, implorar
"That will do. Go away; but remain in your own room, or within call. I may want you."
The old man bowed deeply and went out trembling, but without speaking a word.
Left alone in the turret-room, Edgar Caswall carefully locked the door and hung a handkerchief over the
keyhole. Next, he inspected the windows, and saw that they were not overlooked from any angle of the
main building. Then he carefully examined the trunk, going over it with a magnifying glass. He found it
intact: the steel bands were flawless; the whole trunk was compact. After sitting opposite to it for some
time, and the shades of evening beginning to melt into darkness, he gave up the task and went to his
bedroom, after locking the door of the turret-room behind him and taking away the key.
He woke in the morning at daylight, and resumed his patient but unavailing study of the metal trunk. This
he continued during the whole day with the same result--humiliating disappointment, which overwrought his
1369 chest (s) - cofre
1371 turret (s) – torreão, torre
1372 keyhole (s) – buraco de fechadura
1372 overlook (to) - vigiar
1373 main (adj) – principal, central, maior
1373 magnifying (adj) – que aumenta, que amplia
1373 glass (s) – lupa, lente
1373 magnifying glass - lupa
1374 flawless (adj) – impecável, sem defeito
1374 compact (adj) – compacto, unido firmemente
1374 sit (to) – sentar-se
1374 opposite (adj) – em frente
1375 evening (s) – noite, noitinha
1375 melt (to) – desvanecer-se, fundir-se
1375 give up (to) - desistir
1376 take away (to) – tirar, retirar
1377 resume (to) – reatar, reencetar, recomeçar
1377 unavailing (adj) – ineficaz, inútil
1378 humiliating (adj) - humilhante
1378 disappointment (s) – desapontamento, desilusão, decepção
♣♣♣ overwork (s) – excesso de trabalho
♣♣♣ overwrought (adj) – exausto, extenuado
1378 overwork (to) – sobrecarregar com trabalho, usar até à
1379 ache (to) – doer, sentir dores
1380 before (adv) – em frente
1380 baffling (adj) – desconcertante, desorientador
1380 distract (to) - distrair
1380 listless (adj) – indiferente, apático, desinteressado
1380 sink (to) – afundar-se, atolar-se
1380 settled (adj) – persistente, constante
1381 gloom (adj) – tristeza, melancolia, pessimismo
1381 steward (s) – administrador, mordomo, intendente
1384 odd (adj) – estranho, extravagante
1384 fancy (s) – fantasia, excitação
1384 high road - melhor caminho
1385 brood over (to) – cismar, matutar
1386 yield (to) – ceder, entregar
1388 memory (s) – recordações, lembrança, memória
1389 guess (to) – pensar, imaginar, conjecturar
1389 crowd (to) – encher, acudir à…
nerves and made his head ache. The result of the long strain was seen later in the afternoon, when he sat
locked within the turret-room before the still baffling trunk, distrait, listless and yet agitated, sunk in a settled
gloom. As the dusk was falling he told the steward to send him two men, strong ones. These he ordered to
take the trunk to his bedroom. In that room he then sat on into the night, without pausing even to take any
food. His mind was in a whirl, a fever of excitement. The result was that when, late in the night, he locked
himself in his room his brain was full of odd fancies; he was on the high road to mental disturbance. He lay
down on his bed in the dark, still brooding over the mystery of the closed trunk.
Gradually he yielded to the influences of silence and darkness. After lying there quietly for some time, his
mind became active again. But this time there were round him no disturbing influences; his brain was active
and able to work freely and to deal with memory. A thousand forgotten--or only half-known--incidents,
fragments of conversations or theories long ago guessed at and long forgotten, crowded on his mind. He
seemed to hear again around him the legions of whirring wings to which he had been so lately accustomed.
Even to himself he knew that that was an effort of imagination founded on imperfect memory. But he was
content that imagination should work, for out of it might come some solution of the mystery which
surrounded him. And in this frame of mind, sleep made another and more successful essay. This time he
enjoyed peaceful slumber, restful alike to his wearied body and his overwrought brain.
In his sleep he arose, and, as if in obedience to some influence beyond and greater than himself, lifted
the great trunk and set it on a strong table at one side of the room, from which he had previously removed a
quantity of books. To do this, he had to use an amount of strength which was, he knew, far beyond him in
his normal state. As it was, it seemed easy enough; everything yielded before his touch. Then he became
conscious that somehow--how, he never could remember--the chest was open. He unlocked his door, and,
taking the chest on his shoulder, carried it up to the turret- room, the door of which also he unlocked. Even
1392 content (adj) – satisfeito, contente
1393 frame (s) – evolução, desenvolvimento
1393 sleep (s) - sono
1393 essay (s) – tentativa, experiência
1394 slumber (s) – sono, descanso, inactividade
1394 restful (adj) – sossegado, agradável, sereno, calmo
1394 alike (adv) – da mesma maneira
1394 wearied (adj) – cansado, fatigado
1394 overwrought (adj) – exausto, extenuado
1395 arise (to) – levantar-se, erguer-se
1395 beyond (adv) - (prep) – para além de
1398 everything (pron) - tudo
1398 yield (to) – ceder, entregar
1400 also (adv) – também, igualmente
1400 unlock (to) - abrir
1401 at the time - naquela altura
1401 whence (adv) – de onde, por que razão
1402 conjecture (s) – conjectura, juízo formado sobre
aparências indícios ou probabilidades; suposição; hipótese;
1402 far off - longe
1402 immediate (adj) – urgente, premente
1403 light up (to) - iluminar
1403 sturdy (adj) – forte, robusto
1404 servant (s) - criado
1404 stagger (to) – cambalear, vacilar
1405 lay out (to) – arrumar, dispor
1405 content (s) - conteúdo
1405 mainly (adv) – principalmente, sobretudo
1407 rather … than – mais … do que
1407 accordance (s) – acordo, conformidade
1408 reasonable (adj) – razoável, sensato, tolerável
1408 result (s) – resultado, consequência, efeito
1409 arrange (to) – organizar, arranjar, ordenar
1409 mostly (adv) – sobretudo, principalmente
1410 acquire (to) – conquistar, adquirir, obter
1410 exquisite (adj) – refinado, requintado, atraente, encantador
1410 subtlety (s) – astúcia, argúcia, delicadeza
1410 volition (s) – vontade, acto de querer ou escolher
1410 weariness (s) – cansaço, fadiga
at the time he was amazed at his own strength, and wondered whence it had come. His mind, lost in
conjecture, was too far off to realise more immediate things. He knew that the chest was enormously
heavy. He seemed, in a sort of vision which lit up the absolute blackness around, to see the two sturdy
servant men staggering under its great weight. He locked himself again in the turret-room, and laid the
opened chest on a table, and in the darkness began to unpack it, laying out the contents, which were mainly
of metal and glass--great pieces in strange forms--on another table. He was conscious of being still asleep,
and of acting rather in obedience to some unseen and unknown command than in accordance with any
reasonable plan, to be followed by results which he understood. This phase completed, he proceeded to
arrange in order the component parts of some large instruments, formed mostly of glass. His fingers
seemed to have acquired a new and exquisite subtlety and even a volition of their own. Then weariness of
brain came upon him; his head sank down on his breast, and little by little everything became wrapped in
He awoke in the early morning in his bedroom, and looked around him, now clear-headed, in
amazement. In its usual place on the strong table stood the great steel-hooped chest without lock or key.
But it was now locked. He arose quietly and stole to the turret-room. There everything was as it had been
on the previous evening. He looked out of the window where high in air flew, as usual, the giant kite. He
unlocked the wicket gate of the turret stair and went out on the roof. Close to him was the great coil of cord
on its reel. It was humming in the morning breeze, and when he touched the string it sent a quick thrill
through hand and arm. There was no sign anywhere that there had been any disturbance or displacement
of anything during the night.
1411 little by little - pouco a pouco
1411 wrap (to) – cobrir, envolver
1412 gloom (s) – escuridão, trevas, obscuridade
1413 clear-headed (adj) – lúcido, perspicaz
1414 hooped (adj) – com cercadura de arcos
♣♣♣ hoop (s) – arco, aro, argola
1415 locked (adj) – fechado à chave
1415 steal (to) – mover-se furtivamente, deslocar-se em segredo
1417 wicket (adj) – com portinhola ou portinha
1417 roof (s) - telhado
1418 reel (s) – carrinho de linhas, bobina, carreto
1418 hum (to) – zumbir, sussurrar, fazer ruído semelhante ao das abelhas
1418 thrill (s) - vibração
1419 disturbance (s) – perturbação, distúrbio
1419 displacement (s) – mudança, deslocação
1421 utterly (adv) – completamente, totalmente, absolutamente
1421 bewilder (to) – desorientar, confundir
1421 asleep (adj) – a dormir, adormecido
1423 hearty (adj) – vigorosa e substancial refeição
1424 quite (adv) – mais ou menos (completamente, inteiramente)
1424 whereabouts (s) - paradeiro
1425 recall (to) – recordar-se, lembrar-se de
1425 position (s) – localização, lugar, sítio
1426 wheel (s) - roda
1428 recollection (s) – lembrança, memória, recordação
1429 dual (adj) - duplo
1429 action (s) – actividade, funcionamento
1430 forgo (to) – abster-se, renunciar a, pôr de parte
Utterly bewildered, he sat down in his room to think. Now for the first time he FELT that he was asleep
and dreaming. Presently he fell asleep again, and slept for a long time. He awoke hungry and made a
hearty meal. Then towards evening, having locked himself in, he fell asleep again. When he woke he was
in darkness, and was quite at sea as to his whereabouts. He began feeling about the dark room, and was
recalled to the consequences of his position by the breaking of a large piece of glass. Having obtained a
light, he discovered this to be a glass wheel, part of an elaborate piece of mechanism which he must in his
sleep have taken from the chest, which was now opened. He had once again opened it whilst asleep, but
he had no recollection of the circumstances.
Caswall came to the conclusion that there had been some sort of dual action of his mind, which might
lead to some catastrophe or some discovery of his secret plans; so he resolved to forgo for a while the
pleasure of making discoveries regarding the chest. To this end, he applied himself to quite another matter-
-an investigation of the other treasures and rare objects in his collections. He went amongst them in simple,
idle curiosity, his main object being to discover some strange item which he might use for experiment with
the kite. He had already resolved to try some runners other than those made of paper. He had a vague
idea that with such a force as the great kite straining at its leash, this might be used to lift to the altitude of
the kite itself heavier articles. His first experiment with articles of little but increasing weight was eminently
successful. So he added by degrees more and more weight, until he found out that the lifting power of the
kite was considerable. He then determined to take a step further, and send to the kite some of the articles
which lay in the steel-hooped chest. The last time he had opened it in sleep, it had not been shut again, and
he had inserted a wedge so that he could open it at will. He made examination of the contents, but came to
the conclusion that the glass objects were unsuitable. They were too light for testing weight, and they were
so frail as to be dangerous to send to such a height.
1433 idle (adj) – ocioso, sem ocupação
1433 object (s) – assunto, finalidade
1433 item (s) - peça
1435 straining (s) – tensão, esforço
1435 leash (s) – trela, cordel
1436 increasing (adj) – crescente, cada vez maior
1437 successful (adj) – bem sucedido, com êxito
1437 add (to) - acrescentar
1440 wedge (s) - cunha
1440 at will – à vontade
1441 unsuitable (adj) – impróprio, pouco adequado
1441 light (adj) – leve
1441 weight (s) - peso
1442 frail (adj) – frágil, delicado
1444 Bes – Bes (also spelt as Bisu) was an Egyptian deity (divindade) worshipped (adorado) in the later (tardio) periods of dynastic
history as a protector of households (residentes da casa) and in particular mothers and children. In time he would be regarded as the
defender of everything good and the enemy of all that is bad. While past (antigos) studies identified Bes as a Middle Kingdom import
from Nubia, (África) some more recent research (investigação) believes him to be an Egyptian native. Mentions (referências) of Bes
can be traced (encontrar, localizar) to the southern lands of the Old Kingdom; however his cult did not become widespread
(generalizado, comum, corrente) until well into the New Kingdom. His name appears to be connected to a Nubian word for "cat"
[citation needed]
(besa) which literally means "protector", and indeed, his first appearances have the suggestion of a cat god
. Egyptians
kept cats in order to attack snakes, and creatures that might ruin crop stores, such as mice, and so Bes was naturally singled out
(escolhido) as worthy (merecedor) of worship (adoração) in Egypt.
1445 commend (to) – agradar, elogiar
1446 mad (adj) – louco, doido, maluco
1446 cabinet (s) – armário, móvel com prateleiras
1448 carve (to) – esculpir, entalhar
1448 lump (s) - pedaço
1448 lodestone=loadstone (s) – pedra-íman, íman natural, variedade de magnetite
1448 ancient (adj) - antigo
1448 god (s) – deus, divindade
1449 cut, cut, cut (to) – gravar, lapidar, esculpir (cortar)
1449 similar (adj) – semelhante, parecido
1449 think over (to) – pensar bem sobre, reflectir acerca de
1450 Thomas Brown (January 9, 1778 - April 2, 1820) was a Scottish (Escocês) metaphysician (metafísico, teórico, especulativo).
1450 error (s) – erro, lapso, engano
So he looked around for something more solid with which to experiment. His eye caught sight of an
object which at once attracted him. This was a small copy of one of the ancient Egyptian gods--that of Bes,
who represented the destructive power of nature. It was so bizarre and mysterious as to commend itself to
his mad humour. In lifting it from the cabinet, he was struck by its great weight in proportion to its size. He
made accurate examination of it by the aid of some instruments, and came to the conclusion that it was
carved from a lump of lodestone. He remembered that he had read somewhere of an ancient Egyptian god
cut from a similar substance, and, thinking it over, he came to the conclusion that he must have read it in Sir
Thomas Brown's POPULAR ERRORS, a book of the seventeenth century. He got the book from the library,
and looked out the passage:
"A great example we have from the observation of our learned friend Mr. Graves, in an AEgyptian idol cut
out of Loadstone and found among the Mummies; which still retains its attraction, though probably taken out
of the mine about two thousand years ago."
The strangeness of the figure, and its being so close akin to his own nature, attracted him. He made
from thin wood a large circular runner, and in front of it placed the weighty god, sending it up to the flying
kite along the throbbing cord.
1452 learned (adj) - instruído
1452 cut out (to) – retirar, recortar
1453 lodestone=loadstone (s) – pedra-íman, íman natural, variedade de magnetite
1453 take out (to) – tirar, extrair
1455 strangeness (s) – estranheza, invulgaridade, singularidade
1455 akin (adj) - (adv) – parecido, semelhante,
1456 thin (adj) – fino, delgado
1456 weighty (adj) – pesado, de peso
1456 god (s) – deus, divindade
♣♣♣ throb (to) – palpitar, pulsar
1457 throbbing (adj) – vibrante, que pulsa
1462 exceedingly (adv) – muito, extremamente
1462 debt (s) – dívida, quando se deve dinheiro e não se paga
1463 press (to) – pressionar, insistir com
1463 embarrassing (adj) – embaraçoso, incómodo, constrangedor
1463 amount (s) – montante, quantia, importância, dinheiro
1465 wooer (s) – pretendente, galanteador
1466 difficile - estrangeirismo
1466 ever since – desde, desde então
1468 overt (adj) – evidente, claro, notório, manifesto
1469 help (to) – proteger (ajudar, auxiliar)
1469 support (to) – ajudar, auxiliar
During the last few days Lady Arabella had been getting exceedingly impatient. Her debts, always
pressing, were growing to an embarrassing amount. The only hope she had of comfort in life was a good
marriage; but the good marriage on which she had fixed her eye did not seem to move quickly enough-indeed, it did not seem to move at all--in the right direction. Edgar Caswall was not an ardent wooer. From
the very first he seemed DIFFICILE, but he had been keeping to his own room ever since his struggle with
Mimi Watford. On that occasion Lady Arabella had shown him in an unmistakable way what her feelings
were; indeed, she had made it known to him, in a more overt way than pride should allow, that she wished
to help and support him. The moment when she had gone across the room to stand beside him in his
mesmeric struggle, had been the very limit of her voluntary action. It was quite bitter enough, she felt, that
he did not come to her, but now that she had made that advance, she felt that any withdrawal on his part
would, to a woman of her class, be nothing less than a flaming insult. Had she not classed herself with his
nigger servant, an unreformed savage? Had she not shown her preference for him at the festival of his
home-coming? Had she not. . . Lady Arabella was cold-blooded, and she was prepared to go through all
that might be necessary of indifference, and even insult, to become chatelaine of Castra Regis. In the
meantime, she would show no hurry--she must wait. She might, in an unostentatious way, come to him
again. She knew him now, and could make a keen guess at his desires with regard to Lilla Watford. With
that secret in her possession, she could bring pressure to bear on Caswall which would make it no easy
matter for him to evade her. The great difficulty was how to get near him. He was shut up within his Castle,
and guarded by a defence of convention which she could not pass without danger of ill repute to herself.
1470 very (adv) – precisamente (muito)
1470 bitter (adj) - amargo
1471 advance (s) – aproximação de alguém
1471 withdrawal (s) – afastamento, distanciamento
1471 on (prep) - de
1472 flaming (adj) – enorme, forte, intenso, chamejante
1472 class (to) – acamaradar com, dar-se bem com
1473 unreformed (adj) - incorrigível
1475 chatelaine (s) – estrangeirismo que significa: castelã
1476 in the meantime - entretanto; no entretanto
1476 unostentatious (adj) – simples, modesto, sem ostentação
1477 keen (adj) - forte
1478 bear on (to) – afectar, influenciar, ter efeitos sobre
1479 evade (to) – evitar, escapar, fugir a
1480 convention (s) – regras sociais
1480 ill (adj) – má, mau
1480 repute (s) – reputação, bom nome
1482 rank (s) – posição social, classe
1483 matter (s) – motivo, causa
1484 commit (to) – entregar-se, confiar-se
1484 after all – no fim de contas, afinal
1484 dislike (s) – repugnância, antipatia, aversão
1485 awkward (adj) – difícil, desastrado, embaraçoso
1485 with a man's dislike of difficult or awkward situations. – com as dificuldades próprias dos homens
1485 confidence (s) - confiança
1485 womanhood (s) - feminilidade
1487 gong (s) – campaínha forte, gongo
1490 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
1490 strict (adj) – severo, austero, estrito, rigoroso
Over this question she thought and thought for days and nights. At last she decided that the only way would
be to go to him openly at Castra Regis. Her rank and position would make such a thing possible, if carefully
done. She could explain matters afterwards if necessary. Then when they were alone, she would use her
arts and her experience to make him commit himself. After all, he was only a man, with a man's dislike of
difficult or awkward situations. She felt quite sufficient confidence in her own womanhood to carry her
through any difficulty which might arise.
From Diana's Grove she heard each day the luncheon-gong from Castra Regis sound, and knew the
hour when the servants would be in the back of the house. She would enter the house at that hour, and,
pretending that she could not make anyone hear her, would seek him in his own rooms. The tower was,
she knew, away from all the usual sounds of the house, and moreover she knew that the servants had strict
orders not to interrupt him when he was in the turret chamber. She had found out, partly by the aid of an
opera-glass and partly by judicious questioning, that several times lately a heavy chest had been carried to
and from his room, and that it rested in the room each night. She was, therefore, confident that he had
some important work on hand which would keep him busy for long spells.
Meanwhile, another member of the household at Castra Regis had schemes which he thought were
working to fruition. A man in the position of a servant has plenty of opportunity of watching his betters and
forming opinions regarding them. Oolanga was in his way a clever, unscrupulous rogue, and he felt that
with things moving round him in this great household there should be opportunities of self-advancement.
Being unscrupulous and stealthy--and a savage--he looked to dishonest means. He saw plainly enough
that Lady Arabella was making a dead set at his master, and he was watchful of the slightest sign of
anything which might enhance this knowledge. Like the other men in the house, he knew of the carrying to
and fro of the great chest, and had got it into his head that the care exercised in its porterage indicated that
1492 opera-glass (s) - binóculo
1492 judicious (adj) – sensato, sagaz, judicioso
1492 questioning (s) – interrogatório, questionação
1493 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
1494 spell (s) – temporada, período
1495 meanwhile (adv) - entretanto
♣♣♣ meantime (adv) - entretanto
1495 household (s) – pessoal doméstico (residentes da casa)
1495 scheme (s) – plano, projecto
1496 fruition (s) – realização, materialização
1496 better (adj) - melhor
1497 rogue (s) – vigarista, intrujão, trapaceiro
1498 advancement (s) – promoção, progresso
1499 stealthy (adj) – furtivo, dissimulado
1499 savage (s) – selvagem, bárbaro
1499 look to (to) – recorrer a, contar com, querer, procurar
♣♣♣ dead set - posição de marrar
1500 to be dead set - estar absolutamente determinado
1500 slight (adj) – leve, ligeiro
1501 enhance (to) – aumentar, melhorar
1501 To and fro – de um lado para o outro
1502 care (s) - cuidado
1502 exercise (to) – usar, empregar
1502 porterage (s) – porte, transporte
1503 forever (adv) – sempre (para sempre)
1503 lurking (adj) – emboscado, escondido, à espreita
1504 cautious (adj) – cauteloso, prudente
1504 stealthy (adj) – dissimulado, astuto, manhoso
1505 thus (adv) - assim
1505 aware (adj) – consciente, ao corrente, informado
1505 venture (s) - aventura
1507 glid up (to) – passar sem se notar, deslizar
1509 intentness (s) – atenção forte, concentração
1509 caution (s) – cuidado, cautela, prudência
1510 lest (conj) – para evitar que, para que não
1510 betray (to) – revelar, denunciar (trair)
1511 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
1511 slink (to) – mover-se furtivamente
1511 downstairs (adj) - (adv) – em baixo, no andar de baixo
1511 noiselessly (adv) - silenciosamente
1511 further (to) – promover, favorecer, apoiar, facilitar
1512 bear in mind (to) - lembrar-se; ter presente
1513 steal (to) - roubar
it was full of treasure. He was for ever lurking around the turret-rooms on the chance of making some useful
discovery. But he was as cautious as he was stealthy, and took care that no one else watched him.
It was thus that the negro became aware of Lady Arabella's venture into the house, as she thought,
unseen. He took more care than ever, since he was watching another, that the positions were not reversed.
More than ever he kept his eyes and ears open and his mouth shut. Seeing Lady Arabella gliding up the
stairs towards his master's room, he took it for granted that she was there for no good, and doubled his
watching intentness and caution.
Oolanga was disappointed, but he dared not exhibit any feeling lest it should betray that he was hiding.
Therefore he slunk downstairs again noiselessly, and waited for a more favourable opportunity of furthering
his plans. It must be borne in mind that he thought that the heavy trunk was full of valuables, and that he
believed that Lady Arabella had come to try to steal it. His purpose of using for his own advantage the
combination of these two ideas was seen later in the day. Oolanga secretly followed her home. He was an
expert at this game, and succeeded admirably on this occasion. He watched her enter the private gate of
Diana's Grove, and then, taking a roundabout course and keeping out of her sight, he at last overtook her in
a thick part of the Grove where no one could see the meeting.
Lady Arabella was much surprised. She had not seen the negro for several days, and had almost
forgotten his existence. Oolanga would have been startled had he known and been capable of
understanding the real value placed on him, his beauty, his worthiness, by other persons, and compared it
with the value in these matters in which he held himself. Doubtless Oolanga had his dreams like other men.
In such cases he saw himself as a young sun-god, as beautiful as the eye of dusky or even white
womanhood had ever dwelt upon. He would have been filled with all noble and captivating qualities--or
1515 succeed (to) – ser bem sucedido, sair-se bem
1515 admirably (adv) – admiravelmente, espantosamente
1516 roundabout (adj) – com desvios, com rodeios, indirecto
1516 course (s) – caminho, rumo, direcção
1516 overtake (to) – alcançar, surpreender, atingir
1519 startled (adj) – surpreso, espantado
1520 worthiness (s) – mérito, valor
1522 eye – um indivíduo que faz “olhinhos” a outra
1522 dusky (adj) – moreno, de cor escura
1523 ever (adv) – nunca, jamais
1523 dwell upon (to) – pensar em
1523 fill (to) – preencher, encher
1524 regard (to) - considerar
1524 as such – como tais
1525 fervid (adj) - ardente
1525 depth (s) – profundidade, espessura
1526 hush (adj) - silencioso
1526 suitable (adj) – apropriado, conveniente, adequado
1527 deference (s) – consideração, deferência, respeito
1527 unfold (to) – revelar, explicar
1528 check (to) – conter, reprimir (verificar, conferir)
1529 laughter (s) – riso, gargalhada
1530 subdue (to) – dominar, controlar
1530 mirth (s) – riso, hilaridade
1530 debased (adj) – aviltado, adulterado, corrompido, viciado, estragado
1531 ugliness (s) - fealdade
1531 devilish (adj) - (adv) – diabólico
1531 accomplished (adj) – talentoso, com grandes dotes
1532 consideration (s) – ponderação, reflexão, análise
those regarded as such in West Africa. Women would have loved him, and would have told him so in the
overt and fervid manner usual in affairs of the heart in the shadowy depths of the forest of the Gold Coast.
Oolanga came close behind Lady Arabella, and in a hushed voice, suitable to the importance of his task,
and in deference to the respect he had for her and the place, began to unfold the story of his love. Lady
Arabella was not usually a humorous person, but no man or woman of the white race could have checked
the laughter which rose spontaneously to her lips. The circumstances were too grotesque, the contrast too
violent, for subdued mirth. The man a debased specimen of one of the most primitive races of the earth,
and of an ugliness which was simply devilish; the woman of high degree, beautiful, accomplished. She
thought that her first moment's consideration of the outrage--it was nothing less in her eyes--had given her
the full material for thought. But every instant after threw new and varied lights on the affront. Her
indignation was too great for passion; only irony or satire would meet the situation. Her cold, cruel nature
helped, and she did not shrink to subject this ignorant savage to the merciless fire-lash of her scorn.
Oolanga was dimly conscious that he was being flouted; but his anger was no less keen because of the
measure of his ignorance. So he gave way to it, as does a tortured beast. He ground his great teeth
together, raved, stamped, and swore in barbarous tongues and with barbarous imagery. Even Lady
Arabella felt that it was well she was within reach of help, or he might have offered her brutal violence-- even
have killed her.
"Am I to understand," she said with cold disdain, so much more effective to wound than hot passion, "that
you are offering me your love? Your--love?"
For reply he nodded his head. The scorn of her voice, in a sort of baleful hiss, sounded--and felt--like the
lash of a whip.
1534 passion (s) – fúria, furor, cólera
1534 satire (s) – ironia, troça, sarcasmo
1534 meet (to) – enfrentar, defrontar, responder a
(encontrar, encontrar-se)
1535 shrink (to) – recuar, acobardar-se
1535 merciless (adj) – implacável, desumano, cruel
1535 lash (s) - chicotada
1535 scorn (s) – desprezo, desdém
1536 dimly (adv) – vagamente, indistintamente
1536 conscious (adj) - consciente
1536 flout (to) – desprezar, escanecer, zombar
1536 anger (s) – ira, irritação, cólera
1536 keen (adj) – forte, intenso
1537 measure (s) – extensão
1537 grind (to) – ranger de dentes
1537 tooth (s) - dente
1538 rave (to) – falar como um louco, enfurecer-se
1538 stamp (to) – bater violentamente com os pés no chão
1538 swear (to) - jurar
1538 imagery (s) – palavrões
1539 well (adj) – bom, conveniente, aconselhável
1539 reach (s) - alcance
1539 offer (to) - oferecer
1541 disdain (s) - desdém
1541 effective (adj) – eficaz, convincente
1543 scorn (s) – desprezo, desdém, escárnio
1543 baleful (adj) – sinistro, terrível, ameaçador
1543 hiss (s) – silvo, sibilo, assobio das serpentes
1544 lash (s) - chicotada
1544 whip (s) - chicote
1545 dare (to) – atrever-se, ousar
1545 base (adj) – baixo, vil, ignóbil
1545 vermin (s) – insectos, bichos, bicharada
1546 value (to) – estimar, valorizar, apreciar, prezar
1546 worthless (adj) – sem mérito, sem valor
1546 spider (s) - aranha
1546 hideous (adj) – muito feio, medonho, terrível, hediondo
1547 rid (to) – livrar, libertar, desembaraçar
1549 impudence (s) – insolência, descaramento, falta de
1549 forsake (to) – abandonar, pôr de parte
1549 weak (adj) – fraco, débil
1550 gibberish (s) – algaraviada incompreensível
1551 mean (to) – significar, exprimir
1551 intonation (s) – entoação, modulação na voz, inflexão, tom
1552 fail (to) – não conseguir, falhar, ser incapaz de
1552 follow (to) – compreender (seguir)
1553 urge (to) – insistir com, pedir insistentemente
1553 suit (s) – pedido, rogo
1553 gross (adj) – grosseiro, vulgar, ordinário
1553 passion (s) – interesse, entusiasmo
1553 threat (s) – ameaça, aviso
1553 warn (to) – avisar, alertar
1554 But if she would be his – se ela casasse com ele
"And you dared! you--a savage--a slave--the basest thing in the world of vermin! Take care! I don't
value your worthless life more than I do that of a rat or a spider. Don't let me ever see your hideous face
here again, or I shall rid the earth of you."
As she was speaking, she had taken out her revolver and was pointing it at him. In the immediate
presence of death his impudence forsook him, and he made a weak effort to justify himself. His speech was
short, consisting of single words. To Lady Arabella it sounded mere gibberish, but it was in his own dialect,
and meant love, marriage, wife. From the intonation of the words, she guessed, with her woman's quick
intuition, at their meaning; but she quite failed to follow, when, becoming more pressing, he continued to
urge his suit in a mixture of the grossest animal passion and ridiculous threats. He warned her that he knew
she had tried to steal his master's treasure, and that he had caught her in the act. But if she would be his,
he would share the treasure with her, and they could live in luxury in the African forests. But if she refused,
he would tell his master, who would flog and torture her and then give her to the police, who would kill her.
1556 flog (to) – flagelar, açoitar, castigar
1559 battle (s) – disputa, batalha
1559 renewed (adj) – reatado, renovado, retomado
1561 acute (adj) – agudo, intenso
1561 far-reaching- longo-alcance
1562 anyone (prep) – qualquer pessoa
1563 such (pron) – este, esse, aquele
1563 inexhaustible (adj) – imperdoáve, indesculpável
1564 insatiable (adj) – insaciável, ávido
1564 vanity (s) – vaidade, presunção
1564 I am pleased to tell you that... - tenho o prazer de o informar que...
1565 hatred (s) - ódio
1565 lust (s) – instinto sexual
1565 greed (s) – avidez, cobiça, cupidez
1565 afire (adj) - (adv) – em chamas, em brasa, ardente, inflamado
1565 core (s) – âmago, medula, parte central
1566 stir (to) – agitar-se, inflamar-se
1566 seething (adj) – fervente, em grande agitação
1567 set upon (to) – muito decidida a, atacar com violência, atirar-se a
1567 encounter (to) – encontrar-se, defrontar-se
1568 endure (to) – suportar, sofrer, aguentar
1568 revenge (s) – vingança, retaliação
1568 seek (to) - procurar
The consequences of that meeting in the dusk of Diana's Grove were acute and far-reaching, and not
only to the two engaged in it. From Oolanga, this might have been expected by anyone who knew the
character of the tropical African savage. To such, there are two passions that are inexhaustible and
insatiable--vanity and that which they are pleased to call love. Oolanga left the Grove with an absorbing
hatred in his heart. His lust and greed were afire, while his vanity had been wounded to the core. Lady
Arabella's icy nature was not so deeply stirred, though she was in a seething passion. More than ever she
was set upon bringing Edgar Caswall to her feet. The obstacles she had encountered, the insults she had
endured, were only as fuel to the purpose of revenge which consumed her.
As she sought her own rooms in Diana's Grove, she went over the whole subject again and again,
always finding in the face of Lilla Watford a key to a problem which puzzled her--the problem of a way to
turn Caswall's powers--his very existence--to aid her purpose.
When in her boudoir, she wrote a note, taking so much trouble over it that she destroyed, and rewrote, till
her dainty waste-basket was half-full of torn sheets of notepaper. When quite satisfied, she copied out the
last sheet afresh, and then carefully burned all the spoiled fragments. She put the copied note in an
emblazoned envelope, and directed it to Edgar Caswall at Castra Regis. This she sent off by one of her
grooms. The letter ran:
1569 go over (to) – rever, recapitular
1571 aid (to) – contribuir para, ajudar
1572 boudoir (s) – aposento privado de senhora
1572 trouble (s) – preocupação, cuidado
1573 dainty (adj) - elegante, gracioso, refinado
1573 waste (adj) – de desperdícios ou lixo
1573 tear (to) - rasgar
1573 copy out (to) - copiar
1574 afresh (adv) – de novo, outra vez
♣♣♣ spoil (to) – estragar, deteriorar
1574 spoiled (adj) – estragado, deteriorado
1575 emblazoned (adj) – com brasão, brasonado
1575 send off (to) – enviar ou mandar por pessoa
1576 groom (s) – criado, lacaio
1576 run (to) – um documento concebido em determinados termos
1579 chat (s) - conversa
1588 roadway (s) – estrada, parte central da estrada
1588 She wished to take the servants into her confidence as little as possible. - Queria estar o mais distante possível dos
criados, em suas confidencias.
1588 take (to) - ter
I want to have a chat with you on a subject in which I believe you are interested. Will you kindly
call for me one day after lunch-- say at three or four o'clock, and we can walk a little way together.
Only as far as Mercy Farm, where I want to see Lilla and Mimi Watford. We can take a cup of tea at
the Farm. Do not bring your African servant with you, as I am afraid his face frightens the girls. After
all, he is not pretty, is he? I have an idea you will be pleased with your visit this time.
