All Aboard for Success


All Aboard for Success
“All Aboard for Success”_______________
Station Avenue Elementary School * (508) 760-5600 * Monday, May 13, 2013
P.T.O. Meeting:
Wednesday at 3:45p.m.
Note the time change!
All are welcome!
Rooms 102, 203, & 204 are off to the
Museum of Fine Arts in Boston this
coming Thursday (May 16th).
Fique Ligado!!
Nesta Quinta-feira dia 16 de 6:15.
às 7:30 a equipe de professores de
ELL estará na cafeteria da nossa escola para receber os alunos de ELL e
seus familiares. O momento é de
confraternização e mostra de trabalhos realizados pelos alunos. O convite (papel rosa) já foi enviado para
casa. Confirme sua presença e venha
comer pizza e conhecer um pouquinho
dos trabalhos da sua criança. Esperamos por vocês!
Rooms 201, 202, & 303 will visit the
museum on Thursday, May 23rd.
Family Fitness Night is
this Friday night from
5:30—7 p.m. on the fields!
Third grade students are reminded to practice for the Talent
Show try-outs during the week of
May 27th. Sign-up forms are due
to Mr. McDonough by May 22nd.
Come join us for a night of fun
playing an assortment of games. A
night of great fun for the whole
Send in your gently used clothes to S.A.E.
to support Katelyn’s Closet. New packages
of socks and underwear are always
needed as well.
Cheese raviolis
Cheese quesadilla
Everyday: Sandwich of the day or salad of the day
Third graders perform “Just Kidding” for the Kindergartners!
Mr. McDonough and some of his third grade friends adapted the story line from the book Just Kidding and performed it for the Kindergartners! The story is about how a boy realizes his friends are not “good friends” when
they tease him day after day– even if they say they are “just kidding”!
The Stars of the Play (from left to right)
Mr. McDonough (Director), Taylor Judge, Samantha Colgan, Brennden Foss,
Caleb Higgins, Amairani Woolery, Ryan Davis, Amelia Veara and Mr. Spano
(bottom picture).
This week we’ll be performing our play for first grade! Theo Lavoie,
Barbara Maciel and Peter and Caleb Cotoia will join us on stage.
Third Grade Talent Show
Do you have a special talent that you would like to perform on
stage? Then sign-up for our Spring Talent Show!
Here’s what you need to do:
Think of what you would like to do for a performance
(sing, dance, read a poem, demonstrate a talent such as karate
moves, etc.)
Decide if you will perform by yourself or with friends.
(no more than 4 to a group and everyone must be a third grader)
Practice, practice, and practice some more! Make sure your
“act” is no longer than 3 minutes.
Auditions will be held the week of May 27th. There are a limited
number of spots so make sure you have a quality performance.
Come prepared to show off your best stuff!
Complete the sign-up form and return it to Mr. McDonough no
later than May 22nd.
The Talent Show will he held on Friday, June 14th.
More information will follow.
Talent Show Registration Form
Name of Performance: _____________________________________
Team Member (s):
Homeroom #: _________
Homeroom #: _________
Homeroom #: _________
Homeroom #: _________
Briefly describe your act:
~ Return to Mr. McDonough by May 22, 2013 ~

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