Yours sincerely,
At half-past three next day, Edgar Caswall called at Diana's Grove. Lady Arabella met him on the
roadway outside the gate. She wished to take the servants into her confidence as little as possible. She
turned when she saw him coming, and walked beside him towards Mercy Farm, keeping step with him as
they walked. When they got near Mercy, she turned and looked around her, expecting to see Oolanga or
some sign of him. He was, however, not visible. He had received from his master peremptory orders to
keep out of sight--an order for which the African scored a new offence up against her. They found Lilla and
Mimi at home and seemingly glad to see them, though both the girls were surprised at the visit coming so
soon after the other.
The proceedings were a repetition of the battle of souls of the former visit. On this occasion, however,
Edgar Caswall had only the presence of Lady Arabella to support him--Oolanga being absent; but Mimi
lacked the support of Adam Salton, which had been of such effective service before. This time the struggle
for supremacy of will was longer and more determined. Caswall felt that if he could not achieve supremacy
he had better give up the idea, so all his pride was enlisted against Mimi. When they had been waiting for
1592 score up (to) – registar, contar, tomar nota de
1592 against (prep) - contra
1593 glad (adj) – satisfeito, contente
1595 former (adj) – anterior, precedente
1597 lack (to) – possuir, não ter, faltar
1597 effective (adj) – eficaz, efectivo
1598 achieve (to) – realizar, concretizar
1599 pride (s) – altivez, arrogância, orgulho
1599 enlist (to) – recrutar, alistar
1603 trample (to) – pisar, calcar, esmagar com os pés
1605 lie (to) – estar, encontrar-se
1605 defeat (s) - derrota
1606 overcome (to) – dominar, vencer, derrotar
1607 undercover (adv) – disfarçadamente
1607 retire (to) – retirar-se, afastar-se
1607 unbeaten (adj) – não derrotado, invicto
1609 brow (s) – monte, colina, penhasco
1610 rustling (adj) - sussurrante
1610 crackling (s) - crepitação
1610 reed (s) – cana, caniço
1610 rush (s) - junco
the door to be opened, Lady Arabella, believing in a sudden attack, had said to him in a low voice, which
somehow carried conviction:
"This time you should win. Mimi is, after all, only a woman. Show her no mercy. That is weakness.
Fight her, beat her, trample on her--kill her if need be. She stands in your way, and I hate her. Never take
your eyes off her. Never mind Lilla--she is afraid of you. You are already her master. Mimi will try to make
you look at her cousin. There lies defeat. Let nothing take your attention from Mimi, and you will win. If she
is overcoming you, take my hand and hold it hard whilst you are looking into her eyes. If she is too strong
for you, I shall interfere. I'll make a diversion, and under cover of it you must retire unbeaten, even if not
victorious. Hush! they are coming."
The two girls came to the door together. Strange sounds were coming up over the Brow from the west.
It was the rustling and crackling of the dry reeds and rushes from the low lands. The season had been an
unusually dry one. Also the strong east wind was helping forward enormous flocks of birds, most of them
pigeons with white cowls. Not only were their wings whirring, but their cooing was plainly audible. From
such a multitude of birds the mass of sound, individually small, assumed the volume of a storm. Surprised
at the influx of birds, to which they had been strangers so long, they all looked towards Castra Regis, from
whose high tower the great kite had been flying as usual. But even as they looked, the cord broke, and the
great kite fell headlong in a series of sweeping dives. Its own weight, and the aerial force opposed to it,
which caused it to rise, combined with the strong easterly breeze, had been too much for the great length of
cord holding it.
Somehow, the mishap to the kite gave new hope to Mimi. It was as though the side issues had been
shorn away, so that the main struggle was thenceforth on simpler lines. She had a feeling in her heart, as
though some religious chord had been newly touched. It may, of course, have been that with the renewal of
1611 help forward (to) – facilitar o progresso de, favorecer
1611 flock (s) – bando de aves
1612 pigeon (s) - pombo
1612 cowl (s) – capuz de monge
1612 cooing (s) - arrulho
1613 multitude (s) – grande quantidade, sem-número
1614 influx (s) – afluência, afluxo
1615 even as - precisamente quando; mesmo enquanto
1616 headlong (adj) – de cabeça
1616 sweeping (adj) – largo, amplo
1616 opposed (adj) – oposto, contrário
1617 easterly (adj) – oriental, leste
1617 length (s) - comprimento
1619 somehow (adv) – de certo modo
1619 mishap (s) – contratempo, contrariedade, revés
1619 a side issue - uma questão secundária;
1620 shear (to) – cortar rente
1620 thenceforth (adv) – daí em diante, a partir daí
1620 simple (adj) – simples, fácil
1621 chord (s) – acorde, corda
1621 newly (adv) – recentemente, há pouco
1621 renewal (s) – reatamento, retoma
1622 fresh (adj) – recente, novo, diferente
1622 issue (s) – resultado, conclusão
1623 train (s) – curso ou sequência de ideias
1623 (probabilidade) to be bound to - ser (quase) certo que;
1624 boon (s) – dádiva, favor, mercê
1624 inrush (s) – irrupção, afluência súbita
1624 wing (s) - asa
1624 crackling (adj) - crepitante
1624 rush (s) - junco
1624 grow (to) – tornar-se, ficar
1625 faint (to) - desmaiar
1627 breed (to) – gerar
1628 snake charmer - encantador de serpentes;
1630 sang froid - estrangeirismo
1632 triumph (to) - triunfar
the bird voices a fresh courage, a fresh belief in the good issue of the struggle came too. In the misery of
silence, from which they had all suffered for so long, any new train of thought was almost bound to be a
boon. As the inrush of birds continued, their wings beating against the crackling rushes, Lady Arabella grew
pale, and almost fainted.
"What is that?" she asked suddenly.
To Mimi, born and bred in Siam, the sound was strangely like an exaggeration of the sound produced by
a snake-charmer.
Edgar Caswall was the first to recover from the interruption of the falling kite. After a few minutes he
seemed to have quite recovered his SANG FROID, and was able to use his brains to the end which he had
in view. Mimi too quickly recovered herself, but from a different cause. With her it was a deep religious
conviction that the struggle round her was of the powers of Good and Evil, and that Good was triumphing.
The very appearance of the snowy birds, with the cowls of Saint Columba, heightened the impression. With
this conviction strong upon her, she continued the strange battle with fresh vigour. She seemed to tower
over Caswall, and he to give back before her oncoming. Once again her vigorous passes drove him to the
door. He was just going out backward when Lady Arabella, who had been gazing at him with fixed eyes,
caught his hand and tried to stop his movement. She was, however, unable to do any good, and so, holding
hands, they passed out together. As they did so, the strange music which had so alarmed Lady Arabella
suddenly stopped. Instinctively they all looked towards the tower of Castra Regis, and saw that the workmen
had refixed the kite, which had risen again a2nd was beginning to float out to its former station.
As they were looking, the door opened and Michael Watford came into the room. By that time all had
recovered their self-possession, and there was nothing out of the common to attract his attention. As he
came in, seeing inquiring looks all around him, he said:
1633 appearance (s) - aparecimento
1633 snowy (adj) – imaculado, puro
1633 cowl (s) – capuz de monge
1633 heighten (to) – intensificar, acentuar, aumentar
1633 impression (s) – ideia, opinião
1634 tower over (to) – destacar-se em relação a
1635 give back (to) – recuar (devolver, restituir)
1635 before (adv) – em frente, adiante
1635 oncoming (s) - aproximação
1635 pass (s) – passo, movimento, gesto
1635 drive (to) - conduzir
1636 go out (to) - sair
1636 backward (adj) – para trás
1636 gaze (to) – olhar fixamente
1637 unable (adj) - incapaz
1638 pass out (to) – andar, caminhar, avançar
1639 workman (s) - trabalhador
1640 float (to) – planar, pairar
1640 former (adj) – anterior, precedente
1640 station (s) – posição, posto
1642 possession (s) – posse, poder
1643 inquiring (adj) – interrogativo, curioso
1644 influx (s) – afluência, afluxo
1645 over (adj) – terminado, acabado
1646 moody (adj) – maldisposto, melancólico, instável
1646 throw back on (to) – atrasar-se
(obrigar a recorrer a)
1648 settled (adj) – enraizado, persistente
1648 purpose (s) – objectivo, intenção
1648 revenge (s) – vingança, desforra
1648 chief (adj) - principal
1648 object (s) - objecto
1649 overcome (to) - derrotar
1649 obscure (to) – suplantar, ultrapassar
1650 hate (s) - ódio
1650 harmless (adj) – inocente, inofensivo
1650 tender (adj) – terno, meigo, carinhoso
1651 resemble (to) – assemelhar-se a, parecer-se com
1652 gap (s) – intervalo de tempo
1653 to get rid of - libertar-se de; livrar-se de; desembaraçar-se de;
"The new influx of birds is only the annual migration of pigeons from Africa. I am told that it will soon be
The second victory of Mimi Watford made Edgar Caswall more moody than ever. He felt thrown back on
himself, and this, added to his absorbing interest in the hope of a victory of his mesmeric powers, became a
deep and settled purpose of revenge. The chief object of his animosity was, of course, Mimi, whose will had
overcome his, but it was obscured in greater or lesser degree by all who had opposed him. Lilla was next to
Mimi in his hate--Lilla, the harmless, tender-hearted, sweet-natured girl, whose heart was so full of love for
all things that in it was no room for the passions of ordinary life--whose nature resembled those doves of St.
Columba, whose colour she wore, whose appearance she reflected. Adam Salton came next--after a gap;
for against him Caswall had no direct animosity. He regarded him as an interference, a difficulty to be got rid
of or destroyed. The young Australian had been so discreet that the most he had against him was his
knowledge of what had been. Caswall did not understand him, and to such a nature as his, ignorance was
a cause of alarm, of dread.
Caswall resumed his habit of watching the great kite straining at its cord, varying his vigils in this way by
a further examination of the mysterious treasures of his house, especially Mesmer's chest. He sat much on
the roof of the tower, brooding over his thwarted passion. The vast extent of his possessions, visible to him
at that altitude, might, one would have thought, have restored some of his complacency. But the very extent
of his ownership, thus perpetually brought before him, created a fresh sense of grievance. How was it, he
thought, that with so much at command that others wished for, he could not achieve the dearest wishes of
his heart?
In this state of intellectual and moral depravity, he found a solace in the renewal of his experiments with
the mechanical powers of the kite. For a couple of weeks he did not see Lady Arabella, who was always on
1656 dread (s) – receio, medo
1657 resume (to) – reatar, reencetar
1657 strain (to) – esticar, retesar
1657 vigil (s) – vigília, observação, exame, fiscalização,
1658 further (adj) – adicional, suplementar, maior
1659 brood (to) – cismar, matutar
1659 thwarted (adj) – frustrado/a, contrariado/a
♣♣♣ thwart (to) - opor-se a, contrariar, frustrar, impedir
1659 vast (adj) – vasto, amplo, grande
1659 extent (s) – tamanho, extensão, dimensão
1659 possession (s) – propriedade
1660 altitude (s) – altura, altitude
1660 complacency (s) – satisfação, contentamento de si
1661 ownership (s) – propriedade, senhorio, domínio
1661 thus (adv) - assim
1661 fresh (adj) – vivo, viçoso
1661 sense (s) – sensação, sentimento (sentido físico)
1661 grievance
1661 grievance (s) – injustiça, rancor, ressentimento, ofensa, agravo
1662 command (s) – domínio, controlo
1662 wish for (to) – desejar, querer
1662 achieve (to) – realizar, efectuar, concretizar
1664 depravity (s) – depravação, perversão, alteração mórbida,
alteração patológica, alteração doentia
1664 solace (s) – consolação, refrigério, conforto, consolo, alívio
1664 renewal (s) – reatamento, retoma
1666 studiously (adv) – cuidadosamente, diligentemente
1667 mark time (to) – esperar, matar o tempo
1667 deal (to) – tratar de, ocupar-se de
1671 lifting (s) - elevação
1672 sentience (s) – sensibilidade, sensações
1672 increase (to) – aumentar, intensificar-se, crescer, desenvolver-se
1673 hang (to) – suspender, pendurar
1674 trend (s) - orientação
1674 all day long - durante todo o dia;
1674 increasing (adj) – crescente, cada vez maior
1675 magnitude (s) – grandeza, importância
1675 send up (to) – fazer subir
1675 cardboard (s) - cartão
1675 leather (s) – couro
1676 concave (adj) – côncavo, que tem superfície curva reentrante
the watch for a chance of meeting him; neither did he see the Watford girls, who studiously kept out of his
way. Adam Salton simply marked time, keeping ready to deal with anything that might affect his friends. He
called at the farm and heard from Mimi of the last battle of wills, but it had only one consequence. He got
from Ross several more mongooses, including a second king-cobra- killer, which he generally carried with
him in its box whenever he walked out.
Mr. Caswall's experiments with the kite went on successfully. Each day he tried the lifting of greater
weight, and it seemed almost as if the machine had a sentience of its own, which was increasing with the
obstacles placed before it. All this time the kite hung in the sky at an enormous height. The wind was
steadily from the north, so the trend of the kite was to the south. All day long, runners of increasing
magnitude were sent up. These were only of paper or thin cardboard, or leather, or other flexible materials.
The great height at which the kite hung made a great concave curve in the string, so that as the runners
went up they made a flapping sound. If one laid a finger on the string, the sound answered to the flapping of
the runner in a sort of hollow intermittent murmur. Edgar Caswall, who was now wholly obsessed by the kite
and all belonging to it, found a distinct resemblance between that intermittent rumble and the snakecharming music produced by the pigeons flying through the dry reeds.
One day he made a discovery in Mesmer's chest which he thought he would utilise with regard to the
runners. This was a great length of wire, "fine as human hair," coiled round a finely made wheel, which ran
to a wondrous distance freely, and as lightly. He tried this on runners, and found it work admirably.
Whether the runner was alone, or carried something much more weighty than itself, it worked equally well.
Also it was strong enough and light enough to draw back the runner without undue strain. He tried this a
good many times successfully, but it was now growing dusk and he found some difficulty in keeping the
runner in sight. So he looked for something heavy enough to keep it still. He placed the Egyptian image of
1677 flapping (adj) – que bate, que se agita
1678 hollow (adj) – oco, som surdo, irreal
1678 intermittent (adj) – intermitente, não contínuo
1678 murmur (s) - murmúrio
1678 wholly (adv) – completamente, totalmente, integralmente
1678 obsessed (adj) – obcecado, preocupado contínuamente
♣♣♣ obsess (to) – obcecar, preocupar continuamente
1679 distinct (adj) - nítido
1679 resemblance (s) – semelhança, parecença, similaridade
1679 intermittent (adj) – intermitente, não contínuo
1679 rumble (s) – ruído surdo e prolongado
1680 charming (adj) – fascinante, encantador
1680 reed (s) – cana, caniço
1682 wire (s) - arame
1682 coil (to) – enrolar
1682 finely (adv) – admiravelmente, primorosamente
1682 make (to) – trabalhar, fazer
1682 wheel (s) - roda
1683 wondrous (adj) – espantoso, assombroso
1683 lightly (adv) – facilmente, levemente, sem dificuldade
1684 whether (conj) - se
1685 draw back (to) - puxar
1685 undue (adj) - indevido/a, excessivo/a, desmedido/a
1685 strain (s) – tensão, esforço
1686 grow (to) – tornar-se, ficar
1687 heavy (adj) - pesado
1688 wooden (adj) – de madeira
1688 ledge (s) – rebordo, caixilho
1689 indoor (adj) – dentro de casa
1690 uneasiness (s) – intranquilidade, preocupação, inquietação
1690 sleeplessness (s) – falta de sono, insónia
1690 seem (to) - parecer
1691 asleep (adj) – adormecido, a dormir
1692 the points of the compass - os pontos cardeais e colaterais
1692 astonished (adj) – espantado, surpreendido, admirado
1692 presently (adv) – dentro em pouco
1693 controlling (adj) – de controlo, determinante
1693 further (adj) - mais longe, mais distante
1695 in the meantime - entretanto
1696 sextant (s) – sextante, ASTRONOMIA, NÁUTICA instrumento óptico cujo limbo graduado corresponde à sexta parte de um
círculo (60 graus) e que permite medir ângulos, a altura dos astros e as distâncias angulares dos astros;
1697 aid (s) – ajuda, auxílio, apoio
1698 ascertain (to) – averiguar, indagar, verificar
Bes on the fine wire, which crossed the wooden ledge which protected it. Then, the darkness growing, he
went indoors and forgot all about it.
He had a strange feeling of uneasiness that night--not sleeplessness, for he seemed conscious of being
asleep. At daylight he rose, and as usual looked out for the kite. He did not see it in its usual position in the
sky, so looked round the points of the compass. He was more than astonished when presently he saw the
missing kite struggling as usual against the controlling cord. But it had gone to the further side of the tower,
and now hung and strained AGAINST THE WIND to the north. He thought it so strange that he determined
to investigate the phenomenon, and to say nothing about it in the meantime.
In his many travels, Edgar Caswall had been accustomed to use the sextant, and was now an expert in
the matter. By the aid of this and other instruments, he was able to fix the position of the kite and the point
over which it hung. He was startled to find that exactly under it--so far as he could ascertain--was Diana's
Grove. He had an inclination to take Lady Arabella into his confidence in the matter, but he thought better of
it and wisely refrained. For some reason which he did not try to explain to himself, he was glad of his
silence, when, on the following morning, he found, on looking out, that the point over which the kite then
hovered was Mercy Farm. When he had verified this with his instruments, he sat before the window of the
tower, looking out and thinking. The new locality was more to his liking than the other; but the why of it
puzzled him, all the same. He spent the rest of the day in the turret-room, which he did not leave all day. It
seemed to him that he was now drawn by forces which he could not control--of which, indeed, he had no
knowledge--in directions which he did not understand, and which were without his own volition. In sheer
helpless inability to think the problem out satisfactorily, he called up a servant and told him to tell Oolanga
that he wanted to see him at once in the turret- room. The answer came back that the African had not been
seen since the previous evening.
1699 confidence (s) – segredo, confidência
1700 wisely (adv) – sabiamente, sensatamente
1700 refrain (to) – refrear, abster-se, privar-se
1702 hover (to) – pairar, ficar suspenso no ar
1703 locality (s) – localização, área
1703 liking (s) – gosto, preferência, agrado, simpatia
1704 All the same – mesmo assim
1704 turret (adj) – do torreão, da torre
1705 draw (to) – arrastar, puxar
1706 volition (s) - vontade
1706 sheer (adj) – puro, mero, simples
1707 helpless (adj) – desamparado/a, indefeso/a, impossibilidade de
1707 inability (s) - incapacidade
1707 think out (to) – reflectir acerca de, pensar bem sobre
1707 satisfactorily (adv) - satisfatoriamente
1708 answer (s) - resposta
1710 irritable (adj) – irritável, irascível
1710 distrait (adj) – confundido, desnorteado
1711 send for (to) – mandar chamar uma pessoa
1711 breathless (adj) – ofegante, sem fôlego, esbaforido
1712 summons (s) – chamamento, ordem
1712 bid (to) – ordenar, mandar
1712 uneasy (adj) – inquieto, preocupado
1712 frame of mind - estado de espírito
1713 speak out (to) – falar, dizer
1718 despite (prep) – apesar de
1718 effort (s) - esforço
1718 remain (to) – permanecer, ficar
1718 go off (to) – piorar, decair
1718 summon (to) – chamar, convocar
1719 apply (to) – aplicar e administrar remédios
1719 remedy (s) – remédio, tratamento
1719 still (conj) – todavia, contudo
1720 appearance (s) – aparecimento, comparência
1720 make up his mind – tomar uma decisão
Caswall was now so irritable that even this small thing upset him. As he was distrait and wanted to talk to
somebody, he sent for Simon Chester, who came at once, breathless with hurrying and upset by the
unexpected summons. Caswall bade him sit down, and when the old man was in a less uneasy frame of
mind, he again asked him if he had ever seen what was in Mesmer's chest or heard it spoken about.
Chester admitted that he had once, in the time of "the then Mr. Edgar," seen the chest open, which,
knowing something of its history and guessing more, so upset him that he had fainted. When he recovered,
the chest was closed. From that time the then Mr. Edgar had never spoken about it again.
When Caswall asked him to describe what he had seen when the chest was open, he got very agitated,
and, despite all his efforts to remain calm, he suddenly went off into a faint. Caswall summoned servants,
who applied the usual remedies. Still the old man did not recover. After the lapse of a considerable time,
the doctor who had been summoned made his appearance. A glance was sufficient for him to make up his
mind. Still, he knelt down by the old man, and made a careful examination. Then he rose to his feet, and in
a hushed voice said:
"I grieve to say, sir, that he has passed away."
1722 hushed (adj) – calma, silencioso
1723 grieve (to) – lamentar, entristecer
1723 pass away (to) – falecer, desaparecer
1726 track (s) - pista
1728 estimate (to) – calcular, avaliar
1729 value (s) – valores, princípios, valores morais
1731 concern (s) – preocupação, pesar
1731 faithful (adj) – fiel, leal, de confiança
1732 thus (adv) – assim, desta maneira, deste modo
1733 remaining (adj) – restante, remanescente, residual
1733 clue (s) – pista, chave, solução
1733 wrap (to) – cobrir, envolver
1734 enough (adj) – bastante, suficiente
1734 ancestor (s) – antepassado, avoengo, avito
Those who had seen Edgar Caswall familiarly since his arrival, and had already estimated his coldblooded nature at something of its true value, were surprised that he took so to heart the death of old
Chester. The fact was that not one of them had guessed correctly at his character. They thought, naturally
enough, that the concern which he felt was that of a master for a faithful old servant of his family. They little
thought that it was merely the selfish expression of his disappointment, that he had thus lost the only
remaining clue to an interesting piece of family history--one which was now and would be for ever wrapped
in mystery. Caswall knew enough about the life of his ancestor in Paris to wish to know more fully and more
thoroughly all that had been. The period covered by that ancestor's life in Paris was one inviting every form
of curiosity.
Lady Arabella, who had her own game to play, saw in the METIER of sympathetic friend, a series of
meetings with the man she wanted to secure. She made the first use of the opportunity the day after old
Chester's death; indeed, as soon as the news had filtered in through the back door of Diana's Grove. At
that meeting, she played her part so well that even Caswall's cold nature was impressed.
Oolanga was the only one who did not credit her with at least some sense of fine feeling in the matter. In
emotional, as in other matters, Oolanga was distinctly a utilitarian, and as he could not understand anyone
feeling grief except for his own suffering, pain, or for the loss of money, he could not understand anyone
simulating such an emotion except for show intended to deceive. He thought that she had come to Castra
Regis again for the opportunity of stealing something, and was determined that on this occasion the chance
1735 thoroughly (adv) – perfeitamente, minuciosamente, meticulosamente
1735 invite (to) – convidar, solicitar
1737 metier (s) – vocação, ofício, profissão
1737 sympathetic (adj) – compreensivo, solidário, simpático
1737 series (s) – sucessão, sequência, série
1738 secure (to) – proteger, salvaguardar
1739 As soon as – logo que
1739 filter (to) – entrar pouco a pouco, passar
1740 play (to) – representar, desempenhar o seu papel (brincar, jogar)
1741 credit (to) – confiar, acreditar em
1741 At least – pelo menos
1741 sense (s) – lucidez, bom senso
1741 feeling (s) - sensibilidade
1742 utilitarian (adj) – prático, utilitário
1743 grief (s) – aflição, pesar
1744 intend (to) – planear, tencionar
1744 deceive (to) – enganar, iludir
1744 show (s) – aparência, simulacro (exposição, espectáculo)
1745 steal (to) – roubar, furtar
1746 press (to) – pressionar, insistir com
1746 advantage (s) – vantagem, superioridade, proveito
1746 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
1747 go on (to) – acontecer, passar-se (continuar, seguir)
1747 ever since – desde então
1748 nearly (adv) – quase (de perto, muito de perto)
1748 everyone (pron) – toda a gente
1748 design (s) – desígnio, intenção (design industrial de interiores etc)
1749 research (s) – investigação, pesquisa, estudo
1750 crossing (s) - cruzamento
1751 actually (adv) – na realidade, efectivamente
1752 early (adj) – cedo, de madrugada
1752 survey (to) – observar, cuidadosamente
1753 set out (to) – sair para
of pressing his advantage over her should not pass. He felt, therefore, that the occasion was one for extra
carefulness in the watching of all that went on. Ever since he had come to the conclusion that Lady Arabella
was trying to steal the treasure- chest, he suspected nearly everyone of the same design, and made it a
point to watch all suspicious persons and places. As Adam was engaged on his own researches regarding
Lady Arabella, it was only natural that there should be some crossing of each other's tracks. This is what did
actually happen.
Adam had gone for an early morning survey of the place in which he was interested, taking with him the
mongoose in its box. He arrived at the gate of Diana's Grove just as Lady Arabella was preparing to set out
for Castra Regis on what she considered her mission of comfort. Seeing Adam from her window going
through the shadows of the trees round the gate, she thought that he must be engaged on some purpose
similar to her own. So, quickly making her toilet, she quietly left the house, and, taking advantage of every
shadow and substance which could hide her, followed him on his walk.
Oolanga, the experienced tracker, followed her, but succeeded in hiding his movements better than she
did. He saw that Adam had on his shoulder a mysterious box, which he took to contain something valuable.
Seeing that Lady Arabella was secretly following Adam, he was confirmed in this idea. His mind--such as it
was--was fixed on her trying to steal, and he credited her at once with making use of this new opportunity.
In his walk, Adam went into the grounds of Castra Regis, and Oolanga saw her follow him with great
secrecy. He feared to go closer, as now on both sides of him were enemies who might make discovery.
When he realised that Lady Arabella was bound for the Castle, he devoted himself to following her with
singleness of purpose. He therefore missed seeing that Adam branched off the track and returned to the
high road.
1757 substance (s) – coisa, objecto, matéria
1758 succeed (to) – ser bem sucedido, sair-se bem
1760 confirm (to) – confirmar, verificar
1763 secrecy (s) – segredo, sigilo, secretismo
1764 bound (adj) – em direcção, com destino
1765 singleness (s) – sinceridade, honestidade
1765 purpose (s) – objectivo, intenção, propósito
1765 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
1765 miss (to) – passar ao lado de, deixar escapar
1765 branch off (to) – separar-se, desviar-se
1766 high (adj) – principal, importante
1766 road (s) - estrada
1767 badly (adv) - mal
1767 occurrence (s) – acontecimento, ocorrência
1771 humble (adj) – modesto, despretensioso
1772 brushing (s) – escovadela, vassourada
1772 restoration (to) – restauração, reparação, conserto
1773 screen (s) – ecrã, tela de cinema
1773 chain (s) – cadeia, série, sucessão
1774 watcher (s) – aquele que espreita, espião, observador,
1774 presently (adv) – dentro em pouco, em breve, logo
1776 slip in (to) – entrar discretamente sem ninguém dar por nada
That night Edgar Caswall had slept badly. The tragic occurrence of the day was on his mind, and he
kept waking and thinking of it. After an early breakfast, he sat at the open window watching the kite and
thinking of many things. From his room he could see all round the neighbourhood, but the two places that
interested him most were Mercy Farm and Diana's Grove. At first the movements about those spots were of
a humble kind--those that belong to domestic service or agricultural needs--the opening of doors and
windows, the sweeping and brushing, and generally the restoration of habitual order.
From his high window--whose height made it a screen from the observation of others--he saw the chain
of watchers move into his own grounds, and then presently break up--Adam Salton going one way, and
Lady Arabella, followed by the nigger, another. Then Oolanga disappeared amongst the trees; but Caswall
could see that he was still watching. Lady Arabella, after looking around her, slipped in by the open door,
and he could, of course, see her no longer.
Presently, however, he heard a light tap at his door, then the door opened slowly, and he could see the
flash of Lady Arabella's white dress through the opening.
1778 tap (s) – pancada leve
1779 flash (s) – brilho súbito, clarão, centelha
1782 sympathy (s) – solidariedade, apoio, compreensão amiga
1784 Caswall was genuinely surprised when he saw Lady Arabella, though he need not have been, after what
had already occurred in the same way - Caswall ficou realmente surpreso quando percebeu lady Arabela,
embora não houvesse motivo para tal, dado o que já acontecera entre ambos
1786 meet (to) – enfrentar, defrontar, fazer frente (encontrar-se com alguém, ir ter com)
1787 still (adj) – quieto, sossegado
1787 sheer (adj) – absoluto, completo, total
1787 amazement (s) – assombro, espanto, estupefacção
1788 to be nonplussed - estar desorientado, não saber que fazer ou pensar
1788 plucky (adj) – corajoso, resoluto, destemido, ousado
1788 although (conj) – embora, se bem que, ainda que
1790 warm (adj) – afectuoso, cordial
1790 sympathy (s) – solidariedade, apoio, compreensão amiga
1790 grief (s) – dor, sofrimento profundo
1790 so (adv) - tão
1790 lately (adv) – recentemente, ultimamente
1791 dull (adj) – estúpido, lento
Caswall was genuinely surprised when he saw Lady Arabella, though he need not have been, after what
had already occurred in the same way. The look of surprise on his face was so much greater than Lady
Arabella had expected--though she thought she was prepared to meet anything that might occur--that she
stood still, in sheer amazement. Cold-blooded as she was and ready for all social emergencies, she was
nonplussed how to go on. She was plucky, however, and began to speak at once, although she had not the
slightest idea what she was going to say.
"I came to offer you my very warm sympathy with the grief you have so lately experienced."
"My grief? I'm afraid I must be very dull; but I really do not understand."
Already she felt at a disadvantage, and hesitated.
"I mean about the old man who died so suddenly--your old. . . retainer."
Caswall's face relaxed something of its puzzled concentration.
"Oh, he was only a servant; and he had over-stayed his three-score and ten years by something like
twenty years. He must have been ninety!"
"Still, as an old servant. . . "
Caswall's words were not so cold as their inflection.
"I never interfere with servants. He was kept on here merely because he had been so long on the
premises. I suppose the steward thought it might make him unpopular if the old fellow had been dismissed."
How on earth was she to proceed on such a task as hers if this was the utmost geniality she could
expect? So she at once tried another tack--this time a personal one.
1792 disadvantage (s) – desvantagem, inconveniente
1793 retainer (s) – servidor, criado
1794 puzzled (adj) – perplexo, desconcertado
1794 concentration (s) - concentração
1795 stay (to) – aguentar, resistir (estar, ficar)
1795 three-score - sessenta
1798 inflection (s) – inflexão, modulação, entoação
1800 premise (s) – instalação, local, edifício, prédio
1800 dismiss (to) – despedir, mandar embora, demitir, destituir
1801 proceed (to) – seguir, avançar
1801 utmost (adj) – mais elevado, máximo, extremo
1801 geniality (s) – boa disposição, bom humor
1802 tack (s) – orientação, linha de acção, estratégia, táctica
1803 unconventional (adj) – sem convencionalismos, liberto de convenções ou regras, sem cerimónia
1803 certainly (adv) - certamente
1804 intrude (to) – incomodar, intrometer-se
1805 selected (adj) – escolhido, seleccionado
1805 intrusion (s) – intromissão, intrusão, interrupção
1806 custom (s) – hábito, costume
1806 rise (to) – pôr-se de pé, levantar-se
1806 occasion (s) – ocasião, circunstâncias
1807 at any time – em qualquer altura ou momento
1807 deign (to) – dignar-se, condescender
1809 sweetly (adv) – agradavelmente, suavemente, docemente
1810 at ease – calmo, à vontade
1810 breach (s) – transgressão, violação
1810 glad (adj) – satisfeito, contente
1810 rather … than – mais … do que
1812 forthwith (adv) - imediatamente
1812 proceed (to) – tratar de, ocupar-se
1812 suspicion (s) - suspeita
1813 enlightening (adj) – esclarecedor, elucidativo, informativo
"I am sorry I disturbed you. I am really not unconventional--though certainly no slave to convention. Still
there are limits. . . it is bad enough to intrude in this way, and I do not know what you can say or think of the
time selected, for the intrusion."
After all, Edgar Caswall was a gentleman by custom and habit, so he rose to the occasion.
"I can only say, Lady Arabella, that you are always welcome at any time you may deign to honour my
house with your presence."
She smiled at him sweetly.
"Thank you SO much. You DO put one at ease. My breach of convention makes me glad rather than
sorry. I feel that I can open my heart to you about anything."
Forthwith she proceeded to tell him about Oolanga and his strange suspicions of her honesty. Caswall
laughed and made her explain all the details. His final comment was enlightening.
"Let me give you a word of advice: If you have the slightest fault to find with that infernal nigger, shoot
him at sight. A swelled- headed nigger, with a bee in his bonnet, is one of the worst difficulties in the world
to deal with. So better make a clean job of it, and wipe him out at once!"
"But what about the law, Mr. Caswall?"
"Oh, the law doesn't concern itself much about dead niggers. A few more or less do not matter. To my
mind it's rather a relief!"
"I'm afraid of you," was her only comment, made with a sweet smile and in a soft voice.
"All right," he said, "let us leave it at that. Anyhow, we shall be rid of one of them!"
"I don't love niggers any more than you do," she replied, "and I suppose one mustn't be too particular
where that sort of cleaning up is concerned." Then she changed in voice and manner, and asked genially:
"And now tell me, am I forgiven?"
1814 advice (s) – conselho, aviso
1814 fault (s) – falta, defeito
1815 swelled (adj) – presunçoso, presumido, elegante, janota, grande figurão, distinto
1815 to have a bee in one's bonnet (about) - estar obcecado (com)
♣♣♣ bee (s) - abelha
♣♣♣ bonnet (s) – touca, gorro, boné, barrete
1816 wipe out (to) – matar, aniquilar, exterminar
1818 concern (to) – preocupar, perturbar
1819 rather (adv) – sem dúvida, certamente (antes, preferivelmente)
1821 let's leave it at that - ponto final; não falemos mais nisso;
1821 anyhow (adv) - (conj) – em todo o caso, de qualquer maneira, seja como for, duma maneira ou de outra
1821 to be rid of - estar liberto de; estar livre de
1822 particular (adj) – difícil (particular, específico, próprio)
1823 where (pron) – a que respeito, em que
1823 clean up (to) - limpar
1823 concern (to) – dizer respeito, envolver, interessar
1823 concerned (adj) – envolvido, interessado
1823 genially (adv) – de bom humor, com amabilidade, jovialmente
1829 altogether (adv) - completamente
1829 throw away (to) – deitar fora, desperdiçar, não aproveitar
1831 brow (s) – borda de penhasco
1831 as to – pelo que diz respeito a, quanto a
1831 locality (s) – área, vizinhança, região
1833 early (adj) - (adv) - cedo
1833 appointment (s) – encontro marcado, entrevista
1835 pipe (s) - cachimbo
"You are, dear lady--if there is anything to forgive."
As he spoke, seeing that she had moved to go, he came to the door with her, and in the most natural
way accompanied her downstairs. He passed through the hall with her and down the avenue. As he went
back to the house, she smiled to herself.
"Well, that is all right. I don't think the morning has been altogether thrown away."
And she walked slowly back to Diana's Grove.
Adam Salton followed the line of the Brow, and refreshed his memory as to the various localities. He got
home to Lesser Hill just as Sir Nathaniel was beginning lunch. Mr. Salton had gone to Walsall to keep an
early appointment; so he was all alone. When the meal was over--seeing in Adam's face that he had
something to speak about--he followed into the study and shut the door.
When the two men had lighted their pipes, Sir Nathaniel began.
"I have remembered an interesting fact about Diana's Grove--there is, I have long understood, some
strange mystery about that house. It may be of some interest, or it may be trivial, in such a tangled skein as
we are trying to unravel."
"Please tell me all you know' or suspect. To begin, then, of what sort is the mystery--physical, mental,
moral, historical, scientific, occult? Any kind of hint will help me."
"Quite right. I shall try to tell you what I think; but I have not put my thoughts on the subject in sequence,
so you must forgive me if due order is not observed in my narration. I suppose you have seen the house at
Diana's Grove?"
"The outside of it; but I have that in my mind's eye, and I can fit into my memory whatever you may
1837 tangle (adj) – emaranhado, confusão
1837 skein (s) – meada, confusão, baralhada
1838 unravel (to) - desenredar, resolver, decifrar
1839 then (conj) – portanto, por conseguinte
1840 hint (s) – vestígio, alusão, pista, palpite
1841 put on (to) – organizar, pôr
1842 due (adj) – devido, adequado
1844 fit (to) - ajustar
1847 renew (to) – renovar-se, reparar
1847 stand (to) – estar de pé
1847 or rather - ou antes
1847 use (to) – ser usado em
1848 basement (s) – cave, fundações
1848 later (adj) – mais tarde
1849 ago (adj) - (adv) – antes, anteriormente, passado, decorrido
1849 go over (to) – examinar, ver, visitar
1850 purchase (to) – comprar, adquirir
1850 do up (to) – renovar, restaurar
1851 suitable (adj) – adequado, apropriado, conveniente
1851 bride (s) - noiva
1852 intended (adj) – planeado, projectado
1852 whole (adj) – completo, integral
1852 serie (s) – sucessão, conjunto
1852 deep (adj) – fundo, profundo
1852 underground (adj) – debaixo de terra
1853 strike, struck, struck (to) – impressionar, surpreender,
chamar a atenção (bater com, bater em)
1853 masonry (s) – alvenaria, associação de pedras que,
ligadas por argamassa, formam uma construção
1854 sunk (adj) - profundo
1854 well (s) - poço
1854 build up (to) – construir, edificar
1854 floor (adj) - no chão, no soalho, no pavimento
1854 level (s) - nível
1855 windlass (s) – sarilho, molinete, guindaste, cabrestante
1856 rag (s) – trapo, farrapo
1856 Woodhull – uma localidade de Inglaterra
"The house is very old--probably the first house of some sort that stood there was in the time of the
Romans. This was probably renewed--perhaps several times at later periods. The house stands, or, rather,
used to stand here when Mercia was a kingdom--I do not suppose that the basement can be later than the
Norman Conquest. Some years ago, when I was President of the Mercian Archaeological Society, I went all
over it very carefully. This was when it was purchased by Captain March. The house had then been done
up, so as to be suitable for the bride. The basement is very strong,--almost as strong and as heavy as if it
had been intended as a fortress. There are a whole series of rooms deep underground. One of them in
particular struck me. The room itself is of considerable size, but the masonry is more than massive. In the
middle of the room is a sunk well, built up to floor level and evidently going deep underground. There is no
windlass nor any trace of there ever having been any--no rope--nothing. Now, we know that the Romans
had wells of immense depth, from which the water was lifted by the 'old rag rope'; that at Woodhull used to
be nearly a thousand feet. Here, then, we have simply an enormously deep well-hole. The door of the room
was massive, and was fastened with a lock nearly a foot square. It was evidently intended for some kind of
protection to someone or something; but no one in those days had ever heard of anyone having been
allowed even to see the room. All this is E PROPOS of a suggestion on my part that the well-hole was a
way by which the White Worm (whatever it was) went and came. At that time I would have had a search
made--even excavation if necessary--at my own expense, but all suggestions were met with a prompt and
explicit negative. So, of course, I took no further step in the matter. Then it died out of recollection--even of
"Do you remember, sir," asked Adam, "what was the appearance of the room where the well-hole was?
Was there furniture--in fact, any sort of thing in the room?"
1857 nearly (adv) – quase, próximo, de perto
1858 fasten (to) – fechar, trancar
1858 foot (s) - pé
1858 square (adj) - quadrado
1858 intended (adj) – planeado, projectado
1860 allow (to) – permitir, admitir
1860 E PROPOS – estrangeirismo que significa: vem a propósito
1861 search (s) - busca
1862 excavation (s) – escavação, desaterro
1862 expense (s) – despesa, gasto, custo
1862 meet (to) – responder a, fazer frente a, enfrentar
1862 prompt (adj) – rápido, imediato
1863 die out (to) – desaparecer, extinguir-se
1863 recollection (s) – lembrança, memória
1866 furniture (s) – mobiliário, móveis
♣♣♣ cloud (to) – turvar, manchar
1867 clouded (adj) - brumoso
1867 dim (adj) – fraco, ténue
1868 intermittent (adj) – não contínuo, intermitente
1868 quite unlike anything I had ever seen - sem nenhuma relação com tudo o que tinha visto
1872 smooth (adj) – polido, liso
1873 stumble (to) - tropeçar
1873 nearly (adv) - quase
1874 smell (s) – cheiro, odor, aroma (olfacto)
1874 for instance - por exemplo
1875 bilge (s) – fundo de porão, fundo dos barcos
1875 rank (adj) – fétido, com mau cheiro
1875 swamp (s) – pântano, charco, lodaçal, atoleiro
1875 nauseating (adj) – que provoca vómitos enjoos e náuseas
♣♣♣ nausea (s) – náusea, enjo, vontade de vomitar
1876 sick (adj) – enjoado, maldisposto, com náuseas (doente)
1876 try back (to) – voltar para trás
1876 recall (to) – lembrar-se de
"The only thing I remember was a sort of green light--very clouded, very dim--which came up from the
well. Not a fixed light, but intermittent and irregular--quite unlike anything I had ever seen."
"Do you remember how you got into the well-room? Was there a separate door from outside, or was
there any interior room or passage which opened into it?"
"I think there must have been some room with a way into it. I remember going up some steep steps; they
must have been worn smooth by long use or something of the kind, for I could hardly keep my feet as I went
up. Once I stumbled and nearly fell into the well- hole."
"Was there anything strange about the place--any queer smell, for instance?"
"Queer smell--yes! Like bilge or a rank swamp. It was distinctly nauseating; when I came out I felt as if I
had just been going to be sick. I shall try back on my visit and see if I can recall any more of what I saw or
"Then perhaps, sir, later in the day you will tell me anything you may chance to recollect."
"I shall be delighted, Adam. If your uncle has not returned by then, I'll join you in the study after dinner,
and we can resume this interesting chat."
1878 chance (to) – suceder, acontecer, calhar
1878 recollect (to) – lembrar-se, recordar
1880 resume (to) – reatar, reencetar, recomeçar
1887 undergrowth (s) – matagal, vegetação média ou rasteira
1887 parallel (adv) - paralelamente
1888 care (to) – importar-se, preocupar-se
1888 wander about (to) – passear, vaguear, dar umas voltas
1890 skirt (to) – circundar, contornar
1890 repay (to) - recompensar
1891 frontage (s) - fachada
1891 fall away (to) – descer num terreno ou precipício
1891 crouch (to) – inclinar-se, rastejar
That afternoon Adam decided to do a little exploring. As he passed through the wood outside the gate of
Diana's Grove, he thought he saw the African's face for an instant. So he went deeper into the
undergrowth, and followed along parallel to the avenue to the house. He was glad that there was no
workman or servant about, for he did not care that any of Lady Arabella's people should find him wandering
about her grounds. Taking advantage of the denseness of the trees, he came close to the house and
skirted round it. He was repaid for his trouble, for on the far side of the house, close to where the rocky
frontage of the cliff fell away, he saw Oolanga crouched behind the irregular trunk of a great oak. The man
was so intent on watching someone, or something, that he did not guard against being himself watched.
This suited Adam, for he could thus make scrutiny at will.
The thick wood, though the trees were mostly of small girth, threw a heavy shadow, so that the steep
declension, in front of which grew the tree behind which the African lurked, was almost in darkness. Adam
drew as close as he could, and was amazed to see a patch of light on the ground before him; when he
realised what it was, he was determined, more than ever to follow on his quest. The nigger had a dark
lantern in his hand, and was throwing the light down the steep incline. The glare showed a series of stone
steps, which ended in a low-lying heavy iron door fixed against the side of the house. All the strange things
he had heard from Sir Nathaniel, and all those, little and big, which he had himself noticed, crowded into his
mind in a chaotic way. Instinctively he took refuge behind a thick oak stem, and set himself down, to watch
what might occur.
1893 suit (to) – contentar, satisfazer
1893 thus (adv) – assim, desta maneira, deste modo
1893 scrutiny (s) – exame, análise
1893 at will – à vontade
1894 mostly (adv) – sobretudo, principalmente
1894 girth (s) – contorno, circunferência
1894 steep (adj) – íngreme, escarpado
1895 declension (s) – declive, descida (declínio, decadência, deterioração)
1895 lurk (to) – esconder-se, ocultar-se
1896 draw (to) – arrastar-se
1896 patch (s) – parte, porção
1897 quest (s) – busca, procura
1897 dark (adj) – misterioso, obscuro, secreto
1898 incline (s) – declive, inclinação
1898 glare (s) – brilho, intenso
1899 lying (adj) – situado, sito
1900 crowd (to) – encher, pressionar
1901 stem (s) – tronco de árvore
1904 fit (to) – adaptar-se, assentar, servir
1904 tight (adj) – apertado, bem apertado, firme
1904 slab (s) – laje, placa
1905 above (adv) - (prep) – por cima de, em cima de
1908 flaw (s) – defeito, imperfeição, falha
1909 foil (to) – desorientar, derrotar
1909 shrubbery (s) - matagal
1909 plank (s) – tábua grossa
1909 lean (to) – encostar
1912 conceal (to) – esconder, dissimular, ocultar
1912 intent (s) - intenção
1913 presently (adv) – dentro em pouco, em breve
1913 noiselessly (adv) - silenciosamente
After a short time it became apparent that the African was trying to find out what was behind the heavy
door. There was no way of looking in, for the door fitted tight into the massive stone slabs. The only
opportunity for the entrance of light was through a small hole between the great stones above the door.
This hole was too high up to look through from the ground level. Oolanga, having tried standing tiptoe on
the highest point near, and holding the lantern as high as he could, threw the light round the edges of the
door to see if he could find anywhere a hole or a flaw in the metal through which he could obtain a glimpse.
Foiled in this, he brought from the shrubbery a plank, which he leant against the top of the door and then
climbed up with great dexterity. This did not bring him near enough to the window-hole to look in, or even to
throw the light of the lantern through it, so he climbed down and carried the plank back to the place from
which he had got it. Then he concealed himself near the iron door and waited, manifestly with the intent of
remaining there till someone came near. Presently Lady Arabella, moving noiselessly through the shade,
approached the door. When he saw her close enough to touch it, Oolanga stepped forward from his
concealment, and spoke in a whisper, which through the gloom sounded like a hiss.
"I want to see you, missy--soon and secret."
"What do you want?"
"You know well, missy; I told you already."
She turned on him with blazing eyes, the green tint in them glowing like emeralds.
"Come, none of that. If there is anything sensible which you wish to say to me, you can see me here,
just where we are, at seven o'clock."
He made no reply in words, but, putting the backs of his hands together, bent lower and lower till his
forehead touched the earth. Then he rose and went slowly away.
1914 approach (to) – aproximar-se
1915 concealment (s) – esconderijo, retiro
1919 blazing (adj) – ardente, muito brilhante
1919 tint (s) – tonalidade de cor
1919 glow (to) - brilhar
1920 come (interj) – vamos!
1920 none of that! – nada disso!
1927 steal (to) – mover-se em segredo, deslocar-se furtivamente
1927 softly (adv) – suavemente, mansamente
1927 back (adj) – anterior, prévio
1927 rear (s) – parte de trás, parte traseira
1929 whence (adv) – de onde
1930 gleam (s) - cintilação
1930 soundlessly (adv) - silenciosamente
1930 undergrowth (s) - matagal
Adam Salton, from his hiding-place, saw and wondered. In a few minutes he moved from his place and
went home to Lesser Hill, fully determined that seven o'clock would find him in some hidden place behind
Diana's Grove.
At a little before seven Adam stole softly out of the house and took the back-way to the rear of Diana's
Grove. The place seemed silent and deserted, so he took the opportunity of concealing himself near the
spot whence he had seen Oolanga trying to investigate whatever was concealed behind the iron door. He
waited, perfectly still, and at last saw a gleam of white passing soundlessly through the undergrowth. He
was not surprised when he recognised the colour of Lady Arabella's dress. She came close and waited,
with her face to the iron door. From some place of concealment near at hand Oolanga appeared, and came
close to her. Adam noticed, with surprised amusement, that over his shoulder was the box with the
mongoose. Of course the African did not know that he was seen by anyone, least of all by the man whose
property he had with him.
Silent-footed as he was, Lady Arabella heard him coming, and turned to meet him. It was somewhat
hard to see in the gloom, for, as usual, he was all in black, only his collar and cuffs showing white. Lady
Arabella opened the conversation which ensued between the two.
"What do you want? To rob me, or murder me?"
"No, to lub you!"
This frightened her a little, and she tried to change the tone.
"Is that a coffin you have with you? If so, you are wasting your time. It would not hold me."
When a nigger suspects he is being laughed at, all the ferocity of his nature comes to the front; and this
man was of the lowest kind.
1934 least of all - muito menos; em último lugar
1937 collar (s) – colarinho, gola
1937 cuff (s) – punho de camisa
1938 ensue (to) – suceder, seguir-se
1939 rob (to) – roubar, furtar
1940 love (to) - amar
1942 coffin (s) – caixão, urna
1942 waste (to) – perder, desperdiçar
1942 hold (to) – fazer parar, suspender
1944 lowest (adj) – mais baixo
1946 keep off (to) – evitar, manter afastado
1946 subject (s) – assunto, tópico, tema
1946 affection (s) – afeição, ternura, amizade
1946 crazed (adj) – maluco, demente, enlouquecido
1947 elsewhere (adv) – em qualquer outra parte
1950 meet (to) – fazer frente a, enfrentar, defrontar
1951 sufuse (to) – espalhar-se, cobrir
1952 eyeball (s) – globo ocular
1952 grind (to) – ranger
1955 do (to) – convir, ser conveniente
"Dis ain't no coffin for nobody. Dis box is for you. Somefin you lub. Me give him to you!"
Still anxious to keep off the subject of affection, on which she believed him to have become crazed, she
made another effort to keep his mind elsewhere.
"Is this why you want to see me?" He nodded. "Then come round to the other door. But be quiet. I
have no desire to be seen so close to my own house in conversation with a--a--a nigger like you!"
She had chosen the word deliberately. She wished to meet his passion with another kind. Such would,
at all events, help to keep him quiet. In the deep gloom she could not see the anger which suffused his
face. Rolling eyeballs and grinding teeth are, however, sufficient signs of anger to be decipherable in the
dark. She moved round the corner of the house to her right. Oolanga was following her, when she stopped
him by raising her hand.
"No, not that door," she said; "that is not for niggers. The other door will do well enough for you!"
Lady Arabella took in her hand a small key which hung at the end of her watch-chain, and moved to a
small door, low down, round the corner, and a little downhill from the edge of the Brow. Oolanga, in
obedience to her gesture, went back to the iron door. Adam looked carefully at the mongoose box as the
African went by, and was glad to see that it was intact. Unconsciously, as he looked, he fingered the key
that was in his waistcoat pocket. When Oolanga was out of sight, Adam hurried after Lady Arabella.
1957 downhill (adv) – a descer, em declive
1957 brow (s) – borda do penhasco alto
1958 gesture (s) - gesto
1958 go back (to) – regressar, voltar
1959 go by (to) – passar, afastar-se
1959 finger (to) – tactear, manusear
1960 waistcoat (s) - colete
1963 exit (s) – falecimento, morte
1967 crisp (adj) – directo, frontal
1967 concise (adj) – breve, lacónico, sucinto
1969 forewarn (to) – advertir, prevenir, avisar
1969 forearm (to) – precaver, prevenir
1969 mistrust (to) – desconfiar de, suspeitar de
1970 impudence (s) – insolência, descaramento
1972 incredulously (adv) – incredulamente, cepticamente
1972 in spite of himself - zombeteiro
The woman turned sharply as Adam touched her shoulder.
"One moment whilst we are alone. You had better not trust that nigger!" he whispered.
Her answer was crisp and concise:
"I don't."
"Forewarned is forearmed. Tell me if you will--it is for your own protection. Why do you mistrust him?"
"My friend, you have no idea of that man's impudence. Would you believe that he wants me to marry
"No!" said Adam incredulously, amused in spite of himself.
"Yes, and wanted to bribe me to do it by sharing a chest of treasure--at least, he thought it was--stolen
from Mr. Caswall. Why do you distrust him, Mr. Salton?"
"Did you notice that box he had slung on his shoulder? That belongs to me. I left it in the gun-room
when I went to lunch. He must have crept in and stolen it. Doubtless he thinks that it, too, is full of
"He does!"
"How on earth do you know?" asked Adam.
"A little while ago he offered to give it to me--another bribe to accept him. Faugh! I am ashamed to tell
you such a thing. The beast!"
Whilst they had been speaking, she had opened the door, a narrow iron one, well hung, for it opened
easily and closed tightly without any creaking or sound of any kind. Within all was dark; but she entered as
1973 bribe (to) - subornar
1973 At least – pelo menos
1974 distrust (to) – desconfiar de, duvidar
1975 sling (to) – pendurar, suspender
1975 gun-room (s) – sala de armas
1976 creep in (to) – entrar sorrateiramente
1980 bribe (s) - suborno
1980 faugh! (interj) – que nojo!
1981 beast (s) – animal, besta, bicho
1984 misgiving (adj) – receoso, desconfiado
1984 restraint (s) – comedimento, sobriedade, autodomínio
1984 broad (adj) – claro, nítido
1984 as freely and with as little misgiving or restraint as if it had been broad daylight. - adiantou-se resolutamente, sem nenhum temor,
nem empecilho, como se andasse à plena luz
1985 flight (s) – lanço de escadas
1986 lead, led ou leaded, led ou leaded (to) – conduzir, guiar
1986 upward (adj) – em sentido ascendente
1987 trip up (to) - subir
1987 swiftly (adv) – velozmente, rapidamente, depressa
1988 enable (to) – possibilitar, permitir, capacitar
1988 outline (s) - contorno
1988 fairly (adv) – razoavelmente, toleravelmente
1988 high (adj) - alto
1991 smooth (adj) – liso, plano, brilhante, escorregadio
1993 girdle (s) – cinta, cintura
1994 bolt (s) – ferrolho, lingueta
1994 hang (to) – colocar, aplicar
freely and with as little misgiving or restraint as if it had been broad daylight. For Adam, there was just
sufficient green light from somewhere for him to see that there was a broad flight of heavy stone steps
leading upward; but Lady Arabella, after shutting the door behind her, when it closed tightly without a clang,
tripped up the steps lightly and swiftly. For an instant all was dark, but there came again the faint green light
which enabled him to see the outlines of things. Another iron door, narrow like the first and fairly high, led
into another large room, the walls of which were of massive stones, so closely joined together as to exhibit
only one smooth surface. This presented the appearance of having at one time been polished. On the far
side, also smooth like the walls, was the reverse of a wide, but not high, iron door. Here there was a little
more light, for the high-up aperture over the door opened to the air.
Lady Arabella took from her girdle another small key, which she inserted in a keyhole in the centre of a
massive lock. The great bolt seemed wonderfully hung, for the moment the small key was turned, the bolts
of the great lock moved noiselessly and the iron doors swung open. On the stone steps outside stood
Oolanga, with the mongoose box slung over his shoulder. Lady Arabella stood a little on one side, and the
African, accepting the movement as an invitation, entered in an obsequious way. The moment, however,
that he was inside, he gave a quick look around him.
"Much death here--big death. Many deaths. Good, good!"
He sniffed round as if he was enjoying the scent. The matter and manner of his speech were so
revolting that instinctively Adam's hand wandered to his revolver, and, with his finger on the trigger, he
rested satisfied that he was ready for any emergency.
There was certainly opportunity for the nigger's enjoyment, for the open well-hole was almost under his
nose, sending up such a stench as almost made Adam sick, though Lady Arabella seemed not to mind it at
all. It was like nothing that Adam had ever met with. He compared it with all the noxious experiences he
1997 obsequious (adj) – amável, servil
2000 scent (s) – cheiro, odor, perfume, aroma
2000 matter (s) - assunto
2000 manner (s) – educação, maneiras
2001 wander (to) – procurar distraidamente
2001 trigger (s) - gatilho
2004 stench (s) – cheiro pestilento ou nauseabundo
2004 At all – realmente, de facto, afinal
2005 noxious (adj) – tóxico, venenoso, nocivo, nauseabundo
2006 drainage (s) – saneamento, drenagem
2006 slaughter (adj) - de abate de animais
2006 dissecting (s) - dissecação
2007 sourness (s) - acidez
2007 waste (s) – desperdício, lixo, restos
2008 poisonous (adj) – venenoso, tóxico
2008 effluvium (s) - emanação
2008 bilge (s) – fundo de porão
2008 logged (adj) – águas paradas ou estagnadas
2008 whereon (adv) – em que, no qual
2008 drown (to) – afogar-se, inundar
2011 carry out (to) – executar, pôr em prática
2011 intention (s) – desígnio, propósito
2012 grip (s) – pancadaria, força de pulso
2013 steal up (to) – subindo furtivamente
2013 depth (s) - profundidade
2015 glide (to) – deslizar, passar sem se notar
2016 seize (to) – segurar, agarrar, apanhar
2016 elude (to) – evitar, eludir, fugir
2016 grasp (s) – acto de agarrar
2016 just (adv) - quase
had ever had--the drainage of war hospitals, of slaughter-houses, the refuse of dissecting rooms. None of
these was like it, though it had something of them all, with, added, the sourness of chemical waste and the
poisonous effluvium of the bilge of a water-logged ship whereon a multitude of rats had been drowned.
Then, quite unexpectedly, the negro noticed the presence of a third person--Adam Salton! He pulled out
a pistol and shot at him, happily missing. Adam was himself usually a quick shot, but this time his mind had
been on something else and he was not ready. However, he was quick to carry out an intention, and he was
not a coward. In another moment both men were in grips. Beside them was the dark well-hole, with that
horrid effluvium stealing up from its mysterious depths.
Adam and Oolanga both had pistols; Lady Arabella, who had not one, was probably the most ready of
them all in the theory of shooting, but that being impossible, she made her effort in another way. Gliding
forward, she tried to seize the African; but he eluded her grasp, just missing, in doing so, falling into the
mysterious hole. As he swayed back to firm foothold, he turned his own gun on her and shot. Instinctively
Adam leaped at his assailant; clutching at each other, they tottered on the very brink.
Lady Arabella's anger, now fully awake, was all for Oolanga. She moved towards him with her hands
extended, and had just seized him when the catch of the locked box--due to some movement from within-flew open, and the king-cobra-killer flew at her with a venomous fury impossible to describe. As it seized
her throat, she caught hold of it, and, with a fury superior to its own, tore it in two just as if it had been a
sheet of paper. The strength used for such an act must have been terrific. In an instant, it seemed to spout
blood and entrails, and was hurled into the well-hole. In another instant she had seized Oolanga, and with a
swift rush had drawn him, her white arms encircling him, down with her into the gaping aperture.
Adam saw a medley of green and red lights blaze in a whirling circle, and as it sank down into the well, a
pair of blazing green eyes became fixed, sank lower and lower with frightful rapidity, and disappeared,
2017 sway (to) – vacilar, oscilar, balançar
2017 foothold (s) – apoio para o pé, ponto de apoio,
posição firme e segura
2018 leap (to) – saltar, pular
2018 assailant (adj) - (s) – atacante, agressor
2018 clutch (to) – agarrar-se
2018 totter (to) – vacilar, cambalear, oscilar
2018 on the very - precisamente
2018 brink (s) – beira, borda
2019 awake (to) – provocar, suscitar
2020 seize (to) – segurar, agarrar
2020 catch (s) – ferrolho, lingueta
2021 venomous (adj) – violento, venenoso, maldoso
2022 tear (to) - rasgar
2023 spout (to) – jorrar, esguichar
2024 entrails (s plural) – intetinos, entranhas
2024 hurl (to) – atirar violentamente
2025 swift (adj) – rápido, veloz
2025 rush (s) – ataque, investida, arremetida, carga
2025 draw (to) – arrastar, mover
2025 encircle (to) – rodear, cercar, cingir, abraçar
2025 gaping (adj) – aberto, escancarado
2025 aperture (s) - abertura
2026 medley (s) - mistura
2026 sink down (to) – cair, afundar-se, descer
2027 pair (adj) - par
2027 lower (adj) - (adv) – mais baixo
2027 frightful (adj) – assustador, medonho, terrível
2027 rapidity (adj) - rapidez
2028 upward (adj) – dirigido para cima
2029 noisome (adj) – mal cheiroso, fétido
2029 shriek (s) – grito agudo, guincho
2029 chill (to) – amedrontar, assustar, sobressaltar, gelar,
2032 surround (to) – rodear, cercar
2032 charnel (adj) – ossário, ossuário
2032 pit (s) – abismo, cova, fosso
2033 bowels (s) no plural – entranhas
2033 convey (to) – transportar, levar
2033 nethermost (adj) – o mais profundo
2033 hell (s) - inferno
2033 ghastly (adj) – sinistro, monstruoso, pavoroso
2033 fate (to) – destino, fado
2034 doom (s) – destino, fatalidade, perdição
2035 veined (adj) - raiado
2035 helpless (adj) – desamparado, indefeso
2035 fear (s) – receio, medo terror
2036 milieu (s) – meio, ambiente
2036 fathomless (adj) – insondável, abismal
2036 pit (s) – abismo, cova, fosso
2037 flood (to) – encher, inundar, transbordar
2037 spot (s) - mancha
2038 frightful (adj) – assustador, medonho, terrível, tremendo
2038 stained (adj) - desonrado
2038 tell of (to) - fazer
throwing upward the green light which grew more and more vivid every moment. As the light sank into the
noisome depths, there came a shriek which chilled Adam's blood--a prolonged agony of pain and terror
which seemed to have no end.
Adam Salton felt that he would never be able to free his mind from the memory of those dreadful
moments. The gloom which surrounded that horrible charnel pit, which seemed to go down to the very
bowels of the earth, conveyed from far down the sights and sounds of the nethermost hell. The ghastly fate
of the African as he sank down to his terrible doom, his black face growing grey with terror, his white
eyeballs, now like veined bloodstone, rolling in the helpless extremity of fear. The mysterious green light
was in itself a milieu of horror. And through it all the awful cry came up from that fathomless pit, whose
entrance was flooded with spots of fresh blood. Even the death of the fearless little snake-killer--so fierce,
so frightful, as if stained with a ferocity which told of no living force above earth, but only of the devils of the
pit--was only an incident. Adam was in a state of intellectual tumult, which had no parallel in his experience.
He tried to rush away from the horrible place; even the baleful green light, thrown up through the gloomy
well-shaft, was dying away as its source sank deeper into the primeval ooze. The darkness was closing in
on him in overwhelming density--darkness in such a place and with such a memory of it!
He made a wild rush forward--slipt on the steps in some sticky, acrid-smelling mass that felt and smelt
like blood, and, falling forward, felt his way into the inner room, where the well-shaft was not.
Then he rubbed his eyes in sheer amazement. Up the stone steps from the narrow door by which he
had entered, glided the white-clad figure of Lady Arabella, the only colour to be seen on her being bloodmarks on her face and hands and throat. Otherwise, she was calm and unruffled, as when earlier she stood
aside for him to pass in through the narrow iron door.
2039 pit (s) – abismo, cova, fosso
2040 rush away (to) – afastar-se
2040 baleful (adj) – sinistro, terrível
2041 shaft (s) – abertura de poço
2041 source (s) – origem, fonte
2041 primeval (adj) – primitivo, primevo
2041 ooze (s) – lama, lodo
2041 close in (to) – aproximar-se, acercar-se, abeirar-se
2042 overwhelming (adj) – esmagador, opressivo
2042 memory (s) - recordação
2043 to rush forward - precipitar-se
2043 slipt (to) - escorregar
2043 sticky (adj) – pegajoso, viscoso
2043 feel (to) – reconhecer, tactear
2044 inner (adj) - interior
2045 rub (to) – esfregar, friccionar
2045 sheer (adj) – absoluto, completo, total
2045 amazement (s) – assombro, espanto
2046 glid (to) – deslizar, passar sem se notar
2046 clothe (to) - vestir
2047 otherwise (adv) – fora disso, sob outros aspectos
2047 unruffled (adj) – calmo, sereno, imperturbável
2047 earlier (adj) - (adv) - antecipadamente
2048 aside (adv) – à parte, de parte
2054 steady (to) – acalmar, estabilizar
2054 shake (to) – agitar, sacudir
2055 affair (s) – assunto, questão
2058 outsider (s) – estranho, intruso
2059 inmate (s) – pessoa que vive numa casa
Adam Salton went for a walk before returning to Lesser Hill; he felt that it might be well, not only to
steady his nerves, shaken by the horrible scene, but to get his thoughts into some sort of order, so as to be
ready to enter on the matter with Sir Nathaniel. He was a little embarrassed as to telling his uncle, for affairs
had so vastly progressed beyond his original view that he felt a little doubtful as to what would be the old
gentleman's attitude when he should hear of the strange events for the first time. Mr. Salton would certainly
not be satisfied at being treated as an outsider with regard to such things, most of which had points of
contact with the inmates of his own house. It was with an immense sense of relief that Adam heard that his
uncle had telegraphed to the housekeeper that he was detained by business at Walsall, where he would
remain for the night; and that he would be back in the morning in time for lunch.
When Adam got home after his walk, he found Sir Nathaniel just going to bed. He did not say anything
to him then of what had happened, but contented himself with arranging that they would walk together in the
early morning, as he had much to say that would require serious attention.
Strangely enough he slept well, and awoke at dawn with his mind clear and his nerves in their usual
unshaken condition. The maid brought up, with his early morning cup of tea, a note which had been found
in the letter-box. It was from Lady Arabella, and was evidently intended to put him on his guard as to what
he should say about the previous evening.
He read it over carefully several times, before he was satisfied that he had taken in its full import.
2060 housekeeper (s) – responsável pelo governo da casa
2063 content (to) – satisfazer-se, contentar-se
2065 dawn (s) – amanhecer, despontar do dia
2066 bring up (to) - trazer
2067 intend (to) – tencionar, planear
2067 put on (to) – pôr, colocar
2067 guard (s) – alerta, sobreaviso, prevenção, precaução
2068 previous (adj) – anterior, antecedente
2069 read over (to) - reler
2069 import (s) – significado, sentido
2073 unseemly (adj) – inconveniente, impróprio
2073 err (to) – errar, cometer erros
2074 unnerved (adj) – desanimado, desencorajado
2076 tremble (to) - tremer
2076 All over – por todo o lado (terminado)
2076 enact (to) – acontecer, decorrer, representar um papel no teatro
2076 grieved (adj) – desolado, entristecido, aflito, cheio de dor
2076 I am grieved beyond measure that I should be, however remotely, a cause of this horror coming on you - Eu estou
profundamente aflita por ter sido, embora involuntariamente, uma das causas desse pavor que o atingiu
2078 confidence (s) – confiança, segredo, confidência
2079 pang (s) – aflição, agonia, tormento
2080 lean (to) – apoiar-se, proteger-se
2080 pity (s) – piedade, dó, compaixão
2081 friendliness (s) – amizade, dedicação
2081 help (s) – ajuda, auxílio
2081 confidence (s) – confiança, confidência, segredo
I cannot go to bed until I have written to you, so you must forgive me if I disturb you, and at an
unseemly time. Indeed, you must also forgive me if, in trying to do what is right, I err in saying too
much or too little. The fact is that I am quite upset and unnerved by all that has happened in this
terrible night. I find it difficult even to write; my hands shake so that they are not under control, and I
am trembling all over with memory of the horrors we saw enacted before our eyes. I am grieved
beyond measure that I should be, however remotely, a cause of this horror coming on you. Forgive
me if you can, and do not think too hardly of me. This I ask with confidence, for since we shared
together the danger--the very pangs--of death, I feel that we should be to one another something more
than mere friends, that I may lean on you and trust you, assured that your sympathy and pity are for
me. You really must let me thank you for the friendliness, the help, the confidence, the real aid at a
time of deadly danger and deadly fear which you showed me. That awful man--I shall see him for
ever in my dreams. His black, malignant face will shut out all memory of sunshine and happiness. I
shall eternally see his evil eyes as he threw himself into that well-hole in a vain effort to escape from
the consequences of his own misdoing. The more I think of it, the more apparent it seems to me that
he had premeditated the whole thing--of course, except his own horrible death.
Perhaps you have noticed a fur collar I occasionally wear. It is one of my most valued treasures-an ermine collar studded with emeralds. I had often seen the nigger's eyes gleam covetously when he
looked at it. Unhappily, I wore it yesterday. That may have been the cause that lured the poor man to
his doom. On the very brink of the abyss he tore the collar from my neck--that was the last I saw of
him. When he sank into the hole, I was rushing to the iron door, which I pulled behind me. When I
2083 shut out (to) – afastar, bloquear
2085 misdoing=misdeed (s) – acção má, acção condenável, delito, crime
2087 fur (adj) – de pêlo, de peliça
2088 ermine (s) – pele de arminho
2088 studded (adj) – guarnecido, ornamentado
2088 covetously (adv) – cheio de cobiça
2089 lure (to) – atrair, fascinar, seduzir
2090 brink (s) - borda
2092 sickening (adj) – repugnante, revoltante, asqueroso
2092 chasm (s) – abismo, vazio
2093 spare (to) – poupar, dispensar
2093 endure (to) - suportar
2094 tear out (to) - arrancar
2094 grasp (s) – acto de agarrar, abraço
2095 noisome (adj) – chocante, desagradável, nocivo, malcheiroso
2096 embrace (s) - abraço
2096 hideous (adj) – muito feio, medonho, horrível, terrível
2097 otherwise (adv) – de outro modo
2100 unhappiness (s) – infelicidade, infortúnio, desventura
2100 live on (to) - sobreviver
2100 in additon to – além de
2101 woe (s) – aflição, angústia, pesar, mágoa
2101 get away (to) – ir embora, afastar-se de
2102 go up (to) – ir, dirigir-se
heard that soul- sickening yell, which marked his disappearance in the chasm, I was more glad than I
can say that my eyes were spared the pain and horror which my ears had to endure.
When I tore myself out of the negro's grasp as he sank into the well-hole; I realised what freedom
meant. Freedom! Freedom! Not only from that noisome prison-house, which has now such a
memory, but from the more noisome embrace of that hideous monster. Whilst I live, I shall always
thank you for my freedom. A woman must sometimes express her gratitude; otherwise it becomes too
great to bear. I am not a sentimental girl, who merely likes to thank a man; I am a woman who knows
all, of bad as well as good, that life can give. I have known what it is to love and to lose. But you must
not let me bring any unhappiness into your life. I must live on--as I have lived--alone, and, in addition,
bear with other woes the memory of this latest insult and horror. In the meantime, I must get away as
quickly as possible from Diana's Grove. In the morning I shall go up to town, where I shall remain for
a week--I cannot stay longer, as business affairs demand my presence here. I think, however, that a
week in the rush of busy London, surrounded with multitudes of commonplace people, will help to
soften--I cannot expect total obliteration--the terrible images of the bygone night. When I can sleep
easily--which will be, I hope, after a day or two-- I shall be fit to return home and take up again the
burden which will, I suppose, always be with me.
I shall be most happy to see you on my return--or earlier, if my good fortune sends you on any
errand to London. I shall stay at the Mayfair Hotel. In that busy spot we may forget some of the
dangers and horrors we have shared together. Adieu, and thank you, again and again, for all your
kindness and consideration to me.
2103 demand (to) – exigir, reivindicar
2104 commonplace (adj) – trivial, banal
2105 soften (to) – suavizar, abrandar, atenuar
2105 obliteration (s) – desaparecimento, eliminação, obliteração, anulação
2105 bygone (adj) - passado
2106 fit (adj) – pronto, apto
2106 take up (to) – tratar de um problema, pegar em (dedicar-se a actividade nova, iniciar actividade)
2107 burden (s) – fardo, carga
2109 errand (s) – tarefa, missão, incumbência
2114 effusive (adj) – efusivo, caloroso
2114 epistle (s) – carta, epístola
2115 think over (to) – pensar bem
2116 turn over (to) – dar voltas ao pensamento, ponderar
2117 bearing (s) – importância, relevância
2118 according (adv) – conforme, segundo
2118 value (s) – importância, valia
Adam was surprised by this effusive epistle, but he determined to say nothing of it to Sir Nathaniel until
he should have thought it well over. When Adam met Sir Nathaniel at breakfast, he was glad that he had
taken time to turn things over in his mind. The result had been that not only was he familiar with the facts in
all their bearings, but he had already so far differentiated them that he was able to arrange them in his own
mind according to their values. Breakfast had been a silent function, so it did not interfere in any way with
the process of thought.
So soon as the door was closed, Sir Nathaniel began:
"I see, Adam, that something has occurred, and that you have much to tell me."
"That is so, sir. I suppose I had better begin by telling you all I know--all that has happened since I left
you yesterday?"
Accordingly Adam gave him details of all that had happened during the previous evening. He confined
himself rigidly to the narration of circumstances, taking care not to colour events by any comment of his
own, or any opinion of the meaning of things which he did not fully understand. At first, Sir Nathaniel
seemed disposed to ask questions, but shortly gave this up when he recognised that the narration was
concise and self-explanatory. Thenceforth, he contented himself with quick looks and glances, easily
interpreted, or by some acquiescent motions of his hands, when such could be convenient, to emphasise
his idea of the correctness of any inference. Until Adam ceased speaking, having evidently come to an end
of what he had to say with regard to this section of his story, the elder man made no comment whatever.
Even when Adam took from his pocket Lady Arabella's letter, with the manifest intention of reading it, he did
not make any comment. Finally, when Adam folded up the letter and put it, in its envelope, back in his
2124 accordingly (adv) – em conformidade, por consequência
2124 confine (to) – limitar, restringir, confinar
2126 meaning (s) – significado, sentido
2128 concise (adj) – sucinto, breve, conciso
2128 self-explanatory (adj) – evidente, óbvio, que dispensa explicações
2128 thenceforth (adv) – daí em diante, a partir daí, desde então
2129 acquiescent (adj) - aquiescente
2129 emphasise (to) – realçar, acentuar, dar ênfase
2130 correctness (s) - exactidão
2130 inference (s) - conclusão
2130 cease (to) – cessar, suspender, parar
2131 section (s) - parte, porção
2131 elder (adj) – mais velho, mais idoso
2131 whatever (adj) - (pron) – seja o que for
2134 intimation (s) – aviso, insinuação, sugestão
2136 altogether (adv) – completamente, no geral, ao todo
2137 mutual (adj) – mútuo, recíproco
2138 enlightning (adj) – esclarecedor, elucidativo
2140 dissipate (to) - dissipar
2141 fog (s) – confusão, névoa, bruma, nevoeiro
2141 envelop (to) - envolver
2143 intend (to) – tencionar, planear, significar
pocket, as an intimation that he had now quite finished, the old diplomatist carefully made a few notes in his
"Your narrative, my dear Adam, is altogether admirable. I think I may now take it that we are both well
versed in the actual facts, and that our conference had better take the shape of a mutual exchange of ideas.
Let us both ask questions as they may arise; and I do not doubt that we shall arrive at some enlightening
"Will you kindly begin, sir? I do not doubt that, with your longer experience, you will be able to dissipate
some of the fog which envelops certain of the things which we have to consider."
"I hope so, my dear boy. For a beginning, then, let me say that Lady Arabella's letter makes clear some
things which she intended-- and also some things which she did not intend. But, before I begin to draw
deductions, let me ask you a few questions. Adam, are you heart-whole, quite heart-whole, in the matter of
Lady Arabella?"
His companion answered at once, each looking the other straight in the eyes during question and
"Lady Arabella, sir, is a charming woman, and I should have deemed it a privilege to meet her--to talk to
her--even--since I am in the confessional--to flirt a little with her. But if you mean to ask if my affections are
in any way engaged, I can emphatically answer 'No!'--as indeed you will understand when presently I give
you the reason. Apart from that, there are the unpleasant details we discussed the other day."
"Could you--would you mind giving me the reason now? It will help us to understand what is before us,
in the way of difficulty."
"Certainly, sir. My reason, on which I can fully depend, is that I love another woman!"
2144 heart-whole (adj) - apaixonado
2148 deem (to) – acreditar, imaginar
2150 emphatically (adv) – categoricamente, energicamente, enfaticamente
2150 presently (adv) – dentro em pouco, em breve
2151 apart from that - para além disso; tirando isso
2151 unpleasant (adj) – desagradável, aborrecido
2154 depend (to) – confiar, depender
2155 clinch (to) – encerrar a discussão (tomar uma decisão final)
2155 wishes (s no plural) - votos
2157 definite (adj) – definitivo, definido, preciso, certo, seguro
2159 ripple (s) – modulação da voz
2160 delay (s) – atraso, demora, adiamento
2161 whom (pron) - quem
"That clinches it. May I offer my good wishes, and, I hope, my congratulations?"
"I am proud of your good wishes, sir, and I thank you for them. But it is too soon for congratulations--the
lady does not even know my hopes yet. Indeed, I hardly knew them myself, as definite, till this moment."
"I take it then, Adam, that at the right time I may be allowed to know who the lady is?"
Adam laughed a low, sweet laugh, such as ripples from a happy heart.
"There need not be an hour's, a minute's delay. I shall be glad to share my secret with you, sir. The
lady, sir, whom I am so happy as to love, and in whom my dreams of life-long happiness are centred, is
Mimi Watford!"
"Then, my dear Adam, I need not wait to offer congratulations. She is indeed a very charming young
lady. I do not think I ever saw a girl who united in such perfection the qualities of strength of character and
sweetness of disposition. With all my heart, I congratulate you. Then I may take it that my question as to
your heart-wholeness is answered in the affirmative?"
"Yes; and now, sir, may I ask in turn why the question?"
"Certainly! I asked because it seems to me that we are coming to a point where my questions might be
painful to you."
"It is not merely that I love Mimi, but I have reason to look on Lady Arabella as her enemy," Adam
"Her enemy?"
"Yes. A rank and unscrupulous enemy who is bent on her destruction."
Sir Nathaniel went to the door, looked outside it and returned, locking it carefully behind him.
2173 rank (adj) – chocante, repulsivo, repugnante, desagradável
2173 unscrupulous (adj) – sem escrúpulos, sem consciência, sem vergonha
2173 bend (to) – inclinar-se para
2177 metabolism (s) - metabolismo, 1. FISIOLOGIA conjunto de reacções intracelulares, umas construtivas (anabolismo) e outras
destrutivas (catabolismo); 2. BIOQUÍMICA conjunto de mecanismos do organismo necessários à formação, desenvolvimento e renovação
das estruturas celulares, e à produção da energia fundamental à vida; (Do gr. metabolé, «mudança» +-ismo)
2179 grave (adj) – grave, sério, solene
2179 inconsequently (adv) – inconsequentemente, que não revela sequência lógica, irreflectidamente, incoerentemente
2181 vortex (s) – turbilhão, remoinho, voragem
2181 be mixed up (to) - estar implicado em; estar metido em
2182 robbery (s) – assalto, roubo, pilhagem
2182 calendar (s) – lista, tabela
2183 affair (s) – assunto, questão
2183 ghastly (adj) – mostruoso, horroroso, pavoroso, sinistro, hprrível
2183 bottom (s) - fundo
2183 unnerving (adj) – enervante, perturbante, desconcertante
2185 slime (s) – limo, lodo, vasa, muco de animal
2185 We must fear nothing--no conclusion, however improbable, almost impossible it may be.- Não devemos rejeitar nenhuma
conclusão, por mais improvável ou impossível ela pareça. Nada.
"Am I looking grave?" asked Sir Nathaniel inconsequently when he re- entered the room.
"You certainly are, sir."
"We little thought when first we met that we should be drawn into such a vortex. Already we are mixed
up in robbery, and probably murder, but--a thousand times worse than all the crimes in the calendar--in an
affair of ghastly mystery which has no bottom and no end--with forces of the most unnerving kind, which had
their origin in an age when the world was different from the world which we know. We are going back to the
origin of superstition--to an age when dragons tore each other in their slime. We must fear nothing--no
conclusion, however improbable, almost impossible it may be. Life and death is hanging on our judgment,
not only for ourselves, but for others whom we love. Remember, I count on you as I hope you count on me."
"I do, with all confidence."
"Then," said Sir Nathaniel, "let us think justly and boldly and fear nothing, however terrifying it may seem.
I suppose I am to take as exact in every detail your account of all the strange things which happened whilst
you were in Diana's Grove?"
"So far as I know, yes. Of course I may be mistaken in recollection of some detail or another, but I am
certain that in the main what I have said is correct."
"You feel sure that you saw Lady Arabella seize the negro round the neck, and drag him down with her
into the hole?"
"Absolutely certain, sir, otherwise I should have gone to her assistance."
2186 hanging (adj) – pendente, suspenso
2186 judgement (s) – discernimento, bom senso
2187 count (to) – contar com
2189 boldly (adv) – com ousadia, audaciosamente
2190 account (s) – relato, narrativa, descrição
2194 drag (to) – arrastar, puxar
2196 otherwise (adv) – de outro modo, senão
2196 assistance (s) – ajuda, auxílio, assistência
2197 eyewitness (s) – testemunha ocular
2199 agree (to) – coincidir, corresponder
2199 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por conseguinte, portanto
2201 liar (s) – mentiroso, intrujão
2202 apparently (adv) – manifestamente, evidentemente
2204 actuate (to) – mover
2205 blameless (adj) – inocente, sem culpa
2206 absent (adj) - ausente
2207 beyond/past/without dispute - incontestavelmente
"We have, then, an account of what happened from an eye-witness whom we trust--that is yourself. We
have also another account, written by Lady Arabella under her own hand. These two accounts do not
agree. Therefore we must take it that one of the two is lying."
"Apparently, sir."
"And that Lady Arabella is the liar!"
"Apparently--as I am not."
"We must, therefore, try to find a reason for her lying. She has nothing to fear from Oolanga, who is
dead. Therefore the only reason which could actuate her would be to convince someone else that she was
blameless. This 'someone' could not be you, for you had the evidence of your own eyes. There was no one
else present; therefore it must have been an absent person."
"That seems beyond dispute, sir."
"There is only one other person whose good opinion she could wish to keep--Edgar Caswall. He is the
only one who fills the bill. Her lies point to other things besides the death of the African. She evidently
wanted it to be accepted that his falling into the well was his own act. I cannot suppose that she expected to
convince you, the eye-witness; but if she wished later on to spread the story, it was wise of her to try to get
your acceptance of it."
"That is so!"
"Then there were other matters of untruth. That, for instance, of the ermine collar embroidered with
emeralds. If an understandable reason be required for this, it would be to draw attention away from the
green lights which were seen in the room, and especially in the well-hole. Any unprejudiced person would
accept the green lights to be the eyes of a great snake, such as tradition pointed to living in the well-hole. In
fine, therefore, Lady Arabella wanted the general belief to be that there was no snake of the kind in Diana's
2209 to fill the bill (to) - possuir as condições necessárias
2209 besides (prep) – além de
2209 She evidently wanted it to be accepted that his falling into the well was his own act - Evidentemente, ela deseja que a
queda do negro no poço seja considerada como provocada por ele mesmo.
2212 acceptance (s) – aceitação, aprovação
2214 untruth (s) – falsidade, mentira
2214 ermine (s) – pele do animal arminho
2214 embroidered (adj) - embelezado
2215 understandable (adj) – compreensível, inteligível
2215 draw away (to) – afastar, distanciar
2216 unprejudice (adj) – sem preconceitos, imparcial
2217 in fine – em resumo
2218 therefore (adv) - (conj) – portanto, por isso, por conseguinte
2219 art (s) – habilidade, arte, capacidade
2219 veneer (s) – aparência, camada superficial
2219 right through - verdadeiro/a, todo/a, completo/a,
2220 prompt (to) – impelir, incitar, induzir, levar a
2221 infer (to) – sugerir, dar a entender, inferir, deduzir
2222 look for (to) – procurar, andar à procura de
2223 digress (to) - divagar
2223 county (s) – condado, distrito
2223 celebrated (adj) – célebre, famoso
2224 turn (s) - meandro
2225 host (s) – grande número, multidão
2226 valued (adj) – apreciado, estimado
2226 explorer (s) - explorador
2227 descend (to) - descer
2227 gullet (s) – canal ou desfiladeiro estreito (garganta, esófago)
2227 abysmal (adj) – abismal, insondável, profundo
2227 peak (s) – pico, cume, cimo
2228 primeval (adj) – primitivo, primevo
2229 legend (s) – lenda, conto, saga
Grove. For my own part, I don't believe in a partial liar--this art does not deal in veneer; a liar is a liar right
through. Self-interest may prompt falsity of the tongue; but if one prove to be a liar, nothing that he says can
ever be believed. This leads us to the conclusion that because she said or inferred that there was no snake,
we should look for one--and expect to find it, too.
"Now let me digress. I live, and have for many years lived, in Derbyshire, a county more celebrated for
its caves than any other county in England. I have been through them all, and am familiar with every turn of
them; as also with other great caves in Kentucky, in France, in Germany, and a host of other places--in
many of these are tremendously deep caves of narrow aperture, which are valued by intrepid explorers, who
descend narrow gullets of abysmal depth--and sometimes never return. In many of the caverns in the Peak
I am convinced that some of the smaller passages were used in primeval times as the lairs of some of the
great serpents of legend and tradition. It may have been that such caverns were formed in the usual
geologic way--bubbles or flaws in the earth's crust--which were later used by the monsters of the period of
the young world. It may have been, of course, that some of them were worn originally by water; but in time
they all found a use when suitable for living monsters.
"This brings us to another point, more difficult to accept and understand than any other requiring belief in
a base not usually accepted, or indeed entered on--whether such abnormal growths could have ever
changed in their nature. Some day the study of metabolism may progress so far as to enable us to accept
structural changes proceeding from an intellectual or moral base. We may lean towards a belief that great
animal strength may be a sound base for changes of all sorts. If this be so, what could be a more fitting
subject than primeval monsters whose strength was such as to allow a survival of thousands of years? We
do not know yet if brain can increase and develop independently of other parts of the living structure.
2230 bubble (s) - bolha
2230 flaw (s) – fenda, greta
2232 suitable (adj) – adequado, apropriado
2232 living (adj) – vivo, que vive
2234 enter on (to) – empreender, encetar, envolver-se em, iniciar
2234 growth (s) - crescimento
2235 enable (to) – permitir, possibilitar
2236 proceed (to) – vir, provir, derivar
2236 lean (to) – inclinar-se
2237 sound (to) – tornar conhecido
2237 fitting (adj) – conveniente, adequado, apropriado
2238 primeval (adj) – primitivo, primevo
2239 increase (to) – aumentar, desenvolver-se
2241 counterpart (s) – equivalente, correspondente, correlativo, homólogo
2241 accepted (adj) – aceite, reconhecido
2241 tissue (s) - tecido
2242 wonder (s) – maravilha, prodígio
2242 slow (adj) – hesitante, brando (movimento lento, vagaroso)
2243 however (adv) - (conj) – por mais
2245 convey (to) - transmitir
2247 thus (adv) – assim, deste modo, portanto
"After all, the mediaeval belief in the Philosopher's Stone which could transmute metals, has its
counterpart in the accepted theory of metabolism which changes living tissue. In an age of investigation like
our own, when we are returning to science as the base of wonders--almost of miracles--we should be slow
to refuse to accept facts, however impossible they may seem to be.
"Let us suppose a monster of the early days of the world--a dragon of the prime--of vast age running into
thousands of years, to whom had been conveyed in some way--it matters not--a brain just sufficient for the
beginning of growth. Suppose the monster to be of incalculable size and of a strength quite abnormal--a
veritable incarnation of animal strength. Suppose this animal is allowed to remain in one place, thus being
removed from accidents of interrupted development; might not, would not this creature, in process of time-ages, if necessary--have that rudimentary intelligence developed? There is no impossibility in this; it is only
the natural process of evolution. In the beginning, the instincts of animals are confined to alimentation, self-
protection, and the multiplication of their species. As time goes on and the needs of life become more
complex, power follows need. We have been long accustomed to consider growth as applied almost
exclusively to size in its various aspects. But Nature, who has no doctrinaire ideas, may equally apply it to
concentration. A developing thing may expand in any given way or form. Now, it is a scientific law that
increase implies gain and loss of various kinds; what a thing gains in one direction it may lose in another.
May it not be that Mother Nature may deliberately encourage decrease as well as increase--that it may be
an axiom that what is gained in concentration is lost in size? Take, for instance, monsters that tradition has
accepted and localised, such as the Worm of Lambton or that of Spindleston Heugh. If such a creature
were, by its own process of metabolism, to change much of its bulk for intellectual growth, we should at
once arrive at a new class of creature--more dangerous, perhaps, than the world has ever had any
experience of--a force which can think, which has no soul and no morals, and therefore no acceptance of
2252 power follows need - a potência sucedeu à necessidade
2253 equally (adv) - igualmente
2254 concentration (s) - concentração
2254 given (adj) – determinado, dado
2256 decrease (s) – decréscimo, diminuição
2256 increase (s) – acréscimo, aumento
2257 axiom (s) – axioma, 1. FILOSOFIA, MATEMÁTICA proposição cuja validade se admite sem demonstração, no início da
exposição lógica de uma teoria matemática; 2. máxima; sentença; adágio; (Do gr. axíoma, -atos, «preço; valor», pelo lat. axióma-, àtis, «proposição evidente; axioma»)
2259 bulk (s) – capacidade, grandeza
2261 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
2262 removed (adj) – afastado, distante
2263 waken (to) – atenuar, reduzir
2263 restrict (to) - restringir
2263 warm (adj) - quente
2263 for instance – por exemplo
2264 guided (adj) – orientado, dirigido
2265 equal (to) – igualar, equiparar-se a
2267 usefully (adv) – utilmente, proveitosamente
2267 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
2267 resume (to) – reatar, recomeçar, retomar, reencetar
2269 attend (to) – prestar atenção, atender a
2271 “easy” (s) – sinceridade, sem-cerimónia, à vontade, franqueza
responsibility. A snake would be a good illustration of this, for it is cold-blooded, and therefore removed
from the temptations which often weaken or restrict warm-blooded creatures. If, for instance, the Worm of
Lambton--if such ever existed--were guided to its own ends by an organised intelligence capable of
expansion, what form of creature could we imagine which would equal it in potentialities of evil? Why, such
a being would devastate a whole country. Now, all these things require much thought, and we want to apply
the knowledge usefully, and we should therefore be exact. Would it not be well to resume the subject later
in the day?"
"I quite agree, sir. I am in a whirl already; and want to attend carefully to what you say; so that I may try
to digest it."
Both men seemed fresher and better for the "easy," and when they met in the afternoon each of them
had something to contribute to the general stock of information. Adam, who was by nature of a more
militant disposition than his elderly friend, was glad to see that the conference at once assumed a practical
trend. Sir Nathaniel recognised this, and, like an old diplomatist, turned it to present use.
"Tell me now, Adam, what is the outcome, in your own mind, of our conversation?"
"That the whole difficulty already assumes practical shape; but with added dangers, that at first I did not
"What is the practical shape, and what are the added dangers? I am not disputing, but only trying to
clear my own ideas by the consideration of yours--"
So Adam went on:
"In the past, in the early days of the world, there were monsters who were so vast that they could exist
for thousands of years. Some of them must have overlapped the Christian era. They may have progressed
intellectually in process of time. If they had in any way so progressed, or even got the most rudimentary
2273 militant (adj) – activo, militante
2273 elderly (adj) – de certa idade
2274 trend (s) – orientação, rumo, direcção (tendência)
2274 turn (to) - virar
2274 present (adj) - actual
2274 use (s) – utilidade, aplicação
2275 outcome (s) – resultado, consequência
2276 whole (adj) - todo/a
2276 added (adj) – acrescentado, somado, adicionado
2278 dispute (to) – contestar, discutir
2282 overlap (to) – coincidir, acontecer ao mesmo tempo
2285 marsh (s) – charco, pântano, paul
2285 come up (to) – surgir, chegar
2286 grow down (to) – penetrar no solo
2286 as well as – também, como também
2286 grow up (to) - crescer
2287 commit (to) – cometer, praticar
2288 primal (adj) - primitivo
2289 drag (to) – arrastar, puxar
2290 swamp (s) – pântano, charco, lodaçal
2290 intent (s) – intenção, premeditação
2290 someone=somebody (pron) - alguém
2292 take away (to) – tirar ou levar daqui
form of brain, they would be the most dangerous things that ever were in the world. Tradition says that one
of these monsters lived in the Marsh of the East, and came up to a cave in Diana's Grove, which was also
called the Lair of the White Worm. Such creatures may have grown down as well as up. They MAY have
grown into, or something like, human beings. Lady Arabella March is of snake nature. She has committed
crimes to our knowledge. She retains something of the vast strength of her primal being--can see in the
dark--has the eyes of a snake. She used the nigger, and then dragged him through the snake's hole down to
the swamp; she is intent on evil, and hates some one we love. Result. . . "
"Yes, the result?"
"First, that Mimi Watford should be taken away at once--then--"
"The monster must be destroyed."
"Bravo! That is a true and fearless conclusion. At whatever cost, it must be carried out."
"At once?"
"Soon, at all events. That creature's very existence is a danger. Her presence in this neighbourhood
makes the danger immediate."
As he spoke, Sir Nathaniel's mouth hardened and his eyebrows came down till they met. There was no
doubting his concurrence in the resolution, or his readiness to help in carrying it out. But he was an elderly
man with much experience and knowledge of law and diplomacy. It seemed to him to be a stern duty to
prevent anything irrevocable taking place till it had been thought out and all was ready. There were all sorts
of legal cruxes to be thought out, not only regarding the taking of life, even of a monstrosity in human form,
but also of property. Lady Arabella, be she woman or snake or devil, owned the ground she moved in,
according to British law, and the law is jealous and swift to avenge wrongs done within its ken. All such
2295 fearless (adj) – corajoso, intrépido
2295 whatever (adj) - (pron) – qualquer
2295 cost (s) – custo, preço
2295 carry out (to) – realizar, levar a cabo
2297 at all events - seja como for, de qualquer modo
2298 immediate (adj) – perigo iminente
2299 harden (to) – endurecer, tornar duro
2300 concurrence (s) – acordo, cooperação
2300 readiness (s) – prontidão, disponibilidade
2300 carry out (to) – realizar, levar a cabo
2300 elderly (adj) – de certa idade
2301 stern (adj) – severo, austero, rígido, inflexível, implacável
2302 prevent (to) – prevenir, evitar
2302 irrevocable (adj) – fatal, que não se pode anular, definitivo, irrevogável, permanente, perpétuo
2302 think out (to) – pensar bem sobre, considerar cuidadosamente
2303 crux (s) - dificuldade
2305 jealous (adj) – cuidadoso, cioso, zeloso
2305 swift (adj) – rápido, pronto, imediato
2305 avenge (to) - vingar
2305 ken (s) - alcance
2306 avoid (to) – evitar, fugir a
2308 postpone (to) – adiar, deixar para mais tarde, protelar, postergar
2309 problematical (adj) – discutível, problemático, incerto, (LÓGICA) possível, mas não necessariamente verdadeiro;
2310 test (to) – verificar, pensar bem
2311 waver (to) – hesitar, vacilar, titubear
2311 funk (to) – recear, ter ou estar com medo de
2312 sanction (s) – aprovação, confirmação, sanção, assentimento, ratificação, consentimento, beneplácito e ainda castigo ou pena
2314 clear up (to) – resolver, esclarecer
2315 baffling (adj) – desconcertante, desorientador
2315 meanwhile=meantime (adv) - entretanto
2315 echo (to) - ecoar
difficulties should be--must be--avoided for Mr. Salton's sake, for Adam's own sake, and, most of all, for
Mimi Watford's sake.
Before he spoke again, Sir Nathaniel had made up his mind that he must try to postpone decisive action
until the circumstances on which they depended--which, after all, were only problematical-- should have
been tested satisfactorily, one way or another. When he did speak, Adam at first thought that his friend was
wavering in his intention, or "funking" the responsibility. However, his respect for Sir Nathaniel was so great
that he would not act, or even come to a conclusion on a vital point, without his sanction.
He came close and whispered in his ear:
"We will prepare our plans to combat and destroy this horrible menace, after we have cleared up some of
the more baffling points. Meanwhile, we must wait for the night--I hear my uncle's footsteps echoing down
the hall."
Sir Nathaniel nodded his approval.
2317 approval (s) – aprovação, autorização
2325 slack (adj) – fraco, indolente, mole
2325 mean (to) – tencionar, planear
2327 pledge (to) – comprometer, garantir
2328 pit (s) – poço, fenda, abismo, cova
When old Mr. Salton had retired for the night, Adam and Sir Nathaniel returned to the study. Things
went with great regularity at Lesser Hill, so they knew that there would be no interruption to their talk.
When their cigars were lighted, Sir Nathaniel began.
"I hope, Adam, that you do not think me either slack or changeable of purpose. I mean to go through this
business to the bitter end-- whatever it may be. Be satisfied that my first care is, and shall be, the protection
of Mimi Watford. To that I am pledged; my dear boy, we who are interested are all in the same danger.
That semi- human monster out of the pit hates and means to destroy us all--you and me certainly, and
probably your uncle. I wanted especially to talk with you to-night, for I cannot help thinking that the time is
fast coming--if it has not come already--when we must take your uncle into our confidence. It was one thing
when fancied evils threatened, but now he is probably marked for death, and it is only right that he should
know all."
"I am with you, sir. Things have changed since we agreed to keep him out of the trouble. Now we dare
not; consideration for his feelings might cost his life. It is a duty--and no light or pleasant one, either. I have
not a shadow of doubt that he will want to be one with us in this. But remember, we are his guests; his
name, his honour, have to be thought of as well as his safety."
"All shall be as you wish, Adam. And now as to what we are to do? We cannot murder Lady Arabella offhand. Therefore we shall have to put things in order for the killing, and in such a way that we cannot be
taxed with a crime."
2331 fancy (to) – imaginar, supor
2331 threat (s) – ameaça, sinal de perigo iminente
2331 marked (adj) - marcado
2333 dare (to) – atrever-se, ousar
2334 pleasant (adj) - agradável
2337 offhand (adv) – de repente, sem mais nem menos, imediatamente
2338 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
2338 in such a way that - de tal modo que
2339 tax (to) – acusar, censurar
2340 exceedingly (adv) – muito, extremamente
2340 tight (adj) – apertado, estreito
2340 place (s) – lugar, local
2342 wit (s) – inteligência, talento, engenho, compreensão
2342 heartlessness (s) – desumanidade, crueldade, impiedade
2342 cocotte – estrangeirismo que significa cortesã, dama da corte
2343 impregnability (adj) – invencibilidade
2343 diplodocus – Mesozóico - É a segunda das três grandes eras
geológicas, compreendida entre -245 e -66,4 milhões de anos; inclui os
períodos Triásico, Jurássico e Cretácico.
Durante esta era os continentes estavam separados entre si e a flora e
a fauna eram muito diferentes quer das da era anterior (Paleozóico)
quer das da posterior (Cenozóico).
A meio desta era, a Laurásia, que incluía a América do Norte e a
Eurásia, estava totalmente separada de Gondwana pelo Mar de Tétis.
As rochas originárias desta era estão espalhadas por todos os
continentes, existindo inúmeros depósitos marinhos que foram
causados pelo avanço do mar em alguns períodos.
Os répteis foram, em terra, a forma de vida dominante. No período
Triásico os enormes anfíbios que viviam predominantemente na água,
os labirintodontes, eram abundantes, mas extinguiram-se de repente,
originando o rápido crescimento de rãs e sapos.
Os cotilossauros, originários do final do período Carbónico, evoluíram para
diferentes grupos de répteis, tais como as tartarugas e os tocodontes. Foi a
partir destes últimos que se desenvolveram os dinossauros, enormes e
impressionantes: os herbívoros Apatossauros e Diplodocus, o "espinhoso"
Stegossauro e o famoso carnívoro Tiranossauro. O Pterossauro, um animal
com asas semelhantes às dos morcegos, foi o antepassado das aves e um dos
répteis menos adaptados. Os dinossauros dominaram e diversificaram-se
durante o Cretácico até que subitamente se extinguiram no final do período. É
um dos grandes mistérios da paleontologia.
Os répteis marinhos eram muito diversificados e adaptados ao meio,
distinguindo-se os notossauros, placodontes, ictiossauros, plesiossauros e
mesassauros. Alguns antepassados dos peixes modernos surgiram durante o
Mesozóico, destacando-se os teleósteos, com esqueleto, que se tornaram
dominantes no final do Cretácico e que deram origem a muitas formas actuais,
entre as quais os tubarões.
Entre os invertebrados marinhos, os mais importantes foram os amonóides, de
formas direitas ou enroladas, cujos fósseis se encontram em várias zonas do
planeta. Estes seres, tal como os dinossauros, são característicos da Era
Mesozóica e também desapareceram no final da mesma.
"It seems to me, sir, that we are in an exceedingly tight place. Our first difficulty is to know where to
begin. I never thought this fighting an antediluvian monster would be such a complicated job. This one is a
woman, with all a woman's wit, combined with the heartlessness of a COCOTTE. She has the strength and
impregnability of a diplodocus. We may be sure that in the fight that is before us there will be no semblance
of fair-play. Also that our unscrupulous opponent will not betray herself!"
"That is so--but being feminine, she will probably over-reach herself. Now, Adam, it strikes me that, as
we have to protect ourselves and others against feminine nature, our strong game will be to play our
masculine against her feminine. Perhaps we had better sleep on it. She is a thing of the night; and the
night may give us some ideas."
So they both turned in.
Adam knocked at Sir Nathaniel's door in the grey of the morning, and, on being bidden, came into the
room. He had several letters in his hand. Sir Nathaniel sat up in bed.
"I should like to read you a few letters, but, of course, I shall not send them unless you approve. In fact"-with a smile and a blush--"there are several things which I want to do; but I hold my hand and my tongue till
I have your approval."
"Go on!" said the other kindly. "Tell me all, and count at any rate on my sympathy, and on my approval
and help if I can see my way."
Accordingly Adam proceeded:
2343 semblance (s) – aspecto, aparência, ar
2344 fair (adj) – correcto, leal, honesto
2344 betray (to) – revelar, denunciar, trair
2345 overreach (to) – ultrapassar, exceder
2346 strong (adj) – hábil, forte, robusto, resistente
2349 turn in (to) – ir-se deitar, deitar-se
2350 bid (to) - convidar
2354 blush (s) - rubor
2356 At any rate – de qualquer maneira, seja como for, pelo menos, ao menos
2358 accordingly (adv) – por conseguinte
2358 proceed (to) – continuar, prosseguir
2359 foreground (s) – dar prioridade a, primeiro plano
2360 work (to) – fazer (trabalhar)
2360 harm (s) – ofensa, mal, dano, ferimento
2363 practice (s) – prática, acção
2363 preliminary (s) – preparativo, antecedente
2363 unless (conj) – (prep) - a não ser que, a menos que, salvo se
2363 face (to) – enfrentar, confrontar, lidar com
2366 fatherly (adj) - paternal
"When I told you the conclusions at which I had arrived, I put in the foreground that Mimi Watford should,
for the sake of her own safety, be removed--and that the monster which had wrought all the harm should be
"Yes, that is so."
"To carry this into practice, sir, one preliminary is required-- unless harm of another kind is to be faced.
Mimi should have some protector whom all the world would recognise. The only form recognised by
convention is marriage!"
Sir Nathaniel smiled in a fatherly way.
"To marry, a husband is required. And that husband should be you."
"Yes, yes."
"And the marriage should be immediate and secret--or, at least, not spoken of outside ourselves. Would
the young lady be agreeable to that proceeding?"
"I do not know, sir!"
"Then how are we to proceed?"
"I suppose that we--or one of us--must ask her."
"Is this a sudden idea, Adam, a sudden resolution?"
"A sudden resolution, sir, but not a sudden idea. If she agrees, all is well and good. The sequence is
"And it is to be kept a secret amongst ourselves?"
"I want no secret, sir, except for Mimi's good. For myself, I should like to shout it from the house-tops!
But we must be discreet; untimely knowledge to our enemy might work incalculable harm."
2370 agreeable (adv) - concordante
2370 proceeding (s) – actuação, conduta, procedimento
2374 sudden (adj) – súbito, repentino
2375 sequence (s) – encadeamento lógico, sequência
2379 untimely (adj) – antecipado, precoce, prematuro
2379 harm (s) – ofensa, mal, dano, ferimento
2380 momentous (adj) – decisivo, grave, de grande importância
2380 question (s) – assunto, problema (pergunta, interrogação)
2381 uneasily (adv) - constrangidamente
2387 he added – acrescentou ele
2389 prompt (to) – inspirar, impelir
"And how would you suggest, Adam, that we could combine the momentous question with secrecy?"
Adam grew red and moved uneasily.
"Someone must ask her--as soon as possible!"
"And that someone?"
"I thought that you, sir, would be so good!"
"God bless my soul! This is a new kind of duty to take on--at my time of life. Adam, I hope you know that
you can count on me to help in any way I can!"
"I have already counted on you, sir, when I ventured to make such a suggestion. I can only ask," he
added, "that you will be more than ever kind to me--to us--and look on the painful duty as a voluntary act of
grace, prompted by kindness and affection."
"Painful duty!"
"Yes," said Adam boldly. "Painful to you, though to me it would be all joyful."
"It is a strange job for an early morning! Well, we all live and learn. I suppose the sooner I go the better.
You had better write a line for me to take with me. For, you see, this is to be a somewhat unusual
transaction, and it may be embarrassing to the lady, even to myself. So we ought to have some sort of
warrant, something to show that we have been mindful of her feelings. It will not do to take acquiescence
for granted--although we act for her good."
"Sir Nathaniel, you are a true friend; I am sure that both Mimi and I shall be grateful to you for all our
lives--however long they may be!"
So the two talked it over and agreed as to points to be borne in mind by the ambassador. It was striking
ten when Sir Nathaniel left the house, Adam seeing him quietly off.
2391 boldly (adv) – com ousadia, audaciosamente
2393 somewhat (pron) – (adv) - um pouco, um bocado
2395 warrant (s) – justificação, razão, fundamento
2395 mindful (adj) – atento, cuidadoso
2395 acquiescence (s) – aceitação, concordância
2396 grant (to) – concordar, admitir, conceder
2399 talk over (to) – falar sobre, discutir
2399 bear in mind (to) - lembrar-se; ter presente
2399 strike (to) – bater de horas
2400 see off (to) – despedir-se de
2400 quietly (adv) – calmamente, tranquilamente
2401 wistful (adj) – ansioso, inquieto
2401 jealous (adj) – inquieto, receoso
2401 deed (s) – acção, acto
2402 be about (to) – estar prestes
2402 he felt that his own heart was in his friend's breast - ele sentiu que seu próprio coração estava no peito de seu amigo
2403 concern (to) – relacionar-se com, dizer respeito a
2404 stand out (to) – sobressair, destacar-se
2404 boldly (adv) – vigorosamente, fortemente
2404 clearly (adv) – nítidamente, claramente
2405 illimitable (adj) - ilimitado/a
2405 wait (s) - espera
2405 fill (to) – preencher, ocupar
2405 anxiety (s) – ansiedade, preocupação
2405 chagrin (s) – aflição, angústia
2406 At all – realmente, de facto, afinal
2408 Later on – mais tarde
2410 fit (to) – adaptar-se, assentar, servir
2410 elemental (adj) – elementar, rudimentar, simples
2410 mold (to) – moldar, formar, modelar
2410 crowning (adj) – supremo, culminante
2411 entrust (to) – confiar, entregar
As the young man followed him with wistful eyes--almost jealous of the privilege which his kind deed was
about to bring him--he felt that his own heart was in his friend's breast.
The memory of that morning was like a dream to all those concerned in it. Sir Nathaniel had a confused
recollection of detail and sequence, though the main facts stood out in his memory boldly and clearly. Adam
Salton's recollection was of an illimitable wait, filled with anxiety, hope, and chagrin, all dominated by a
sense of the slow passage of time and accompanied by vague fears. Mimi could not for a long time think at
all, or recollect anything, except that Adam loved her and was saving her from a terrible danger. When she
had time to think, later on, she wondered when she had any ignorance of the fact that Adam loved her, and
that she loved him with all her heart. Everything, every recollection however small, every feeling, seemed to
fit into those elemental facts as though they had all been moulded together. The main and crowning
recollection was her saying goodbye to Sir Nathaniel, and entrusting to him loving messages, straight from
her heart, to Adam Salton, and of his bearing when-- with an impulse which she could not check--she put
her lips to his and kissed him. Later, when she was alone and had time to think, it was a passing grief to her
that she would have to be silent, for a time, to Lilla on the happy events of that strange mission.
She had, of course, agreed to keep all secret until Adam should give her leave to speak.
The advice and assistance of Sir Nathaniel was a great help to Adam in carrying out his idea of marrying
Mimi Watford without publicity. He went with him to London, and, with his influence, the young man obtained
the license of the Archbishop of Canterbury for a private marriage. Sir Nathaniel then persuaded old Mr.
Salton to allow his nephew to spend a few weeks with him at Doom Tower, and it was here that Mimi
became Adam's wife. But that was only the first step in their plans; before going further, however, Adam
took his bride off to the Isle of Man. He wished to place a stretch of sea between Mimi and the White Worm,
2412 bearing (s) – atitude, comportamento
2412 check (to) – suspender, parar
2413 passing grief – extremamente doloroso
2415 leave (adj) – autorização, permissão, licença, consentimento
2416 advice (s) – conselho, aviso
2416 assistance (s) – ajuda, auxílio
2421 take off (to) – retirar, tirar
2421 bride (s) - noiva
2421 isle (s) - ilha
2422 mature (to) - amadurecer
2423 avoid (to) - evitar
2424 but (prep) - excepto
2425 shutter (s) - portada
2425 blind (s) - persiana
2425 moreover (adv) – além disso, além de que, aliás
2425 curtain (s) - cortina
2425 draw (to) - puxar
2426 comment (to) - comentar
2427 in the meantime - entretanto; no entretanto
2429 ensconce (to) – esconder-se, meter-se
2430 storey (s) – andar, pavimento
2430 lofty (adj) – elevado, alto
2430 eminence (s) – elevação, monte, eminência
2430 high up (adj) - elevado
2431 peak (s) – planalto elevado
2431 command (to) – dominar, abranger
2431 prospect (s) – panorama, vista de paisagem
2431 rang (to) – alcançar, abranger
2431 from (prep) – desde, a partir de
2432 brow (s) – cume do monte
2432 bound (s) – limite, fronteira
2432 early (adj) – primitivo, antigo
while things matured. On their return, Sir Nathaniel met them and drove them at once to Doom, taking care
to avoid any one that he knew on the journey.
Sir Nathaniel had taken care to have the doors and windows shut and locked--all but the door used for
their entry. The shutters were up and the blinds down. Moreover, heavy curtains were drawn across the
windows. When Adam commented on this, Sir Nathaniel said in a whisper:
"Wait till we are alone, and I'll tell you why this is done; in the meantime not a word or a sign. You will
approve when we have had a talk together."
They said no more on the subject till after dinner, when they were ensconced in Sir Nathaniel's study,
which was on the top storey. Doom Tower was a lofty structure, situated on an eminence high up in the
Peak. The top commanded a wide prospect, ranging from the hills above the Ribble to the near side of the
Brow, which marked the northern bound of ancient Mercia. It was of the early Norman period, less than a
century younger than Castra Regis. The windows of the study were barred and locked, and heavy dark
curtains closed them in. When this was done not a gleam of light from the tower could be seen from
When they were alone, Sir Nathaniel explained that he had taken his old friend, Mr. Salton, into full
confidence, and that in future all would work together.
"It is important for you to be extremely careful. In spite of the fact that our marriage was kept secret, as
also your temporary absence, both are known."
"How? To whom?"
"How, I know not; but I am beginning to have an idea."
"To her?" asked Adam, in momentary consternation.
Sir Nathaniel shivered perceptibly.
2433 younger than (adj) – mais jovem que
2433 barred (adj) – com grades, gradeado
2438 in spite of - apesar de; a despeito de
2442 momentary (adj) – momentâneo, passageiro
2443 shiver (to) - tremer
2445 from now on/from now onwards - a partir de agora, de agora em diante;
2445 otherwise (adv) – de outro modo, de outra maneira
2446 divert (to) – afastar, desviar
2447 pitch (adj) – como breu
2450 shrink back (to) - recuar
2450 pressing (adj) – crítico, arriscado
"The White Worm--yes!"
Adam noticed that from now on, his friend never spoke of Lady Arabella otherwise, except when he
wished to divert the suspicion of others.
Sir Nathaniel switched off the electric light, and when the room was pitch dark, he came to Adam, took
him by the hand, and led him to a seat set in the southern window. Then he softly drew back a piece of the
curtain and motioned his companion to look out.
Adam did so, and immediately shrank back as though his eyes had opened on pressing danger. His
companion set his mind at rest by saying in a low voice:
"It is all right; you may speak, but speak low. There is no danger here--at present!"
Adam leaned forward, taking care, however, not to press his face against the glass. What he saw would
not under ordinary circumstances have caused concern to anybody. With his special knowledge, it was
appalling--though the night was now so dark that in reality there was little to be seen.
On the western side of the tower stood a grove of old trees, of forest dimensions. They were not
grouped closely, but stood a little apart from each other, producing the effect of a row widely planted. Over
the tops of them was seen a green light, something like the danger signal at a railway-crossing. It seemed
at first quite still; but presently, when Adam's eye became accustomed to it, he could see that it moved as if
trembling. This at once recalled to Adam's mind the light quivering above the well-hole in the darkness of
that inner room at Diana's Grove, Oolanga's awful shriek, and the hideous black face, now grown grey with
terror, disappearing into the impenetrable gloom of the mysterious orifice. Instinctively he laid his hand on
2454 concern (s) – ansiedade, preocupação, pesar
2454 knowledge (s) – conhecimento, informação
2455 appalling (adj) – chocante, aterrador, terrível, horrível
2456 forest (adj) – de floresta
2456 forest tree - árvore de grande porte
2457 row (s) - fileira
2457 widely (adv) – com grandes intervalos, intervaladamente, largamente, extensamente
2458 danger signal at a railway-crossing - sinal de alarme de um cruzamento de estrada de ferro.
2459 presently (adv) – dentro em pouco, em breve
2460 quiver (to) – tremer, estremecer
2461 inner (adj) – interior, interno
2461 shriek (s) – grito agudo, guincho, berro
2462 gloom (s) – escuridão, trevas
2465 glow (s) - brilho
his revolver, and stood up ready to protect his wife. Then, seeing that nothing happened, and that the light
and all outside the tower remained the same, he softly pulled the curtain over the window.
Sir Nathaniel switched on the light again, and in its comforting glow they began to talk freely.
"She has diabolical cunning," said Sir Nathaniel. "Ever since you left, she has ranged along the Brow
and wherever you were accustomed to frequent. I have not heard whence the knowledge of your
movements came to her, nor have I been able to learn any data whereon to found an opinion. She seems
to have heard both of your marriage and your absence; but I gather, by inference, that she does not actually
know where you and Mimi are, or of your return. So soon as the dusk fails, she goes out on her rounds, and
before dawn covers the whole ground round the Brow, and away up into the heart of the Peak. The White
Worm, in her own proper shape, certainly has great facilities for the business on which she is now engaged.
She can look into windows of any ordinary kind. Happily, this house is beyond her reach, if she wishes--as
2468 at close quarters - perto; muito perto;
2470 cunning (s) – astúcia, manha, habilidade, engenho, capacidade
2470 ever since - desde então
2470 range (to) – vaguear, andar, percorrer, atravessar
2471 wherever (adv) – onde quer que, em qualquer parte que
2471 whence (adv) – de onde
2472 learn (to) – instruir-se, informar-se
2472 data (s) – dados, informação
2472 whereon (adv) – sobre o qual, no qual
2472 opinion (s) – opinião, parecer
2473 gather (to) – deduzir, concluir
2473 inference (s) – dedução, conclusão
2473 actually (adv) – realmente, efectivamente
2474 dusk (s) – crepúsculo, escurecer
2474 fail (to) – ser insuficiente, não chegar, carecer de luz
2475 away (adv) - longe
2475 peak (s) - planalto
2478 height (s) – altura, refere-se à altura da torre
2478 lest (conj) – para evitar que
2479 learn (to) – ficar a saber, ficar a conhecer, informar-se
2481 will (to) – querer, desejar
2481 slight (adj) – leve, ligeiro, pequeno
2483 expostulatory (adj) – que reclama, que roga, que suplica
2484 lad (s) – rapaz, jovem
2484 at stake - em jogo
2486 blanch (to) – empalidecer, perder a cor
2486 ghastly (adj) – sinistro, monstruoso, pavoroso
2487 reassure (to) – tranquilizar, voltar a animar
she manifestly does--to remain unrecognised. But, even at this height, it is wise to show no lights, lest she
might learn something of our presence or absence."
"Would it not be well, sir, if one of us could see this monster in her real shape at close quarters? I am
willing to run the risk--for I take it there would be no slight risk in the doing. I don't suppose anyone of our
time has seen her close and lived to tell the tale."
Sir Nathaniel held up an expostulatory hand.
"Good God, lad, what are you suggesting? Think of your wife, and all that is at stake."
"It is of Mimi that I think--for her sake that I am willing to risk whatever is to be risked."
Adam's young bride was proud of her man, but she blanched at the thought of the ghastly White Worm.
Adam saw this and at once reassured her.
"So long as her ladyship does not know whereabout I am, I shall have as much safety as remains to us;
bear in mind, my darling, that we cannot be too careful."
Sir Nathaniel realised that Adam was right; the White Worm had no supernatural powers and could not
harm them until she discovered their hiding place. It was agreed, therefore, that the two men should go
When the two men slipped out by the back door of the house, they walked cautiously along the avenue
which trended towards the west. Everything was pitch dark--so dark that at times they had to feel their way
by the palings and tree-trunks. They could still see, seemingly far in front of them and high up, the baleful
light which at the height and distance seemed like a faint line. As they were now on the level of the ground,
the light seemed infinitely higher than it had from the top of the tower. At the sight Adam's heart fell; the
danger of the desperate enterprise which he had undertaken burst upon him. But this feeling was shortly
2488 ladyship (s) – senhoria, excelência
2488 whereabout=whereabouts (adv) – onde, por onde, em que lugar
2488 remain (to) – restar, sobrar, sobejar, (ficar, permanecer)
2489 bear in mind (to) – lembrar-se, ter presente
2491 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por conseguinte, por isso, portanto
2493 slip out (to) – sair dando uma saltada a, ir-se embora eclipsando-se
2494 trend (to) – dirigir-se, estender-se
2495 paling (s) – vedação, paliçada
2495 baleful (adj) – ameaçador, sinistro, terrível, maligno
2496 faint (adj) – fraco, débil
2498 undertake (to) – empreender, encarregar-se de, assumir
2498 burst upon (to) – subjugar, submeter, dominar, render, irromper por
2499 restore (to) – restabelecer, revigorar, recuperar
2499 loathing (s) – aversão, repugnância
2501 fairly (adv) - razoavelmente
2507 circling (adj) – do meio de, circundante
2508 comparison (s) - comparação
2508 misty (adj) – indistinto, vago, impreciso (com nevoeiro, enevoado)
2509 by (adv) – perto,próximo
2509 seek, sought, sought (to) - procurar
followed by another which restored him to himself--a fierce loathing, and a desire to kill, such as he had
never experienced before.
They went on for some distance on a level road, fairly wide, from which the green light was visible. Here
Sir Nathaniel spoke softly, placing his lips to Adam's ear for safety.
"We know nothing whatever of this creature's power of hearing or smelling, though I presume that both
are of no great strength. As to seeing, we may presume the opposite, but in any case we must try to keep
in the shade behind the tree-trunks. The slightest error would be fatal to us."
Adam only nodded, in case there should be any chance of the monster seeing the movement.
After a time that seemed interminable, they emerged from the circling wood. It was like coming out into
sunlight by comparison with the misty blackness which had been around them. There was light enough to
see by, though not sufficient to distinguish things at a distance. Adam's eyes sought the green light in the
sky. It was still in about the same place, but its surroundings were more visible. It was now at the summit of
what seemed to be a long white pole, near the top of which were two pendant white masses, like
rudimentary arms or fins. The green light, strangely enough, did not seem lessened by the surrounding
starlight, but had a clearer effect and a deeper green. Whilst they were carefully regarding this--Adam with
the aid of an opera-glass--their nostrils were assailed by a horrid stench, something like that which rose
from the well-hole in Diana's Grove.
By degrees, as their eyes got the right focus, they saw an immense towering mass that seemed snowy
white. It was tall and thin. The lower part was hidden by the trees which lay between, but they could follow
the tall white shaft and the duplicate green lights which topped it. As they looked there was a movement-the shaft seemed to bend, and the line of green light descended amongst the trees. They could see the
green light twinkle as it passed between the obstructing branches.
2510 surroundings (s plural) – arredores, cercanias
2510 summit (s) – cimo, ponto mais alto
2511 pole (s) – poste, vara, estaca
2512 fin (s) - barbatana
2512 enough (adj) – muito, bastante
2512 lessened (adj) – diminuido/a, atenuado/a
2513 deep (adj) – forte, intenso, profundo, fundo
2514 assail (to) - atacar
2514 stench (s) – cheiro pestilento, cheiro nauseabundo, fedor
2516 by degrees – por etapas
2516 focus (s) – centro, ponto central
2516 towering (adj) – muito alto, muito elevado
2517 tall (adj) – alto, elevado
2517 thin (adj) – fino, delgado
2518 shaft (s) – haste, mastro
2518 duplicate (adj) – de dois, duplo, duplicado
2522 coil (s) - espiral
2523 upright (adj) – vertical, perpendicular, direito, de pé
2523 glistening (adj) – brilhante, cintilante, reluzente
2523 fold (s) – ondulação, dobra
2525 swift (adj) – rápido, veloz
2525 pace (s) – ritmo, andamento, velocidade, passo
2526 footfall (s) – ruído de passos, passadas
Seeing where the head of the monster was, the two men ventured a little further forward, and saw that
the hidden mass at the base of the shaft was composed of vast coils of the great serpent's body, forming a
base from which the upright mass rose. As they looked, this lower mass moved, the glistening folds
catching the moonlight, and they could see that the monster's progress was along the ground. It was coming
towards them at a swift pace, so they turned and ran, taking care to make as little noise as possible, either
by their footfalls or by disturbing the undergrowth close to them. They did not stop or pause till they saw
before them the high dark tower of Doom.
Sir Nathaniel was in the library next morning, after breakfast, when Adam came to him carrying a letter.
"Her ladyship doesn't lose any time. She has begun work already!"
Sir Nathaniel, who was writing at a table near the window, looked up.
"What is it?" said he.
Adam held out the letter he was carrying. It was in a blazoned envelope.
"Ha!" said Sir Nathaniel, "from the White Worm! I expected something of the kind."
"But," said Adam, "how could she have known we were here? She didn't know last night."
2533 ladyship (s) – senhoria, excelência
2536 hold out (to) - estender
2540 suffice (to) – chegar, bastar, ser suficiente, satisfazer
2542 reasoning (s) - raciocínio
2543 nearly (adv) – de perto, particularmente, muito
2545 shun (to) – evitar intencionalmente, fugir a
2545 in spite of - apesar de; a despeito de
2545 bulk (s) – tamanho, grandeza
2547 squirm (to) – contorcer-se, enroscar-se
2547 proceed (to) – agir, proceder, actuar, fazer
2547 stealth (s) – actuação furtiva, disfarce, dissimulação
2547 cunning (s) – astúcia, manha, habilidade, engenho
2547 run away (to) – fugir, escapar
"I don't think we need trouble about that, Adam. There is so much we do not understand. This is only
another mystery. Suffice it that she does know--perhaps it is all the better and safer for us."
"How is that?" asked Adam with a puzzled look.
"General process of reasoning, my boy; and the experience of some years in the diplomatic world. This
creature is a monster without heart or consideration for anything or anyone. She is not nearly so dangerous
in the open as when she has the dark to protect her. Besides, we know, by our own experience of her
movements, that for some reason she shuns publicity. In spite of her vast bulk and abnormal strength, she
is afraid to attack openly. After all, she is only a snake and with a snake's nature, which is to keep low and
squirm, and proceed by stealth and cunning. She will never attack when she can run away, although she
knows well that running away would probably be fatal to her. What is the letter about?"
Sir Nathaniel's voice was calm and self-possessed. When he was engaged in any struggle of wits he
was all diplomatist.
"She asks Mimi and me to tea this afternoon at Diana's Grove, and hopes that you also will favour her."
Sir Nathaniel smiled.
"Please ask Mrs. Salton to accept for us all."
"She means some deadly mischief. Surely--surely it would be wiser not."
"It is an old trick that we learn early in diplomacy, Adam--to fight on ground of your own choice. It is true
that she suggested the place on this occasion; but by accepting it we make it ours. Moreover, she will not be
able to understand our reason for doing so, and her own bad conscience--if she has any, bad or good--and
her own fears and doubts will play our game for us. No, my dear boy, let us accept, by all means."
2549 possessed (adj) – controlado, comedido
2549 wits (s) – inteligências, cérebros, muita manha, muita astúcia, refere-se a um combate entre inteligências
2550 diplomatist (s) - 2. pessoa hábil e com um tacto especial para resolver situações complicadas;
2551 favour (to) – honrar, neste caso com a sua presença
2554 mischief (s) – cilada, emboscada, traição, ardil (travessura, partida)
2554 wise (adj) – sábio, sagaz
2555 trick (s) – habilidade, truque
2556 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás
2558 by all means - faça favor;
2559 hold out (to) - estender
2562 to make a point of doing something - fazer questão em fazer algo; ter o cuidado de fazer algo
2562 go in state (to) – ir com pompa ou aparato
2562 inquiringly (adv) - interrogadoramente
2566 court (s) – corte, residência de soberano
2568 convincing (adj) - convincente
Adam said nothing, but silently held out his hand, which his companion shook: no words were
When it was getting near tea-time, Mimi asked Sir Nathaniel how they were going.
"We must make a point of going in state. We want all possible publicity." Mimi looked at him inquiringly.
"Certainly, my dear, in the present circumstances publicity is a part of safety. Do not be surprised if, whilst
we are at Diana's Grove, occasional messages come for you--for all or any of us."
"I see!" said Mrs. Salton. "You are taking no chances."
"None, my dear. All I have learned at foreign courts, and amongst civilised and uncivilised people, is
going to be utilised within the next couple of hours."
Sir Nathaniel's voice was full of seriousness, and it brought to Mimi in a convincing way the awful gravity
of the occasion
In due course, they set out in a carriage drawn by a fine pair of horses, who soon devoured the few miles
of their journey. Before they came to the gate, Sir Nathaniel turned to Mimi.
"I have arranged with Adam certain signals which may be necessary if certain eventualities occur. These
need be nothing to do with you directly. But bear in mind that if I ask you or Adam to do anything, do not
lose a second in the doing of it. We must try to pass off such moments with an appearance of unconcern.
In all probability, nothing requiring such care will occur. The White Worm will not try force, though she has
so much of it to spare. Whatever she may attempt to-day, of harm to any of us, will be in the way of secret
plot. Some other time she may try force, but--if I am able to judge such a thing--not to-day. The
messengers who may ask for any of us will not be witnesses only, they may help to stave off danger."
Seeing query in her face, he went on: "Of what kind the danger may be, I know not, and cannot guess. It
2570 due (adj) – adequado, devido
2570 course (s) – caminho, direcção, rota
2570 set out (to) – partir para uma viagem
2574 pass off (to) – desenrolar de acontecimentos
2574 appearance (s) – aparência, aspecto
2574 unconcern (s) – calma, sangue frio
2575 care (s) – cuidado, preocupação
2576 spare (to) – dar, ceder, dispensar
2576 attempt (to) – tentar, intentar, provocar
2577 plot (s) – enredo, intriga
2578 witness (s) - testemunha
2578 stave off (to) – adiar, atrasar, afastar, evitar
2579 query (s) – dúvida, interrogação
2580 circumstance (s) – incidente, circunstância, ocasião, motivo
2580 account (s) – motivo, causa
2582 livery (s) – uniforme de criado
2582 drawing room - sala de visitas; salão para recepções
2583 (local, competição, debate, etc.) to throw something open (to the public/...) - abrir algo (ao público/...);
2583 forth (adv) – para a frente, para diante, em lugar de realce
2583 get over (to) – recompor-se, harmonizar-se, refazer-se, reorganizar-se
2585 acutely (adj) – intensamente, vivamente, extremamente
2585 suspicious (adj) – desconfiado, cheio de suspeitas
2586 outer (adj) – externo, exterior, de fora, mais afastado
2587 wherein (adv) – em que, naquilo que
2587 quietly (adv) – calmamente, silenciosamente, tranquilamente, serenamente
2588 intently (adv) – atentamente, intensamente
2589 fancy (to) – captar a atenção de alguém, acenar
2589 approval (s) - aprovação
will doubtless be some ordinary circumstance; but none the less dangerous on that account. Here we are at
the gate. Now, be careful in all matters, however small. To keep your head is half the battle."
There were a number of men in livery in the hall when they arrived. The doors of the drawing-room were
thrown open, and Lady Arabella came forth and offered them cordial welcome. This having been got over,
Lady Arabella led them into another room where tea was served.
Adam was acutely watchful and suspicious of everything, and saw on the far side of this room a panelled
iron door of the same colour and configuration as the outer door of the room where was the well- hole
wherein Oolanga had disappeared. Something in the sight alarmed him, and he quietly stood near the door.
He made no movement, even of his eyes, but he could see that Sir Nathaniel was watching him intently,
and, he fancied, with approval.
They all sat near the table spread for tea, Adam still near the door. Lady Arabella fanned herself,
complaining of heat, and told one of the footmen to throw all the outer doors open.
Tea was in progress when Mimi suddenly started up with a look of fright on her face; at the same
moment, the men became cognisant of a thick smoke which began to spread through the room--a smoke
which made those who experienced it gasp and choke. The footmen began to edge uneasily towards the
inner door. Denser and denser grew the smoke, and more acrid its smell. Mimi, towards whom the draught
from the open door wafted the smoke, rose up choking, and ran to the inner door, which she threw open to
its fullest extent, disclosing on the outside a curtain of thin silk, fixed to the doorposts. The draught from the
open door swayed the thin silk towards her, and in her fright, she tore down the curtain, which enveloped
her from head to foot. Then she ran through the still open door, heedless of the fact that she could not see
where she was going. Adam, followed by Sir Nathaniel, rushed forward and joined her--Adam catching his
2590 to spread the table - pôr a mesa
2590 fan (to) – abanar com leque
2591 complain (to) – queixar-se, lamentar-se
2591 heat (s) - calor
2591 footman (s) – criado, lacaio
2591 (local, competição, debate, etc.) to throw something
open (to the public/...) - abrir algo (ao público/...);
2592 start up (to) – levantar-se repentinamente
2593 cognizant (adj) – conhecedor, sabedor de
2594 gasp (to) – respirar com dificuldade, arfar, arquejar
2594 choke (to) – abafar, sufocar, paralisar
2594 edge (to) – mover, deslocar
2594 uneasily (adv) – agitadamente, preocupadamente, com
2595 dense (adj) – denso, compacto
2595 acrid (adj) – amargo, corrosivo, cáustico
2595 drawght (s) – corrente de ar
2596 waft (to) – levar suavemente pelo ar
2597 extent (s) – tamanho, dimensão
2597 disclose (to) – descobrir, revelar, divulgar
2597 curtain (s) - cortina
2597 silk (s) - seda
2597 doorpost (s) – ombreira da porta
2597 drawght (s) – corrente de ar
2598 sway (to) – balançar, oscilar
2599 heedless (adj) – descuidadamente, imprudentemente,
2601 tight (adj) – apertado, firme
2603 slippery (adj) - escorregadio
2603 spilled (adj) – derramado, entornado
2604 shoot (to) – precipitar-se
2604 stumble (to) - tropeçar
2605 fling (to) – arremessar-se, precipitar-se
2605 tell (to) – contar, fazer-se notar
2605 drag (to) – arrastar, puxar
2608 sustain (to) – encorajar, confortar
2609 thus (adv) – assim, deste modo, portanto
2609 master (s) - senhor
2610 wonderment (s) – assombro, espanto
2611 gaily=gayly (adv) – alegremente, com ar vivo
2611 guiding (adj) - orientador
2611 pressure (s) - pressão
wife by the arm and holding her tight. It was well that he did so, for just before her lay the black orifice of the
well-hole, which, of course, she could not see with the silk curtain round her head. The floor was extremely
slippery; something like thick oil had been spilled where she had to pass; and close to the edge of the hole
her feet shot from under her, and she stumbled forward towards the well- hole.
When Adam saw Mimi slip, he flung himself backward, still holding her. His weight told, and he dragged
her up from the hole and they fell together on the floor outside the zone of slipperiness. In a moment he had
raised her up, and together they rushed out through the open door into the sunlight, Sir Nathaniel close
behind them. They were all pale except the old diplomatist, who looked both calm and cool. It sustained
and cheered Adam and his wife to see him thus master of himself. Both managed to follow his example, to
the wonderment of the footmen, who saw the three who had just escaped a terrible danger walking together
gaily, as, under the guiding pressure of Sir Nathaniel's hand, they turned to re-enter the house.
Lady Arabella, whose face had blanched to a deadly white, now resumed her ministrations at the teaboard as though nothing unusual had happened. The slop-basin was full of half-burned brown paper, over
which tea had been poured.
Sir Nathaniel had been narrowly observing his hostess, and took the first opportunity afforded him of
whispering to Adam:
"The real attack is to come--she is too quiet. When I give my hand to your wife to lead her out, come
with us--and caution her to hurry. Don't lose a second, even if you have to make a scene. Hs- s-s-h!"
Then they resumed their places close to the table, and the servants, in obedience to Lady Arabella's
order, brought in fresh tea.
Thence on, that tea-party seemed to Adam, whose faculties were at their utmost intensity, like a terrible
dream. As for poor Mimi, she was so overwrought both with present and future fear, and with horror at the
2612 blanch (to) - empalidecer
2612 resume (to) – reatar, recomeçar, retomar
2612 ministration (s) – distribuição, cuidado, assistência
2613 board (s) - tabuleiro
2613 slop basin - recipiente para recolher o que fica no fundo de chávenas servidas
2615 narrowly (adv) – atentamente, minuciosamente
2615 hostess (s) – anfitriã, dona da casa
2615 afford (to) – proporcionar, conceder
2619 resume (to) – retomar
2621 thence (adv) – por conseguinte
2621 utmost (adj) – mais elevado, máximo
2622 As for, as to, as regards – pelo que diz respeito a, quanto a
2622 overwrought (adj) – cansado/a, exausto/a, extenuado/a
2623 dumb (adj) – paralisado, entorpecido
2623 to brace oneself up - retemperar-se; animar-se
2623 trial (s) – provação, problema, dificuldade
2624 assured (adj) - animado/a, encorajado/a (certo, seguro)
2625 suave (adj) – muito delicado, suave, agradável, afável
2625 dignified (adj) – digno, solene
2625 thoughtful (adj) – atento, atencioso, amável
2626 to be ill at ease - não estar à vontade
2629 compound (to) – misturar, combinar
2629 sweetness (s) – doçura, suavidade
2630 thoughtful (adj) – atencioso, amável, solícito
2630 tender (adj) – terno, meigo, carinhoso, afectuoso
2630 honour (s) – reverência, respeito
2631 clear away (to) - arrumar
2631 cup (s) - chávena
2632 waist (s) – cintura, cinta
2632 stroll (to) – passear sem pressas, vaguear
2632 adjoining (adj) – contíguo, adjacente, confinante
2632 collect (to) – juntar, apanhar
2633 scatter (to) - espalhar
danger she had escaped, that her faculties were numb. However, she was braced up for a trial, and she felt
assured that whatever might come she would be able to go through with it. Sir Nathaniel seemed just as
usual--suave, dignified, and thoughtful-- perfect master of himself.
To her husband, it was evident that Mimi was ill at ease. The way she kept turning her head to look
around her, the quick coming and going of the colour of her face, her hurried breathing, alternating with
periods of suspicious calm, were evidences of mental perturbation. To her, the attitude of Lady Arabella
seemed compounded of social sweetness and personal consideration. It would be hard to imagine more
thoughtful and tender kindness towards an honoured guest.
When tea was over and the servants had come to clear away the cups, Lady Arabella, putting her arm
round Mimi's waist, strolled with her into an adjoining room, where she collected a number of photographs
which were scattered about, and, sitting down beside her guest, began to show them to her. While she was
doing this, the servants closed all the doors of the suite of rooms, as well as that which opened from the
room outside--that of the well-hole into the avenue. Suddenly, without any seeming cause, the light in the
room began to grow dim. Sir Nathaniel, who was sitting close to Mimi, rose to his feet, and, crying, "Quick!"
caught hold of her hand and began to drag her from the room. Adam caught her other hand, and between
them they drew her through the outer door which the servants were beginning to close. It was difficult at
first to find the way, the darkness was so great; but to their relief when Adam whistled shrilly, the carriage
and horses, which had been waiting in the angle of the avenue, dashed up. Her husband and Sir Nathaniel
lifted--almost threw--Mimi into the carriage. The postillion plied whip and spur, and the vehicle, rocking with
its speed, swept through the gate and tore up the road. Behind them was a hubbub-- servants rushing
about, orders being shouted out, doors shutting, and somewhere, seemingly far back in the house, a
strange noise. Every nerve of the horses was strained as they dashed recklessly along the road. The two
2634 suite of rooms - apartamento
2635 seeming (adj) – aparente, suposto
2636 dim (adj) – fraco, ténue
2637 to catch hold of - agarrar-se a;
2638 outer (adj) – externo, exterior
2639 whistle (to) - assobiar
2639 shrilly (adv) - estridentemente
2640 angle (s) - canto
2640 dash up (to) – mover-se rapidamente, precipitar-se
2641 lift (to) – acto de levantar, de erguer
2641 ply (to) – usar diligentemente, manejar vigorosamente
2641 whip (s) - chicote
2641 spur (s) – espora, aguilhão
2641 rock (to) – balançar, abanar, oscilar
2642 sweep (to) – passar velozmente, passar impetuosamente, precipitar-se
2642 tear up (to) – ir a toda a velocidade
2642 hubbub (s) – tumulto, gritaria, confusão
2644 dash (to) – mover-se rapidamente, precipitar-se
2644 recklessly (adv) – temerariamente, ousadamente, arrojadamente, audaciosamente, destemidamente
2645 protectingly (adv) - protectoramente
2646 rise (s) – subida, ladeira, rampa
2646 racing (adj) – rápido, acelerado
2647 slack (to) – abrandar, afrouxar, acalmar, moderar
2647 hill (s) – encosta, ladeira
2647 fall away (to) – descer um terreno inclinado
2647 leave (to) – permitir (sair, ir, partir)
2647 downgrade (s) – descida, rampa descendente
2649 keenly (adv) – vivamente, profundamente
2649 inured (adj) – habituado, acostumado
2650 bear up (to) – aguentar-se, manter a cabeça erguida
2650 helpful (adj) – útil, bom
2651 Lie, lay, lain (to) – conservar-se, permanecer, estar, encontrar-se
2651 attempt (to) – tentar, intentar
2651 peep out (to) - espreitar
2652 nowhere (adv) – em parte alguma
2654 unseen (adj) – sem ser visto, despercebido
men held Mimi between them, the arms of both of them round her as though protectingly. As they went,
there was a sudden rise in the ground; but the horses, breathing heavily, dashed up it at racing speed, not
slackening their pace when the hill fell away again, leaving them to hurry along the downgrade.
It would be foolish to say that neither Adam nor Mimi had any fear in returning to Doom Tower. Mimi felt
it more keenly than her husband, whose nerves were harder, and who was more inured to danger. Still she
bore up bravely, and as usual the effort was helpful to her. When once she was in the study in the top of the
turret, she almost forgot the terrors which lay outside in the dark. She did not attempt to peep out of the
window; but Adam did--and saw nothing. The moonlight showed all the surrounding country, but nowhere
was to be observed that tremulous line of green light.
The peaceful night had a good effect on them all; danger, being unseen, seemed far off. At times it was
hard to realise that it had ever been. With courage restored, Adam rose early and walked along the Brow,
seeing no change in the signs of life in Castra Regis. What he did see, to his wonder and concern, on his
returning homeward, was Lady Arabella, in her tight-fitting white dress and ermine collar, but without her
emeralds; she was emerging from the gate of Diana's Grove and walking towards the Castle. Pondering on
this and trying to find some meaning in it, occupied his thoughts till he joined Mimi and Sir Nathaniel at
breakfast. They began the meal in silence. What had been had been, and was known to them all.
Moreover, it was not a pleasant topic.
A fillip was given to the conversation when Adam told of his seeing Lady Arabella, on her way to Castra
Regis. They each had something to say of her, and of what her wishes or intentions were towards Edgar
Caswall. Mimi spoke bitterly of her in every aspect. She had not forgotten--and never would--never could-the occasion when, to harm Lilla, the woman had consorted even with the nigger. As a social matter, she
was disgusted with her for following up the rich landowner--"throwing herself at his head so shamelessly,"
2657 homeward (adv) – de regresso a casa
2657 fitting (adj) – adequado, apropriado, conveniente
2658 ponder (to) – reflectir, meditar, ponderar
2661 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
2662 fillip (s) – piparote, estímulo
2664 bitterly (adv) - amargamente
2665 consort (to) – ligar-se, associar-se
2666 follow up (to) – seguir de perto
2666 throw (to) – lançar-se, atirar-se
2666 shamelessly (adv) – desavergonhadamente, descaradamente, escandalosamente
2668 express (to) – manifestar, exprimir, transmitir
2669 cheek (s) – descaramento, atrevimento, lata
2669 impudence (s) – insolência, descaramento, falta de respeito
2670 granted (adj) – admitido, com concordância
2670 that (adv) – de tal modo, a tal ponto
2670 overlook (to) – fechar os olhos, deixar passar, tolerar
2670 also (adv) - também
was how she expressed it. She was interested to know that the great kite still flew from Caswall's tower.
But beyond such matters she did not try to go. The only comment she made was of strongly expressed
surprise at her ladyship's "cheek" in ignoring her own criminal acts, and her impudence in taking it for
granted that others had overlooked them also.
The more Mimi thought over the late events, the more puzzled she was. What did it all mean--what
could it mean, except that there was an error of fact somewhere. Could it be possible that some of them--all
of them had been mistaken, that there had been no White Worm at all? On either side of her was a belief
impossible of reception. Not to believe in what seemed apparent was to destroy the very foundations of
belief. . . yet in old days there had been monsters on the earth, and certainly some people had believed in
just such mysterious changes of identity. It was all very strange. Just fancy how any stranger--say a doctor-would regard her, if she were to tell him that she had been to a tea-party with an antediluvian monster, and
that they had been waited on by up-to-date men-servants.
2673 startling (adj) – espantoso, surpreendente
2673 proposition (s) - proposta
2676 of fact – de facto
2677 on either side - de cada lado
2678 reception (s) – aceitação de ideia
2678 apparent (adj) – evidente, manifesto, visível, palpável, notório
2680 fancy!/fancy that!/just fancy! - ora veja lá!; imagine!;
2681 regard (to) – considerar, respeitar, julgar
2682 wait on (to) - servir
2682 up-to-date (adj) – moderno, actualizado
2683 exhilarated (adj) – animado, alegre, entusiasmado
2683 settled (adj) - decidido
2684 phase (s) – fase, estádio, período
2684 inability (s) - incapacidade
2685 extent (s) – grau, extensão
2685 ill (adj) - doentio
2685 effect (s) – efeito, resultado, consequência
2686 ordeal (s) – má experiência, provação, tortura, suplício
2686 to brace oneself up - retemperar-se; animar-se
2686 seek (to) - procurar
2687 talk over (to) – discutir, falar sobre
2687 common (adj) – simples, comum, habitual
2687 sense (s) – lucidez, senso, bom senso, razão, juízo
2687 reliance (s) - confiança
2688 helpful (adj) – útil, bom
2690 at all events - seja como for, de qualquer modo
2691 demeanour (s) – comportamento, procedimento
2692 charm (s) – encanto, simpatia
Adam had returned, exhilarated by his walk, and more settled in his mind than he had been for some
time. Like Mimi, he had gone through the phase of doubt and inability to believe in the reality of things,
though it had not affected him to the same extent. The idea, however, that his wife was suffering ill-effects
from her terrible ordeal, braced him up. He remained with her for a time, then he sought Sir Nathaniel in
order to talk over the matter with him. He knew that the calm common sense and self-reliance of the old
man, as well as his experience, would be helpful to them all.
Sir Nathaniel had come to the conclusion that, for some reason which he did not understand, Lady
Arabella had changed her plans, and, for the present at all events, was pacific. He was inclined to attribute
her changed demeanour to the fact that her influence over Edgar Caswall was so far increased, as to justify
a more fixed belief in his submission to her charms.
As a matter of fact, she had seen Caswall that morning when she visited Castra Regis, and they had had
a long talk together, during which the possibility of their union had been discussed. Caswall, without being
enthusiastic on the subject, had been courteous and attentive; as she had walked back to Diana's Grove,
she almost congratulated herself on her new settlement in life. That the idea was becoming fixed in her
mind, was shown by a letter which she wrote later in the day to Adam Salton, and sent to him by hand. It
ran as follows:
I wonder if you would kindly advise, and, if possible, help me in a matter of business. I have been
for some time trying to make up my mind to sell Diana's Grove, I have put off and put off the doing of it
till now. The place is my own property, and no one has to be consulted with regard to what I may wish
2693 as a matter of fact - por acaso; na realidade
2695 courteous (adj) – cortês, delicado
2695 attentive (adj) – atento, atencioso, amável, solícito
2696 settlement (s) – acordo, contrato
2698 thus the letter runs - a carta diz assim
2701 advise (to) - aconselhar
2702 putt off (to) – adiar, empatar
2705 acquire (to) – adquirir, obter
2705 mining (s) – exploração mineira
2705 sporting (s) – caça, pesca
2707 endear (to) – estimar, tornar querido
2707 affection (s) – emoção, ternura
2709 fair (s) – justo, razoavel
2709 so long – desde que
2712 settlement (s) – instalação ou fixação a um local, acordo, contrato
2714 estate (s) – propriedade, quinta
to do about it. It was bought by my late husband, Captain Adolphus Ranger March, who had another
residence, The Crest, Appleby. He acquired all rights of all kinds, including mining and sporting.
When he died, he left his whole property to me. I shall feel leaving this place, which has become
endeared to me by many sacred memories and affections--the recollection of many happy days of my
young married life, and the more than happy memories of the man I loved and who loved me so much.
I should be willing to sell the place for any fair price--so long, of course, as the purchaser was one I
liked and of whom I approved. May I say that you yourself would be the ideal person. But I dare not
hope for so much. It strikes me, however, that among your Australian friends may be someone who
wishes to make a settlement in the Old Country, and would care to fix the spot in one of the most
historic regions in England, full of romance and legend, and with a never-ending vista of historical
interest--an estate which, though small, is in perfect condition and with illimitable possibilities of
development, and many doubtful--or unsettled-- rights which have existed before the time of the
Romans or even Celts, who were the original possessors. In addition, the house has been kept up to
the DERNIER CRI. Immediate possession can be arranged. My lawyers can provide you, or whoever
you may suggest, with all business and historical details. A word from you of acceptance or refusal is
all that is necessary, and we can leave details to be thrashed out by our agents. Forgive me, won't
you, for troubling you in the matter, and believe me, yours very sincerely.
Adam read this over several times, and then, his mind being made up, he went to Mimi and asked if she
had any objection. She answered-- after a shudder--that she was, in this, as in all things, willing to do
whatever he might wish.
2715 doubtful (adj) – indeciso, discutível
2715 unsettled (adj) – indeciso, irresoluto
2715 right (s) – regalia, direito
2716 possessor (s) - possuidor
2716 keep up (to) – manter, aguentar
2717 dernier cri – estrangeirismo que significa: última moda
2717 provide (to) – providenciar, tratar de, prover
2719 trash out (to) – debater exaustivamente, discutir a fundo, resolver, chegar a acordo sobre
2720 trouble (to) – dar trabalho a, incomodar, perturbar
2723 read over (to) - reler
2724 shudder (s) – arrepio, calafrio
2727 hitherto (adv) – até agora
2731 query (s) – pergunta, interrogação
2734 vow (to) – jurar, prometer
2735 matter (s) – assunto, facto, problema, caso
"Dearest, I am willing that you should judge what is best for us. Be quite free to act as you see your duty,
and as your inclination calls. We are in the hands of God, and He has hitherto guided us, and will do so to
His own end."
From his wife's room Adam Salton went straight to the study in the tower, where he knew Sir Nathaniel
would be at that hour. The old man was alone, so, when he had entered in obedience to the "Come in,"
which answered his query, he closed the door and sat down beside him.
"Do you think, sir, that it would be well for me to buy Diana's Grove?"
"God bless my soul!" said the old man, startled, "why on earth would you want to do that?"
"Well, I have vowed to destroy that White Worm, and my being able to do whatever I may choose with
the Lair would facilitate matters and avoid complications."
Sir Nathaniel hesitated longer than usual before speaking. He was thinking deeply.
"Yes, Adam, there is much common sense in your suggestion, though it startled me at first. I think that,
for all reasons, you would do well to buy the property and to have the conveyance settled at once. If you
want more money than is immediately convenient, let me know, so that I may be your banker."
"Thank you, sir, most heartily; but I have more money at immediate call than I shall want. I am glad you
"The property is historic, and as time goes on it will increase in value. Moreover, I may tell you
something, which indeed is only a surmise, but which, if I am right, will add great value to the place." Adam
listened. "Has it ever struck you why the old name, 'The Lair of the White Worm,' was given? We know that
there was a snake which in early days was called a worm; but why white?"
"I really don't know, sir; I never thought of it. I simply took it for granted."
"So did I at first--long ago. But later I puzzled my brain for a reason."
2738 conveyance (s) – transmissão de propriedade, trespasse
2738 settle (to) – decidir, resolver, determinar
2740 call (s) – pedido de dinheiro (chamada, chamamento)
2742 as time goes by - à medida que o tempo passa
2742 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
2743 surmise (s) – suposição, desconfiança, suspeição
2746 granted (adj) – reconhecido, admitido
2749 solely (adv) – somente, unicamente, exclusivamente
2750 china-burning – fornos de cerâmica
2750 owe (to) – dever, estar em dívida
2751 clay (s) – argila, barro, porcelana
2751 from time to time - de tempos a tempos; de vez em quando; de quando em quando
2752 exhausted (adj) – gasto, exausto, esgotado
2753 anyone (pron) – qualquer pessoa
2754 strike (to) – encontrar, achar, descobrir
2754 sort (s) – espécie, género, tipo
2757 marsh (s) – charco, pântano, paul
2757 mud (s) – lama, terra lamacenta
2757 clay (s) – argila, barro
2757 pierce (to) – penetrar, furar
2758 bed (s) – estrato, camada, veio
2758 highway (s) – estrada ou caminho principal
"And what was the reason, sir?"
"Simply and solely because the snake or worm WAS white. We are near the county of Stafford, where
the great industry of china-burning was originated and grew. Stafford owes much of its wealth to the large
deposits of the rare china clay found in it from time to time. These deposits become in time pretty well
exhausted; but for centuries Stafford adventurers looked for the special clay, as Ohio and Pennsylvania
farmers and explorers looked for oil. Anyone owning real estate on which china clay can be discovered
strikes a sort of gold mine."
"Yes, and then--" The young man looked puzzled.
"The original 'Worm' so-called, from which the name of the place came, had to find a direct way down to
the marshes and the mud- holes. Now, the clay is easily penetrable, and the original hole probably pierced
a bed of china clay. When once the way was made it would become a sort of highway for the Worm. But as
much movement was necessary to ascend such a great height, some of the clay would become attached to
its rough skin by attrition. The downway must have been easy work, but the ascent was different, and when
the monster came to view in the upper world, it would be fresh from contact with the white clay. Hence the
name, which has no cryptic significance, but only fact. Now, if that surmise be true--and I do not see why
not--there must be a deposit of valuable clay--possibly of immense depth."
Adam's comment pleased the old gentleman.
"I have it in my bones, sir, that you have struck--or rather reasoned out--a great truth."
Sir Nathaniel went on cheerfully. "When the world of commerce wakes up to the value of your find, it will
be as well that your title to ownership has been perfectly secured. If anyone ever deserved such a gain, it is
2759 attach (to) – prender, unir
2760 rough (adj) – áspero, rugoso
2760 attrition (s) – atrito, desgaste
2761 hence (adv) – por isso
2762 cryptic (adj) – secreto, oculto
2762 surmise (s) – suposição, desconfiança, suspeição
2763 depth (s) - espessura
2764 comment (to) – comentar, observar
2765 reason out (to) – solucionar pelo raciocínio
2766 wake up (to) - acordar
2767 ownership (s) - proprietário
2767 deserve (to) - merecer
2770 constructively (adv) – construtivamente
2771 anxious (adj) – preocupado, inquieto, ansioso
2771 enquiry (s) - interrogatório
2772 reassure (to) – tranquilizar, animar
2773 host (s) – anfitrião, dono da casa
2774 vow (s) – juramento, promessa
2775 undertake (to) – empreender, encarregar-se de
2777 unsurpassable (adj) - inultrapassável
2777 master (s) – senhor, dominador
With his friend's aid, Adam secured the property without loss of time. Then he went to see his uncle, and
told him about it. Mr. Salton was delighted to find his young relative already constructively the owner of so
fine an estate--one which gave him an important status in the county. He made many anxious enquiries
about Mimi, and the doings of the White Worm, but Adam re-assured him.
The next morning, when Adam went to his host in the smoking-room, Sir Nathaniel asked him how he
purposed to proceed with regard to keeping his vow.
"It is a difficult matter which you have undertaken. To destroy such a monster is something like one of
the labours of Hercules, in that not only its size and weight and power of using them in little- known ways
are against you, but the occult side is alone an unsurpassable difficulty. The Worm is already master of all
the elements except fire--and I do not see how fire can be used for the attack. It has only to sink into the
earth in its usual way, and you could not overtake it if you had the resources of the biggest coal-mine in
existence. But I daresay you have mapped out some plan in your mind," he added courteously.
"I have, sir. But, of course, it may not stand the test of practice."
"May I know the idea?"
"Well, sir, this was my argument: At the time of the Chartist trouble, an idea spread amongst financial
circles that an attack was going to be made on the Bank of England. Accordingly, the directors of that
institution consulted many persons who were supposed to know what steps should be taken, and it was
finally decided that the best protection against fire--which is what was feared--was not water but sand. To
carry the scheme into practice great store of fine sea- sand--the kind that blows about and is used to fill
hour-glasses-- was provided throughout the building, especially at the points liable to attack, from which it
could be brought into use.
2779 overtake (to) – dominar, assaltar, surpreender, atingir
2779 resources (s plural) – recursos
2779 coal mine – mina de carvão
2780 map out (to) – planear cuidadosamente, organizar ao pormenor
2781 stand (to) – ser submetido a, estar à prova de (pôr de pé, estar de pé
2783 argument (s) – raciocínio, argumento, razão
2783 chartist (s) – partidário do cartismo na política
2787 scheme (s) – plano, projecto
2788 hourglass (s) - ampulheta
2788 provide (to) – fornecer, abastecer
2788 throughout (adv) – por toda a parte
2788 liable (adj) – capaz, sujeito, susceptível
2791 early (adj) – cedo, rapido
2791 choke (s) – estrangulamento, sufocação
2791 thus (adv) – assim, desta maneira, deste modo
2792 guise (s) – aspecto, aparência, forma
2792 cut off (to) – isolar, cortar, amputar
2793 weight (s) – peso
2794 obstruct (to) – tapar, entupir, obstruir
2794 friction (s) – desgaste, atrito, ficção
2794 work up (to) – aumentar, intensificar
2796 scheme (s) – plano, projecto
"I propose to provide at Diana's Grove, as soon as it comes into my possession, an enormous amount of
such sand, and shall take an early occasion of pouring it into the well-hole, which it will in time choke. Thus
Lady Arabella, in her guise of the White Worm, will find herself cut off from her refuge. The hole is a narrow
one, and is some hundreds of feet deep. The weight of the sand this can contain would not in itself be
sufficient to obstruct; but the friction of such a body working up against it would be tremendous."
"One moment. What use would the sand be for destruction?"
"None, directly; but it would hold the struggling body in place till the rest of my scheme came into
"And what is the rest?"
"As the sand is being poured into the well-hole, quantities of dynamite can also be thrown in!"
"Good. But how would the dynamite explode--for, of course, that is what you intend. Would not some
sort of wire or fuse he required for each parcel of dynamite?"
Adam smiled.
"Not in these days, sir. That was proved in New York. A thousand pounds of dynamite, in sealed
canisters, was placed about some workings. At the last a charge of gunpowder was fired, and the
concussion exploded the dynamite. It was most successful. Those who were non-experts in high
explosives expected that every pane of glass in New York would be shattered. But, in reality, the explosive
did no harm outside the area intended, although sixteen acres of rock had been mined and only the
supporting walls and pillars had been left intact. The whole of the rocks were shattered."
Sir Nathaniel nodded approval.
2801 fuse (s) – rastilho, mecha, detonador
2803 prove (to) – demonstrar
2803 sealed (adj) - selado/a
2804 canister (s) - pequena caixa de metal
2804 gunpowder (s) - pólvora
2805 concussion (s) – abalo, choque, abanão
2805 expert (s) - especialista
2806 pane (s) – vidro, vidraça
2806 shatter (to) - estilhaçar
2807 intended (adj) – planeado, projectado
2810 tear down (to) – deitar abaixo, demolir
2811 wreck (to) – fazer naufragar, meter a pique, arruinar, demolir
"That seems a good plan--a very excellent one. But if it has to tear down so many feet of precipice, it
may wreck the whole neighbourhood."
"And free it for ever from a monster," added Adam, as he left the room to find his wife.
Lady Arabella had instructed her solicitors to hurry on with the conveyance of Diana's Grove, so no time
was lost in letting Adam Salton have formal possession of the estate. After his interview with Sir Nathaniel,
he had taken steps to begin putting his plan into action. In order to accumulate the necessary amount of
fine sea-sand, he ordered the steward to prepare for an elaborate system of top-dressing all the grounds. A
great heap of the sand, brought from bays on the Welsh coast, began to grow at the back of the Grove. No
one seemed to suspect that it was there for any purpose other than what had been given out.
2817 conveyance (s) – transmissão de propriedade
2820 top-dressing – tratamento superficial
2821 heap (s) – monte, montão
2821 bay (s) – baía, praia
2822 give out (to) – anunciar, tornar público
2823 pursuit (s) – perseguição, caça
2824 extraneous (adj) – não relacionado com, alheio, de fora
2824 move (to) – mudar, deslocar-se
2825 hand over (to) – entregar, passar, cader, delegar
2826 put up (to) – erguer, construir
2826 corrugated iron/sheet iron - chapa ondulada
2826 shed (s) – barracão, telheiro, alpendre
2826 store (to) – armazenar, aprovisionar, juntar para mais tarde
2827 attempt (s) - tentativa
2827 whenever (adv) – em qualquer altura que
2827 content (adj) – contente, satisfeito
2830 bailif (s) – administrador de propriedades
2831 intended (adj) - planeado/a
2831 approach (to) – aproximar-se
2831 apace (adv) – depressa, rapidamente
2832 appear (to) – parecer (aparecer, mostrar-se)
2833 courage (s) - coragem
2833 et deux mains - estrangeirismo
Lady Arabella, who alone could have guessed, was now so absorbed in her matrimonial pursuit of Edgar
Caswall, that she had neither time nor inclination for thought extraneous to this. She had not yet moved
from the house, though she had formally handed over the estate.
Adam put up a rough corrugated-iron shed behind the Grove, in which he stored his explosives. All
being ready for his great attempt whenever the time should come, he was now content to wait, and, in order
to pass the time, interested himself in other things--even in Caswall's great kite, which still flew from the high
tower of Castra Regis.
The mound of fine sand grew to proportions so vast as to puzzle the bailiffs and farmers round the Brow.
The hour of the intended cataclysm was approaching apace. Adam wished--but in vain--for an opportunity,
which would appear to be natural, of visiting Caswall in the turret of Castra Regis. At last, one morning, he
met Lady Arabella moving towards the Castle, so he took his courage E DEUX MAINS and asked to be
allowed to accompany her. She was glad, for her own purposes, to comply with his wishes. So together
they entered, and found their way to the turret-room. Caswall was much surprised to see Adam come to his
house, but lent himself to the task of seeming to be pleased. He played the host so well as to deceive even
Adam. They all went out on the turret roof, where he explained to his guests the mechanism for raising and
lowering the kite, taking also the opportunity of testing the movements of the multitudes of birds, how they
answered almost instantaneously to the lowering or raising of the kite.
As Lady Arabella walked home with Adam from Castra Regis, she asked him if she might make a
request. Permission having been accorded, she explained that before she finally left Diana's Grove, where
she had lived so long, she had a desire to know the depth of the well- hole. Adam was really happy to meet
her wishes, not from any sentiment, but because he wished to give some valid and ostensible reason for
examining the passage of the Worm, which would obviate any suspicion resulting from his being on the
2834 accompany (to) – acompanhar, caminhar junto a
2834 comply (to) – agir de acordo, respeitar
2834 his – seus dele não dela
2836 to lend itself/oneself to... - prestar-se a...; adaptar-se a...; aceitar...
2836 host (s) – anfitrião, dono da casa
2836 deceive (to) – enganar, iludir
2841 request (s) – pedido, solicitação, petição
2842 meet (to) – satisfazer, ir ao encontro de (encontrar ou encontrar-se com alguém)
2843 ostensible (adj) – exterior, de aparência
2844 obviate (to) – afastar, evitar, prevenir, obviar, tentar impedir, opor-se
2845 premise (s) – local, instalações, edifício, prédio
2845 Kelvin (s) - (sistema internacional de unidades de medida) kelvin
2845 sound (to) - 11. (profundidade) sondar, verificar com uma sonda ou vara;
2845 apparatus (s) – aparelho, instrumento, mecanismo
2845 lenght (s) – comprimento, extensão, tamanho
2845 piano-wire (s) – corda de piano
2847 advantageous (adj) – vantajoso, proveitoso, útil
2848 in the meantime - entretanto
2848 quietly (adv) – calmamente, tranquilamente, serenamente
2849 the even tenor of somebody's life - o calmo curso da vida de alguém;
2849 it's all over - acabou tudo;
2851 so long as - enquanto
2853 mate (s) – marido, companheiro, parceiro (amigo, colega)
2855 approve of (to) – gostar de, ver com bons olhos, aprovar
2855 personality (s) - personalidade
premises. He brought from London a Kelvin sounding apparatus, with a sufficient length of piano-wire for
testing any probable depth. The wire passed easily over the running wheel, and when this was once fixed
over the hole, he was satisfied to wait till the most advantageous time for his final experiment.
In the meantime, affairs had been going quietly at Mercy Farm. Lilla, of course, felt lonely in the absence
of her cousin, but the even tenor of life went on for her as for others. After the first shock of parting was
over, things went back to their accustomed routine. In one respect, however, there was a marked
difference. So long as home conditions had remained unchanged, Lilla was content to put ambition far from
her, and to settle down to the life which had been hers as long as she could remember. But Mimi's marriage
set her thinking; naturally, she came to the conclusion that she too might have a mate. There was not for
her much choice--there was little movement in the matrimonial direction at the farmhouse. She did not
approve of the personality of Edgar Caswall, and his struggle with Mimi had frightened her; but he was
unmistakably an excellent PARTI, much better than she could have any right to expect. This weighs much
with a woman, and more particularly one of her class. So, on the whole, she was content to let things take
their course, and to abide by the issue.
As time went on, she had reason to believe that things did not point to happiness. She could not shut
her eyes to certain disturbing facts, amongst which were the existence of Lady Arabella and her growing
intimacy with Edgar Caswall; as well as his own cold and haughty nature, so little in accord with the ardour
which is the foundation of a young maid's dreams of happiness. How things would, of necessity, alter if she
were to marry, she was afraid to think. All told, the prospect was not happy for her, and she had a secret
longing that something might occur to upset the order of things as at present arranged.
When Lilla received a note from Edgar Caswall asking if he might come to tea on the following afternoon,
her heart sank within her. If it was only for her father's sake, she must not refuse him or show any
2856 unmistakably (adv) – claramente, nitidamente
2858 abide by (to) – acatar uma decisão ou uma regra
2858 issue (s) – questão, problema
2859 as time goes by - à medida que o tempo passa
2861 intimacy (s) - intimidade
2861 as well as – também, como também
2861 haughty (adj) – altivo, arrogante
2861 ardour (s) – ardor, paixão
2862 foundation (s) – base, apoio
2862 maid (s) – donzela, rapariga
2862 alter (to) – alterar, mudar
2863 prospect (s) - perspectiva
2864 longing (s) – desejo, aspiração, ânsia
2864 upset (to) – contrariar, derrubar (virar, voltar-se)
2864 arrange (to) – organizar, arranjar
2867 disinclination (s) – pouco entusiasmo, relutância, aversão, repugnância
2867 construe (to) – interpretar, analisar
2867 incivility (s) – indelicadeza, descortesia
2867 miss (to) – ter saudades de, perder, sentir a falta de
2868 hitherto (adv) – até agora
2868 look to (to) – recorrer a, contar com (olhar para)
2869 gentle (s) - carinho
2869 assuring (s) - segurança
2869 supporting (s) - apoio
2870 aching (adj) – doloroso, dorido
2870 void (s) – vazio, vácuo, solidão
2871 forenoon (s) - manhã
2871 loneliness (s) – solidão, isolamento, abandono
2872 sense (s) - significado
2873 look at (to) – reflectir sobre
2873 think of (to) – ter em conta, lembrar-se
2874 laden (adj) – carregado, cheio
2874 poignant (adj) – doloroso, pungente, comovente
2874 dread (s) – medo, receio, temor
2875 surround (to) – cercar de criminosos ou inimigos
2875 quiet (adj) – calmo, tranquilo, sossegado
2875 apprehension (s) – preocupação, apreensão
2876 haunting (adj) – perturbador, inquietante
disinclination which he might construe into incivility. She missed Mimi more than she could say or even
dared to think. Hitherto, she had always looked to her cousin for sympathy, for understanding, for loyal
support. Now she and all these things, and a thousand others--gentle, assuring, supporting--were gone.
And instead there was a horrible aching void.
For the whole afternoon and evening, and for the following forenoon, poor Lilla's loneliness grew to be a
positive agony. For the first time she began to realise the sense of her loss, as though all the previous
suffering had been merely a preparation. Everything she looked at, everything she remembered or thought
of, became laden with poignant memory. Then on the top of all was a new sense of dread. The reaction
from the sense of security, which had surrounded her all her life, to a never-quieted apprehension, was at
times almost more than she could bear. It so filled her with fear that she had a haunting feeling that she
would as soon die as live. However, whatever might be her own feelings, duty had to be done, and as she
had been brought up to consider duty first, she braced herself to go through, to the very best of her ability,
what was before her.
Still, the severe and prolonged struggle for self-control told upon Lilla. She looked, as she felt, ill and
weak. She was really in a nerveless and prostrate condition, with black circles round her eyes, pale even to
her lips, and with an instinctive trembling which she was quite unable to repress. It was for her a sad
mischance that Mimi was away, for her love would have seen through all obscuring causes, and have
brought to light the girl's unhappy condition of health. Lilla was utterly unable to do anything to escape from
the ordeal before her; but her cousin, with the experience of her former struggles with Mr. Caswall and of
the condition in which these left her, would have taken steps--even peremptory ones, if necessary--to
prevent a repetition.
2878 bring up (to) – criar, educar
2878 (mentalizar-se) to brace oneself for something - preparar-se para alguma coisa;
2878 go through (to) – passar por uma experiência
2878 ability (s) – competência, capacidade, aptidão, talento, habilidade, esperteza
2880 tell upon (to) – fazer-se notar
2881 nerveless (adj) – medroso, temeroso, cobarde
2882 quite (adv) – completamente, inteiramente
2882 repress (to) – reprimir, dominar, abafar, sufocar
2883 mischance (s) – desgraça, fatalidade
2884 health (s) – saúde, estado de saúde
2884 utterly (adv) – completamente, totalmente
2885 ordeal (s) – provação, tortura, suplício
2885 former (adj) – anterior, antigo
2886 peremptory (adj) – terminante, decisivo
2887 prevent (to) – evitar, impedir, prevenir
2889 upset (s) – perturbação, transtorno
2889 pitiable (adj) – lamentável, deplorável
2889 to brace oneself up - retemperar-se; animar-se
2890 get through (to) – atravessar, ultrapassar
2891 bearing (s) – atitude, comportamento
2892 follow on (to) – acompanhar, seguir
2892 load (s) – peso
(carga, carregamento)
2893 stealthy (adj) – furtivo, dissimulado, escondido
2893 approach (s) - aproximação
2893 lest (conj) – para evitar que
2895 forethought (s) – prudência, previsão
2895 provide (to) – providenciar, prover
2895 furnishing (s) – fornecimento, abastecimento
2896 subtle (adj) - subtil
2896 implement (s) – utensílio, ferramente
2897 provender (s) – alimento, comida, mantimento
2897 forth (adv) – em lugar de realce
2897 humble (adj) - humilde
2898 earthen (adj) – de barro
Edgar arrived punctually to the time appointed by herself. When Lilla, through the great window, saw
him approaching the house, her condition of nervous upset was pitiable. She braced herself up, however,
and managed to get through the interview in its preliminary stages without any perceptible change in her
normal appearance and bearing. It had been to her an added terror that the black shadow of Oolanga,
whom she dreaded, would follow hard on his master. A load was lifted from her mind when he did not make
his usual stealthy approach. She had also feared, though in lesser degree, lest Lady Arabella should be
present to make trouble for her as before.
With a woman's natural forethought in a difficult position, she had provided the furnishing of the tea-table
as a subtle indication of the social difference between her and her guest. She had chosen the implements
of service, as well as all the provender set forth, of the humblest kind. Instead of arranging the silver teapot
and china cups, she had set out an earthen tea-pot, such as was in common use in the farm kitchen. The
same idea was carried out in the cups and saucers of thick homely delft, and in the cream-jug of similar
kind. The bread was of simple whole-meal, home-baked. The butter was good, since she had made it
herself, while the preserves and honey came from her own garden. Her face beamed with satisfaction when
the guest eyed the appointments with a supercilious glance. It was a shock to the poor girl herself, for she
enjoyed offering to a guest the little hospitalities possible to her; but that had to be sacrificed with other
Caswall's face was more set and iron-clad than ever--his piercing eyes seemed from the very beginning
to look her through and through. Her heart quailed when she thought of what would follow--of what would be
the end, when this was only the beginning. As some protection, though it could be only of a sentimental
kind, she brought from her own room the photographs of Mimi, of her grandfather, and of Adam Salton,
whom by now she had grown to look on with reliance, as a brother whom she could trust. She kept the
2899 cup (s) - chávena
2899 saucer (s) - pires
2899 thick (adj) - espesso
2899 homely (adj) - caseiro
2899 delft (s) - louça
2899 cream (adj) – de nata ou creme
2899 jug (s) – jarro, caneca
2900 whole-meal – farinha normal
2900 since (conj) – visto que, uma vez que
2901 preserve (s) - compota
2902 appointments (s plural) – objectos, instalação
2902 supercilious (adj) – arrogante, altivo
2903 enjoy (to) – gostar de, gozar, desfrutar
2903 sacrifice (to) - sacrificar
2905 set (adj) – determinado, de semblante endurecido, imponente, que se impõe, que inspira respeito
2905 iron-clad (adj) – revestido de ferro, transformado em ferro, parecendo feito de ferro
2905 piercing (adj) – penetrante, incisivo
2906 quail (to) – desanimar, intimidar-se, vacilar
2909 by now – por esta altura, por estas horas
2909 look on (to) – olhar para
2909 reliance (s) – confiança e necessidade
2910 stray (to) - vaguear
2910 constraint (s) – constrangimento, pressão exercida sobre alguém, coacção, coerção
2910 distrust (s) – desconfiança, suspeição
2911 poignant (adj) – pungente, doloroso
2912 ordeal (s) – provação, tortura, suplício
2913 thoughtful (adj) – cheio de consideração, atencioso, solícito, amável
2914 appear (to) – mostrar-se, manifestar-se, actuar
2915 former (adj) – anterior, antecedente
2916 by this means - desta maneira, por este processo;
2917 preserve (to) – manter, conservar
2917 equality (s) - igualdade
2918 individuality (s) – personalidade, carácter
2918 afresh (adv) – de novo, outra vez
2919 cause (s) – causa, razão, motivo
2919 spirit (s) – ânimo, boa disposição
pictures near her heart, to which her hand naturally strayed when her feelings of constraint, distrust, or fear
became so poignant as to interfere with the calm which she felt was necessary to help her through her
At first Edgar Caswall was courteous and polite, even thoughtful; but after a little while, when he found
her resistance to his domination grow, he abandoned all forms of self-control and appeared in the same
dominance as he had previously shown. She was prepared, however, for this, both by her former
experience and the natural fighting instinct within her. By this means, as the minutes went on, both
developed the power and preserved the equality in which they had begun.
Without warning, the psychic battle between the two individualities began afresh. This time both the
positive and negative causes were all in favour of the man. The woman was alone and in bad spirits,
unsupported; nothing at all was in her favour except the memory of the two victorious contests; whereas the
man, though unaided, as before, by either Lady Arabella or Oolanga, was in full strength, well rested, and in
flourishing circumstances. It was not, therefore, to be wondered at that his native dominance of character
had full opportunity of asserting itself. He began his preliminary stare with a conscious sense of power, and,
as it appeared to have immediate effect on the girl, he felt an ever-growing conviction of ultimate victory.
After a little Lilla's resolution began to flag. She felt that the contest was unequal--that she was unable to
put forth her best efforts. As she was an unselfish person, she could not fight so well in her own battle as in
that of someone whom she loved and to whom she was devoted. Edgar saw the relaxing of the muscles of
face and brow, and the almost collapse of the heavy eyelids which seemed tumbling downward in sleep.
Lilla made gallant efforts to brace her dwindling powers, but for a time unsuccessfully. At length there came
an interruption, which seemed like a powerful stimulant. Through the wide window she saw Lady Arabella
2923 unsupported (adj) – sem apoio, sem protecção
2920 At all – realmente, de facto, afinal
2920 contest (s) – competidor, lutador
2920 whereas (conj) – visto que, atendendo a que
2921 unaided (adj) – sozinho, sem ajuda, sem auxílio
2922 flourishing (adj) – próspero, brilhante, notável, são, em
bom estado
2922 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
2922 wonder (to) – ficar admirado, admirar-se, pasmar,
2922 dominance (s) – domínio, predomínio, superioridade
2923 to assert oneself - afirmar-se; impor-se;
2923 preliminary (adj) – preparativo, preparatório, prévio
2923 stare (to) – olhar fixamente
2923 conscious (adj) – consciente, deliberado, intencional
2924 ultimate (adj) – final, derradeiro
2925 flag (to) (intrans) – murchar, esmorecer
2925 contest (s) – disputa, luta
2926 put forth (to) – empregar, exercer (avançar com)
2926 she could not fight so well in her own battle as in that of someone
whom she loved and to whom she was devoted. - não sabia combater tão
bem por ela mesma, como por pessoa a quem amasse e se dedicasse.
2928 brow (s) – testa, sobrancelha
2928 eyelid (s) - pálpebra
2928 tumble (to) – cair, tombar
2929 gallant (adj) – corajoso, ousado, destemido, heróico
2929 brace (to) – tonificar, fortalecer
2929 dwindling (adj) – cada vez mais reduzido, que diminui
2929 unsuccessfully (adv) – sem êxito, infrutíferamente, malogradamente
2929 at length - finalmente; a fundo; detalhadamente
2931 plain (adj) – evidente, óbvio, claro
2933 flash (to) – brilhar, reluzir
2935 unconcerned (adj) – despreocupado, desinteressado, indiferente
2935 haughty (adj) – altivo, arrogante, orgulhoso
2935 supercilious (adj) – desdenhoso, arrogante altivo
2935 heighten (to) – intensificar, acentuar
2936 to join battle - travar batalha;
2937 noticeable (adj) – visível, perceptível, que se nota, que se percebe
2938 overcome (adj) – dominado, paralisado
2939 actually (adv) – realmente, efectivamente
enter the plain gateway of the farm, and advance towards the hall door. She was clad as usual in tightfitting white, which accentuated her thin, sinuous figure.
The sight did for Lilla what no voluntary effort could have done. Her eyes flashed, and in an instant she
felt as though a new life had suddenly developed within her. Lady Arabella's entry, in her usual
unconcerned, haughty, supercilious way, heightened the effect, so that when the two stood close to each
other battle was joined. Mr. Caswall, too, took new courage from her coming, and all his masterfulness and
power came back to him. His looks, intensified, had more obvious effect than had been noticeable that day.
Lilla seemed at last overcome by his dominance. Her face became red and pale--violently red and ghastly
pale--by rapid turns. Her strength seemed gone. Her knees collapsed, and she was actually sinking on the
floor, when to her surprise and joy Mimi came into the room, running hurriedly and breathing heavily.
Lilla rushed to her, and the two clasped hands. With that, a new sense of power, greater than Lilla had
ever seen in her, seemed to quicken her cousin. Her hand swept the air in front of Edgar Caswall, seeming
to drive him backward more and more by each movement, till at last he seemed to be actually hurled
through the door which Mimi's entrance had left open, and fell at full length on the gravel path without.
Then came the final and complete collapse of Lilla, who, without a sound, sank down on the floor.
2941 clasp (to) – apertar
2942 quicken (to) – reanimar, avivar, vivificar
2943 drive (to) – mover, movimentar
2943 hurl (to) – atirar violentamente
2944 gravel (adj) – de areia grossa
2944 path (s) – caminho, carreiro, vereda
2944 without (adv) - exteriormente
2950 distressed (adj) – aflito, agitado
2950 prone (adj) – deitado de bruços de ventre para baixo
2951 verge (s) – beira, borda, margem
2951 senseless (adj) – sem sentidos, desmaiado, inconsciente
2952 rub (to) – esfregar, friccionar
2953 unavailing (adj) – ineficaz, inútil
2956 altogether (adv) - completamente
2956 master (to) – dominar, subjugar
2956 succeed (to) – ser bem sucedido, ter êxito
2957 extent (s) – grau, ponto
Mimi was greatly distressed when she saw her cousin lying prone. She had a few times in her life seen
Lilla on the verge of fainting, but never senseless; and now she was frightened. She threw herself on her
knees beside Lilla, and tried, by rubbing her hands and other measures commonly known, to restore her.
But all her efforts were unavailing. Lilla still lay white and senseless. In fact, each moment she looked
worse; her breast, that had been heaving with the stress, became still, and the pallor of her face grew like
At these succeeding changes Mimi's fright grew, till it altogether mastered her. She succeeded in
controlling herself only to the extent that she did not scream.
Lady Arabella had followed Caswall, when he had recovered sufficiently to get up and walk--though
stumblingly--in the direction of Castra Regis. When Mimi was quite alone with Lilla and the need for effort
had ceased, she felt weak and trembled. In her own mind, she attributed it to a sudden change in the
weather--it was momentarily becoming apparent that a storm was coming on.
She raised Lilla's head and laid it on her warm young breast, but all in vain. The cold of the white
features thrilled through her, and she utterly collapsed when it was borne in on her that Lilla had passed
The dusk gradually deepened and the shades of evening closed in, but Mimi did not seem to notice or to
care. She sat on the floor with her arms round the body of the girl whom she loved. Darker and blacker
grew the sky as the coming storm and the closing night joined forces. Still she sat on--alone--tearless-unable to think. Mimi did not know how long she sat there. Though it seemed to her that ages had passed,
2959 stumblingly
2959 stumble (to) – caminhar aos tropeções
2963 features (s) – feições, rosto
2963 thrill (to) - penetrar
2963 utterly (adv) – completamente, totalmente, absolutamente
2963 bear on (to) – assumir, arcar com, aperceber-se
2967 tearless (adj) – sem lágrimas
2971 consciousness (s) – consciência
2973 intent (s) – intenção, desígnio, objectivo
2973 meaning (s) – intenção, propósito, sentido, significado
2975 account for (to) – ser responsável por
2975 that was what she called it – foi o que ela lhe chamou
2976 avenge (to) - vingar
it could not have been more than half-an-hour. She suddenly came to herself, and was surprised to find that
her grandfather had not returned. For a while she lay quiet, thinking of the immediate past. Lilla's hand was
still in hers, and to her surprise it was still warm. Somehow this helped her consciousness, and without any
special act of will she stood up. She lit a lamp and looked at her cousin. There was no doubt that Lilla was
dead; but when the lamp-light fell on her eyes, they seemed to look at Mimi with intent--with meaning. In
this state of dark isolation a new resolution came to her, and grew and grew until it became a fixed definite
purpose. She would face Caswall and call him to account for his murder of Lilla--that was what she called it
to herself. She would also take steps--she knew not what or how--to avenge the part taken by Lady
In this frame of mind she lit all the lamps in the room, got water and linen from her room, and set about
the decent ordering of Lilla's body. This took some time; but when it was finished, she put on her hat and
cloak, put out the lights, and set out quietly for Castra Regis.
As Mimi drew near the Castle, she saw no lights except those in and around the tower room. The lights
showed her that Mr. Caswall was there, so she entered by the hall door, which as usual was open, and felt
her way in the darkness up the staircase to the lobby of the room. The door was ajar, and the light from
within showed brilliantly through the opening. She saw Edgar Caswall walking restlessly to and fro in the
room, with his hands clasped behind his back. She opened the door without knocking, and walked right into
the room. As she entered, he ceased walking, and stared at her in surprise. She made no remark, no
comment, but continued the fixed look which he had seen on her entrance.
For a time silence reigned, and the two stood looking fixedly at each other. Mimi was the first to speak.
2978 frame of mind - estado de espírito
2978 linen (s) – tecido de linho, roupa branca
2978 set about (to) – tratar de, começar
2979 decent (adj) – adequado, apropriado
2979 ordering (s) – arranjo, disposição
2980 cloak (s) – capa, capote, manto
2980 put out (to) - apagar
2980 set out (to) - partir
2981 draw near (to) – aproximar-se
2983 lobby (s) – entrada, hall de entrada
2983 ajar (adj) - (adv) - entraberto
2984 brilliantly (adv) - intensamente
2984 restlessly (adv) – agitadamente, desassossegadamente
2984 To and fro – de um lado para o outro
2985 clasp (to) – apertar, fechar
2996 accomplice (s) - cúmplice
2997 hotly (adv) – com vivacidade, calorosamente
"You murderer! Lilla is dead!"
"Dead! Good God! When did she die?"
"She died this afternoon, just after you left her."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes--and so are you--or you ought to be. You killed her!"
"I killed her! Be careful what you say!"
"As God sees us, it is true; and you know it. You came to Mercy Farm on purpose to break her--if you
could. And the accomplice of your guilt, Lady Arabella March, came for the same purpose."
"Be careful, woman," he said hotly. "Do not use such names in that way, or you shall suffer for it."
"I am suffering for it--have suffered for it--shall suffer for it. Not for speaking the truth as I have done, but
because you two, with devilish malignity, did my darling to death. It is you and your accomplice who have to
dread punishment, not I."
"Take care!" he said again.
"Oh, I am not afraid of you or your accomplice," she answered spiritedly. "I am content to stand by every
word I have said, every act I have done. Moreover, I believe in God's justice. I fear not the grinding of His
mills; if necessary I shall set the wheels in motion myself. But you don't care for God, or believe in Him.
Your god is your great kite, which cows the birds of a whole district. But be sure that His hand, when it rises,
always falls at the appointed time. It may be that your name is being called even at this very moment at the
Great Assize. Repent while there is still time. Happy you, if you may be allowed to enter those mighty halls
3002 spiritidly (adv) – corajosamente, com vivacidade, com energia,
3002 stand (to) – manter-se firme, durar
3003 moreover (adv) – além disso, aliás, além de que
3003 grinding (s) - moagem
3004 mill (s) – moinho, azenha
3004 wheel (s) – roda, roda de moinho
3004 motion (s) – movimento, deslocação
3005 cow (to) – intimidar, aterrorizar
3006 appoint (to) – determinar, fixar
3007 great assize, last assize - juízo final
♣♣♣ assizes (s plural) - 2. plural tribunal criminal e civil que se reunia, periodicamente, em cada condado de Inglaterra até 1971;
3007 repent (to) – arrepender-se, sentir arrependimento
3007 mighty (adj) - grandioso
3007 hall (s) – entrada, vestíbulo, átrio
3009 everlasting (adj) – eterno, perpétuo
3009 torment (s) – tormento, tortura
3010 well-wisher (s) – amigo, pessoa que deseja bem a outra
3011 expect (to) – prever, esperar
3011 vengeance (s) - vingança
3013 busy (to) – ocupar-se, dedicar-se
3014 lower (to) – baixar, descer
3015 stated (adj) – determinado, fixo, estabelecido
3016 corps (s) – conjunto, corpo
3016 assist (to) – ajudar, auxiliar
3016 come over (to) – aparecer, chegar
in the company of the pure-souled angel whose voice has only to whisper one word of justice, and you
disappear for ever into everlasting torment."
The sudden death of Lilla caused consternation among Mimi's friends and well-wishers. Such a tragedy
was totally unexpected, as Adam and Sir Nathaniel had been expecting the White Worm's vengeance to fall
upon themselves.
Adam, leaving his wife free to follow her own desires with regard to Lilla and her grandfather, busied
himself with filling the well-hole with the fine sand prepared for the purpose, taking care to have lowered at
stated intervals quantities of the store of dynamite, so as to be ready for the final explosion. He had under
his immediate supervision a corps of workmen, and was assisted by Sir Nathaniel, who had come over for
the purpose, and all were now staying at Lesser Hill.
Mr. Salton, too, showed much interest in the job, and was constantly coming in and out, nothing escaping
his observation.
Since her marriage to Adam and their coming to stay at Doom Tower, Mimi had been fettered by fear of
the horrible monster at Diana's Grove. But now she dreaded it no longer. She accepted the fact of its
assuming at will the form of Lady Arabella. She had still to tax and upbraid her for her part in the
unhappiness which had been wrought on Lilla, and for her share in causing her death.
One evening, when Mimi entered her own room, she went to the window and threw an eager look round
the whole circle of sight. A single glance satisfied her that the White Worm in PROPRIA PERSONA was not
visible. So she sat down in the window-seat and enjoyed the pleasure of a full view, from which she had
been so long cut off. The maid who waited on her had told her that Mr. Salton had not yet returned home, so
she felt free to enjoy the luxury of peace and quiet.
3020 fetter (to) – inibir ou entravar ou restringir qualquer acção, acorrentar, prender
3021 . She accepted the fact of its assuming at will the form of Lady Arabella. - Aceitava o fato de que ele pudesse tomar, à
vontade, a aparência de lady Arabella.
3022 tax (to) – acusar, censurar
3022 upbraid (to) – censurar, repreender
3023 work (to) – fazer, realizar
3027 cut off (to) – afastar, isolar
3027 maid (s) - empregada
3027 wait on (to) – servir, ajudar
3028 luxury (s) – luxo, fausto
3031 ascertain (to) – verificar, comprovar, averiguar, indagar
3032 hatred (s) – ódio, aversão, forte antipatia
3032 flood (to) – crescer, encher, transbordar, inundar
3032 swiftly (adv) – velozmente, rapidamente, depressa
3033 stealthily (adv) – furtivamente, disfarçadamente, pela calada
3034 to be up to anything - ser capaz de tudo
3034 seize (to) – aproveitar, agarrar
3035 hastily (adv) – apressadamente, precipitadamente
3035 put on (to) – vestir ou pôr roupa
3036 sheen (s) – luminosidade, brilho
3038 quarry (adj) – de caça perseguida por
As she looked out of the window, she saw something thin and white move along the avenue. She
thought she recognised the figure of Lady Arabella, and instinctively drew back behind the curtain. When
she had ascertained, by peeping out several times, that the lady had not seen her, she watched more
carefully, all her instinctive hatred flooding back at the sight of her. Lady Arabella was moving swiftly and
stealthily, looking back and around her at intervals, as if she feared to be followed. This gave Mimi an idea
that she was up to no good, so she determined to seize the occasion for watching her in more detail.
Hastily putting on a dark cloak and hat, she ran downstairs and out into the avenue. Lady Arabella had
moved, but the sheen of her white dress was still to be seen among the young oaks around the gateway.
Keeping in shadow, Mimi followed, taking care not to come so close as to awake the other's suspicion, and
watched her quarry pass along the road in the direction of Castra Regis.
She followed on steadily through the gloom of the trees, depending on the glint of the white dress to keep
her right. The wood began to thicken, and presently, when the road widened and the trees grew farther
back, she lost sight of any indication of her whereabouts. Under the present conditions it was impossible for
her to do any more, so, after waiting for a while, still hidden in the shadow to see if she could catch another
glimpse of the white frock, she determined to go on slowly towards Castra Regis, and trust to the chapter of
accidents to pick up the trail again. She went on slowly, taking advantage of every obstacle and shadow to
keep herself concealed.
At last she entered on the grounds of the Castle, at a spot from which the windows of the turret were
dimly visible, without having seen again any sign of Lady Arabella.
Meanwhile, during most of the time that Mimi Salton had been moving warily along in the gloom, she was
in reality being followed by Lady Arabella, who had caught sight of her leaving the house and had never
3039 steadily (adv) – perseverantemente,
3039 depend (to) - depender
3039 glint (s) – brilho débil, reflexo
3040 farther (adj) - (adv) – mais afastado, mais distante
3041 whereabouts (s) - paradeiro
3043 frock (s) - vestido
3043 a chapter of accidents - uma série de contingências
3044 pick up (to) – retomar uma actividade (levantar, pegar, apanhar)
3045 conceal (to) – esconder, dissimular, ocultar
3047 dimly (adv) – fracamente, debilmente
3048 meanwhile=meantime (adv) - entretanto
3048 warily (adv) – prudentemente, cautelosamente, ponderadamente
3053 swiftly (adv) – velozmente, rapidamente, depressa
3056 lobby (s) – entrada, vestíbulo
3058 stir (to) – avivar, atiçar
3060 emphasize (to) – realçar, acentuar
3060 upbraiding (s) – censura, repreensão
again lost touch with her. It was a case of the hunter being hunted. For a time Mimi's many turnings, with
the natural obstacles that were perpetually intervening, caused Lady Arabella some trouble; but when she
was close to Castra Regis, there was no more possibility of concealment, and the strange double following
went swiftly on.
When she saw Mimi close to the hall door of Castra Regis and ascending the steps, she followed. When
Mimi entered the dark hall and felt her way up the staircase, still, as she believed, following Lady Arabella,
the latter kept on her way. When they reached the lobby of the turret-rooms, Mimi believed that the object
of her search was ahead of her.
Edgar Caswall sat in the gloom of the great room, occasionally stirred to curiosity when the drifting
clouds allowed a little light to fall from the storm-swept sky. But nothing really interested him now. Since he
had heard of Lilla's death, the gloom of his remorse, emphasised by Mimi's upbraiding, had made more
hopeless his cruel, selfish, saturnine nature. He heard no sound, for his normal faculties seemed
Mimi, when she came to the door, which stood ajar, gave a light tap. So light was it that it did not reach
Caswall's ears. Then, taking her courage in both hands, she boldly pushed the door and entered. As she
did so, her heart sank, for now she was face to face with a difficulty which had not, in her state of mental
perturbation, occurred to her.
3061 hopeless (adj) - desesperado
3061 saturnine (adj) – de temperamento sombrio e melancólico
3062 benumb (to) – paralisar, entorpecer, embotar
3063 ajar (adv) - (adj) - entreaberto
3064 boldly (adv) – audaciosamente, com ousadia
3071 scope (s) – alcance, esfera de acção
3074 despite (prep) – apesar de
3076 varying (adj) – variável, que varia
The storm which was coming was already making itself manifest, not only in the wide scope of nature,
but in the hearts and natures of human beings. Electrical disturbance in the sky and the air is reproduced in
animals of all kinds, and particularly in the highest type of them all--the most receptive--the most electrical.
So it was with Edgar Caswall, despite his selfish nature and coldness of blood. So it was with Mimi Salton,
despite her unselfish, unchanging devotion for those she loved. So it was even with Lady Arabella, who,
under the instincts of a primeval serpent, carried the ever-varying wishes and customs of womanhood,
which is always old--and always new.
Edgar, after he had turned his eyes on Mimi, resumed his apathetic position and sullen silence. Mimi
quietly took a seat a little way apart, whence she could look on the progress of the coming storm and study
its appearance throughout the whole visible circle of the neighbourhood. She was in brighter and better
spirits than she had been for many days past. Lady Arabella tried to efface herself behind the now open
Without, the clouds grew thicker and blacker as the storm-centre came closer. As yet the forces, from
whose linking the lightning springs, were held apart, and the silence of nature proclaimed the calm before
the storm. Caswall felt the effect of the gathering electric force. A sort of wild exultation grew upon him,
such as he had sometimes felt just before the breaking of a tropical storm. As he became conscious of this,
he raised his head and caught sight of Mimi. He was in the grip of an emotion greater than himself; in the
mood in which he was he felt the need upon him of doing some desperate deed. He was now absolutely
3078 resume (to) – retomar, reatar, reassumir
3078 apathetic (adj) – indiferente, apático, irresoluto
3078 sullen (adj) – taciturno, obstinado, sombrio, soturno, carrancudo, insociável
3079 whence (adv) – de onde
3079 look on (to) – assistir, observar
3080 throughout (adv) – por toda a parte
3080 bright (adj) – bem disposto, animado
3081 efface (to) – passar despercebido (apagar-se, desaparecer)
3083 without (adv) – fora, exteriormente, fora de casa
3084 linking (adj) – de ligação
3084 lightning (adj) – de raio, de relâmpago
3084 spring (s) – fonte, nascente, energia, vigor
3085 gathering (adj) - crescente
3087 grip (s) – domínio, controlo
3088 mood (s) – disposição, vontade
3088 deed (s) – acção, feito
3089 reckless (adj) – imprudente, irreflectido
3089 drive on (to) – incitar, instigar, encorajar
3092 lash (to) – excitar, espicaçar
3092 vanquish (to) – vencer, dominar, conquistar
3095 lack (s) – falta, carência, necessidade
3095 noticeable (adj) – visível, perceptível, que se nota
3095 uninspired (adj) – não inspirado, vulgar, trivial
3096 onlooker (s) – espectador, assistente
3096 protrude (to) – impor, sobressair
3097 deny (to) - negar
3097 aside (adv) – de parte
3098 pin (s) - alfinete
3098 block out (to) – tapar
3098 scope (s) – alcance, extensão
reckless, and as Mimi was associated with him in the memory which drove him on, he wished that she too
should be engaged in this enterprise. He had no knowledge of the proximity of Lady Arabella, and thought
that he was far removed from all he knew and whose interests he shared--alone with the wild elements,
which were being lashed to fury, and with the woman who had struggled with him and vanquished him, and
on whom he would shower the full measure of his hate.
The fact was that Edgar Caswall was, if not mad, close to the border-line. Madness in its first stage-monomania--is a lack of proportion. So long as this is general, it is not always noticeable, for the uninspired
onlooker is without the necessary means of comparison. But in monomania the errant faculty protrudes
itself in a way that may not be denied. It puts aside, obscures, or takes the place of something else--just as
the head of a pin placed before the centre of the iris will block out the whole scope of vision. The most
usual form of monomania has commonly the same beginning as that from which Edgar Caswall suffered--an
over-large idea of self-importance. Alienists, who study the matter exactly, probably know more of human
vanity and its effects than do ordinary men. Caswall's mental disturbance was not hard to identify. Every
asylum is full of such cases--men and women, who, naturally selfish and egotistical, so appraise to
themselves their own importance that every other circumstance in life becomes subservient to it. The
disease supplies in itself the material for self-magnification. When the decadence attacks a nature naturally
proud and selfish and vain, and lacking both the aptitude and habit of self-restraint, the development of the
disease is more swift, and ranges to farther limits. It is such persons who become inbued with the idea that
they have the attributes of the Almighty--even that they themselves are the Almighty.
Mimi had a suspicion--or rather, perhaps, an intuition--of the true state of things when she heard him
speak, and at the same time noticed the abnormal flush on his face, and his rolling eyes. There was a
certain want of fixedness of purpose which she had certainly not noticed before--a quick, spasmodic
3100 alienist (s) – especialista em doenças mentais, psiquiatra, alienista
3101 vanity (s) – vaidade, presunção, vanglória, fatuidade
3102 egotistical (adj) - aquele que tem um sentimento exagerado da sua personalidade; egotista
3102 appraise (to) – estimar, calcular, avaliar
3103 subservient (adj) – subordinado, dependente
3104 disease (s) – doença enfermidade
3104 supply (to) – fornecer, prover
3104 magnification (s) – glorificação, exaltação
3105 proud (adj) – vaidoso, presumido, altivo, presunçoso, arrogante
3105 vain (adj) – vaidoso, convencido
3105 aptitude (s) - capacidade, aptidão, talento
3105 restraint (s) – comedimento, sobriedade, autodomínio
3106 range (to) – alcançar, abranger (ordenar, alinhar)
3106 farther (adj) – mais distante, mais afastado
3106 imbue (to) – imbuir, incutir, infundir
3109 flush (s) – rubor, arrebatamento, acesso
3111 utterance (s) – fala, expressão oral
3111 rather (adv) – bastante, mais exactamente, de preferência
3112 staccato (adj) - (adv) - MÚSICA em que cada nota deve ser salientada com nitidez;
3113 lead (to) – conduzir, guiar
3114 defiant (adj) – desafiador, provocador
3119 overwhelming (adj) – esmagador, opressivo
3119 egotism (s) – egotismo, sentimento exagerado da própria personalidade
3120 habit (s) – hábito, costume
3120 reassert (to) – reafirmar
utterance which belongs rather to the insane than to those of intellectual equilibrium. She was a little
frightened, not only by his thoughts, but by his staccato way of expressing them.
Caswall moved to the door leading to the turret stair by which the roof was reached, and spoke in a
peremptory way, whose tone alone made her feel defiant.
"Come! I want you."
She instinctively drew back--she was not accustomed to such words, more especially to such a tone.
Her answer was indicative of a new contest.
"Why should I go? What for?"
He did not at once reply--another indication of his overwhelming egotism. She repeated her questions;
habit reasserted itself, and he spoke without thinking the words which were in his heart.
"I want you, if you will be so good, to come with me to the turret roof. I am much interested in certain
experiments with the kite, which would be, if not a pleasure, at least a novel experience to you. You would
see something not easily seen otherwise."
"I will come," she answered simply; Edgar moved in the direction of the stair, she following close behind
She did not like to be left alone at such a height, in such a place, in the darkness, with a storm about to
break. Of himself she had no fear; all that had been seemed to have passed away with her two victories
over him in the struggle of wills. Moreover, the more recent apprehension--that of his madness--had also
ceased. In the conversation of the last few minutes he seemed so rational, so clear, so unaggressive, that
she no longer saw reason for doubt. So satisfied was she that even when he put out a hand to guide her to
the steep, narrow stairway, she took it without thought in the most conventional way.
3128 moreover (adv) – além disso, demais a mais
3132 crouch (to) – inclinar-se
3133 rapprochement (s) – aproximação, restabelecimento de relações amigáveis
3136 contemptuous (adj) – insolente, desdenhoso
3136 main (adj) - principal
3136 issue (s) – questão, assunto, problema
3137 aware (adj) – consciente, ciente
3137 rage (s) – cólera, raiva, furor
3138 bound (s) - fronteira
3138 oblivious (adj) – esquecido, alheado, abstraído
3139 forestall (to) – prevenir, antecipar, adiantar-se
3139 stealthily (adv) – furtivamente, pela calada
3140 noiselessly (adv) - silenciosamente
3140 creep (to) – aproximar-se, deslizar
3140 wicket (s) – portinhola, postigo
3140 ascend (to) – subir, ascender
3140 step (to) - sair
3140 bitterly (adv) - amargamente
3141 gust (s) – rajada ou rabanada de vento
3141 drive in (to) - entrar
3141 through (prep) – por, através de
3141 unimpeded (adj) – não impedido, livre
3142 flagstaff (s) – mastro de bandeira
3142 string (s) - fio
Lady Arabella, crouching in the lobby behind the door, heard every word that had been said, and formed
her own opinion of it. It seemed evident to her that there had been some rapprochement between the two
who had so lately been hostile to each other, and that made her furiously angry. Mimi was interfering with
her plans! She had made certain of her capture of Edgar Caswall, and she could not tolerate even the
lightest and most contemptuous fancy on his part which might divert him from the main issue. When she
became aware that he wished Mimi to come with him to the roof and that she had acquiesced, her rage got
beyond bounds. She became oblivious to any danger there might be in a visit to such an exposed place at
such a time, and to all lesser considerations, and made up her mind to forestall them. She stealthily and
noiselessly crept through the wicket, and, ascending the stair, stepped out on the roof. It was bitterly cold,
for the fierce gusts of the storm which swept round the turret drove in through every unimpeded way,
whistling at the sharp corners and singing round the trembling flagstaff. The kite- string and the wire which
controlled the runners made a concourse of weird sounds which somehow, perhaps from the violence which
surrounded them, acting on their length, resolved themselves into some kind of harmony--a fitting
accompaniment to the tragedy which seemed about to begin.
Mimi's heart beat heavily. Just before leaving the turret-chamber she had a shock which she could not
shake off. The lights of the room had momentarily revealed to her, as they passed out, Edgar's face,
concentrated as it was whenever he intended to use his mesmeric power. Now the black eyebrows made a
thick line across his face, under which his eyes shone and glittered ominously. Mimi recognised the danger,
and assumed the defiant attitude that had twice already served her so well. She had a fear that the
circumstances and the place were against her, and she wanted to be forearmed.
The sky was now somewhat lighter than it had been. Either there was lightning afar off, whose
reflections were carried by the rolling clouds, or else the gathered force, though not yet breaking into
3143 concourse (s) – confluência, multidão
3143 weird (adj) – estranho, esquisito, misterioso
3143 somehow (adv) – de uma maneira ou de outra
3144 lenght (s) - comprimento
3144 resolve (to) – converter num acorde
3144 fitting (adj) - adequado, apropriado, conveniente
3145 accompaniment (s) – acompanhamento musical
3147 shake off (to) – livrar-se, escapar a
3147 pass out (to) – enfraquecer, esmorecer
3148 whenever (adv) – sempre que
3149 ominously (adv) - ameaçadoramente
3150 defiant (adj) – desafiador, provocador
3151 forearmed (adj) – preparado, prevenido
3152 afar off - ao longe;
3153 else (adv) – mais, de outro modo
3153 gathered (adj) - acumulado/a, amontoado/a
3155 altogether (adv) - completamente
3155 boisterous (adj) – violento, turbulento
3159 thus (adv) – assim, desta maneira, deste modo
3159 altogether (adv) - completamente
3162 raging (adj) – fúria, furor, raiva
lightning, had an incipient power of light. It seemed to affect both the man and the woman. Edgar seemed
altogether under its influence. His spirits were boisterous, his mind exalted. He was now at his worst;
madder than he had been earlier in the night.
Mimi, trying to keep as far from him as possible, moved across the stone floor of the turret roof, and
found a niche which concealed her. It was not far from Lady Arabella's place of hiding.
Edgar, left thus alone on the centre of the turret roof, found himself altogether his own master in a way
which tended to increase his madness. He knew that Mimi was close at hand, though he had lost sight of
her. He spoke loudly, and the sound of his own voice, though it was carried from him on the sweeping wind
as fast as the words were spoken, seemed to exalt him still more. Even the raging of the elements round
him appeared to add to his exaltation. To him it seemed that these manifestations were obedient to his own
will. He had reached the sublime of his madness; he was now in his own mind actually the Almighty, and
whatever might happen would be the direct carrying out of his own commands. As he could not see Mimi,
nor fix whereabout she was, he shouted loudly:
"Come to me! You shall see now what you are despising, what you are warring against. All that you see
is mine--the darkness as well as the light. I tell you that I am greater than any other who is, or was, or shall
be. When the Master of Evil took Christ up on a high place and showed Him all the kingdoms of the earth,
he was doing what he thought no other could do. He was wrong--he forgot ME. I shall send you light, up to
the very ramparts of heaven. A light so great that it shall dissipate those black clouds that are rushing up
and piling around us. Look! Look! At the very touch of my hand that light springs into being and mounts
up--and up--and up!"
3165 carring out (s) – realização, execução
3167 despise (to) – desprezar, menosprezar
3167 war (to) – guerrear, combater
3171 rampart (s) – muro, muralha
3170 up (to) – erguer-se, levantar-se
3172 pile (to) – amontoar, empilhar
3172 spring (to) – nascer, brotar (saltar, pular)
3172 being (s) – natureza (ente, ser, entidade)
3172 mount (s) – monte, montanha
3174 whence (adv) – de onde
3175 appalled (adj) – chocado, horrorizado
3176 paroxysm (s) – ataque, acesso
3178 in motion - em movimento;
3178 whirr (s) – zumbido, zunido
3179 stiff (adj) – rígido, rijo
3179 ribbon (s) – fita, faixa
3179 snap (to) - estalar
3179 crackle (to) - crepitar
3180 sagging (adj) – curvo, descaído no meio, formando barriga
3181 issue (s) – resultado, consequência
3181 chink (s) – fenda, abertura
3182 countryside (s) - campo
3182 stand out (to) – sobressair, destacar-se
He made his way whilst he was speaking to the corner of the turret whence flew the giant kite, and from
which the runners ascended. Mimi looked on, appalled and afraid to speak lest she should precipitate some
calamity. Within the niche Lady Arabella cowered in a paroxysm of fear.
Edgar took up a small wooden box, through a hole in which the wire of the runner ran. This evidently set
some machinery in motion, for a sound as of whirring came. From one side of the box floated what looked
like a piece of stiff ribbon, which snapped and crackled as the wind took it. For a few seconds Mimi saw it
as it rushed along the sagging line to the kite. When close to it, there was a loud crack, and a sudden light
appeared to issue from every chink in the box. Then a quick flame flashed along the snapping ribbon, which
glowed with an intense light--a light so great that the whole of the countryside around stood out against the
background of black driving clouds. For a few seconds the light remained, then suddenly disappeared in the
blackness around. It was simply a magnesium light, which had been fired by the mechanism within the box
and carried up to the kite. Edgar was in a state of tumultuous excitement, shouting and yelling at the top of
his voice and dancing about like a lunatic.
This was more than Lady Arabella's curious dual nature could stand-- the ghoulish element in her rose
triumphant, and she abandoned all idea of marriage with Edgar Caswall, gloating fiendishly over the thought
of revenge.
She must lure him to the White Worm's hole--but how? She glanced around and quickly made up her
mind. The man's whole thoughts were absorbed by his wonderful kite, which he was showing off, in order to
fascinate her imaginary rival, Mimi.
On the instant she glided through the darkness to the wheel whereon the string of the kite was wound.
With deft fingers she unshipped this, took it with her, reeling out the wire as she went, thus keeping, in a
3187 ghoulish (adj) – medonho, terrível, macabro
3188 gloat (to) – regozijar-se, comprazer-se
3188 fiendishly (adv) - diabolicamente
3189 revenge (s) - vingança
3190 lure (to) – atrair, tentar
3191 show off (to) – exibir ou ostentar com vaidade
3192 imaginary (adj) – imaginário, irreal
3193 glid (to) – deslizar sem ser notado
3193 whereon (adv) – no qual
3193 wind (to) – bobinar, enrolar
3194 deft (adj) – hábil, destro
3194 unship (to) – desmontar, desarmar
3194 reel out (to) – soltar, desenrolar
3195 glide (to) - deslizar
3195 wicket (s) – portinhola, postigo
3200 mature (to) – amadurecer, aperfeiçoar
3201 to be within somebody's grasp - estar ao alcance de alguém
3202 tear off (to) – arrancar, tirar roupas à pressa
3203 feverish (adj) - febril
3203 slim (adj) – esguio, elegante, delgado
3212 Quite (adv) – bastante, muito, completamente
3214 blustering wind - grande ventania;
3217 effect (to) – realizar, efectuar
3219 wicket (s) – portinhola, postigo
3219 get out (to) – sair, retirar-se, ir-se embora
way, in touch with the kite. Then she glided swiftly to the wicket, through which she passed, locking the
gate behind her as she went.
Down the turret stair she ran quickly, letting the wire run from the wheel which she carried carefully, and,
passing out of the hall door, hurried down the avenue with all her speed. She soon reached her own gate,
ran down the avenue, and with her key opened the iron door leading to the well-hole.
She felt well satisfied with herself. All her plans were maturing, or had already matured. The Master of
Castra Regis was within her grasp. The woman whose interference she had feared, Lilla Watford, was
dead. Truly, all was well, and she felt that she might pause a while and rest. She tore off her clothes, with
feverish fingers, and in full enjoyment of her natural freedom, stretched her slim figure in animal delight.
Then she lay down on the sofa--to await her victim! Edgar Caswall's life blood would more than satisfy her
for some time to come.
When Lady Arabella had crept away in her usual noiseless fashion, the two others remained for a while
in their places on the turret roof: Caswall because he had nothing to say, Mimi because she had much to
say and wished to put her thoughts in order. For quite a while--which seemed interminable--silence reigned
between them. At last Mimi made a beginning--she had made up her mind how to act.
"Mr. Caswall," she said loudly, so as to make sure of being heard through the blustering of the wind and
the perpetual cracking of the electricity.
3221 breast (s) - peito
3221 cage (to) – engaiolar, enjaular
3221 mean (to) – implicar, acarretar
3222 to take at a disadvantage - apanhar desprevenido;
3222 trap (to) – apanhar em armadilha
3222 brute (adj) - animalesco
3223 raucous (adj) – rouco, roufenho
3224 beat (to) – bater, espancar
3224 slum (s) – bairro de lata
3224 hiss out (to) – silvar, sibilar
Caswall said something in reply, but his words were carried away on the storm. However, one of her
objects was effected: she knew now exactly whereabout on the roof he was. So she moved close to the
spot before she spoke again, raising her voice almost to a shout.
"The wicket is shut. Please to open it. I can't get out."
As she spoke, she was quietly fingering a revolver which Adam had given to her in case of emergency
and which now lay in her breast. She felt that she was caged like a rat in a trap, but did not mean to be
taken at a disadvantage, whatever happened. Caswall also felt trapped, and all the brute in him rose to the
emergency. In a voice which was raucous and brutal--much like that which is heard when a wife is being
beaten by her husband in a slum--he hissed out, his syllables cutting through the roaring of the storm:
"You came of your own accord--without permission, or even asking it. Now you can stay or go as you
choose. But you must manage it for yourself; I'll have nothing to do with it."
Her answer was spoken with dangerous suavity
"I am going. Blame yourself if you do not like the time and manner of it. I daresay Adam--my husband-will have a word to say to you about it!"
"Let him say, and be damned to him, and to you too! I'll show you a light. You shan't be able to say that
you could not see what you were doing."
As he spoke, he was lighting another piece of the magnesium ribbon, which made a blinding glare in
which everything was plainly discernible, down to the smallest detail. This exactly suited Mimi. She took
accurate note of the wicket and its fastening before the glare had died away. She took her revolver out and
fired into the lock, which was shivered on the instant, the pieces flying round in all directions, but happily
without causing hurt to anyone. Then she pushed the wicket open and ran down the narrow stair, and so to
3228 blame (to) – culpar, censurar
3228 daresay (to) – atrever-se a dizer
3230 damned (adj) - maldito
3232 blinding (adj) – ofuscante, deslumbrante
3233 suit (to) – satisfazer, contentar, convir, servir
3234 accurate (adj) – exacto, preciso
3234 fastening (s) - fecho
3235 shiver (to) – partir-se, estilhaçar-se
3237 lessen (to) – diminuir, atenuar
3241 scrutinize (to) – examinar cuidadosamente, investigar
3242 keenly (adv) – vivamente, intensamente
3242 concern (s) – ansiedade, preocupação
3246 thoughtful (adj) - pensativo
the hall door. Opening this also, she ran down the avenue, never lessening her speed till she stood outside
the door of Lesser Hill. The door was opened at once on her ringing.
"Is Mr. Adam Salton in?" she asked.
"He has just come in, a few minutes ago. He has gone up to the study," replied a servant.
She ran upstairs at once and joined him. He seemed relieved when he saw her, but scrutinised her face
keenly. He saw that she had been in some concern, so led her over to the sofa in the window and sat down
beside her.
"Now, dear, tell me all about it!" he said.
She rushed breathlessly through all the details of her adventure on the turret roof. Adam listened
attentively, helping her all he could, and not embarrassing her by any questioning. His thoughtful silence
was a great help to her, for it allowed her to collect and organise her thoughts.
"I must go and see Caswall to-morrow, to hear what he has to say on the subject."
"But, dear, for my sake, don't have any quarrel with Mr. Caswall. I have had too much trial and pain
lately to wish it increased by any anxiety regarding you."
"You shall not, dear--if I can help it--please God," he said solemnly, and he kissed her.
Then, in order to keep her interested so that she might forget the fears and anxieties that had disturbed
her, he began to talk over the details of her adventure, making shrewd comments which attracted and held
her attention. Presently, INTER ALIA, he said:
"That's a dangerous game Caswall is up to. It seems to me that that young man--though he doesn't
appear to know it--is riding for a fall!"
"How, dear? I don't understand."
3249 trial (s) – preocupação, problema, dificuldade, provação
3249 pain (s) – dor, sofrimento
3253 talk over (to) – discutir, falar sobre
3253 shrewd (to) - astuto, perspicaz, sagaz
3253 comment (s) – comentário, observação
3253 attract (to) – atrair, seduzir
3254 presently (adv) – dentro em pouco
3254 INTER ALIA - estrangeirismo
3256 to ride for a fall - cavalgar sem nenhum cuidado; cavar a sua própria sepultura fig. ;
♣♣♣ court (to) – captar, atrair, buscar
3259 to court death - afrontar a morte;
3260 make for (to) – dirigir-se a, encaminhar-se para
3261 develop (to) – desenvolver
3260 bound (adj) – sujeito, obrigado
3263 knock (to) - derrubar
"Kite flying on a night like this from a place like the tower of Castra Regis is, to say the least of it,
dangerous. It is not merely courting death or other accident from lightning, but it is bringing the lightning into
where he lives. Every cloud that is blowing up here--and they all make for the highest point--is bound to
develop into a flash of lightning. That kite is up in the air and is bound to attract the lightning. Its cord
makes a road for it on which to travel to earth. When it does come, it will strike the top of the tower with a
weight a hundred times greater than a whole park of artillery, and will knock Castra Regis into pieces.
Where it will go after that, no one can tell. If there should be any metal by which it can travel, such will not
only point the road, but be the road itself."
"Would it be dangerous to be out in the open air when such a thing is taking place?" she asked.
"No, little woman. It would be the safest possible place--so long as one was not in the line of the electric
"Then, do let us go outside. I don't want to run into any foolish danger--or, far more, to ask you to do so.
But surely if the open is safest, that is the place for us."
Without another word, she put on again the cloak she had thrown off, and a small, tight-fitting cap. Adam
too put on his cap, and, after seeing that his revolver was all right, gave her his hand, and they left the
house together.
"I think the best thing we can do will be to go round all the places which are mixed up in this affair."
"All right, dear, I am ready. But, if you don't mind, we might go first to Mercy. I am anxious about
grandfather, and we might see that--as yet, at all events--nothing has happened there."
So they went on the high-hung road along the top of the Brow. The wind here was of great force, and
made a strange booming noise as it swept high overhead; though not the sound of cracking and tearing as it
passed through the woods of high slender trees which grew on either side of the road. Mimi could hardly
3271 cloak (s) - capa
3271 cap (s) – boné, boina, barrete
3274 mix up (to) – misturar, baralhar
3279 slender (adj) – delgado, fino
3281 hold on (to) – agarrar-se
3287 draw (to) - mover
3287 stumble (to) - tropeçar
3288 trailing (adj) – que se arrasta pelo chão
keep her feet. She was not afraid; but the force to which she was opposed gave her a good excuse to hold
on to her husband extra tight.
At Mercy there was no one up--at least, all the lights were out. But to Mimi, accustomed to the nightly
routine of the house, there were manifest signs that all was well, except in the little room on the first floor,
where the blinds were down. Mimi could not bear to look at that, to think of it. Adam understood her pain,
for he had been keenly interested in poor Lilla. He bent over and kissed her, and then took her hand and
held it hard. Thus they passed on together, returning to the high road towards Castra Regis.
At the gate of Castra Regis they were extra careful. When drawing near, Adam stumbled upon the wire
that Lady Arabella had left trailing on the ground.
Adam drew his breath at this, and spoke in a low, earnest whisper:
"I don't want to frighten you, Mimi dear, but wherever that wire is there is danger."
"Danger! How?"
"That is the track where the lightning will go; at any moment, even now whilst we are speaking and
searching, a fearful force may be loosed upon us. Run on, dear; you know the way to where the avenue
joins the highroad. If you see any sign of the wire, keep away from it, for God's sake. I shall join you at the
"Are you going to follow that wire alone?"
"Yes, dear. One is sufficient for that work. I shall not lose a moment till I am with you."
"Adam, when I came with you into the open, my main wish was that we should be together if anything
serious happened. You wouldn't deny me that right, would you, dear?"
3299 deny (to) - recusar
3306 cloud (to) – perturbar, manchar
3306 fresh (adj) - novo
3306 concern (s) – preocupação, ansiedade
3309 branch (s) - bifurcação
"No, dear, not that or any right. Thank God that my wife has such a wish. Come; we will go together.
We are in the hands of God. If He wishes, we shall be together at the end, whenever or wherever that may
They picked up the trail of the wire on the steps and followed it down the avenue, taking care not to touch
it with their feet. It was easy enough to follow, for the wire, if not bright, was self- coloured, and showed
clearly. They followed it out of the gateway and into the avenue of Diana's Grove.
Here a new gravity clouded Adam's face, though Mimi saw no cause for fresh concern. This was easily
enough explained. Adam knew of the explosive works in progress regarding the well-hole, but the matter
had been kept from his wife. As they stood near the house, Adam asked Mimi to return to the road,
ostensibly to watch the course of the wire, telling her that there might be a branch wire leading somewhere
else. She was to search the undergrowth, and if she found it, was to warn him by the Australian native
Whilst they were standing together, there came a blinding flash of lightning, which lit up for several
seconds the whole area of earth and sky. It was only the first note of the celestial prelude, for it was
followed in quick succession by numerous flashes, whilst the crash and roll of thunder seemed continuous.
Adam, appalled, drew his wife to him and held her close. As far as he could estimate by the interval
between lightning and thunder- clap, the heart of the storm was still some distance off, so he felt no present
concern for their safety. Still, it was apparent that the course of the storm was moving swiftly in their
direction. The lightning flashes came faster and faster and closer together; the thunder-roll was almost
continuous, not stopping for a moment--a new crash beginning before the old one had ceased. Adam kept
3315 appalled (adj) – chocado, horrorizado
3320 strain (to) – esticar, forçar
3320 detaining (adj) – que segura
3320 dull (adj) – apagado, sem brilho
3321 prevent (to) – impedir, obstar
3321 scrutiny (s) – verificação, exame, análise
3322 at lenght – finalmente
3322 appallingly (adv) – horrivelmente, terrivelmente
3323 mighty (adj) – poderoso, potente
3324 glow (to) – brilhar, incandescer
3325 broad (adj) – claro, nítido, amplo
3325 drop (to) – cair, tombar
looking up in the direction where the kite strained and struggled at its detaining cord, but, of course, the dull
evening light prevented any distinct scrutiny.
At length there came a flash so appallingly bright that in its glare Nature seemed to be standing still. So
long did it last, that there was time to distinguish its configuration. It seemed like a mighty tree inverted,
pendent from the sky. The whole country around within the angle of vision was lit up till it seemed to glow.
Then a broad ribbon of fire seemed to drop on to the tower of Castra Regis just as the thunder crashed. By
the glare, Adam could see the tower shake and tremble, and finally fall to pieces like a house of cards. The
passing of the lightning left the sky again dark, but a blue flame fell downward from the tower, and, with
inconceivable rapidity, running along the ground in the direction of Diana's Grove, reached the dark silent
house, which in the instant burst into flame at a hundred different points.
At the same moment there rose from the house a rending, crashing sound of woodwork, broken or
thrown about, mixed with a quick scream so appalling that Adam, stout of heart as he undoubtedly was, felt
his blood turn into ice. Instinctively, despite the danger and their consciousness of it, husband and wife took
hands and listened, trembling. Something was going on close to them, mysterious, terrible, deadly! The
shrieks continued, though less sharp in sound, as though muffled. In the midst of them was a terrific
explosion, seemingly from deep in the earth.
The flames from Castra Regis and from Diana's Grove made all around almost as light as day, and now
that the lightning had ceased to flash, their eyes, unblinded, were able to judge both perspective and detail.
The heat of the burning house caused the iron doors to warp and collapse. Seemingly of their own accord,
they fell open, and exposed the interior. The Saltons could now look through to the room beyond, where the
3330 rending (s) – acção de fender, de rachar, de lacerar
3330 woodwork (s) - madeiramento
3331 stout (adj) – forte, robusto
3331 undoubtedly (adv) – sem dúvida, incontestavelmente
3332 despite (prep) – apesar de
3333 go on (to) – acontecer, passar-se
3334 shriek (s) – grito agudo
3334 muffled (adj) – abafado, surdo
3338 heat (s) - calor
3338 warp (to) – torcer-se, deformar-se
3340 yawn (to) – escancarar-se, abrir-se
3340 chasm (s) - abismo
3342 rending (s) – acção de fender, de rachar, de lacerar
3343 remainder (s) - resto
3344 below (adv) - (prep) - debaixo
3344 throw out (to) – deitar fora
3345 slime (s) – limo, lodo, vasa
3346 rent (adj) - rasgar
3346 tear (to) - rasgar
3346 flesh (s) - carne
3346 fat (s) - gordura
3346 keep on (to) - continuar
3347 shoot up (to) - jorrar
3347 bulk (s) – a maior parte
3348 writhe (to) – contorcer-se
3349 torment (s) – sofrimento, tormento
3349 credence (s) – crédito, credibilidade
3350 mountainous (adj) – enorme, gigantesco
well-hole yawned, a deep narrow circular chasm. From this the agonised shrieks were rising, growing ever
more terrible with each second that passed.
But it was not only the heart-rending sound that almost paralysed poor Mimi with terror. What she saw
was sufficient to fill her with evil dreams for the remainder of her life. The whole place looked as if a sea of
blood had been beating against it. Each of the explosions from below had thrown out from the well-hole, as
if it had been the mouth of a cannon, a mass of fine sand mixed with blood, and a horrible repulsive slime in
which were great red masses of rent and torn flesh and fat. As the explosions kept on, more and more of
this repulsive mass was shot up, the great bulk of it falling back again. Many of the awful fragments were of
something which had lately been alive. They quivered and trembled and writhed as though they were still in
torment, a supposition to which the unending scream gave a horrible credence. At moments some
mountainous mass of flesh surged up through the narrow orifice, as though forced by a measureless power
through an opening infinitely smaller than itself. Some of these fragments were partially covered with white
skin as of a human being, and others--the largest and most numerous--with scaled skin as of a gigantic
lizard or serpent. Once, in a sort of lull or pause, the seething contents of the hole rose, after the manner of
a bubbling spring, and Adam saw part of the thin form of Lady Arabella, forced up to the top amid a mass of
blood and slime, and what looked as if it had been the entrails of a monster torn into shreds. Several times
some masses of enormous bulk were forced up through the well-hole with inconceivable violence, and,
suddenly expanding as they came into larger space, disclosed sections of the White Worm which Adam and
Sir Nathaniel had seen looking over the trees with its enormous eyes of emerald- green flickering like great
lamps in a gale.
At last the explosive power, which was not yet exhausted, evidently reached the main store of dynamite
which had been lowered into the worm hole. The result was appalling. The ground for far around quivered
3352 scaled (adj) – com escamas, coberto de escamas
3353 lizard (s) - lagarto
3353 once (adv) – uma vez
3353 lull (s) – calma, acalmia
3353 seething (adj) – fervente, a ferver
3353 content (s) – conteúdo, substância
3353 after (prep) – segundo, conforme, à semelhança de
3353 manner (s) – modo, maneira
3354 bubble (to) - borbulhar
3354 spring (s) – fonte, nascente
3354 force up (to) – obrigar a subir
3354 amid (prep) – entre, no meio de
3355 slime (s) – limo, lodo, vasa
3355 entrail (s) – entranhas, intestinos
3355 shred (s) – farrapo, trapo
3356 bulk (s) – tamanho, grandeza
3357 disclose (to) – revelar, divulgar, descobrir
3358 flicker (to) – tremer, tremeluzir
3359 gale (s) – ventania, vendaval
3361 quiver (to) – tremer, estremecer
3363 hiss (to) – sibilar, silvar
3364 volcano (s) - vulcão
3364 grooved (adj) – canelado, chanfrado
3365 implement (s) – ferramenta, utensílio
3365 break up (to) – destruir, despedaçar
3365 split (to) – partir, quebrar, rachar, fender
3365 mid (adj) – meio de
3365 riven (adj) – despedaçado, fendido
3366 therefore (adv) - (conj) – por isso, portanto
3367 steam (s) – vapor de água
3367 mingle (to) – misturar, ligar, associar
3368 hurl (to) – atirar violentamente
3372 brooded – pesou, caiu
and opened in long deep chasms, whose edges shook and fell in, throwing up clouds of sand which fell
back and hissed amongst the rising water. The heavily built house shook to its foundations. Great stones
were thrown up as from a volcano, some of them, great masses of hard stone, squared and grooved with
implements wrought by human hands, breaking up and splitting in mid air as though riven by some infernal
power. Trees near the house--and therefore presumably in some way above the hole, which sent up clouds
of dust and steam and fine sand mingled, and which carried an appalling stench which sickened the
spectators--were torn up by the roots and hurled into the air. By now, flames were bursting violently from all
over the ruins, so dangerously that Adam caught up his wife in his arms, and ran with her from the proximity
of the flames.
Then almost as quickly as it had begun, the whole cataclysm ceased, though a deep-down rumbling
continued intermittently for some time. Then silence brooded over all--silence so complete that it seemed in
itself a sentient thing--silence which seemed like incarnate darkness, and conveyed the same idea to all
who came within its radius. To the young people who had suffered the long horror of that awful night, it
brought relief--relief from the presence or the fear of all that was horrible--relief which seemed perfected
when the red rays of sunrise shot up over the far eastern sea, bringing a promise of a new order of things
with the coming day.
His bed saw little of Adam Salton for the remainder of that night. He and Mimi walked hand in hand in
the brightening dawn round by the Brow to Castra Regis and on to Lesser Hill. They did so deliberately, in
an attempt to think as little as possible of the terrible experiences of the night. The morning was bright and
cheerful, as a morning sometimes is after a devastating storm. The clouds, of which there were plenty in
evidence, brought no lingering idea of gloom. All nature was bright and joyous, being in striking contrast to
the scenes of wreck and devastation, the effects of obliterating fire and lasting ruin.
3373 sentient (adj) - sensível
3373 incarnate (to) - encarnar
3373 convey (to) – comunicar, transmitir
3374 radius (s) – alcance, esfera
3375 perfected (adj) – completado, rematado
3378 remainder (s) - resto
3380 attempt (s) - tentativa
3382 lingering (adj) – demorado, prolongado
3383 obliterating (adj) – que faz desaparecer, que elimina, que suprime
3383 lasting (adj) - recente
3384 stately (adj) – imponente, faustoso
3384 pile (s) – grande edifício, conjunto de grandes edifícios
3384 inhabitant (s) - habitante
3384 shapeless (adj) – disforme, sem forma
3384 huddle (s) – barafunda, confusão
3385 shatter (to) – estilhaçar, destruir
3385 dimly (adv) – fracamente, debilmente
3385 keen (adj) – agudo, penetrante
3385 acrid (adj) – acre, amargo
3386 once (adv) - outrora
3387 permanence (s) – continuidade, estabilidade
3388 haze (s) – névoa, neblina
3388 twist (to) – torcer, enrolar
3389 rend (to) – fender, rasgar
3389 bark (s) - barco
3389 strip (to) – desmantelar, desmontar
3389 chip (to) – rachar, lascar
3389 dishevel (to) – desarrumar, desalinhar
3390 thresh (to) – malhar ou debulhar o cereal mas aqui aplica-se à Natureza
The only evidence of the once stately pile of Castra Regis and its inhabitants was a shapeless huddle of
shattered architecture, dimly seen as the keen breeze swept aside the cloud of acrid smoke which marked
the site of the once lordly castle. As for Diana's Grove, they looked in vain for a sign which had a
suggestion of permanence. The oak trees of the Grove were still to be seen--some of them-- emerging from
a haze of smoke, the great trunks solid and erect as ever, but the larger branches broken and twisted and
rent, with bark stripped and chipped, and the smaller branches broken and dishevelled looking from the
constant stress and threshing of the storm.
Of the house as such, there was, even at the short distance from which they looked, no trace. Adam
resolutely turned his back on the devastation and hurried on. Mimi was not only upset and shocked in many
ways, but she was physically "dog tired," and falling asleep on her feet. Adam took her to her room and
made her undress and get into bed, taking care that the room was well lighted both by sunshine and lamps.
The only obstruction was from a silk curtain, drawn across the window to keep out the glare. He sat beside
her, holding her hand, well knowing that the comfort of his presence was the best restorative for her. He
stayed with her till sleep had overmastered her wearied body. Then he went softly away. He found his
uncle and Sir Nathaniel in the study, having an early cup of tea, amplified to the dimensions of a possible
breakfast. Adam explained that he had not told his wife that he was going over the horrible places again,
lest it should frighten her, for the rest and sleep in ignorance would help her and make a gap of
peacefulness between the horrors.
Sir Nathaniel agreed.
"We know, my boy," he said, "that the unfortunate Lady Arabella is dead, and that the foul carcase of the
Worm has been torn to pieces- -pray God that its evil soul will never more escape from the nethermost hell."
3395 silk (adj) – de seda
3397 wearied (adj) – fatigado, cansado
3400 gap (s) – intervalo de tempo
3404 nethermost (adj) – o mais profundo
3404 hell (s) - inferno
3406 discription (s) – descrição, relato
3407 broad (adj) – amplo, extenso
3408 fringe (s) – orla, franja, borda, margem
3409 get over (to) – dominar, solucionar
3411 however (adv) - (conj) – todavia, contudo
3412 elemental (adj) - elementar
3412 elapse (to) – decorrer, passar
3414 utter (adj) – completo, total, absoluto
3415 beneath (adv) – debaixo, abaixo
3415 rend (to) – fender, rasgar
They visited Diana's Grove first, not only because it was nearer, but also because it was the place where
most description was required, and Adam felt that he could tell his story best on the spot. The absolute
destruction of the place and everything in it seen in the broad daylight was almost inconceivable. To Sir
Nathaniel, it was as a story of horror full and complete. But to Adam it was, as it were, only on the fringes.
He knew what was still to be seen when his friends had got over the knowledge of externals. As yet, they
had only seen the outside of the house--or rather, where the outside of the house once had been. The great
horror lay within. However, age--and the experience of age--counts.
A strange, almost elemental, change in the aspect had taken place in the time which had elapsed since
the dawn. It would almost seem as if Nature herself had tried to obliterate the evil signs of what had
occurred. True, the utter ruin of the house was made even more manifest in the searching daylight; but the
more appalling destruction which lay beneath was not visible. The rent, torn, and dislocated stonework
looked worse than before; the upheaved foundations, the piled-up fragments of masonry, the fissures in the
torn earth--all were at the worst. The Worm's hole was still evident, a round fissure seemingly leading down
into the very bowels of the earth. But all the horrid mass of blood and slime, of torn, evil-smelling flesh and
the sickening remnants of violent death, were gone. Either some of the later explosions had thrown up from
the deep quantities of water which, though foul and corrupt itself, had still some cleansing power left, or else
the writhing mass which stirred from far below had helped to drag down and obliterate the items of horror. A
grey dust, partly of fine sand, partly of the waste of the falling ruin, covered everything, and, though ghastly
itself, helped to mask something still worse.
After a few minutes of watching, it became apparent to the three men that the turmoil far below had not
yet ceased. At short irregular intervals the hell-broth in the hole seemed as if boiling up. It rose and fell
again and turned over, showing in fresh form much of the nauseous detail which had been visible earlier.
3416 upheave (to) – levantar, sublevar
3416 masonry (s) - alvenaria
3416 fissure (s) – fenda, fissura
3418 bowel (s) – entranha, intestino, tripa
3420 foul (adj) - sujo
3420 cleasing (adj) – de limpeza
3420 or else - ou então; se não;
3421 writhing (adj) – que se contorce e estremece
3421 stir (to) – agitar-se, mover-se, mexer-se
3421 below (adv) - (prep) – debaixo, por baixo
3421 drag (to) – puxar, arrastar
3421 item (s) – coisa, peça
3422 dust (s) - pó
3422 waste (s) – destruição, ruínas
3424 turmoil (s) – agitação, perturbação, confusão
3425 broth - ?
3426 nauseous (adj) – nauseabundo, repugnante, nojento
3426 detail (s) - pormenor
3426 earlier (adj) - (adv) – pouco antes
3429 wholly (adv) – totalmente, completamente
3435 beneath (prep) – debaixo de, abaixo de
3435 shining (adj) – brilhante, reluzente
3436 view (to) – examinar, inspeccionar
3437 suggest (to) – propor, sugerir
The worst parts were the great masses of the flesh of the monstrous Worm, in all its red and sickening
aspect. Such fragments had been bad enough before, but now they were infinitely worse. Corruption
comes with startling rapidity to beings whose destruction has been due wholly or in part to lightning--the
whole mass seemed to have become all at once corrupt! The whole surface of the fragments, once alive,
was covered with insects, worms, and vermin of all kinds. The sight was horrible enough, but, with the awful
smell added, was simply unbearable. The Worm's hole appeared to breathe forth death in its most repulsive
forms. The friends, with one impulse, moved to the top of the Brow, where a fresh breeze from the sea was
blowing up.
At the top of the Brow, beneath them as they looked down, they saw a shining mass of white, which
looked strangely out of place amongst such wreckage as they had been viewing. It appeared so strange
that Adam suggested trying to find a way down, so that they might see it more closely.
"We need not go down; I know what it is," Sir Nathaniel said. "The explosions of last night have blown off
the outside of the cliffs-- that which we see is the vast bed of china clay through which the Worm originally
found its way down to its lair. I can catch the glint of the water of the deep quags far down below. Well, her
ladyship didn't deserve such a funeral--or such a monument."
The horrors of the last few hours had played such havoc with Mimi's nerves, that a change of scene was
imperative--if a permanent breakdown was to be avoided.
"I think," said old Mr. Salton, "it is quite time you young people departed for that honeymoon of yours!"
There was a twinkle in his eye as he spoke.
Mimi's soft shy glance at her stalwart husband, was sufficient answer.
3438 blow off (to) – deixar escapar, largar
3440 quag (s) – atoleiro, lameiro
3441 deserve (to) – merecer, ser digno de
3442 havoc (s) – estrago, destruição
3443 breakdown (s) – colapso, esgotamento
3443 avoid (to) - evitar
3444 depart (to) – partir, sair
3446 shy (adj) – envergonhado, tímido
3446 stalwart (adj) – forte, robusto

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